Execute or Die

The blogmaster followed with interest the passing of Bills yesterday in the Lower House of the National Payment System Bill 2021 and the Barbados Identity Management Bill 2021. The government appears to be moving to take advantage of technology to enhance and transform how Barbadians do business in a new ecosystem, pay for goods, services. Gone are the days when banks and to a lesser extent credit unions monopolized payment systems. Replacing the ‘tattered and embarrassing’ looking Barbados ID card is also overdue. From following the debate the new Barbados ID card will use current technology to store a range of data to permit the holder to do different types of transactions with optional validation with the use of biometrics etc. The improvements once implemented will improve business facilitation and other deficiencies.

The initiative by government to improve the ‘national payment ecosystem’ to quote Minister in the ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn although laudable exposes the fact homegrown businesses do not control the bulk of payment transactions. For too long Barbadians seem happy to be consumers of goods and services instead of becoming owners in the distribution chain whether financial or commodity. Unless we discover ways to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery enhancements we make facilitated by new laws in parliament will be nothing more than painting ‘lipstick on the pig’.

The other development which caught the attention of the blogmaster was the announcement last week a comeyuh promised to invest 10 million dollars to transform the 400 acre Haymans plantation to a state of the art farm. The blogmaster commends the investor who for whatever reason appears to be motivated to do something that should be part of a larger project to address food security in Barbados. Covid 19 has exposed our shortcomings as far as agriculture production is concerned. We agree there has been increase in agricultural output, however, nothing that has significantly moved the needle to address food security concerns. Did it escape Barbadians Charles Gagnon, owner of Haymans had to remove 50 truckloads of garbage illegally dumped on the site.

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The initiative is a timely reminder to inquire what is the project status of 30 acres of land located at Dukes plantation that was donated to UWI Cave Hill Campus in 2017. There is a lethargy that seems to permeate everything we do in Barbados. Surely we have referred to implementation deficit often enough to have made a conclusion by now that we have to change how we do business if we want to sustain an acceptable quality of life for our people. There is an advantage to being a 2×3 island. It should equip us to be nimble in decision-making and project execution.

In simple less flowery language Barbadians must shed comfortable politically partisan positions and evolve to assessing what are national imperatives and just do it. The constant and banal snarling exhibited by stakeholders in civil society is unacceptable given our investment in education. We are a Black majority nation and should be embarrassed to acknowledge that our key gateways to economic activity are controlled by minority AND foreign interest.


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  1. DONNA
    i know dat you understand cricket
    and you know dat you dont have to play at every ball


    so that all the people she invited to BU, whom she said don’t want to come on because of ME and the way i get on, can see her cussing and getting on too……🤣🤣

  3. And she is as dumb as a rock…what i post to BU is a gift anyone can use it respectfully…on the other hand what i post as copyrighted requires permission for use..that’s why it says COPYRIGHT 2021…

    …but ya sure as hell not going to tell me am telling lies, disgree with what i say and then YOUR POST reflects what i have been saying on here for YEARS….and nothing you ever post HAS THAT CONTENT…

    I posted something from some East African researchers recently to BU…decided i wanted to use an EXCERPT in my book…contacted the reseachers and got permission…easy so, i was not even going to try to reword their content…i wanted it in its natural state…similarly….Ziggy posted something that i thought would be perfect for my book, i contacted him and he sent it right away, that content was not even copyrighted as far as i know, it was just an offhand comment…but I ASKED PERMISSION…

  4. GP,

    As I have said many times before, I am the granddaughter of a fisherman from a fisher family.known for some of that sweet cussing Miller was talking about. We also are known for quick and hot tempers.

    The mad woman accused me of stealing. Ideas. That got me very angry.

    But I just spent an hour in my garden of peace working with my son so I am good now.

    She can pissparade and pompasette all she wants.

    But I want her to post all the ideas she says I stole. Side by side, her words and mine. They would be evidence of a pattern of behaviour that would show intent in the law suit when I publish my stolen book of gibberish. The extracts she has posted are laboured like somebody who is trying too hard. Definitely not a natural writer!


    Sorry! I see now that you were speaking about a dictionary of cuss words. Don’t know if that has been done. Addy Forde and Harold Hoyte did Bajan words and sayings. Another young lady recently did one also.

  5. As long as the fly by night reparationists in Barbados know that desperation and hot and sweaty for shit money that will never benefit or enrich the Black population, descendants of the enslaved….is just as laughable as the greedy.

  6. Wunna gots muh dedding wid de laugh at all this talk ’bout copyrights and plagiarism.

    Reminds me of an incident involving a particular individual who is alleged to have forged an email using the certain man’s name. I wonder if that email had a copyright?

    What is the law according to Barbados’ Copyright Act?

    Does one categorise a contribution to BU as an original literary, musical, dramatic or artistic work?

    Is the process as simple as applying ‘copyright 2021’ and the associated copyright symbol to a comment?

    If one has to register a copyright, then judging from some people’s numerous contributions to BU, they would spend a life time at the registration office.


  7. @TheOGazerts February 27, 2021 11:41 AM “Waru has areas where she is unequalled.”


    For this you get an A+++

    Simply because it can be interpreted any way anybody wants, positively or negatively

  8. See what happens when ya ‘appallingly ignorant”…and don’t know SHIT ABOUT COPYRIGHTS…

    short memory syndrome is a serious problem among idle bajans…

    i have something to show for all my YEARS OF MADNESS on BU though, something to OFFER THE WORLD……

    ah DARE the FLY and her sandfly to SHOW what they produced in OVER 8 YEARS on a blog…..besides UTTER SHIT…..peeping into the bedrooms of others, posting irrelevant nonsense….and making themselves the poster children for enslaved minds..

    and during all that….I WRITE….PRODUCE…..inspire the intelligent..

    ah actually have a huge following, my own audience around the world…..imagine that…helps keep the creative juices flowing..

    try catching up to or beating that…..it’s an attention grabber, not idiots and clown shows.

    the bajan condition…believing everyone is as blind as or to them and their small time doings.

  9. Don’t worry, i won’t be waiting so long that i turn into an ancient skeleton sitting on a bench…ah know the bajan condition too well……🤣🤣

    National security project includes sugar industry, says Weir
    The 2021 sugar harvest season is set to start tomorrow.
    Cane harvesting will then commence on Wednesday.
    This news came from Minister of Agriculture Indar Weir during a press conference held yesterday at the Wakefield Centre for Agricultural Research Project at Wakefield Plantation in St John.
    Weir was accompanied by permanent secretary Terry Bascombe and other sugar officials.
    He said the Ministry of Agriculture was in the process of drafting a national food security plan that would include what was required for domestic consumption as well as what was needed to satisfy the tourism industry when the sector was booming again.
    He said part of the plan involved the sugar industry, noting that this year directconsumption sugar would be produced for the local and external markets.
    Weir said that, based on industry projections, 5 200 tonnes of sugar and 13 000 tonnes of molasses would be produced from 107 000 tonnes of cane, with private farmers producing 70 000 tonnes.
    He said the sector might be able to yield 110 000 tonnes of cane because of the good rainfall within the past few months as it was estimated that 17 tonnes of cane could be reaped from one acre.
    Last year 90 000 tonnes of cane produced 7 200 tonnes of sugar and 5 000 tonnes of molasses.
    It takes about $3 500 to produce one tonne of sugar.
    The minister said next year’s harvest season would produce even more tonnage, as an additional 500 acres of land would be going into production from clean planting material generated from 94 acres of hot watertreated sugar cane growing at Wakefield.
    Chief executive officer at the Barbados Agricultural Management Company (BAMC), Orlanda Atherley, said the strict health protocols to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus that Portvale sugar factory established last year remained in effect this year, adding that so far 106 workers had been vaccinated.
    Grinding next week
    Grinding at the Blowers, St James factory should also start next week, with the steam trials slated to begin tomorrow. That grinding should end in early June.
    Agronomist and manager of Area Two at the BAMC, Anderson Eversley also said there would be a reduction of cow itch in the fields as the BAMC had improved its husbandry practices.
    Weir added that the BAMC had also started a khus khus grass programme aimed at preventing run-off water from the fields from flowing onto the streets.
    He said about ten miles of khus khus grass were planted around the head rows of some cane fields thus far and that lemon grass would also be planted as part of the programme.
    These grasses are said to keep the earth compact. (SB) © 2021. Printed and published by THE NATION PUBLISHING CO. LIMITED. This publication should not be copied in whole or in part without the explicit permission of the Publisher. Tel. 246-430-5400

    Source: Nation

  11. “See what happens when ya ‘appallingly ignorant”…and don’t know SHIT ABOUT ……….”

    Well, Well May 13, 2018 9:44 AM #: “In the St. Thomas area, there is supposed to be this representative Rolerick Hinds for the last 10 years or there abouts, not many people have heard about him, let alone seen him in the areas, it is said he kept his medical practice in Warrens and that was his focus, how this conflict is allowed at taxpayer’s expense I do not even want to imagine.”

    Enuff May 13, 2018 10:51 AM #: “I don’t recall Rolerick Hinds ever being elected to represent any constituency in Barbados, St.Thomas included.”

    Well, Well May 13, 2018 11:02 AM #: “Goes to show how much you know…Enuff..What you need to do today is take a drive past the Simpson Motors used car parking lot, look to your right at the first right turn after Simpson…and a BIG ASS SIGN has been there for years WITH HIS PHOTO as REPRESENTATIVE for the area.”

    Enuff May 13, 2018 1:13 PM #: “Ok Well well, I guess Cynthia Forde is a fraud.”

    Well, Well May 13, 2018 1:31 PM #: “I am not following you though…I said Rolerick (drick) Hinds. Was Forde the MP for St. Thomas for the last X amount of years? Does she look like Rolerick (drick) Hinds the photo of the man in that 6 foot tall billboard on the road that you clearly never saw when driving by Simpson Motors? I thought an elected MP was the representative for the area and is then assigned to that area, I must be mistaken, was election called last night and I missed it.”

    Enuff May 13, 2018 2:26 PM# “Wuh looka muh crosses…murdaaaa🤣🤣”

    Enuff May 13, 2018 7:02 PM #: “Apparently Enuff thinks BLP already won the government, I warned him about counting those chickens, people fed up enough to cause him embarrassment, stop taking the electorate for granted.”

    I am trying to help but you PERSIST with DISPLAYING IGNORANCE, simply giving credence to the belief that you’re the cut and paste queen. Tek win!

    Well, Well May 13, 2018 7:13 PM

    Help how? I am telling the blog about the Hinds dude who was the MP for how long, who did nothing in areas of St. Thomas he represented, but collected taxpayers money for how many years anyway….

    ….you claimed you did not know he represented St. Thomas, making yourself look unknowledgeable, MAYBE TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A LIAR, WHO KNOWS WHAT GOES THROUGH YOU DUMMIES HEADS….which you should have then googled and cut and paste, showing us you at least knew something about Hinds…..


  12. You have a following. You keep count because that is what is important to you. A blind man on a trotting horse could see that you have to have validation.

    Here’s how Donna rolls. When my work was being performed in front of a packed gymnasium, nobody knew who had written it. It was submitted under the name of the group. After our performance I lent the eventual winner of the competition two of my boys. She had come up with a last minute idea to enhance her monologue and had noticed how good they were. She now makes a good living from her performances.

    And finally it was shown on tv about three times. First it was selected as worthy for viewing on Mornin’ Barbados and then twice more it was televised as part of the whole production. Most recently it was shown a couple of years ago. I have NEVER seen it. And still nobody knew whose work it was.

    Next ….I have stood at the Frank Collymore Hall next to one of your Canadian High Commisioners many years ago and heard him say that my piece of poetry was the piece he enjoyed most. He went into great detail as to why. I was at that point acting as his usher and did not tell him that it was mine.

    And finally, long ago after a concert, the Emcee was giving a vote of thanks. When he got to my play he said, “Where is Donna? Then he answered his own question, “Probably somewhere in the back talking to HER children, as usual! Donna, please come out and take your bow! We will wait for you. You are not getting away!”

    That is the first time I recognised my habit.

    In short, I was told by all those who watched my interactions with children that I was put on earth to do so. I considered it a gift and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I scaled down after I had my son. And recently I stopped.

    But here’s the latest chapter, I discuss our BU topics with my son. I do not do Facebook, Twitter or any that stuff but my son has a social media presence and he knows just about EVERY BLACK YOUNG Bajan IN HIS AGE GROUP. Most of them say they do not care for politics. His answer, “So you do not care for your life?” Then he goes on to explain how politics affects their lives.

    And guess what? He also is in contact with young people both Bajan born and American born who live in America. He explained to THEM how their system works. Most of them thought they voted for a president who could rule by decree. They know nothing about the Grim Reaper.

    He has “friends” of every race in countries all over the world.

    I do not feel the need to write, publish and count sales. I do not feel the need to post to social media and count followers.

    For the past eighteen years (from pregnancy) I have dedicated myself to the raising of a son.

    I think he is my greatest achievement.

    No applause necesary. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. And my best friend’s daughter who is on scholarship in the U.S now intends to stay and be a civil rights attorney.

    Heard too many of her mother’s conversations,

  14. A comment.
    Whilst it is good to know more about a person. I form my opinion by what a person says (writes) and not what others say about them.

    You are already on my to read list and I suspect the same applies for others.

    In my opinion, there is no need to provide information that would reveal your identify. Your contributions here can stand on their own.

  15. “A comment.
    Whilst it is good to know more about a person. I form my opinion by what a person says (writes) and not what others say about them.

    You are already on my to read list and I suspect the same applies for others.

    In my opinion, there is no need to provide information that would reveal your identify. Your contributions here can stand on their own.”

    Spot on!! You are correct!

    Excellent contribution.

  16. TheO,

    I have never tried to hide my identity. Those who know me have long identified me. Donna is the name on my birth certificate.

    By now you should know that I am no coward. I do not run and I do not hide. And I would stand by my positions even before a firing squad!

  17. David,

    I already have. But I am sure you can understand my anger at being called a thief. I know you know I am not one. But that one stung! I had to set the record straight. I am not really anonymous on this blog.

  18. Yes Donna….lets move on, I have a following BECAUSE OF CREATIVITY…..nothing else…and my IDENTITY is well known, even if you don’t know it…..i keep count because AM A WRITER……and people actually use my work FOR THEIR NEWSLETTERS in certain countries and in CERTAIN EDUCATIONAL SETTINGS…just Friday i sent a page of copyrighted work to be used as reference for a LARGE POPULATION…..and that’s important to me because the GIFTS AND SKILLS i was BLESSED with ARE USEFUL…..end of…now you know…

    “You have a following. You keep count because that is what is important to you. A blind man on a trotting horse could see that you have to have validation.

    if yall want that to eat you out and attack all the time…fine…but ya can’t stop anything…ya not important..not to me anyway….that’s why i don’t need credit nor my ego massaged….am well aware of my capabilities and contributions…

  19. DONNA




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