Pothole Gang wanted

The blogmaster is making a simple request, FIX THE RH POTHOLES.

During the 60s and 70s a motley crew located in Grenada known as the Mongoose Gang were given license to terrorise Grenadians by late prime minister Eric Gairy. It is the subject of another blog the power prime ministers and the political directorate on our tiny islands wield in the system of government currently practiced. Some will recall Haiti had a similar gang called the Tonton Macoute.

It takes a lot of convincing to believe politicians are unable to execute plans to achieve set goals when it collides with self interest. Why should fixing our roads not be on the goal list or should we blame public servants. The blogmaster is making a simple request, FIX THE RH POTHOLES.

The blogmaster is embarrassed to be calling for the rise of the Pothole Gang, we are a country said not to have gangs subsequently proved to be false. It required a retired ‘Bigman’ to bring quiet to the island and the result is a 50% reduction in the number of murders committed this year compared to prior years. The blogmaster will suffer the embarrassment and call for a POTHOLE GANG to be given license to attack all HOLES by Prime Minister Mottley and Deputy Prime Minister Bradshaw with the urgency it requires.

25 thoughts on “Pothole Gang wanted

  1. It is baffling. Why isn’t the government taking credit for such a significant decrease in crime ?
    We would figure that the AG would be blasting his critics. A 50 % decrease in crime is a very big thing.

  2. Because um is de former “big man” that did it.

    All we can do now is hope the government does not blow it.

    I have long said that what we have here is mostly silly boys, not real real bad boys. I hope that the government can usher them from despair into a place of hope, because only hopeless people would devalue their lives for a thousand dollars, knowing that today they might be the killer but tomorrow they would be the killee.

  3. We would hope that the “ big man” is properly recognized at Independence/ Republic celebrations if indeed , it could be conclusively determined that he has contributed to such a tremendous drop in our crime.
    Such efforts should be nationally recognized.

  4. This story is very relatable
    it reminds me of a song..

    Potholes in my lawn
    Potholes in my lawn (potholes in my lawn)
    Everybody’s sayin’
    What to do when sucker lunatics start diggin’ and chewin’
    They don’t know that the Soul don’t go for that
    Potholes in my lawn
    And that goes for my rhyme sheet
    Which I concentrated so hard on, see
    I don’t ask for maximum security
    But my dwellin’ is swellin’
    It nipped my bud when I happened to fall
    Into a spot (to a spot) where no ink or an ink-blot
    Was on a scroll (was on a scroll), I just wrote me a new mot
    But now it’s gone (but now it’s gone)
    ‘Cause those suckers knew that I hate
    To recognize that every time I’m writin’, it’s gone

    Potholes in my lawn

    I’ve found that it’s not wise
    To leave my garden untended
    ‘Cause eyes have now pardoned all laws of privacy
    Even paws are after my writer, see
    I presume that everyone’s sayin’
    What to do when suckers are preyin’
    Upon my well-guarded spreadsheets (spreadsheets)
    Oh why, hell does it send up fleets (up fleets)
    Of evil-doers through the big hole (big hole)
    To get to evil-doers who dig holes (dig holes)
    Which leaves my lawn with lawn-chew
    I think I’d better plant traces to give clues
    Or better yet, call 911 (call 911)
    And when they get here, I inform them I’m the Plug One (the Plug One)
    Open a chair and let them realize the reason
    For concern of the Soul
    ‘Cause we’ve come down with a case of potholes

  5. I don’t know how old the former Big Man is, but apart from honours, his services should be employed working with troubled youth, if he is willing. Even a few hours a week would be appreciated. Remuneration included.

    It appears that all the silly boys needed was a good old common sense talking to from someone who understood their plight because he had been there.

    They obviously didn’t really want to kill and be killed.

    I never thought they did.

    • @Donna

      A good point. We have to assume Crime Czar Corey Layne has co-opted his services in some undisclosed structured program.

    • In addition, as part of that undisclosed structured program we have to assume others in the mould of Iston Bull have been co-opted as well. Those with substantive responsibility are failing, this is a last desperate attempt to save our society from implosion. That said, it is a slippery slope.

  6. One of the realities of the drug world is the acceptance by those involved is that the possibility of being killed is a constant factor.
    Those involved in the industry are not stupid, backward beings. The industry is violent and extremely well organized.
    This has long been accepted by law enforcement agencies.
    We recall , as pointed out by others, the mistake was made of dismissing gangs as” wayward youth “. By the time , it was realized that there were gangs, the gangs were basically controlling some areas in their communities. What ever we are seeing today was set in motion more than a generation ago.
    It is no brainer , why it took one who understands these realities, to cause a decrease in some activities.

  7. BWA on Brasstacks explaining why Bowmaston is plagued by turbidity.

    Seems like bottled water sales will go up.

    Coconut water is a good option for thirst quenching.

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    • Pothole repairs in The City

      Minister of Transport, Works and Water Resources Santia Bradshaw hit the ground yesterday as her ministry continued its pothole patching programme.

      While visiting Wellington Street and Chapman Lane in The City, Bradshaw spoke to residents who shared their concerns about the quality of the roads and other issues in their community.

      Bradshaw said she would update the country on Monday about road repairs which will coincide with the start of the rehabilitation of Highway 7.

      Source: Nation

  9. Roads with just one inch of asphalt and now proper base, is not a road. The government has been robbed for decades by the Williams.

    • There is a huge pothole on the Wildey Mall section of Wildey triangle. It bamboozles the mind relevant authorities have left it unattended for so long. In the mean time tyres and rims are defeated.

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