Tourism Programming in Digital Era

Submitted by Stanton Carter – Brand Caribbean Inc


A shared article on a well-known social media platform on May 11/2022 respecting Barbados and the Caribbean tourism recovery progress brought back memories of a posting in the March 23 /2020 edition of Barbados Underground under the caption “We need a new game to promote Tourism”. Both articles offered opinionated suggestions on the development of various sectors of the tourism industry but neither one embodied a program for the way forward. Recommendations appeared to be relying on the induced demand strategy for generating visitor arrivals, but this approach might not produce desired results.

In the post pandemic period, digital technology will be the axle tourism officials will utilize to drive and operate tourism industries. Competition between Caribbean states for tourism receipts will be fierce. To survive, tourism dependent destinations will have to create and implement tourism master plans that are innovative and futuristic.

If a change is necessary, a business model should be put in place that (1) will modernize and keep destination programming abreast of industry technology and (2) develop and introduce diverse collaborative marketing campaigns that are consumer and travel trade oriented. Product distribution and tourism revenue generating initiatives should be incorporated in the program as they will be a Force Majeure in the new era tourism.


One of the non-publicised benefits Covid-19 provided Caribbean destinations dependent on tourism revenue, was the opportunity to review and upgrade their Modus Operandi. The chance to recalibrate and improve destination programming was apparently passed over as tourism authorities appeared to favour a return to pre covid marketing strategies.

The new model would necessitate upgrading and expanding current business strategies to include rebranding, monetizing tourism activities, product distribution, concentrating on community programming, and depending on resources, the establishment of a” National Destination Tour Company” with Internet Booking Engine (IBE) functionality.


1 – Reduced dependence on international tour operators, foreign carriers and their tour companies, wholesalers, and hotels reps for generating visitor traffic

2 – Building a better working relationship between Public and Private sectors in marketing and promoting destination

3 – Establishment of national destination tour company branches in overseas markets

4 – Generate tourism revenue and eliminate need for government subsidies

5 – Better management, control, and distribution of tourism product

6 -The building a tourism industry that is not susceptible to industry partners

“High and Low Season” marketing activities


The incorporation of a national tour company with a booking engine in a destination’s tourism authority infrastructure will not only level the playing field but lessen third-party involvement. It will reduce marketing and promotional expenditures, open new avenues for generating revenues, create employment opportunities, provide effective industry management, and year-round competitive programming. Moreover, it will generate visitor arrivals.

The internet booking engine concept is also not new. It is an updated, upgraded digitalized version of the reservation/sales function which appointed travel product wholesalers in overseas markets performed for Caribbean destinations in the 1960-1970’s prior to the evolution of tour companies. The booking engine would enable direct destination bookings and revenue earned remains in country.

There is also the precedent of the successful and productive use of the above-type business model in support of a popular Caribbean Island for approximately 30 years. Some tangible destination project benefits include (a) a dedicated airline service, (b) premium marketing campaigns, (c) an out of country licensed sales facility, (d) affordable tourism/hospitality holiday packages, and (e) excellent working relationships with international airlines, travel trade professionals and tour operators. Estimated arrivals at this destination in 2022, approximately 2.5 million visitors.

If Caribbean destinations are seeking solutions for a robust recovery of their tourism industries, an adaptation of this model could be the resolve.


Most Caribbean destinations experienced major tourism revenue losses due to Covid-19. To attempt to rebuild tourism industries in the post pandemic era, programmers will have to create and offer value laden affordable holiday packages “chock-a-block with authentic enjoyable experiences” that are superior to other programs in the marketplace.

To enlighten persons not familiar with tourism programming, the following is a draft blueprint of a diverse collaborative master plan that could be utilized by any Caribbean destination.


1 – Tourism and Hotel Association officials should convene a meeting to discuss the creation of a Public – Private Sector Collaborative “Sweet Fuh So Holiday Program.”

2- Meeting participants should include Tourism and Hotel Association executives, local and international airlines, their tour companies, overseas and local tour operators, wholesalers, travel professionals and destination stakeholders. The probability of including cruise lines should be considered.

3-The appointment of a Special Marketing Task Force Committee to work on the rebuilding project.

4-The Holiday Package components, to mention a few, should include – Visitor Arrival Receptions, Airfares, Accommodation, Culinary & Gastronomy Outings, Entertainment, Water Sports, Exceptional Events, and other memorable Experiences, that would make the destination the paramount location for exciting year-round “Sweet Fuh So Holidays”.

5-Packkage amenities should be chosen by the Special Task Force Committee.

6-Destination Stakeholders should be a combination of Tourism and Hotel Association officials, hotels, tour companies, entertainers, restaurants, taxi drivers, water sports operators, artists, immigration, customs, and police departments.

7-Marketing strategies should utilize social media and traditional platforms

to target market Cultural, Foodies, Weddings and Honeymooners, Diaspora, Snowbirds, Millennials, LGBTQ2+, etc.

8-A Public Relations campaign should be launched to notify consumers the destination is open for business.

9-Training seminars should be conducted by destination’s overseas offices in respective markets to educate travel professionals in small groups of 25-30 on the new program.

10-Planned destination educational visitations for travel agents, overseas journalists, travel writers and travel press should be an integral part of the program.

11-The Holiday package should be available for immediate implementation in the event the pandemic comes to a quick end.

Not all the components of the tourism master plan are listed in this draft document. One such item involves “Incentives”. If incorporated in the program, a three-year platinum incentive promotional campaign could be developed that would enhance the destination’s brand globally.

As most Caribbean islands are airline dependent destinations, they will require air connectivity from carriers, preferably those who own and operate tour companies, to kick start their tourism industries. These partnerships could generate a variety of visitors – package holiday’s vacationers, F.I.T travellers, M.I.C.E, and Sports groups – that would result in better utilization of the destination’s hotel rooms inventory. Negotiating such support services is another feature of the plan.

Project success and results will depend upon a destination’s Private and Public sectors joint efforts to develop effective collaborative programming. Willingness to discard yesterday’s marketing techniques, in favour of utilizing innovative digital solutions, would make the recovery resilient. To facilitate planning and development of strategies for future master plans, Caribbean destinations should consider establishing permanent Private and Public sectors tourism marketing committees. In the digital era, the Caribbean needs to transition to the new technology or continue to experience declines in visitor arrivals.

96 thoughts on “Tourism Programming in Digital Era

  1. ” WE GOT THIS” , well for the last decade this saying has prevailed, however the results have been FAILURE.

    Get off the tourism model for GDP and implement some production schemes, oh yes wishful thinking this would mean the welfare state concept would have to go.

  2. AKA…
    National prostitution in the digital age
    How to compromise your own morals and self-esteem to the whims of the highest bidder, …presumably because you do not possess the capability to use your TALENTS, creativity, and initiative to produce PRODUCTS that people of the world need and want to purchase.
    Brass Bowls if this ilk can only be given our pity.

    Our deepest condolences however, must go to the CHILDREN of such hopeless prostitutes, who are UNLIKELY to turn out to be any better able to rise above such mendicancy.

    A people can only get EXACTLY what they deserve.

  3. HantsAugust 8, 2022 9:53 AM

    @ Bush Tea,

    Name the ” PRODUCTS that people of the world need ” that Barbados can produce.


    Heritage Tourism …. Barbados is a World Heritage Site, every single square inch.

    Ignorance of our past is the only stumbling block!!

  4. @ Hants
    Any of the necessities, wants, luxuries or other requirements or potential requirements of this world’s 8 Billion peoples…that can be conceptualized and produced at HIGH quality and at competitive pricing, based on any unique advantages existing in Barbados….
    Such as…food products, unique health products based on research into local assets such as, black belly sheep, sea island cotton, Bajan cherry, tamarind, aloes…
    -Skills such as garment design and manufacture- that brings unique STYLE and suitability for climates like ours…
    -Sports products based on unique talents like we have in cricket, road tennis and on such persons like Oba and Sada
    -Software development and other technology services – build on our expensive education expenses over the years..

    Even WELL CONCEIVED tourism offers potential for proper export services…
    BUT it must be tourism based on people coming here to see how a small, Black Country can be so WELL managed, and so financially viable, and so socially focussed on COMMUNITY development…. that is a sight to behold.

    …see if you can differentiate between this approach, and the mendicant attitude of pandering to the mostly warped desires of those with money …by prostrating our young people before their dastardly whims and fancies…
    …in search of a good payday …whatever toll it takes on our environment, morals, and even our financial bottom line…. since the REAL ‘Johns’ in our current ’Tourism’ idiocy are located OVERSEAS and are the ones making the REAL money…

    What we are doing is the epitome of brass bowlery….

  5. Just a thought…
    With the emergence of all inclusive resorts where a large portion of the tourist spend is captured overseas, is this covered in the article.

  6. TheOGazertsAugust 8, 2022 11:29 AM

    Just a thought…
    With the emergence of all inclusive resorts where a large portion of the tourist spend is captured overseas, is this covered in the article.



    1 – Reduced dependence on international tour operators, foreign carriers and their tour companies, wholesalers, and hotels reps for generating visitor traffic

    3 – Establishment of national destination tour company branches in overseas markets

    I suspect this is how the imagined model is expected to capture more revenue but here’s the flaw.

    A national destination tour company will just be another pork barrel for the political elite.

    Add to that the fact that there is no way international tour operators are going to roll over and play dead and that almost certainly all the hotels are foreign owned there is no way the GOB is going to get its hands on the FOREX generated by these assets.

    Reel and come again!!

  7. If Sandals or Sandy Lane has already invested in their own marketing arms, unless the GOB can add something to their bottom line, it has effectively walked away from control of these assets.

    Individual local businesses have to find ways of increasing the local spend of tourists by adding value to their experience.

  8. @ Bush Tea

    You are cooking on gas on the Bu think-tank
    A Website advertising sexual services ‘like a takeaway menu’ sounds a winner

    You Got The Love

    9pm (Till I Come)

  9. “Sweet fuh so” is just one more rubbish slogan to make tourists think Bajans are semi literate and convince the tourists of Bajans abject ignorance of their own history.

  10. I agree with Bushie. A lotta long talk.

    Barbados had productive sectors before we dumped them to buy Chinese cheap imports.

    But in the old bait and switch, China imports are no longer cheap.

    Tourism is a necessary and valid product, but KISS…keep it simple.

    Production is necessary for the island to survive and progress.

    Evabody cant be a lawyer, doctor. Musicians, garments designers, furniture makers are all honest livelihoods.

    The real problem is not only the earning potential of these, but that potential candidates are trying to live in a paradigm designed to enslave. A system where we are trying to pay exorbitant mortgages or rents, but overpriced cars, spend on overpriced food.

    Is it inflation? Or is it systemic greed, operating a system to keep people stupid under the Union….oh wait….

    Assess ourselves, our life priorities.

    Globalisation was a scam to disenfranchise the unsuspecting.

    Reality the big corporates have only ONE thing in mind…MONEY.

    Never doubt it.

    Unshackle the shackles.

  11. See what Ri done with her brand?

    There is a designer doing very well too in NY.

    Why a Bajan designer’s clothes cannot be on the Paris catwalk?

    Why a Bajan’s art cannot be one of the most sought after works?

    Why a man going to buy shoes for work should not go for locally made leather, instead of Clarks?

    Why must a house cost $300,000, when is a few bricks, roof lumber, galvanise and pipe?

    Change the paradigm.

  12. Just spent a month there basically eat drink and exercise nothing else can fill the days. so open a coffee shop, or a bar for your best return

  13. Sea Island Cotton, I have always wondered what went wrong with that. And YES we should also be designing and making our own fashions. Much of what we wear here is not suitable for the climate. BAJAN CHERRY, the absolute best. Aloes used in soooooo many skin care products.

    And black belly sheep is much better than New Zealand crap.

    I too believe that Bush Tea is absolutely correct.

    • @Donna

      Nice in theory, the challenge comes when the taste and entrepreneurial spirit (lack of it) of Barbadians continue to be eroded from cultural penetration. An old argument but very real.

  14. Barbadians with eye issues can have their eyes tested and glasses provided free of charge through Great Shape Inc.

    Programme director Dr Steven Stern said there is always a need to provide care to those with eye issues and who could not afford to purchase glasses for themselves.

    Long lines of people were observed outside Sandals Royal, Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church, waiting to see the technicians.

    The iCARE team, which hails from the USA and Canada, and is working alongside the Sandals Foundation, will be on island for the next three days.

    Stern said already his team had seen nearly 300 people, and anticipated they would see between 1 500 to 2 000 by Thursday.

  15. Hants…they will not be able to afford eye care…a decent pair of glasses is upward of $12-1,500

    we have not gotten to the dental work part where depending on what your having done could run you upward of 12-15,000 dollars…..yes thousand…

    the people on the island have suffered for social care FOR DECADES…

  16. oh…and that is without health insurance…completely out of pocket for those who can afford sans deductibles…

  17. @African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    ” eyes tested and glasses provided free of charge ”

    glasses provided free of charge

  18. “” eyes tested and glasses provided free of charge ”

    glasses provided free of charge”

    gotta thank those who are providing that service….at my age i know only too well how VERY EXPENSIVE any social service…..but the necessities must be paid for at any cost….at least they don’t have to worry about losing their sight because they can’t afford eye care..

  19. David
    No suh! Bushie is liked but I am not Alice.Remember the Cow-Ryan Bratwaite land saga? Recall what I said lots for athletes and how BU cuss me? Look 3 now in less than a month.🤐

  20. @Bush Tea at 10:38

    You hit the nail on the head. It’s all about showcasing products and experiences in a Barbadian adapted way that would pique the interest of any tourist. And make them part with their dollars while here. People will ALWAYS spend if you differentiate your offering. It’s stupid to import and sell what folks can get in their own country or easily get somewhere else.

    That’s where our talent pool can and should be creative.

    The challenge is waking up a mentally dead population

  21. David,

    Plenty of young entrepreneurs making skin care products using aloes in Barbados. Plenty of people raising black belly sheep. I know a woman making sweet treats from all of Barbados’ fruits. There are plenty artists and making jewelry and accessories, belts, footwear, handbags and designers making Caribbean- style clothing.

    All they need is help to get to the next level.

    People will buy with the correct marketing. Cultural penetration is not irreversable. Bajans like Bajan music. Bajans love people like Lil Rick who refused EVER to sound like an American or even a Jamaican. Still going strong, isn’t he?

    We had a great opportunity with the republic thing to make it more than just meaningless ceremony. It could have been the beginning of a mind revolution.

    Boy, what likkle Donna could have done with that! Especially with all these Ghanaians in the place!

    I have always found that those in authority, from the government to the churches think tooooooo small and lack imagination and a wholistic view. And they can always tell you what cannot work!

    • Let’s hope you are correct Donna, like you and others have correctly stated there is a responsibility of our leaders to keep hope alive.

  22. Sometimes your weaknesses become your strengths
    Having no money no work no fake parasite friends and colleagues can free you to live a better life outside the hustle and bustle of the rat race to spend time developing yourself and your mind body and soul. A full time beach bum has more fun than a 1 week vacationer.

    The whole world is squeezed by USA business, but they are paranoid (warmongers) about losing their #1 position

    USA has population of 300 million plus
    Barbados has population of less than 300 thousand

    Global Markets
    USA has a largest economy and a quarter of Global GDP

    I Broke the Laws

    Broke da Laws EP

  23. David,

    Hope is false without intention to action.

    If you want transformation, you have to be consistent and persistent.

    Bajans are a one event and done people. All for show. I think in terms of a programme. In schools but slso in the community. One parish at a time, we gun sen’ de transportation and …….

    • @Donna

      Hope has to be stoked from many areas, often time we pu all of our eggs in the government basket. The home, school, neighborhood, social circle and more. A part of the problem is that we have seen massive disruption in the environment and have not taken the time to understand in an evidence based analysis its impact.

  24. I would employ the same Lil Rick to hype up de ting but there would be a learning component. I got ideas galore!

  25. “Plenty of young entrepreneurs making skin care products using aloes in Barbados. Plenty of people raising black belly sheep. I know a woman making sweet treats from all of Barbados’ fruits. There are plenty artists and making jewelry and accessories, belts, footwear, handbags and designers making Caribbean- style clothing.

    All they need is help to get to the next level.”
    Absolutely right.
    There are also many more just WAITING for a sign that such initiatives would be encouraged and supported by authorities.

    Instead, what we see are clear indications that our elected officials give TOTAL support to those with money, ENSURING their continued domination of the economy, while giving lip service, handouts and false promises to those who voted for them.

    Bribes work wonders.

    Bushie continue to be overawed at the recent passion of a minister of Energy taking on the role of “Emera defender” against citizens who are asking for transparency.
    Recently, a ministeri in fine-ants was heard in parliament cussing credit unions in Barbados – when credit unions have been the best thing to happen to small entrepreneurs bout here in 40 years.

    For the poor, they have arranged for the children to assembly daily in food lines, in order to become comfortable in their future roles as mendicants…


    If we keep on trusting such ‘leaders’, we will end up right back in slavery …

    • @Bush Tea

      Both administrations have dragged on liberalizing the power generation in Barbados. The records will show Darcy Boyce was emboldened to state this publicly.

  26. “If we keep on trusting such ‘leaders’, we will end up right back in slavery …”

    too late Bushman, too late, even you missed the sleight of hand..

    whites, yes whites and others are FIGHTING BACK so their asses don’t get enslaved too….but i already know what those who would love to return to slavery with their weak willed selves so they can be sambos and sambas and drag everyone of us into it with them would say, ……………….”it happens everywhere”..

    that’s why these days one must keep their distance and watch those advancing toward us with empty talk…nonsense talk….they are banned from around me period, if ya can’t fight this system to save yaself, wuh you int gine save me, and i int got no use fuh you…

  27. Bushman…this is 2 YEARS myself and others have been fighting a particular battle….am not one for giving details….but suffice it to say, THEY CAN’T WIN THIS BATTLE NOR THE WAR…

    while also having to fight backward battles with the schooled…..which teaches a very valuable leasson….but while all of that was gong on….most PEOPLE MISSED THE REAL PLAYS…

  28. There are other aspects to living life

    Quantity vs Quality in material world

    Do You Love What You Feel

  29. Bushie,

    But as I said already, we are enslaved.

    But this time the chains are of paper rather than steel.

    Enslaved via mortgage and rents.

    Enslaved by paye and ni.

    Enslaved by media.

    Just as Bob said. Now HE was prescient.

    A Prophet in all respects.

  30. Ain’t that the truth, but they love to sing along to his music, dance to reggae and pay no attention to any of the prophecies when they are done…all on them… people are being warned from coast to coast, it’s the sambos and sambas determined to keep stay stuck in the 100-year-old plus social cesspit of a neo-colonial system…..and trap everyone else in it with them so they can spew endless shite are the ones everyone has to be VERY careful of, cause when they can’t lure you into their misery loves company they will try to bully you into it, remember the vaccine bullies….they are equally as dangerous as corrupt go nowhere politicians…

  31. Crusoe….about two days ago i saw the Archbishop of Canterbury of all people, telling the churches to STAY AWAY FROM GOVERNMENTS…these have been the servants and agents of governments creating all types of strife and horror for the people of the world for the last 1000 plus years…and if THEY ARE WARNING the churches to stay away from their masters….., wuh is only de dumest of de dum….don’t understand where all of this is leading…

  32. Sometimes when I read the defense of pure ignorance by successive governments and their callous disregard for real entrepreneurship, I ask myself : what is the real purpose of government.
    It is shameful that some folks can still come here trying to whitewash what has been a deliberate and systematic abandonment of young black entrepreneurs by both the BLP and DLP.

    • “The Cabinet of Barbados on July 28, 2022, approved the expansion of visa waiver arrangements for all passport holders from an additional 43 countries for a maximum period of 90 days.

      Permanent Secretary (Ag), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Kay Sealy, explained that the move to add these countries to Barbados’ visa waiver list is intended to enhance business and investment opportunities and facilitate the ease of travel for tourists. 

      The 43 countries are as follows:
      Africa: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Cape Verde, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Comoros, Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Republic of Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Sao Tomé and Principe, The Republic of Sudan, The Republic of South Sudan and Togo.

      The Americas: Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras and Paraguay.

      Europe: Andorra, Macedonia and Montenegro.

      Middle East: Kuwait and Lebanon.

      Asia: Bhutan, Cambodia, Mongolia, Nepal and Pakistan.

      The Pacific Region: Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru and Palau Islands.”

      Source: BGIS

  33. “Sometimes when I read the defense of pure ignorance by successive governments and their callous disregard for real entrepreneurship,”

    a neighbor was just discussing this, but there are those who would not only defend the idiocy, but justify it with misdirection…..then nothing changes…..then they complain there is no change…..the circle is about to close on them though…

  34. The Cabinet of Barbados on July 28, 2022, approved the expansion of visa waiver arrangements for all passport holders from an additional 43 countries for a maximum period of 90 days.
    Business is slow.So
    condoms are no longer required for most new quickie customers…

  35. @Bush Tea
    Desperate times call for…

    Be careful, next thing our gifted leaders may bless us with a new tourism white paper or green paper rehashing the failed ideas from the 60s and 70s.

  36. “condoms are no longer required for most new quickie customers”

    guess now it’s another WAIT and SEE…if the people got the time to waste and DON’T GET UP, FORGET POLITICIANS AND BREAK FOR THEMSELVES..

    if you sit and wait on a government who already told you …THEY CANNOT PROTECT YOU….at least the honesty seeped through then, probably unintentionally, but fright HAD JUST kicked in at certain news, so later there can be PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY WHEN IT ALL GOES SIDEWAYS….but you were WARNED…and cannot say you weren’t.

  37. Visa waiver…Honduras…included. Looka chubble.

    A country with highest murder rate in the world, real rough and no visa required?

    A few other questionables in there too.

    Wunna mad?

  38. Think too…the high value Bim brand is to be perteckted and wunna giving visas to evabody and evvybody.

    Yuh think de high value people ent goibg feel exposed?


    And mekking tingsxeasier fuh tourists, but a Bajan still gotta fill out 865 forms to open a snocone cart and related bank account?

    Loss Maisie. Stupse.

  39. “Visa waiver…Honduras…included. Looka chubble.”

    notice i have nothing to say about that….too busy bozie…lol..would not waste that energy..

    am more concerned about who pick up their tiefing, scamming criminal selves and and open doors for their criminal partners to our ancestral lands to rob it and burn all the bridges for our current and future generations than who floods the little go nowhere slave society with more and more social and financial destruction… that will always remain that way…they can have it as far as am concerned, and am sure they will too…….

    since our ancestors built it for free, were never recognized and their descents disenfranchised/robbed and oppressed in thanks, so i could care less about it….

  40. I am going to say flat out.

    I do not like this move at all.

    Waivers should have defined parameters for a country firstly, then specifically for individuals.

    As far as I am concerned, Honduras is an exanple of a country that no way could meet any rational parameters for a waiver program.

    Do not even have to look at others. That alone tells me of the lack of thought on this matter.

    • @Crusoe

      Recognizing your concerns the text of the communiqué suggests this is a business facilitation move and not related to tourism. Your thoughts?

  41. Crusoe
    “but a Bajan still gotta fill out 865 forms to open a snocone cart and related bank account?”
    Boss, just to deposit the likkle shiite money from welfare in the church Credit Union, we got to walk with birth certificate, telephone bill and nuff forms of ID….
    …but ANY and EVERY damn goon from Timbuktu can walk into the damn brothel and do as dem like.

    You think um could be the something from the paint in the Parliament building that got them bewitched…?
    …or are you in agreement with the bushman that the Devil gotta be in their donkeys…?

  42. @Bushie,

    I agree with you. This one has befuddled and concerned.


    There must be limits to which a country should go to attract business.

    Where the business partner appears to have significant concerning factors, methinks caution is the better part of valour.

    To coin Bushie’s gist, we appear to be prostrating ourselves for a quick trick.

    Unless of course, that is the point of the business facilitation…new sources of ahem…..resources, to enhance the tourism offering.

    Ninety day visas does sound about right for that.

    But as Bushie says, appropriate measures should be taken to protect against “social ills” …or “ills from socials”, whichever phrase suits.

    • @Crusoe

      Some will say some of the biggest criminals are the hegemonists we have been doing business for the last century.

  43. Crusoe…i see your concern….Honduras and others….ha…

    “Honduras has a Corruption Perception Index score of 26 out of 100, which is directly reflected in the fear citizens have of reporting crimes. Gang members can be killed for attempting to leave a gang and many businesses are forced to pay “war taxes” for protection.”

    just recently there was a whole discussion on this…

    can only try to protect the continent for our grands, great grands, great great into many generations….right now trying to make sure fences are mended to create a joining of forces a cohesion……….because apparently some believe that better could and should be done regarding cousins and what happened before….

    …so we gotta watch the low-crawling political scam artists from the west LIKE HAWKS…taking up all the time and energy….so the above will definitely slip through, no one wants that baggage or burden..and i definitely don’t want to have to deal with any of it…plate too full…..too exhausted, had to deal with too much already..

  44. Finally,

    We have enough gun crime. We surely do not need more.

    I wonder what the goodly Comm of Police thinls about this one.

  45. I take it since the colombians got outted., new horizons must now be explored..

    ….what a life..,,anything, NOT TO DO THE RIGHT THING by Afrikan people……

    they are on their own..

  46. It’s clear the people are now sitting ducks, but they are the ones have to GET UP AND ACT in their and their family’s best interest…or just sit and continue with the talk-a-ton…

    first they came for…..then they came for….then they came for…

  47. I see the argument can be said ya have dealt with certain hegemony groups for 100 years, but those are the satans ya know and genuflect to…….wait on, depend on all this time……..because that is what you and ya judas gang wanted……ya don’t even know ya local satans well or ya will NEVER SUPPORT them and would GET THEM GONE ASAP IF YA DID……

    ..but these new groups that you KNOW NOTHING AT ALL ABOUT…..we can only wish you the best of luck..

  48. Barbados Tourism Soup.

    Book a hotel room. Get on a plane. Fly to Barbados. Eat, drink,go to the beach, sleep.

    Add other available ingriedents.

  49. @ David
    Bush Tea…You are fully aware more weight is given to foreign exchange creation opportunities
    Of course.
    Presumably this is why we have extended the “National Business” well beyond Bush Hill.

    But how do you plan to address this issue where the pimps are absconding with the greater portion of the ‘takings’?

    Boss, you done know that the ‘Johns’ are paying by credit card – DIRECTLY into the overseas accounts of the ‘Pimps’….leaving locals to fight each other over the small change…
    …so exactly what forex are you speaking of?

    • @Bush Tea

      Isn’t this the model that is ensconced in our way of doing things?


  50. Isn’t this the model that is ensconced in our way of doing things?
    So Bushie is waiting on ‘the ultimate optimist’ to explain how so called intelligent people could POSSIBLY be so chupid.
    …unless of course you agree with the brass bowl theory of CURSES.

  51. Bushie,

    And that point on the location of forex is why the tourism VAT special rate was an insult that should never have been entertained, far less by people who presented at having a modicum of economic understanding.

    Effectively they were not putting in a fair share to the pot, for resources that they were using, without bringing anything substantial to the table.

  52. Wunna feel local gangs bad.

    Should have seen glimpses of what the overseas ones are capable of by now.

    Remember the fellow found in a car boot?

    Y’all playing with fire.

    And ya tink anyone untouchable wid dem?

    Stupse, doan mek mock sport.

    Dem Hondurans etc goin mek wunna hair grow where hair never grow before.

  53. Bushie,

    But your main point on the prostration of the family jewels is not lost.

    I can only surmise that those culpable only saw self interest, above the greater good.

    Them wud sell dem granmurrah.

  54. All,

    With all of that in mind, nothing precludes a future admin from nationalising resources, sych as energy, in the national interest.

    Rationale can be easily drafted, although maybe at that point, ad a matter of national security, much can also be redacted. Some things should not be shared. I am sure you understand.

    Wuhloss, bare sport in de RUMSHOP.

  55. Oh, I understand. How do you distinguish good from bad?

    Gangsters wear suits too. Criminality in some of those countries is endemic.

    The only protection is a robust visa assessment system.

    But waive all you like.

  56. these empty schooled vessels don’t ever know what to do, simply because they NEVER WANT TO DO RIGHT BY THE Afrikan population…

    “Common Entrance Examination likely in 2023Article by
    Anesta HenryPublished on
    August 10, 2022
    There is likely to be an 11-plus exam again next year, despite Government’s plans to abolish the annual test.”

    Crusoe…i did hint that pursuing any discourse where the topic of the corrupt is concerned is a complete waste of time and energy, just protect yourself and family……let the supporters and enablers of their own demise and the corrupt… experience it for themselves…

    “Them wud sell dem granmurrah.”

    and that’s why some of us are working overtime to protect the continent from this generational criminal trash…

  57. “NIS Actuarial Review?”

    really, how many more reviews that go nowhere…was there not one under the mirror image government done by the company owned by the dude who is or was an MP in the Canadian government…

    …so wuh happen wid dah one…since then MORE TIEFING, MORE BILLIONS DISAPPEARED….last we heard 6 MILLION MORE DOLLARS on top of all the missing billions UNACCOUNTED FOR…

    so who is the actuary conducting another fake review…

  58. William….they are STILL GOING NOWHERE….

    but at least the most vulnerable in the population are now aware…

    and will have to act to save themselves from these generational frauds… who is the actuary conducting another fake review……and how many more MILLIONS of tax dollars are they being paid for basically DOING NOTHING…


    traditional calls made using a landline telephone.



  62. I always say our “bad boys” play like children when compared to others.


    Say WHAT???????

    When I said we need to help our young entrepreneurs to get to the next level, I was not thinking of the drug dealers and HITMEN!

  63. Wuhlaus! I forgot the human traffickers.

    The good Hondurans are running from Honduras EVERY DAMN DAY!

    HONDURAS IS A MESS! What were the criteria upon which this visa waiver was based??????????

  64. Miller….looks like ya still gine get ya hyatt erection but under another name in another country……the treasury, NIS, Vat are all now broke, but there is always Guyana……who money dey using doh???…tell me it’s not IMF/IADB/IDB/CDB etc …….the alphabet loans taken in the people’s names…

    “Barbados developer, Mark Maloney is partnering with local businessmen for the 186-room Embassy Suites by Hilton which will be constructed on the Liliendaal Railway Embankment, Greater Georgetown.”

  65. For those who still hold to the belief that the crypto scam is a savior…

    about a week or two ago i saw where people were breaking into all those databases and tiefing from bitcoin and evating else that was not nailed down, even the blockchain ledgers were looking iffy..

    “Coinbase posts $1.1 BILLION LOSS, revenue drops 60% in Q2”

  66. Can our tourism gurus respond to this???
    TLSN must be asleep.
    ” Hoi An in Vietnam that’s number one in the ranking.”

    It’s here where their pound will stretch the furthest, followed by Cape Town in South Africa (second), Mombasa in Kenya (third), and Tokyo, Japan (fourth).

    “Meanwhile, Bridgetown in Barbados has been deemed the worst-value long-haul winter sun destination for British holidaymakers.”

    I thought it was difficult, but it seems as if talking out of both sides of your mouth is the new normal
    From BT
    “The British traveller is not your normal, typical holiday traveller. If you know about British people, they are normally the rank and file, the middle class, they normally invest in their holidays a year, sometimes two years, in advance. So, a number of them would have already made their commitment to travel ever since the post-lockdown period to travel to places like ours in the region,” the SALISES head said.

    “There is no real fallout in the immediate circumstance of the coming winter, short of a run on the British pound that would precipitate a cancellation of holidays…. Short of something like that, I expect that everything would run as smoothly as possible.”

    The social and economic researcher noted, however, that while arrival numbers might not be down, spending might.

    “…. Because with the hit on the British pound, it will take much, much more pounds to convert into local currency or into US currency. You might see an immediate reaction in terms of expenditure,” he said.

    Contending that Barbados has been “saddled” with high visitor traffic but low visitor spend for some time, Professor Marshall observed that this has been more acute among cruise passengers than tourists arriving by air.

    I am becoming afraid of our intellectuals.

  68. Please allow me to say a few words on the bitcoin industry, even though I’m aware that it could violate the rule on your website that comments unrelated to an article aren’t allowed.
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    • I’m really happy to see assessments about Adrian Lamo because, if I had to judge by myself, I’d say that he was either underestimated or too private to enjoy the kind of fame he deserved.
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