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Submitted by Grenville Phillips II

If Russia goes to war with Ukraine, the member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have promised to inflict punishing sanctions on Russia.

NATO is a military alliance of 26 European continent countries, plus the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. Essentially, it is an agreement to defend any member that is attacked. Since Ukraine is not a member of NATO, sanctions is the option NATO chose.

There will likely be a United Nations General Assembly resolution to condemn any Russian aggression. China will likely side with Russia, and will expect its satellites to either vote with them or abstain. Given the satellites’ economic dependence on China, they will feel compelled to fall in line.


Barbados is now in an entirely new situation. Previously, we were insured against aggressor nations by the British military. As a sovereign and independent nation since 1966, that was the only formal relationship we kept with Britain. Over time, we discounted the deterrent value of that insurance, until we shockingly declared in our Parliament that it was worthless.

Last year, we cancelled that invaluable insurance, because our extreme radicals successfully convinced the Government that this was necessary to end colonialism. That was lunatic-level reasoning. But it was generally accepted by our: politicians, lawyers, journalists, moderators, writers, poets, artists, musicians, and singers, who actively promoted that lunacy as truth.


The historical record is littered with leaders who cannot tolerate dissent. They eventually view dissenters as somehow sub-human, and not deserving of any rights – only persecution, torture and death. Previously, we were protected from such tyrants – but now that we are uninsured and exposed, each of us must decide whether our integrity has any value.

In March 2020, the news priority for many was COVID-19. Therefore, the judgement of “The Independent Tribunal into Forced Organ Harvesting from Prisoners of Conscience in China”, rendered on 1 March 2020, went largely unnoticed. In our now unprotected state, it is now relevant to us.


In the early 1990s, a new religion was formed in China, where adherents were to seek enlightenment through doing good deeds and suffering. It was a combination of Buddhist and Taoist traditions. It was called Falun Gong. By 1999, there were approximately 70 million adherents in China, and the Government decided that it threatened China’s social stability.

The Tribunal determined that forced organ harvesting happened since at least the year 2000. “The Tribunal assesses as credible numbers of operations between 60,000 and 90,000 per annum in the years 2000-2014. This, when compared to the number of eligible registered donors, which, by 2017, had risen to 5,146, leaves an incomprehensible gap.”


The Tribunal concluded: “In the long-term practice in the PRC (Peoples Republic of China) of forced organ harvesting it was indeed Falun Gong practitioners who were used as a source – probably the principal source – of organs for forced organ harvesting.”

The Tribunal explained why. “Since 1999 the PRC (Peoples Republic of China) and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) regarded practitioners of Falun Gong as unworthy of any of those universal rights that attach to human beings by reason of their humanity”.


As an uninsured country, we must be careful not to let our disagreements permanently divide us. Tragically, we have been brought to the brink of permanent division by political operatives, who try to destroy the personal and professional reputations of those who dare to disagree with their political party. That is who we have become, but it is not who we should be.

We should accept the right of all people to discuss their opinions, whether we agree with them – or find them utterly disgusting. So, whether they: choose to worship God or satan, are monogamous or promiscuous, are of our race or another race, choose to have sex with those of the opposite sex or the same sex, are sexually attracted to adults or minors, it does not matter – they are all part of this humanity.


Once we make exceptions on who is allowed to discuss and defend their opinions, we will cross that boundary of justifying evil. Regardless of someone’s beliefs, behaviours, or opinions, we must love them enough to engage in honest evidence-based discussion. Where their actions have broken the law by measurably harming another, then they can argue their case in court. But even if they are convicted, they are still part of our humanity.

We must value our integrity enough to plead the cause of all persecuted persons – especially to leaders of countries with whom we trade. That means that Barbados should, at the very least, ask China to reconsider their persecution of the Buddhist/Taoist Fulan Gong, the Muslim Uyghurs, and the Christians. Or we can consent to their oppression, and accept whatever liabilities come with that consent, by our silence.


We should prepare for war. Our grand parents explained that during the last European war, there were limited imports to Barbados. The planned NATO sanctions are foreseen to harm all nations, which may result in import shortages. Therefore, plant a fruit tree and sweet potatoes on whatever land you have. The soil has already been enriched with the volcanic ash, so our harvest should be bountiful.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

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  1. Barbadians must watch carefully, the position that our government takes when the vote is taken at the United Nations to condemn the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. China has indicated that it is in support of Russia and we all know why. Their intention toward the independent and democratic nation of Taiwan is no secret. Are we still friends of all and satellites of none or has the soul of the nation been exchanged for Chinese loans? We must make it pellucidly clear to our government that we are not to be returned to bondage ever again. We are watching. We are judged by the friends we keep and apparently we are now keeping close friends with China.

  2. “.. it was generally accepted by our: politicians, lawyers, journalists, moderators, writers, poets, artists, musicians, and singers, who actively promoted that lunacy as truth.”

    “writers, poets, artists, musicians, and singers” are prophets of God

    (with obvious exceptions like the African meme who is not in Africa)

    You are on the wrong side of creativity and sanity Grenville Phillips II

  3. Our Supreme Leader knows what to do. Our main markets in the tourism industry are North America and Western Europe. The rest is negligible. The Chinese only grant expensive loans and bring their own labour slaves.

    It is obvious how our Supreme Leader must vote so that the US does not cut us off SWIFT.

    p.s. I assume that our telephone companies have been copying all calls to Langley for decades anyway. So we are already on the right side.

  4. @Grenville “Barbados is now in an entirely new situation. Previously, we were insured against aggressor nations by the British military.”

    If the British are no willing to provide security for Prince Harry and his family, most of whom are the blood relatives of the British royal family i find it difficult to understand why Grenville persists writing about British insurance for Bajans, none of whom are related by blood or by marriage to the British royal family. It has been my observation and my experience that people do not treat strangers better than they treat family.

  5. @Grenville “…are sexually attracted to adults or minors,…”

    You may not have a problem with those sexually attracted to minors. But I honestly do have a problem with paedophiles.

  6. Start Preparing.

    Prepare for disasters
    AS BARBADOS GRADUALLY returns to normalcy with everyday living following the crises over the past two years, those events highlight the necessity of preparation for any eventuality.
    The disasters – ranging from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic to the severe Soufriére volcanic ashfall and the lash from Elsa, a brief category one hurricane – caused widespread economic hardship and psychological harm.
    It is, therefore, important for the Government, businesses and individuals to put in place continuity plans for worst-case scenarios.
    In another three months the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season will begin and given the negative impact global warming is having on climate change we should recognise the severe risks we face.
    Unfortunately, it is not just the tropical cyclones that we must worry about for six months of the year, but the numerous other natural phenomena. These range from an active nearby volcano, to the possibility of an earthquake, tsunamis, floods or even a major oil spill.
    At the national level, there needs to be an assurance that the electrical, telecommunications and water services can be back in operation soon after any major disruption.
    These utilities are critical to the efficient function of our nation, especially given our dependence on tourism and the services sector. Any extended downtime will be costly and can also send the wrong message about our infrastructure.
    One of the things the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted is the importance of being able to safely work online, whether for education, to conduct business or for social activity.
    The heavy usage of technology has brought an increase in cybersecurity threats, ranging from criminals employing ransomware, phishing and even artificial intelligence to deliberately attacking the assets and data of both government and private companies.
    The pandemic has also opened our eyes to the need to build public health capacity, especially if there is to be a robust response to future zoonotic infections or even man-made diseases. There are serious implications in all such circumstances and that is why Barbados must go beyond identifying the potential problems to mitigate them.
    There needs to be a review and determination at all levels of what needs to be revamped especially since the traditional and narrow perspective of what is a disaster is no longer applicable.
    Yet, despite the clear and inherent dangers, there is still a great level of tardiness at both the policy and operational levels in our preparation for pending disasters.
    The Government should learn from the economic fall-out and delivery weaknesses in providing houses for Elsa’s victims and this why it must encourage people to have property insurance. If Barbados is hit by a more severe hurricane, the Government may find it unrealistic to shoulder the post-event demands.
    Extensive public education is obviously required to tackle behavioural change so the entire society embraces the value of pre-planning for recovery. We must not flounder as a nation on this point at issue.
    Any extended downtime will be costly and can also send the wrong message about our infrastructure.

    Source: Nation

  7. Some still want to play the game, but know nothing about the script.

  8. And as i warned more than once…this is a trap for the population at large and fro KNOWN criminals to escape prosecution.

    no one should be surprised that the usual suspects JUMPED ON BOARD….

    “Metaverse Allows Kids into Virtual Strip Clubs, “Do Unspeakable Things” (Report)

    Some apps in the virtual-reality world are “dangerous by design”, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has warned. (BBC investigation)

    It’s been reported that a person posing as a teenage girl witnessed “grooming, sexual material, racial insults” and was threatened with rape.

    Meta’s virtual world has been described as a “toxic combination of risks” – with avatars simulating sex using a headset called Meta Quest, which allegedly has no age verification checks. A BBC reporter was told kids mix with adults and can “do unspeakable things.”

    Has little been learned from real world mistakes, as tech giants move towards VR?”

  9. This is why I could not vote for Solutions Barbados. Grenville will never give up his ridiculous insurance policy nonsense. He lives somewhere outside of reality.

    We have always been vulnerable and exposed.

    There never was an insurance policy. The British have no special feeling for us.

    Those of the Windrush generation PAID their insurance premiums for fifty years and still their claims were denied!

  10. “You may not have a problem with those sexually attracted to minors”

    From what he wrote before this, to reach that conclusion is a dishonest stretch.

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