Owen Arthur Mia Mottley Conflict Continues…

Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley (l) Owen Arthur MP (r)

Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley (l) Owen Arthur MP (r)

Not so long ago Barbados and the world witnessed a political wrestling match between Clyde Mascoll and the late Prime Minister David Thompson. History has recorded that Thompson was able to command majority support of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) parliamentary group. It proved too bitter a political pill for Mascoll to swallow and he retreated to the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) which was led by his mentor former Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

The conflict which is currently raging between Owen Arthur and leader of the opposition Mia Mottley has captivated the country as political matters always do. It is evident that Arthur as accepted the role to be a thorn in the side of Mottley. The long and short of it is that Mottley will have to demonstrate  political craft to wrestle control of the party.

Listen to Owen Arthur’s interview presenting his side of the imbroglio.

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    TWO crooks who playing their Part on the stage of Fraud and more lies and tricks, What a game of fun they are having .

  2. Osa is very clear in his explanation, and makes a lot of sense. My question is why did MAM ignore his explicit request not to be part of “the eminent group”? He asked not to be part of it, before she went public. If she had honoured his request all of this would have been avoided. After she went public and he asked in a text message to her to be removed( 2nd time he made the request) she still went on with suggesting Osa as a member. Why?

  3. I will say that throughout this “controversy” the truth has become a casualty. Where a small difference in opinion has snowballed in the public opinion, into some sort of great rift between Mia and Owen. I blame the media for this because it has created and continuing to fuel this contraversy deliberately because it is “sexy” and it sells newpapers etc. The media is using this “fog of war” for its own benefit but for persons knowing and seeking the facts and not distracted by this perversion of truth it only make the media look ignorant and propagators of ignorance. What Owen says everybody knows but at the same time i think he is making a mountain out of Mia’s suggestion of this eminent person’s group. Mia was only really throwing ideas out to the public as possible solutions for this current crisis but Owen sounds like Mia wanted it to be an official solution for the DLP to abide by. I don’t think anybody really absorbed Mia’s suggestion because like Owen said, only gov’t could authorize such a group and it is unlikely any gov’t would surrender “power” to any group

  4. There is no point trying to sugar coat this. Owen has extreme difficulty hiding his dislike for Mia.
    He is human.

    imho an eminent persons group is nothing more than an elitist “pressure group” and Barbados has had pressure groups before.

    It is entertaining to listen to Owen’s clever politically cloaked daggers.

  5. RE
    Mia was only really throwing ideas out to the public as possible solutions for this current crisis but Owen sounds like Mia wanted it to be an official solution for the DLP to abide by. I don’t think anybody really absorbed Mia’s suggestion because like Owen said, only gov’t could authorize such a group and it is unlikely any gov’t would surrender “power” to any group


  6. The Political Parties in Barbados need to be placed under the Fair Trading Commission, but then again, a promise is a comfort to a fool.
    Those who did not venture out to vote at the last general election,are now patting themselves on the back, that they had made the right decision.
    I believe that at the next general election, each candidate should be allowed to dish out money to every qualified voter, a quarter (25 cent piece) would suffice, so that each voter will be able to spin the coin to see who gets his/her vote.
    What ever happened to the boat that the Dipper, was going to load up with some people and sink it half way in the ocean ? More than ever we need that boat, for the same purpose ,but to accommodate just 30 people.

  7. The shrewdest politician walking the political landscape of the Caribbean. If you wanted to prove the validity of a quote OSA is the walking embodiment of ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

    Mia is in real political danger and she better done pulling the tail of the bull, this is after all a man who has offered to give her away, even to the BLP opponent.

  8. Barbados is a so called capitalist democratic country.

    We have an elected government and an elected opposition.

    The Leader of the opposition Mia Mottley leads the eminent persons group in parliament.

  9. Hants

    Westminster style Parliament is adversarial. To Government must lead, not the opposition and certainly not an eminent person group. Assholery.

  10. this interview did nothing to reconciled or unit the BLP PARTY, This was another tasteless and a continuation of humiliating MIA publicly, He would have been better off saying nothing else,,,,,IT seems to be all about HIM and a continuance of BLAMING MIA ,,OSA is Truly a force to be reckon with….DISGUSTING>…

  11. the interview would have been better served if OSA had publicly accepted MIA apology which would have soften or dampen the backlash from all that has transpired while moving the issue in a positive direction…,,he missed a golden open opportunity but choose to insist and persist in defending his own self interest oblivious of the fact that necessary healing was of most important to the BLP.. the airwaves which he used to defend himself was a showmanship of his lack of tactic and a tasteless defense …….one which has now forced the party and its followers to take sides as to who was right and who is wrong in this saga,,,,,,,

  12. BU. Why did she ignore OSA ?
    It is clear that MAM has a major character flaw.
    She does not know how to take no for an answer.
    The electorate said no one year ago, she still has not accepted.
    OSA told her no not me. But who was he to tell her no. She gone against his wishes.
    In another situation she would have to take her own advice and learn to tek a horn, and when her women say no she simply bites of piece.
    She needs to chill. May be a trip up by her buddy Hilary might help. Chill Or is he OSA’s buddy? He certainly is not CS’s buddy after being overheard describing the Minister of Finance as a Pissy Boy.

    How disrespectful in truth, but then again he found work some years ago. If you think long and hard we see some interesting networks or spider webs

  13. The only thing i will add is that i understand Owen, “angst” because the perception in the public is that he want “power and control” etc etc. and this “eminent persons group” may sound like he wants to get power and control in some “roundabout way”, that is why he is so vigorous to disassociate himself from it. If i was in Owen’s place i would feel that Mia wanted to sabotage me with this eminent person group. The problem is that in being so vigorous to disassociate himself, it is only adding fuel to the fire that there is a serious divide”. As i said the media’s “spin” is only confusing the issue to the public.
    I am not naive and i like to think that i am a realist, there will be a “divide” as Owen was PM for 14 yrs while Mia is the new Leader and both will naturally have their “factions”. What is happening is nothing new and is not unique to the BLP. It has happened in both parties but the result have been vastly different. The last time it happened in the DLP between Clyde and David between 2003-2006, Clyde as former opposition Leader felt he had to cross the floor. Up to now i still can’t understand why the DLP let it get that bad

  14. il lil lost hey ,somebody help ma ,when i listen to this thing de sunday on de radio, this eminent person group was ah suggestion that was proposed and the names mentioned were just suggestions ,or was this something written down in stone ,i don’t trust OSA on this one something missing

    • The simple question which remains unanswered is why did MAM include Arthur on the list of eminent persons when he expressly stated otherwise.

      MAM has since apologized and there we have it.

      The other issue is that this letter wrtten my Arthur to Symmonds was leaked. this leads to another ser of questions.

  15. Look OSA is rolling the wicket for future events to unfold. He is planning an “I told you so” moment when something comes on MAM.

    This way he increases they perception of his wisdom and knowledge, not only about economics and public affairs but all the characters of those who inhabit theological sphere of Barbados.

  16. David

    She included him for two reasons:-

    She needed to recommend eminent persons to the panel she proposed to create.
    She need he’d say no and retaliate against her forcing the public see that he is still interesting in leading the BLP and the country.

    It’s called teasing out your enemy.

  17. The Barbados Labour Party like the Anglican Church is seemingly on its way to self-destruction fuelled by the constant unfavourable criticism by Mr Arthur of Ms Mottley. Apparently the advice readily offered to the Democratic Labour Party by Mr Arthur in the midst of their internal turmoil has not been heeded by Mr Arthur the end result of which should fate bring the country out of this disaster of mismanagement should consign the Barbados Labour Party to the political dustbin for all time until a new system of governance evolves. I would implore all floating voters to trust ‘fate’ and give this don’t-know-what-they-are-doing administration their support the next time around if their is a next time around.

  18. There is no reason this squabble between Mia and Owen should destroy the BLP.

    The two of them can be replaced.

    Barbados needs a strong well organised opposition and the BLP needs to do what their elected members are supposed to do.

    Mia is still the Leader of the opposition and needs to do her job in parliament and show that she is a true leader despite what Owen says.

  19. “ac | January 14, 2014 at 10:39 PM |

    the interview would have been better served if OSA had publicly accepted MIA apology which would have soften or dampen the backlash from all that has transpired while moving the issue in a positive direction…,,he missed a golden open opportunity but choose to insist and persist in defending his own self interest oblivious of the fact that necessary healing was of most important to the BLP.. the airwaves which he used to defend himself was a showmanship of his lack of tactic and a tasteless defense …….one which has now forced the party and its followers to take sides as to who was right and who is wrong in this saga,,”,,,,
    Never thought I would see the day when I would be forced to reproduce verbatim something submitted by AC and I wish she would bring this same level of objective analysis to matters relating to the DLP as well but right is right and I agree wholeheartedly with her comments. Well put , AC.

  20. “The simple question which remains unanswered is why did MAM include Arthur on the list of eminent persons when he expressly stated otherwise.”

    What if MAM didn’t include him on the list of eminent persons? You would be hearing another story from him and the other BLP yardfowls who believe in him. Mia wanted to include him and extended an invitation. This lotta talk bout she shouldn’t because he didn’t is bare shoite. OSA is behaving like a spoilt brat and we need adult men and women to help Barbados at this stage. OWEN should go home if he does not want to follow and allow Mia to lead the opposition. He said that he MADE Mia what she is today. If that were true, and he doesn’t like what he has made then too bad. He is of the mindset that he can make and break a person. That kind of politics has been played for too long and must cease! Blasted old jealous man!

  21. A key plank in Arthur’s latest savage attack on Mottley is being overlooked because of the focus on the Eminent Persons set up. Arthur lest we forget questions the legality of Mia’s election as LOTO. That is a more damning condemnation of Mottley than cursing her for putting forward his name on a committee . Mottley in her apology (shouldn’t it be OSA apologizing?) glossed over the three points Arthur attacked her on. Mottley and Arthur’s differences are obviously irreconcilable and there can be no nonsense talk from her about not being distracted. This is not a distraction this is a fight to the finish for the soul and life of the Barbados Labour Party.

  22. Anyone considered that this affair might, on OSA’s part, be wholly an involuntary manifestation of his wrestling with his demons and of a temporary skirmish where the demons might have an upper hand?

    • @islandgal

      Your argument is a non sequitur. The point is that she asked him and he refused, period. Therefore she should have included others with a statement that OSA declined to participate. The public would then have been left to form its own conclusions.

    • A strong Opposition is important and the BLP needs to get itself sorted in the same way BU advised the DLP when Thompson and Mascoll were warring. It is an unnecessary distraction at this time but a characteristic of our system of governence.

  23. The current standings in the BLP conflict: Five MPs for OSA, one MP for MIA,five undecided and one MP about to go with FS.

  24. I take OSA at his word that he has no ambition to be the leader of the BLP now or in the future. Mia would have to be “tone deaf” in political awareness to include him in any group when he expressly said he wouldn’t participate. He was at his irascible best when he said that Mia shouldn’t volunteer him for any position but if it meant so much to her she should volunteer herself.

    Even if this “Eminent Persons” thingy was sanctioned by the DLP does anyone see OSA helping the DLP out of the quagmire that Barbados finds itself in? OSA is a canny politician and has read the political and Economic tea leaves but he wouldn’t piss on a DLP Gov’t to put out any fire. He reasons that any BLP participation could imperil the BLP and cement the DLP’s hold on office.

    Mia despite her many years in politics seems to lack political savvy or she never met a microphone that she didn’t like. Mia has been busy promoting the “Eminent Persons” as a panacea for Barbados ills and had to come up with possible choices as to the makeup of such a group, her cardinal mistake was to disengage her brain before her mouth sprung into action.

  25. I am have full confidence in my Prime Minister who is doing the best job that he can to help steer the ship of state in the right direction. My Prime Minister speaks when he has something to say and not because he has to say something. My Prime Minister does not micro-manage so that he allows his Ministers to function and perform the roles that they are supposed to perform and for which they are being paid .

    I am satisfied that my Prime Minister, his Ministers and Parliamentary group are fully committed to making Barbados a better place to live notwithstanding the world economic situation. I share in the vision and mission of the Prime Minister , his Ministers and Parliamentary group. I am satisfied that Barbados can benefit from wise and prudent management and that the Prime Minister will become a great Prime Minister, one who kept the ship of state afloat during turbulent storms and unpredictable economic weather. Respect due to my Prime Minister.

    I am satisfied that my Minister of Finance is doing the best job that he can at this time and that he is doing everything possible to restructure the economy and to keep Barbados on a sound footing where the only place for Barbados to go is Up and On. He says that he is doing the things that need to be done to right size the economy , I believe him and give him my full support in this regard. Respect to my Minister of Finance

    All of the Ministers are doing the best they can as Barbadians for the good of Barbados and I give them my full support and I place full confidence in their abilities to succeed.

    I pledge my undivided support to the Government of Barbados.

    I give my full support to the elected and selected officials of Barbados who are the ones chosen to run the affairs of the country. They are Barbadians who are educated and competent, have the best wishes for Barbados, would like to see Barbados succeed and all of us as one big happy family enjoying the best that we can from our efforts.

  26. the eminent person dispute is all smoke an mirrors. The personality/life-style issue division has some but minor relevance. (OSA once complained overt a pint an a half that MAM was ‘getting more p…y than he was). BUT (the BU word) BUT the dominant divisive concern as in all politics is the politics: the opposing political ideological positions/ visions for the way forward. Why do we get transfixed on periffial gossip rather than on the core questions of policy polarization within the BLP. Policy conflicts that have been festering within the Bs from Tom’s time.
    Like so many social democrat (ex democratic socialist/Fabian ) parties the BLP inherited a tradition of high welfare spend , workers before business and let the rich pay higher taxes to pay for public services (health education pensions).
    But there has been a shift from that traditional left of centre line towards a more pragmatic centrist party position with foreign investment and rewards for business growth (OSA declared it a right of centre economic strategy and a left of centre social policy).
    But MAM is of a different politics. She wants to cut restraints and taxes on business and let the market economy dominate ‘free-up the business sector’ ie modern right wing (David Cameron. USA/IMF) ‘capitalism with a conscious’ . It is this that angers the social democrat heart and head of OSA.
    What will happen?
    MAM will do a Richie Haynes and take a bunch of Bs plus some Ds into a new party (‘Barbados First) getting big business/USA/IMF to back her.
    Make no mistake there is support out there for the proposal that Barbados needs a pro-business, low tax , liberal political party strong on social justice BUT attractive to foreign investment. Even Raul Castro in his new year speech urged a change in direction.
    OSA is more traditional social democrat (Fabian) and cautious BUT he is a f..ing awesome politician.
    As for the Ds, well history will not absolve them for their gross incompetence, bringing shame and increased sufferation on our once proud nation.

  27. JUST ASKING | January 15, 2014 at 10:14 AM |

    “I am have full confidence in my Prime Minister who is doing the best job that he can to help steer the ship of state in the right direction.”

    What have you been drinking this morning? Mountain dew?

  28. Sargeant.what u said may well be true.However there was and still is/ no excuse in the way OSA handled the issue by furthering cause distraction ! splinters! and division among his fellow members and followers.. The barrage of insults now being thrown at MIA from both D and B can be squarely placed on OSA shoulders for his mishandling of the issue. now to (box MIA in) on account that he did not want to be a part of a group is asinine.. Mia only error was showing loyalty and respect to OSA by including HIM

  29. Reading the responses by the BLP yardowls says there is liltle hope for the BLP to mend as long as OSA continues to lurk in the shadows of the BLP party.his resistance to retirement and his continual meanderings should be cause of concern and can be the final downfall of the party as his idealogies and philosophies are well endorsed and roted among his following leaving little or no room for error by those who think differently….

  30. We seem to think that most people are still trying to analyze these events in themselves and not as mere symptoms of a deeper malady of the political-economy system. Largely alone BLP/DLP lines. Even if the eventual outcome maintains the DLP in office or brings in the BLP, nothing will change. We should be using these symptoms to address the deep and underlying disease if the patient is to survive. No victory for the Bees or Dees will help Barbados any. There is nothing in the pin sized brains of OSA or Mascoll or Sinckler or Stuart that can help us. In fact, everything these people will do must fail because they are will only continue to give a dead patient medicine.

  31. @ islandgal246 | January 15, 2014 at 10:38 AM |
    “What have you been drinking this morning? Mountain dew?”

    That does not sound like the real JA. Either some DLP ‘yardie’ has hijacked his moniker or he has relocated to the East near a certain graveyard and is suffering from an acute case of “Johnnyitis”.

  32. It is I -THE REAL JUST ASKING–Maybe I had an epiphany

    Maybe I have been abducted and forced to sign a statement –LOL




  33. @ Sargeant | January 15, 2014 at 10:01 AM |
    “Even if this “Eminent Persons” thingy was sanctioned by the DLP does anyone see OSA helping the DLP out of the quagmire that Barbados finds itself in?”

    This “Eminent Persons” proposal is just a lot of distracting hot-air crap.
    Who would make up the list of so-called eminent persons? Past or current partisan politicians ?
    Would it include people like Dr. Frances Chandler, Harold Hoyte, Harry Russell, Ralph Jemmott, Tony Marshall, Peter Boos and the usual bullshit talking suspects?
    What can such a group advise the ruling administration that it has not already heard or read in some form or fashion? Why not look outside the usual inbreeding pond and consider fearless people like Caswell Franklyn and even undercover BU Bushie and Pachamama?

    Would the members of this gang of motor mouths be prepared to give of their time and “intellectual’ energies free and not be another burden on the already fiscally exhausted taxpayers?
    Would the same thing apply to the barrage of opportunistic consultants to the “eminent persons” think tank? Would the heavily inflated costly services of professional consultants like Persaud and Springer and the other be engaged to advise the think tank?

    What about the young people? Aren’t their futures at stake here whereas lackey members of the imminent group are just waiting for their god even if their pensions and reliable medical care might be at serious risks?

    Even if the bullshit talk-shop members make recommendations to the ruling administration does it have the competence and political will do implement them?

    Let us suppose the “Eminent Persons” group of bullshit artists out of a bout of epiphanic intellectual enlightenment of the country’s economic realities recommend an extensive programme of privatization and outsourcing would this ruling administration change its irrevocable commitment to an anti-privatization policy and an ironclad contract with the electorate of Barbados?

    The only “Eminent Persons” group Barbados is going to get is the one already ‘instructing’ the Government what to do. A group that was convened since December13th, a ‘black’ letter day for Bim. The advice of the IMF is already being followed no need for any more shit talking. And the PM knows what he is talking about when he says it’s a waste of time and distracting political pussyfooting and grandstanding by MAM.

  34. @ac
    Reading the responses by the BLP yardowls says there is liltle hope for the BLP to mend as long as OSA continues to lurk in the shadows of the BLP party.his resistance to retirement and his continual meanderings should be cause of concern and can be the final downfall of the party as his idealogies and philosophies are well endorsed and roted among his following leaving little or no room for error by those who think differently………………………………………………

    Do you read back the nonsense you spew on BU every day?

    Do you not remember the days of open warfare in the DLP when the dead king, (now our) Dr Mascoll and the worst man that could ever rise to be PM (but then dead wood always drift to the top) ……………..

    Do you not remember that no one ever thought that the DLP could have settled down and eventually go on to win an election?

    Do you not remember the 19 point indictment that your leader and the now PM of Barbados wrote on David Thompson, the dead king?

    Do you not remember that it was DLP members who voted with the BLP and brought down Sandi?

    Well, yardfowl ac, yes you are one too, not only BLPies, I hope your memory is refreshed now on the history of the DLP. Let me tell you that if the DLP can heal, the BLP WILL heal. In our case it is only one man, in the DLP case, it was nearly the whole party at war.

    You Dems should really shut your mouths when talking about trouble in the BLP. You all live in a glass house. You all really feel that we dont hear of how Donville cusses the PM and has no respect for him? You really feel that we dont know how David Estwick behaved when he was not given the MOF and threaten to mess all you up and how many elders had to go to his house and beg him to behave? Get real!

    Let me tell you, this squabble in the BLP will not help the DLP solve the enormous problems in our economy. When the BLP heals, the DLP would still be screwing up this economy and have us up shit street.

    You have the right to gloat, but watch your own backyard.

  35. @ miller
    We believe that the Bushie Plan is a good start to helping the country. And it has our total support. In addition we believe that we are in a position to inject a massive, non credit expansionary, stimulus to the wider economy immediately as we seek to overhaul the system at its foundations at coterminously.

  36. Miller

    I have to agree with you re Dr. Frances Chandler, Harold Hoyte, Harry Russell, Ralph Jemmott, Tony Marshall, Peter Boos etc.

    These are pimps and bloodsuckers who confuse people with their special brand of elitist bullshit. Now tell me, what the fcuk has Francis Chandler ever achieved in her life except being white (not that that is an achievement) and making to the floor of the Senate which she used to spout bullshit across the airwaves of Barbados thereby proving her own ignorance?

  37. Barbados aint want no eminent persons group, we need a competent person group…………………………..mainly in Bay Street and in the Central Bank.

  38. I hear that one Smart Pants Persaud telling his parents down at Limegrove how wealthy he has become from Four Seasons.

    Eminent my ass, when you shake his hand you better count your rings.

  39. So much foolishness from Owen and Mia. I don’t know how they
    ever ran anything far less an island. Sometimes we add so much importance to what they do and say that it is just unbelievable. Whenever I think of Owen I think of that drunken idiot in my area who every fool think is smart.

  40. I love the honesty as well as the commitment the DLP has shown to the poor people of Barbados. Keep up the good work! Go DLP….

  41. And as far as Owen Arthur is concern, I haven’t anything negative to say about this man. But he obviously needs to get his act together because his future contribution to our small island is still needed.

  42. David, I have some serious Concerns regarding the hate machine you calls BU. You claimed to be a blog that adheres to a strict impartiality in the distribution of the unarmed truth. Or at least you’re egotistical enough in you failing desire to expect others to believe your preposterous designed. But you’re not fooling those of us who possess a prerequisite amount of common sense and value judgment David. Now, David, we’re aquitely aware of the animosity you have had for DLP and its supporters, as a direct result of your psychologically damaging defeat.

    Why don’t to come clean and stop hiding behind you computer monitor where you from time to time interject you little vemon of hate as soon as there is an co-conspirator the suits your fancy.

  43. Owen is a good man; The present Prime Minister is a good man. We have good men in Barbados. Here are two men that are Prime Ministers of Barbados. Many of us have not been in the shoes of these two great Barbadians. Lets love our country and move forward.
    Owen is doing a good job and the present Prime Minister is doing a good job. Its all good ; its a dynamic situation. Lets enjoy it for what it is and lets rally behind Barbados the place we live and love and want to see do well in any sphere of activity. The Government is doing the best that it can under the circumstances. The Central Bank through its Governor has said that we have nothing to fear especially with respect to devaluation. He is the man with the information, not me and if he says so , I have no reason to doubt him. The Prime Minister is the man charged with running the affairs of this country and he has assured us that everything is good although challenging. The layoffs are necessary, they say.

    Those who have a job have to adopt somebody and help them through this period.

  44. “David, I have some serious Concerns regarding the hate machine you calls BU.”

    Mark is someone begging you to stay?

  45. @ Mark Fenty
    “Concerns” – capital letters should be used for proper names etc., not just randomly because you want to stress the importance of a word.
    “You calls” – that should be “call”.
    “unarmed truth” – what is that? Why is it different from ordinary truth?
    “to believe your preposterous designed” – please explain what this phrase means.
    “aquitely aware” – that should be spelt “adequately” although the word is superfluous.
    “Why don’t to come clean” – that should be “you” not “to”.
    “you computer monitor” – that should be “your”.
    “interject you little vemon of hate” – for a start, that should be “your” and “venom” but even with those corrections, the phrase is clumsy. Perhaps “poisonous comments” would be better.
    This is contributed in order to help a fellow poster with self-improvement.

  46. @ Spelling police
    Bushie hope you got riot gear…cause mark the Lepricon will light into your donkey real rough just now….. 🙂

  47. @ Bush Tea
    I have an appointment at the port tomorrow to get my container of riot gear and tear gas through customs. Apparently, it’s the second one through recently.

  48. @ PrODIGAL

    what good is my remembrance of what happen to the DLP party fights good in any way going to help the BLP restore law and order in Their HOUSE,,,,, as far as pointing me the way,,YOU prodigal should be pointing as well as showing OSA the way,,,,,,since you and other BLP yarfowls had placed OSA on a pedestal longer than JACOBS ladder so far off the ground that he believes he has an eternal right to be there,,,

  49. @ ac
    Where to start with your comment? It is quite difficult to understand what you mean, so instead of trying to correct the spelling and grammar, I have translated it into Albanian, in which it makes more sense:
    “çfarë e mirë është kujtesa ime e asaj që ndodhë me partia DLP lufton mirë në çdo mënyrë do të ndihmojë BLP rivendosjen e ligjit dhe rendit në shtëpinë e tyre,,,,, aq sa të më treguar rrugën,, JU teproni duhet të jetë duhet të vënë si dhe duke treguar OSA rrugën,,,,,, pasi ti dhe yarfowls tjera BLP kishte vendosur OSA në një piedestal më të gjatë se JACOBS shkallë deri më tani jashtë terren që ai beson se ai ka një të përjetshme e drejta për të qenë atje.”

  50. Ha, ha, Spelling Police.

    Even you, a newcomer to BU cannot understand ac’s rantings.

    ac, I am just pointing out your hypocrisy. You are gloating over the BLP’s woes while forgetting that the Dems got on far worse during the events leading up to the downfall of Sandi and all the years of political warfare during the dead king’s reign of which your so called PM of integrity was a major player….writing a 19 point indictment of DT.

  51. prodigal my question to u is what if any good does it help any thing from the DLP past fights in resolving the BLP problems.. again take your criticism and point them towards the person namely OSA who is on a self destructive course with destiny taking all standing in his way namely MIA and the BLP sinking ship along with him…anything that u want for me to remember is not going to help or restore order in the BLP house,,

  52. it was certainly not amusing to hear Arthur referring to Mottley in the unflattering manner..”A HORROR MOVIE IN SLOW MOTION” . It was too serious to even raise a chuckle. Good lord Arthur !!!

    • @Not Amusing

      The language used by the Prime Minister directef at MAM was undignified as well. However we have come to accept that politics is a blood sport.

  53. @ David
    What a load of rubbish ! To speak of somebody’s STUPIDITY is undignified? That word woud not even be unparliamentary . It was certainly HARSH but not UNDIGNIFIED . It is really amusing hearing this coming from you when you allow the most disrespectful comments to be posted on this blog in reference to the same Prime Minister . You certainly blow hot and cold !!

    • @Not Amazing

      And thses are the subtlties which you politicos do not appreciate. This is a time when the language of our leader must take on a concilitary tone. The country is already torn apart with the political division which characterizing all national conversations. Now is a time for leaders and leadership to shine, follow the Governor of the Central Bank’s lead by introducing a tone to foster confidence. It must come from Stuart given our cultural leaning and expectations as a people. But BU will NEVER expect our politicians to appreciate the moment.

  54. oh … you so funny…it as if u stood up all night thinking of what should be said to offend the DEMS on the MIA saga……however PM Stuart should have retreated far away from this issue and not help to carry OSA bucket of sh..t

  55. @ David
    So conciliatory tones should only come from thePrime Minister ? A few short hours before the leader of the opposition Miss Mottley was urging Barbadians that nothing would happen until the very Prime Minister and the Minister of finance were got rid of . Now they may only be got rid of through an election ; the next election is FOUR YEARS away ; how then may the be got rid of except by some uprising ? You talk about conciliatort tones ! You are so onesided !

  56. @ Not amusing, David
    Osa did not refer to MAM when he said “……a horror movie in slow motion”. He referred to the SITUATION created by MAM insisting on naming him, Osa, to participate in some “eminent persons” group although he explicitly told her he had no desire to do. According to Osa , he was now placed in a position where he is seen as being unpatriotic.

  57. @ Fed up | January 16, 2014 at 8:11 AM |

    You should be able to spot by now where the apologist “not amusing’ is coming from.
    One wonders if he would object to the same man he is so ardently defending is deemed to be a liar and a person who purposely fails to live up to his promises. This would not be nothing else but the Truth backed by evidence unless he, “not amusing” would want to see the Truth as undignified.

    Any man that has the guts of ignorance to blame a computer for a collective decision of the country’s top managers can only be seen in an undignified and supremely stupid manner.

  58. Steupsss
    Bunch of shiite…..perfectly suited for brass bowls.

    The facts are that the quality of persons in parliament (and indeed leading public life) is so poor that they are INCAPABLE of operating in the environment of 2014 where openness, transparency and real-time interactions are unavoidable.

    These jokers could only survive back when they had days to reflect on what to say; to consult with others before responding; and to control what went out to the public.

    Arthur has always been mediocre at best….. But a one-eyed man is king in blind-man land. Remember he became PM because he was unable to make a decent living otherwise…..
    Wuh shiite…if you can’t operate your own little life, what exactly is it that qualifies you as a big- up national Guru?
    …..except of course that the others around you are even more hopeless brass bowls than you are….

    ….and ANY Prime minister (or indeed anyone in a leadership position) that would use the kind of language – in public – as Freundel used when he referred to Mia – needs to do NOTHING ELSE to demonstrate his unsuitability for such a position…..

    Cuh shiite man!
    As leader of the COUNTRY one’s personal opinion should NEVER be allowed to in such an interview….

    Any half asses leader would have said something like …
    ” well you know ….as leader of the opposition you should expect Ms Mottley to call for me to step down. It does appear that even after a year now she still has not come to respect the decision of the people of Barbados last February.
    For my part I can only ask her to understand her role at this challenging time to be one of working with government in the interest of restoring stability to our country.
    Meanwhile, I also urge her to speedily resolve the major issues that appear to have arisen within her party so that that party can focus on working in the interest of the country.”
    End of statement!

  59. Hey DEMS wait a minute don..t get caught up by having to be like the BEES in a continuing saga of defending ….Let the Bees carry their own shit and drown in their own SUPIDTY…now BU David has decided that our PM is culpable by his words in the same as OSA …oranges and apples syndrome… DEMS stay away from this subliminal manufactured controversy. by BU David..which is meant to be a sorry attack on PM Stuart integrity…steupse!

  60. Bush Tea…..how you expect to hear all of that from Stuart regarding Mia when there is so much intertwining and interlocking corruption involved with members of both parliamentary divide, looks like you want all the secrets to start spilling simultaneously……….of course none of us will mind.it will be comedy central in high definition warp speed.lol

  61. De spellin Police, you would rather spend hours correcting people on dey spelling rather than do something wurthwhile for de country. No priorities whatsoever. i would bet you bout a hundred years old and will never change. Very sad.

    • @not amusing

      A leader leads, the others follow. By your comment the PM is following MAM et al.

      On 16 January 2014 16:31, Barbados Underground

  62. Mia Mottley is about political theatrics to create an impression and not about putting forward credible alternatives.

    Apart from Peter Wickham, who are her paid political advisers?

  63. Thank you GREAT Owen Seymour Arthur for reminding Barbadians once again that MAM ‘wiretapping’ Mottley is not fit to be PM of our beloved country.

  64. @David
    Something is drastically wrong with your comprehension if you can interpret what I wrote to suggest that it says the Prime Minister is “following MAM and others”. The PM has done nothing more than assess the Mottley actions of late which so many persons agree have been lacking in judgment as “stupidity” a perfectly good English word which aptly describes the said actions. Please show a little more objectivity .

    • @Not Amusing

      BU is very objective, we try to be. We call it as we see it. In these times it calls for a new kind of politics and rhetoric from our LEADER Prime Minister Stuart and not Sam old same old.

  65. @David
    What then do you say of the leader of the opposition’s call for the “REMOVAL” of the prime minister and the minister of finance when election is four years away?

  66. Mottley is trying to use her “Assemblies” as a rationale for getting people in Barbados to march and assist her naked, self serving grab for political power.That is what that is really about. You think Mottley gives a damn about campaign finance reform or a bloated, inefficient public service?
    A woman who flooded every department with unskilled members of her constituency when she was a minister?

    The people who financed the BLP 2013 campaign Sir Allan Fields, Sir Fred, Tony Hoyos and Co. and the other elites are really Owen’s boys. That is the political back drop against which this is all playing out. They want a return on their investment as their horse lost the race.

    The story is being presented by Mottley supporters like Peter Wickham as Arthur undermining Mottley.
    The story that the main stream media does not carry is how Mottley undermined Arthur over the last 8 years.

  67. @ David
    Here is one other glaring example of Mia Mottley’s poor judgment. She has brought Persaud into her parliamentary sessions to the obvious disapproval of her colleagues . In the present political climate Persaud cannot be a name Barbadians want to hear give his total messup at Four Seasons . Talk about poor judgment !!!!

    • @Bajanfuhlife

      Agree with your last comment to the extent Arthur should put up or shut up. After all it is the constitution of the institution that made him which has tossed up MAM. Perhaps his disruption of the present arrangement is for others or one other to emerge.


      We are on the same page. The events playing out on both sides show how irrelevant our governance system has become. We have a PM who must squeeze almost all his MPs into a Cabinet to ensure he maintains his parties relevance to government. MAM made a comment which many should reflect on, 75,000 Barbadians voted for the BLP last election. Ponder on these things.

  68. @David – If 75 000 people voted for the BLP ,what the self serving Ms. Mottley should remember is that 75 000 voted for a BLP with Owen Arthur as party leader , not her .

  69. Hartley Henry – it is being suggested that you are a paid adviser to Mia Mottley. Please answer these rumours my friend. Confirm or Deny.
    Anyway, we all know that this would not be the first collaboration between you and Ms. Mottley as you both worked to defeat Mascoll in 2008 even as Arthur was trying to save his backside.
    Those were the good days Hartley when Mottley was helping sink Arthur’s ship.

  70. Owen Arthur is known to say “sorry” because he believes it is a cool thing to do. He often says, “blame me” but that too is sarcasm.

    He has already made it clear that Clyde Mascoll is his “quo leader.”

    Mia thought they were in love… while Owen was getting ready to give her a shove!

    Mia thought they were in love… while Owen was getting ready to give her a shove!

    The one thing you can say with certainty about Owen Arthur, is that he never reverses himself on anything. Owen Arthur is driven by a type of obsessive hatred for Mia Mottley. Even if it means sacrificing himself, that is fine with Arthur as long as it destroys Mia Mottley in the process.

    Owen Arthur has one unfulfilled obsession and that is to make sure that Mottley never leads Barbados and that Mascoll (his quo-leader) emerges to become the leader of the BLP and the next Prime Minister of this country.

    Arthur’s interest is not served by being on an “Eminent Person’s Committee.” That would allow the Government to put Barbados on a stable economic path and spoil his plans.

    Any economist of note who Mia consults will also immediately become an offense to Arthur because it means competition for Mascoll. In order for Arthur’s plan to work, he needs the crisis in the economy to continue, since it will also serve as the distraction he needs to execute his plot.

    For the ‘Old Fox’, the plot is simple!

    Arthur will continue to pick at Mia Mottley in the hope that she becomes distracted and responds. A brawl that pulls in bees from both camps and creates a spectacle and confusion would be good for Arthur. Once Mia falls for the trap, “check mate” and game over for her.

    Arthur is an old fox and he knows that Barbados is a nine-day-wonder. People will talk and then the country will quickly move on to the next hot issue. By now the country should be able to read Arthur like an old newspaper. Like most aggressors, he will always pretend to be the victim. His lead-in is to always allege that he has been disrespected by somebody. Without pausing for breath or thought, George Griffith will come with the usual lie that somebody trying to force-out Arthur. Predictable!

    Fruendel Stuart has said that you do not waste time criticising a fellow like Arthur, you explain him. Arthur has a history of using Mia Mottley when it is in his interest to do so and seeking to destroy her when it looks like she and the BLP have victory in sight.

    I do not think Arthur is planning to challenge Mia Mottley for leadership again because he knows he will lose and would come across as being pathetic and power-hungry. After all, he led the BLP to defeat in the 2008 General election, then to a humiliating defeat in the St. John by election in 2011 and then to yet another defeat in February last year, which is a record of losses that is only surpassed by David Thompson’s failures.

    Arthur’s political guerrilla warfare

    He does not have the energy or stamina for the long distance neither is he able to entertain a short sprint. Arthur will therefore engage in a type of political guerrilla-type warfare and is already using his trademark sympathy card or an allegation of being disrespected. He did that exact thing in October 2010.

    On that occasion he called a media conference at the UWI to say that Barbadians will not find Mia Mottley “acceptable” even though a Wickham poll around that time suggested different and that Arthur was way off the mark. Not ‘acceptable,’ but it was the same Mia Mottley who rescued the BLP’s platform in the 2013 elections.

    On this occasion Arthur says he has lost confidence in the same Mia Mottley, who up to February when he wanted to win, he was using to respond to the Estimates and the Budgets. The country is now expected to become distracted and to lose focus just to listen to a tired disgruntled old man (who just led a party to a third consecutive humiliating defeat) allege that he lost confidence in Mia Mottley. But Arthur seems too senile to realise that his letter is being published the very day that the same newspaper and social media were reporting that close to a thousand people turned-up at a People’s Forum to hear Mottley speak.

    Throughout his 14 years, it is clear that Arthur used Mia’s popularity to make himself relevant and to prolong his political career – even when it was clear the he did not have the energy but wanted to project the party as being united.

    By now, the country should be able to see a pattern of behavour to Arthur. He runs away when defeated and re-emerges when it appears that victory is in sight.

    Remember the 1990′s?

    In the 1990′s it was Owen $ Arthur who blackmailed Henry Forde and David Simmons to give him the leadership. Who would ever forget Arthur saying that as much as he would like to continue, politics for him is a painful exercise and too much of a burden to carry? Once Henry Forde stepped aside, Arthur immediately found new energy.

    After the 2008 defeat, he ran away and left the leadership to Mia mottley who had to build back the party and hold it together. Arthur only attended Parliament to ensure that his seat would not be declared vacant. He literally ran from Thompson but once he realised that Thompson was dying, he wrestled the leadership from Mia Mottley and behaved as thought the people had forgotten that he was drawing a monthly salary for about two years even though he did not attending regular sittings of Parliament.

    Same thing again recently – he lost in February and ran away. Now that a BLP victory is in sight, Owen Arthur again moves for public attention and tries to pick a nuisance fight with Mia Mottley who is busy engaging the DLP, busy listening to the concerns of Barbadians through her, “Rubbing Shoulders” initiative, or busy attending to the people’s business through the recently launched, ‘People’s Forum.’

    The major headache for Arthur is that he has already announced that he is retiring at the end of this Parliamentary term. Arthur would is aware the DLP would hardly last a full five years, so he has to move now if he wants to land Mascoll.

    A last desperate game of chess for Owen $ Arthur

    Out of shear frustration, Arthur has already accused St. Thomas MP Cynthia Forde of squatting on prime real estate – but only because that’s where he wanted to run his quo-leader, Mascoll. Time is running out for Arthur! He cannot resign the St. Peter seat because he would not be able to manipulate things from the outside! How does he get Mascoll elected to the Lower House?

    The only way is to get the party so annoyed with both he an Mia Mottley that the members expel them both. That would then allow Mascoll to ease into the Leadership with Kerrie Symmonds as the Deputy, Dale Marshall as Attorney General, and Mia finding herself out in the cold. Owen Arthur would have won his last desperate game of chess.

    But even here, it is clear that arthur’s time has passed but he does not know it. He is playing a game with pawns, while his opponent literally has knights, rooks and bishops! This may very well be one occasion where the queen is no longer willing to commit political suicide and sacrifice herself for a tired old king, who is unaware that the game is long over. When last I checked, the Queen was still the most dynamic piece in the game!

  71. A load of HOGWASH from limitone
    You people dont know what is going on
    You could not read the plays if they were as big as a bed sheet in front of you so quit the crap because you know not of what you speak (speculate)

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