Financial Crisis in the Forecast – Whither Barbados and SIDs?

The blogmaster is unsure how many Barbadians are going about business today blissfully unaware of the meltdown in global financial markets. Central banks around the world are reluctant to be aggressive with tightening monetary policy for fear it will trigger another financial crisis. The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine will continue to spike inflation given disruption to global supply in a ‘post Covid 19’ period.

For Small Developing States (SIDs) there is no quick fix to the hardships that will have to be endured for an indeterminable period. The Barbados dollar is pegged to the USD and combined with being a net importer with key components being food and oil, as the local parlance goes – we in ducks guts.

This is no time to play politics.

Global markets are tanking ahead of a huge week for central banks



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  • Global stock markets are falling sharply after May’s U.S. inflation print reignited fears that central banks will be forced into aggressive monetary policy tightening.
  • The U.S. 2-year Treasury rate hit its highest level since 2007 on Monday morning and edged closer to an inversion with the benchmark 10-year rate – seen by many as a sign of an impending recession.
  • “While [the Fed] can’t sit there and say their job is to end job creation for the moment, that is basically what they need to do if they are going to get inflation back under control now,” TD Securities’ Richard Kelly said.

Read full CNBC report

122 thoughts on “Financial Crisis in the Forecast – Whither Barbados and SIDs?

  1. Don’t know why anyone would invest in crypto/digital scams…..people can’t even withdraw from bitcoin, Binance but a temporary stop to that .. so did Celsius, .because of some “problem impacting the bitcoin network”

    if ya can’t flip from digital to hard currency at short notice……’s a SCAM..

  2. Waru
    The Ukraine War has shifted currencies to being based on real assets, minerals, gold, etc Fiat money is dead!

  3. It always leaves me wondering how come when the markets are booming and billionaires are daily being created by the hundreds, the average Joe just reads about all the wealth that’s being created on paper, and yet when the markets tumble, the average Joe’s a*s is grass. Yup, there are people out there who sit behind a keyboard, manipulate a few keys and presto, instant millionaires having never lifter a finger or created anything of value to mankind.

    Average Joe takes a bus, goes to the Garrison and wins a million bucks – he’s a no-good gambler. Put on a suit, drive to the office in a Lamborghini, bet on some stock rises and presto, he’s an investment banker.

    • @Fearplay

      Isn’t it the same when the USA invades in the name of justice? When other countries do same it is seen as being hostile or terrorist.

  4. These things are backed by BS, thin air and bold lying promises, they are NOT STABLE…they are TOO UNSTABLE…

    Pacha…don’t know what it’s going to take for them to learn….but they look good getting robbed…

    don’t know if you hooked up with the LUMI yet…backed by 4oz of gold and solar…i don’t even have to bother my head with it, and can flip to hard currency at any time..

    ..bitcoin and this and that are BACKED BY NOTHING…

  5. “Waru
    The Ukraine War has shifted currencies to being based on real assets, minerals, gold, etc Fiat money is dead!”

    i don’t think those on BU will believe you….had to repeat it….they are so far behind….don’t know what else to say…

    it’s very clear that the Afrikan Kingdoms saw this coming…

  6. “And how many countries can eliminate FIAT currency with asset back options?”

    and to think they HAD that opportunity right in the palm of their hand and WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY TO LOSE IT…


  7. David
    You never cease to amaze. Would you prefer the people with fiat currencies to steal the resources of those which have, as is the history. Imperialism.

    Or in the case of Barbados and the Caribbean, we’ve been arguing for a lifetime that our ancestral home should be Afrika and we should have long been deeply linked, long ago.

    But regardless, it’s right to remove this sin from society. It only creates unrepeatable debt.

  8. “Or in the case of Barbados and the Caribbean, we’ve been arguing for a lifetime that our ancestral home should be Afrika and we should have long been deeply linked, long ago.”

    those who worked overtime to prevent it will pay a very heavy price…while trying not to DROWN…in this mess..

  9. David
    What you talking bout.
    Countries with high pollution rates are buying carbon credits from countries like Batbados. The reverse of this.

    How hard is that.

    • @Pacha

      You were asked a simple question- how can Barbados or countries with high debt profiles displace its fiat currency with a commodity based setup.

  10. David
    These matter are dynamic. Meaning more than one thing has to be at the same time.

    Estimation that the elevation of the asset based money will occur with the rise of the Eurasion bloc Barbados will have a Jubillee. No more debt. One problem solved.

    Secondly, Barbsdos can handle this as previously described. Acquiring assets like carbon credits are. Or real assets from countries having them like a corporation would. This ight even spur industrisl development offshore.

    Thirdly, receipts from services will have an asset value as well in the basket.

  11. Fearplay

    Not true A real investment banker can also make money when the market is falling . It the average joe that don’t know how to protect ASSets that usually get burned in a bear market

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    A whole heap of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth
    Wars followed by Recession are standard excuses for industries redundancies and pay cuts
    Price wars and lower profits to kill off competition is just another tool in the NWO tool box
    Fear = Control. The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm
    Conspiracy theorists propose that problem–reaction–solution (PRS) functions as a New World Odour mechanism for constructing and exaggerating social problems to garner populist support for the implementation (imposition) of laws that society would normally deem unacceptable.
    OWG One World Government One World Currency is coming to your neighbourhood

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    Oh no my gosh lord have mercy
    my 100k is now worth 50k
    Americans without money go crazy

  14. Oh Lord what a whole heap of problems
    The shitty city of iniquity down in a Babylon
    Oppression is the revenue situation get screw
    The system resistance discourage the masses
    Problems remedial is procedural
    In our happening in our day to living find us in the hustling and bustling
    Tax increase employments decrease
    Jah Jah what a whole heap of problems
    Jah Jah what a whole lot of problems
    Under our firmament no job is permanent
    Why Why

    My fall to grace testimony | I bought a $2,000,000 house with a mortgage and deposit in a gated community, 10 years later it was worth $3,000,000 on paper, I could not tap into the unrealised profit of $1,500,000 equity, so now I am homeless, living in tent city with outcast pedophilles crack heads and smack heads as neighbours
    Who Is Laughing, Look Who Is Laughing Dub

  15. Since they have NO control of anything and DEPEND on EVERYONE for EVERYTHING….maybe it’s time to get off the dependency train….but some apparently like being talked down to and looked down on….their comfort zone…

    all of that now falls under… their problem….they had a very long time to get it right and wasted every minute…

    .Afrikans have STOOD UP like the ancient WARRIOR BLOODLINES we came from and are famous for over millennia…while more and more are rising every day, over 1 billion Afrikans taking their rightful place as the earth’s original people…

    ..the cowards can stay in their corner and do what they do best, depend on minorities and cower from them….weak traitor bloodlines……

  16. @David
    Analyst now predit that the yeild on US 10 year treasuries will hit 5% before the end of summer at this rate. Given that, I now predict that Barbados will almost certainly seek another IMF deal. If US debt is trading at 5%, the market will ask Barbados to pay more that 7% for any new debt. In this environment it might make sense to seek a new stand bu arrangement with the Fund that would allow you to unlock Financing from development banks at less than 2.5% interest when you need it. This arrangement would be a little different in nature to the current EFF but the priciples are smilar.

    • @wargeneral

      As you know IMF assistance is to provide a blanket primarily to protect foreign reserves. You would have noted a local news report last week that the payment for oil imports has increased astronomically year over year for the same period. At current rate the foreign currency reserve we boast about will be exhausted if we consume at current rate.

  17. “US Dollar Falls Below 56 Rubles on Moscow’s Exchange Tuesday

    That was for the first time since May 25. The euro has also dipped to 58 rubles.”

    if they still need other people to read the tea leaves for them, if they can’t see and are impotent to GET UP….dah iz dem problem….am not in the business of raising the dead…who have no ancestral value..

  18. Waru

    Uganda just found over 300 million tons of gold worth about 15 trillion usd.

    Watch as David and his people try to steal it🤮

    The irony will be that Uganda is currently acting as Western proxy to steal Congo’s mineral wealth.


    The purest form in English would be Mdu Ntr

    • Pacha this commentary speaks to a sell off by investors in India read exiting stock market and dumping in US treasuries.


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  20. David,

    Unlike some, Donna does not pretend to have a firm grip on complex financial systems. I watch and listen but if there is going to be an upending of this system, I am all for it, whatever the initial or short-term cost to me. I remain unconvinced that it will happen in my lifetime but I hope that it will.

    It is obvious that this “fiat” system is a fake one, unhinged to actual resources. How is it that Africa is the most resourced continent and its people are the poorest? These tiefing white bitches need to be stopped. And all tiefing bitches of other hues.

    Those who, as you say, are blithely unaware are the ones who probably have little to lose anyway. For them, every day is a struggle for the basics of survival.

    • @Donna

      Fair enough, you should note however the avarice and the agenda of the 1% will not be going anywhere soon. If at all.

    • @wargeneral

      What many do not realise is that G7 has imposed sanctions at sector and individual level, not country. It is the hypocrisy of the world we live in.

  21. David,

    That has been my point for ages. The avarice and agenda of the 1% ain’t going nowhere. Neither is the mindset of those average people who have been brainwashed into their way of defining success.

    This DISEASE infects most of the world’s people. They aspire to nothing greater than to be among the world’s 1%!

    This is why I do not believe the solution is as simple as a change in financial systems.

    Most human beings are still to effed up!

    • @Donna

      Mindsets can be encouraged to shift/change with a concerted effort by sector players, the problem however is that key sector players are vested in the establishment read maintaining the status quo.

  22. Oh dear what panic can cause. Let’s look at the facts here for little Bim. First let’s list the factors against us.

    A. High Inflation
    B. High fuel prices
    C. Falling stock markets globally
    E. Weak dollar
    F. Falling personal liquidity.

    Them basically is the key factors that will affect our tourism and our cost of living. Our visitors come from the countries facing A-F listed above. Let us not believe therefore that our tourism industry will not be affected. After all higher airfares coupled to less liquidity due to inflation does not exactly make one want to take what’s left and get on a plane to one of the most expensive destinations out there.

    So next what A-F mean for Bajans here? Well higher food prices for sure followed by increased interest rates will come our way. No doubt Tourism receipts will be affected as well. With sterling where it is travel out of the UK which is our major market, will also prove expensive. So yes these factors we know and must brace for.

    As for whether the dow crashes or not let’s leave that to the sooth sayers and instead focus on where we are and what we can do. Simply put consuming only what we need and not want is a start. Protect our reserves even though most are borrowed and understand we will have to deal with this for the balance of 2022 at least. If the markets do collapse as happened in 2008, we all know what that meant for us. But cross that bridge when it happens, however deal with what we can do today. Wunna stop buying all the crap you see. You don’t need no 70 inch TV when the one wunna got showing perfect! The Toyota more reliable than any Range Rover or Jaguar so left out impressing the neighbour’s and drive a blasted Toyota or Hyundai. Wunna ever realise that the real money people don’t get caught up in all that crap?

    If however the market does crash, the value of the lost will be way greater than in 2008 for sure and as a result the removal of the amount of money from the system in 2022 will make what was lost in 2008 look like lunch money.

  23. “Watch as David and his people try to steal it”

    let’s see how that plays out….lots of black people, not Afrikans, are of that mindset, sit their backsides in the west as Slaves and see who could tief from Afrika and give them the crumbs…..which is their inheritance…useless breathers…


    The purest form in English would be Mdu Ntr”
    also seeing Duul Neter Neb

    yes…i have to carve out the time for classes…

  24. TOO effed up


    It only just occurred to me that I could never, no matter how hard I tried, understand this fiat currency system BECAUSE IT MADE NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!

    How silly of me not to have figured that out before! Why should it make sense, considering who created it and for what reasons?

    • @Donna

      A FIAT currency was/is needed to fund the unbridled conspicuous consumption habits of our global inhabitants intoxicated by it. The gold standard was abandoned and now there is talk about commodity/asset based system. With limited resources and inequity of distribution the blogmaster in not enthusiastic we will see FIAT replaced in our lifetime. Unless there is some cataclysmic event that triggers a tipping point.

  25. @ Donna

    See if you can Google the article where Warren Buffet explains why he will never own Bitcoin in his portfolio. He speaks in clear terms as to why it’s nothing but hype and based on nothing tangible

  26. With more homeless people on the streets cardboard will go up
    I bought cardboard when it was 14¢ a ton and it is now worth 16¢
    I bought 3 tons of it.. so you can work you how much it is worth now
    I got a special deal where I can keep it all at home

    Steve Martin – Stock Market

    You Can Be a Millionaire

  27. John A,

    I figured that Bitcoin thing out all by myself. Its logic eluded me.

    But I cottoned on to that because it was new. The fiat currency is status quo and so I assumed the fault was mine.

    I shall seek out the article.

  28. It’s a good read. Written in typical Buffet style where he asks ” on what is this invisible currencies value based?”

    The crash or correction will come as they do every so.many years. The magnitude of it only time can tell. Like the coming one the world will recover and life will go on.

  29. Donna it was a CNBC article in early 2022 based on his comments at a Berkshire meeting where he said he would not pay $25 for all the bitcoin in circulation. Lol

  30. ” on what is this invisible currencies value based?”

    The real value proposition of crypto, more particularly the block chain is the ability to track and record every single transaction in real time. When central banks begin to adopt digital currencies- and they all will, then the real “fun” will start.

    There will be no need for multiple currencies so one global unit of exchange will do.

    Governments (or the new global government) will have the ability to determine who has “money”, where it can be spent and how much. All with press of a button.

    Expect to see increasing talk of CBDCs as the world fragments amidst loss of US hegemony before final consolidation in a new global government.

    Thesis. Antithesis. Synthesis.

  31. @ David Bu
    Welcome to the real world. It is unfolding as it should.That is the reason I insist that we must understand where we are and how things work before jumping on every bandwagon that claims to be new. It will all settle down in due course. Keep your eyes on the weather cock and your hands on the tiller. We know how to sail.

  32. @John A

    See what? A single global currency?

    You may be correct. It may not be in our lifetimes. But it very well can be. No one can guarantee anything.

    But all the tech is there already.
    The only missing ingredient is the agreement of the masses and the right circumstances for introduction. That’s where the instability, dislocation and fear comes in.

    Things will get so chaotic that people will be begging for anyone who can put forward some seemingly sensible solutions.

    And CBDC solves many if not all the problems of conventional money…With the added bonus of absolute and total control by the govt.

  33. Dullard
    A lot of what you say is correct. However, do you have any idea how much energy these thing use. The cost of the systems to set up. The burn out rate of the equipment. The few large firms in this game.

    There may be some advantages to crypto and blockchain tech if based on real underlying value.

    Have you noticed that the Chinese shut them all down. And that the US is now attracting them all.

    That their market values have taken a beating. And that this weak point and as a bubble will burst soon?

  34. Slave Trade Legacies of British and American Slavery
    Stock markets, Capitalism and Cities were built on Slavery
    Can you hear the voices of ancestors spirits
    they are singing in the heavenly choir

  35. @ David

    Yes sir once you have fallen 20% or more off you highs you in a bear market and the fall is not over yet! As they say there will be alot of blood in the water by Friday.

  36. @David, re “Financial markets continuing to slide. It is officially a bear market” is that some lovely joke for the afternoon 😎

    Are you getting into ‘technical territory’ with the pronouncement of “officially” 🤣 … Gee, I mean after all is said and down the financial markets have been in downward ‘bear’ territory for the last two years since covid and despite the momentary upswings since as things moved back to some normalcy and governments throwing billions of $$ in to their economies we ARE still swinging wildly more down than up, brother!

    All that to say, you remark is quite amusing … for all those who have seen SIGNIFICANT losses on their portfolios or those like @Northern who have jumped out of stocks completely to cash safe-harbours this has been an ENDLESS bear market, bro!

  37. Lol….I told you back around Feb 14 I was out of the market, save the 4 oil related equities I owned.
    All of this was very predictable.
    Since May 2021 i warned about inflation. And watched as the Central Bankers played with their private parts, debating if what they saw was real or an aberration.

  38. @ Pachamama at 12 :16 PM

    Correct.Obviously you have done your homework. The platform on which it works consumes high levels of energy.

  39. Pacha…based on something you posted yesterday…

    “Boso menɔa tã me o.”The whale does not live in a pond.”-Ewe proverb
    Explanation: Do not diminish yourself for others. Keep company with those equal to your character and capacity.”

    a hell of a conference. multilingualism was a plus…

  40. “However, do you have any idea how much energy these thing use.”

    @ Pacha
    In fact I do. Bitcoin mining alone uses as much electricity annually as the entire country Sweden.

    The high energy requirement is basically down to computational cost, involved in solving the math problems required to maintain the integrity of the Blockchain. So basically if the mathematics can be simplified in some way then the computational burden will be reduced resulting in less energy consumption. There are already people working on these things. Only a matter of time.

    But apart from bitcoin there are other protocols that use much less energy. There is no reason why bitcoin has to remain the standard. The Ethereum chain uses much energy. So if there were a mass exodus today from Bitcoin to the Ethereum network that would address a lot of the energy concerns.

  41. Oh and @ Pacha
    Do not confuse cryptocurrency with the Blockchain. Crypto currency is but one application of the use of a digital leger. There are many other interesting use cases that we are already in use in the works.

  42. Dullard
    How much of your monies have you “invested” into Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. Talk is cheap.

  43. Clashes in Equador….poverty is now large and in charge…the way fuel prices are rising…buckle up..

    Libya was forced by protestors to shut down oil ports…more pain..

    why the hell would they give up all those weapons to the Ukraine folly……and now need some…sigh….that’s the 3rd or 4th country i have seen crying in the last week……

  44. Dillard
    Thanks for your critical insights but it would be hard to be convincing to this writer unless discoverable real underlying values are clear., not just sentiment

    In addition, reports are suggesting that less than one percent are actually used in settling accounts.

    Separately, El Salvador the crypto capital of the world will prove an important case study.

  45. Pacha…wuhloss…lol

    “Emmanuel Macron ‘betrays Ukraine’ as French imports of Russian gas soar
    Arthur Scott-Geddes, Nataliya Vasilyeva 23 hrs ago

    Emmanuel Macron has been accused of betraying Ukraine after figures showed that French imports of Russian gas rose during the invasion of Ukraine.”

  46. all of them it seems….but we sat and watch them put themselves there….don’t know who they are blaming these days…

    “France, Belgium and the Netherlands had snapped up shipments of the Kremlin’s fossil fuels at discounted prices after other buyers cut back their purchases during the conflict, Crea said.”

    if the people can’t see who and what they are dealing with worldwide, they never will…

    “While Russian missiles and bombs were raining down on Ukraine in April and May, France received 12 shipments of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other fossil fuel products worth almost €900 million (£773 million), the report showed.”

  47. The rock being his supposed alliances and the hard place being in the midst of an election. His own political skin will always come first.


  49. Monkeypox vaccine anyone….look how many cases they got, we will soon hear they reach one million..

    just keep Barbados’ crooks from this one…

    but somehow they putting the blame on Afrika…who aint got NONE..

    Lawson…you will need one..

    “EU Snaps Up 110,000 Monkeypox Vaccines – Deliveries To Start Late June

    Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides has announced the EU will sign an agreement Tuesday with an unnamed supplier for around 110,000 monkeypox vaccines that will be delivered by the end of June.

    The bloc’s drug regulator was in talks with Danish firm Bavarian Nordic over its Imvanex smallpox shot – known as Jynneos in the US, where it has already been approved to combat monkeypox.

    There have been over 900 confirmed cases in the EU so far, while Germany and Spain have already ordered their own batches of vaccines.

  50. @Northern, what’s new re “His own political skin will always come first.” Was it not written that in the beginning was the Word… and he poured life into the Politician and He said: ‘your political skin will always be your first and ultimate concern’._ 😎

    And @David, I don’t reject the history good sir … was just putting reality to modern day currency, so to speak.

    Or said another say re history and modern perspective: You recall of course the days when Lance Gibbs’ 309 was the top standard in Test wickets … earlier today Anderson from England reached 650 wickets and that seemed so WOW stupendous in comparison, not so!

    But lo and behold of course it get no way close to the current 800 wicket standard by the Sri Lankan master and is still off Warne’s 700 odd … my only point brother … history may be a prologue for the future but the present often can make past comparisons seem almost a ‘nonsense’. Just saying!

  51. Dont fret about me Africa I have had chicken pox twice, I am probably immune. What is the new name gonna be , ?? loxpox they seem to be fishing around for something so people cat say its racist. Though I thought you said it was a gay disease. Fisters..blisters perhaps.

  52. Lawson…. don’t forget the fixed odds gaming. That is big 🤑🤑. It was launched rather quietly, because they were skinning horse racing again. And the selection process was less than transparent.
    For stocks….I’m not good enough to pick one. I just observe and react. Not good enough to get out at the top, or get in at the bottom, but if I can save 30% of my portfolio, for little me, that’s a win

  53. I am into the adult industry stocks in a small way, I invested in a company that rents out austrailian midget porn stars for dwarf tossing.

  54. David & John A,

    As I said many times, my preference is to study people, not money or financial systems. I take a cursory look and leave the intricacies to others.

    I welcome your attempts to make it easier for me to understand. I’ll get it eventually, I’m sure.

  55. Vincent,

    And the separation of the animals on the farm (or in the ocean) continues!

    Some being more equal than others.


    Long live the revolution!

  56. There will continue to be those who consider themselves to be “THE ELITE” based on whatever criteria.

  57. Still in the market.

    Unable to hang with the bright guys but I know this “The reports of the demise of the USA are greatly exaggerated.”

    I know that we have a number of issuesJapan was supposed to each our lunch but suffered from indigestion. You are soon going to see ‘others’ vomiting.

  58. First comment and lots of typos.

    “With more homeless people on the streets cardboard will go up
    I bought cardboard when it was 14¢ a ton and it is now worth 16¢
    I bought 3 tons of it.. so you can work out how much it is worth now
    I got a special deal where I can keep it all at home”

    Not bad.

  59. “I know that we have a number of issuesJapan was supposed to each our lunch but suffered from indigestion. You are soon going to see ‘others’ vomiting.”

    that’s the thing, they always manage to bounce back…lol..that’s why i refuse to take sides, because the pendulum can swing any where at any time..

  60. Theo…these days i got so much going on, i can’t even enjoy the power plays….

    they got this power struggle between Taiwan and China…that one is exhausting just thinking about it…waiting to see if they are only grandstanding…..lots of distractions, but some of us know to stay focused on what we are doing…

  61. I live in Barbados.
    Sup with all the beggars at the kfc/ chefette drive thrus and gas stations/ supermarket parking lots?
    Sympathise with these folks but maybe they need to target the pedigreed austerity challenged big-ups & leave us struggling normal people alone.

  62. The Yuan upgraded in the UN holdings or pecial drawing rights system.

    The Russian Rouble the best currency of the year.

    More big deckie in dey crotch!

  63. @Pacha
    Stale news?
    May 14, 2022
    The updated basket implies slightly higher weights for the U.S. dollar and the Chinese renminbi and, accordingly, somewhat lower weights for the British pound, the euro, and the Japanese yen.
    The updated basket weights will come into effect on August 1, 2022.

    The Rouble is the best performing currency, albeit back to 2018 levels. And the Yuan isn’t far behind.

    May they both experience continued increases.

  64. NO
    State News?
    The SDR system is nun by the UN, no?
    Moreover,, don’t these rebalancings correspond with the broad trends?

    • We will see how the market reacts to increase in rates by central banks. So far on market openings crypto is continuing to misbehave.

  65. David
    What are u ou talking about.

    The presumption that central banks are some independent self directed entities unaffested by politics and the domination of the US dollar and dictation from the Treasury Department in Washington is well established economic belief system for which Bloomberg is the arch angel.

    No wonder all of them will get it wrong at the same time. Is thinking an occupation out of vogue?

  66. David

    The new world order is trying to find that. But to continue talking these junk economics as if scientifically based is no different than religious belief systems.

    Bloomberg shiiiite. How many times have they been wrong?

  67. Recession On: Lose your pot belly
    Markets go up and Markets go down
    He who checks for wealth and not his physical health shall fade away
    The rich is getting richer every day and the little that the poor man has got will be taken away do you hear what I say
    Dow Jones – 10 Year Daily Chart

  68. David
    When will you misguided sheep learn the names of Richard Wolfe or Michael Hudson and many more interrogating this unreality with enormous success.

  69. Gangster Gangster, Its not about a salary, Its all about reality

    The Black Underground Black Markets are on the Up

    #WelcomeToTheRiches #PoohShiesty #ShiestySeasonSpringDeluxe
    Pooh Shiesty – Welcome To The Riches (feat. Lil Baby)

  70. David
    That is NOT our view. Instead we should see, interrogate, ALL the narratives to be as so determinative like you are want to be.

    • @Pacha

      What happens when one of the main oil refineries breaks down because as you know they have been operating full capacity to respond to the Russia Ukraine conflict?

  71. David
    The master of obfuscations! Surely, even you can’t seriously consider that all the narratives could have been exhibited here. In any case, no set of alternatives narratives will ever permeate the wall of ignorance which remains your preferred economic belief system.

    • @Pacha

      If you say so. What prevents you or any other from sharing and countering as you do? Share your views freely as you are permitted because singing in the pickanoise gang does not show your best side.

    • @Pacha

      Interesting times. No ready solutions in the short term for sure. The construct of globalization that contrived to weave economies and markets is biting in the rear big time.

  72. David

    Not able with that weight of constantly dragging the unread. People who generally assume that the world within their minds is the solitary reality. Can barely manage at this level. No thanks!

  73. Pacha…the CENTER COULD NOT HOLD….and fell out….

    you warned them, so did many others….now the big question is, since the people CANNOT RELY or depend on government….exactly what will their next steps be….they must know they have to make an INFORMED decision and what to do going forward and this corrupt dangerous system is not it, that will ALWAYS BE STEPPING BACKWARD… once they remain in it…

    now that the BOTTOM HAS FALLEN OUT..

  74. From what am seeing on other forums….people are actively GOING AFTER THEM…it’s that time…

    this cannot continue….with their brazen little minorities coming out like if this is the 1930s and they are updating us on how SUCCESSFUL THEY ARE AS PARASITES IN BLACK LIVES……….well IT’S OVER…so get ya frowzy tiefing asses back inside where ya belong…..

    they do not know JUST HOW OVER ALL OF THIS IS…..but wait, you will see..

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