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  • David

    Did you see the report in the Advocate on the statement by the Chairman of the T&T Police Service ( Nizam Mohammed) that there were too many Africans occupying the top posts?


  • @Sargeant

    Read it in the Guardian.

    Have you noticed the video clip has been remove?

    Now if this statement was made in Barbados…


  • I haven’t noticed any controversial topics recently, so I thought that I could spice up things a bit…….–rihanna-s-revenge-murder-video-alarms-watchdogs



    “Six males scored zero, but all the females scored between one and 100.”

    After all the celebrations have ended, can you ask the Minister Of Education the following:

    How fair is a system that forces students, who do not have the ability to get even one question right, to take an exam for entrance to a secondary school?

    What is the rationale for subjecting such children and their parents to this mental trauma year after year?

    Does the Minister agree with the observation that yet again, it would appear that children form the middle to upper economic classes have a higher than average chance of “succeeding” in this exam?


  • I came across this recent Pentagon presentation and was staggered at the frighteningly “rational” tone when proposing biological conditioning of “religious fundamentalists”.

    Zoe et al mind you don’t catch a cold.
    Religious fervour today, what tomorrow?
    Constitutional rights, Independent thought?


  • It’s a long weekend and people will be making merry in the streets and between the sheets. Speaking of sheets here is a fascinating case and since BU is home to many legal experts – some with formal training and the majority trained at the “school of hard knocks”- I thought that I’d bring it to their attention to get feedback on an interesting legal argument.

    Seems an Australian woman who was travelling on a work assignment decided to get it on with an acquaintance at the motel where she was staying, while they were playing “hide the sausage” the light fixture fell off the ceiling onto her face causing injuries to her mouth and nose.

    Now her lawyer is appealing a ruling from the Workmen’s Compensation Board which denied her claim for compensation for the injury. It seems that the claim hinged on the fact that she was travelling on business and “sex is an ordinary lawful incident of life”.

    Well you can read the rest….–woman-injured-having-sex-on-business-trip-wants-workers-compensation


  • Micro Mock Engineer


    Have you been following this story…,0,3434233.story


  • My navel string was not buried here but I have spent all my adult life here, married a Barbadian, raised his children, our children and now our grandchildren. I have struggled to make a good life but am satisfied with my lot. However I cannot help feeling increasingly uneasy with the number of un-documented white people – mainly women – who have “retired” to Barbados lock stock and barrel .
    These women most of whom are living off pensions are allowed to rent houses on contract sometimes for several years although they are given no more than 3 months at the airport. They are forcing the prices of houses upward and often get the house over and above a Bajan family because they can pay the 3 months up front that many Bajans cannot afford.
    Many move their homes to Barbados – bring in container loads of furniture and equipment without paying a cent in duty – A Barbadian on the other hand would be charged duty on every piece!!
    These are not investors- merely women who can better afford to live here than they can at home in Europe or North America etc. They then proceed to apply for Magna cards, BARP cards, Pricesmart cards etc and reap all the benefits that Bajans should be enjoying after our hard years of working for the betterment of Barbados.
    I am not against foreign investment – in fact I welcome it -but surely this is taking advantage. Yes they spend money at the supermarkets and pay rent but surely they should be made to pay for the privilege of living in this wonderful little rock!!


  • David

    Here is an article about domestic violence in St. Vincent (Note the Headline about the worst place in the world for women).

    I don’t have any comment I will leave it to those closer to the scene but the words of the Trinidad based psychologist are damning and I quote “In the Caribbean, violence has traditionally been viewed as a “normal part of the relationship dynamic,”–video-is-this-caribbean-idyll-the-worst-place-in-the-world-to-be-a-woman


  • David

    I meant to write this sometime ago but got sidetracked with other matters and I didn’t want it be lost among the issues of letters and signatures etc.

    A story receiving very little attention is the news that the Iranians have in their custody one of the USAF’s most secret weapons a RQ-170 Spy Plane aka a “Drone”. Not even the closest of US allies have been able to get their hands on one of these machines let alone have access to its technological equipment.

    When this story first broke the US said it had lost control of a drone which was on patrol over the Afghan/Iranian border and the US also hinted that it had crashed but there were sophisticated systems on board which would make it self destruct by fire on impact. The Iranians countered that they had the drone which they brought down by seizing control of its systems over its territory. I thought that the Iranians were engaging in some sort of propaganda war and certainly they were bluffing and didn’t have a complete drone, perhaps they had some burned out parts etc. Imagine a few days later the Iranian produced a complete drone looking like it just left the hangar and the US was left with egg on its face.

    Then I thought of another US secret flight which was brought down over enemy territory. (Even then although I was knee high to a grasshopper I was interested in International Affairs). In 1960 Frances Gary Powers flying a U2 sophisticated spy plane over Russia was shot down by the Russians. The Russians knew that the US were conducting spying missions over their territory but at that time their planes or missiles couldn’t reach the U2 height of 70,000 feet so the US was surprised when the Russians brought down the plane.

    How did the Russians do it? The Russian found out the planes were serviced in Turkey and blackmailed a Turkish technician to sabotage the altimeter so when Powers thought he was flying high, he was actually at a lower altitude. The U2 plane did have the means for the pilot to destroy the plane in the event that something went amiss but Powers parachuted out and was captured by the Soviets. The US stopped the U2 flights over Russia and Nikita Khrushchev (Soviet Leader) used the incident to embarrass the US in his famous shoe banging speech at the UN.

    Fast forward to 2011, could the Iranians somehow been able to acquire the means to control the drone or were they acting as surrogates for another country? In the murky world of International espionage anything is possible but now that the Iranians have the drone you can be sure that the Chinese and the Russians will soon their hands on have the technology.


  • British Intelligence Reports…………….
    Mossad ran 9/11 Arab “hijacker” terrorist operation

    By Wayne Madsen

    British intelligence reported in February 2002 that the Israeli Mossad ran the Arab hijacker cells that were later blamed by the U.S. government’s 9/11 Commission for carrying out the aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. WMR has received details of the British intelligence report which was suppressed by the government of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair.

    A Mossad unit consisting of six Egyptian- and Yemeni-born Jews infiltrated “Al Qaeda” cells in Hamburg (the Atta-Mamoun Darkanzali cell), south Florida, and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates in the months before 9/11. The Mossad not only infiltrated cells but began to run them and give them specific orders that would eventually culminate in their being on board four regularly-scheduled flights originating in Boston, Washington Dulles, and Newark, New Jersey on 9/11.

    The Mossad infiltration team comprised six Israelis, comprising two cells of three agents, who all received special training at a Mossad base in the Negev Desert in their future control and handling of the “Al Qaeda” cells. One Mossad cell traveled to Amsterdam where they submitted to the operational control of the Mossad’s Europe Station, which operates from the El Al complex at Schiphol International Airport. The three-man Mossad unit then traveled to Hamburg where it made contact with Mohammed Atta, who believed they were sent by Osama Bin Laden. In fact, they were sent by Ephraim Halevy, the chief of Mossad.

    The second three-man Mossad team flew to New York and then to southern Florida where they began to direct the “Al Qaeda” cells operating from Hollywood, Miami, Vero Beach, Delray Beach, and West Palm Beach. Israeli “art students,” already under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration for casing the offices and homes of federal law enforcement officers, had been living among and conducting surveillance of the activities, including flight school training, of the future Arab “hijacker” cells, particularly in Hollywood and Vero Beach.

    Continued at:


  • Green Monkey

    History is fashioned by the victors. This battle has been lost and there is not very much that can be said and done at this point that could change people’s minds as to what took place. I am sorry, friend


  • An incredible story:

    Bank of America fined $335m for minority discrimination

    Bank of America’s Countrywide Financial business has agreed to pay a record fine of $335m (£214m, 257m euros) to settle discrimination charges.

    The US justice department said around 200,000 qualified African-American and Hispanic borrowers were charged with higher rates “solely because of their race or national origin”.

    Dan Frahm, a Bank of America spokesman, said in a statement that the bank did not practise lending based on race.

    BoA bought Countrywide in 2008.

    The settlement covers conduct between 2004 and 2008, before the BoA takeover.
    ‘Discrimination with a smile’

    Countrywide specialised in sub-prime mortgages, which were often granted without proper checks on criteria including the creditworthiness of borrowers.

    The justice department said Countrywide had “steered” more than 10,000 minority borrowers into sub-prime mortgages, while white borrowers with similar credit profiles received prime loans.

    Those sub-prime mortgage holders ended up paying more in fees and rates.

    “These institutions should make judgements based on applicants’ creditworthiness, not on the colour of their skin,” Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters at a Wednesday press conference.

    Borrowers in 41 states and the District of Columbia were affected by Countrywide’s lending practices.

    The justice department accused the company of abusing the trust of minority lenders, advertising that its offices had Spanish-speaking staff while charging Hispanic customers higher rates than they were qualified for.

    “This is discrimination with a smile,” said Thomas Perez, head of the department’s civil rights division.

    The civil rights division has about 20 open investigations in similar practices against minority home-buyers.

    Dan Frahm, a Bank of America spokesman, said: “We discontinued Countrywide products and practices that were not in keeping with our commitment and will continue to resolve and put behind us the remaining Countrywide issues.”
    Subprime legacy

    The fine is the latest problem for Bank of America (BoA) over sub-prime mortgages.

    Earlier this year BoA paid $8.5bn from its Countrywide arm to settle claims it sold poor quality mortgage-backed bonds that lost money when the market crashed.

    In another case, insurance group AIG also sued BoA for $10bn , accusing it of carrying out a “massive fraud” on bad mortgage debt.

    AIG alleges that BoA exaggerated the quality of the $28bn worth of mortgage-backed investment products it bought from the bank prior to the 2008 turmoil in the financial markets.

    BoA rejected those allegations.

    Bad US mortgage debt that sparked the 2008 credit crunch and resulting turmoil in the global financial markets.


  • Farewell Etta

    Everyone knows the iconic “At last’ but this is the first Etta James song I ever heard “Tell Mama” which was on the Reddifusion Top 10 back in the 60’s.


  • I am publishing these comments on behalf of Mr Jeff Layne which suggests deficiencies in the application of the Duckworth/Lewis method to the resolution of rain affected cricket matches and his alternative proposals for bloggers to offer their opinions..

    Why a New Method is Needed ?

    From the inception, of one-day limited overs cricket. Resetting the target when play was lost has been problematic. Over the years seven methods have been tried. Coincidentally all of them were devised by the three countries; England, Australia and South Africa who formed the International cricket Council (ICC). Since 1999 the Duckworth- Lewis method (D/L) have been the ICC preferred choice. Yet it continues to produce some of the most controversial revised targets and results, therefore the Average Run Rate method (ARR) is still being widely used.

    The D/L Method is a mathematical system, based on a premise that both sides have a combination of 50 overs and 10 wickets i.e. 100% of resources, but if play is lost after a match start the side batting last will have the advantage, that advantage has to be neutralized. The Neutraliser is a 50- over innings average score of 225.A table of resource percentages Computer program-CODA is the key to the application and the revision is in accordance to the run-scoring resources of the two sides.”

    For instance, ICC 2010 Twenty 20 Championship match, Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe May 3. S L 173-7 full 20 overs, Zim with the minimum 5 overs was set a revised target of 43 official match target. (ARR exclusive) However,. S L 173/ 20 overs=8.65 ARR x Zim 5 overs=43 with all 10 wickets. (CODA show S L used 58.9% Zim had 18.4% 173×18,4/58.9%=54-run target 11 run differential.

    ICC 2010 Twenty 20 Championship match, England v West Indies May 3, Eng 190-5 full 20 overs, W I with 6 overs was set a target of 60./6 overs=10 A R R x Eng 20 overs=200 scaled up score/20 overs=10 ARR same as W.I 60-run target. (CODA Eng 58.9% W.I 21.7% score 190×21.7%/58.9%=70). This match prompted Eng, Captain Paul Collingwood who said, “there Has to be a recalibration of the D/L method because it is clearly unfair to the side that bats first. And Frank Duckworth terse response, there will be no such recalibration, Mr, Collingwood is the only Descenter on two occasions in the 74 matches where the D/L were applied”. (However, the new D/L Professional Edition, speaks to the adjustment of the tables recalibration).

    Tri-Series, West Indies v Zimbabwe Jan, 21, 2001 Australia. W I 235-5 in 47 overs, Zim with same 47 0vers was set a revised target of 253. Zim target253/47 overs=5.38 ARR x W.I 47 overs= same 253 scaled up score/47 overs=5.38 ARR same as Zim (CODA show W.I used 89.4% Zim had 97.4% Score235x97.4/89.4=256-253=3-run differential in targets which is the root of the controversies.

    Average Run Rate method; W.I 47 overs 235-5/47 overs=5 ARR x Zim 47 overs=235+1 with all 10 wickets
    JEFMAR method; W.I 47 overs 235-5, Zim same 47 overs target 235+ 1 with 5 wickets. W.I utilised 7 batsmen and 5 wickets, Likewise Zim must also utilise 7 batsmen and 5 wickets, The target shall be reached the loss of the 6th wicket.

    The above comparison of the three methods show indisputably that The jefmar is the fairest. It was submitted to the ICC as an alternative. However, the response was unbelievable! “As we are in partnership with Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis, I have to send them your method for their views. This is our normal procedure.” Clive Hitchcock, Cricket Operations Manager.
    Review of the D/L mathematics tri-series match: when rain stopped play, the first innings concluded and Zimbabwe had done exactly the opposite of what West Indies had done. i.e 47 overs, conceded 235 runs, took 5 wickets and lost its last 3 overs of bowling. So obviously could not have held an advantage.

    First innings: W.I batted 47 overs scored 235 runs, lost 5 wickets used 89.4%
    ZIM bowled 47 overs conceded 235 runs took 5 wickets used 2.6%
    Totals 0 0 0 W.I 86.8%

    Second Innings: ZIM batting 47 overs target 253 with 10 wickets had 97.4%
    W.I bowling 47 overs target 253 with 10 wickets had 10.8%
    Totals 0 0 0 ZIM 86.8%
    First innings W.I batted used 86.8% more, second innings ZIM batted used 86.8% = 0 same(this is a wash). Therefore the D/L calculations unwittingly show the target 235+1 but with 5 wickets (match Equity vs Preserved) Rather that ZIM having used 2.6% to bowl 47 overs and W.I 10.6% to bowl its 47. This is farcical nevertheless, score 235× ZIM 97.4% ÷ W.I 89.4% = 256 target, 3-run differential in targets but ZIM target 253÷47 overs =5.38 ARR×W.I 47 overs =253 scaled up score, same as ZIM target ÷ W.I 47 overs = 5.38 ARR same as ZIM.

    The D/L system is an ARR method. It neutralizes the runt-rates of the two teams which automatically scales up the first side score to suit the target. Even when the first side have batted its full quota of overs the side batting last has to score at a higher rate in order to win. How can this be fair?

    Review Of The Below; (New) D/L Professional Edition

    The review of these two matches show that the premise (combination of 50 overs and 10 wickets = 100%) is fundamentally flawed.
    1. Overs and wickets cannot be combined, the batting side is utilizing its wickets, whereas the bowling side is utilizing its overs.
    2. Once play is lost the side batting last will have fewer overs (New Edition) or the same number (Tri-Series)
    3. The system is multifarious (a fair system is rigid), which is the root of the perennial controversies, almost every time it is applied. Since evidently whether the first side have scored smaller 173, 190 or greater 235, 359 than average, revised targets and results will be unrealistic. Because there is no such things as resource-percentages or neutralisers when a match is in progress the D/L is egregious and should be scrapped. That is why a new method is needed.


    The D/L system widely regarded as the fairest way of settling games spoiled by the weather was deemed to b unfair. “After Australia scored a massive 359-2 in its 50 overs, setting India 360 to win World Cup 2003 final. India of 145-3 after 23 overs, were only four runs behind par. Losing no more wickets and scoring 12 runs in the next two overs followed by a terminal down pour would have ended the title to India. We have always been aware that when the first side total is greater than average that revise targets and par scores are unrealistic. Using the Nee Professional D/L Edition, India would have been 20 runs behind par. A match fairer reflection of the state of the game. This, mean the tables had to be adjusted.” Duckworth-Lewis said yesterday on the day ICC accepted the new method, October 2, 2003 (AP).

    Australia 359-2 50 overs used 100%, India 157-3 after 25 overs used 57.1%, score 359 × 57.1% ÷100% = 205 as India target. India 205÷25 overs = 8.20 run rate × Australia 50 overs = 410 scaled up score ÷ 50 overs = 8.20 run rate same as India’s 205 target. So India could not have won after batting for only half of the quota. But would have won because whatsoever the D/L computer shows is treated as gospel.

    However score 359 average score 225 = 134 runs greater than average, 134×57.1% ÷ 100% = 77 more runs, 134-77=57, 77-57=20 new par score, 134+20 = 154, Ind 205 target + 154 = 359+1 the original 50 over target India were chasing.

    Now 205-154=51, 57-51=6 run differential÷57.1% =10+ old average 225=235 as the new average score. Which show that the tables have not been adjusted. (225×57.1% = 128, 235×57.1% = 134, 134-128=6 run differential) see matches since October 1, 2003. For instance: Cricket World Cup 2011 match, Pakistan vs Zimbabwe. Zim 151-7 in 39.4 overs used 79.1%, Pak with 38 overs had 88% and was set a target of 162. Score 151÷79.1% × 88% =168-162=6 run differential in targets.

    But Pak target 162÷38 overs= 4.26 run rate × 39.4 overs =168 scaled up score ÷39.4 overs= 4.26 run rate same as Zim 38 over 162 target. Hence the perennial controversies, the system is multifarious. A fair system is rigid. The above confirm that the tables have not been adjusted but remain the same only the average score increased from 225 to 235.

    The review shows that the D/L is fundamentally flawed. Once play is lost the side batting last will have fewer overs (new edition) or the same number (tri-series) and the revisions are multifarious (a fair system is rigid) so whether the first side have scored smaller 173/190 or greater 235/359 than average, revised targets and results will be unrealistic since there is no such thing as resource-percentages or neutralizers when a match is in progress.

    The D/L is egregious and should be scrapped. That is why a new method is needed. But it would be some other reason. Rather than the D/L is the fairest available method and hence the Icc’s retention. Having seen The Jefmar comparison.

    Jeff Layne was born and raise in a small village “Edey’s” in Christ Church, Barbados. Like almost every little bajan boy back in the 1950’s, he was attracted to the game of cricket. He represented his School” St. David’s as an opening batsman and at 15 his village in the Barbados Cricket League (BCL). Cricket is his passion; He follows it like a religion and is a visceral supporter of the West Indies Team.

    It was in the wake of an English County One-Day Limited overs match in 1998 when he first saw the Duckworth-Method D/L implemented .and from the outset he realised that it could not be a fair system. Since the side batting last with fewer overs was set a target much higher than the first side score, and hence the Jefmar undertaking.


    The JEFMAR Method mirrors the fundamental principles of cricket.(game of glorious uncertainties). In the one- day limited overs version, when plays is lost while a match is in progress, inevitably, the side batting last will have fewer overs or the same number as the first side. Because of the time constraint adjustments are mandatory to preserve equity. therefore adjustments are made, only when the second side is batting, there is an interruption of play, overs are lost but play is resumed. However, should play be abandoned at any stage after the minimum overs for a completed match is or can be met the side that is ahead shall be the winner or the adjustments shall be made commensurate with the first side score at the same stage. In matches that end with equal scores the winner shall be the side that lost fewer wickets.

    Cricketers are human beings. Two sides matching wit and finesse simultaneously. The side that is more resilient on the day/night will prevail in accordance with the law. (Please see examples and comparisons below and on following page.)

    Example (1): CWC 2003 Australia vs. Holland. Australia batting first had scored 103-1 in 26 overs when play was interrupted. There was a resumption of play and Australia faced another 10 overs, therefore 14 overs were lost, Australia’s total was 170-2 in 36 overs. Holland with the same 36 overs was set a revised target of 198 with all 10 wickets.

    Example (2): CWC 2003 South Africa vs. New Zealand. South Africa scored 306-6 in 50 overs. New Zealand were 182-1 in 31 overs when rain stopped play, on resumption a further 8 overs was possible giving New Zealand a total of 39 overs and a revised target of 225.with all 10 wickets.

    Example (3): West Indies vs. New Zealand, Port-of-Spain Trinidad June 12, 2002 New Zealand batting first had scored 212-5 in 44.2 overs when play was interrupted, on resumption West Indies could only face 33 overs, and was set a revised target the same 212 with all 10 wickets.

    Comparative Revisions of
    The JEFMAR and Duckworth-Lewis Methods

    JEFMAR Method Duckworth-Lewis Method
    Australia vs. Holland CWC 2003
    Australia 170-2 in 36 overs Australia 170-2 in 36 overs 74.3%
    Holland’s target 171-2 in 36 overs. Target shall be reach before lost of third wicket. Holland with same 36 overs 85.5% was set a target of 198 with 10 wickets.

    JEFMAR Method Duckworth-Lewis Method
    South Africa vs. New Zealand CWC 2003
    South Africa 306-6 in 50 overs South Africa 306-6 in 50 overs
    New Zealand 182-1in 31 overs Play interrupted, Resumption of play, further 8 overs, total 39 overs. The revised target would be, South Africa’s 306 minus the total from the 11 overs lost between the 31st and 42nd overs which is equal to the period lost by New Zealand (see JEFMAR revision table over leaf) South Africa 306-6 in 50 overs 100%.

    New Zealand 39 overs 73.5% and revised Target 225 with 10 wickets
    West Indies vs. New Zealand
    Port-of-Spain Trinidad June 12, 2002
    New Zealand 212-5 in 44.2 overs New Zealand 212-5 in 44.2 overs
    Play interrupted innings closed West Indies 33 overs, revised target would be New Zealand score at 33 overs. New Zealand 44.2 overs, 81.8%
    West Indies 33 overs 81.5%
    Revised target same 212 with 10 wickets

    JEFMAR Revision Table “example”

    South Africa vs. New Zealand CWC 2003

    South Africa New Zealand

    Explanation Score Wkts. Overs Explanation Target Wkts. Overs
    South Africa 306 6 50
    New Zealand 307 10 50
    South Africa score equal to lost period ~~~ ~~~ 11 Score @ Interruption 182 1 31
    Total runs From lost Overs 83* ~~~ ~~~ Required 125 9 19
    Revised Score 223 6 39 Overs lost ~~~
    ~~~ 11
    Total from Overs lost 83 ~~~ ~~~
    Required 42 6 8

    Match revised Target 224 6 39

    Target shall be reach before the lost of the 7th wicket.

    *This figure merely represents a hypothetical total at the commensurate stage.

    Examples: glorious uncertainties of cricket

    England vs. India Tri-nation final, Lords August 4, 2002
    England scored 325-7, 50 overs. India on 145-5 in 35 overs seemed to be facing certain defeat. But amazingly went on and won, reaching 326-7 in 48.5 overs. Had the match been abandoned at that stage (with India on 145-5), England would have won using the revised Duckworth-Lewis Method; India’s target would have been 211 runs.

    England vs. Australia CWC 2003
    England scored 204-8 in 50 overs, Australia on 134-8 in 37 overs, would have lost, if the match were abandoned at that stage. The Duckworth-Lewis revised target would have been 171 runs, but Australia went on and scored the required 205-8 in 49.5 overs.

    West Indies vs. South Africa Bridgetown, Barbados May 2004
    West Indies needed one run from the last over with 3 wickets in hand. South Africa unbelievably took those wickets and won the match. If this match had rain-ended at that stage West Indies would have been the winner by the D/L.

    West Indies vs. Sri Lanka Port of Spain, Trinidad April 2008
    West Indies needed 10 runs from the last 2 balls with one wicket in hand and got those runs by hitting a 6 and a 4. If this match had rain-ended at that stage West Indies would have lost by the D/L. Let’s suppose these last two examples were rained off at the respective stages. The question to be answered is this: with 99% of these two matches completed. Why is there a need for a computer?


  • The Best Employers of Employers initiative is a good way for companies to see how they match up to other companies in their categories of operation & in general. It requires employees of participatinng companies to respond honestly and anonymously to a set of questions on a questionaire.

    A.S Brydens has decided to participate in the Best Employers in Barbados initiative which is being administered by Caribbean Catalyst. We as staff, while trying to manage the work formerly done by work units that were adequately sized are now faced with having to sit down like children, under a Trinidadian manager in the room overseeing them, as we fill out the questionaires some of us initially refused to.

    These questions have to do with the workers’ perception of the level of human-ness exhibitted by the company & the extent to which they wish to remain employed by the company. AS Brydens, under Mc Al has been bullying staff, threatening staff & taking away rights that we had got through Union bargaining over the last few years.
    In all this, the Union has had nothing to say or do to stop the assault. The workers here at Brydens do not ever get visited by their Union reps, like other workplaces. The management knows that the staff is scared enough to accept whatever nasty terms & conditions are now imposed on us. This new type of Trini slavery is some form of imperialism all over again.
    In fact, even the Union now, get taken over by Trini’s. I muster up the courage to call & ask for help this week, but in shock, I hung up when they transferred me to a Trini female.
    Can’t someone like Caswell & his UWU come and help us PLEASE!!?


    David do you know how close a person can come to another person in Barbados before they have the right to defend themselves and hold their personal space.????????????????


  • @Harry

    A matter can only be determined on the merits of the particular case. We do not have stand your ground legislation!


  • WANTED : effervescent, thought provocative,articles>>>>>>we hit the doldrums……all may apply.


  • Well, Onions, effin you de big critic, maybe you could write a few??

    Lil fellas like me aint get de inskellectual capacitiation to write dem ‘effervescentive’ articlations like wunna want.

    So? Awaiting with bated breath?



  • Was not directed at anyone personally as even I am guilty…….your article was great…..


  • what if all these conspiracy theories and this new world order stuff you see on the internet and talk shows etc.are all a bunch of mental unstable people with nothing better to do ,with paranoid delusions.what if united nations and USA and Canada and European
    lets just say the whole leaders and governments are only trying to do their best.[corrupt countries exempt]
    If people don’t realize that it is only because of oil, derivatives of which powers most things is the only reason so many people can be alive on the earth at one time.
    with out gas,diesel, to power tractors and machinery,we could not
    cultivate enough food for the world.
    i hope you all realize this..!
    As it stands now in Africa and on our own streets,world wide actually.
    children are hungry,people are homeless,mentally unstable people roam the streets and live on it for one reason or another.
    So what does a person do to change it???????
    It seems hopeless ,TV commercials,you need this you need that..
    It is simple solution don’t buy it if you don’t really need it to survive
    or can not really afford it.
    Don’t try to keep up with the Jones.
    There are many ways to solve these problems.
    Tell the oil people we not paying those prices for the oil.
    Until this done it will never change.period.
    IT will have to be a huge sacrifice on our parts to change this cycle.
    are you tell them all to fuck off.and shove their shit .
    Other wise you are part of the problem.
    Well off to work so i don’t have time to change nothing today.
    May be tomorrow.
    From what i see only Ron Paul could even begin to do these things in the USA.
    BARBADOS i see no one.
    barbados,,crop over, all a bunch of shit to keep you drunk and stupid.
    i heard some one on the radio saying we in barbados could make crop over a bigger event to attract much more people.internationally.I wonder if that person realizes that there are
    people in this world that are not drunken ,whoring,assholes.
    as that is what crop over is.
    Decent ,civilized people would not any part of it.Dream on.
    not to mention that bajans don’t really do any crops to cropping over about .
    Barbados is so small and the sluts from where ever have given the
    barbados people the idea that all tourist are stupid and sluts.
    Hello assholes it is only the scum of the earth that do these things with bajan men and women.
    99 percent of of world people would not want nothing to do with us.
    as for our English,European, etc low class visitors.they are may be 1 % of this world.


  • Yawnnnnnnn !…….yeah harry the one at the end is me…come fa man. Beat ya bad as C.


  • Have anyone asked the Ministry of Education what percentage of the students were under fifty percent.


  • Houdini died in 1926, little did we know that he was in reincarnated in the body of a man by name Chavis Carter who managed to shoot himself in the head while his hands were handcuffed behind his back (well that’s the police story) and it was backed up by medical officers from the State Crime lab.
    Among the other stories that have been confirmed as true by the State Crime lab team are: the moon is made of cheese; there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and that tortoise really beat the hare.–man-shot-dead-in-patrol-car-while-handcuffed-reported-as-suicide-by-police


  • now we are getting somewhere.
    i would like to pose the question to,SIMPSON MOTORS[SHELL],,MCENEARNEY , NISSAN and all car importers and the government of barbados .
    why are we not encouraging the importation of cars such as these.??????????????[shown in video below]
    It is possibly because Simpson wants us to buy his cars to buy his fuel.?
    no not a man who owns his own church.
    In theory Simpson motors while playing under the disguise of helping Barbadians to get cars with loans from the banks[thieves].
    and insurance[again thieves because unless you actually have a accident
    which i have not in over 20 years are taking my money for nothing in return]
    and over pricing for his own profit and his kids of course.Has caused in theory the traffic on barbados roads and the pollution of barbados air.
    not so Suzuki every where?
    never mind as long as he can buy his way into heaven it is OK what he destroys in the name of BEING A MONEY MONGER.
    what deal do these dealers have with the government?
    has anyone ever checked?As in this video below we can do the same thing here in barbados.
    possibly set up a couple of windmills in SIMPSONS front patio over looking the crane where the wind blows day and night.Think about it.


  • OH I FORGOT he had his daughter marry a black man so bajans would think .
    oh he must be cool then lets go there.smarty pants.
    I think bizzy did that also.the token _______!


  • onion bag are you in America?let me know the time and the place /anytime
    ok wanker.


  • come on David run the piece on electric cars.
    i dare ya.or are you afraid. every word in it is truth.


  • onion i don’t fight i shoot.and slice.4 Dan marshal arts weapons expert taught in Canada .bring it .


  • Dear barbadokayakjack0,

    Thank you for your acknowledgment of the warnings and your statement that your future participation will be compliant with the guidelines.

    In reviewing the history of your account and the correspondences exchanged with our offices, I noted that this is not the first instance in which we have removed your access to participate on our site. Before reinstating your access in March, we were very explicit about our expectations that your conduct going forward would be compliant with all of our guidelines.

    I have reinstated your access so that you may manage your business listing, but I will remind you one last time that this status is conditional — if you see any content in our forums that you find inappropriate you may use the links to report that content (provided in the lower right corner of every post on the forums), but I will strongly recommend that you do NOT participate in any forum discussions, regardless if an author refers to you or your business.

    This is your final warning about disruptive and offensive content, and we will not reinstate your access should you ignore this warning and repeat these behaviors.

    TripAdvisor Support Team

    From: []
    Sent: 8/27/2012 8:20 PM
    Subject: Re: hello [ ref:_00DA0I0Rf._500F0BYsuz:ref ]

    ok i promise i will not write anything as to what you have mentioned !
    you have my word on it.
    please allow me to sign in.
    wont happen again.
    i do feel some others said worst than i ever have but i surely will not
    Kent Taylor
    kayak jack

    —–Original Message—–
    From: “TripAdvisor Support”
    Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 7:38 PM
    To: ;
    Subject: Re: hello [ ref:_00DA0I0Rf._500F0BYsuz:ref ]

    Dear barbadoskayakjack0,

    As I stated before, per our privacy policies, I cannot comment on the
    conduct of any other member, or the actions taken by the moderators on any
    other member. I can only discuss with you the reasons your posts were
    removed and your access disabled.

    The only content over which you have control is your own. It is our
    expectation that all members — as adults — can conduct themselves in a
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    All members are expected to take responsibility for their own conduct, and
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    without use of abusive and insulting language, non-family-friendly
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    If you are unable to acknowledge our warnings regarding your disruptive and
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    compliant with the guidelines,. I cannot reinstate your access to
    participate on the forums.

    ————— Original Message —————
    From: []
    Sent: 8/27/2012 5:56 PM
    Subject: Re: hello [ ref:_00DA0I0Rf._500F0BYsuz:ref ]

    dear sirs none of these accusations are true.please reinstate so i can use
    my review page but i deny what you are saying about me ,
    as you are putting what i am saying out of the context that it was meant to
    be .your members are attacking me while everything i have posted is the
    honest truth and if you came here i could show it to you with your own
    eyes.if you notice any time i post in any forum they are 4 people instantly
    degrading and insulting me directly.i click on their post and click personal
    attack and harassment and nothing is none. the truth is well known here in
    Barbados older white women come here for the black men that is what i meant
    by the sentence you are concerned with.
    i t is those people harassing/ littlemisred[called me crackerjack.]cracker
    is a racial slang]-.westiegal3 called me a silly little man [that is
    harassment and a insult]
    littlemisred wrote
    CrackerJack – it’s a shame you didn’t take the time to learn to construct
    sentences and use the English language better during your time in BC,
    Maybe if you’d stayed in Barbados you’d be right up there in the 99%
    literacy rate…[another insult and personal attack]
    BGIWorldTraveller said
    Well said LittleMissRed.
    Quite frankly I think it’s time this thread is closed../another insult
    directed at me.yet they all stay while mine get deleted.

    mrsbb wrote Yes steve P…the deleted posts were not travel related and had
    no place on a civilized message board.she always attacks me.
    directed at me again and my post were travel related as this one by mrs bb

    again mrsbb insults me and hopes i fail and calles me racist// and calles me
    a pervert in around about way when the link had no pornography in it in no
    way shape or form.mrs bb says–To think that this racist person KayakJack is
    a member of the tourism fraternity in Barbados and operates a business that
    depends on the trade…puzzling is it not why he would continue to insult
    and scare off potential clients of his business. As if that is not enough he
    portrays himself not only as an afficionado of pornographic materials but
    even worse,as a purveyor of such. Barbados tourism industry would be much
    better served without the likes of his shady business. The sooner his
    business venture fails the better it will be for Barbados.But thats just my
    opinion.[harassment and personal attack]

    inbarbados says I don’t know why TA don’t ban you-know-who permanently. I’ve
    known of other users over the years whose accounts have been closed for far
    less offensive reasons than this. Hopefully he’s shooting himself in the
    foot though and anyone reading his offensive posts won’t patronize his
    business.directed at me obviously [hate and harassment]

    also see the truth
    Paul_sw6 wrote
    26. Re: Disapointed with the Gap
    22 August 2012, 13:20

    We come to beautifull Barbados every year, i have to agree with Frankie the
    last time we was in the gap with my 2 children 17 and 12 we was harrassed
    non stop. I no thats drugs are sold everywhere in the world but in a short
    strip like the gap we couldnt walk without being approached asking if we
    wanted them it was constant.

    We was staying in the gap so we had no choice but move for a week round the
    corner to worthing, as my daughter was asking why people kept asking us if
    we wanted stuff.

    We love barbados and do not want to sit in a all inclusive we love the
    lovely friendly bajan welcome this is why we return year after year. But i
    do believe it has become a problem and maybe why it is very quiet down there
    the last few years we have been.

    others insult my intelligence and you ban me when it is those that harass
    others that should be banned.
    here is the link to my pornographic material,–it is certainly not but a
    comedy skit.==============
    kind regards
    Kent Taylor

    —–Original Message—–
    From: “TripAdvisor Support”
    Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 4:07 PM
    Subject: Re: hello [ ref:_00DA0I0Rf._500F0BYsuz:ref ]

    Dear barbadioskayakjack0,

    We received complaints from the community that you had published many
    off-topic or otherwise inappropriate messages on the Barbados travel forum.
    These messages included off-topic content not pertaining to travel in the
    area, racist comments, hostility, insults and personal attacks on forum
    members, graphic descriptions of sexual violence, and links to offensive
    content outside of TripAdvisor, threatening language and challenges to the
    rights of others to participate on our forums.

    We have temporarily disabled your access while we assess the situation. Per
    our privacy policies, we will not discuss with you the actions taken by the
    moderators on any other user’s access or the content they publish.

    Of particular concern was the following statement, in one of your removed

    “i say the truth TripAdvisor removes it and some negro lover insults me.”

    Equally disturbing were your graphic descriptions of sexual assault and drug
    use, and your excusing/diminishing the charge of rape if the victim was
    drunk or under the influence of illegal substances, along with use of
    offensive/derogatory terms for gay men in Barbados.

    We cannot tolerate any comments targeting others with insults, hostility or
    harassment, based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, or their
    religious, political or socio-cultural beliefs or affiliations, gender,
    socio-economic status, or sexual orientation.

    Our forums are intended as a place where members can share information on a
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    We specifically ask that forums members stay on-topic and post respectfully
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    but to permanently remove your access to participate on our site.

    TripAdvisor Support Team

    —– Original Message —–
    Sent: 8/26/2012
    Subject: hello

    i see you have closed my account .
    why i do not know as i am always the one insulted.
    called names.
    what i write is the truth.
    i have lived here most of my 52 years.
    it is always your other members that start the trouble.
    yet you delete my post.
    please reinstate my business account as now i can not manage my reviews.
    it is unfortunate these same people always insult and degrade me on your
    site.something that you should really be looking at.!!!!!!1
    look at the forum. see who starts the is never me.
    it is always others that don’t even know me.,this is mind boggling.
    every word i wrote is perfectly inside the guide lines and i have not
    insulted any one as you have let others insult and speak down to me.
    how can i manage my business page without access to it.
    barbados kayak jack
    please explain as i feel i need a explanation .
    many others have post links. done much worse than i have ever said.
    but they stand.
    this is a pure injustice because of a few jealous people that can not live
    here and think they know it all.
    i not begging.
    i can get a lawyer.
    no problem .
    kayak jack
    Kent Taylor



  • The United Nations High Commissionor For Human Rights

    Basic Principles On The Role of Lawyers
    “Whereas the Body of Principles for the Protection of All Persons under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment provides that a detained person shall be entitled to have the assistance of, and be entitled to have the assistance of, and to communicate and consult with legal counsel.

    Whereas professional associations of lawyers have a vital role to play in upholding professional standards and ethics, protecting their members from persecution and improper restrictions and infringements, providing legal services to all in need of them, and cooperating with government and other institutions in furthering the ends of justice and public interest.



  • i believe the case of Terry Schwarzfeld, Canadian murdered in Barbados needs to resurface.!
    although i hear his sentence for murder has been increased to 15 years from a measly 5.this not good enough.for taking a persons life.
    life sentence with out parole or death penalty is only acceptable sentence.,
    does barbados people realize that Canada if it wanted to come come down and kill all of you.
    i will soon be back there where it is civilized and will try to set something up.
    all i need to know is the release date of this black niger trash that did this.
    any one know yet?
    i don’t think he will live long on his release.


  • david /how about a button or section where tourist can report crime ,rape,on this site????
    reasons they will not be back in other words?
    this could help Mr loveridge to try and fix some of these reasons the tourist are
    baking off the Caribbean?


  • backing i meant.ha


  • start here and uncover who is really responsible.
    as a submission i am sure the majority of barbados have no clue that we are programmed fro birth to do what we are told.


  • This proposal to be put in font of Parliament for allowing the gambling and free drinks on the cruse ships while in barbados port.
    WILL have these and other effects on the island.
    1/Barbadians will find a way to get on board.[would depend who you know]
    2/the tourist will stay on the ship or may be just take a small tour and back to the ship for free drinks and gambling instead of shopping and contributing to our local economy.
    3/If these ships leave late at night there will be a huge difference in the darkness for drunken women to be raped and tourist to be the darkness.
    4/drunk women will be taken places and gang raped or constituent sex if you will,
    and miss their boat, if they can still walk that is.
    Any of you educated politicians thought of this problem?????
    mark my words.Crime against tourist will increase in the night especially if they are blind drunk.
    just so i can come back and say i told you so.


  • old smelly onions you would not see me coming all you would hear is your tiny brain flying out your ear hole.smr lol assmonkey.


  • so david what is up with this gambling thing in the cruse ships in barbados port.?
    any word?




  • here is a subject that should be looked at in barbados/PERSONAL SPACE.
    WHAT DOES IT MEAN?well it means a lot in different countries .in barbados it is vague and undetermined,
    when some one or persons invade your personal space what are the reproductions?viruses can be transmitted ,germs,the feeling of being unsafe and anxious is also a consideration.
    if some one invades my space can i kill them.
    can i hit them?if i feel threatened?
    what do you think the tourist think when the dirty handed me come and touch their women ,and men.
    this is a major problem in barbados and another reason for tourist decline.
    a visitor may be touched by a beach vendor who may have just come from the toilet without washing their hands.
    think about it, and in canada the law is if you touch me i have the right to call the police and defend myself .
    what is barbados view on the subject?
    from Wikipedia


  • Remembering Haiti cherie, once the Gem of the Caribbean….


  • Questions:

    – why did the head leave the financial supervisory body?
    – is it doing its job?

    I ask because I know of an insurance company, NOT the biggest, that appears to have a problem paying claims and I have it on good authority that the internal controls are a shambles.

    Sorry for all those who have policies with that company.


  • @David.

    Like Bimbro gone AWOL. Have not seen a post from that lad in ages.

    Ah well, I guess he is probably wrestling with a young lady from Jamaica or such.



  • @Crusoe

    You know with Bimbro there are no half measures added to which he is thin-skinned which is not a desirable characteristic when participating on the BU.


  • True dat.


  • The Office of Public Sector Reform has been the bastard child of administrators and public officers alike. It is about time that all of you shut up and put up. Give that office the clout it deserves and stop beating it to death. Even its parent through its cousins have been malicious and salacious in their systematic attempt at destroying the legitimacy of this institution. To all and sundry, stop criticising and see the office for its worth. Over the years it has done yeoman service save for a few miscreants who have decided to mavericktised the office and do their own thing. It has single-handedly led the charge at service improvement, change management and other interventions but to its detriment, no one has opted to give it the kudos it deserves. The latest stoning came through the recent estimates debate in the upper chamber. The office can not solve the ills of the public service if the public servants from PSs to maids continue to backraise its attempt at improving the processes in it. Give it a break, put some money where your mouth is and give the office the recognition, staff and legal standing it so rightly deserves. And to you mavericks, beware, one day is going to be upon you and you know what? You will not have a leg to stand on! Do your work as intended and stop being saboteurs of your future, for to demonise the entity, you also excommunicate yourself from the sacred bosom of your beloved.



    Note that some of you may have to visit your dealer and ask about the recall….


  • @David,

    Looks like Al Quaida and Al Zawahiri are in action again, the Boston attack was a coordinated effort according to the site below, along with the ‘poison letters, happening the same time.

    Note too, that American Airlines was grounded on Tuesday by a ”reservations system failure”.

    My only hope is that the Boston attack is not a diversion for something bigger later this week or next week, say in NY? I hope people are careful and authorities are aware that the early attacks could be a diversion, albeit a nasty one.


  • Interesting that Musharraf found his tail back in Pakistan immediately before this happened. I was quite surprised to see him back there last week, suddenly.


  • Thanks Crusoe, have not had time to filter the news in the last 36 hours. Will catch up!


  • Here are some reasons why money is not a medium of exchange:

    1) Whereas any medium of exchange must not be personal property and must instead be public property (meaning then that it must not belong to individuals but belong to the people of the country itself), the fact that it is also a commodity that is used ( money though is not used because it is public property) by hordes of people daily to help them secure the use of other commodities and services, shows persons that these and other factors are having significant bearing on why M has been made by social conduct to be the only commodity that has its own remuneration costs/benefits of use, whilst at the same time serving as a means of remuneration. It is another substitute for remuneration in houses, cars, shoes, food, etc.

    2) There is no mathematical equation ( or any thing close to that) that links it with commercial items in such ways that there is compatiability of rights of ownership that are transferable from, say, M, which has no persons having rights of ownership to it, to certain goods – which themselves almost all of them persons are having rights of ownership to them, or from certain goods to M – and also in such ways that when such are being conducted (transferred) that there is consonance in the transferrals of the rights of uses of these items from, say, M, which has only got very narrow uses and therefore very narrow rights of uses, to certain goods – which themselves can have so many different uses and therefore multifarious rights of uses, or from goods to M. There must be the equation – not inequation – of rights of exchange between the goods that are to be eventually exchanged and the medium of exchange. Therefore, the only links that M has outside of the material that actually makes it- is with other dependent variables in the commercial market processes, like income, payments, transfers, revenues, costs, expenditures, debts, debits, credits (the nominals), and their qualitative and quantitative variations (some more nominals).

    3) The fact that money is absolutely seperate from goods and services in the market place in Barbados and elsewhere, and from the beginning of money this has been so, shows that persons only make money function in relationship to itself, to the kinds and amounts of uses that they have for it ( as remunerations, etc), their movements with it (as in having it to spend in normal and abnormal circumstances) and the different expressions and variations in use, BUT NEVER in relationship (numerically or otherwise) to goods and services. While it is true that millions of people across the globe are constantly pre/disposed at the same time to being desirous of money, goods and services, psychologically, mentally, actionally, for whatever reasons, the fact that there is still not and could never be any relationships between M and goods and services means that M is no medium of exchange.

    4) Even though income, payment, transfer, revenue, cost, expenditure, debt, debit,credit, etc values and numbers can be used to express commercial goods/services, or vice-a-versa, M cannot be used to express commercial goods/services, or vice-a-versa. Cheques and other bills of exchange however come close to being mediums of exchange, since they are expressions of those kinds and amounts of values and numbers, and vice-a-versa. Also cheques and other relevant bills of exchange give expression to money and money to them. Had cheques not been having nominal denominations from other sources – these being numbers based on any amounts of savings in banks in Barbados – they would have been mediums of exchange.

    5) M is a criss-crossing disarticulated set of numbers that many persons use in providing for the use of various combinations of these numbers from zero to infinity, in so far as it relates to the business of transfiguring/configuring of these numbers from money to incomes, payments, transfers, revenues, costs……..debits and credits, via the production distribution and use of goods and services settings, and from income, payments, transfers……….etc back to money to material to nothing. It is very factual to have lifeless abstract numbers in money but still money will be no medium of exchange simply because numbers juxtapose reformulate in multifarious ways and via means of expression ( one $ BDS will in the minds of many people find significance in the number contained in the 1,2,3 boxes of biscuits, or the reverse ( and not the actual physical items or their uses), without anything being exchanged there and then, or at any other time, therefore M having on them these same numbers must also juxtapose or reformulate constantly in various ways and esp.through various other languages and symbols, without being exchanged with anything!!. However, without these numbers on money, it would have been impossible to have incomes, payments, and transfers (nominal) GIVEN ( not exchanged with anything either) to the respective individuals, or groups of individuals, by others in or not of similar motivations attitudes, etc in anticipation of the formers’ use of M and their own cost of use of M (the context being again work or business done with or for whomsoever).

    6) Any medium of exchange – it must be theorized by the PDC – is any vehicle, mechanism, being through which different commercial goods are exchanged by different people – one for another eventually and even across borders too without the medium of exchange itself – having in its functioning – in relationship to the goods to be exchanged – to be dependent on, or to be compromised by the said person/entities – so-called buyers and sellers – kinds of uses of the said goods themselves (for it to be used as such), and without their dependence on, or compromisation by, any amount or amount of use of it, there and then or not, in order to have the goods exchanged. Rather a medium of exchange must have its functioning grounded in its own internal logical systems, and exchange of goods by people grounded in the uses of the relevant people for them. Any medium of exchange must be given – by its users – to having its own independence of circulation rather than it being dependent on the movement of goods and services in the country for it to happen.

    The major reason for the PDC writing this piece is to assist in destroying the downright myth and false assumption held by some people in Barbados that money is a medium of exchange that has been used by persons on the presupposition that there is this inevitability/finality of many persons exchanging goods with money, when in truth and in fact there is very little internal trade that has long been taking place in the country, as exemplified by a few thousand goods being exchanged among the different owners of goods yearly but without the intentions of those to do so. However, such unintentions are replaced by the intentions of these owners of goods to get as many people as possible in Barbados, and sometimes using whatever marketing, psychological, financial, etc approaches and techniques, to ultimately get those people to give them a great deal of money for these owners to use and at the same time only circulating or giving them back only as much money ( this is the very lopsided exchange of money that is taking place at the national level between persons with access to much money and those that do not have much access to money) as would get them just essentially enough goods for their own survival from these owners of these goods (this is the real absence of exchange between those who have goods to trade and those who do not) and which is reflected today in the growing disparities in remunerations and wealth among the various classes in this country.

    David, this was intended to be our first post to you in a very long time via submission of confidentiality messages, but we do not know what has happened because our submit ‘button’ seems not to be working. So we have had to use this medium. Can you do the normal thing from this angle for us? Thank You.



  • The Odessa reality…

    >Note what ‘passports the escaping Nazis used.

    >Question….Where is the current Pope from????

    >These events are still ongoing.


  • Moneybrain………….I hope you followed me……….VC is very widespread now, it is still specialized but not as small anymore, how did that escape you?

    Anyway, I am glad you were able to point out the main problems on the island so articulately……..don’t let me stop you from continuing. You are right, it is the blacks allowing the bajan whites to leech off the island, taking bribes and selling out each other at every turn……I know you feel it should be stopped, but would you get black people to stop such learned bad habits.


  • Should read: but how would you get black people to stop such learned habits?


  • What of this “not me” claim?


  • Moneybrain……it looks like you are softer than you are pretending or claiming to be, help me out, don’t let me beg.



    Crusoe@ We see you have your 3rd eye open ,good stuff.
    We also see this on a scale in Barbados History as they want us to view it

    Some of us know better, but we cant type for ever.So we watch for replies to see who is alive

    Its good to know that we are not alone ,lolollo


  • Plantation…………I don’t know how some people on the island have become so stupid, jealousy complaining yet have nothing in their heads to contribute, can’t start an interesting and intelligent blog if you tortured them, the people have really lost their way.


  • @WW
    I have never had an Impotence prob, very hard where and when necessary.


  • Moneybrain…………so say you, just how am I supposed to know that?

    Anyway, I know you are full of suggestions, what do you think would be the best way forward for the island, now remember you are speaking as a bajan, no color, color is overrated on the island……as it is plain to see, there is a crisis and apparently those who are being paid handsomely to solve this crisis are clueless for one reason or another, the least we can do as people who have benefited in one way or another on the island is to offer suggestions, what say you?


  • @WW
    The essential problem is that the vast majority go into Politics as a means to make $$$$$$$$ for themselves first, foremost and only! They dont give a Rodent’s Rectum for the Peeps ( No different in most Nations except maybe some hide the wages of Sin better than others).
    The first step should be to immediately enact strict Integrity Legislation and then at least triple MP salaries. However, while that Transition is taking place the Best and Cleverest should be asked to contribute via a forum on a blog designed for Solving Bim’s Economic Problems
    1 Short term solutions
    2 Medium
    3 Long Term ie 5yrs +

    Got to go


  • Moneybrain………….Thanks, love the idea, but we have to debate the tripling MPs salaries much further, anyone on the island can live on $17,000 per month, supposedly what MPs are currently being paid, triple their salaries and you run the risk of them wanting to triple on kickbacks, etc. ect.


  • @WW
    Let’s assume I am the Integrity Commissioner with Full Power and everyone has been made fully AWARE that the under the Table Action is FINITO, the Peeps have full communication abilities with the Commission and the Penalties are enormous. Therefore, we triple MP Salaries for this and the following reason–WE want and NEED to ATTRACT the very Best, Cleverest and those of HIGHEST Integrity.
    One of the major problems with Democracy is that the majority have great difficulty in choosing their Reps and one reason for that is the low Quality available. In Ontario we have just seen the resignation of our 3 Term Premier, a record, and the guy was not worth 2 Terms farless 3 BUT the Competition was POOR! He left under a serious cloud of Corruption and mis- spending of Govt money and the majority still dont realise the negative gravity of his tenure. He was and is a mediocre Lawyer, which begs the point that we should have a quota limit on the number of Lawyers running the Nation as U know the word means LIAR when you say it quickly!


  • Moneybrain……..i am with you on this one, I even saw i think it is the mayor of Vancouver, elderly female around 78 now being investigated for some wrong doing. Yes giving a bigger salary coupled with integrity legislation that states unequivocally that they go to PRISON if they do any wrong to the taxpayers confidence AND cut the 22 lawyers currently occupying parliament down to at least 5, I see where this can work……the lawyers have the island in a disgustingly corrupt state………..but we have to look at reality, which PM you know in any of the two current parties will have the balls or the integrity to institute integrity legislation, where this could all start? be honest.


  • @WW
    EXACTLY why Democracy does NOT work!!

    BENEVOLENT DICTATORSHIP a la Singapore would eventually lead to major real progress in Bim. It is like TOUGH LOVE in raising children BUT the end result is top quality adults, I know for sure as I have a couple Twentysomethings who have accomplished very high levels of Education and top flight Experience because of the DISCIPLINE instilled!

    DISCIPLINE is the Critical factor. Indeed, one major p[roblem in bim is a wicked slide in Discipline in the last 40 years.


  • Money………….exactly, i concur, no one seems to want to listen, the younger you instill discipline in children the longer it remains with them……..i have had the same experience and some of mine were raised in NY one of the toughest places in the world to instill disciple……., in Bim, there is sunshine, sea, a laid back attitude yet they have lost control in the discipline department, from the adult right back down………it is a sad state of affairs, the leaders certainly have not one ounce of self-control nor self-discipline or they would definitely not be that self-serving……something has to give and i believe it is about to….


  • Moneybrain………..I forgot to wish you happy fathers day yesterday, I am right now 6 hours ahead of you, forgive the oversight, hope you had a great day.


  • @WW
    Thanks kindly



    << >>

    Where was Nixon?
    Al Steele and Pepsi Cola Company
    Crawford married her final husband, Alfred Steele, at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on May 10. 1955.[37] Crawford and Steele met at a party in 1950 when Steele was an executive with Coca-Cola. They renewed their acquaintance at a New Year’s Eve party in 1954. Steele by that time had become the president of Pepsi Cola.[38] Crawford traveled extensively on behalf of Pepsi following the marriage. She estimated that she traveled over 100,000 miles for the company.[2] Steele died of a heart attack in April 1959. Crawford was initially advised that her services were no longer required. After she told the story to Louella Parsons, Pepsi reversed its position and Crawford was elected to fill the vacant seat on the board of directors.[39]

    Kendall, Donald. Born in 1921, Kendall began working for Pepsi after WWII, rising to Vice President by the 1950s, when he was instrumental in opening the Soviet market to the soft drink. He became president of Pepsi in 1963. He and Joan did not get along, and Joan often referred to him as “Fang.” A protege of Pepsi chairman Al Steele’s and friend of Richard Nixon’s

    On November 21, 1963, the evening before JFK’s assassination, Joan Crawford attended a Pepsi function in Dallas with Richard Nixon.,1014.htm
    Richard Nixon’s Greatest Cover-Up: His Ties to the Assassination of President Kennedy
    by Don Fulsom

    July 23, 1963: Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa tells his lawyer, Frank Ragano, “Something has to be done. The time has come for your friend (Santos Trafficante) and Carlos (Marcello) to get rid of him, kill that son-of-a-bitch John Kennedy.”

    Nov. 8: Oswald allegedly writes a note to a “Mr. Hunt” asking for “information.”

    Nov. 21: Ostensibly in Dallas to attend a Pepsi Cola convention, Nixon asks the city to give President Kennedy a respectful welcome.

    Nov. 21: Chicago Mob boss Sam Giancana meets with Nixon in Dallas to discuss the planned Kennedy assassination, Giancana later tells relatives.

    Nov. 22: Nixon leaves Dallas, apparently before Kennedy’s arrival.

    Nov. 22: President Kennedy is murdered in Dallas.

    Nov. 24: Ruby kills Oswald in the basement of the Dallas police jail.

    1963: Nixon recommends Congressman Gerald Ford for the Warren Commission.

    1964: Nixon lies to the FBI about being in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

    1964: Ford convinces the commission to alter a key finding—making its preposterous “single bullet” assassination theory slightly more believable, documents released in 1997 show. The theory held that one of the bullets struck Kennedy in the back, came out his neck, and then somehow critically wounded Texas Governor John Connally. Ford’s change placed the back wound higher in Kennedy’s body.

    1964: Nixon and Ford write articles in advance of Warren Commission Report endorsing its anticipated conclusion that Oswald alone was responsible for Kennedy’s assassination.

    Sept. 1964: The Warren Report finds that Oswald—firing from a sniper’s nest on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository—was President Kennedy’ sole assassin.

    Nov. 1968: In a squeaker, Nixon is elected president with big support from the Teamsters union and the Mob.

    1971: After a Mob payoff of at least $300,000, Nixon grants clemency to Hoffa—who had been jailed for jury tampering in 1967.

    June 1971: Former CIA agent E. Howard Hunt secretly joins the Nixon White House as the president’s chief spy.

    May 1972: Nixon confides to two top aides that the Warren Report was “the greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated,” a White House tape released in 2002 reveals.

    June 17, 1972: A group of burglars working for Nixon’s re-election is caught by Washington, D.C. police while breaking into Democratic headquarters at the Watergate complex. Hunt and former FBI official G. Gordon Liddy are soon identified as the group’s supervisors.

    June 23, 1972: To gain CIA help in the Watergate cover-up, Nixon tries to blackmail CIA chief Richard Helms over the secrets that Hunt might blab regarding CIA’s links to “the Bay of Pigs”—which top Nixon aide Bob Haldeman later reveals to be Nixon/CIA code for the JFK assassination.

    Nov. 1972: In a landslide, Nixon is re-elected president with the help of a reported $1 million Teamsters’ contribution.

    Nixon’s Three Stories of Where He Was on November 22, 1963

    In the first place, strange things which could scarcely all be coincidence happened even before JFK was killed. On the morning of November 22, 1963, the day Kennedy was killed the New York Times carried an item on a back page, It was datelined Dallas. And it said that ex-Vice-President Richard M. Nixon had made a speech in Dallas before a group of businessmen,

    Not only did the Times carry that story on the very day JFK died, but Nixon was in Dallas the day Kennedy died, and it is very possible that he was still in Dallas at the moment Kennedy died. Despite all other reports to the contrary. And of course the thing that makes this so very important is that Nixon and others have for some reason tried to conceal that fact for more than twelve years.

    The True Story

    Actually, Nixon was in Dallas when JFK was shot. On April 2nd 1975 a young man was listening to a talk at his school when he heard the lecturer tell about the Esquire account of Nixon’s trip to Dallas, and how and when Nixon had learned about JFK’s death. That young man then told the lecturer, “My father was an executive for the Pepsi Cola Company, and he was in Dallas on November 22nd 1963 at that convention. He has told me that Nixon was there in Dallas at the convention when the announcement was heard that JFK had been killed, Nixon left later that afternoon,”

    This young man is the son of Mr. Harvey Russel of the Pepsi Cola Company. When Mr. Russel was informed of his son’s account, he agreed that his son’s story was true. Mr. Russel confirmed that Nixon was attending that meeting at the time the shots were fired. He added Nixon was there representing the Pepsi Cola Company’s law firm Mudge, Rose, Nixon et al. The Dallas newspapers stated that Nixon was attending a board meeting.

    Mr. Russel confirmed that the session Nixon was attending broke up when the assassination news came through. Nixon then returned to his hotel and later in the afternoon had been driven to the Dallas airport by a Mr. Deluca, also a Pepsi Cola official.


    June 23, 1972: To gain CIA help in the Watergate cover-up, Nixon tries to blackmail CIA chief Richard Helms over the secrets that Hunt might blab regarding CIA’s links to “the Bay of Pigs”—which top Nixon aide Bob Haldeman later reveals to be Nixon/CIA code for the JFK assassination.

    Celebrating an assassination

    FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote the memo referring to the Bush Sr. briefing; and on the night before Kennedy arrived in Dallas, Hoover met with others at the Dallas ranch of Texas oil baron and Dallas Cowboys owner Colin J. “Clint” Murchison, Jr., according to retired Army Brigadier General William Penn Jones—

    George H. W. Bush and Richard Nixon joined Hoover that night in Dallas at the Murchison gathering on November 21, 1963 before Kennedy arrived the next day, according to alleged Kennedy co-conspirator and spotter Frank Sturgis—victim of a covered-up poisoning death in October 1992 prior to the Bush-Clinton November election.

    Sturgis’ explosive revelations about Bush and Nixon is also confirmed by a living witness who worked for Clint Murchison Jr. at the time of the assassination; and incredibly, the witness corroborated the meeting prior to the assassination, but also a second gathering involving alleged co conspirators (including the assassins and their spotters) who toasted and celebrated Kennedy’s death as they watched television reports that night, according to Webb who has spoken with the witness—and both are available to testify before a grand jury.

    The living witness also identified a photograph of George Bush Sr.’s White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray as a regular visitor to Murchison’s Dallas ranch during this time period and almost until Murchison’s death while allegedly working as a conduit between the CIA and the FBI regarding illegal black operations, according to Stew Webb and the witness who are available to testify if subpoenaed before a grand jury.

    Bush 41 links to Watergate, the ‘Texans’ and the ‘Bay of Pigs’ thing

    There is evidence that one of the main reasons Nixon ordered the Watergate break-in was for the purpose of locating incriminating photographs taken during the Kennedy assassination.

    In his book The Immaculate Deception–The Bush Crime Family Exposed [1991, America West Publishers, pp. 31-39], retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Russell Bowen also referred to the Hoover memo, revealing that a FOIA lawsuit publicized an FBI report regarding a man identifying himself as “George H. W. Bush” who telephoned the FBI’s Houston office within hours of Kennedy’s death with information about a threat allegedly made against JFK by a young right-wing Republican.

    The FBI report referred to by Bowen stated “On November 22, 1963, Mr. George H. W. Bush, 5535 Briar, Houston, Texas telephonically advised…that one James Parrott had been talking of killing the president when he comes to Houston.”

    On pages 33-36 of The Immaculate Deception, General Bowen recounts the full details of a government effort to misidentify George H. W. Bush as George William Bush in an effort to cover up the future president’s role in the events of November 22, 1963.

    In the “smoking gun” taped discussion, Nixon also links the “the Cubans,” “the Texans,” “Helms,” “Hunt,” “Bernard Barker,” “Robert Mosbacher,” and “the Bay of Pigs,” according to the retired General.

    “Over and over on the Watergate tapes, these names come up in the discussions of the photos from Dallas that Nixon was supposedly trying to obtain in the Watergate burglary,” said Bowen.

    Frank Sturgis confirmed the existence of assassination photos like the one above of Bush at the Texas Book Depository when he told the San Francisco Chronicle in a May 7, 1977 interview, “the reason we burglarized the Watergate was because Nixon was interested in stopping news leaking relating to the photos of our role in the assassination of President John Kennedy.”

    Although he did not look for this information on the JFK assassination, Russ Baker found a lot of information about it when researching the Bush family.
    Alex interviews Russ Baker:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:

    Don’t forget about Ford–he controlled the investigation and was rewarded for his work by Nixon, who gave Ford the presidency.

    More “Bay of Pigs” = “Kennedy’s murder”


    Kendall began working for Pepsi after WWII, rising to Vice President by the 1950s, when he was instrumental in opening the Soviet market to the soft drink.
    Dirty Politics — Nixon, Watergate, and the JFK Assassination by Mark Tracy

    Dallas journalist Jim Marrs gives this account: “With Nixon in Dallas was Pepsi-Cola heiress and actress Joan Crawford. Both Nixon and Crawford made comments in the Dallas newspapers to the effect that they, unlike the President, didn’t need Secret Service protection, and they intimated that the nation was upset with Kennedy’s policies. It has been suggested that this taunting may have been responsible for Kennedy’s critical decision not to order the Plexiglas top placed on his limousine on November 22.”

    [Notes: The Pepsi-Cola company had a sugar plantation and factory in Cuba, which the Cuban government nationalized in 1960; CIA contract agent Chauncey Holt told Newsweek magazine in 1991 that Pepsi-Cola President Donald Kendall was “considered by the CIA to be the eyes and ears of the CIA” in the Caribbean; a photograph taken on November 21, 1963 — the day before the assassination — shows Donald Kendall meeting with Richard Nixon in Dallas. Click to view]*

    Other facts linking Nixon to the JFK assassination emerged years later during the Watergate conspiracy, some of which were revealed by Nixon’s former chief of staff, H. R. Haldeman in his memoir, The Ends of Power. Haldeman cites several conversations where Nixon expressed concern about the Watergate affair becoming public knowledge and where this exposure might lead. Haldeman writes:

    “In fact, I was puzzled when he [Nixon] told me, ‘Tell Ehrlichman this whole group of Cubans [Watergate burglars] is tied to the Bay of Pigs.’ After a pause I said, ‘The Bay of Pigs? What does that have to do with this [the Watergate burglary]?’ But Nixon merely said, ‘Ehrlichman will know what I mean,’ and dropped the subject.”

    Later in his book, Haldeman appears to answer his own question when he says, “It seems that in all of those Nixon references to the Bay of Pigs, he was actually referring to the Kennedy assassination.”

    If Haldeman’s interpretation is correct, then Nixon’s instructions for him to, “Tell Ehrlichman this whole group of [anti-Castro] Cubans is tied to the Bay of Pigs,” was Nixon’s way of telling him to inform Ehrlichman that the Watergate burglars were tied to Kennedy’s murder. (It should be noted that many Cuban exiles blamed Kennedy for the failure to overthrow Castro at the Bay of Pigs, pointing to Kennedy’s refusal to allow the U.S. military to launch a full-scale invasion of the island.)

    Haldeman also links the Central Intelligence Agency to the Watergate burglars and, by implication, to the Kennedy assassination. Haldeman writes, “…at least one of the burglars, [Eugenio] Martinez, was still on the CIA payroll on June 17, 1972 — and almost certainly was reporting to his CIA case officer about the proposed break-in even before it happened [his italics].”

    The other Watergate conspirators were G. Gordon Liddy, Bernard Barker, Frank Sturgis, Virgilio Gonzales and ex-CIA agents James McCord and E. Howard Hunt. Hunt’s relationship with the anti-Castro Cubans traces back to the early 1960s, to his days with the Central Intelligence Agency. As a CIA political officer and propaganda expert, Hunt helped plan the Bays of Pigs operation and also helped create the Cuban Revolutionary Council — a militant anti-Castro organization. Hunt would later retire from the CIA (at least ostensibly) to become covert operations chief for the Nixon White House. [Note: Hunt maintained a working relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency even after his “retirement,” obtaining camera equipment and disguises from the CIA’s Technical Services Division for use in the Watergate burglary.]

    Several reports over the years have placed Hunt in Dallas at the time of the Kennedy assassination. In 1974, the Rockefeller Commission concluded that Hunt used eleven hours of sick leave from the CIA in the two-week period preceding the assassination. Later, eyewitness Marita Lorenz testified under oath that she saw Hunt pay off an assassination team in Dallas the night before Kennedy’s murder. (Hunt v. Liberty Lobby; U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida; 1985) Click to read transcript

    In taped conversations with Haldeman, Nixon is obviously worried about what would happen if Hunt’s involvement in the Watergate conspiracy came to light. Nixon says, “Of course, this Hunt, that will uncover a lot of things. You open that scab, there’s a hell of a lot of things, and we feel that it would be very detrimental to have this thing go any further … the President’s belief is that this is going to open the whole Bay of Pigs thing up again.” Click to Listen: Nixon instructs Haldeman on what to tell the CIA (text below)

    NIXON: When you get in to see these people, say: “Look, the problem is that this will open the whole, the whole Bay of Pigs thing, and the President just feels that…” ah, I mean, without going into the details of, of lying to them to the extent to say that there is no involvement. But, you can say, “This is sort of a comedy of errors, bizarre,” without getting into it, “The President’s belief is that this is going to open the whole Bay of Pigs thing up again. And, ah because ah these people are playing for, for keeps and that they should call the FBI in and we feel that … that we wish for the country, don’t go any further into this case, period!”

    Following instructions, Haldeman informed CIA Director Richard Helms of Nixon’s concern that the Watergate investigation would “open the whole Bay of Pigs thing up again.” Haldeman gives this account of what transpired next:

    “Turmoil in the room. Helms, gripping the arms of his chair, leaning forward and shouting, ‘The Bay of Pigs had nothing to do with this. I have no concern about the Bay of Pigs.’

    “Silence. I just sat there. I was absolutely shocked by Helms’ violent reaction. Again I wondered, what was such dynamite in the Bay of Pigs story?”

    Eleven days after Hunt’s arrest for the Watergate burglary, L. Patrick Gray, acting FBI Director, was called to the White House and told by Nixon aide John Ehrlichman to “deep six” written files taken from Hunt’s personal safe. The FBI Director was told that the files were “political dynamite and clearly should not see the light of day.” Gray responded by taking the material home and burning it in his fireplace. John Dean, council to the president, acted similarly by shredding Hunt’s operational diary.

    Futhermore, as former White House correspondent Don Fulsom reveals, “The newest Nixon tapes are studded with deletions — segments deemed by government censors as too sensitive for public scrutiny. ‘National Security’ is cited. Not surprisingly, such deletions often occur during discussions involving the Bay of Pigs, E. Howard Hunt, and John F. Kennedy.

    One of the most tantalizing nuggets about Nixon’s possible inside knowledge of JFK assassination secrets was buried on a White House tape until 2002. On the tape, recorded in May of 1972, the president confided to two top aides that the Warren Commission pulled off ‘the greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated.’ Unfortunately, he did not elaborate.”


  • Gucci purse


  • Flying Fish and Coucou has inferred that the PM never consulted with the PSC when issuing the letter to Dottin.

    How concerning is THAT? An ad hoc decision to get rid of the COP by the PM?

    People should be very worried indeed and hopefully international bodies are watching carefully.


  • How much is the 30,000 or more square feet upstairs Trimart Complex Haggatt Hall costing the Government Stephen Lashley? How much de Carpark at LESC cost and was the $30million the final figure? How much did the Everson Elcock Power Plant supplied by the QEH cost and was the $18 million justified up from $8million? Just asking!


  • The National Security Agency tracks the locations of nearly 5 billion cellphones every day overseas, including those belonging to Americans abroad, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

    The NSA inadvertently gathers the location records of “tens of millions of Americans who travel abroad” annually, along with the billions of other records it collects by tapping into worldwide mobile network cables, the newspaper said in a report on its website.

    Such data means the NSA can track the movements of almost any cellphone around the world, and map the relationships of the cellphone user. The Post said a powerful analytic computer program called CO-TRAVELER crunches the data of billions of unsuspecting people, building patterns of relationships between them by where their phones go. That can reveal a previously unknown terrorist suspect, in guilt by cellphone-location association, for instance.

    As the NSA doesn’t know which part of the data it might need, the agency keeps up to 27 terabytes, or more than double the text content of the Library of Congress’ print collection, the Post said. A 2012 internal NSA document said the volumes of data from the location program were “outpacing our ability to ingest, process and store” it, the newspaper said.

    The program is detailed in documents given to the newspaper by former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden. The Post also quotes unidentified NSA officials, saying they spoke with the permission of their agency.

    Shawn Turner, a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, declined to comment on the report.

    The DNI’s general counsel, Robert Litt, has said that NSA does not intentionally gather bulk location data on U.S. cellphones inside the U.S. — but NSA Director Keith Alexander testified before Congress his agency ran tests in 2010 and 2011 on “samples” of U.S. cell-site data to see if it was technically possible to plug such data into NSA analysis systems. Alexander said that the information was never used for intelligence purposes and that the testing was reported to congressional intelligence committees. He said it was determined to be of little “operational value,” so the NSA did not ask for permission to gather such data.

    Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat and a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said at the time that Alexander could have explained more. “The intelligence leadership has decided to leave most of the real story secret,” Wyden said, though he would not elaborate on the extent of the program. Wyden and two other Democratic lawmakers have introduced an amendment to the 2014 defense spending bill that would require intelligence agencies to say whether the NSA “or any other element of the intelligence community has ever collected the cell-site location information of a large number of United States persons with no known connection to suspicious activity, or made plans to collect such information.”

    Alexander and other NSA officials have explained that when U.S. data is gathered “incidentally” overseas, it is “minimized,” meaning that when an NSA analysts realize they are dealing with a U.S. phone number, they limit what can be done with it and how long that data can be kept.

    Rights activists say those measures fall short of protecting U.S. privacy.

    “The scale of foreign surveillance has become so vast, the amount of information about Americans ‘incidentally’ captured may itself be approaching mass surveillance levels,'” said Elizabeth Goitein of the Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security Program.

    “The government should be targeting its surveillance at those suspected of wrongdoing, not assembling massive associational databases that by their very nature record the movements of a huge number of innocent people,” said Catherine Crump, a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union.


  • Smart Meter Deployment and

    Utility Companies cannot only turn off their services to customers remotely and individually, but they and the U.S./U.N. Military can turn off all the water, electricity and gas from the ground and by Satellites overhead, simultaneously, if Barbadians rebel, Barbados does not toe their line, cannot repay their loans or disobeys any of their U.N/NWO orders. The people have not been properly informed about any of this and therefore, I regard it as a Military Stealth Deployment! Employ, Deploy and Destroy! The Sovreignty of Barbadians is being stolen wholesale. Paid-off, blackmailed politicians?

    First water smartmeters, then electric, then gas. In a radius of 400 ft of 5,000 sq. ft. lots, a house will have 195 radiations from microwave smartmeters constantly transmitting to each other, cooking people’s brains and bodies. Smart Water Meters microwaves will leach lead out of old lead pipes. The microwaves stop water from carrying nutrients to cells, eventually causing rapid ageing and death. . This according to Bill Deagle. See Stopsmartmeters!(UK) for reports of other medical researchers. Water that kills. Cancer is assured by year six if you live 400 ft. from a cell phone tower! How much faster will you die with smartmeters? Dr. Bill Deagle says if a candle is a cell phone (brain cancer) a smartmeter is a raging forest fire—just one! What then of 200? Electric company smart meters piggy back weaponized frequencies on your electricity which interfere with your biology, irrevirsibly breaking your DNA, are mind-control frequencies, and cause electrical house fires. Wood and Lathe and plaster houses are in particular danger. Wifi and Smart Tablets emit radiations which will destroy DNA and future reproduction in your children. Depopulation for almost seven billion people. Thank your rulers.

    This installation cannot be allowed to happen. In addition, not only will utility prices rise (between 50-80% in Canada and U.S. and U.K.) but people will be required to purchase new smart appliances which can be turned off by the companies and which spy on their owners use, minds and speech. Families in the U.K, Canada and the U.S. are getting sick and expiring from radiation and have formed associations to get rid of Smart Meters. The piece of smartness is in killing you quietly. Your politicians and Utilities Commission should know all this. I would call them then Judas Goats. Go to

    I have sent all the utility managers a longer form of this letter forbidding the installation of any Smart Meter supplying service to me.
    See the Iron Mountain Report (1954); Stopsmartmeters!(UK)


  • Hi BU:

    Pornography is now easily available to all school children who have access to a tablet or a smart phone. It is facilitated by persons who allow unrestricted access to the Internet in their homes or at the many Wi-Fi hotspots around Barbados. So let me share a solution; but first, let me describe the problem.

    Pornography has two main damaging effects. The impact for viewers is that that they can primarily view sexual intercourse as a means to satisfy themselves rather than satisfying their partners. For male viewers, this can lead to a less satisfying sexual experience for her and a boring routine for him. He will likely develop an uncaring attitude towards her if she does not express a similar delight in his sexual performance as those whom he watches. His sexual experience should be all about satisfying her, and her sexual experience should be all about satisfying him.

    The most damaging impact is on the victims whom the watchers are viewing. Many women, especially from Asian and eastern European countries, are forced into the sex slave trade, with harsh consequences if they do not show delight when raped (See ‘Half the Sky’ and other research into sex slavery). As the watchers view these victims, they are supporting and sustaining this slavery. If people choose not to pay to view pornography on the Internet, then they still support and sustain the sex slave trade by adding to the web sites’ page views, which increases their potential advertising revenues.

    For men to intentionally choose to harm themselves and their marriages for a few moments of pleasure is irresponsible. However, for viewers to sustain the sex slave trade, and the hopelessness of the victims who are repeatedly raped into submission, is unconscionable. The persons who forced the victims into sex slavery are vile. However, how do we describe the viewers who keep them in slavery by sustaining the slave owners’ profits? For us descendants of slaves, who should be held to a higher standard in this matter, to now sustain the enslavement of these women, is beyond my comprehension. So what is an economical and effective solution?

    The obvious solution would be for the local Internet service providers to block pornographic images. However, this may attract claims of censorship from persons who feel entitled to access pornography regardless of the consequential damage to viewers and their victims. Yes, the sex slave actually becomes the victim of their Internet viewer. Therefore, the responsibility of helping the victims must fall heavily on all Internet subscribers.

    Every household, school, resource centre and business with an Internet account should protect our children, and refuse to support the sex slave trade, by installing an effective pornography blocker at their router. I recommend the free “Open DNS Family Shield” software, which can be installed at the router in less than 2 minutes. This should have the added benefit of significantly improving productivity in the work place.

    Grenville Phillips II


  • The USA seems to be creating these freaks by the day.


  • Departure Area Facilities:- Grantly Adams International Airport (GAIA)

    Departure Area Shops and Restaurants/Bar should remain open until the last flight of the day has departed, allowing departing passengers (as well as intransit passengers) the option of purchasing food and beverages after entering the departure area (Airside).

    I had a 21:15 departure and of the few shops that were open, there was no Restaurant/Bar.


  • Anyone noticed what’s happening to RBC. Yet another department is closing in 2 wks anther 50,workers on the breadline


  • The next issue that will be hotly debated in Barbados, the series was about 20 years behind.

    Days of our Lives has come to an end . . . at least on CBC TV8.

    Days of our Lives has come to an end . . . at least on CBC TV8.


  • Marijuana which used to be the drug of choice for hippies, college students, middle age crazies and anyone who considered themselves rebellious has now gone Corporate.

    Bob Marley’s heirs have provided their blessing to a private corporation to use the name on marijuana products. For the princely sum of 10 million dollars “Marley Natural” will soon be on a shelf near you either in the form of some medical by product or perhaps some “blunts” in areas where it is permitted.

    Bob must be spinning in his grave at this turn of events, he would not be happy that “Babylon” has taken over, I suppose his Rastafari brethren would be equally unhappy.


  • Who Guards the Guards?

    In the Nation News of Sunday January 11, 2015, there is an article that reports on the outcome of a court case, in which the High Court has ruled against a Member of Parliament, a lawyer, and ordered said Member to pay to a client, monies of over two hundred thousand dollars that was received something like two years ago.

    I do wonder, in what circumstances should a lawyer be able to hold funds for two years, especially sums of that high amount, but indeed, any funds.

    On a point, not stating this is the event in this case, but relevant in discussion of professionals and client monies, allegations are made of lawyers holding client monies for extended periods.

    In most jurisdictions, lawyers, real estate agents and like professionals are required by law to maintain a separate client account, where client monies are kept separate and apart from the operating business monies.

    These client accounts are audited as part of the annual audit of such professionals.

    Again, I am not saying that this is the event in this case, but surely this case highlights the need for renewed vigour around controls of the deposits of client monies in any profession.

    Does Barbados have these necessary controls? If not, when will such controls be implemented? Do we have to wait for such laws to be enacted, similarly to Integrity and Transparency Legislation?

    One another point. Is it right that the perception, that an individual in a significant position of standing should appear, such perception right or wrong, to be delinquent in addressing professional matters?

    Surely this is a serious cause for concern, after all, who guards the guards, those with the highest decision making potential in the country?

    To successfully recover form the current state of business and economic strife, confidence is required, which must be driven by the top management of the country.

    It is not a choice, it is a need.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ David [BU]

    As you can see this Michael Carrington malfeasance issue is surfacing in many different areas on this site and, given the proactive aspects of Crusoe’s remarks, regarding managing this issue, merits his place in the sun lol

    But then again de ole man home today cause it raining and de madam gone to de “low islands” to save de natives and backsliders wid de church


  • Missing In Action???

    The Nation newspaper today has included a short note on the ongoing Nigerian Student saga, referencing a side point.

    This side point relates to an allegation that one reason that the hostelry of the Visiting Students is in issue, is that USD500,000 has gone absent without leave.

    It is indeed sad, that whatever project takes place now in Barbados, whatever event, one may, rightly or wrongly, perceive that Money ends up Missing In Action.

    It now sounds as if the old adage, Money Talks and BareShoot Walks, needs to be adjusted for today’s Barbados, such that it reads ‘Money Walks and Bareshoot is Talked’.

    C’est La Vie.


  • We will NEVER fly Liat Airline again
    Feb 23, 2015, 12:15 PM
    We sat in a LIAT Departure Area for 2 days of a 3 day vacation and never made it to our destination.

    My husband & I boarded LIAT 310 out of Trinidad at 5:30am on February 18th for a 3 day vacation to Antigua.

    The flight was delayed due to a technical problem w/ the plane and we were taken off the plane.

    The problem was fixed, we boarded the plane again and flew to the first stop, St. Vincent.

    In St. Vincent, after boarding the St. Vincent passengers the same plane had a technical problem again and we were all taken off the plane.

    We ended up spending the entire day in St. Vincent. All efforts to get re-booked on another flight and get information about our options to fly to another destination to get other connecting flights were met with apathy and complete denial of service.

    They put us up for the night in a hostile and the next morning took us back to the airport and had us stand in line for the same flight, 310, we were booked on the morning before.

    Instead of getting on the first flight out in the morning to Antigua. We were flown to Barbados for a connecting flight at 1:50p to arrive at 3:15p.

    At 12 Noon on Thursday February 19th in the LIAT Departure Area in Barbados we were told our flight to Antigua was delayed and we would not arrive to Antigua until the evening. The

    LIAT agent indicated that they could get us back to Port of Spain before they could get us to Antigua.

    We had multiple times ( 8 ) conveyed to LIAT ticket agents – boarding agents – flight attendants & LIAT supervisors that LIAT was jeopardizing our 3 day vacation in an effort for LIAT to show empathy & provide us Priority boarding.

    LIAT’s response to try & place us on flights to Antigua did not materialize.

    With 2 days out of our 3 day vacation to Antigua spent in LIAT Departure Areas – we cancelled our vacation to cut our losses.

    The Liat agent immediately re-booked us on a flight to Port of Spain and told us he would have our checked luggage retagged.

    At time of another delayed departure we inquired about our checked bag because we had not received the new tag. We were told it would be brought up from customs. We boarded the plane and asked the flight attendant to confirm our bag had been loaded and give us the tag. The flight attendant said the bag had been loaded, but they hadn’t had time to get a tag.

    We arrived in POS, and our bag did not. We filed a missing luggage claim w/ the POS Liat agent. We informed the agent the luggage was originally tagged to go to Antigua and she recorded it on the report.

    The next morning we called the baggage service and was told they would find the bag, give us a call, and deliver to our hotel.

    Saturday morning February 21st, we called Liat baggage service again because we had not heard back and was told they had not located the bag. On a whim we called the customer relations number on an email we had received from an agent regarding our complaint about our failed trip to Antigua. This call was answered by David in Antigua baggage claim.

    “David, do you have a red hard case bag there?”

    “Yes, what’s the name on the bag?”


    “Yes, that bag is here. Where is it suppose to be?”

    “Port of Spain”

    “Ok, here’s the new tag number for POS, it will be on flight 309 to POS….”

    We retrieved our bag Saturday night Feb 21st from POS airport. Thank you, David.

    We have never had such a horrible experience with an airline. We will never fly Liat airline again.


  • New news web site in Barbados and the region. Read:


  • Nation News reports PM Stuart as stating that the island will go republic. What, no referendum?

    Just so. And this, a priority for Government, at a time when they cannot even run the economy properly, cannot make due payments to those owed, cannot run the healthcare system?

    One wonders at motives. I am wary.


  • @ Crusoe
    One wonders at motives. I am wary
    what motives what??!!
    Ignorance has no bounds….and needs no motives.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Crusoe

    Let me give you the motive.

    “Lost in Transition”

    No relation to Lost in Translation or Transmission.

    The Process of Moving to A Republic has with it many grey areas which can and will extend the tenure of a government that is doomed to be replaced.

    Add to that the fact that there is to be no Referendum and that this is “a done deal” for the Democratic Labour Party and what we have is a Dictatorship on the Horizon of Bulbados.

    I am a Simple man, bereft of the sartorial skills of a well read men like Fumble and illiterati like Buffalo Stinkliar and his inability to know where to place a decimal point, but, if you read the tarot cards like any diviner of these things what you will see is something similar to the issuance of new currency into the Bajan economy, a trick to increase money in circulation and thereby falsify the true state of an economy that has shrunk significantly.

    I am sure that there are no real records and mechanisms which tracked the recall of old bills and their replacement with new bills but wunna fellows like Mr. Walter Blackman and Artaxerxes would be able to expand on what the real purpose of this so called replacement monopoly money was.

    “REPUBLIC BY DECREE” another word for “DLP FOR LIFE” because in the hiatus of changeover, normal general elections going be abolished, the constitution OBVIOUSLY changed, and all uh we going have to continue to grease we pooch for a more thorough bvlling

    Yes yes we all should be wary en trufe….


  • NASA: The End Of Mankind “Leaked Document” 2013


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