0 thoughts on “Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart Goes To Washington

  1. LOL, David…as the CaribNation interviewer Ms Deane was at pains to point it, this trip included many “firsts” for Mr Stuart. Having a real interview with a real journalist must be another…

  2. How much did this trip cost the purse of the Central Bank? The first interviewer must be a relative of Ellis. She exhibits a knack for bowling long hops.

    Sorry, I still do not understand why, if your nipples are sore, one should look to worsen this condition by spending FX in order to make speeches and comments that could easily be made at home and broadcast abroad.

    The comment about MRI services being placed in the hands of private people is very instructive. We as consumers are to be exploited particularly in areas of our health. I wonder, are these entities that own medical equipment SERIOUS contributors to the political parties?

  3. David

    Video 4 in the comments section. That was as far as I got before my stomach started acting up …!

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