Food Security: Eat the Cellphone

There is a popular saying “God helps those who help themselves“. The pandemic has been with us almost 2 years, we know any pandemic is likely to disrupt the global supply chain. We know Barbados is a significant importer of food, over the years successive governments have paid lip service to prioritizing food security. It is cheaper to import than produce in Barbados they say – what about forming a strategic relationship with other islands? What is the purpose of Caricom?

The following was sent to the blogmaster with the following question. The old people have another saying – “you have made your bed and will have to lie on it”.

David you want a better reason why we should have introduced a greenhouse project over a year ago than this?


  • @ David September 10, 2021 10:07 AM
    Can you name a single government on the planet that will impose measures to counter a trend of accessing fast foods to satisfy the convenience of lifestyle months before a general election? (Unquote).

    Yes! China, Singapore or Rwanda.

    Should we then wait until after June 2022 and then watch for another Sandiford 8% cut type of political realities?

    What’s there in 9 months other than a political pregnancy of one-upmanship?

    One would hate to think that the DLP or other ‘parties’ of Opposition would criticize such a move to make Bajans try to eat healthier or pay the unhealthy price.

    After all, the sweet drink tax was introduced under the DLP.

    If the 30-Love administration can go for a republic without consideration to any opposition why not make a decision of similar value for the long-term welfare of the people?

    While the fast food voters are becoming obese the Treasury is starving and becoming lean like jack Sprat.


  • @Miller

    Those countries do not have our so-called type of democracy.


    when proteins are digested the amino residues are removed in the liver to leave carbon skeletons which are either glucogenic (and can be used to make the glucose you need for the brain–which prefers glucose) or ketogenic ( which goes into making the necessary fat based products via acetyl Co enzyme A.)

    lots of fuss is being made about sugar and fat intake……but I think that the culprit that is being ignored and that probably needs researching is acetyl Co enzyme A………because carbs, fats, proteins and alcohol are all converted thereto.

    i am conducting my dietary interventions with this in mind


  • @Miller September 10, 2021 8:27 AM “Even our Donna and the simple Simon the Cuhdear Bajan should support such an imposition in order to preach what they claim to practise.”

    Of course I’ve eaten fast food. Not much anymore since I no longer have work, parental or child care responsibilities. Being as free as a bird I mostly cook my own meals now. I’ve eaten fast food twice for this year (not counting ice cream which I buy from the passing truck. Please somebody tell me that ice cream isn’t fast food, LOL!!!) I think that I can hear the Bico truck right now.


  • I also eat fast food. But not very often.


  • Don’t know what to tell yall but the millions being dished out is not to local Black people….even if it’s your money..

    they are absolutely shameless and then some…

    Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn is questioning what is so special about the Canadian-German who has been identified as the person chosen to take up the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI), at a proposed salary of $240 000 in addition to several perks.

    The Opposition Senator said Barbadians need to know what would commend Thraenhart to lead a tourism agency in Barbados. He said, “from what I am seeing about what they said about him he does not have anything that stands out to commend him for the job”.

    “And certainly, if he was a high flyer of that nature, he would not be coming to a small jurisdiction like this to work for $240 000. He is a non-entity. And I don’t know if he is somebody’s friend, but certainly you are bringing somebody from overseas with an international reputation and those people work for million-dollar salaries.

    “We can’t afford million-dollar salaries and I don’t think that he loves Barbados so much that he would come to Barbados and forgo his earning potential. The man is scrambling for a job,” Franklyn said.”


  • @ Miller September 10, 2021 9:59 AM

    When I look at the girth of our native herd of fattened oxen, we rather need a fat and sugar tax of 500 percent. Much more effective would be a currency reform, LOL.

    The only islanders still in good shape are the Williams brothers. Strong and slim.

    Hundreds die every year from obesity and no one on the island cares. The Corona panic with the few deaths in a year and a half clearly has pathological features.


  • “The Opposition Senator said Barbadians need to know what would commend Thraenhart to lead a tourism agency in Barbados. He said, “from what I am seeing about what they said about him he does not have anything that stands out to commend him for the job”

    he probably have the right connections to help them rip off BILLIONS of dollars from the treasury and pension fund…..IMF MONEY…..IDB MONEY, CDB MONEY, CHINESE MONEY…did i miss anyone, all borrowed/LOANS in THE MAJORITY POPULATION’S NAME…been telling yall for the last couple years, to REMOVE YASELVES from around these THIEVES and let them repay that debt…it’s theirs..


  • Apparently the fowl Slave thought Caswell would just sit back and say nothing..


  • People in Barbados can’t get a proper meal or decent health care let alone a job paying liveable wages, but check out the JUDASES, when they can hire someone on the island even better experienced for HALF THAT RIPOFF….and none of the on the short list sounds like names found in the majority population…..not to mention the parishes that have not gotten WATER for household use years because it goes to water lawns and golf courses of racist hotels….time to clean the trash out of the parliament..

    “The widely circulated document dated July 29 and obtained by Barbados TODAY, said that Jens Thraenhart beat out the second and third choices, Paul Nursey and Stuart Bowe in the state agency’s selection and recruitment process of selection.

    It was also outlined in the purported BTMI document that Thraenhart, who according to a bio on his official website “has over 25 years of international travel, tourism and hospitality experience”, would receive an annual income of $240, 000 (US$120,000) and several perks.

    The new BTMI chief is to be provided a fully maintained company vehicle; a pension gratuity payment equivalent to 20 per cent of basic annual earnings; a contributory medical plan; 42 calendar days (30 working days) annual vacation; overseas travel (personal); 21 paid sick days annually; membership subscriptions to professional and/or social clubs to a maximum value of $6,000 per annum; the cost of residential utilities, excluding the cost of water which is to be paid by the BTMI.”


  • Well, if they hire this man, I had better see some results in a hurry. It should be written into his contract.

    If he is so special (lol) I expect to see magic!

    Or else, we will know it was business as usual in every sense.

    And we shall not forget.


  • Walk away from this slave society and the PILING DEBTS… it will pile even hire over the next 5 years….and see how quickly all the racists,, thieves and judases RUN LIKE HELL from it too because they will have TO ANSWER for it and there is NOWHERE for them to hide…nowhere..


  • @ WURA-War-on-U September 11, 2021 9:58 PM

    Even your loyal nemesis Mr. Enuff- with his years of experience and known expertise in managing US$ billion dollar projects would have made a better selection for that job.

    What a slap in the face to the upcoming Republic!

    Exchanging a foreign head of state for another to ‘head’ the country’s forex breadbasket is really the behaviour of a burgeoning political basket case.


  • “What a slap in the face to the upcoming Republic!”

    ya can gaurantee there is something more SINISTER and DANGEROUS attached to this for the Black/African population..perpetrated by traitors……just as they brought in the dangerous and dirty boer apartheid crowd to run slavery ..via the lowest salaries and OVERWORK which killed quite a few workers in the G4S securtiy business…same scenario…

    they are not going to stop until the people PUT A STOP TO THEM..


  • Miller…just another form of Black genocide and the African descended population has to STOP FALLING FOR IT……especially when they HAVE the forms of the Caribbean/Americas and the continent…

    Mia is still hiding critical information about Africa from the people who are ENTITLED to have it…, like they have been for decades, info she already gave to thieving racist minorities…

    i got racist friends..

    the people better wake up fast..


  • Sigh! I live rent-free in quite a few heads here eh. Even when I keep quiet they still have to refer to me in their comments. I don’t know the man from Adam; however, a quick search for his name doesn’t paint a picture of an individual that’s “hand-to-mout”. But hey I am not part of the BU intelligentsia, so what do I know. If he’s the choice, it appears obvious why.🤐


  • Shameless defenders of the Duopoly. We remove a proven Barbadian from our top tourism job then deny another proven Barbadian and now we plan to bring in a complete outsider! And we here dancing around this embarrassment ? Really ???
    In today’s papers no national could be found for a Director of Food and Beverages at a local establishment. And we here dancing.Really.
    We have been in the tourism business for about seventy years ; we have a hotel school; Barbadians all over the world qualified and we allow this sickening scenario to play over and over . Why ?
    Is there a bigger picture here ?


  • William
    “We remove a proven Barbadian from our top tourism job then deny another proven Barbadian and now we plan to bring in a complete outsider!”



  • @ Enuff
    Griffith gone
    Roach gone to St Lucia
    Now talk about a foreigner coming in……..
    How ever it is put; for whatever reason. That’s the way it is.
    We have failed to keep two nationals in the top spot and we apparently are about to bring in an outsider.
    However you and the rest of the Duopoly’s defenders present it. Is fine with me.


  • WS
    You mean Roach that is now the CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority, which is also chaired by a Bajan? I wonder if the Grenadians welcoming the “outsiders” since not too long ago another Bajan was CEO? The people in Georgia calling you an outsider too? Did either Roach or Griffith say they were pushed out or overlooked? Where’s Roach based? There’s certainly a bigger picture from my perspective. But I am not too bright.


  • Green fingered Donna and Silly Woman may be interested in the story below.


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