Notice to all Hotels and Cruise Ship Companies

Nathan J. Green

21st July 2021

Good Day

A Notice to all Hotels and Cruise Ship Companies.

My name is Nathan ‘Jolly” Green; I am a Caribbean journalist, and a freelance acting on the instructions of a well-known international TV company.

Between August and December, my five-person team will begin surveying and inspecting a mixture of 150 hotels and cruise ships to test for sterilization or non-sterilization of bedrooms and bathrooms. We will be specifically inspecting bedding, linens, including pillow covers, pillows, blankets, bedspreads, and sheets. We are not only looking for laundering evidence; we are looking for sterilization.

Many Caribbean hotels will be part of our scheme, and we will book in as clients and carry out forensic tests to see if you are both laundering and sterilizing the bedding between each new guest at your hotel. If we have a severely negative result, we will notify the hotel management, and in every case, our findings will become part of an international TV program.

The above YouTube video shows a past survey. Besides UV black lights, we now also have much more scientific test equipment to detect bacteria and virus. The sophisticated equipment will not fail to detect any existing failures in duty of care to clients of hotels.

Seventy per cent of our tests will be carried out on major hotel group properties, twenty per cent on privately owned hotels, and ten per cent on cruise ships. Next year [2022] we will be conducting tests for a second linked program on bed and breakfast establishments.

I write to you to give you a fair warning of what we intend to do, which is a better warning than many hotels provide to their clients who are being cheated on and whose health is being put at severe risk from many kinds of pathogens.

In the worst of cases, we intend to supply certified videos to government departments and prosecution attorneys. We will also be willing to appear as witnesses in subsequent court cases arising from our findings. Every course of action and procedure will be videoed and will together with the inspection form part of the same TV program.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Nathon J Green.

22 thoughts on “Notice to all Hotels and Cruise Ship Companies

  1. @Nathan ‘Jolly” Green

    You seem to have a lot of time to waste with nonsense. Why don’t you take some time to investigate the effectiveness of ivermectin based treatments for COVID and what percentage of fully vaccinated vs unvaccinated people are being hospitalized?

  2. Hopefully you do not use the same team or they will get known. Use people from abroad as guests like Waru she would like nothing more than to take those uppity hotels down a notch, but then again maybe bugs ,or rodents can be brought in with them. Wouldnt it be better to let the market place decide, ask owners if they are willing to have their premises checked if they dont….. post that. I am sure there is no shortage of reviews on the internet of a bad experience at a hotel. The places that accept your challenge should be given credit for doing so and if they are deficient in some areas be given credit for quick repair of issues. the last thing you want is to harm your tourism product , and if problems are rampant this is govt. inspection failings that have to be looked into as well. Good luck on your venture.

  3. Hants
    What are you trying to do?
    I travel with my own sheet. Now I have to travel with pillow cases and sanitizer .
    Can you imagine using a room just after Lawson was there. Ewwwww😃

  4. Two things: 1. Once your name appears on a guest list, you can be sure that your room will be immaculate and 2. Be sure to have your test instruments calibrated frequently as the properties will have their legal teams looking for ways to make a killing in court

  5. The problem is not the pillow cases it is the actual pillows which are stuffed full of pathogens, this is not just about COVID 19, it is about all breathable Bacteria and Virus. Tuberculosis, Influenza, common cold, there are hundreds of respiratory diseases in pillows, and many other infections carried in other bedding. Remember in general hotels only wash the top and bottom sheet and pillow cases. Some hotels have a staff failure where lazy staff do not even change the sheets and pillow cases between staff.

    Of course most hotel owners will not agree to such a survey to take place in their hotels, because any bad findings are non negotiable, they and what the manage says in defence of any atrocity will appear in the program.

    This is an expose of the risks that can be laid on the tourist and travelling public, they simply have no way of knowing the día risk they may be put in. The public health aspect is more important than the rights of the hotel.

  6. Yes Hants its a bajan hand as you can see palm up.
    Theo I dont think you would have to worry about getting a suite after me, I dont think we stay at the same places, Maybe you should have your places put up a sign no white people allowed if that would make you feel more comfortable.

  7. “Theo I dont think you would have to worry about getting a suite after me, I dont think we stay at the same places”

    Thank God. I suspect that you are correct. Did you get the Covid-19 stamp/certificate/travel document for your hooker friend.

  8. My three amigos
    Lawson, Rabbit and Lorenzo
    Most men worry about catching Covid-19.
    Lawson worry about cotwid-a16


  9. I thought you were a sensitive guy Theo because the teenagers said you cry during sex…now I realize it was the mace.
    Your right I am not into that bus shelter thing, you got going ,

  10. I think your well past the age the young girls used to say….daddy get off me your crushing my smokes.

  11. @Lawson
    The best I could come up with
    A hooker and Lawson went into a bar..
    Hooker: A bar full of men; I am drunk and not one customer.
    Lawson: Funny, I am not drunk.
    Hooker:You would be drunk as hell, if semen contained alcohol

  12. The tourism industry is destroying the Caribbean’s once pristine natural environment. What a pity that we are reduced to discussing the cleanliness of our hotels and their bed sheeting. Am I missing something?

  13. I am sure the authorities were told that by the environmentalists but all they saw is opportunities for green. It’s called killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

    We have the best natural renewable resources possible in our land and people but we repeatedly chose to give the reins to people who don’t have our interest at heart or don’t know how to run a country and through party politics where for the most part they and their enablers perpetuate the cycle.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  14. Theo lame, however you telling a joke is like a dog walking on its hind legs doesnt do it very well but it is amazing it can do it at all.

  15. TLSN austrailia I have heard has lost 1/2 its barrier reef from the warming of the ocean it may not be all down to cruise ships, but tough enforcement of rules should be a priority

  16. “The tourism industry is destroying the Caribbean’s once pristine natural environment.”

    they are only getting what they all so richly deserve…they sold their souls for paper….and destruction to the environment, they want to hear NOTHING about or try anything else, according to them, that makes them super RICH…let them pay for their crimes against the people.

  17. I am coming Barbados with two teams of five, if you are failing to protect your guests by failing to sterilize things in your bedrooms, you have much to fear from us.

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