Denis Kellman: Question Time About the GROTTO High Rise Project NOT Potholes

The GROTTO high rise project

The GROTTO high rise project

16. The NHC has indicated that housing units for lower income earners should be provided at a cost of $125,000 to $195,000. However, the construction costs of these high rise unit s ranged between $300,000 and $450,000 per unit. Even though all the units were built within the agreed time frame, the high cost per unit obtained within these projects would have impacted negatively on the NHC being able to provide these units to lower income earners without substantial subsidisation – Special Audit by Auditor General 2016

The ranting of Minister of Housing Denis Kellman has crowed the news cycle this week so far. Based on BU’s unscientific poll the majority of Barbadians have dismissed his Facebook status post as ignorant. Surely Kellman has adopted a ‘strategy’ to deflect attention from his ministry by depositing several controversial status posts on Facebook. Is it wishful thinking to expect Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to take a leaf out of President Grainger’s book who is expected to reshuffle his cabinet today explaining that one of the ministers had become a distraction for the government.

It is interesting to note also a few of Kellman’s cabinet colleagues Donville Inniss and Michael Lashley -who were interviewed by Stetson Babb of Starcom Network -distanced themselves from the Kellman brouhaha. A month ago it was the turn of Donville Inniss to be snubbed by cabinet colleague Boyce regarding his view on how the South Coast Sewage mess was being handled by government (What is going on!).

BU is of the few the real story not covered by the traditional media relates to a comment made by Minister of Housing during the can potholes save lifes exchanges -that it is the low income tenant that qualifies the GROTTO Housing high-rise as a low income housing project.

Kellman's FB comment about the GROTTO project

Kellman’s FB comment about the GROTTO project

His view is interesting given the findings of the Auditor General’s Special Audit linked above. Further, in several exchanges with David King of BU (click on FB screen grab) the minister refused to communicate the type of tenant – low or middle income – contracted to occupy GROTTO apartments. If one applies logic based on NHC policy quoted in the 2016 Auditor General Special Audit Report the GROTTO does not qualify as a low income project. It will be very interesting to hear Minster Denis Kellman speak to the GROTTO, a project that falls under is portfolio. Maybe one day soon he will make a status post on Facebook to update the public about the GROTTO housing project.

The public has also not been apprised of the details around how a 25 million dollar dividend was paid to Maloney of Preconco from the Housing Credit Fund (HCF) managed by the Central Bank of Barbados.

Question time Minister Kellman about the GROTTO!


  • Danville can you tell us the name of the persons given a permit from your ministry to import chicken and hamburger patties?


  • At 39 minutes of the video is a reminder the flipflop on charging citizens for tertiary education. This is what politicians do to win elections.

    On Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 1:15 PM, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • We allow these foreigners to come to Barbados, set up companies, get public contracts, grow wealthy and then laugh at us. We are mad.


  • “Inniss, who limped home on the slowly deflating tyre, confirmed to the SUNDAY SUN that it was the “second time in about four months I have been the victim of a pothole”, revealing that the first episode cost him almost $3 000 and damage to two wheels. The St James South Member of Parliament, who was visibly upset at the scene, complained that once again he would have to pay to replace a tyre and have the wheel examined for damage”

    Donville Inniss you need to buy a vehicle suited for Barbados roads.


  • ……………..or buy a car with an autopilot or hire a designated driver.


  • @Hants

    Last time a member of the BU household spotted the Don he was driving a Prado, a 3 or 4 year model.


  • @ David,

    Prado = burst tire.

    Corolla = suspension damage or worse.

    He is lucky.


  • nineofnine

    Over the course of many years this group has systematically identified and mapped many caves in Barbados from the various documented sources and local knowledge.


  • “$30m dividend for Grotto may be illegal

    THE HIGH RISE GROTTO Housing Project in Dalkeith.

    A CONTROVERSIAL ISSUE in a Special Audit of National Housing Corporation high rises – to which Government has not responded – is the possibly illegal use of monies from the Housing Credit Fund as a dividend to pay nearly $30 million for the Grotto complex.
    Related articles

    It is now emerging that Government ignored its own legal advisers and
    went ahead with the payment even though it was informed, as noted by
    the Auditor General, that “the transfer of $30 million from the Housing Credit Fund to the Government cannot be substantiated in law”.

    Almost three years ago, Government sought a legal opinion on whether the Trustee of the HCF – the Central Bank – has the power under the Trust Deed
    to pay a dividend out of the Fund to the Government.

    This was against the backdrop of a letter dated March 10, 2015, from the managing director of the company, Preconco Limited, to Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler.”

    Added 22 January 2017


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