A Nation In Mourning Congratulates The Seventh Prime Minister Of Barbados, Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

The death of the Hon David Thompson yesterday required  the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Labour Party select his replacement After a brief meeting which lasted about 30 minutes former Attorney General and Deputy Prime Minister emerged as the seventh Prime Minister of Barbados. According to BU sources Stuart attracted unanimous support from his parliamentary collogues. The elevation of Stuart to Prime Minister has also seen Adriel Brathwaite installed as Attorney General.

The government will join Barbadians to mourn the passing of Prime Minister  David Thompson in the coming days before being expected to settle down to the business of navigating the raging global economic storm. The news yesterday that  credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded our foreign currency rating to BBB-/A-3 from ‘BBB/A-3’ and the local-currency rating to BBB-/A-3 from ‘BBB+/A-2 will make the mourning period that much harder for our policymakers.

Prime Minister Stuart is not unfamiliar functioning in the role of Prime Minister albeit in the shadow of the events caused by the illness of former Prime Minister  David Thompson in recent months. Barbadians will have high expectations of Stuart now that he has assumed the position of Prime Minister in his own right.

Barbados  Underground congratulates Prime Minister Stuart on his appointment. The temperature of the political landscape has risen in Barbados which means the new Prime Minister will unfortunately not enjoy much of a ‘honeymoon’. Let us hope the number 7 is lucky for Stuart and the country!

40 thoughts on “A Nation In Mourning Congratulates The Seventh Prime Minister Of Barbados, Fruendel Stuart

  1. This country is a great country. The transformation from one leader to another always seems to be done smoothly even if there are rumblings in the background.
    Congratulations to Mr. Stuart.
    I wish you all the success in steering the country through this rough patch.

    • Perhaps it is a blessing that Prime Minister Stuart is leading the country at this time, a man with a known affinity for the doctrine of philosophy.

  2. Dear Prime Minister Stuart, congratulations on being appointed Prime Minister of Barbados.

    Now to some business that will shortly come before you for your consideration. As individuals own less than 10% of the BNB shares, the Government is negotiating for all of us on this occasion. Please do not sellout the Barbadians that have small shareholdings. There is no reason why you should not seek the best price for the Government and people of Barbados. At a minimum, see competitive bids from other entities. We look forward to your support, in what is one of your first major actions that will impact us. Thanking you in advance.

  3. It is good to know that the transition has been completed efficiently. It is one tangible demonstration of political maturity in national affairs (at least in one dimension). I join my fellow Barbadians in wishing our new leader and his team all the best of fortune. Very trying times remain ahead…but with good will, sound policies and firm pursuit of national development goals, we should be able to do previous generations proud.

  4. Congratulations to Fruendel Stuart may he continue the excellent leadership Thompson started. Thompson left us too quickly, that’s life. Barbados is a mature democracy and Barbadians can take a bow. We will tackle the economic crisis like we confronted the many crises over the years with Bajan grit and common sense. Congrats to Foundation school for producing its second Prime Minister.

  5. My list of candidates who could represent the people of St. John:-


  6. David is still my PM until he makes his final exodus from mother earth. I don’t want to let him go yet so tarry a while David. Don’t care to hear about anyone else right now.

  7. Congratulations Freundel Jerome, you of the unusual first name I am sure that you are proud to be the leader of the Nation but perhaps not under these circumstances. Based on the judgment of your peers it seems that you are the right man, in the right place at the right time during this troubled period in our Nation’s history.

    I know you were a student of English Literature at school and if you had time to read the blogs in the past week you would have seen the many references to Julius Caesar when the combatants in the other Party squared off. I will leave you with a quotation from Brutus:

    There is a tide in the affairs of men.
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea are we now afloat,
    and we must take the current when it serves,
    or lose our ventures

    I hope you take advantage of your “tide”

    Carpe diem!

  8. My advice to the new P.M is to stamp his authority early. I realise that he was a bit reserved during David Thompson’s illness, now he has the full control, he needs to be more forceful but diplomatic about it. Good luck and May God continue to Bless this country Barbados.

  9. I think that he is the best person to lead at this transition stage. I hope he can make some accomodation with Clyde Mascoll to bring some economic experience to the ministry of finance. We need our best brains at this time.

  10. Freundel Stuart actually is the 8th PM of Barbados. Errol Barrow was 1st and 4th. Even though Stuart is the 7th different person to hold the office, he represents the 8th time that it has changed hands. Just a minor observation for the benefit of the public.

  11. What does clyde mascoll have to do with. I am alway amazed at how he see things because I remember Clyde Mascoll lost every economic debate in parliament with Arthur. Only when he was preparing to cross de floor he become a ” brilliant economist”. I believe he is one, but he doesn’t belong in the political sphere. I’m sure there are many suitable ” brilliant economists who have less issues than mr mascoll available to Prime Minister Stuart

  12. Congratulations, please be more visible and let your voice be heard. You are quite the speaker.
    The King is dead! Long live the King!

  13. stunnaman
    good point. but does a PM have to be an economist? Is Freundel one? I like him though. He’s a real classy gentleman.

    Yes, Long Live the King. (forever in our hearts)

  14. Henry Gone!!!!
    The Dems are doing all the right things now. Very good start Prime Minister Stuart.
    All that is needed now is the cabinet reshuffle that makes sense.
    Paul to Agriculture, Sinckler to Foreign Affairs, Estwick to Finance & Economic Affairs, Mascoll & Mcclean to Minister of State in Finance and Kellman to Urban.
    What you think????

  15. Mascoll? Who he be? Kellman to Urban … DEM don’ like Kellman! My English better than Paul English… Maybe Paul resign CEO spot first no? Stinkler to Health … Let’s how Crumpton Street committee deal with Garrison boy … ja ja..! Maybe Estwick be PM in waiting no?

  16. Look what is with BLP’s facination with Mascoll. You took him it was a mistake the whole of the Dems thank you and wish u to keep him. Mascoll is perfect where he is on the sideline. I must also say that two of our greatest, transformational leaders Barrow and Adams were not economist. I believe a true leaders is one who can lead people and sometimes the plans are not the best but because they such powerful ppl the plans are executed perfectly. I honestl am not to sure of Stuart but like Arthur in 93 he deserves a chance

  17. @ Bonny peppa
    I personally believe that there is no single plan in any situation, its the leader that determines success. Look we have had Barrow and Adams Snr who are the two best leaders we have ever had. They were visionaries and more importantly they motivated ppl towards goals. A leader with mediorce plans and goals but great leadership skills can do far more than one with well thought plans and poor leadership abilites.
    Honestly most of have favour a political party but that doesn’t mean we can’t raise the level of our critical thinking when dicussing topical political issues. And p.s de blp needs to accept ure stuck myasscoll

  18. Freundel Stuart as BAFBFP said will be another Sandi if he attempts any ignorance as put forward by Fair and Balance.
    Chris Sinckler has been made Minister of Finance by David Thompson and all hell will break loose if he is removed for that gun toting Minister.
    In fact the DLP may have made a short term arrangement because when the next opinion poll comes out Chris Sinckler would again be above Freundel Stuart as the person best to be Prime Minister.
    As for bringing back Clyde Mascoll the party will break up as he promised he would have done if he was removed as opposition leader

  19. Knight of the Long Knives
    Doan lemme n you gotta fight. I is you favrit, not anudda. 🙂

    Why you doan leff my man Fruendel? Ya instigata. He’s a gentle-man and I have a sof-spot fa gentle-manz. Ya troubl-mekka.

    Red October
    Doan mind BAFBFP. He jus pullin my leg cause I whun leh he pull nutton else. He is a ring-nek-vagabun but he is aaighttttttt.

    you is mek sum real good pints, hear? You went Commamere wid David Thompson too? ya brite man. Keep it cumin.

  20. What about Image. Isn’t image part of the package of the person!! These questions along with the politics The voters would have to confront sooner or later. Let’s not pretend!

  21. Kellman start. David Thompson, peace be unto him, is not buried yet and Kellman talking crap. What’s new. Stuart you are warned be firm with Kellman there are reasons why Thompson placed him as Caribbean Ambassador to negotiatiate fish treaty with Trinidad. Is there anyone who can report to us if he made any progress? Did’nt think so. The man like George Payne is a vertically challenged bag of hot air and like Hatter Payne as soon as Thompson left the scene they mouths grow big. Thompson knew how to handle wind bag trouble maker Kellman. Stuart must leave Kellman where he is talking rubbish on brass tacks insted of delivering fishing traty. No Minister must he be.

  22. BUBADUS,
    Couldn’t agree with you more. You call Kellman hot air, but I think you have been too kind to him.
    Every day he mumbles unintelligible gibberish on the call -in program. Doesn’t he have work to do?

  23. @ NUMB
    @ Charlie
    If Stuart is another Sandi I welcome that. Sandi brought us out of some of the darkest days in the 91 – 94 period and we all know what Stuart is face with now. So Stuart do your Sandi look alike job and bring us out of the 2011 – 2014 mess.

  24. Fair and Balance
    Hear ye, hear ye. I wid you. All hands on deck fa dis lil 166sq.ml ship to stay afloat. ALLLLLLLLLL.

  25. It is not as if there is no one well-suited and prepared to take over the responsibility of representing the St. John constituency in the House of Assembly, though that person does not currently occupy a seat in Parliament, is not a woman, and could not possibly be seen as a carpetbagger. The person of whom I speak is none other than Dr. Leroy McClean, at present the Consul General of Barbados to Toronto, Canada. Those who know of Dr. McClean’s work both in St. John for the Rt. Honourable the late Prime Minister Errol Walton Barrow and later as the Personal Aid to that colossus, and know of his contributions to the DLP in the Senate when the party’s number in the lower house had been reduced to two, recognise that it is imperative the Government not forget nor be allowed to wallow in maudlin emotionalism in its approach to serious questions of continuity and principle. The Democratic Labour Party must present Dr. Leroy McClean as its candidate in the next election for a representative of the constituency of St. John in the House of Assembly.

  26. Time for a reshuffle on both sides. Politics of inclusion! In the meantime leave The new P.M alone.Let David Thompson rest in peace and build on his legacies.

  27. Dear Prime Minister Stuart

    Re: A. Freeman | October 24, 2010 at 10:47 AM |

    Thank you for your handling of the proposal from the major BNB shareholder to purchase the BNB shares owned or controlled by the Barbados Government. This is an encouraging start and should be the basis of the Government’s future dealings with major corporations – willing to deal, but on reasonable terms. Large corporations too often wish to deal with the Government on the basis that the corporation must reap an extraordinary benefit, even at the expense of ordinary citizens.

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