Haiti – Another United States Invasion Scheme

The aim is to stabilise this government, which facilitates the US plunder of the country, by suppressing the opposition of the Haitian people to it.

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By A.T. Freeman

United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin signs a defense pact with his Kenyan counterpart, Aden Duale, Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Defence.

Speaking at the 78th session of the United Nations General assembly on 19 September, President Biden called on the UN Security Council to immediately authorise the planned US invasion of Haiti. This demand made by Biden from  the podium of the UN underlines how determined the US is to launch its invasion and demonstrates that the occupation of Haiti and the plundering of its resources, including its rare earth iridium deposits,  are of the utmost importance to the US corporations and the US government which represents them.

From December 1914, when US marines invaded Haiti and literally stole its gold reserves from the national bank, to 2004 when they kidnapped the elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide and 2010 when it once again sent its troops into Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake, the USA has given Haiti no peace, invading it time and again.

The current planned US/UN invasion is no different. Despite the lying propaganda that the US and its media outlets are spreading that, allegedly, the invasion is intended to benefit the Haitian people by addressing the problem of criminal gangs in that country, its real aims are clear. In reality, the US wants to invade Haiti to shore up the Ariel Henry government that it and its Core Group put in place both of which are completely rejected by the Haitian people.

The aim is to stabilise this government, which facilitates the US plunder of the country, by suppressing the opposition of the Haitian people to it. The so-called security mission, therefore, necessitates the shedding of the Haitian people’s blood to serve the interests of the US corporations. The justification for it, that the Haitian people are ‘helpless children’ who need to be rescued from criminal gangs by a ‘white saviour’ in the form of the US and UN, reveals the deeply racist nature of the whole undertaking.

Given this situation and mindful of the fact that another outright invasion of Haiti would completely expose them, particularly in light of their endless criticism of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the US policy makers have decided that they need Black governments to front the invasion for them. This further demonstrates the deeply racist nature of this project since the sole intention is to use these Black faces for the purpose of deflecting criticism of the racist nature of the invasion.

For nearly a year, US diplomats have searched high and low for a Black government to do its dirty work, applying intense pressure to governments in the African Union [AU] and CARICOM. Eventually, William Ruto, president of Kenya, volunteered his government for the role. The treachery of Ruto is all the more galling as he hails from a country which gave the world Didan Kimathi and his heroic Land and Freedom Army  (called the Mau Mau by the British) that, arms in hand, took on the British colonialists in the struggle to achieve Kenya’s independence. Today, Ruto drags Kenya’s name in the mud by sending that country’s troops to suppress the Haitian people who also had to win their freedom by taking up arms against their European enslavers. There is no doubt that the Kenyan people will hold this traitor to account.

The US delight at Ruto’s decision was immediately obvious. President Biden publicly thanked him from the UN podium. Then the US announced that it would fund the invasion and set aside a budget of US$100 million for this purpose. It also announced that it would train the Kenyan troops and, on 25 September, it despatched its Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, to Nairobi where he signed a bilateral defence co-operation agreement with Kenya. What is not yet in the public domain is what money passed hands in the dark so that Kenyan troops could be sent to Haiti to shed the blood of their brothers and sisters.

However, the treachery did not end with Ruto. On 27 September, local media reported that the Barbados government of Prime Minister Mia Mottley would also take part in the planned US/UN attack on Haiti. Mottley has styled herself as an outspoken critic of the unjust international order and defender of small island developing states, the Caribbean and Africa.  Her government’s decision to take part in this US organised racist attack on Haiti, likely coordinated by the US SouthCom and it’s Barbados based Regional Security System, exposes those claims as a complete fraud.  

There is no justification for the US to launch another racist attack on Haiti and everyone should condemn and oppose it.

No to the US/UN invasion of Haiti!

Hands off Haiti!

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69 thoughts on “Haiti – Another United States Invasion Scheme

  1. Nedfra Freeman has long done good work in these areas.

    Substantive comment later. But the real fascists in the West are being exposed as they hid in plain sight.

    We long warned. Not let the big deckie take flight!

  2. No Invasion here..

    Peacekeeping missions must also be appropriately resourced and equipped to remain resilient to challenges and fully assume their responsibilities…

  3. The international community must continue developing its methods to confront hate speech, extremism and the proliferation of misinformation and disinformation, which impact the safety and security of peacekeepers on the ground..

  4. @ David
    We overcame slavery. That we must never forget. And we all know the historical reference and importance of Haiti.

    • William in the case of Haiti there are other variables at play. It is a country fighting against itself as well. Have to wonder what will be the outcome. The fortunes of a Black diaspora is probably hitched to how we help Haiti to reestablish itself.

  5. History is His Story

    It’s been a couple of years since USA withdrew from 20 year war shenanigans in Afghanistan which was a balls up and increased terrorism.
    It took 10 days for Taliban to retake Afghanistan

    White Narratives Vs Black Narratives

    “Beware of the Natives”

    The Fight against Apartheid and for Human Rights in South Africa and Civil Rights and Human Rights in USA for black people were deemed socialism and communism.

    So when USA and UK bang on about how they stopped Apartheid and Segregation, it was the black man, woman and child and various socialist parties that protested. The Governments of South Africa, USA and UK spied on protestors, jailed them and even killed them with secret forces.

    ± 48 years ago 5 Nov 1975, during Angolan Civil War Cuba sent troops to help MPLA against South Africa-backed UNITA & FNLA. PM Michael Manley supported Cuban intervention, defying Secretary of State Henry Kissinger; turning point in Jamaica’s Cold War relationship with U.S.

    As Pacha would say a big tune will follow this holding letter while setting up my stall..

  6. MAM, are you a card-carrying member of the nasty club?

    Are you running with big dogs?

    How soon we forget!

    Have you forgotten the demise of our beloved PM Tom Adams after he sent Bajan troops to Grenada to aid the Great Satan’s lie of eradicating communism from its backyard?

    Or more recently PM David Thompson’s demise after visiting Guyana to patch things up on behalf of the warring proletariats?

    Are you truly willing to soil your soul by sending Bajan military personnel to Haiti under the guise of Peace Keeping and Stabalisation?

    MAM, you had better be careful otherwise, FAFO!

    We are told that the UN is about Peace Keeping and Stabalisation, yet recently a UN truck overturned in the DRC. That truck was loaded with GOLD, the peoples GOLD. The UN is littered with rapists and other criminals. Black Nations should withdraw from the UN, whose sole purpose is to serve the interest of Israel and western conglomerates, just like the US military is the racketeering arm of the Bankers of London, the mega corporations and that Royal Family.

    The continent of Africa has been littered with traitors like Ruto for centuries, hence the continual impoverishment of the wealthiest piece of Real Estate on this Earth. Expect nothing more from him.

    Haiti turned her back on the ‘gods’ who aided them in that monumental defeat of the vile Frenchmen, by taking on the spirit of Lot’s wife and then paying the French reparations for their Freedom.

    When I see the subjugated condition of Black people on this, one of their planets, I’ve reached one conclusion and that is …….Black People are Under a Stupid Spell. We have got to be the most stupid people on this Earth today. Traitors and Cowards!
    May the GODS be with those Strong Men of Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali and Niger. These men have guts, balls that’s needed to liberate their people from the clutches of the vile Euro/American blood-suckers, May the Universe always protect and guide you.

  7. The only people spreading extremist hate speech are those calling for foreign troops to go into Haiti and kill Haitians in their own country.

  8. Chancellor’s words of wisdom.

    “Have to wonder what will be the outcome. The fortunes of a Black diaspora is probably hitched to how we help Haiti to reestablish itself.”
    Are we sending our girls and boys to Mogadishu..??

    Urban warfare is dirty business.

  9. Kenya take on deadly gangs in Haiti..

    “For now, the Biden administration is remaining tight-lipped on which countries have pledged to provide support, saying only that as the lead nation, Kenya is expected to be the largest contributor with 1,000 police officers and troops.”

    Is Kenya the invading foe??

  10. If you take the chatter at face value not considering ulterior motives.
    This seems to be about “gangs”.

    Fighting “gangs” may seem a noble cause at face value.
    But it’s like whack-a-mole where 1 gang is removed another steps in.

    US “gang” will just end up dealing with their drug gang kingpins and syndicate of choice to make peace, just like with Narcos in Mexico.

  11. I seem to recall that the last time the U.N. troops were in Haiti they reintroduced cholera to the island which was last seen in that country 100 years ago. This disease accounted for the death of thousands. Apparently soldiers from Nepal would defecate in the rivers which is the norm in their country.

    Also, I believe that German troops and other European soldiers were raping the Haitian girls. I believe they would offer them gifts for sex.

    What a pity that Caribbean countries, over the years, have never really extended a helping hand to assist their fellow black Haitians.

    What has happened to Waru?

  12. It’s amazing how the most prolific on this thread regurgitates Western memes about “hate speech”, Haitian gangs etc

    At a time when these same fuckers have totally banned Russian culture as part of a war which, on the propaganda side, seeks to White wash fascism in the West. Turn it on It’s head.

    But not a word about the centuries’ old and continuing crimes against Haiti.

    Not a word about the circumstances which have led the first Afrikan republic in the Caribbean to be one of the poorest countries in the world, for its majority population, even as Haití is not poor, was never poor.

    Not a word about the machinations of empire as it seeks to put a Black face unto another emperial invasion project, under the same guises being uttered here, by an asshole!

    Guises such as “humanitarian intervention”, the restoration of law and order. Poor Haití, Uncle Sam must save her one more time. Like he’s being doing all this time. Like when he invaded and kidnapped Aristied and banished him to Afrika. Under stinking Bill Clinton.

    Is it not time for the Haitian people to find their own solutions to their problems? For America is by several metrics still a slave society and we don’t hear anybody looking to invade it to free those slaves.

    Only idiots cannot see that the fascist empire is losing ground and one of the strategems they are deploying is the use of big tech companies to infringe the socalled free speech once thought sacrosant.

    Julian Assange for one but also banning people on Facebook, youtube and the like. Further they are now gearing up big techs into an Orwelliam stateism which was not so long ago was something of fiction.

    This writer has determined that rassoul White people cannot mutually exist with any notion of justice for others. And as a result shall continue to cast all manner of hate speech at them and their Black slaves.

    A banning is the least expected. But we shall never relent. Regardless of the rassoul cost!

  13. Why do some individuals who are regarded as highly educated, lack basic common sense. Most often uses Profane language for notoriety. I scratched my head in anticipation🫨

  14. Kenya’s President Ruto is an absolute sleazebag. Word is that he accepted $m$i$ll$i$o$n$ from the US to be the Black invading face of Haiti. Ruto was also holding court with the jewish nazi president of Ukraine offering them his support. The Judas was also pushing for ECOWAS to reinstate ‘BAZOOM.’ Ruto and Ghana’s Nana Akufo Addo are the absolute Judases. Bolo Tinnubu is in a class by himself. Traitors have always been the downfall of Africa. Addo gives good face but under that face is anti-African venom. He’s a vile creature.

  15. World Police / Geopolitical War Whores
    Watch out for mission creep as the yanks may never leave the Caribbean, it’s like inviting the devil or on evil spirit into your home or life, once they get a foothold they will stay forever to offset China who has been teaching Natty Kung Fu fighting across Africa and Caribbean.

    Dub Attack Dub War
    This is a big tune called:
    “M P L A, Natty going on a holiday”

    On the “Freedom Blues” Studio One Riddim
    by Roy Richards (born in Barbados)

  16. The job as President/Chair of the UN is toothless. No independence. No authority. That post is totally controlled by the Security Council sans Russia. That individual has to follow the dictates of the US UK France and Israhell. MAM has more power as PM of Barbados.

    CARICOM should decline any invitation from Pierre Castro over there in Canada. After having him welcome that Ukrainian Nazi with two hail Marys, why would you grace that place with your presence. Nazis want to kill all Black people. Get some pride. Stay in CARICOM and discuss your business. Tell Pierre to go kick rocks.

    Sometimes I just wonder what this world would look like if we just give the ‘uneducated’ experienced MAN/WOMAN on the street a chance to LEAD. No degreed persons allowed. No governmental/beaurocratic experience allowed. Just give it a try!

    • Sometimes I just wonder what this world would look like if we just give the ‘uneducated’ experienced MAN/WOMAN on the street a chance to LEAD. No degreed persons allowed. No governmental/beaurocratic experience allowed. Just give it a

      We got Trump. Happy now?

  17. People like Mia Mottley who tend to believe that they somehow operate under the protection of American impunity.

    Should beware.

    For there are forces within Haití which recognize them as belligerents.

    Belligerents in these hybrid wars of empire.

    Mottley should remember that drone technology is of such that she, and the regime upon which she sits.

    May one Thursday, while sitting, plotting, as tools of empire, at those meetings, discover that they are targets.

    The laws of war make it legal for those under attack, even in hybrid warfare, under any guise, entitled to a propotionate response.

    Mottley should shudder that her previous interference in the Guyana elections, installing the Hindu nationalist regime there has achieved America’s aims with Mottley as factotum.

    She should take note of the Guyana speech at the recent UN general assemly.

    There, the Guyanese representative spent much time lamenting the specture of war with Venezuela over a long and unresolved territorial claim.

    The recent “settlement” of the Azerbaiyán/Armenia terriyorial depute over Nogorno Karabahk should act as guidance.

    Even as Belize, in its dispute with Guatemala, like Guyana, tend to believe that America will side with them.

    In the case of Armenia, America was impotent. All bark no bite!

    Conditions created by the interference within Guyanese politics by Mottley and Arthur, now dead.

    With American oil majors on the ground taking ownership of Guyanese oil, and acting as the spear of empire, most of such oil within the two-thirds of Guyanese territory which is claimed by Venezuela, and given the geopolitical, geostrategic issues of moment, the Caribbean may well prove William Skinner to be imprecise as another Ukraine in the tropics beckons.

    It’s just a matter of time before now easily available sophisticated drone technology answers those who now conduct official violence with immunity.

    Elsewhere in the region, we see the Government of Belize is….

    “”Belize contempla enviar tropas de paz a Haiti.”

    How Orwellian!

    Contemplates sending peacekeeping troops!

    Haití at war with the White world before 1802 and now another patina of peace ….. in continuance of that war by other means.

    Even as slaves here and further afield are ceaseless in supporting lunacy.

    • UN to vote on resolution to authorize one-year deployment of armed force to help Haiti fight gangs

      The U.N. Security Council is scheduling a vote for Monday on a resolution that would authorize a one-year deployment of an international force to help Haiti quell a surge in gang violence and restore security so the troubled Caribbean nation can hold l…

      ByDÁNICA COTO Associated Press and EDITH M. LEDERER Associated Press
      September 30, 2023, 7:34 PM


      Armed members of “G9 and Family” march in a protest against Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2023. (AP Photo/Odelyn Joseph)

      The Associated Press

      SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The U.N. Security Council is scheduling a vote Monday on a resolution that would authorize a one-year deployment of an international force to help Haiti quell a surge in gang violence and restore security so the troubled Caribbean nation can hold long-delayed elections.

      The U.S.-drafted resolution obtained by The Associated Press on Saturday welcomes Kenya’s offer to lead the multinational security force. It makes clear this would be a non-U.N. force funded by voluntary contributions.

      The resolution would authorize the force for one year, with a review after nine months.

      The force would be allowed to provide operational support to Haiti’s National Police, which is underfunded and under resourced, with only some 10,000 active officers for a country of more than 11 million people.

      The resolution says the force would help built capacity of local police “through the planning and conduct of joint security support operations as it works to counter gangs and improve security conditions in Haiti.”

      The force would also help secure “critical infrastructure sites and transit locations such as the airport, ports, and key intersections.” Powerful gangs have seized control of key roads leading from Haiti’s capital to the country’s northern and southern regions, disrupting the transportation of food and other goods.

      Passage by the Security Council would authorize the force to “adopt urgent temporary measures on an exceptional basis” to prevent the loss of life and help police maintain public safety.

      Leaders of the mission would be required to inform the council on the mission’s goals, rules of engagement, financial needs and other matters before a full deployment.

      A spokesman for Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry said he wasn’t aware of the resolution or the upcoming vote and said the government did not immediately have comment.

      The resolution condemns “the increasing violence, criminal activities, and human rights abuses and violations which undermine the peace, stability, and security of Haiti and the region, including kidnappings, sexual and gender-based violence, trafficking in persons and the smuggling of migrants, homicides, extrajudicial killings, as well as arms smuggling.”

      If adopted, it would mark the first time a force has been deployed to Haiti since the U.N. approved a stabilization mission in June 2004 that was marred by a sexual abuse scandal and the introduction of cholera. That mission ended in October 2017.

      Concerns also have surrounded the proposed Kenyan-led mission, with critics noting that police in the East Africa country have long been accused of using torture, deadly force and other abuses.

      The resolution stresses that all those participating in the proposed mission must take necessary action to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse as well as vet all personnel. It also demands swift investigations of any allegations of misconduct.

      In addition, the resolution warns that those involved in the mission must adopt wastewater management and other environmental control to prevent the introduction and spread of water-borne diseases, such as cholera.

      It wasn’t immediately clear how big the force would be if approved, although Kenya’s government has previously proposed sending 1,000 police officers. In addition, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Antigua and Barbuda have pledged to send personnel.

      Last month, the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden promised to provide logistics and $100 million to support a Kenyan-led force.

      The resolution notes that the Security Council intends to impose additional sanctions on Jimmy Chérizier, known as “Barbecue,” who heads Haiti’s biggest gang alliance. Chérizier, a former police officer, recently warned that he would fight any armed force suspected of abuses.

      The proposed resolution comes nearly a year after Haiti’s prime minister and other top government officials requested the immediate deployment of a foreign armed force as the government struggles to fight violent gangs estimated to control up to 80% of the capital of Port-au-Prince.

      From Jan. 1 to Aug. 15, more than 2,400 people in Haiti were reported killed, more than 950 kidnapped and 902 injured, according to the most recent U.N. statistics. More than 200,000 others have been displaced by violence, with many crammed in makeshift shelters after gangs pillaged their communities.

      Source: ABC

  18. Frank…..No Trump does not fit that description. Trump actually knows the business of running a country. Yea he made a few mistakes but was smart enough to not allow himself and the military to be drawn into another war.

    For while he was in office everyone was eating. A man that the media told the world was racist racist stupid stupid. He actually was doing a fine job with the economy.Its easy to run with the drivel from the NEWS. The man actually knew his stuff and actually had the interest of the nation at heart. Ask yourself why are they dragging him today and using two Black dummies to do their dirty work.

    AI Joe Buyden/ or the masked man is only the figure head of the US Corp not the nation and he’ll soon be removed.

    “When ‘imagined white supremacy’ is done with its tools, it breaks them.”Black clowns are in for a surprise.

  19. Any such resolution shall be vetoed by Russia and China or either.

    These countries will well remember the previous imperial interventions in Haiti under the pretense of law, law fare.

    They will remember the humanitarian interventionism in Libya and the current illegal American occupation of Syria.

    They will cite forces in Haiti calling on them to so act.

    They will have front of mind that they themselves are the main meal within a menu of Western aggression, under various guises, ultimately aimed at them.

    They will want to frustrate the fascists or neoliberals in Washington, currently out of vogue, facing defeats on all fronts, as they continue to give them hell.

    And rightly so.

  20. ✉️ Message Not AcKnowledgeD

    Did my last comment fail in delivery or was it blocked?

    a response from @budavid would be appreciated
    but not Bush

  21. “UN to vote on resolution to authorize one-year deployment of armed force to help Haiti fight gangs”

    The Hegelian Dialectic in Action
    thesis, antithesis, synthesis, or problem, reaction, solution,

    Problem ➡Reaction➡Solution is a tried and tested military strategy, whereby whoever can create a problem that will provoke a certain reaction will be able to suggest a contrived solution.

    In this case
    Problem = Gangs,
    Reaction = Breakdown of law & order,
    Solution = US Martial law aka US Imperialism

  22. We are living in a serious time
    What a dangerous time
    Don’t let the devil blow your mind
    Do you hear I and I, black people?
    The time is so serious, cantankerous and dangerous (dangerous, danger)
    Is only in the Father, you know I put my trust (‘Cause mi nuh trust mankind)
    The time is so serious, cantankerous and dangerous (Wha’ really a gwan now, Tibet?)
    All over the world everyone is in a heated rush

  23. @David, the title is a loaded fah real! The entire ‘peace keeping’ process is a boondoggle of hypocrisy surely; simply because politics is total hypocrisy.

    The fact is tho, that prior peace keeping forces in Haiti specifically have included Caribbean forces, and in fact I recall a Bajan (Bajans) being there years ago.

    The other simple fact is that all players in these games display mind-blowing hypocrisy that serves their means and ends… undoubtedly the US and their western allies have long gang assaulted and pandered to Haiti’s demise as NONE of them ever exposed or tried to stop (purposefully) France’s financial rape of that nation. But did others on the other side do anything differently!!!!

    It’s amazing that the same nation that produced Toussaint and Dessalines, massive heroes of African force against white suppression, could also produce (or maybe not so amazing) the Duvalier dictatorships that further destroyed Haitian ability to succeed … and here we are today where Haitians still continue to allow forces beyond their borders to drive them into anarchy and violent inter-family warfare!

    Therefore, to so forcibly accuse the western allies led by US of “invading” Haiti … sounds pretty but tells little of the deep story! That nation has been overrun by Haitians who have profited by suppressing their own; the ‘colorism and classism’ there is massive, thus of course it can only truly be saved by Haitians themselves.

    It would be tremendous if Kenyan led ‘peacekeepers’ could be a catalyst to force real change there … but that ain’t going to happen!

  24. Is Haiti communist, or fascist or socialist or any left wing construct one might name?

    Never heard these ideologies linked to Haiti.

    Yet one gets the impression that it has at times exhibited some of the qualities of a totalitarian regime where a strongman can take control as happens in the more extreme leftwing ideologies.

    Is it perhaps a product of the French Revolution but frozen in time while France itself recovered?

    Guadeloupe went through the same rebellion Haiti did but it was suppressed and remained under the ambit of France.

    Martinique spent its time in British hands during the French Revolution. Its slaves were not freed in 1794 as those in Guadeloupe and Haiti were.

    Slavery was reinstituted in Guadeloupe by another French army under General Richepanse.

    Was the French Revolution perhaps the forerunner of leftwing ideologies?

    Is revolution a characteristic of a failed nation state?

    Maybe not.

    The American Revolution did not produce a failed nation state and was the forerunner of the French Revolution. Until recently, America could not be associated with left wing ideologies.

    France including Martinique and Guadeloupe recovered from the French Revolution as fid America.

    What did France and America have in common?

    Christianity perhaps?

  25. A blessed and wonderful morning to you and to all.

    Unlike you, I will not attempt any heavy lifting. Unanalysis should be a word. You have produced a spectacular piece of unanalysis.

  26. Lifting below my weight on October 3, 2023 at 3:11 AM said:
    Rate This

    A blessed and wonderful morning to you and to all.

    Unlike you, I will not attempt any heavy lifting. Unanalysis should be a word. You have produced a spectacular piece of unanalysis.


    But it isn’t so what does that say about your ability to do any lifting!!

  27. This Haiti issue leaves me in the middle of nowhere. Of course, I would love to see peace and prosperity come to the island and to see those who continue to be lawless brought to justice.

    On the US
    But I am sceptical of any initiative backed by the US. The US has always placed it interests well above that of the others. For them, right is what benefits them; right is supporting and propping up dictators; right is being in bed with drug smugglers; right is killing leaders who strive for the advancement of a nation and its people. Hopefully, you will recall the lack of US support throughout the struggle in South Africa.

    On UN peacekeepers
    Do you remember the parting gift of cholera that the UN gave to Haiti?

    What about prostitution an pedophilia?
    “Amnesty said the victims were routinely raped “as a means of control and coercion” and kept in terrible conditions as slaves by their “owners”; sometimes kept in darkened rooms unable to go out. In Haiti, the Sri Lankan peacekeepers wanted girls and boys as young as 12 for sex. ”

    On Kenya
    It would pay us to remember that we had different categories of slaves. Has Kenya with all of its corruption decided to play the role of house negro? Has bad and corrupt leadership forced Kenya to actively suck the teats of the US in its search to secure foreign aid?

    “Despite some improvement over the past decade, corruption in Kenya remains rampant: Kenya is ranked 128 among 180 nations in 2021 in terms of perceived corruption, after climbing from position 124 in 2020. Democratic elections are also meant to help keep malpractice and fraud under check. Regrettably, a number of those seeking elective seats in the coming elections have tainted integrity.”

    May the Good Lord help Haiti.. for I know the UN will not.

    • I see that my effort of today is almost a repeat of Hopi on 9/29.

      Pacha on 9/30 is an excellent contribution.

  28. Last note
    Despite its great evil, I believe the US is less of an evil than some countries.

    I believe that the US will find it ways and be a beacon of light and hope to all mankind.

    Disappointed? Yes! But not giving up.

  29. @ Theo or should it be “grasshopper “,

    You may be interested in the below comments!

    Kenya is a vast country. I repeat, it could have been a force for good. Would it not have been a great thing for mother Africa whom were knee deep involved in the slave trade to have developed a “Marshall plan” that would have helped Haiti to develop and grow. Their priority appears to be cracking skulls, and monetary gain.

    “On the global stage, sending its forces to Haiti gives Kenya a very serious political capital. In the eyes of the world, Kenya becomes a dependable ally who is willing to help other countries,” Dismas Mokua, a Nairobi-based analyst, told Al Jazeera.

    “The mission creates several opportunities for Kenya. Kenyan law enforcement agencies will get specialised training and equipment before they are sent. This will improve the capacity of the force in the long term. Obviously, there are financial incentives. Resources are allocated to participating countries. Troops will also be given extra allowance, which is why there is high interest from officers for foreign deployments,” he added.

  30. @ David,

    It would seem Haiti will never get any breathing space for having had the audacity to break the shackles of slavery, whilst inflicting defeats on the battle fields against the white man.

    Here we are in 2023 and black led Caribbean Islands are now at the forefront in their desire to see another invasion of Haiti.

    How ironic that in Guyana, Brazil, Colombia, and so many other countries we have seen waves of genocide committed against the black man and indigenous groups and we have never heard a peep from western leaders.


  31. “Haiti represents a big problem to solve, especially for small island developing states.”

    > US War on Drugs since Reagan early 80s thru to 90s have been proven to be futile > as were Narco wars with Mexico. > Police become more militiarised and corrupt taking bribes and arresting innocent civilians to meet targets
    > Crime Syndicates buy more weapons than police and armies and have more officials in power on their payroll
    (“>” = line feed).

  32. Grasshopper

    I got a feeling that Trump will be the new speaker of the House today or
    tomorrow and President perhaps by Christmas!!

    Always reckoned he would be a three term president.

    May be sooner than you think.

    • Rule 26 (a) of the Republican Conference Rules of the 118th Congress disqualifies Trump.

  33. What foolishness.

    Haití has had, for example, 3000 murders in the last year.

    México has had 36,000.

    American weapons manufacturers are one causal factor in both.

    Certainly, México is closer to the USA than Haití.

    The underlying truth is that America, having been linked with the assasination of the former president, Moisé, and given the
    need to install another puppet president who will then legally ok their real military intervention, even as they are effectively running the country through a socalled Core Group of embassies, this illegal and unprecedented action by the UNSC, sending in police, some of whom, like the Kenyans are currently killing peaceful demonstrators in Kenya, will serve to have an election to make American designs to keep Haití in confusion real.

    International law does not permit UNSC interventionism in circumstances of internal strife on when state actors are involved.

    This deviation reminds us of “humanitarian intervention” under the concocted “right to protect”.

    Have these deviations, like in the case of Lybia not proven the fecklessness of the idiots in Washington as they use the UNSC to reassert dominance?

    No wonder the Chinese and the Russian abstained. How unfortunate! Maybe they see a longer game. Maybe a deal has been made, sacrificing Haitían interests. Maybe, maybe!

    The idiocy that Haití is some “big problem” to solve for some “small island developing states”, as the rock which cowards seek always to hide under, is ignorance imbued with rightness of Whiteness.

    Are there not many small island states which never had such protracted difficulties?

    But instead of going to structural causation, the pragmatic apologists seek to blame the víctim for the centuries crimes committed by others.

    De more wunna do. The sooner the big, mushroom-headed, deckie will be in wunna crotch!

    Regardless of the circumstances, that recessive Bajan mentality, when given quite, never fails to reaasert its degenerate self.

  34. Nations are constructs as are Empires.
    Roman Empire became British Empire which became American Empire with slavery and white supremacy racism thread weaved into their tapestry. People are still coming to realisation of the prejudice and bias which has been an ongoing awakening since the 50s and 60s in the liberation of minds regarding civil rights, human rights, anti-war, world unity movements, music and arts.

  35. Pacha could be right about budavid’s bias towards USA intervention on this matter, where like the Libya war in 2010 UK wanted US involvement to give them credibility in the same way USA wanted UK’s involvement for Iraq and Afghanistan wars in 2001. Budavid’s bias can be proven by the posts he is not letting through.

  36. Obama called UK freeriders, “Free riders aggravate me”, for begging their help to sanction their dubious war in Libya.
    Part of his mission as president, Obama explained, is to spur other countries to take action for themselves, rather than wait for the U.S. to lead. The defense of the liberal international order against jihadist terror, Russian adventurism, and Chinese bullying depends in part, he believes, on the willingness of other nations to share the burden with the U.S. This is why the controversy surrounding the assertion—made by an anonymous administration official to The New Yorker during the Libya crisis of 2011—that his policy consisted of “leading from behind” perturbed him. “We don’t have to always be the ones who are up front,” he told me. “Sometimes we’re going to get what we want precisely because we are sharing in the agenda. The irony is that it was precisely in order to prevent the Europeans and the Arab states from holding our coats while we did all the fighting that we, by design, insisted” that they lead during the mission to remove Muammar Qaddafi from power in Libya. “It was part of the anti–free rider campaign….”

  37. @rabbit 🐇/🐰
    “I got a feeling that Trump will be the new speaker of the House today or
    tomorrow and President perhaps by Christmas!!”

    I thought such lofty thoughts only happened when the Great Brain had a power surge and you went off the tracks.

    I have never considered that you would be taking mind altering drugs. But your recents pronouncements indicate more than a Great Brain malfunctioning. I guess a rabbit may nibble ‘the wrong’ plant now and then.

  38. “Some English and Americans like to go to Barbados for a short holiday or vacation”

    “Caribbean?” “No the went on their own accord”

  39. Good morning,
    I would like to inform the RSS, CIA, FBI, GoRoB police (should that be PoRoB) and any other alphabet agency that I was hacked and just managed to regain control of my phone.

    Mention of the RSS or any other agency was done by the hacker and not by me. I will work hand in hand with any agency to unmask the hackers.

  40. Artax
    on October 4, 2023 at 4:44 PM said:
    Rate This

    Rule 26 (a) of the Republican Conference Rules of the 118th Congress disqualifies Trump.


    Only applies to people not running for President.

    Trump is cool!!!

    Think about it, an indictment or even a conviction does not preclude you from being President.

    Trump could even run the country from jail if he wants!!

    Constitution Trumps party rules!!

    • But, isn’t Trump presently campaigning for the 2024 US presidential election? You are on record in this forum as saying he will be a 3 term president. The rule quoted by the experts relates to him being selected as speaker. I prefer to be guided by those indiviuals who have more knowledge of those than you. Over the ALL your opinons on issues relating to Trump have proven to be INCORRECT. Then, after, you would go into hiding until a new ‘Trump controversy’ comes to the fore. As such, your credibility (and sanity) on matters relating to him is highly questionable. I am reminded of you each time I hear the ludicrous, insane responses by the MAGA cult members, to questions posed by the media, and often wonder if you were there somewhere, lurking in the crowd. But, sometimes I believe you are probably attempting to be provocative.

    • Okay. Reread the comment and realised, ‘….applies to people not running for president.’ But, nevertheless, I stand by my comments.

  41. Check this breach of the law for which numerous people are being prosecuted after J6. Here is an insurrectionist looking to delay official proceedings, to wit, the vote to keep the Government open.

    Check his explanations and laugh!!

  42. The reason is simple. Presidents get treated differently and there are special laws for them and they are a special case in the Constitution.

    Presidential Records Act for example applies only to Presidents, past and present.

  43. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.


    So, you see how Trump could end up being a 3 term president.

    His second term will be less than 2 years and if Biden and Harris are impeached and he is 2nd in line, he gets the second of his three terms without any elections.

    Until I saw the term limits I reckoned Biden would have been impeached in 2021 with the border. That would have meant though he would only get 2 terms.

    The president and vice president have not obeyed the constitution and are guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors for years. Both could be impeached for the illegal immigration and their lack of action but getting a conviction from the senate is a problem.

    Biden is being investigated for bribery and treason as well.

    Trump as speaker gives Trump the power of subpoena and the management of the House, and he is damn good at management and leadership. He will drive the Republican members of the House like they have never been driven.

    He just needs the year before elections to clean out the rotten election system and make sure he faces free and fair elections in 2024..

    One by one Democrats are realising that unrestricted illegal immigration is a bad idea. The Senate might very well convict Biden and Harris as it will not only curb the illegal immigration but also will allow the Democrats to ditch these two losers and run more sensible candidates.

    The election of the Speaker is going to be real interesting.

    My gut says both Harris and Biden will be impeached by the Republican House and convicted by the Democrats in the senate. The Republicans will then control the House and the Executive, for less than one year before elections in 2024.

  44. Another view on the rule that might preclude Trump’s election as Speaker.

    He says he is willing to step in but it may boil down to the time he can give to the job.

    Once he can get 218 votes he will be speaker and the Republicans have 221 seats so it is definitely possible.

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