Adrian Loveridge Column – Getting the Price Right

Just how important will pricing be in the recovery of tourism to Barbados?

What prompted this question came about after scanning through holiday package offerings that are currently available and advertised in our principal markets.

Standing out was an offer from a major British tour operator, highlighted by a company called Holiday Pirates, which included return British Airways economy class flights from Gatwick to Barbados with one checked and one cabin bag, 7 nights at a named ‘3-star’ south- coast hotel with daily breakfast for GB Pounds 697 per person, based on two sharing room for departures in October.

After extensive searches through many online flight only comparative websites, it was impossible to find any fares which included at least one checked suitcase for under GB Pounds 400 return to Barbados.

While tour operators traditionally negotiate ‘special’ ITX (inclusive tour) fares from the airlines, it seems highly unlikely that these could possibly fall below the GB Pounds 400 mark, especially as recently pointed out, that over half of this amount is made up of Government taxes.

So just for moment, let’s assume the tour operator is actually paying around GB Pounds 400 per return flight. That’s leaves a tiny GB Pounds 297 to cover 7 night’s hotel accommodation, breakfast and any taxes (VAT) not paid separately in room levies by the actual guests.

Clearly there also has to be a profit element within the retail price for the tour operator to economically function, but let’s ignore that for a moment.

Based on current Sterling/US$ exchange rates, that leaves a microscopic US$54.72 per person per night to cover the hotel room, VAT and breakfast cost.

Can this possibly be sustainable, even if we assume that the majority of this property’s rooms are not filled at this low rate?

This particular hotel may consider that the only way they can fill their almost 100 rooms is by granting large tour operator allocations at heavily discounted rates.

But, clearly this figure is not even remotely close to what is required in the medium to long term across our entire hotel offerings, to ensure economic viability returns to the sector?

Especially when many hotels are still owed considerable amounts of money for stays completed, prior to the pandemic, by the travel trade.

While at the same time thousands of holidaymakers are still trying to extract due refunds on cancelled flights and packages, making it highly unlikely that they will use the same booking method again, anytime soon.

On a far more positive note, it was very encouraging to see one of our leading wine merchants, partner with a popular Christ Church restaurant which has recently re-opened its doors, by offering a complimentary glass of Prosecco and a 5% discount on lunch or dinner bookings until the end of this month.

To me it’s a win-win situation for all involved and I hope that other companies will follow this encouraging example.

While sadly, domestic tourism has been largely ignored so far by our policymakers, there still remains a staunch core of locals, both corporate and individuals, together with second-home overseas residents, whose numbers can make a significant difference to the resurgence of our restaurants.

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  1. Senator Caswell makes the point during his interview with an Antiguan radio station the 300 million covid relief dollars should be given to the NIS to support workers. He accuses the government of helping friends.

  2. Price is not the problem we have. Our problem is our insistence on this obsolete Test and Isolate strategy for managing COVID. I am not going to risk traveling, unless you pay me a large sum of money, to being Locked up Abroad in Barbados.

    There is a great opportunity for us during the upcoming flu season if we change our COVID management strategy from one of dictates, laws and fines to one where
    1) We end the isolation requirement and properly implement the proven prophylaxis and early treatments already developed to prevent COVID positive persons from progressing past mild symptoms.
    2) Switch our mask wearing requirement to one of self awareness and responsibilty where we inform of the benefits and leave it up to people to wear as they see fit.

    Look at Sweden, they had no lockdown, gave people the guidelines and trusted their population to follow them and they have not had a second wave unlike Europe and all the rest of countries that locked down.

    We need to stop hiding the information, trying to control people. Give us the information and let them take personal responsibility for our actions. That is the only way to get the tourists back in numbers, gimmicks will not work and will only have us taking losses.

  3. From a Canadian perspective in Ontario there has been a recent uptick in cases and tests. The Ontario Government says that because of the new testing volume, results may now take up to 7 days to be posted. That means you have about a 50% chance of meeting the 72 hour requirement for Barbados entry. That also means there is a 50% chance you might not get out of the airport in a timely manner. Add to that the possibility that when you take a mandatory second test perhaps you might test positive and end up in isolation for 2 weeks and further add to that the need to quarantine for 14 days when you return to Canada. So you could need up to 5 weeks off of work for a 2 week vacation. West Jet have cancelled all their planned October flights and if you look at Air Canadas seat maps out at Oct 5, they have only about 25 people booked to fly to Barbados.

    Barbados is doing a very good job of keeping people safe. There likely will not be any good answers to any of this until a vaccine or a quick test before a flight departure is instigated. At the moment, and because I am here , I would say keep tight controls in place.

  4. “1) We end the isolation requirement and properly implement the proven prophylaxis and early treatments already developed to prevent COVID positive persons from progressing past mild symptoms.”

    So we wIt until they are positive and then spring into action?

    I have no complaints with what is being done as it seems to be working quite well Unable to figure why there is a push to let everyone in and without masks.

  5. @TheOGazerts September 21, 2020 1:39 PM
    “So we wIt until they are positive and then spring into action?”

    Prophylaxis is something you take as a preventative measure. Vitamin D, C and some other widely available things that have been backed by studies and proven to boost our resistance to the virus are not being spoken of at all. This and other cheap preventative measures and early treatment options have been overlooked in favour of stay locked up out of the sun, don’t treat with anything put panadol and wait to see to see if you are in one of 0.5% persons that will die without proper treatment.

    “I have no complaints with what is being done as it seems to be working quite well Unable to figure why there is a push to let everyone in and without masks.”

    We are in a false sense of security. Our current trajectory leads to an economic depression. I am also sure we have lost more people to suicide, stress and strokes resulting from the measures put in place than died from the virus. Long term wearing of masks is also going to gradually compromise our health but the health professionals will not tell you that.

    The GBP 697 rate spoken of in the article is most likely a desperate measure to stem the hotel’s cashflow hemorrhage to help them make it through to winter season where they hope people will flee the cold fearing catching flu and covid at the same time.

  6. In ottawa 66% of people with covid are people of color, 74% of people living here are white type O blood seems to handle covid better. Essential workers also have a higher rate So if you can figure out a way to get planes with retired white people with type O blood … tourist problem solved

  7. @Crytical anlalyzer, finally someone with some common sense about Covid comes on these forums.
    I have been saying for two months this test and isolate strategy is assinine and will result in ZERO tourism.
    You cannot hide from the Coronavirus Cold.
    Even when the magic vaccine comes out that so many people seem to be waiting for, Guess what, people will still get Covid and guess what 88 year olds with cancer will die with Covid. So what is the goal with test and isolate when the fact is Covid is on this earth forever and Covid will be here (and actually is here just there is no mass testing of healthy people as in the USA or EU) and people will catch it and 0.00001% will doe With it not From it.
    The zero sum covid game is unrealistic and playing it now , when you know that it will not work after Vaccine is actually malicious to the 40,000 unemployed Bajans at this point.
    Keep up the good work Cr

  8. I also have a query and maybe someone can assist me.
    We are being told there is NO Covid in Barbados. There is no community transmission. In fact it has been 2 maybe 3 months since a local non-imported Covid case popped up.
    So thus there is no Covid
    Therefore why are we forced to sanitize our hands at every establishment and wear useless cloth masks. Why do we have photographs of politicians doing something outdoors and standing 3 or 6 feet apart with a mask on….outdoors.
    Why is it that in the UK, Canada, USA, every EU nation schools are operating 5 days a week with in-class teaching. These are nations that actually have Covid in the community. Some of them with some very high case numbers (although a case is actually a joke as well)…Whereas here in Barbados with ZERO Covid we have Minister Bradshaw doing mental gymnastics with the BTU and Principals and creating a hybrid willy nilly school system. Why are we robbing our children of a first class education in a Country that has NO Covid but in the rest of the world school functions normally.
    I hope I am not the only one to see this hypocritical approach to how Covid is being handled by the powers to be here in Barbados.
    With NO Covid
    There is no reason our schools should not be 5 days a week of in class learning
    We should be able to walk in to a store and not have to wear a mask or sanitize our hands with whatever god forsaken alcohol poison cocktail they are spraying on them
    We should not see people taking photo ops outdoors 6 feet apart (when the actual social distance is 3 feet) wearing masks

    New Zealand is an island country with NO Covid, (and with human rights stealing lockdowns)…but at least their kids go to school every day and don’t wear masks, and you can go buy groceries and not wear a mask.
    In fact in Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany and the former motherland (soon to be republicated) kids go to school with NO masks.

    I equate this to an old saying, you cannot be half pregnant. Thus Barbados cannot be half-Covid.
    The government claims to have done an amazing job keeping Covid at bay and in fact at ZERO. Thus there is no Covid,
    thus we should be living normally, not with mask and hand sanitizer nazis at the front door of every shop and with our kids sitting behind useless masks 2 out of 5 days a week trying to get a half-assed education.

  9. Thanks to stupid people in the supposedly superior countries, the battle against COVID is lost. It is now here to stay.

    But no it is NOT a cold.

  10. The thought is that due to the borders being open the COVID could slip back in at any time. And no it is not here yet or somebody would have shown up with serious symptoms by now.

  11. @michael campbell check the daily tracker, 7 or 9 people in isolation. Last week the Covid 19 tracking team leader (can’t remember name) clearly stated “there is no community spread in barbados” , That means no Covid

    @donna so because a few people currently are flying to Barbados and all with negative PCR tests or having to submit to a test at the airport we all have to live with the mask, sanitize, fever check, stand forever apart rules??? really, so live like sheep under lock and mask key because maybe something will happen?? Have you heard of influenza, that kills people every year for the past 5000 years, I think we should wear masks forever then if they can prevent a single infuenza illness

    OH and when it comes to schools and the temperature checks, hand washing, masks etc. Guess what kids are not transmitters of the disease and in the entire world maybe 200 kids under 20 died With Covid, so lets keep the kids locked up in mask and hand sanitizer world….oh wait the Flu killed about 3000 last year, and tuberculosis another 50,000, but live like sheep with masks because of Covid
    Here is some light reading on schools and how they should be functioning (and this is in Covid infested countries, not pristine Barbados)

  12. Wrong! Kid do transmit the disease. I thought you said it is a cold. Man, you are all over the place.

    Michael Campbell,

    I think he means in the community.

  13. @David oh yes the infamous asymptomatic spread. How about the fact PCR testing is incredibly flawed and we now know based on the CT count of 37-40 that most nations are using 90% of positive cases are people with dead virus.
    There is no such thing as asymptomatic spread, it was another false narrative. When you run a PCR to CT of maximum 32 that is when you are finding infectious individuals and in a major Canadian study it is a CT of 24 where infectionous (if thats a word) is there, and those individuals have symptoms.
    By having 90% of positive cases really be dead virus cases, it created the false narrative of asymptomatic spread.

    What are you trying to say, that Covid is spreading in Barbados and it just happens to be the EVERY single case is asymptomatic with zero symptoms and if tested probably would be caught at a CT of 40 where the virus has been dead for weeks?
    Because based on the FACTS where not a single Bajan on the island has tested positive for Covid for 2 months now, that is what your assumption should be. Thus Barbados must be the most unique country in the world, every case is highly asymptomatic… wear a mask and hand sanitize and stand 6 feet apart with masks outdoors when receiving your latest testing kit donation from the UAE or China or Argentina.

    And again I mention/ask…..even when the magic vaccine comes (by the way why doesn’t Barbados call China right now and ask for 150,000 doses as the Chinese have inoculated hundreds of thousands), there will still be Covid circulating, forever and ever, and based on your thoughts asymptomatically, so again I guess wear a scientifically proven useless cloth mask forever (and they are useless as the 40 years of research on surgical masks before March 2020 proved it) and wash your hands at Nicholls bakery to the end of time?

    And I guess lastly, might as well Isolate every one with Covid at Harrisons point until the end of time as it is the most dangerous virus of all time in the world that so far has killed 0.001% of the world population, oops thats how many have died WITH Covid, not from Covid.
    As we know from the CDC only 6% died of Covid so make that 0.00075%
    Enjoy your trip to Barbados in 2024 where you have the chance of isolation if you have Covid, because if it is deadly now, then logic has it that it will be deadly then.

    • You are asking Barbados officials to veer from world health protocol? What would be the implications of doing same?

  14. @donna Yes Covid is a cold…oh wait to be exact, to 40% of people (according to the CDC) they have zero symptoms of any kind, then to 59.99% of people they get 1-3 symptoms all which mirror a common cold, then 0.001% might be so ill they may end up in hospital, and lastly 0.0007% may die WITH Covid…..and when we put it into age categories, a relatively healthy person under the age of 75 has a 99.99999% chance of surviving the dreaded Covid cold.

    Look in the mirror and ask yourself this.
    When do you espouse not wearing useless mask, not using hand sanitizer every hour, standing 2 feet from someone, shaking a persons hand or god forbid hugging someone. What is your end game strategy..
    And the only limit I put on you is the real fact, even when a vaccine is here just as with the FLU, people will get Covid, and a super small percentage will die with it.
    So please tell me when all the Non pharmaceutical Interventions should stop
    Oh and when should Harrisons be shut down

  15. No, you look in your mirror and ask yourself this – what makes you think you know better than those who have studied it?


  16. “Why is it that in the UK, Canada, USA, every EU nation schools are operating 5 days a week with in-class teaching.”

    **Half truth. In the US the 5 days a week are often online inside towns. My house is opposite a kindergarden and I have not seen them yet.

    “Why are we robbing our children of a first class education in a Country that has NO Covid but in the rest of the world school functions normally.”

    *** Half truth.

    “We should be able to walk in to a store and not have to wear a mask or sanitize our hands with whatever god forsaken alcohol poison cocktail they are spraying on them.”

    “We should not see people taking photo ops outdoors 6 feet apart (when the actual social distance is 3 feet) wearing masks.”

    Just your opinions. You don’t want to wash your hands or wear a mask then don’t. Instead of commending the GOB on the success of its policies, you come here and recite foolishness.

  17. “Enjoy your trip to Barbados in 2024 where you have the chance of isolation if you have Covid, because if it is deadly now, then logic has it that it will be deadly then.”

    Flawed reasoning. By 2024, we may have a better understanding and vaccine.

    Do you have a hotel that needs occupants, immediately?

  18. Ricardo, how could somebody saying there is no community spread of Covid in Barbados mean there is no Covid? Your reasoning is flawed.

    No community spread simply means that the virus is not being spread from person to person within the community.

    All the cases of Covid found in Barbados so far, are as a result of people bringing it in.

  19. @David September 21, 2020 9:59 PM
    “You are asking Barbados officials to veer from world health protocol? What would be the implications of doing same?”

    The WHO does not run our country and will not apologize and give us money when blindly following their recommendations puts us in a depression. The WHO even breached their own standards and protocols and significantly contributed to the state of things. We claim to be independent, want to take the next step and go republic. Well, taking personal responsibility for our own destiny comes with that decision and not just bragging we finally have a bajan as head of state.

    We need to follow Sweden’s example, analyze the science for ourselves and make our own decisions for our situation. Sweden studied the proven science, not the pseudo-science like lockdowns, looked at their population and charted their own course. Why have we spent millions of dollars training medical professionals only to follow the WHO hook, line and sinker. If that is the case, I want back my taxes wasted on their useless education.

    Enforced mask wearing, imprisonment and lockdowns will continue to keep the tourists away and hasten the coming depression. No vaccine is going to save us. The only thing that can do it is to prove we have this virus completely under control by non-draconian means:
    1) Publishing proper guidelines and recommendations far and wide
    2) Stem the fear by letting people know we now have readily available effective preventatives and early treatments to keep the virus in the mild cold stage where it belongs if you do catch it.

  20. @David September 22, 2020 4:31 AM
    Compare the graphs (, especially daily new cases and new deaths, for Sweden against other countries and you will notice they have a natural curve with no second wave as yet and they probably will not have a second wave either since they did it using measures they can sustain forever. Their one big failure was in their nursing homes.

    This fight is an ultra-marathon and we must adopt a strategy that will see us to the end in another two years.

  21. We must decide once and for all if we are going to continue to be a tourist destination and stop putting measures in place to keep the tourists away and prevent them from properly enjoying themselves once they have spent their hard-earned money to get here or if we are going to take our economy and country down a different path.

    We want to be a republic, these are some of the hard decisions republics must make.

  22. @david the airlines are not flying to barbados because there are no tourists. Westjet already cancelled all of October. But Mexico with Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are rocking away and thousands coming weekly to Jamaica for vacation. Tourists going to pick the path of least resistance (in this case bull crap) and go where they can get off the plane, take a temperature check and enjoy their vacation. With no threat of being locked up in covid isolation for 2-4 weeks if they catch the Covid Cold

  23. @gazerts no don’t have a hotel and not involved in hospitality business. In fact after 55 years of hard work I never have to work a day in my life anymore…but it pains me to see so many people unemployed and so many young people being denied an education and work because of dumb and manipulated politicians – simple as that.

    Regarding schools. So in China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, all of the EU, Russia, all of Canada and 99% of USA schools are open 5 days a week with in class learning, your example of a school across the street from you is just that, an outlier of 1 or even 10 out of 1 million schools. Either way in all these nations Covid does exist, there are daily cases and there is community spread.
    In the soon to be former motherland of England, even with panic Boris trying a new lockdown – he has clearly said all schools will be open for 5 days a week in person…SO THERE IS NO REASON WHY BARBADOS SHOULD NOT HAVE 5 DAY , ALL DAY SCHOOLS, NONE AT ALL.

    flawed reasoning, again, Covid is either dangerous and a killer to a majority of the population or NOT.
    We have 9 months of evidence now. The average of people dying WITH Covid is 84 and the average co-morbidities is 2.8.
    This is at most a Cold to 99% of humanity. This idea that lockdowns work to stop a virus are already discreditted as all they do is delay a virus. Masks, washing hands, social distance again does nothing in the long run.
    The facts are here, Covid is here to stay to join Influenza……so make a Decision, either it is so dreaded that for the rest of time you will be asking people to wear a mask at Jordan’s or you will smarten up and learn to live with another virus as we live with about 1000 already.

  24. Why does it not surprise me that you know the minimum distance for a predator.

    What would surprise me if you were off of the sex register.

    Want to hear a Lawson joke?
    Wait … I told it wrong. You are all adults and Lawson never asks for consent.

  25. Ric

    Schools in ga are also online
    Churches still closed
    Social distancing and masks still in place
    And will be for a long time

  26. actually just read it its 500 ft your still to close
    How would you like your students today Professor Theo
    Elementary Lawson Elementary

  27. Welcome Stamp earns $1m.
    BARBADOS HAS SO FAR received $1 million worth in application fees for Government’s Welcome Stamp programme.
    Revealing this yesterday, Minister of Tourism Senator Lisa Cummins said while these applications from individuals and companies were being processed, measures were being devised to roll out the second wave of the initiative.
    She also indicated increasing interest, saying more than eight million hits had so far been recorded on the websites on which the Welcome Stamp was being promoted.
    Applications for the Welcome Stamp Visa must be submitted with fees of US$2 000 for an individual and US$3 000 for the family bundle, which are not refundable.
    Giving an update on the reopening of tourism for Barbados during a Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) virtual discussion, Cummins said enquiries about the programme continued to flow in from “sub groups” such as students, ‘digital nomads,’ and ‘techies.’ She said companies with employees currently working remotely in countries being hit hard by a second or third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, were also making enquiries for the families of their employees to be temporarily relocated to Barbados, while the employee who found themself stuck by the COVID-19 travel restrictions, continued to work away from their home country.
    Government announced the introduction of the 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp in June, a remote work programme which provides a visa that allows people to work remotely here for a maximum of 12 months.
    It is intended to fill a void in tourism business created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    In a recent interview, Home Affairs Minister Wilfred Abrahams said 1 079 applications had been processed since the programme started officially on July 18. Of those, 764 were individuals and 315 were family “bundles.”
    He listed the five leading countries from which they came as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria and India, with the United States, Great Britain and Canada accounting for “788 applications” representing “approximately 73 per cent of total applications.”
    The Home Affairs Minister also said about 60 applicants had been denied, “based on the fact that they were seeking employment in Barbados…or on derogatory reports.” He also revealed that 12 people who had already been approved for the programme, were living on the island.
    The US television network NBC last week reported that four students from Yale, one of the US’ Ivy league universities, were spending the fall semester studying “remotely” in Airbnb accommodation in Barbados.
    The reporter touted the island as a “safe” escape from the raging COVID-19 pandemic and a place, according to the students, that was cheaper than living in campus accommodation.

    Source: Nation News

  28. Please talk me through the figures: 1,079 applications had been processed of which 764 were individuals and 315 families. Fees are US$2,000 for individuals and US$3,000 which are non refundable but only a quoted $1 million (not US or BDS$ specified) received. Surely those figures should be BDS$3,056,000 and BDS$1,890,000 or have I missed something?

  29. Dr. Fauci has publicly stated that he thinks taking vitamin D and Vitamin C supplements is a good idea to help fight off infectious diseases including a Covid-19 infection. Furthermore, he suggested that it would be a good idea for others to do the same as an immune system booster (not that you would ever hear it from the WHO or CDC).

    I wonder if Dr. Fauci has read the paper by Dr. Frederick Klenner MD from Reidsville, North Carolina describing how in the 1940s he successfully treated (with no side effects) several common diseases (bacterial and viral) with Vitamin C in very high doses administered at frequent intervals during the day, either orally, by intramuscular injection, or intravenously depending on the dosage prescribed and the patients’ circumstances.. Dr Klenner’s 1949 paper was published in Southern Medicine and Surgery, at the time the official journal of the Tri-state Medical Association of the Carolinas and Virginia.

    Apparently Dr. Klenner’s Vitamin C work was forgotten and never followed up after his death. No double-blind placebo trials (like the type needed to license a new pharmaceutical drug) were ever carried out which contradicted or confirmed Dr. Klenner’s findings about the effectiveness of Vitamin C therapy. And that is a key point, as government health systems exist within a Medical-Pharmaceutical-Industrial-Complex. No company can make billions of dollars selling an unpatentable substance like Vitamin C compared to the billions it can make selling patented medicines. It is not in the interest of pharmaceutical companies (who usually carry the expense of running these double-blind studies) to run double-blind studies that would confirm there is a cheap, readily available product that could compete with a substantial number of their own more expensive, patented drugs or vaccines. And the pharmaceutical industry as a whole is so rich and powerful that they have, “captured” the regulators (as described by Robert F Kennedy Jr of ChildrensHealthDefense(DOT)org ), so that the regulatory agencies seem to place a higher priority on protecting drug company profits than ensuring cheap and effective medical options are available to cure the sick. And it is not only the regulators who have been captured, but university medical schools as well. See:

    The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C
    Fred R. Klenner, M.D., Reidsville, North Carolina

    Harde et al. reported that diphtheria toxin is inactivated by vitamin C in vitro and to a lesser extent in vivo. I have confirmed this finding, indeed extended it. Diphtheria can be cured in man by the administration of massive frequent doses of hexuronic acid (vitamin C) given intravenously and/or intramuscularly. To the synthetic drug, by mouth, there is little response, even when 1000 to 2000 mg. is used every two hours. This cure in diphtheria is brought about in half the time required to remove the membrane and give negative smears by antitoxin. This membrane is removed by lysis when “C” is given, rather than by sloughing as results with the use of the antitoxin. An advantage of this form of therapy is that the danger of serum reaction is eliminated. The only disadvantage of the ascorbic acid therapy is the inconvenience of the multiple injections. This concept of the action of vitamin C against certain toxins has led to treating other diseases producing exotoxins. For years it has been our knowledge that vitamin C in 500 to 1000 mg. doses injected I. M. would cure bacillary dysentery of the Shiga type. Children having 10 to 15 bloody stools per day have cleared in 48 hours under this schedule while at the same time reverting to normal feedings.

    This dual action of vitamin C against certain toxins and the virus organism becomes more intelligible with the work of Kligler, Warburg and others who believed that the detoxication effected by hexuronic acid is brought about by a direct combination of the vitamin with the toxin or virus, this followed by oxidation of the new compound which destroys both the virus or toxin and the vitamin. Borsook et al. decided that the main chemical action of ascorbic acid is as a powerful reducing agent, and the virus causing poliomyelitis is known to be susceptible to the oxidizing action of various agents. It is in point here to remark that vitamin C is an integral part of the oxidation-reduction system of the body, thus playing a definite part in natural resistance.

    Full article here in PDF format (look to bottom right of screen if you have to adjust print size).

  30. Your calculations are correct(it is a total of US $2.473M or BDS $4.946M).

    Perhaps the monies are not yet collected. However, your message points out an item that frustrates me continually… the fact that Barbados uses three types of currencies, US $, BDS $ and UNKNOWN.

    No one knows the conversion from UNKNOWN to BDS $.

  31. @Ricardo
    @Critical Analyzer
    Clearly, you are receiving different news to what I am getting.

    It was good to hear that you are not a hotel owner, but the new rumor is that you are one of the 80,000 trying to jump the queue.
    🙂 murdah 🙂

  32. @Lawson
    “actually just read it its 500 ft your still to close”

    I can understand your attention to the exact distance. A foot short is a foot in prison.
    (Only for Lawson)
    Lawson to principal: I want a transfer to a a school in Texas.
    P: Why?
    L: So I can teach reading, riting and groping.
    Principal: Calf roping, you idiot.

  33. I know that school isnt that where you give the answer and then they give you the question
    answer Theo ….because there are twenty of them
    question Whats the best thing about dating 28 year olds
    So Aruba is starting I guess all the islands will join in you have to be the safest

  34. @Adrian Loveridge September 23, 2020 7:09 AM
    “Please talk me through the figures…”
    The Ministry of Tourism cannot write a clear press release in English. The $1 million represents visitors who have paid their fee. We do not know the currency nor the numbers broken down between individuals and family groups. The 1,079 represented the total number of applications in the first month or so, of which 60 were rejected as not eligible. The remaining 1,019 can all pay their fee and be approved.
    God alone knows why the Welcome Stamp website does not take payment info when they fill out the application, because then we obviously would have over $5 million in government revenue because all 1,019 eligible applicants would already have paid. The incompetence boggles the mind.
    The other deeply disappointing thing is that they are bothering to count government revenue from visa fees at all. That is peanuts compared to the spend of people on rent, cars, gasoline, groceries, restaurants, school fees, etc.

  35. Toronto’s students having difficulty logging on to online school.

    Ricardo is not correct that Canada’s schools are all back to normal.

    Ricardo is not correct about most things.

  36. What people are failing to grasp is there is no longer any need to fear COVID-19. Once you treat people with the treatment protocols now available when they first start to show symptoms, it reduces COVID to the same outcome as the regular flu.

  37. @ PLT
    You are correct. It’s simple common sense. One thousand people living for an extended period say 1-2 years will spend a couple of millions. Another spin off is once they are impressed and comfortable they would encourage others in their circle: family,friends, clients, business/professional contacts and colleagues to visit do even if they get three people each to visit , that’s 3000 more visitors the multiplier effect is obvious. These idiots BLPDLP cannot sell or market anything. That’s a few millions in marketing we don’t have to pay for. Since living overseas I have introduced dozens of people to our rums . I have spent time letting them know that Barbados is not a part of Jamaica or the Bahamas. Thousands of us in the Disapora promote our country daily. Just recently I introduced some people to our hot sauce. These jokers have no idea what we do.
    BTW , there was an ice cream vendor named Shorty. He only sold home made ice cream from his cart at nights in Bridgetown and it’s environs. People drove from all over Barbados to find shorty late in the night , to get a proper home made ice cream. I think after the business was passed on to a daughter/ relative.
    Shorty was an innovator. The hoteliers are like little children. Sixty years and they never understood properly market the country. And then you have the political lackeys. Note how positively the outlook changed with a true professional like Billy Griffith.

  38. Just for Lawson….
    The 28-year old was not bad.

    My turn
    A pervert, a monkey and a donkey went into a bar. The bartender approached and asked ‘Which one of you is Lawson’?

  39. @Donna read the article. Parents in Toronto can choose physical school OR at home learning. So I believe about 20% of the paranoid parents have chosen the online option which if you read further all are getting worse grades than in class students. So again try to stop the one outlier as your example versus literally millions of students in all day 5 day school.

  40. @Adrianloveridge you are correct the math makes no sense. But they do state a number of applications but don’t differentiate between family vs individual and there are different fees.
    Either way they also don’t mention USD vs BDS. I actually do get frustrated dealing with prices here as the flower shop shows me USD prices for a funeral wreath. Couldn’t imagine being in France and a shop would quote a USD price instead of a Euro.
    Lastly the visitor visa as anyone can see is just a marketing play that will not bring in anything regarding significant revenue.
    Traditional tourism is the only way to make real $$$$
    You could sell citizenship and earn hundreds of millions as Grenada and Antigua have done but Barbados has decided to not go down that path.
    But the math there would be much more advantageous.
    50,000 new citizens x 100k USD per citizen is a cool 5 Billion USD. That could sure fix up a ton of burst mains and build a flyover at Warren’s.
    But let’s sell a one year visa for 3000 in whatever dollars instead to a few hundred people, that’s the great idea

  41. A pervert ,a monkey , and a donkey go into a bar , after a while the bartender comes over and says Theo get the animals outta here your making way too much noise.
    How do you know I am Theo
    That howler monkey you have been screwing, is actually a male capuchin ya got turned around.

  42. @Ricardo
    You have added a new dimension to the number 80,000 (new residents).

    Hopefully, we employ a carefully planned screening process and not let it become entangled with schemes for quick money

  43. @theogazerts…..I dropped the 80k to 50K that the dear prime minister wants. I am sure 50K people could be found around the world to pay 100k usd to become a Bajan 🙂 not sure where she plan on getting the 80k from

  44. @Lawson
    Bartender to Theo: Two apes! Definite upgrade from Lawson and his ‘sister’.
    Lawson, an ape and orangutan went into a bar. The bartender comes over and kicks out the ape and orangutan.
    Lawson: why?
    Bartender: only perverts and freaks allowed in tonight.

  45. Bartender to Lawson: Even with all COVID precautions we are doing better than with your stand-up routine. Both of you don’t deserve a second act.

  46. Sorry theo it was the mandrill sisters not mandrell,
    Theo goes into a bar and crows just got my first blowjob
    bartender says the drinks on me…. what did you think of it
    Theo I didnt like the taste.

  47. ” Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley reveals just about 400 people are already on island.”

    Rent, food, transportation,entertainment @ BDS $2000 per month = BDS $800000 per month or more.

    Thanks to Peter Lawrence Thompson for a good idea. He deserves a BSS.

  48. @Lawson
    Hooked l grabs Lawson and says “I want something, hard long and with cum in it.
    The idiot gives her a cucumber
    Heard this one about 40 years ago.
    Pastor: anyone here made love to a ghost?
    Up goes Lawson hands.
    Pastor: you? A ghost?
    Lawson: I thought you said a goat .

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