No-Confidence Motion Looms; Current Leader Of The Opposition David Thompson To Face Off Against The Former Leader Of The Opposition And Current Minister Of State, Clyde Mascoll


Minister of State Clyde Mascoll – In the background is director of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc., Anthony Murrell, Leader of the Opposition David Thompson and Prime Minister Owen Arthur

Prime Minister Owen Arthur at the nomination of Clyde Mascoll to run in St. Michael North West in the next General Election, last weekend at the Ellerslie Secondary School, sent a loud message to Leader of the Opposition David Thompson. The message in summary was for Thompson to ‘bring on’ the no confidence motion in Clyde Mascoll which he issued at a political meeting in Deacons on October 14, 2007 – read our story. In another BU story we introduced the idea that Thompson and his Opposition should have used the parliamentary motion of no-confidence in the government as a strategy to strengthen its perception in the public eye of an Opposition Party doing its job. Contrary to a widely held view, a motion of no-confidence maybe brought not only to defeat but to embarrass a government. Unfortunately we have held the view for sometime now that David Thompson has blundered by not using this parliamentary procedure to good effect.

Some of you may disagree with BU and cite the feeble attempt by the former Leader of the Opposition Clyde Mascoll when he brought a motion of no-confidence of his own against Prime Minister Owen Arthur. Did you really forget the St. Peter Affair? In 12 days Thompson will have to deliver on his promise of tabling a motion of no-confidence in Mascoll. Don’t be surprise if the government attempts to nullify or frustrate Thompson’s motion of no-confidence by a counter of its own. It is our opinion that there is real animosity between the two former schoolmates who attended the fabled Combermere Secondary School. The Barbados Labour Party and Democratic Labour Party, if they are not smart, could become sidetracked with this sub-plot. If this were to happen the DEMS would be the loser.

We have alluded in previous postings that Thompson’s political future rests on a positive outcome to the motion of no-confidence. Remember he does not have to win the motion, its effect will be seen in the parliamentary privilege which Thompson will enjoy to say what he damn well pleases. Expect this encounter to get nasty for three reasons:

  1. For David Thompson this is a must win if he is to turn around the public perception of ‘loser’ and ascend to the highest political office. The next election may be won on the economic issues but leadership will be high on the list

  2. For Clyde Mascoll he needs to shake the credibility and integrity issues which have surfaced as a result of his unprecedented move from Leader of the Opposition to a Minister in Government quicker than Flash Gordon (we have discounted the brief period he sat in parliament as an independent)

  3. Prime Minister Owen Arthur is fully aware that the political stock of his party is linked to Mascoll who must be untainted by any impropriety

We can say a lot more …

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  1. WIV there is no 12 day limit for Barbados but it is the benchmark which Thompson can use if he follows what happens in the other islands. He has to be careful not to wait too long because he will lose credibility, a quality which has been questioned in the past.

    Any bets that he will sign-off for Tuesday of next week? If he does it would be a small victory where he would have done it on his schedule.

    Frankology you maybe using logic but the environment which Arthur currently has to govern is changing very fast, the longer he waits the probability that some other issue will erupt is a possibility. It is not a situation where he can afford to back himself into a corner by waiting to the 11th hour. In our opinion Arthur holds a slight advantage given his personal appeal when matched with Thompson but unfortunately for Arthur more factors are at play here.

  2. David, I am NOT an admirer of mottley either in politics or even less in her moraless life, so I am in favour of the course of action that Mr Thompson has undertaken, neither would I allow the clown that is mottley to dictate to me in any form or fashion.

    Timing is of the utmost importantance, and the timing will be dictated by the Leader of the Opposition Mr David Thompson, not that verbose clown mottley.

  3. Timing is of the utmost importantance, and the timing will be dictated by the Leader of the Opposition Mr David Thompson
    This action resembles a marathon, a runner burst from the pack and running like a sprinter, not realising that he will get tired quickly; and half way found the going rough and eventually drop out. Do you think people would praise that quick burst of speed. No, they will only look at his dropping out. Thompson start out fast and now find the going rough. You can bring all type of excuses, it is poor and all the spin gone, even your PR spin is in disarray.

  4. Desperate attempt at abuse of power
    Published on: 11/28/07.

    I FEEL COMPELLED to write this short letter on the matter of the suspension of the Constitution of Barbados that was recently attempted by the Barbados Labour Party administration.

    Government claimed, according to the news report, that there were 3 000 individuals in the Public Service who were not appointed. A bill was
    therefore laid in Parliament to suspend the Constitution for a short period so as to permit Government to appoint these people.

    This action, if condoned, would have allowed Cabinet to bypass all the established procedures for appointments in the Public Service of Barbados and do its own thing.

    What is really shocking is that in a democracy like Barbados, a Cabinet could conceive of such an act.

    The next logical step in this behaviour would be for Cabinet to suspend the Constitution of Barbados in the event that there are people in the Public Service who it feels should be disciplined or dismissed.

    What a chilling thought!

    Luckily for us, Leader of the Opposition, Mr David Thompson, the trade unions and in particular the National Union of Public Workers, and the People’s Empowerment Party took a strong stand against the move and the Government was forced to agree to revert to the long established procedures.

    What has become of the interest groups – the Bar Association, the Chamber of Commerce, the Barbados Employers’ Confederation, the Small Business Association, the Manufacturers’ Association, the Hotel Association, the National Organisation of Women, the credit union movement, the Barbados Economic Society, the newspaper columnists, the University of the West Indies – in this country?

    We have not heard so much as a squeak from them on this attempted abuse of power.

    Have they lost their way like this Government and do they not care about what threatens the citizens of this country? Or do they dare not utter one word in condemnation of this Barbados Labour Party administration?

    Barbadians must wake up and be aware that desperate people would stop at nothing to hold onto power/office.


  5. To the point, You mean the poll that shows them that they are in dire straits and looking down the barrel of defeat big time?

    With some former powerful ignorant blp cabinet members being shown the door to collect their pension?

    I am hearing the reason Rawle Eastmond is thinking about running again is that he cannot live without the salary of a minister hence this is why Owing has kept him on as a minister and has done nothing for him for as long as he has because Owing knows just how hand to mouth Eastmond is, here it is we have a qualified Lawyer that is an excuse for a politician that cannot make a living in the profession in which he is qualified but is dependent on the Taxpayers to provide him with a livelyhood, what does that tell you about state of affairs in this nation?

    Basically it saids to me that if your cannot support yourself in your occupation that you have qualified in, run on a blp ticket and win a seat using other peoples monies to win the seat, and then spend the next two terms sucking salt at the mercy of the leader because he knows that you are so needy that you have no choice but to beg and suck salt.

    It also says to me that this admistration is filled with misfits and clowns and are only about collecting their fat salaries.

    NB Eastmond you could ask Lynch, Owing, Nicholls, Clarke and mottley to share some of their ill gotten gains from their numerous scams undertaken by them at the expense of honest taxpayers.

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