Adrian Loveridge Column – A Time to Work Together

If there has ever been a time when tourism partners sharing the same sub-sector have needed to work together in the national recovery interest, it is now!

A couple of weeks ago I suggested to our national marketing agency that a short video be produced from the existing library of incredible images highlighting our amazing choice of restaurants and dining options.

The ‘theme’ would be ‘Did you miss us?’

The video could be aired, without any significant cost, through all available social media outlets and travel partners, to remind both locals, second home owners, together with returning visitors of what we have been capable of providing, year after year, under ‘normal’ circumstances.

A similar exercise may easily be done with our car rental suppliers without necessarily giving prominence to the merits of any particular company.

Most renters do not, of course, base their booking decision on the make or model of vehicle, but what the car can offer them in flexibility to explore the island, visit attractions, activities and sample the myriad of eating out choices and equally important, providing added value and experiences.

Several years ago we persuaded, for the first time ever, three of the largest villa rental agencies to jointly create a full page ‘ad’ that was placed in one of the leading travel magazines. The individual cost to each company for exclusive sole participation was difficult to justify, but collectively sharing the expense three ways, made it a whole different story, giving readers previously unknown choices, as whom to contact and search for their chosen property.

While highly targeted strictly print advertisements have fallen out of favour against the more recent electronic media alternatives, I still believe it can play a critical part in overall marketing, especially if carefully monitored for response and cost-effectiveness.

We also used this concept to launch the first fully functional small hotel group called Barbados Treasures. Each of the original five member hotels offered an identically priced package that included reduced rate car rental, a choice of attractions and an out-of-hotel dinner option. It became one of the best-selling offers available at that time and significantly increased average occupancy in each of the partner properties.

There are countless other examples of why working together makes economic sense, while building awareness of the destination and growing each participating business. It just takes resolve and commitment from sufficient big-picture people with a common objective to make the idea work.

One thing for sure, as tourism recovery inevitably takes place, despite the naysaying utterings of the pundits and doubters, every industry provider will be vying to seek out what they perceive as their fair market share. They will then be faced with attempts to do this alone in isolation, or learning to work as a team, to greatly increase the likelihood of overall success.

10 thoughts on “Adrian Loveridge Column – A Time to Work Together

  1. Barbados are you ready for your share of the tourism pie???


    Tourism in Spain is the third major contributor to national economic life after the industrial and the business/banking sectors, contributing about 10–11% of Spain’s GDP. Ever since the 1960s and 1970s, the country has been a popular destination for summer holidays, especially with large numbers of tourists from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, the Benelux, and the United States, among others. Accordingly, Spain’s foreign tourist industry has grown into the second-biggest in the world.

    British holidaymakers will be allowed back to Spain’s islands ahead of the biggest cities, the Spanish foreign minister has said.

    “That’s top of our priorities right now.

    “We want to make sure that at this moment when every country is suffering from this pandemic, we can provide them with a safe experience.

    Arancha González Laya told the BBC Today programme that her country is Ready to open – with the Balearic and Canary islands first to open up to Tourist.

    Spain has had one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe, which it is lifting.

  2. Why have Jamaica, Bahamas, Antigua and St. Lucia reopened for commercial flights, while in Barbados, Guyana, T&T and other territories we are still de facto a corona camp with no exit? (private jets won´t count)

    Can someone from the official side take away my worries a little? Please.

  3. Adrian : I applaud your efforts to market Barbados, however to which market? Increasingly if we are to believe statistics more people are self-booking through the internet rather than through the traditional travel agent. There is a large percentage of return visitors. The focus would logically be the first time visitor. Keeping in mind your Treasures group, perhaps you could book one with the option of switching to another, sort of a chance to sample one or more accommodations on your first visit. The logistics may be difficult depending on the occupancy rate, however, it would give the initial property an opportunity to give the client no reason to change. Let us hope Barbados will soon be open for business safely.

  4. The designs, imaging, videos and layouts coming out of the Government Information Service (GIS) are perhaps the best I have seen anywhere in the world. To say that this department is on top of their game would be an understatement. Credit is due to GIS in sourcing this local talent and showing that little Barbados can punch above their weight in the digital arena.

    I dearly hope that their ability can be used by the BMTI and others to create images, stories and content that can be used to promote Barbados directly to clients on all the International social media platforms.

    Again I say that the visitor ID card MUST be placed online similar to Aruba, Curacao & others so that the tourism marketing department can have immediate access to the arrival demographics to target persons via lifestyle, age, post number & profession. Facebook for one gives all of these possibilities.

    If there is one positive thing that we can get from the Covid-19 experience it is the ability to hone our talents and be the Caribbean leader in digital tourism marketing.

    Yes we can!

  5. It is so sad that when shy$e talk gine on here a video supporting dat shy$e talk will be posted e.g. Mugabe Mottley Disinformation lies

    But when people talking bout good videos ALL WUNNA DOES DO IS REFERENCE IT!

    Dis is why de ole man say dat wunna old menses IS NOT RASS**LE READY!!!

    Wunna still trapped in prehistoric times with the check is in the mail type mentality WHILE MARKETING DEMANDS DAT YOU INSERT DE RASSH**E LINK DE SAME TIME!

    Yet wunna want to be considered as cutting edge thinkers and movers and shakers!

    Wunna ent ready!

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