UK Amber Alert Catspradles Tourist Sector

UK travel light system explained

This week the UK relaxed overseas travel, however, based on a traffic light classification it means UK travellers to Barbados- a country classified AMBER- will have to quarantine for 10 days on return. Based on a BU source hotels and apartments in Barbados have started to receive cancellations.

Arrivals from countries on the amber list will need to quarantine at home for 10 days, in addition to forking out for tests before and after their trip. You should not travel there for leisure purposes.

Traffic light system: red, amber and green list countries – where can I go on holiday abroad?

The Barbados government front loaded its economic recovery strategy by expending significant resources to keep the local tourism industry afloat. The AMBER classification must be accepted for what it is, a body blow. Unless Prime Minister Mia Mottley can do a Houdini tourist traffic for the summer from our most profitable market just went south.

This event now unfolding must cause a critique of the COVID 19 immunization policy. Has the time come for the government through the Chief Medical Officer to authorize private medical facilities to deliver COVID 19 vaccinations? Unless were are able to achieve 70/80% coverage that defines herd immunity, we will not be able to refloat the tourism boat in the near term.



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  1. David

    Facts and reality

    If u don’t have the required number of vaccines then any talk about speeding up vaccinations is a waste of time

    Did John a advocate for the introduction of GPs to help speed up the process?

    Then we still have to wait until we get the rest of doses to get to the 70 / 80%

    We will not get there / in the green zone until we get enough vaccines

    U or John A can tell us how we can get the adittional shot on the island sooner ?

    • @John2

      At the risk of being repetitive and pedantic- is not our job to tell the government how to procure vaccinations and to execute quick immunization. We are saying the government will not be able to quickly breath live into the numbers of tourist arrivals unless Barbados can report herd immunity. All the other activity being disseminated can be considered fluff until such time.

  2. @ David,

    Government should beg Canada for vaccines.

    Canadian companies especially the three banketeers Scotia, Royal and CIBC have benefitted from their operations in Barbados.

  3. I am just here to ask a few questions about our tourism industry. Why was tourism set up in Barbados? Why did the government get so involved in tourism decades ago? Was tourism pushed by the government as means of making money for the country? Has tourism been making money/profit for the country? Where is the evidence of such? Is the government supporting a stillborn in supporting tourism? Is the government subsidizing an industry that is unprofitable for the country? Is any research being done on the industry to answer some of the above questions? Do we measure the tourism leakage rate in Barbados? If so what is the rate and how is it calculated? Are our tourism decisions research-based or at least carry a large element of research? Do we do target marketing and how specific is such targeting? What level of demand do we have for the destination? Is the demand being influenced by our subsidizing of many elements of our tourism product? How are we selecting and promoting our tourism personnel in government?

  4. Are we placing the emphasis on FX in tourism because of the fact that the political parties are supported by those large-scale buyers and resalers known to us as merchants? What if we are subsidizing an unprofitable for the sake of supporting non exporting businesses in BIM? What if one of the reasons we end up in the hands of the IMF is heavily subsidizing an unprofitable tourism industry through external and internal government borrowing and heavy taxation?

  5. “She explained that Barbados had to refer to the Palace before making decisions relating to the selection of an Ambassador or making changes to specific categories of nominees for National Honours, at short notice.”

    is that all?? cause ya know they love to only give the people who ELECT THEM….half the story….or more troubling…NO STORY AT ALL…

    btw…i see US is still donating medical equipment to the island.

  6. Artax

    Please ‘tell’ BU when was the last time you saw butterflies here? Surely you can’t be aware there is a disease that has been affecting butterflies for several years.


    Obviously u don’t know any thing about butterfly farming
    I leave it at that

  7. angela cox May 21, 2021 3:29 PM #:

    “Obviously u don’t know any thing about butterfly farming” either. You read about it on line and came to give BU the impression you’re versed in the concept.

    For about a year or more, local limes have been scarce, because lime trees are either ‘drying up’ or not bearing the fruit.

    Based on your logic, we should engage in lime farming.

  8. @john 2


    Joking of course I would make a terrible politician. But hey I gave her the vote and I watching. As Biden said this week the responsibility stops at the president.

  9. ArtaxMay 21, 2021 4:08 PM

    angela cox May 21, 2021 3:29 PM #:

    “Obviously u don’t know any thing about butterfly farming” either. You read about it on line and came to give BU the impression you’re versed in the concept.

    For about a year or more, local limes have been scarce, because lime trees are either ‘drying up’ or not bearing the fruit.

    Based on your logic, we should engage in lime farming

    Xxxxxxxxxxxcxobviously you have never heard about butterfly farming

  10. David

    All fluff from beginning to end

    U call it fluff I called it a waste of time

    For months mm did tell of the avenues she tried to get the vaccine into island
    When she know some is on the way she don’t even want to tell what day she expect them to arrive

    In the Short term we well lose a few tourist but we still getting a trickle. The island is not going to sink in the short term

    Don’t forget we ob the BAD list for USA and maybe Canada also but I still a family from FL that spring break in bim

    Some will cancel Barbados on go somewhere else
    Some will come when we get the green light

  11. I mentioned the FL family to show that even with the outbreak, curfew / lockdown etc. Some still found Barbados to be a desirable place to vacation

    All the tourist will not want to visit the places that A mentioned we will still get some.

  12. I mentioned the FL family to show that even with the outbreak, curfew / lockdown etc. Some still found Barbados to be a desirable place to vacation

    All the tourist will not want to visit the places that A mentioned we will still get some. British

  13. Thank you to the police for the good job of getting some of the guns and gun slingers off the streets of Barbados

  14. The above article is good food for thought
    It also points out that the vaccine is one of hit or miss trial
    WHO has been clear in telling the world that people at high risk categories should take the vaccine
    Now this article draws down on a fact that those in high risk categories might benefit slightly or not at all from the vaccine because of certain prescribed medications
    The higher the monkey climb the more the tail gets longer
    Better yet a twisted tale of tangle webs

  15. Roverp1 comments and questions surrounding our tourist industry are insightful and should not be left unanswered.

    Covid-19 has exposed this government and all of its predecessors as enemies of the people. For several centuries, Barbados was wedded to a mono-economy based on the production of sugar cane that was 100% reliant on slave labour.

    Over the last twenty five years (?) we have witnessed from both parties a serious push to elevate the tourist industry at the expense of the vast majority of all other industries and services. The one exception to this has been the financial service sector.

    The rise of covid-19 has put a block on tourism for the past 15:months. People are not permitted to travel. Yet somehow this threat to our economy has not translated itself to our leaders to diversify the economy.

    Mia’s commitment to the tourist industry reminds me of Hitler’s inability to take the advice from his generals during the dying days of the second world war, to admit defeat and to offer his terms of surrender to his opponents.

    Mia’s reluctance to ditch the tourist industry is revealing. This industry and its economic stakeholders are being subsidised by Barbados black majority population in the same manner that the sugar barons were been subsidised by our African ancestors.

    Our Governments both past and present have colluded with the tourist industry players both domestically and internationally. This cosy agreement has enriched everyone bar the Barbados tax payer.

    I would not be surprised to hear that a large number of our politicians may have benefited ,over the years, with this cosy arrangement.

  16. TLSN…it’s MONSTROUS what DBLP did to the people who elected them religiously for over 50 years…….all they were interested in was raising yardfowls/slaves and selling out to the highest bidder who would entertain their corruption, but did NOTHING TO ELEVATE the population as a collective…..and they had 5 DECADES and access to billions of the people’s money in which to do so…..and wasted every one..

    .they made sure to enrich themselves with lots of properties they acquired ILLEGALLY and at the expense of the elderly and their beneficiaries whom they reduced to poverty and flaunt money that NONE OF THEM CAN ACCOUNT FOR…

    ..i dare them to tell the world how they got all that money and boast of being millionaires, they would have to be in the parliament at least 50 years to make a couple million dollars with the salaries they get……

    all to present a façade of being wealthier than the population who elect. them….as a result the only other people who acquired wealth ILLEGALLY and at the expense of the majority population are minorities with whom they collude….

  17. @TheoG
    Are people still getting vaccinated?
    Make of this what you will, I know an elderly person who recently turned up at a vaccine site only to be turned away because they were advised that the vaccines were reserved for people getting their “second shots”. They were also advised to watch for further communications via the media.

    I heard that the BLP is having a “Stand Home” political mass meeting this Sunday, I will advise the senior to tune in, yuh never know what morsel of info may come their way.

  18. @WURA-War-on-U,
    I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    This unhealthy PUSH of the tourist industry reminds me of the strategy of the USA government during the sixties to undermine the black civil rights movement. They collaborated with the New York Italian method to push drugs into the black community. It was a strategy that worked.

    Curtis Mayfield put this in words in his music. The term “pusher man” was widespread. The pusher man was generally speaking a black brother who dealt drugs within his community. He did not realise that he was been manipulated. He became self-centred and focused on acquiring large sums of money for himself rather than seeing the damage that his actions were having within his own community.

    I find it bizarre how so many organisations from the IMF, to economists, politicians, think tanks and the business community continues to urge our government to keep pushing the tourist industry.

    ” I’m your mama, I’m your daddy,
    I’m that nigga in the alley.
    I’m your doctor when in need.
    Want some coke? Have some weed.
    You know me, I’m your.pusherman …….”
    (Curtis Mayfield)

    The BDLP are modern day Superflys/Pushermen who work under the instructions of the man in order to suppress and undermine their own people.

    They have enriched themselves monetarily. And allowed outsiders and minority groups to accumulate wealth whilst at the same time they have undermine the development of their own.

  19. What does any one expect from this govt in terms of pursuing alternative avenues for the economy
    This govt sat in the wilderness for ten years
    Bitch moaned and belly ache about Stuart and Sinckler
    In the ten years had opportunities to devised avenues as alternatives for the tourist industry but nothing absolutely nothing
    Have a 30-0 win and squanders it first order after selling out Barbados to the IMF was to place a Barrow monument with Mia named inscribed
    Second blow up the old NIS Building
    Third demolished Ram place of employment for a car park
    Third move the fire station
    Oh a promised of a hotel corridor
    A measly wage increase which now give cause to more unemployment and less wages
    So there u have it
    What does any one expect from the empty vessel called the Watch me Mia cruise liner

  20. Oh the crime rate is running on all four cylinders
    Gunman is outfront in the lead and the AG is nowhere to be seen

  21. “They have enriched themselves monetarily. And allowed outsiders and minority groups to accumulate wealth whilst at the same time they have undermine the development of their own.”

    and it’s clear they DO NOT INTEND TO STOP…the people have to awaken from their DAZE of political indoctrination and outright lies that they were rocked into by sleazy, deceitful politicians/government ministers and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM…

    .the electorate has the POWER to say NO MORE…if they care anything about their children now being murdered in the streets by the containers of drugs and guns that the RAPIDLY GROWING population of gown wearing minorities and others are importing and distributing to Black depressed communities..

    .or they can sit and watch it escalate to the point that they themselves are wiped off the island by criminal minorities, aided by the honorable Slaves…while still believing in DBLP Black hating criminal governments…it’s now all in their hands.

  22. Can’t make the cruise ships pay any fines for the damage…YOU INVITED THEM….although warned of the risks.

  23. Angela Cox are you saving your lists?
    Later on you can combine/edit and recirculate.
    I think this horse is alive and can run hard.
    You go girl.



    The info provided in the article above RUBISHED John A claim that in order to get on Britain green list Barbados needs to get close as possible to 89% vaccinated – we need to speed up the rate of vaccination

    Israël – 83.21% (have received first dose)
    Gibraltar – 100% first dose
    Iceland – 50.84 % first dose

    Portugal. 35.87 %

    New Zealand 6. 8%

    Australia. 0.78%

    Singapore. 38 %

    Barbados I estimate to be about 17 % fully vaccinated and close to 30 % first dose ( including the fully vaccinated)

  25. “The report maintained that the damage to the coral reefs far outweighed any benefits Barbados would have derived for allowing those ships to dock.”

    Who gave permission to the cruise liners to remain in our waters and how much money were they paid?

  26. I vividly remember warning them, as a civic duty, about those coral reefs AT LEAST 7 YEARS AGO…right here on BU….just because i had taken a relative to the museum in Queens and saw the documentary…..and WARNED THESE know it all nobodies…

    ….but ya know them, they only listen to CRIMINAL MINORITIES who they help obtain the money from the population’s treasury to BRIBE THEM so they can parade as pedigrees…..and PROTECT the same criminals for minorities who grab properties from people in the depressed areas who CAN’T FIGHT BACK…

    so TAKE THAT…

  27. herd immunity at approx 70% will require at most 199,000 people on the island to be fully vaccinated, my problem with the vaccine is that FDA has STILL NOT APPROVED it…and no one is asking WHY …..people with severe allergies have to wait until they do…

  28. The scam is to keep the population THINKING that what goes on in Barbados re the thefts from the treasury, pension fund, VAT and all the destruction wrong on the THEM by DBLP is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS…

    they know the mentalities of the population very well, they directly helped to cultivate it both them and the criminal minorities….in saying that, the Black population have to carry some of the blame, they were WARNED…and never believed it….

    it’s pure wickedness using the elderly who still believe in lying politicians who only seek political gain…as they did using a whole class of children UNDER 12 YEARS OLD….who know nothing about DIRTY politics to promote another dumb politician….they have no scruples, no ethics and no morals.

  29. @ John 2

    Why you don’t go and read the articles out there and stop cherry picking issues as you seem always to do.

    I said and I repeat ONE of the issues is vaccination rate HOWEVER OTHER CONDITIONS ARE ALSO USED LIKE NEW CASES PER 100,000 ETC.

    Lord you would look for anything to defend you party with neh? Anyhow instead of playing point guard for the red team go and read and educate yourself on the light system. See what some of the other countries with lower vaccination rates have achieved. Check their new case count per 100,000 and the handle they have on the virus.

    When you done call Boris and tell him this is John 2 calling from Barbados and you want to argue a case to get barbados off the Amber list based in the fact that x got only 37% and Y got only 55%.

    It is a pity people like you can’t open wunna mind past all that consumes you and see what is out there. Normally I wouldn’t even of replied to your comment but I here with a few minutes to burn waiting on a phone call.

  30. john A

    if u had said the other factor about !00 000 then you barely mentioned it. you were pushing for the increas in vacinations you even ask to have GP to help speed it up

    Now that it have been shown that You dont even need to be 50 % vacinated you now switching to highlight the 100000?

    now what is the figure per 100 000 that we need to be?

    barbados per 100 000 is way better than portugal and our vaccination % is closer

    Now you would have had a better case id you had push the 100 000 argument then pushing the vaccinations number /percentage – and talking about speeding up vaccination.

    You cherry picked the vaccinations (not me). i just pointed that your supplied numbers rubbished your claim .

  31. John AMay 21, 2021 12:55 PM

    So guys you get the picture now? Its not about promotions or room rates or PR statements bout how good the winter bookings looking. Its about the shots in the arms and reaching the target percentage.

  32. ** Its about the shots in the arms and reaching the target percentage.**

    john A

    That the main thing you have been pusshing this whole time. your even provided the article to david to publish to prove your point. your own article rubbished your point

  33. i would go as far as to say – if Barbados keep it numbers down and continue on the same pace of vaccinations then on june 7 we will be on the green list.

  34. i will let ur political shit pass for now. let Bu see who does run to politics for defence but when get attacked dus us it to duck and run out the way.

  35. i changed my mind!

    how did this get into politics / or me DEFENDING a red team?

    is it bEcause your intentions all along was to attack the red team that why you seeing me as defending it?

    you know what they say about the monkey?

    Seem like frankie and lorenzo onto something.

    Going by your comments sir!

  36. @ john A

    i tried leave the politics out. i even ignore frank and lorenzo when they hit at ur seems to be political leanings. So since you bought the politics back into the game the gloves on off and i will do the same. You can do it when you chose to it only fair that i am allowed to do it when i choose too also. you undercover dem pretending to be a neutral to get through with your agenda

  37. Do these pretend educated and “learned” understand that it’s all COMING DOWN around them and those they have plans to violate their human rights WILL GO THE EXTRA MILE to make sure they are GROUND VERY DEEPLY INTO THE GROUND…’s their choice, just like the dirty minorities, keep being BRAZEN and hardline and see who will lose the most…

  38. David

    thats your opinion and that ok with me.

    I picked that statement because it was the closest one i can remember where he stated it was about reaching the % vac

    there are plenty more i can go back and find where that was mostly what he was pushing.

    And now he declared his hands it sem to me like he was pushing the seemingly slow pace of vaccinations to hit at the government. he may have you bamboozeled but not me. i can read between the lines just as good as he can.

  39. John AMay 19, 2021 7:57 PM


    Yes this is another major setback for our recovery sadly. You have PM Boris coming out and basically telling his people today DO NOT TRAVEL TO AMBER LISTED LOCATIONS. This came apparently after one of his minsters sent ” the wrong message ” to the people this week.

    Seems like one of the key things we need to do from reading between the lines, is get the vaccinated percentage of our population way up from where it now is. Clearly in the eyes of Boris we are moving way too slow vaccinating our people

    So why don’t we bring the private GPs on board too? Several people including this one, would be more than happy to pay to have a GP save them 4 hours of down time waiting in a line in de hot sun not earning a blind cent!

  40. david

    Believe me. i have read where you also advocated to the vaccines rat to be in the 70 – 80% range. and i do understand and agree with what you were saying. but what A is pushing is not the same as what and why u are calling for.

  41. Now if it the the rate of case per 100 000

    From the top of my head and leaving out the day when there was no report published i would say bdos 7 day average of new cases is under 5%

    Portugal is about 25%

    Now to move up barbados vaccinated to be close to or on par to that of portugal we dont have to vaccinate no further 25000 persons. there is no need for no speeding up.

    If we wanta reach the % for heard immunity then yes. but not to get on brittians green list
    with the info provided in the article the best way for us to get on the list is to keep the our number down

  42. When you done call Boris and tell him this is John 2 calling from Barbados and you want to argue a case to get barbados off the Amber list based in the fact that x got only 37% and Y got only 55%.


    There you go. its all up to boris now and not the number from the other countries?

    i am the one who provided the number from the other countries!

    i am the one who tried to read between the lines to state what it is i think Boris want for us to get on his green list

    i am the on who deals with facts and is a realist.

  43. There appears to be little consideration given to the billions of dollars these international governments have pumped into their economies during Covid. They want those dollars spent at home, not on some far away travel excursion. They will adopt policies to reflect this. The inflationary effects of their untargeted spending are already showing up.

  44. Barbados pushing COVID numbers which might seem unrealistic to Boris and other international countries
    Oh there is a video where customer service shows a torrid disrespect for a barbadian lady who had a very bad experience on her arrival at hotel by the security guard
    As everyone had said time and time again customer service is very poor in Barbados
    The lady traveled thousands of miles forked up thousands for hotel accommodation
    Then the security guard had the mitigated gall to be overly rude and downright nasty to the lady because she had requested information about her accommodation which he could not provide
    The lady said she was so offended by the guard attitude that she felt her safety was in jeopardy and opt not to stay at the hotel
    This is who we are

  45. So wait enuf where you think a large majority of the millions that go to Gibraltar, Madeira and Portugal and come from ? You better go and check their arrivals by breakdown before you embarrass yourself AGAIN

  46. Let me put this is real simple terms here for the cherry pickers et al.

    The British economy does not need Barbados to go forward. We on the other hand need the UK tourist arrivals to prop up our ailing economy.

    Secondly if the UK government under Boris decides you got to meet say 12 criteria to get move off the Amber that too is his right. Now we know a few of the criteria are vaccination percentage, cases per 100,000 and history of infection spikes over the last how much months. That we know, but as for the other criteria he has they have not made those public. So we can sit here and brag bout how good we doing or we can try and work on what we know. Choice is wunna one.

    The other unfortunate issue is that Boris himself was badly affected by his covid infection, hence he is going to be even more cautious in triggering those lights to green unless he is convinced the relevant countries meet the UK criteria.

    So wunna can stand here and brag all you want. You can say look how much higher a percentage we vaccinate than other countries. IT DOES NOT MATTER TO THE UK MOH. So what we need to do is contact the British Embassy and find out exactly what we need to do to get off the Amber.

    And for the record I am not the only one saying this the head of the BHTA said so a few days ago. He said ” we must do what ever it take to get off the Amber designation.”

    Not my word his and the comments of the countries tourism sector. So it boils down to either act now or suck salt, choice is wunna one.

  47. “The British economy does not need Barbados to go forward. We on the other hand need the UK tourist arrivals to prop up our ailing economy.”

    oh dependency, look where you have brought “me”

  48. @ enuf

    Now for you hopefully this will stop you from talking further nonesence for a little while at least.

    Article taken from on the 22.5.22 written by travel specialist Alex Finnis. Now that is today according to my Timex. You Rolex might say different though.

    Now he is only a specialist so he may not know as much as you but here is a direct quote from his article below in caps.


    now I is only a humble shop keeper not a fancy deal maker like you that does only fly first class. But at Bromley when I was taught words like MOST POPULAR it meant nuff people did like it. So when I see that these places was open and I check the tourist figures dem does do, I nearly dead! My $10 casino calculator could not get dem add.

    But as you say dem ain’t we market we market special. We tourisees going wait till when ever we doors open again to book dem holiday. After all we is Bim where gold mix with the sand pun de beaches!

    Now I see on the BBC news 2 days ago that Mr Lundgren the boss man at Easyjet say he loss £645 million over the last 6 months and begging the UK gov to rethink the Amber list. Well he may get little further than we in the fight as he can shout to Boris bout job losses etc and cry bout he financial losses. Forgive the references from where all the data come from but you know as I is suppose to be a D, I didn’t want wunna boys to think I make it up. But I don’t know maybe Finnis and Lundgren iS Ds too! you never know cause you know once you speak against the imperial majesty you is a D! LOL

    So you see why now we got to do all we can to try and help we self with this situation? I back the BHTA boss man 100% when he say we got to do what ever it takes to change this.

  49. @ Wura

    Yes it brings us right back to what many of us have been saying over the last year and that is depending only on tourism is a dangerous thing.

    As you know I been begging over a year now to start an alternative energy and green house program on a large scale. To be fair I did see a few government ministers also make similar statements as well, but our delay in diversifying is not to going make things better now either.

    Oh and before some start to brey ” that would take time.” Let me remind wunna Bizzy Williams set up and had his solar farm at shop hill open this year after only about 4 months of breaking ground . Also most vegetable crops does grow in weeks not months. .

  50. You are correct about Boris he never stated what criteria we had to obtain to be on the green list

    The Barbados tourist officiall said we must do all we can to get back in the green list
    He never stated he knew the criteria to get back there

    We all agree it in Barbados interest to get to herd immunity

    The only person who stated that to get back on the green list is to reach about 80 % and we can only get there by speeding up vaccinations is JOHN A

    But of course you were reading between the lines of what Boris did and you are a realist so you were/ is correct

    Until you proofed urself wrong
    Or rather – the numbers you provided proved your advocate percentage (near) to be wrong

    You are such a back peddler
    Keep reading between the lines

  51. So what we need to do is contact the British Embassy and find out exactly what we need to do to get off the Amber.


    That is what you should have said from the beginning instead of pretending you can read between the lines and knew what percentage we have to meet

  52. Go back and read how many time you stated what we must do to get back to green and compare it the what I said we must do ?

  53. They was no bragging about our numbers
    U is the number and facts man the number we to compare our number to the number that u provided

    But of course you would not see the mention of our numbers as bragging
    Because there don’t tally up to what u were pushing

  54. JohnA
    LMAO.. my post at 1:46 says clearly that Spain, France, Italy are the top destinations for Brits. My comment was in response to Northern Observer (NO) who made the point at 11:57 about governments wanting the money they pumped into their economy remain at home. Da fuq you talking bout? I don’t respond to ac/angelacox/mariposa. I scroll pass. So once again you’ve crash landed.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. @enuff
    don’t follow that side of the Atlantic that closely, but it would appear to be ‘in step’ with elsewhere. Sun destination focus is still a few months away, when father Winter begins to show his teeth.
    One big void here, is the large number of upscale summer overnight camps which will not open. They draw from all over NA. As the second year in a row, this presents huge future staffing problems, as these camps depend on staff drawn from former campers. Not sure exactly how Barbados can fit into that void, but the wealthier pay a lot of money to have their little Johnny and Susie spend a month.

  56. So what we need to do is contact the British Embassy and find out exactly what we need to do to get off the Amber.

    Lolol murder!!

    No. What “we” need to do is to figure out how to earn our way in the world in the post Covid era.

    You lot are embarrassing.

    Where is the Halton the Native Son?

  57. Is as if this lot is feeling the pain of losing the tourist
    Instead what this lot should be doing is using their energy to rebuild a more productive Barbados build within a slogan of NEVER AGAIN

  58. “No. What “we” need to do is to figure out how to earn our way in the world in the post Covid era.

    You lot are embarrassing.

    Where is the Halton the Native Son?”

    Hal might be TOO EMBARRASSED of many of these weak minded, self-defeating posts to return an subject himself to the utter bullshit..

  59. x May 23, 2021 6:00 AM

    Is as if this lot is feeling the pain of losing the tourist
    Instead what this lot should be doing is using their energy to rebuild a more productive Barbados build within a slogan of NEVER AGAIN


    Good thing you didn’t have that advice 13 yrs ago but sat back and let ur lot mash up everything and left us with the one egg in our basket

  60. As expected no real answers to my questions on tourism. I have more questions. What are we doing to export intangible exports like services and ideas online? What small light exportable items are on our radar for export? What is wrong with us as a country that we continue to stuck in the box?

  61. “What is wrong with us as a country that we continue to stuck in the box?”

    in a nutshell:
    your leaders are corrupt
    lack basic intelligence
    lack ethics
    lack morals
    are anti-Black
    are anti-African
    are anti-creative
    are anti-Black wealth
    are anti-Black empowerment
    are anti-Black sovereign
    are pro-racist
    are pro-apartheid
    are pro-white agendas

    have you heard them talking about removing the colonial slave system that they did not create, that previously destroyed their ancestors and by extension 3 generations of recent survivors…which they oversaw….not one word about removing that damaging system, but they are going republic keeping the same toxic system in place..

    …they have created NOTHING in 54 YEARS…so there you have it…

  62. ” It is alleged that we forked out approximately US $375,000 (BDS$750,000) for the tag line “Little Island, Big Barbados”.

  63. From CNN

    TSA reported this weekend travel to be 10% below that of 2019


    And the world not opened up fully yet

  64. I wasn’t even thinking about the pent up demand factor. I Was just passing on info on how far USA is back from the lows

    That was an official number.. from the first flights ban , from time to time, I used to give a little update on how thing are at ATL where I pass through approximately weekly

    I think you meant 20%. Not 40% if not the you woul have to explain how you arrived at 49 if you care to

  65. How to reduce the tourism gdp rate ?

    Find oil like Guyana.

    Most things we can do will de fickle and influence by external / climate factors

    This is not sayin not to grow the other industries / diversify more . Everything can play it own part

  66. @ David May 27, 2021 6:53 PM

    An excellent opportunity for Barbados to up its brand of tourism.

    The Miller has been arguing for the longest time for Barbados to up its tourism game and turn itself into a little Amsterdam of the Eastern Caribbean.

    But it has to either get rid of its stupid backward laws regarding marijuana or for the law enforcement robots to turn a blind eye (as they do to prostitution) for the sake of the country’s economic survival.

  67. @ John 2 May 24, 2021 7:45 PM
    “How to reduce the tourism gdp rate ?

    Find oil like Guyana.”

    Ye ole fool, stop living in the past of the 1970’s!

    The world has evolved and is advancing its awareness of the environment and the human impact on it as a direct result of the burning of fossil-based fuels.

    Oil has no future a rapidly warming world.

    Just check out what is happening to the Shell Oil Company; one of the planet’s biggest producers, distributors and retailers of the hydrocarbon poisons to humanity.

  68. They can’t find anything to make diversify only a catch phrase, to use even the word one has to PUT IN THE WORK…and ya done know how lazy new negros are…

    can’t say am sorry to see that everyone now knows them for what they truly are, the big front and façade has fallen away and showing the REAL them and dem and them.

    why would anyone continue to trust any of them to manage a country, a tiny island, when the only thing they are capable of executing is bribery and corruption.

  69. Quote of the day:

    “There is no coral around Barbados currently defined as very good. We have gone from good to very poor, but there was no area that was very good. And therefore, this tells us that there is a necessity to start managing this space,” the Minister( Kirk Humphrey) pointed out. (Barbados Today?

  70. Interesting development if we go with the customer is always right approach.

    Vaccine dilemma
    BHTA wants clarity as some workers refusing jab
    SOME WORKERS in the tourism industry are refusing to take a COVID-19 vaccine while potential visitors are insisting on staying only in accommodations where all staff are vaccinated.
    The issue was highlighted by members of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) who pressed Minister of Labour Colin Jordan yesterday to organise a discussion on the matter with all stakeholders, including the Ministry of Tourism.
    Speaking during the BHTA’s annual general meeting held virtually, chief executive officer of Terra Caribbean, Andrew Mallalieu and other representatives of the villa industry reported clients were expressing interest in staying only in villas where all staff had been vaccinated.
    Raising similar concerns, group general manager of Ocean Hotels, Patricia Affonso-Dass, asked Jordan to state Government’s position on the matter as she disclosed her hotel was considering requiring employees who refused to be vaccinated, to take the COVID-19 test at their own expense.
    “How do businesses deal with those team members who refuse the vaccine and how, if they are refusing the vaccine, do we provide an environment where we can say to other team members that they are safe and to guests that they are safe, in a manner that does not end up costing the business for someone exercising their personal right to refuse?” Affonso-Dass asked.
    In response, Jordan said Government had “no definitive position” on the issue and suggested a range of considerations that could be applied to the workers’ refusal to take the vaccine.
    “I strongly believe that the vaccine needs to be taken . . . but I would caution employers on the steps you take in insisting on vaccination,” the minister said, while reminding the employers that “nationally, vaccination is not compulsory”.
    However, after being pressed by the BHTA members for answers, Jordan said: “We need to work through it and have a discussion.”
    Meanwhile, BHTA chairman
    Jeffrey Roach told the membership the organisation had already taken steps to engage stakeholders on the vaccination problem “as one of the measures to assist in a speedy recovery of the industry”.
    He said a meeting was “sought recently” with the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Labour and the Barbados Workers’ Union “to press discussions on the need to improve the vaccination rate across the industry, as well as to discuss the issue of testing of team members”.
    The issue of tourism workers and vaccinations came to light this week with the revelation that management of Coral Reef Resort in Porters, St James, had offered staff members the chance to win $500 for taking the vaccine, with a grand prize “raffle” draw scheduled for July 5.
    In yesterday’s MIDWEEK NATION, Jordan said it was not illegal for employers to offer incentives for their workers to take the vaccine, but cautioned: “An employer will also need to be careful not to pressure a worker into doing something that is not required by law.”
    Barbados Workers’ Union deputy general secretary, Dwaine Paul, said as long as the employees had the freedom of choice and the right not to participate without intimidation or reprisal, then theoretically there was nothing wrong with the offer.
    Acting general secretary of the National Union of Public Workers, Wayne Walrond, agreed, but head of Unity Workers Union, Senator Caswell Franklyn, advised workers to steer clear of the “raffle”.
    However, Walrond warned: “If someone says if you don’t get vaccinated you can’t work here, that is an outright threat to your job in terms of your constitutional rights.”

    Source: Nation News

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