Difficult Conversations – Prime Minister for a Day

If I could be the Prime Minister for one day, what would I do? The following are nine decisions that I would make within the first hour.


First, I would instruct Minister Sutherland to publish a preliminary report on recommended uses for the volcanic ash, in ten days. We got ash in Barbados over 2 weeks ago, so this report is long past due.

The report should include a chemical analysis of the ash, using the mass-spectrometer at the Government Analytical lab. It should also include 7-day: tension, compression, shear, and absorption tests on a 1 lime: 3 ash mixture, using testing equipment at the Barbados National Standards Institution’s lab. The 28-day results can be published in a follow-up report one month later.

Second, I would instruct all Ministers, that all Government funded constructed projects should be amended. The external walls should be plastered with a 1 lime: 3 ash mixture – which should last for over 1,000 years.


Third, I would instruct Minister Duguid to immediately stop the construction of houses that can entomb their occupants in earthquakes, and leave them homeless in a major hurricane.

I would remind him of the magnitude 7 earthquake which Haiti experienced in 2010, that reportedly killed approximately 300,000 Haitians. I would also remind him of the recent Category 5 hurricanes: Irma that impacted Anguilla in 2017, Maria that impacted Dominica in 2017, and Dorian that impacted the Bahamas in 2019.
I would then instruct him to ensure that new houses are economically built, and existing houses are economically strengthened, to survive those earthquake and hurricane events.


Fourth, I would instruct Minister Humphrey to publish a report on the small-scale preparation of Sargassum seaweed for the commercial market, in ten days. That should include a chemical analysis of the seaweed – both with sea water and washed. It should also include household methods to convert it to a powder or paste for medicinal, culinary, and/or construction uses, and samples of labelling for export. This report is long past due.

Fifth, I would instruct Minister Straughn to immediately remove all taxes from whole foods, and increase taxes on: high-sugar, high-salt, high-fat processed foods. Barbadians should never be forced to only afford food that will likely give them diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Sixth, I would instruct Minister Edghill to immediately stop wasting construction materials in the temporary patching of potholes. Potholes should be permanently patched. Further, cracks in asphalt pavements should be sealed to prevent them from prematurely becoming potholes.


Seventh, I would instruct Ministers Walcott and Husbands, to clearly inform China, that we are not pleased with the reported genocide of China’s Muslim Uighurs, and the reported persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters in China.

We cannot go back in time to help our enslaved fore parents, but we should speak for those persecuted who cannot speak for themselves – especially when we have influence.

Eighth, I would instruct Minister Cummins to install large conspicuous posters in our ports of entry, in several languages. The posters should inform trafficked sex-slaves of their rights in Barbados, and the slavers of their liabilities. We should not, especially as descendants of enslaved persons, facilitate the enslavement of others.


Ninth, I would instruct Minister Bostic to publish a preliminary report on the status of abortion-for-convenience in Barbados. I would remind Minister Bostic that abortion is legal in Barbados. But it is for situations like when the mother’s life is at risk, and a terrible choice must be made between saving the mother, or intentionally killing her baby.

It is a painful horrific choice, but the law protects doctors from prosecution, from doing what would otherwise be a criminal act. Abortion is also allowed for cases of rape and incest. But abortion for convenience, as a method of birth control, is illegal in Barbados.

I would instruct Minister Bostic to grow some courage, and represent the unborn babies, for whom he, as Minister, is responsible for saving. If he cannot bring himself to do his primary job (for everything else is of secondary importance), then he should resign immediately and let someone else do it.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

28 thoughts on “Difficult Conversations – Prime Minister for a Day

  1. Dread at the Controls
    If I was Prime Minister for 1 day..
    .. I would free up the prisoners so make them go home a them yard to love up with their loved ones
    .. free up a brother make him go home a yard to kiss up a loved one
    .. free them up even for a day
    .. free then up that’s all I say

    Home Guard / Free Up the Prisoners

  2. I was de Prime Minister fah one da …. I wah bottle some aa dah volcanic ash an sell it tah de Dolla Stores in de States ….


    Seventh, I would instruct Ministers Walcott and Husbands, to clearly inform China, that we are not pleased with the reported genocide of China’s Muslim Uighurs, and the reported persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters in China.

    UR 1 big sucker motherfucker son of a bitch bastard for UK+USA Outformation propaganda
    Where were U when west was killing muslims by the millions with their drones 20 years ago
    and Israel treating Palestinians like Apartheid of South Africa and Segregation of Amerikkka

    Warmonger them have to fall down

  4. Amm
    At the end of all this stop research and recording plus do overs
    May I ask how much it would cost the taxpayers

  5. Grenville Phillips, If I was de Prime Minista fah one da …. I wah call home yah buddy Tracksuit Top an send yah tah Miami cause yah like yah more brighter dan he….

  6. Greenville Phillips, on a more serious note, Sir I was wondering as to why the PM chose not to give you one of them big time jobs with all the perks like your buddy Tracksuit Top, since the both of your were on social media landbasing the former government prior to the tenure of the present government?

  7. I don’t know if is was coincidental or a happenstance, but I met Oral Williams here in my State at one of our major supermarket chains, just before the BLP landslide victory doing some shopping, and was rather surprised to see him here in the States since I knew him as a kid visiting his two brothers whom were Police Band men back in the day.
    And he started to give me the run down as to how corrupted Barbados had become under the DLP government, and then I knew where his political loyalty lied, but I was even more convinced when the PM put her credibility on the line to lie about Mr. Williams appointment.

  8. Grenville,

    Dreamer, Shimmer Away
    When a country like China has a strong growing economy that is about to overtake America then they West use every dirty trick in their book of hook and crook to hold them back from ever succeeding and they will always lie like dirty motherfuckers.
    20+ years of wars means you cannot trust USA + UK.
    China should stop selling rare earth resource minerals required for IT technology to USA and UK

    If I was Prime Minister I would strike out the letter ‘A’ from the English Alphabet

  9. 555:

    So, the victims are lying about their experiences. Is that really the story that you are sticking with?

    Your response explains why 800,000 Rwandans were mercilessly slaughtered for about 3 months in 1994, while most nations just watched in disbelief – and did nothing.

    The Uighurs have been pleading for help since 2017. There will be a reckoning.

  10. “The external walls should be plastered with a 1 lime: 3 ash mixture – which should last for over 1,000 years.”
    It will work very well. A lot of fines though, you might add a small amount of regular sand to make it flow better.
    Also in the right proportions, will raise the strength of concrete, to very high MPa.
    Building supply stores should be bagging and selling this ash.

  11. 1-6 indicate why you could be PM. 7-10 indicate why you are not.
    Nonetheless, your effort was appreciated.

  12. “So, the victims are lying about their experiences. Is that really the story that you are sticking with?”

    If you are Anti-War you are Anti Western Propaganda
    white trash propaganda in USA and UK also claim the next generation Chinese technology will be used to spy on them hippos

  13. I have noticed in life that everything in nature has its advantages and diadvantages.

    Practically EVERYTHING has its usages!

    Even cowitch! And certainly sargassum and volcanic ash!

    So… our new mindset needs always to be – we have had the disadvantages, now what are the advantages?

    No more governmental woe is me!

  14. Sorry for the third consecutive post but I read somewhere that the KHUS KHUS reminder has been noted and we are supposed to be beginning the back back to the future.

    Grenville should be all over the place all the time pushing and nudging until somebody moves on these simple solutions.

    That is his role. SIMPLE Solutions Barbados!

    P.S. He should keep away from complex philosophical matters. There, his simplistic approach damages his credibility.

  15. India has a serious surge of covid …. some 3,000 people died in India yesterday of covid …. this is a serious crisis ……. hospitals are full to capacity … and people are dying in front of the hospitals…..

  16. Mr. Phillips
    Can you mix grey cement with the ash and make a pavement? I recognised that once you wet and compact it, eventually it dries out and blows away

  17. Grenville.
    I sometimes read your contributions and shake my head in dismay and /or disbelief at what i read.
    This latest submission is no different to the others in reality.
    Put simply, your ideas are too “Cerebral” relative to our intended audience.
    Not that ONE of them is a bad idea.
    Far from. But I shake my head because clearly it appears that we, as a collective, are not ready for thinkers like you and others who are willing to buck tradition, take off the cloak of Status-quo, and really think our way out of these current problems that we face.
    But I find that as Barbadians, we seem to admire and embrace more mendicancy and mediocrity than a will to meet our challenges head on, and with a clear purpose to succeed.
    When you spoke of performing a Chemical analysis of the ash utilizing Mass Spectrometry, you are talking about being “Analytical” and then aligning that resulting information to a problem that we have, or to a challenge that we face.
    That’s “Critical Thinking ” being applied. When last have you seen that from a government in a persistent manner? Its always soem ” quick and dirty” fix to rack up political points as if all we need here is politics.

    We would rather go begging The IMF or some other lender while attempting to obfuscate that we are prostituting the assets and possibly even the souls of the people of the country. But if it gets a quick vote or supporter for the next General Election, then all is well.
    I liked your ideas. I liked the analysis applied to housing and the potential that some of these new constructions can and probably will experience Catastrophic Structural Failure in a major earth movement. Couple that to the fact that when we allow these white owned companies to engage in the construction of these untested construction methods, we put the citizens of this land at risk. But you know what, they probably provide Campaign Contributions. And since there is no real “Proof” or strong evidence that their constructions may fail or even have failed, then there is no issue and you are just casting aspersions on good corporate citizens.
    But if you look and see that they don’t go live in these very houses they construct, neither do their “own”. I find that trend interesting to say the least as it may indicate that there is a “distrust” surrounding the structural integrity which they may not want known publicly.

    I see where you are going and what your vision for this land is.
    Sadly, I don’t believe that the average Barbadian is willing to take off their “begging” hat and take a chance on an alternative to the established party lines which we are familiar with.
    Barbados needs THINKERS. Not TALKERS!
    Barbados needs successes, not the appearance of them!
    Barbados needs INTEGRITY not the trappings of it
    Barbados needs Leaders, nor Proxy-Dictators!
    Dont Stop Grenville. They are those who will not only support your ideas and visions, but come election time, even if you don’t make it to PM status, a strong opposition is desirable and needed these days!
    Dont Stop! They are more of us behind you than you think!

  18. ☎ Calling Davey at the BU Help Desk
    1 comment has been moderated that needs your approval

    “Exterminate All the Brutes” ..
    offers, in effect, a unifying theory of white supremacy and its manifestations—in conquest, in genocide, and in the myths and the pseudoscience by which the killers have justified themselves and continue to do so. As Peck says, “The road to Auschwitz was paved in the earliest days of Christendom, and this road also leads straight to the heart of America.”

    The foundational myth of the “discovery” of the West’s indigenous peoples becomes a tale of Western superiority and of white Europeans’ justified domination, up to and including the extermination of indigenous people—and the cultivation of the cleared land by way of the labor of enslaved Africans. The assumption is matched by the collective will to keep the resulting crimes silenced, the crimes that are the foundation of the Western world’s wealth, Europe’s monumental splendors, and America’s industrial domination—for that matter, its very essence. As Peck says, whiteness has served as “an authorization for abuse, a justification for eternal immunity.”

  19. O Bullet points White Hypocrisy
    O Exterminate All Brutes
    O Genocide of Native Americans
    O “Indian” Ghost Dance

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