Barbados watch out, another global financial crisis on the horizon

Another global financial crisis seems set to engulf the world with the collapse of banks in the United States and Europe, two of the major financial markets in the world. Attempts by regulators and big banks to intervene by bail ins and other means have failed to calm unease in the markets. Banking and other financial stocks have seen declines which reflects a lack of confidence by investors.

Too many Barbadians are going about day to day business oblivious to the building of dark clouds on the horizon. There is the saying when the USA economy catches a cold Barbados will become sick. The graph about is forecasting a scenario which does not augur well for Barbados. The Barbados economy is precariously positioned, another global financial crisis will catspraddle all effort made since the 2007 financial crisis to right the local economy.

In Deo Speramus!

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  1. Reform global financial system

    The following is an Op-Ed by Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley and French minister for development, francophony and international partnerships Chrysoula Zacharopoulou.

    THE INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL architecture is no longer fit for purpose to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The Bridgetown Initiative proposes some innovative solutions for its reform. The upcoming Paris Summit on June 22 and 23 will look at a new global financial pact.
    Each international meeting allows discussions, ambitions, commitments, reflecting a real and shared desire to make progress. But in the end, there is always the same stalemate: insufficient funding for developing and vulnerable middle income countries.
    Who can ignore the terrible injustice before our eyes? Who can ignore that the poorest countries, because of their vulnerability to climate change, find themselves on the front line of a war they did not start? Who can ignore the fact that funding is currently insufficient to meet the exponential needs of these countries, which must finance their economic development, their ecological transition and their climate resilience all at once? And, who can ignore the fact that the economic, energy and food security consequences of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine affect these vulnerable countries first and foremost?
    The countries of the South – notably Barbados – are constantly reminding us of these injustices. They also remind us that the responses of the international community are fragmented, partial and insufficient.
    On the one hand, developed countries continue to scatter their resources in ad hoc funds that proliferate, on all subjects, without however managing to mobilise the necessary funding. On the other hand, increasing interest rates, reaching predatory levels for the least developed countries and vulnerable middle income countries, remove any prospect of economic recovery and accentuate the risks of a debt crisis.
    These failures of our international financial system inherited from Bretton Woods pose two major risks for the future of our planet: firstly, insufficient protection of global public goods, due to a lack of sufficient resources, and secondly, a risk of further fragmentation of the world. This is at a time when we need more than ever global moral strategic leadership, effective multilateralism and reinforced cooperation. France and Barbados,
    of the “North” and “South” respectively, share the same conviction: that we must not be resigned to injustice or fragmentation.
    We are, therefore, calling today for a major reform of the global financial architecture. Together, we must work to build a more responsive, fairer and more united international financial system that will make it possible to fight inequalities, finance the climate transition and move our countries closer towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals.
    The time for action is now.
    Grounds for hope
    The Indian presidency of the G20, the mid-term review of the Sustainable Development Goals, the positive momentum generated by the COPs, the democratic election of leaders on the continents of Africa and South America, the willingness of the US administration and the consensus to change the World Bank’s leadership are all grounds for hope for an ambitious reform.
    Some solutions have already been initiated. As early as 2020, France launched debt treatment initiatives, then implemented the common framework that is now being rolled out in several countries. At the summit for the financing of African economies in May 2021, France proposed the reallocation of International Monetary Fund special drawing rights to the least developed countries. Today, 20 per cent of France’s SDRs have already been reallocated and France has committed to increasing its commitment to 30 per cent. Other countries have followed. All countries must do their part in this effort.
    But we must all now go further, taking inspiration from the Bridgetown Initiative, an ambitious yet achievable set of solutions sponsored by Barbados and, of which France fully shares the objectives.
    To make an impact, we now need a surge of long-dated, low cost finance to help drive public and private investment. This new stimulus could help finance mitigation in large emerging countries and social and economic resilience in developing countries more broadly. It must come alongside additional grant funding for the poorest countries and loss and damage in climate vulnerable countries.
    To be more effective, we must also modernise our intervention instruments, notably through the structural reform of development banks so that they can lend substantially more than they currently lend to governments and do more to mobilise private savings. To be more inclusive, we must, above all, give the developing countries a greater voice in international forums.
    This is the objective of the Summit for a new global financial pact, which will be held in Paris on June 22 and 23, this year.
    This Summit is intended to be inclusive – every country will have a voice and every perspective will be represented.
    This Summit will place the international financial issues at their rightful level: that of the Heads of State and Heads of Government, who will drive the necessary transformations as we head into COP-28 later in the year.
    This Summit will aim to unite the world around an ambitious but urgent objective: to build an international financial system adapted to the challenges of the 21st century and fit for purpose.
    The challenge is immense. France, a country which is deeply committed to fair and effective multilateralism, and Barbados, a voice for the most vulnerable countries and equally committed to fair and effective multilateralism, are determined to play their full part in this collective effort.

    Source: Nation

  2. Pass up the Chalice
    If you don’t have money in your pocket
    You feel down and out
    If you don’t have money in your pocket
    You don’t feel right now

  3. Looks like Kiki is getting set to kill this blog..

    @ David
    Boss, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Post the China /Russia meeting (currently under way) – and spurred by the International Court’s attempt to criminalize Putin, you will see an acceleration of the BRICS initiative that will IMMEDIATELY collapse the US dollar – and the US economy – almost overnight (like a thief in the night).

    This will signal the beginning of REAL troubles….
    Cause NOTHING spurs albino-centric demons to action like a threat to their precious money…

  4. From experiential knowledge if you want God to do his works you should shut up and stop commenting.
    Karma is a concept of action, work or deed, and its effect or consequences.
    Inward meditation is the opposite..

  5. Bushman….Pacha will give us a timeline of forward moving events now unfolding at warp speed…i can only stand on the sidelines and watch the plays…real theatre, nuff laughter….

    Me thinks nuff, nuff hopefuls got left behind in their quest and int know it yet….

  6. Again, as people persist in talking about “reform”. We say explicitly that that time is dead. Dead as a doornail.

    Bushie is quite right. While radical transformations can spread the gamut. Our intuition was that this time this one shall be sudden, tectonic, fundamental.

    We are talking about a RADICAL revolution not the reforms those who like pragmatism, moderation and pretending change is being embraced while they harken unto to the ways of yore, would like to think.

    We’ve just had a talk fest in Bridgetown. Without listening we’re willing to argue that not a single insight about these events was ventured.

    Then we wonder why these countries, as lions led by sheep, can never progress. Maybe president Xi or Putin somehow have bigger and better brains than us.

    We see this as a national lack of courage to embrace the unknown. To see the unseen!

  7. “Then we wonder why these countries, as lions led by sheep, can never progress. Maybe president Xi or Putin somehow have bigger and better brains than us.”

    Brain power that small island wannabes (“francophonys) clearly lack.

  8. Pacha….what am concerned about is, Barbados gave us the 1661Slave Codes that destroyed our earth socially and still financially aimed specifically at African descents…’s still on THEIR statute books.

    Now what could they possibly offer the world with what sounds very much like the Bridgetown Slave Agenda…since the island is a famous world class Slave Society cesspit steeped in and flavored with CRYPTO-RACISM, as defined by the UN..

    It’s insulting and very disrespectful..

    They wont even make an effort to clean out their filthy pens first…but ready to impose whatever human reducing wastage they concocted.

    I dont get involved in petty small island politics, never took a good look at world politics until now……but can see that with an elevated understanding now available to me, no need to wallow at the subterranean level of bottomfeeders…aka politicians.

  9. But is it not telling, that Afrika has only just finally after HUNDREDS of years shown the door to France in most countries on the continent because of the oppression, exploitation, thefts, disenfranchisement etc…but .suddenly known quislings and the “francophony” have become brand new friends…i would watch my back as an Afrikan.

    Btw…France still owes us/Africa and Haiti trillions of dollars…

  10. @555
    You saw me coming from afar
    But you playing you is bad man
    Your foot up in a chair
    And a big ass joint in your hand

    You said you saw me coming
    But that is a lie or a joke
    There is now way you saw me coming
    Through your fog of dense smoke

    Man I from far I heard you coughing
    Your poor lungs may be overstressed
    Put aside the bag of marijuana
    And give your lungs a rest

  11. Banking system is tilting, let’s if it stabilizes….people have hundreds of years of experience in this….so we can only watch and let them do what they are expert at….

    But interesting to see…that the wannabes have to work overtime to remain relevant..and obviously, still clueless…lol much wasted negative energy, so many wasted decades, and for what….

  12. We see that Goldie, the British defence secretary, in a parliamentary disclosure has stated that the UK will be sending munitions, including depleted uranium (DU) ordinances, to Ukraine.

    The Russians, including Putin himself, have long said that any such munitions showing up on the battlefield will be considered as “a dirty bomb” requiring a different level of response.

    One thing about the Russians, they never talk idle. They are very serious people!

    As the Anglo-Saxons go all out to maintain primacy, even as cascading collapses are imposed on them by Pachamama, fools here and elsewhere continue to underestimate the gravamen of evil being confronted.

    This write has oft demanded that the big deckie needed application. Whether that determination is applied or not, one way or the other these Anglo-Saxons will be removed. Either culturally or physically, matters not to this writer.

    That they have opted to take this dangerous escalatory ladder, like they long done in Iraq, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere, clearly demonstrates their desperation to hold on to being the slave masters of the world.

    In all the countries where DU was criminally used the incidence of birth defects make the consequences clear. These will continue for thousands of years. DU well represents a war crime. And the USA can well rely on its satrap, the UK, to do its dirty work, like has been its role after the loss of its own empire.

    Then there is One here who would have had us retreat from our maximalist position that nuclear weapons must be applied to bring these dogs and bitches to heel. Sensible readers should ponder how would it have been possible for two sets of forces, fighting existential questions, and poseessing nuclear weapons, could forego their use, in the quest for and against White supremacy.

    Their most loyal defended here would be expected to say nothing as his people up the ante. But bee yesuah christos, had Putin done this, instead of being one antidemocratic demon, in his eyes, he’ll be a dozen.

    Lastly, this writer calls of the Russians, the North Koreans and/or the Chinese to do that which is unavoidable.

  13. @David, I doubt my ramblings are much of “value to add to the discussion” rather more of a reflex to the news across the wifi !

    I was taken aback by a ‘repeat’ of comments made by a former Aussie PM who suggested that “there is no Chinese threat to defend against” regarding his nation’s pact with the US and UK to purchase nuclear subs … taken aback because I wondered if he – like the former German Chancellor Schröder – speaks more for his ‘clients’ than he does for the interest of his country-folk!

    It also surprised me when placed directly against other current (but long ago whispered) news that Boris Yeltsin was ‘indirectly or directly maybe’ supportive of a greater role by NATO to push into Russia’s sphere of influence (so to speak) and then the equally WTF news that key interests in the US sabotaged the Iran hostage release of 1980-1 being negotiated by Pres Carter’s team to support a victory by Reagan.

    As I noted, both of those were long perceived (particularly the Iran affair) to be so but placing them firmly into the chatter of today’s upheavals the point being reinforced is how devious and self-serving are the politicians (and their deep state fiends) who lead us!

    So yes of course let’s agree that Putin and Xi should start a nuclear oblivion because of the ‘territorial’ squabble between Russia and Ukraine and the fact that the US and its allies deserve to be punished for their sinful control of world affairs!

    Afterall, we are all evil and will die in or out of a rapture anyhow, right!!!

    Another tale to be told (or not) sometime in 2060 or so of how we were so deviously taken to the brink of destruction by corrupt, self-serving power-players in 2023!

    • @Dee Word

      If nuclear powers did not cross the red line in the Cold War era to obliterate life on the planet, what makes anyone think it will happen today? And if it does, it is an academic exercise? Frankly a pragmatic Blogmaster can care less.

  14. Anyone volunteering to warm the cell bed…lol..wuh i been hearing about indictments a while now.

    “Convicted money launderer Donville Inniss is expected back in Barbados soon after spending two years in a United States prison. A source close to the former Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development told Barbados TODAY that Inniss is returning to Barbados around month-end, following deportation.”

  15. For the backward
    The status quo during the Cold War was vastly different than we have today. Such a comparison is puerile, misleading, grossly ill -informed.

    All the critical literature on this matter by a broad range of people currently watching these circumstances contend.

    For examples, the whole communications systems, the speed of delivery and nuclear weapons control treaties have been almost totally eviscerated. We may go on and on.

    Well, if we’re nearer to a nuclear holocaust, as determined by the Bulletin of Nuclear Scientists, than during the Cold War and that is not as important as GDP or raasoul tourist arrivals, then it’s very smart to not give a rat’s ass about it.

  16. Pacha..

    “Putin: China plan could end war, but Ukraine and West not ready for peace
    By James Gregory
    BBC News
    21 March 2023, 17:13 GMT
    Updated 25 minutes ago”

  17. Waru
    They have no choice. For a negotiated peace at this time amounts to a massive defeat, even capitulation, not of Ukraine but of the entire West. They can’t accept that!

    Waru, understand! This is not a game of give-backs, as we use to play as kids. Think about how the British had to surrender empire to the Americans after WW2, and before even.

    Deep in debt. A broken country. You know the results.

    And the West is between the devil and the deep blue sea. A Thusidedes Trap! They can’t militarily defeat anybody. And have not won a war since the invasion of the Phillipines, 1898 circa. But war is the only threat they can exercise.

    A face-saving peace is the same as a military defeat in geopolitical terms. For much of the world has already sided with Russia and understands this signal moment in time. These forces could more decide the winner than anything else.

    For Russia, now that it has committed. It must ensure that NATO can never threaten it again. Otherwise what’s the use.

    The Chinese as negotiators know quite well that they are the real targets of empire. Maybe, they’ll be trying a double-do. Really, why else would they want NATO singularly focused on them. That makes no strategic sense.

    The only end we see is the total defeat and surrender of Ukraine. With the West limping along to a certian and painful end to empire thereafter. For a defeat of Ukraine is tantamount to the defeat of the West.

    And the Russian Federation is winning this war by a country mile as even the assholes who read mainstream media are now being prepared for. Once defeat comes they’ll just stop talking about Ukraine.

    The only option they have is nuclear. And even with that the Russians and the Chinese outmatch them.

    Of course, there’s a deeper historical context in which these circumstances are properly located. Unless these are understood everything one thinks is known will merely serve to confuse.

  18. Waru
    Just saw the Chinese peace proposal. Not really a peace proposal per se. It is more aspirational, seeking to cover themselves as well. Just like we figured without even seeing it. Know these people well. The ways they think.
    It’s about more than stopping this war. It about preventing the next one against them.

  19. “It’s about more than stopping this war. It about preventing the next one against them.”

    Self protective mode, just as I am right now.

  20. Pacha…that will last a while…unless something really significant happens to end it completely.

  21. Victimhood can be styled out to the max.

    Orange is the new Black
    Trump now wants to play the sympathy card of being arrested and handcuffed on primetime TV to get back into the Whitehouse as Republicans and White Supremacists rally around and throw donations at him. In prison he will be the Don Dadda.

  22. “It’s about more than stopping this war. It about preventing the next one against them.”

    The only good war is the war that ends all wars

    Russia is too big an opponent for the White Warmongers so they went around the houses to rally up allies and dropped illegal economic sanctions on dubious tentative links.

    When the White boys were warmongering for the last 20-30 years fueling terrorism in Middle East, the Chinese were developing the underdeveloped World and building infrastructure like Ports Roads and Railways to link up people of Colour.

    Skin colour is superficial, beneath the skin is flesh and bones and we are all the same but different. Children of Slaves are strong and have bigger muscle and bone density mass. Asians have good brains. Whites are mediocre and average but the White mindset thinks they are the Boss and Superior and another Inferior due to the complexion of their skin colour, which is actually a genetic mutation from mixing with neanderthals, and they cannot catch the sun or they will burn and catch a cancer.

  23. Pacha…i have concluded in this whole saga that when Massa sets some boundaries for their small island employees, these types of attempts on family members can never occur based on information the evildoers have on empire.

    These have no morals, ethics or integrity and have had no problem crossing boundaries over and over like they are entitled…but they will not get away with another attempt…

  24. Has anyone ever heard of this?

    “The reference by Yol about Barbados and the 1661 Slave Code is interesting. To rectify some of the effects of that slave code, Barbados has been chosen to table a resolution to the United Nations from as far back as 1995 for October 12 to be designated a day for truth, justice, peace, healing, and reconciliation. The resolution was also to counter and exposed the proposal depopulation programme of Bill Gates and his colleagues who have the mindset that Afrika is of too great of significance to the world for it to be inhabited by black people. To this day the government of Barbados have not responded to the proposal put to it in 1995. It would be good if the subscribers to this link could write the government and ask why it has not tabled the resolution.”

  25. Feds Using Banking Crisis to Usher in Central Bank Digital Currency, Experts Warn
    Experts warn that recent bank failures and the stabilization measures taken by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street are creating even greater bank consolidation — which could further pave the way for a central bank digital currency.

    Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) has a working group dedicated to ensuring the different national CBDCs are interoperable. Just last week, the WEF argued that CBDCs are “inevitable.”

    CBDCs are promoted as digital tokens that can simplify monetary policy and bring about convenient cashless societies.

    They’re also sometimes said to be similar to cryptocurrency due to their digital nature, but there are key distinctions as they currently exist.

    While cryptocurrencies are decentralized and seek to allow anonymous transactions, CBDCs are centralized and can track every transaction.

    That’s why CBDC skeptics, like Austin Fitts, have argued, “CBDCs are not currencies, they are a control tool.”

    For example, CBDCs are programmable, so they could allow authorities to limit purchases, payments and income in whatever ways are deemed socially beneficial, set which vendors money can go to, or reward and punish people for particular behaviors.

    Critics argue that CBDCs could be used to punish those the government deems are engaging in criminal activity in the way that the Canadian government cut off the protesting truckers’ access to credit cards and bank accounts.

    Krieger tweeted that the banking crisis contains many elements key to the move toward a CBDC.


    • @Bush Tea

      What is view about credit unions in Barbados (and government) unable to arrange a level of protection for credit union members as it pertains to deposit insurance – to be aligned with banks? If it is implemented it adds another layer of expense to the bottom line of credit unions? However in a world composed of systemic volatility a necessary benefit credit union members deserve?

  26. Pacha..etc…Kush Quarterly Magazine April – June 2023 issue is now published.

    There is an article on the Twa and the Neo-Kemetic Manifesto is on page 12….you will find that one thought provoking..notice i did not bother with a disclaimer..

  27. BTW Yola WaWu WuWa
    “They” say you should never judge a book by it’s cover..
    … but I like the cover design for the 2nd book
    (even though the contents is still a work in progress)
    (Warning: “The Man” may delete this post like snapchat)

  28. “but I like the cover design for the 2nd book”

    Glad you like it..

  29. Greenie!
    What about the underlying value creation metrics to undergird digital currencies?

    Financial capitalism cannot forever, steal resources, steal value from others, force others to use their digital forms, promote borrowing, promote begging, encourage countries to sellout the commons.

    As you no doubt know, money is largely created out of thin air by commercial banks. Could this not be already a digital form?

    Thanks. Will have a look, report.

  30. Banking and Investing are gambles
    but a safe bet or “banker” would be
    to bet on Cuba to beat Barbados in today’s footie

  31. I was about to leave, but you had to mention one of my favorite items.
    I get my soccer from ESPN+, Peacock, Paramount TV and when it is on Telemundo, USA, or NBC. BU and soccer are my favorite things.

    I get my cricket from ESPN but I dare not watch it on TV. I read a summary of the results of the ODI of South Africa versus the WI. To read of how South Africa batted brought tears to my eyes: 300 runs off of two overs. It was if Gods were playing mortal man. Hopefully, Mr Hants had other things to do than watch the game.

    I was never into cricket, but even at my age I think I should try out for the West Indies team as an all-rounder. A savior is needed and I may be the man for the job. With 0 being the most recent highest score made by our batsmen, I might get us on the scoreboard with a single run. As a bowler, I know I have to knock down the stumps for I doubt that men who cannot field and bat can catch a ball. I am ready to play. I am ready Of course I must give you my theme song “Send me in Coach”.

    Have a great day Barbados
    Turn off your TV an radio when you hear the words soccer or cricket.
    Enjoy the day.

  32. “As you no doubt know, money is largely created out of thin air by commercial banks. Could this not be already a digital form?”

    I agree, money is mostly numbers typed into computers, created through fractional reserve banking, e.g. when banks give out loans worth multiple times what they have on deposit (and likewise money is simultaneously being destroyed as bank loans are paid back). However, with the move to CBDCs (which will of necessity be tied to everyone having a digital ID) the plan is to give humanity’s overseers a convenient way to control any form of dissent by more easily controlling where, when and how you are permitted to spend your governement provided living allowances (for those of us still alive in an AI run world after the Trilateral Comission/WEF/UN planned great economic reset).

    Mike Yeadon, a former VP at Pfizer:

    “When People Tell You What They’re Going to Do, Don’t Ignore Them”

    “So when the UN and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab tell you … you won’t be traveling, you won’t have a private car … you won’t own anything, and you’ll be happy. You probably won’t live in your own house; you’ll be using much less energy for everything, including heating, manufactured goods, and so on. When they tell you that, you should assume that they’re serious about it.”

    Boom: Trilateral Commission Declares “2023 is Year One of this new global order”

    When Schwab says that the WEF is “reimagining the future”, he is flatly misleading. The future was already reimagined by early members of the Trilateral Commission such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, Richard Gardner and, Henry Kissinger (all founding members).

    On June 3, 2020, Schwab wrote on the WEF blog,

    To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.

    Now the Trilateral Commission, acting as quarterback, has relayed the call to the WEF that “This year, 2023, is Year One of this new global order.” In other words, pull out all the stops. The Great Reset has arrived. Execute the battle plan to terminate capitalism and free market economics.

    What does this mean for 2023?

    As I have written, we are already experiencing a “polycrisis of doom” where multiple crisis are descending upon us at the same time. There is a man-made energy crisis that is warring against coal, oil and natural gas. There is a man-made food crisis that is warring against all traditional food systems. There is a man-made financial crisis that threatens total collapse of the existing financial system. There is a man-made military conflict between Russia and Ukraine that threatens WWIII.

    Any one of these pending crisis could be seen as a “scorched-earth” policy where total destruction is possible down the the ground level. If all four are unleashed at the same time, it would be the equivalent of atomic warfare resulting in a literal “dark winter”. Such a collapsed world would then be ripe for total capture and rebuilding into Technocracy’s dystopia.


  33. Pacha…looks like clearer heads are prevailing..

    “There Are No Winners In A Nuclear War, And One Must Never Be Unleashed — Russia And China In Joint Statement.”

  34. The only nukes that have been used were by the septic tanks in 1945 when they dropped Big Boy and Fat Man out of Enola Gay in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killed ’nuff Jap civilians dead like fumigating cockroaches. Their bodies melted away like marshmallows in hot drinking chocolate. Mutual Assured Destruction is madness.

    It has been said that in the first Cold War Arms Race The Eagle and the Bear were really working together using each other as excuses to spend stupid money on thousand of booms.

    [It has also been said that low level nukes were used on 11th September 2001 in NYC as there were thermal imaging heat traces above the city that supported this and many died of lung cancer after the event]

  35. Waru
    No! That would be a wrong reading. For those two are only on one side of a multifaceted equation. There are any number of other variables and sub- variables which are entirely out of their control. For example, North Korea, Israel, the USA, the UK, France etc, all of which possess nuclear arsenals. Many of which are on hair trigger alert. Always a mistake can happen, a misreading of a situation. And if one goes off, even what the West has deemed as battlefield nukes, small nukes, there is no universal acceptance of this uniquely, neoconservative, idea as popular in Washington. That may encourage others to get theirs launched at their enemies, perceived or real, before they are destroyed in the silos, either by direct impact or decapitation or malfunctions of their internal mechanisms as a collateral damage. We’re afraid it’s not that straight forward. Of course, in such circumstances there is no need to ponder the pesky problem of another financial crisis.😜

  36. “Always a mistake can happen, a misreading of a situation.”

    Definitely a new area for me. Highest levels of drama.

  37. Greenie
    We largely concur.
    However, monetary expansionism is not in the end netted out as a result of the creation and repayments. It’s not a balanced or balancing equation, if this was your suggestion?

    Were that to be so it would be difficult to explain net increases in money supply as a contributor to inflation. Or the 650 trillion in derivatives issued by the top four US banks. This alone is 6 or 7 times the GDP of the entire world.

    Other that this, we share you concerns.

  38. In for the long haul Pacha..

    “West Must Brace For Protracted Ukraine Conflict — Scholz

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned that the West should prepare for a protracted conflict in Ukraine. He predicted that even after the fighting had stopped, the consequences of the confrontation would persist.”

  39. Waru
    Please don’t let them mislead you.

    Right now the Russians have the fascists NATO forces in three (3) separate cauldrons, encirclements.

    The largest of which is around Bakhmut or Artyomovsk as the Russians call it, where 20,000 NATO fascists troops face annihilation. The Russians have already killed 257,000 NATO soldiers and inflicted 300,000 to 500,000 casualties.

    Three separate NATO armies have already been destroyed, including this one.

    Look Waru! The West lacks the industrial capacity to supply their fascist foot soldiers even with enough shells. And this has been a war of artillery. This is the classical industrial warfare. The West has no such capacities. Financialization has seen to that.

    The Russians have been firing up to 60, 000 artillery shells daily, while NATO’s foot soldiers could hardly fired 6000.

    Indeed, 75 percents of the NATO dead have been as a result of this overwhelming artillery power of Russia.

    Further, NATO have emptied their stocks of weapons to the point of threatening their own defence capabilities.

    You should expect a military capitulation no later than this summer. This war has long been lost, by the fascist West. But they intend to fight to the last Ukrainian.

    And the Ukrainians have been sending men as old as 60 and boys as young as 16 to the front lines of the meat-grinders the Russians have subjected them to.

    • “You should expect a military capitulation no later than this summer”.
      Pacha, last March you told us the SMO would be done by April?
      You had multiple orgasms when the Ruble value rose at breakneck speed. This, before Sanctions, which in general, you had to know we’re coming.
      If the death toll is as stated, how could anybody be winning.
      Last year you seemed rather proud of the “humane” manner Russia was executing this SMO. Well that ended? It’s now a war? They are attacking everything. And why not, if you wish to capture it, you must attack.
      Given the front line locations over the past 6 months, a military capitulation will have to be a mutual cease fire.

  40. Waru

    At 2:09 we forgot Pakistan and India. Two more nuclear powers. More variables into the equations.

  41. “The Russians have already killed 257,000 NATO soldiers and inflicted 300,000 to 500,000 casualties.”

    These numbers are too large not to have drawn protest demonstration in at least one NATO country. It would be interesting to read your source.

    • War is devastating and surely many more Ukrainians have died that Pres Zelensky and his commanders have reported … that simple reality also says that hundreds of thousands of Russians have ALSO been killed!

      Ukraine is a pimple on Russia’s arm which was to be squeezed into oblivion in a jiffy … that we are discussing these large numbers of deaths is a clear indication that Putin’s gambit have failed significantly and the old adage aptly applies: he will likely yet win the battle but badly lose the war!

      And of course Russia has failed so miserably at this war that they had to empty jail cells for soldiers, replace, reassign and remove generals, oligarchs and war officials (some with extreme prejudice) and suffer much financial upheavals.

      But as befits a modern behemoth with a massive military infrastructure, extensive natural resources and a determined citizenry they will prevail and rise from this embarrassing spectacle …

    For John the Johnny was cannot be disabused of the notion that fascism is some kind of entirely”leftist politics.

    Even as Stephan Bandera is the national hero of Ukraine. And that their army is filled with the Azov Battalion, the Kraken Battalion, and many more.

    Listen to Colonel MacGregor above video. He cites them and sources every day.. In fact, those estimates are two months old. Meaning the numbers are significantly larger now. The killing has not stopped. These are numbers readily available

  43. “But they intend to fight to the last Ukrainian.”

    A real disturbing statement. It’s been at least six months that all sides, except for Russia have complained about dwindling artillery. I take it they have now reached crisis level.

    So, whoever has artillery will win the war…since large resources of guns, bombs and ammunition are not maufactured overnight by those with significantly reduced stock.

  44. Depleted munitions dont win wars. By the time another batch is ready for the war machine, 3/4 of their cannon fodder soldiers will be dead…and since they are using up productive age males, there will be a trickle down effect..

    Surprised they weren’t better prepared. The dude Scholtz is probably saying that based on the stock they still have…countries are still donating/supplying. Looks like Ukraine is now in IMF hands.

    Saw a missle hit an apartment complex yesterday, ugly indeed.

  45. Pacha, William, TLSN…it’s our own people committing this level of extraordinary evil against us…..cant trust the niga mind….our most dangerous diabolical and deadliest enemies…as i have been saying for DECADES until it’s proven beyond a doubt…more to reveal about these beasts in black face…

    “Nigerian politician, wife, and a doctor guilty of organ trafficking to UK

    Four convicted of conspiring to exploit a man for his kidney in first verdict of its kind under Modern Slavery Act.”

  46. @ King David,

    It concerns me that Barbados has, recently, appointed “luxury” diplomats to a number of countries whom are not our natural allies. It pains me that we have unelected individuals who appear to be embedded in the heart of our government.

    Guyana’s, President Ali is an extremely confident and an inspiring leader. He has expressed his desire that Barbados and Guyana should, in effect, twin their economies. Guyana is a sleeping giant and has no need for small island Barbados except for in one area.

    President Ali, a member of the Indian diaspora, comes from a people who revere gold. They are cognisant of its economic importance to the world economy.

    “Some cruise liners go to some [Caribbean] islands specifically because of the creation of a gold market hub. So, that is what we are trying to create. Barbados is a major cruise destination and we’re working on the possibility of adding value to Guyana’s gold and creating a gold market hub concept in Barbados, …….” President Ali.

    Although Guyana is far more beautiful and has a lot more to offer tourists than Barbados. It will never rival Barbados “fast food” tourist industry.

    The link below probably explains why Barbados has been identified by Guyana as a gold market hub.

    • @TLSN

      The blogmaster does not support race hatred. We see in Guyana what it can do to destabilize a country.

  47. TLSN…the only thing to add is, the people have to individually get up and take control of their own destiny, no other option available, those who are able…ya see now that politicians have other agendas that have absolutely nothing to do with the people whose votes they beg and beg and beg in cycles..dem got bigger plans even if they are impossible to achieve…lol

    Just heard a clip where a local young lady seeked work on a cruiseliner…dont know specifics, but apparently her passport was seized and she is being held against her will allegedly…the voice note says local authorities are aware but more concerned about PR visuals….let’s see how far they let this go on before it turns into another one of their famous cockups…and to tink they want to control other people’s Empire…wat a delusional…

  48. TLSN…got a whole run down on that gold scam back in January… is greed at its most potent..a crooks paradise…the person on the ground who explained it in detail made it even more frightening to hear.

    Although through certain events now taking place, we as African descents will be able to legally partake in our entitlements……once certain things are put in place.

  49. Well, well, well!

    Not tooooo much longer, the truth shall be known soon.

    Despite the propensity of their brain trust to ignore disliked realities.

    But even in those circumstances, as in the past, the platoon of known assholes shall just keep chugging along.

    We remain hopeful that the big deckie will make an entrance in their pedantic, pragmatic-authoritarian, democractic- wokeist pooooooookerts.

  50. We see at Barbados Today that Barbados and France are calling for a new international financial system.

    Mottley, a “woe unto man” who has no time for such when the BRICS or the Global South seeks to overthrow financial imperialism.

    Indeed, she’s the darling if Washington Consensus thought and praxis.

    And France, a country currently being run out of Afrika, after all these years of financial hegemony. A country whose own people are up in arms, pun intended, against internal oppression currently.

    Financial imperialism cannot be changed nor be different. The whole architecture must be dismantled. Certainly, those who imposed it. Have and continue to benefit from it. Weaponized it cannot be at the centre of the transformation which shall come in spite of lackey countries like Barbados or criminals like France.

  51. @ David
    @ de pedantic Dribbler

    Apparently, China has been able to ‘achieve peace in the Middle East.’

    According to news reports, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been able to broker a peace agreement between Suadi Arabia and Iran.

    It is also rumoured that both countries have expressed their intention of joining the BRICS alliance, which would essentially embrace all the major oil producing countries.

    Additionally, Saudi Arabia was in discussion with Beijing to price some of its oil sales to China in yuan and is also considering including yuan-denominated futures contracts, known as the petroyuan, in the pricing model of Saudi Arabian Oil Co., known as Aramco.

    China purchases more than 25% of the oil exported by Saudi Arabia….. and, if priced in yuan, those sales would increase the demand for and value of China’s currency.

    Trading in yuan would obviously affect the US$.

    What are your thoughts?

    • @Artax

      China has grown its economy to be global top tier and with it pursue strategic/geopolitical power in that region, add Africa. It should be understandable that a powerful China will have a greater influence on that side of the globe compared to the USA for example.

    • @Artax, there is much deep discourse on this matter as you know so not much to add other than the whimsical, IMHO.

      On one side is the position by those like the BushGriot and the Pacha who offer ‘rapturous’ words to the effect that “BRICS represents the beginning of the end of an era as we all knew it….”. That is true obviously but also overblown because we have seen ‘several’ currencies being used to back stop oil purchases for some years now.

      And on the other hand one can readily hold truth to the blunt realization that “China has grown its economy to be [at the] global top tier” so yes it’s very understandable that they want to dominate further and have their yuan supported and used in a reserve form by others.

      BUT let’s be crystal clear it is only in the last …what 10 years or less … that the Chinese currency has been ‘PROPERLY’ managed by their central bank and allowed to operate within market dynamics (and even then …!).

      So the experts (here) and otherwise will advise expertly (of course) but let’s just relax … world finance will not spin out of control just so …because of the current banking crises, nor the BRICKS ‘new’ interchange system, nor a US green back slipping from its perch. Nope.

      World finance will set and reset (falter maybe) because there is a thing called crypto (decentralized), the bank governed digital currency regime (centralized), serious wars and rumors of nuclear troubles and such … so I am confident it can readily survive any impact to US (financial hegemony) by the Chinese.

      Afterall is said and done, tho, the yanks have basically been riding full saddle since WWII when they styled themselves the world’s protector and ring master … it’s long past time that others pull back the reins and snapped their whip (rationally, of course)!

      So on we go boldly.

  52. “We see at Barbados Today that Barbados and France are calling for a new international financial system.”

    Afrika is definitely going to watch this collusion, seeing as neither can be trusted….at anytime, anywhere and not for any reason.

  53. …..It should be understandable that a powerful China will have a greater influence on that side of the globe compared to the USA for example.
    That is the understatement of the Century so far…

    BRICS represents the beginning of the end of an era as we all knew it…. NOT only on ‘THAT’ side of the world, but WHEREVER the albino-cenric dollar is worshipped….

    ‘It ah go be dread ina Babylon’…. and too ina BBland.

  54. Waru
    Well there’s more than that. A parallel war is going on between and amongst financial elites in Washington and the in Europe.

    Long nascent, the Federal Reserve (Fed) and the European Central Bank (ECB) are at war about control of banking and by extension the socalled international financial system.

    From reading Mottley and her French interlocketer we got the sense that both parties where blissfully ignorant about what is really happening in high finance.

    While the Europeans are solidly locked into the George Soros/Davos crowd. On the other side of the pond there’re long held fissures within the Fed coming to the fore. While all sides support American supremacy Jerome Powell, who claims roots from the first Europeans in America and an opponent of zero or near zero interests rates, resists another faction led by Yellen, a firm adherent. Powell seeks to displace the school represented by Yellen, Bernanke et al.

    The recent coffee bond issue, the recent banking failures within the USA, circumstances around the takeover by UBS of Credit Suisse, the abandonment by Japan of a decades old zero or near zero interest rate regime, are all indications about growing doubts on all sides.

    So this imprecise talk by Mottley and co misses what’s really happening internal to the “Collective West” far less the external challenges growing.

  55. “Waru
    Well there’s more than that. A parallel war is going on between and amongst financial elites in Washington and the in Europe.”

    Ahhh ha!!! I did not know about that one.

    “both parties where blissfully ignorant about what is really happening in high finance.”

    sheesh…the lengths they would go to get close to Massa, ya tink they would know…lol..the plight of pretenders..

    Ah guess they int as connected as they tink..

    Wuh if neider of dem know what’s really going on, wuh dey calling for anything for, while on the outside looking in…feeding off each other’s negative energy, no one should trust them..

  56. @ David

    PM Browne stated: “Consequently, the position of the Antigua Workers Union that the Government of Antigua and Barbuda should use taxpayers’ money to pay 100 per cent of monies to LIAT (1974) Ltd employees and former employees to which they have no legal claim, and for which the Government of Antigua and Barbuda could only reasonably be responsible for 32 per cent, is both reckless, misleading and unhelpful.” [Loop News, March 21, 2023]

    Early in March 2023, Browne reitterated his government’s position on severance payments to former LIAT employees based in Antigua.

    That unless his regional counterparts are part of discussions on LIAT, he will not hold any talks about severance for the former employees.

    Ironically, on March 17, Mottley announced during her ‘Budget,’ the Barbados government would pay $75,000 and bonds to former Barbadian LIAT employees based in Antigua.

    All those former employees in Antigua would’ve contributed to that island’s social security fund and should’ve been entitled to some sort of compensation therefrom.

    In the meantime, while Browne has been complaining about being alone in his attempts to revive LIAT and remitting a further US$1M into LIAT 1974 to fix an aircraft engine that has not worked since Covid……

    …… interCaribbean Airways is expanding its network in the southern and eastern Caribbean and the T&T owned Caribbean Airlines has extended its itinerary to offer three (3) additional direct, round-trip flights per week, between BGI and SVG, commencing April 1st.

  57. Pacha…watching a Redacted live. Saw the report where the Fed said recession has started, no more interest rate cuts, let the market sort itself out naturally.

    One person opined it’s the sequel to ’08…when that is what should have happened back then.

  58. “It should be understandable that a powerful China will have a greater influence on that side of the globe compared to the USA for example.”

    @ David

    Let’s contextualize the issuse.

    It has been reported that the social and economic relationships between Saudi Arabia and the USA has significantly deteriorated under President Joe Biden.
    You may recall, during his 2020 presidential campaign, Biden acccused Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammed of odering the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

    According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the US imported 2M barrels of per day from Saudi Arabia, which, as at December 2021, has fallen to 500,000 per day.

    Data from China’s General Administration of Customs indicated Saudi Arabia was China’s main crude supplier in 2021, at 1.76M barrels a day, followed by Russia at 1.6M barrels a day.

    Remember the JCPOA, which was negotiated by the P5+1, signed in 2015 and went into effect in January 2016, that imposed restrictions on Iran’s civilian nuclear enrichment program?
    Also, recall in 2018, former President Trump withdrew the US from JCPOA, claiming it failed to curtail Iran’s missile program and regional influence.
    Sanctions were reimposed on Iran and its oil exports in 2018, which took the economy into recession. Additionally, the US imposed sanctions on 18 major Iranian banks, causing the Iranian rial to fall further against the US$.
    The US president subsequently made attempts to lure Iran into signing a new JCPOA deal, which was refused as well. So, he accused Iran of assisting Russia in the Ukraine war.

    In October last year, the White House accused the Kingdom of helping Russia fund its war in Ukraine and coercing OPEC oil producers to reduce oil output by 2 million barrels per day, so as to increase the prices of gas and oil.
    Subsequently, Biden was, ‘more or less,’ attempted to rekindle the relationship with Saudi Arabia.
    It was reported he went to that country ‘begging’ for a meeting with the Prince and to secure oi and energy supplies, which were all denied.

    The US’s influence in the Middle East is slowly coming to an end?

    • @Artax

      No foreign relations expert but clearly China given current state is trusted more by the two players who have a deep distrust of each other. The standing of China in recent years means it is an easy decision to jettison the US for one of their own as the kingmaker.

  59. Pacha…here it is, i couldnt want a better crash course in real time., i think this is just before it was hiked to 5% yesterday or earlier.

    “Fed hikes rates by 0,25% despite turmoil in banking sector

    The US Federal Reserve raised its key rate by 0.25 percentage point to a target range of 4.75%-5%. In total, the rate has been increased nine times since March 2022 by a total of 500 bps.

    The rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee noted that future rate hikes are not guaranteed and will depend heavily on incoming data.”

  60. Waru
    Dey between the devil (runaway inflation) and dee deep blue sea (an addiction to free money).

    So they will try to cure the excesses of the beneficiaries of a decade of free money on the backs of the poor.

    Essentially asking poor people to have less employment, effectively lower wages, cheaper food, less health care, higher mortgage payments etc.

    Even as 25 basic points also increase the interest obligations of the government itself.

  61. They need a sturdier fiscal foundation, especially during ebbs and flows.

    Even without fully understanding
    the monetary system in the 90s-00s, that is what caught my attention during recessions/contractions and restructurings. The current system might work well for those at the top but it wreaks havoc going down the food chain in its current fickle state,, it tilts too easily and becomes economically destabilizing..

  62. Btw…only 2 dummies, France and Barbados would call for a new financial system without first having a sturdy fiscal foundation anchoring the current one…but that is what happens when your intentions are despotic and nefariously diabolical..

  63. Quoted passage below is from U.S. Military Industrial Complex Is ‘Choking Democracy’ — How Do We Stop It? by retired US Air Force colonel and history professor William Astore.

    MIC = acronym for Miliary-Industrial-Complex as descibed and warned about by the retiring US President and former WWII army general “Ike” Eisebhower in his 1961 farewell address to the nation.

    I’ve written against this country’s wasteful and unwise wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, its costly and disastrous weapons systems and its undemocratic embrace of warriors and militarism.

    Nevertheless, I remain a lieutenant colonel, if a retired one. I still have my military ID card, if only to get on bases, and I still tend to say “we” when I talk about my fellow soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen (and our “guardians,” too, now that we have a Space Force).

    So, when I talk to organizations that are antiwar, that seek to downsize, dismantle, or otherwise weaken the MIC, I’m upfront about my military biases even as I add my own voice to their critiques.

    Of course, you don’t have to be antiwar to be highly suspicious of the U.S. military.

    Senior leaders in “my” military have lied so often, whether in the Vietnam War era of the last century or in this one about “progress” in Iraq and Afghanistan, that you’d have to be asleep at the wheel or ignorant not to have suspected the official story.


    Well, give the MIC credit. Its tenacity has been amazing. You might compare it to an invasive weed, a parasitic cowbird (an image I’ve used before), or even a metastasizing cancer.

    As a weed, it’s choking democracy; as a cowbird, it’s gobbling up most of the “food” (at least half of the federal discretionary budget) with no end in sight; as a cancer, it continues to spread, weakening our individual freedoms and liberty.

    Call it what you will. The question is: How do we stop it?

  64. It’s noted Pacha…Bull runs can last many years…juggling???…

    but when the market stumbles, many times over the most trivial things…no sturdy foundation????……….the Bear market then cascades..

    Hence the emergence of BRICS……a better guarantee..

    The Feds got work to do..

  65. “U.S. Military Industrial Complex Is ‘Choking Democracy”

    The scam is: tax payers funds going to private businesses that politicians and donors are shareholders in.
    Iraq and Afghanistan ‘destroy, rebuild and get paid in oil’ was US MO.
    It’s not about winning or losing wars or morals doing the right thing it’s about making money.

  66. Ralph Jemmot is a difficulr read. One some issues he is an agressive batsman with an impressive variety of shots; on others he is confined to just poke and run.
    His article in BT’s epaper “Barbadian Democracy is one in which he first poke and run and then let loose his variety of shots. I will write a detail comment on his “Barbadian Democracy”

  67. War Whores
    New World Order
    US soldiers suffered from PTS Post Traumatic Syndrome (with D Disorder dropped due to it’s negative connotations) mental health issues. US soldiers were dispensable members of society from poor or minority stock and not children of the wealthy or political class.

    But, Iraqi and Afghanistan civilians living in War Zones suffered many times mores stress and more serious mental health problems.

    The brunt of US and UK propaganda against Russia’s War is the same arguments that were ignored when they were engaging in illegal war but now twisted in their favour.
    The same goes for their spying arguments about China which were plagiarised from complaints about their mass spying on their own citizens.
    Blatant and Pure Hypocrisy from Hippos

    • What does the US say about the record of its legislature on voter suppression for example? Who gives a flying F what the US says.

    • @David, that’s quite a meaty blow re “Who gives a flying F what the US says.” A hearty LOL too! … Your full remarks reminds us of the bold hypocrisy that makes the US what it is and further reminds us of another of your oft repeated statements that “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

      Yes, the US legislature is twisting itself into ‘self serving-follow-our-pied piper-leader’ with its voter suppression madness and too the moboton of investigations that assault the rule of law …

      Clearly, they have now lost their place as a moral leader and FINALLY many clearly recognize how fundamentally hypocritical they ALWAYS were.

      Recently their Joint-Chief top military commander said “We in uniform are willing to die — to give our lives, our limbs, our eyesight, to ensure that that Constitution lives for the next generation.”

      That’s uproariously laughable when one considers that way back in 1939 – 45, Black soldiers did just that and those who returned home as liberating heroes were IMMEDIATELY back to their subservient place as 3/5th of a human (back of bus, can’t eat next to similar white folks they had just saved from concentration camps etc).

      It’s absurdly cliched as he also said that ““Every single one of us in this country […], has freedom of speech. We’ve got freedom of the press. We’ve got freedom of religion. We are free to assemble. We are free to protest against our government and redress any grievances,” but what the US did BEST is to offer a ‘fascia’ of FREEDOM to hide their hypocrisy!

      THAT is now changing irrevocably — to the detriment of that thing called democracy … so indeed “Who gives a flying F what the US says”!!!

  68. Outsmarted again …
    In today’s BT epaper “Developer at Joe’s River said to be providing public access to areas of interest”

    It gives me no pleasure in watching men for nowhere outsmart the world’s smartest people (every year).

    Let me tell you how this will work. They will build their wall/gate and provide you with a small hole to squeeze through. They will then block the hole two or three years down the road. Their strategy is to give the locals a small victory in this battle and then win the war two or three years down the road.

    Excerpts from BT
    1) In a subsequent press release, Ullswater which bought the old Edgewater Hotel in 2015 stated that Tenby, the new name of the property, was and remains private and it includes the land on both sides of the Barbados Railway Trace bounded by Joes’s River and the foreshore, including the entire area called Teacup”

    This was a very good move by the developer. He asserts and insist that he owns every thing, Then through the goodness of his heart he will provide two access points and wait until the noise dies down.

    If I was in his position, I would provide access points like he is doing, but my path would be through cowitch, where you have to slip and slide and a few stinging nettles along the way. The public would get tired and in a few years I would close the two gates and get a small whimper. World’s smartest people gets outsmarted again. Would that make me the world’s second smartest man. This developer is obviously smarter than I am…. he will kill their ass with kindness.

  69. @Hants,
    Leroy Parris, age 77, to face high court in CLICO theft case.

    Before I go, a word of advice to all.. If you are over 60 and have access to someone else’s money, then now would be a good time to rob them.

    With a 12 year delay in getting the matter to court, you would be well over 70 when the trial starts. You will get a pat on your wrist and sent home.

    Leroy Parris, age 77, to face high court in CLICO theft case.

    Have a great day Barbados,
    Because I love you here is required watching. (Preparation for life)
    Have a great day.

  70. “he will kill their ass with kindness.”

    Just as they deserve, they aspire to only be Slaves and will get treated as such…their sellouts will make absolutely sure of that..

  71. William…looks like the Don will be back in the swing of things within hours…buckle ya seatbelt.

    “Former Barbados Member of Parliament and cabinet minister Donville Inniss is now a free man and is due to arrive in Barbados tonight.”

  72. MP Edmund Hinckson at a recent gathering… from BT
    Right now, the Government is owed $1.3 billion in arrears in tax. We feel that we could collect about half of that, $650 000, but unless people pay their just taxes and dues, we can’t expand.

  73. Northern…are the usual suspects paying in the VAT or still tiefing it to be written off down the road..

    Cause if dey int paying taxes, although deductible from employee salary, so i guess it’s businesses withholding……and with vat so easy to tief by the BILLIONS……

  74. “Who gives a flying F what the US says.”

    I would be one of the first to comment on the imperfection of the US on how it treats its citizens the brutal police and various vicious state apparatuses.

    But two wrongs do not make a right. It is somewhat amusing that the evaluation of Barbados was mainly positive. Sooner or later those who did not give a flying F will wrap themselves in the same positive evaluations.

    • All aspects of SOEs must be considered
      State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are once again back in the news on the proposal that they are to be reorganised for greater efficiency. This has been accompanied by talk of greater union involvement in the process, which suggests that some employee retrenchment is anticipated.
      I hope the Government is giving consideration to other aspects of organisational change which may have a greater impact on the performance of our SOEs. I would like to suggest a couple of areas that need attention, based on my personal experience in this area.
      The first is the issue of political influence in the hiring of employees at Government controlled entities. This was raised as the major concern by a manager of an SOE during a Government committee meeting set up to investigate the SOEs. Ironically, that manager was also a political appointment
      with no previous experience in that position. Our political system relies on rewards of employment to recognise the support given to the party in one form or another. This situation is a reality and one that is unlikely to change. However, the political directorate must take responsibility for managing such appointments, so it doesn’t corrupt the governance of the SOE.
      The other issue that significantly affects our SOEs is the way they are managed. It is antiquated and completely out of date in achieving good performance. Everyone wants to do the job of the level below them. Ministers want to direct, directors want to manage and managers want to do line work.
      We do not identify responsibility clearly and then, most importantly, we do not hold anyone accountable. The unfortunate truth is that we have too many senior people who are not competent to do their job. No amount of
      reorganising line level positions will correct this situation.
      This is all part and parcel of the way successive Governments have managed our national affairs and, in many ways, these shortcomings have been accepted as a fact of life. Correcting this situation requires transformational change and a break from some of our traditions, particularly those that have long colonial roots.
      This matter was recently addressed by our Prime Minister in her Budget speech, in which she spoke of transformational change towards a vision of excellence. I genuinely hope that the transformation is directed at the management and political influence of the SOEs and not just simply at the level of the workers.
      – Chris de Caires

  75. Ok jesus christos!
    Credit Suisse, now sold to UBS, against the will of UBS, for one billion more than envisioned by critical analysts.

    Has now been gifted 104 billion from the Swiss Central Bank. Supposedly to protect depositors.

    Something else is happening here. Information is currently insufficient for this writer to make the most dire estimates. Markets seem jittery. However, intuition tells this writer that some shiiiite coming down the pike!

    At the very least we anticipate assertive actions by leading central banks (CBs) during the coming week as the economic conundrums fully take centre stage.

    Again this weekend, there shall be endless meetings in many countries.

  76. William…did weee not mention about a Meth problem at the Coverly dog kennels YEARS now..

    i guess it was not the Afrikan boys on the block involved, nothing they can arrest them for, so no one cared..let the Meth run freely once it’s not the Afrikan population engaging…

    But, i see a politician made a video and calling it, “Meth Warning.” They can keep that, looks good on them.

  77. Playing monopoly is nice, but that monetary system should have been anchored to something decades ago.

    Maybe now they will.

  78. Toooooooooooooooo late!

    The natural order of things shall not permit such. Nature abhors a vacuum. Ntr will never permit such to go unpunished.

  79. Nature does abhor a vacuum.

    I have no clue what else to tell them….but it might be their only shot at stabilization.

    All monetary systems should be anchored as a guarantee. I watched it for years and knew at some point in time it would get challenging because of all the volitility.

    The Bull trickles down.
    The Bear cascades.

  80. Check it out Pacha….

    “Deutsche Bank Shares Fall Almost 15% – Bloomberg.”

    Yesterday they were projecting 50 banks would take a beating…the cascading effect.

    In my opinion an attempt should be made to flip the script..

    The Bull cascades…cause bull runs mean money in the economy….while the Bear trickles down…easier to monitor, control and stabilize..i imagine it would take a gigantic effort and much skill.

  81. This is not the end it is not even the beginning
    Now that the change has come it is time to have some fun
    There are 3 scams left for hustling: Banking Politics and Wars
    Banks and Markets are relatively stable due to vast investments in Pension and Institutional Funds
    Day Traders and Hedge Funds still make money in volatile markets taking risks with large volumes and short trades
    The current situation is more akin to the Credit Crunch of 2007
    that was the precursor to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008
    There is still money to be made until it all falls down

  82. I see the people are calling for the government to COME OUT and talk to them about all the vaccine injuries and deaths.

    Wuh ya could not turn without seeing and hearing them up in ya face for the last 2 plus years…why they so quiet now….the people are not having it…they hired them and they have to talk to the people…”gimme de vote and watch muh.”

  83. LOL
    Not even the blogmaster wants to talk about the obvious global chaos that has followed the covid gene-therapy scam perpetrated on the gullible, by the wicked demons that epitomizes EVIL in the modern world.

    ‘Vaccines’ are very specific treatments that actually PREVENT disease. The concoctions injected into billions of BBs had no such capability or intent.

    Insurance records however, are showing unprecedented levels of unexplained deaths from heart / blood clotting related issues – in previously healthy demographic groupings.

    …shiite, yuh even Bushie can see this trend – from the death announcements in the press – and from acquaintances and relatives…

    Wunna ever watch a sheep being led to the slaughterhouse?
    ..the idiot puts on a brave look and trots along willingly – aiming to please his master…. to the very end.

    But not stinking Bushie doh!!!
    Bushie does squeal like a boar hog (as ac was wont to note.. )
    ….up to the last breath

  84. TLSN….one of my favorities.

    “Wunna ever watch a sheep being led to the slaughterhouse?
    ..the idiot puts on a brave look and trots along willingly – aiming to please his master…. to the very end.”

    While bullying evabody to fall in line because they got the idiot sheep DNA…more embarrassment coming for them too…white world dummies…..without these beasts so in love with evil, and the sheep in love with criminal politicians, they would do anything against their people to keep the lineup intact..

    Glad they are now exposed everywhere and no one will ever trust sheep or evil doers ever again.

    Bushman…i much prefer not be either of them right now, if they had a scintilla of human decency, they would feel the shame and embarrassment now all around them, they so discredited themselves, and worked overtime to get there, that there is no recovery from that…they apparently cant hear the cries against all of them echoing across social media….across continents..

    But am not in the business of holding my breath….so…ha!!

  85. Wuh i did not think innocence is still being proclaimed DESPITE ALL THE EVIDENCE..though someone who wstched the video said he talking shite without elaborating on what it was…

    Had the US not taking care of business ALL of them would still be walking around believing they are invincible, unprosecutable…and in the case of the overly arrogant and narcissitic, carry a license to kill.

    “To Donville Inniss and his supporters truth and facts seem to be irrelevant. Okay, let’s ask: Did Donville receive money from the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited? And if so, on what basis did he receive those funds? Was he an employee or agent of that company? And if he were not so employed, again the question is, on what basis did he receive those funds? Were those funds a gift? If the answer is in the affirmative, then why would a Minister of the Crown be receiving undeclared funds from a company in Barbados? If those funds were legitimately paid to Mr. Inniss, why would he engage in such elaborate means to have that money paid to a dental company in New York.

    The facts seem to be very clear, Donville Inniss was paid a bribe by person or persons at the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited, and that he caused that bribe money to be transported across the borders of another state. If you receive a bribe as a Minister of the Crown, that is illegal. And if that money is transported to another country that is also illegal. So on what basis is Mr. Inniss declaring his innocence? This declaration of innocence on the part of Mr. Inniss could only come from a mind that believes its own facts, despite conclusive evidence to the contrary.

    Did Mr. Inniss somehow believe that because he was a government minister that he was above the law. Or, is it simply that he had an unreasonably high sense of his own importance, believing that no criminal activity could be attached to him no matter what he did. I would urge his supporters not to buy into Mr. Inniss’ narcissism and call a spade a spade. It would be a far better thing to do for him to acknowledge his crime and apologise to the people of this country rather than insist on his own truth. Man-up Donville, you were caught with your hand in the cookie jar and no amount of protesting your innocence will change that. Finally, whether or not people of this country want to acknowledge it, we owe the United States law enforcement agencies a debt of gratitude. We can no longer bury our heads in the sand and pretend that there is no political corruption in Barbados. Thanks Uncle Sam. Caswell Franklyn.”

  86. @ Yolande Grant – African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on,

    The O’Jays represented a different era. The music and musicianship at that time were sublime. The lyrics were also packed with social commentary. Music should be a force to educate the mass public. How many of today’s Barbados artists are cognisant of the importance of words? BU, in general, is a force for good. However, imagine if popular music was the primary gatekeeper of keeping in check our politicians and business people from going down the wrong path.

    As always, keep up the good work. Over the years, you have been consistent. You have always focussed on important subjects. You have refused to allow others to drag you into the proverbial rabbit hutch. Barbados and the Caribbean are run and controlled by the mafia. Afra Raymond believes that the people will hold their governments’ accountable. I do not share his enthusiasm.

    It is healthy sign that Pacha and Bush Tea have returned to the BU forum.

  87. Yes Sir,
    The prodigal son has returned and has been greeted like a hero. Just like a soldier returning from the theatre of war.

    How is this possible? Trust me, Donville is not a man whom we should be greeting like a returning hero. I would advise him to show some contrition.

    Within days of losing his parliamentarian seat, he bolted to the USA to live on monies he had made outside of his role as an MP. Now he has become a deportee.

    Mia will protect him. After all, it’s a family affair. This is how Barbados has always operated.

  88. Afra always had high hopes that the people will one day wake up and do what is necessary to free themselves and hold corrupt governments accountable…the way things are going he might see it happen, people are sick of them and becoming more and more aware of what dangerous bottomfeeding liars they’s a start.

    “You have refused to allow others to drag you into the proverbial rabbit hutch.”

    Those backward attacks filled with hate and venom started before i was 20 years old, that’s why i recognized them on BU for what they are, and with recent new reveals was able to fit the missing pieces to the puzzle together nicely, which made it easier to strip them down….remove the degrees of separation they hid behind..

  89. Since the COVID crisis (I believe most likely a PLANdemic) played a major part in the worldwide financial and social disruption of the last few years, I think it legitimate to post the video below in ths thread.

    Sasha Latypova Exposes Fraud & “Structure of the Covid Crime” w/ Dr. Kelly Victory – Ask Dr. Drew

    From the YouTube video description:

    Sasha Latypova is a former pharmaceutical R&D executive with 25 years of experience in clinical trials, clinical technologies, and regulatory approvals. She owned and managed several contract research organizations and worked for more than 60 pharma companies worldwide. She interacted with the FDA as part of a scientific industry consortium on improving cardiac safety assessments in clinical trials.

    Follow Sasha at twitterDOTcom/sasha_latypova and


  90. Pacha…got this from msn…let’s see what caricom region evolves or devolves to in this new pecking order. I take it the multipolarity is now in full effect.

    “Putin woos 40 Africa lawmakers at Moscow conference with promises of money, nuclear power, arms and free grain
    Story by IntelliNews • Tuesday
    By Ben Aris in Berlin

    © IntelliNews
    Russian President Vladimir Putin took time out from meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had just arrived in Moscow for a three-day state visit, to speak to lawmakers from more than 40 African countries on March 20 and woo them with generous promises of economic and military aid in a speech.

    As the battle for influence in Africa heats up, Putin reminded delegates of Russia’s long-standing close ties and played on his favourite troupe of the need for a multipolar world, a sentiment echoed by many delegates, whilst vigorously rubbing raw the lingering resentment in Africa of the European colonial-era, to good effect.”

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