The Race Card

reparationsBarbados Underground (BU) is thankful for all the complaining we hear about our blog because it means we have freedom of speech. Thanks to Nancie .J Carmody who made the following quote famous: “I am thankful for all the complaining I hear about our government because it means we have freedom of speech.”

The evergreen race debate like immigration, homosexuality and topics of this tenor which BU is driven to blog about will always evoke passion. It is the nature of the beast. How can we debate the issue of race in a manner which is acceptable given the strong views likely to be provoked? The fact that we have people from different backgrounds whether influenced by race, education, socialization among other factors will make the race dialogue interesting.

BU finds it difficult for a Black person to be accused of being racist. It is our belief the word racist is often used interchangeable for ‘bigot’ or ‘prejudice’ by some. The BU household is always willing to learn from the BU family and welcomes feedback on our position.

We have demonstrated from our inception a strong commitment to freedom of speech. It is the reason why BU was given birth. As the world continues to follow the the furore over a black Harvard professor’s arrest here is what a contrite President Obama had to say “race is still a troubling aspect of our society.” Observers suggest Obama has had to retreat from his earlier condemnation of the Cambridge police officer concerning the stupid act of arresting a man who was understandably upset in the situation he found himself. If he did not USA may have become split down the middle on the matter of race. There was also the incident last month of White and Black groups clashing over how a young Black man was allegedly killed by two White men who had the charges dropped. The most embarrassing report of how race continues to boil in the USA is the portrayal of President Obama as a joker.

There we have it; it is one of the most liberal countries in the world which is often stated to be a melting pot. The issue of race remains topical. How can Barbados be immune from the issues associated with race?

Barbados Underground will not cower when we have to deal with the hard issues. Not too long ago BU was labeled xenophobic when we introduced concerns about the fallout from an open-door  immigration policy. Our concerns have now taken on a national, regional and global cry.

Black people were used as slaves by countries termed ‘developed’ to build out successful economies. In stark contrast most Black governed countries survive in a global realm which makes it difficult to achieve economic prosperity as a result of the geopolitical gymnastics at play.

How can it be changed? Will it ever be changed? Change is usually achieved through advocacy. History places Blacks at a disadvantage because of elaborate systems which have been created. It will take a long time for Blacks to penetrate the existing structures. In the meantime the 300 year plus emotional scares can only be soothed with verbal and monetary redress.


  • livinginbarbados

    Reflecting on a suggestion to have a part 2 to comments.

    I know that moderating the comments can be onerous, but if their sheer number is an issue what would be the effect of removing comments such as “Anonymous // August 6, 2009 at 4:29 PM
    JB you are a small fat white man with a small penis!”? Or,

    “Bimbro // August 8, 2009 at 8:16 AM
    Bonny, just listened to her again!! Now I got tuh go an lie down man!! Dat girl’s jus too much fuh me!!
    See yuh later!!”

    In terms of adding to the core of the thread’s discussion, what do they add as far as you see?

    As I mentioned before, some of the comments are just generalised insults or banter. So, why not have a ‘play area’ that can be dedicated to that? You could easily cut it off, or somehow archive them, every 300 comments


  • livinginbarbados

    @Bimbro // August 12, 2009 at 3:01 AM
    “LIB, in a nutshell, africanism also means, having ur head cut-off because u belong to the wrong tribe” [That and the immediately preceding comments suggest to me that you do not understand either what Africanism is or what happens in the world you live in?

    Where is this ‘head cutting off’ also practised? I have some other examples. Northern Ireland? Chechnya? Bosnia? Serbia? Fiji? Sri Lanka? Spain (Basque separtists)? USA (certainly pre-1970s)?

    I would count different political parties as equivalent to tribes in some places. So, I would consider also the following, near to the Caribbean. Chile. Argentina. Mexico.

    Just a sample, not an exhaustive list.

    Delusions are always interesting to explore.


  • Thanks for the suggestion Yardbroom,

    I’ll put the book on my wish list at Amazon so I don’t forget it and get to it in due course.

    When I was trying to put into writing my impression of what my tour through the legal documents, wills and deeds, had revealed to me I realised that the institutionalisation of status ….. negro, mulatto, free negro, free mulatto …. and not ….. was removed at emancipation ….. legally speaking.

    Not being a lawyer I will need to do some more reading of documents post 1834 to confirm but I am pretty sure mention of those statuses will have ceased.

    Problem with the society is that it was not perfect and old habits died hard.

    So what had been institutionalised all down through slavery stayed with us all as customs.

    At the time, we never realised as a society that those customs had no standing in law but behaved as if they did …. from the lowliest in society to the mightiest.

    We had a golden opportunity to completely shake the issue of those statuses then and there but did not.

    Life with all its imperfections goes on and we will continue to muddle through the best we can …… and by degrees, we will improve ourselves.


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  • “In terms of adding to the core of the thread’s discussion, what do they add as far as you see?”

    I agree with you totally, LIB, endless inane comments including an elderly female who persists in using the blog like a chat room where you flirt with all the men and use fowl language that any woman her age should be ashamed of. Do not expect David to actually take up your suggestion, LIB, would require him to actually make a decision and perhaps ruffle some feathers.


  • Who are all these ‘experts’ now offering you advice on how to manage your blog David? LOL…
    Man you are about the best blogmaster in the world right now – and your traffic speaks for itself.

    Anyone who does not appreciate the banter by the BU family should find LIB’s blog (where ever that is) and save themselves the ‘stress’…
    …we will miss them sorely…. ha ha to the ‘fowl language’ referred to, do these people have any idea of the reality of the routine day to day language used by many ordinary Bajans???

    …David – DON’T CHANGE A THING!!!


  • Bush Tea,
    Very good pointa.
    Don’t mind that clown Mongoose. Bonny here merely to add a lil comic to all de stressors, dah is all. Mongoose like he vex caus I doan flirt wid he. Such a clown. He feel dat David doan kno’ wah he doin? stupseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    All de likes a Mongoose and Living in Barbados and Loving It got to do is bypass the comments of ‘those’ that they don’t care to read. Simple.
    I don’t ever read anything by PDC. Usually too long and tedious. My choice.

    ROK ,
    my sugar-coated candy bar, I luv flirtin wid you. Nevva kno’ when it cud become a reality. (oopsss) You hair cud turn blu, auburn, green, you would still be a cute, sexy fine piece of ‘art’.(mwahhhhhhhhhhhh)…and I luv “art’.
    My granny was a ‘whitey’ too wid long, golden locks pass she botsy. (she mussy use to poop on dem locks regla).

    Tek dah Mongoose, ya rat-keccha. Wah you doin’now dat de canes cut?
    Ya clown.

    Mawnin, had ya cup a toy yet?


  • I often have wonder why Barbadians are so keen to describe themselves as christian when, in fact, I see so little in their actions to warrant the epithet!! Is it just a matter of convenience or, to make themselves ‘look good’ or convince themselves they’re alright in the eyes of the lord! I remind u that there’s no fooling God!!


    LIB, why would I not be surprised that u would seek to shift the blame for your country’s muggers, onto somebody else! It’s typical of your kind of person!

    Yes, LIB, and ‘some of the comments’, like yours, r also nothing but verbose *hit! We could have an extra section for those too!! Have I asked u before; when’s the next flight to ‘the land of the muggers’!!


  • Hi Bonny! ‘morning!! Yes, dear, had my tea, bacon an eggs!! lol!

    But, tell much; vis ur granny!! Does dat mene dat u is wanna dem red-legs?!! LOL!! Well, if u is, den kongratulations girl!! Obviously, it in nutten to do wid u wha u is from wha u is n’t so might as well injoy yuhself, anyway!!

    Don’t rememba seeing any uh dum when I lived in Bim!!


  • With so many people having the ‘morals of the sewer’, like LIB, there’s absolutely no hope for our race and we might as well, give up now!! No wonder his country’s in the state it’s in!! No doubt, he’ll seek to blame that on somebody else, as well!! Pathetic!!


  • @Bimbro
    Some of your peers seem to have dealt you some bad cards on the matter of your morals, this morning. I was not the dealer and I did not shuffle the pack. You see, I blame no one for the things that I do or do not do. I take full responsibility. It makes my life much simpler and my positions can stay clear.


  • @Bimbro
    “…seek to shift the blame for your country’s muggers, onto somebody else…”[No one has shifted blame. I have just focused on your self-preservation and apparent lack of concern for the victim, whom I presume was not a Bajan. That’s your nettle, spud. Hold it tight so that it does not sting.]




    What get me really irate and really “pissed” off are “WANKERS” who have not lived in Britain – do not understand or can appreciate the sociology of this great country…

    Many “racists” sympathizers on this BLOG* subliminally spewing their diabolical skewed social overtones disguised in the form of logic and educational rhetoric; holding an opinion on everything under the sun, yet as we say in BIM* “JACK* of all trades – but MASTER* of none”…

    For anyone to suggest that the machinations of “far-right groups” in the UK or EU is anything more than fringe fanaticism misdirected without a proper sociological loci is frankly deluded, misinformed and have their heads in the toilet…

    For one thing, most serious academics on the issues (those who are doing ethnic research within an unbiased environment) will tell you quite categorically that there is dissonance in regards to the real issues surrounding “MULTICULTURALISM” but equally poignant are issues which politicians and the news media REFUSE to debate.

    The “UNDERLYING ISSUE” – “the Islamization of Western society”…

    This is a socioreligious question based on 7th century sociopolitical and religious dynamics which will involve study and research into the profound tenets of ISLAM and how the future could be frothed with ruin and desolation (if not addressed)…

    How many BLOGGERS* on BU can clearly elucidate these issues and present a coherent piece of social policy to NGO’s, governments or other institutional organizations that would create a platform to deal with what has clearly become dis-information, moral panic and social upheaval…

    The symptomatic repercussions of skewed mediazation is the alarmist penchant of ultra right leaning politics where every disease carrying racists cockroach and social vermin seeks to spread their miasma, hateful toxicity and political malevolence everywhere.

    Here is the end-result:

    The project “Civil Society Against Right-Wing Extremism” is a strategy that has been developed after many years’ experience of UNITED Network in the area of antidiscrimination campaigns and deep analysis on the current trends of European civil society who are active in the fight against right-winged extremism, racism and discrimination.

    This project – intercultural in partnership with the following organizations & NGO’s:

    •ARI Immigrant Association Rieti, Italy –
    •DUHA – Rainbow Association, Czech Republic –
    •Kulturbüro Sachsen, Germany –
    •Movement Against Intolerance, Spain
    •MTP Oradea, Romania –
    •NEVER AGAIN ASSOC., Poland –
    •Norwegian People’s Aid, Norway –
    •People Against Racism, Slovakia –
    •University of Venice, Master on Immigration Programme, Italy

    The reason why the fight is intense is for this reason:

    The aim is to fight every form of intolerance where NEVER again will we see what happened during WW2 EVER take place again in Europe PERIOD!

    Most do NOT realize that this is a different age*. This generation of Black & ethnic communities could be the catalyst and the ruminations of WORLD WAR 3… They will NOT roll over for POLICE, governments, Secret Societies or the ANTICHRIST*…

    Guess who’s leading the dissidents? (LMAOL)…

    If that seems farcical – maybe we should do all we can (that is humanly possible, by the grace of Allah, GOD – call HIM what you want ) to NOT find out!!!

    The real issue for which many are burying their heads in the sands over – (is) ISLAM!

    Hence my piece yesterday on Arab Slavery from my friend Owen…

    The threat today is religious tyranny and this is based on a subject that is not touched on by the news media, scholars or BLOGGERS* -i.e.; so-called Radical Islam*…

    Since 9-11, 7-7 , the Madrid Bombing and other terrorists acts around the world – nowhere can I read or find any information (decent or otherwise) which deals with the religious tenets of the war that is upon us…

    (I am NOT* asking for an exegesis or a hermeneutically inspired dissertation on the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)…

    Many n0table scholars (for whom I have some respect) will NOT deal with the dueling paradigms (religiously & politically) that present an obvious conundrum for all of us (small & great alike).

    If fringe, ideological far-right groups across the UK & the EU is a direct response to the looming threat of Islamization – then we now have a paradigm shift away from the central argument of “Racism” to a more poignant reality of something that started back in the 7th century.

    The question is – “How To DEAL WITH IT?”

    Can you bomb it in submission? Will shock and awe do anything to change what is the fastest growing religion and ideological tenet the world has ever seen.

    Here a UN-manipulated statistic for ya’:-

    1 out of every 5 persons in the world is a Muslim. In the UK, 1 out of every 30 is a Muslim. By the year 2050, 1 out every 2 persons born in the world will be MUSLIM*…(Blackett et al 2001)

    Try that on for size!!!

    What are the global social and religious implications of such a stat?

    Check this MESS* out:-

    So after we get through with the B.S over “RACE” – let’s see who’s going to be the fastest to the finishing line….

    God help us…


  • @John // August 12, 2009 at 12:06 AM

    “The internet sources are extremely good and getting better and Saunder’s records……….”

    Could you supply me with a link to these “Saunder’s” records, please?



    Sarah Boone, a Black woman, invented the ironing board – so next time you iron your shirt, give thanks…

    Jan E. Matzelinger, a Black man, invented the shoe lasting machine that would sew the leather of the shoe to the sole – so when next you buy that awesome pair of shoes, crack a smile for our rich ancestry.

    Walter Sammons, a Black man, invented the comb – “Rastas” could really care less!!!

    Lydia O. Newman, a Black woman, invented the brush. Without the hair care inventions of Madam C.J. Walker all of us would not know the joy of going to the hairdressers.

    Lloyd P. Ray, a Black man, invented the dust pan – setting the stage for James Dyson to take it step further…

    Thomas W. Stewart, a Black man, invented the mop – so don’t get pissed off when the wife ask you to mop the kitchen floor…Let it be a historical labor of love…

    George T. Samon, a Black man, invented the clothes dryer – could you imagine having to hang out your rags in the dead of winter???

    John Love, a Black man, invented the pencil sharpener – WOW!!! I’m sure most of you remember writing at school with a pencil where the lead has been worn done? We’ve all been there!!!

    William Purvis, a Black man, invented the fountain pen – my favorite tool of choice… it is still mightier than the sword or the gun!!!

    W. A. Lovette, a Black man invented the advanced printing press – (where would we be with our laser jets printers?)

    Lee Burridge, a Black man, invented the typewriting machine – How many Black school kids really know this?

    John Burr, a Black man invented the lawn mower – (actually I need to mow the lawn today front and back before my wife jumps on me but (thank God it’s raining)…

    Richard Spikes, a Black man, invented the automatic gearshift and Joseph Gammel invented the supercharge system for internal combustion engines – (the trusted steed, the ‘ole auto, boy toys, oh what a joy!)

    John Standard, a Black man, invented the refrigerator (I know you Bajan appreciate a cold glass of Mauby on those humid day – next time you open yours, give thanks).

    Alice Parker, a Black woman, invented the heating furnace – thank God I don’t have stand over a barrel or next to burning tires!!! Give a thought for the “HOMELESS” in winter…

    Frederick Jones, a Black man, invented the air conditioner – folks in BIM* can truly appreciate this feature!!!

    Elbert R. Robinson, a Black man invented the electric trolley – from that has come great mobility equipment to help those less fortunate than ourselves (give thanks).

    Alexander Miles, a Black man, invented the elevator – just imagine some of you “kilogram challenged” individuals having to climb up 3 flights of stairs in Norman Centre…

    Philip Downing, a Black man, invented the letter drop mailbox and William Barry invented the postmarking and canceling machine – ( so everyday the mailman drops my mail and packages – I give thanks but also at XMAS he/she gets their “pressie” for great service…


    But it must start with us appreciating who we are…

    God bless the true children of Israel and BE INSPIRED!!!


  • @Bush Tea/David
    “Man you are about the best blogmaster in the world right now – and your traffic speaks for itself.”[The impending rain, led to a thorough torrent of applause. David does a good job in part. But master of the world? I beg to differ.]

    BTW, blogs and blogging is much more than ‘banter’. Check a few of the very popular. You will find that commentary is not that important, but content is. The real essence is what the readers get from the blog, not what commentators put in. Sorry about that. There is a certain vanity about commenting, and also a certain emptiness because many blog masters do not bother to interact.

    What is important to consider is whether the blogs become of equal or greater importance to the commentators or to the blog master and article contributors.

    A lot of interchange goes on elsewhere, eg on Facebook. So pick your poison.


  • @LIB

    BU has its own model of which the BU family is an integral part.


  • robin hood // August 12, 2009 at 11:07 AM

    @John // August 12, 2009 at 12:06 AM

    “The internet sources are extremely good and getting better and Saunder’s records……….”

    Could you supply me with a link to these “Saunder’s” records, please?

    Available in book for purchase from from Barbados Museum. Also available at the Archives.

    Got CD #22 when I purchased Family Tree Maker software back in 1994/5.

    This CD can only be viewed with the software …. at least mine is like thatoes.

    The two Censuses, 1692 and 1715 are available in book form, “Barbados and America” by David L Kent.

    Also available at the Archives.


  • Isn’t it ironic how the use of words either condemn, vilify or creates unnecessary furor?

    Barbados Underground (BU) is certainly not “POISON”…Construed or MIS*-construed!!!

    Actually, it is a breathe of fresh air in a world steadily going mad… (some of us believe have gone mad!)

    Maybe some folks need to stop drinking from the “golden chalice” if they believe the “grape juice” is actually poison…


  • Hey DAVEY* what’s happening to my initial post?

    Am I being censured or what?



  • @John // August 12, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    Thanks for the info. Any www links that you know of?


  • Thanks Davey*…

    Blessings on you and the whole house…


  • @ John

    Sorry the Anonymous post above @12:44pm was from me.


  • This is a good link.

    It is the Mormon site. Some years ago they microfilmed the parochial registers and gave the Archives a copy of their work.

    They only go up to the 1880’s or thereabouts so you need the name of an ancestor who was baptised or married befor that to start the bal rolling.

    I think you can also rent copies of the microfilm from Mormon churches, at least I know people in the USA and Canada who do.

    It doesn’t have the description of status for individuals. CD#22 will give you the description of status up to 1800.


  • @John // August 12, 2009 at 2:02 PM

    This is a good link.

    Thanks for the help out,John.


  • Bimbro,
    Boy, some good porridge and a few corn meal bakes wudda hit de spot jus as good. Try it sumtime. I jus’ polish off a bowl a good ol’ bajan soup. De only ting missin was ROK ta share it wid.
    Doan waste time wid LIB. He is wah we would call a ‘show-pig’. Always rantin and ravin just ta mek a kontribushun. He like he tink dat he always at a podium. Mek ya sick man.
    Listen, I am only de by-product a dem red-legs or back-row-johnnies as they’re sometimes referred to. I am brown-skinned. Not too brown, not too skinned but have de ‘doogla’ hair. My gran-gran and her two children, one being my mother, have dis ‘doogla’ hair and de light color, like you girl Rihanna.Mi padre was a real ‘black’ gentleman. He was the only gentleman to ever grace dis earth. God bless him. He once chauffered the late GG Sir Winston Scott. Maybe before he was GG. Not sure.Sir Winston was a real gentleman also.

    Terence M Blackett,
    I tryin fa de longest while to decipher dis pic next to your name. Tell ma wah um is nah? Or is it xxxxxx rated? Um look so. Nawty, nawty, nawty. Luv um.


  • Bonny Peppa@

    Terence M Blackett, I tryin fa de longest while to decipher dis pic next to your name. Tell ma wah um is nah? Or is it xxxxxx rated? Um look so. Nawty, nawty, nawty. Luv um.

    Oh Sweet Pea, u r just too sexy for me…

    I am definitely not in your league baby-girl…

    Anyway, the pic is a representation of the “Heretic King” (Amenhotep III) who ruled Egypt in the days of Joseph who was sold by his brothers to a band of Ismaelite/Midianite traders…

    By the way, I am a BIG* fan of yours…I hope by saying that, I haven’t given away too much…

    It’s good that we have you to keep these testosterone-toting buccaneers on the their toes and on their P’s & Q’s…

    Be blessed my pretty little darlin’…


  • Hi Bonny and thanks for the info. The thought alone, of bakes, makes me laugh, these days! As much as I enjoyed them in Bim, as a kid, u would n’t hear the name over here maybe more than once, in a lifetime! I guess ud say, we eat more sophisticated dan dat dese days but, brings back thoughts of ‘the good old day’!!



  • @Bimbro
    “I guess ud say, we eat more sophisticated dan dat dese days but, brings back thoughts of ‘the good old day’!!”

    What is sophisticated? Expensive? Remember salt fish when it was poor man food? that get sophisticated now too?

    You head out there like it turn. I get the impression that you feel you into good life and that they are lesser than you. I hope the day you get mugged that not a fella come to your assistance and that the police never find the culprits. Got to change you name from Bim- bro to Bim-scum.


  • So u think it’s always possible to go to the aid of somebody do u!! No wonder it’s a waste of time speaking to u!!


  • I’ll also have u know I eat salt-fish from time to time! I suppose that’s really important to u!! Geez, don’t know whatever made me think it could b worth having a serious discussion with u!! I think black people have got more important things to worry about!!


  • Terence M Blackett
    Glad to know dat I can whet your appetite. That’s what bonny peppa is for ya kno, to add a lil fla-va.
    My interpretation of dis pic is nutton to do wid a King nor Egypt. You tryin ta fool me nah? I see two people on a sofa in a very compromising position. Den again, my eyes see ting a lot diffrent.
    You is my BIG* fan. Wah, I just luvv big fans. Ya got ma jaws puffin out.

    My man ROK attacking you savagely a nuff today. Wah happen boe? You feel it got anyting ta do wid dem ‘sweet’ names you is call me? I feel so ta.

    Bonny is a bakes specialits man.
    So dah is two tings dat mek you laff ’bout Bim. Bakes an de mad woman dat hole up she dress. I still laffin at dah. You is a trip.
    You ga long.


  • Take care Bonny but I think ur friend needs to see a psychiatrist!!


  • Bimbro
    He can come see me den, hunny. I’m a psychiatrist, psychologist and all de other ‘trist’ you can tink of.
    He just teasing you Boo. Doan fret up yaself.


  • Thanks for that and good luck with him, Bon!!

    Have a nice day there in Bim!!


  • Dave, ‘hearty congratulations’ on keeping people on your blog who refer to other posters as ‘scum’ and ‘shit’!! ‘Ur doing a really good job’!! I shall just remind u that Bim WILL REAP WHAT IT’S SOWN and that U, Sir, will be partly responsible!! The old addage still holds true, no matter how much u might want to bury your head in the sand!! Good luck to Bim – it’ll need it with people like such!!


  • Bimbro,
    Wah happen man? I doan like wen you in dis mood ya kno? I tell you not let ya heart be troubled. I miss you de pass fu days and was wond’rin if ya sick or wah.Look,shake off dah feelin an’ come back like befoe. Sharp an’ witty. I luv you so; not dis ‘gloom ‘n doom’ting.
    You want me ga down Jinkins an hole up my skirt or wah?
    Shake it off man, shake it off. You betta dan dah.
    You want a trip to J’ca or wah? Well jus’chill aw-rite?


  • You want me ga down Jinkins an hole up my skirt or wah?


    LOL!! Bon, dat made me laugh!! lor, I’d love to c dah dese days an, dis time, I wunt run!! I assure u!!


    Bon, u enjoy yuhself wid ROK, bo!! I’ll return when duh discussng someting I fine really interesting! Not really interested in dis round uh subjiks duh discussing right now!! Lots uh love an take care of yuhself!!


  • Bimbro,
    “I wunt run,I assure u”

    De next ting now is if u’ wood ‘rise ta de occasion? Dah is wah you got ta ask yaself.
    Ya demon. Ga long.
    A gun hear ya wen de topic change den.


  • lol!! Bonny, ur too wicked fuh me!! Love and kisses!! ’til later!!


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