Barbados Economy and Covid 19 in 2021

The BU COVID 19 graphs (Thanks to Lyall Small for your sterling effort to the cause) continue to show Barbados authorities and PEOPLE doing a satisfactory job to curb the number of infections. We have to continue the trend despite the fact COVID fatigue is present. Recent ash fall from La Soufriere has has not helped.

The blogmaster takes the opportunity to caution with the opening of the country- schools and tourism industry- we need to implement conservative protocols. If there was any doubt why the country needs to find avenues to generate economic activity the Central Bank of Barbados first quarter review delivered this week by Governor Haynes is mandatory listening – see also Barbados Outlook 2021.

Attached are the usual weekly charts up to 30th April.  Barbados recorded what might be a significant spike, reported last night, that has been largely attributed to an outbreak at the Psychiatric Hospital.  The authorities have successfully managed several similar spikes this year so it is likely that we should be able manage this one.  However, they should carefully reexamine some of the details of the planned management of the disease over the next 3 weeks or so, especially as related to indoor audience sizes and traditional schools if the spike continues.  Trinidad has recorded a significant spike over the past week or so and their PM has reacted very strongly.  Jamaica has at last started to show a slight diminution of active cases.  Guyana’s cases have continued to increase – Lyall Small.


  • Donna
    You really do not know the history of Cuba for you to have made such a statement.


  • Oh boy.


  • Donna

    Castro’s dictatorship had little if anything to do with his vision for Cuba and the Cuban people.


  • Donna

    After Castro and Che Guevara fought and won the Revolution, they both turned to the United States for assistance, and the United States turned them down, so they set eyes on the Soviet Union, and after Russian leader Khrushchev went behind Castro’s back and negotiated the removal of the Missiles with President Kennedy, Castro set eyes on Communist China, never to trust the Soviet Union again.


  • Oh boy indeed! The Annoying Case of the Unlearned Lecturer!



  • The Singapore “saviour” was a bit of a dictator also?

    Is there such a thing as a benevolent dictator?


  • Donna

    Castro was always a boyhood hero of mine, but back in the 80s, when I was a teenager, you could openly declare your admiration of Castro, for the fear of being labeled a Communist.
    But I remember quite vividly, as a teenager Invader 2, who happened to be the younger brother of Invader 1 of the CID, secretly dialoguing with me regarding Castro and Cuba, and acknowledging the fact that he was in fact a Communist.
    Nevertheless, this young CID Detective was in my mind, one of the most intelligent people I had spoken to at the time, and not for the simple fact that he spoke Spanish fluently, but because he had had a comprehensive understanding of the social and political dynamics of Cuba.


  • Well, laughter IS the best medicine so…



  • A lot a baloney in 2017.

    ” Though not calling any names, Mottley highlighted one developer in particular, saying it was unreasonable for a contractor to receive over $1 billion in investments.

    “One man cannot get a $24 million contract at Valerie, $28 million housing contract at Grotto; a $42 million molasses storage tank, 20-year contract in the Barbados Bridgetown Harbour… Coverley which is over 1,100 houses at which the government is only receiving less than $2.50 a square foot on the land there; 2,300 lots at Bushy Park that have been committed to in an MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] but mercifully the contract has not been signed [by] the National Housing Commission to give them the lots.”

    More baloney in 2021. DLP BLP same difference politically.The Rich get richer


  • Laughter is the best medicine yep

    Donna, girl if only your mother had swallowed you instead, you would have been such a pain




  • What other contracts have Malmoney received from government since 2018? Hyatt is his money. The Chancery Lane project is a JV, with government providing the land and he is paying for the infrastructure and the houses. Nothing wrong, if he’s willing to put out the money. Just make sure Coverley-like arrangements are not in place. He was one of many that tendered and it is understood that all the persons that tendered are eligible for a HOPE project. The first one at Lancaster is govt $$ and all small contractors are being employed. Just have to turn up with crew and equipment.


  • Wait, bosie! Kemar Roach has abandonned Barbados????

    I thought he was simply doing what all Bajan cricketers have done from the time I knew cricket – accepting contracts to play in England as overseas players.

    So he won’t be playing for Windies again?


  • @ Donna,
    Who knows?
    Today, it’s a bank holiday. The weather has been cold, wet and windy. I am just pleased that Kemar has been given the opportunity to experience life outside of the Caribbean.

    @ William Skinner,
    I see that Cuba are interested in offering the world free vaccines and have asked for countries to contribute towards the manufacturing of the vaccine. I wonder if the GOB will make a contribution or will they first have to consult Uncle Sam?


  • William Skinner

    @ TSLN
    We have always had a good relationship with Havana. Back in the 80s when Barrow was out of office, he and Comrade Castro put a case for debt forgiveness for small countries , to the major developed countries and international aid organizations. Arthur continued in that vein and Comrade Castro visited Barbados.
    I really don’t think that the current administration will have to consult Washington.
    We will have to wait and see. As I have said here on BU , no country can undergo serious social and economic reform without first reforming its educational system.
    One recalls that the first issue Cuba attacked was illiteracy. We seem to have been adrift for the better part of independence.
    You will note that we are constantly taking one step forward and two steps backward . The favorite pastime is romantic trips down memory lane trying to recapture a Barbados that no longer exists. It’s a feel good thing.
    We have learnt nothing from Comrade Castro.
    Cuba’s ability to have its own vaccine did not come from sound bites and political PR. It came from vision and the leadership of a true revolutionary leader.


  • The Caribbean knew that Cuba was developing a covid-19 vaccine. It was suggested by many that individual Caricom nations should have pooled their resources. Here was our opportunity to have worked in unison with Cuba. We took the easy choice and brought over their doctors to assist us.

    This is the norm for these small island states who are all governed by vision less leaders.


  • @ Enuff May 3, 2021 6:01 PM
    “Hyatt is his money. The Chancery Lane project is a JV, with government providing the land and he is paying for the infrastructure and the houses. Nothing wrong, if he’s willing to put out the money.”

    How do you know that the financing of the Hyatt will be done with Malmoney’s money? Has he shown you the money?

    If the money is sitting there in some ‘foreign’ bank account why not pay the government who in turn ought to pay off Ms Ram the money due?

    Or is the Hyatt also a joint venture with the said government providing the same land compulsory acquired while the Ram sucks financial salt?

    Aren’t you the same blasted idiot who once argued that the same Hyatt hotel project can come on stream as long as the T&CP approval is obtained even though the source of the financing of the project has not been arranged and secured?


  • Ooooooh! Life outside of the Caribbean! Some of us can only dream of going to heaven AFTER we die!


  • Imagine! Life in England with the most excellent Boris Johnson who had to almost die from COVID before he would take it seriously enough to save his countrymen, especially the black ones. The least corrupt politician in the entire universe! Didn’t he recently get his property renovated?

    News travels even across the Atlantic to this God forsaken hell hole!

    P.S. Still happy in Barbados. Not ready to abandon. My mother lived in England. She hightailed it back to Barbados with me in tow.


  • Donna

    If England and the US placed any kind of restriction on
    travel to Barbados for whatever reason, your little shallow economy would hit rock bottom, so you better humble yourself and thank God for the little change families living in England and the US, send back home to Barbados to keep you all little shallow economy afloat.


  • Donna

    Do not remember that during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Barbados did not support these two wars, in fact Billie Miller, was vehemently apposed to these two Wars and was quite vocal in her opposition to them, so President George W. Bush tried to forced compliance by threatening to Downgrade the Grantley Adams International Airport?


  • Donna

    Now say something positive and stop with all the Smart Alex comments because if I wanted to kill myself, I would jump over your Ego, and land on your IQ.


  • A happy and good morning to all.
    Robbery, not a fair exchange.


  • Talk about Hyatt is like whistling in the dark
    Govt threw plenty money into a dead horse
    Like the four Seasons property the stolen land from Ram will grow weeds
    Yes I said stolen because Ram has not been paid
    More tax payers money down the drain
    What about the Empire Theatre a piece of real Estate with great and valuable potential if monies properly invested could have been a stepping stone in bringing back a cultural aspect to Bridgetown
    Without vision the country fails


  • TheO,

    Have you lost your sense of humour?? At first I found him offputting but now I remember my new mantra-

    “When life gives you lemons you must make some lemonade!”

    There is comedic lemonade in this character. Indeed a sketch is writing itself in my head!

    Adding water and sugar, getting ready to stir…..


    First laughter for the day! Goes well with the beautiful red sunrise I just witnessed.

    Now, stop whining and take your lemonade medicine!


  • Global Tourism Sector set to lose at least $1.2 trillion due to Coronavirus, UNCTAD says
    Geneva, Switzerland, 1 July 2020.

    “The world’s tourism sector could lose at least $1.2 trillion or 1.5% of the global gross domestic product (GDP), having been placed at a standstill for nearly four months due to the coronavirus pandemic, UNCTAD said in a report published today.

    The UN’s trade and development body warned that the loss could rise to $2.2 trillion or 2.8% of the world’s GDP if the break in international tourism lasts for eight months, in line with the expected decline in tourism as projected by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

    UNCTAD estimates losses in the most pessimistic scenario, a 12-month break in international tourism, at $3.3 trillion or 4.2% of global GDP.”

    (Bloomberg) — The global energy supply is turning greener.

    ” Investment in new renewable energy is on course to total $2.6 trillion in the years from 2010 through the end of 2019, according to a study by BloombergNEF for the United Nations Environment Program and Frankfurt School’s UNEP Center published Thursday.”

    Motley led administration made a bad bet.


  • @ rickross

    Over a year ago some us here were begging government to take some of the money they were spending in the hope of a tourism resurrection and invest some either directly or indirectly, in a large scale alternative energy plan.

    If they had done so then today they would be reaping significant FX savings on imported oil. But as usual we play the wait and see game for the return of tourism. I guess the logic of a USD saved is a USD earned has not been accepted by all as yet.


  • Donna May 3, 2021 6:10 PM #: “Wait, bosie! Kemar Roach has abandonned Barbados???? I thought he was simply doing what all Bajan cricketers have done from the time I knew cricket – accepting contracts to play in England as overseas players.”

    @ Donna

    You’re correct.

    Reminds me of a BU regular who ‘more or less said’ because Adrian Greene is in tune with what’s going on in Barbados, probably meant he lived abroad.

    Kemar Roach is one of three WI player to be signed as an overseas player in the UK’s 2021 domestic season. He is supposed to play the first SEVEN (7) matches for Surrey County Cricket Club.
    But, hasn’t Roach “been given the opportunity to experience life outside of the Caribbean,” each time he toured with the WI cricket team, to countries such as Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, England, Australia, Sri Lanka?
    He also played for the Deccan Chargers in India’s 2010 IPL and for Worcestershire County Cricket Club in 2011.

    Perhaps this one man’s interpretation of Roach abandoning Barbados.

    Gloucestershire recently made a last-minute addition to their County Championship squad by signing West Indies captain Kraigg Brathwaite, who will play in the first FOUR (7) matches. And, Brathwaite previously had contracts with Glamorgan, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.
    So, I guessed he abandoned Barbados on four occasions.

    Worcestershire signed Alzarri Joseph for their first seven matches of the season. This probably means he has abandoned Antigua.


  • Artax,

    You have more patience than I do.


  • Dompey ”would jump over your Ego, and land on your IQ.”

    Dang, never heard that one before. Brutal.


  • Really? I thought it was laughable coming from Dompey who thinks he needs to lecture Cuhdear Bajan on the dietary dangers of cassava. He lectures me on Cuban history he learnt from a Bajan policeman and Enuff on English grammar he very obviously did not learn at school.

    The man has an ego that has no basis in reality and an “IQ” that is off the charts in the wrong direction.

    As this is obvious to all, I don’t usually bother to reply and wouldn’t have if you had not given his ego a boost.
    That encouragement could result in a whole day of steupsing and scrolling past and eventual abandonment by some bloggers, whining from TheO and uncontrollable and incapacitating laughter from me. Belly laughs do hurt.

    You know, of course, that his words were not original, don’t you?


  • Whining is and understatement.
    I enjoy the various bloggers, but some provide opinions that are painful to read. Fortunately, I do not remember his assessment of Mandela and MLK but (in my opinion) it was utter rubbish.
    Not whining, a painful cry


  • TLSN May 3, 2021 7:41 PM

    What I cannot understand is why Cuban trained doctors (from Barbados) are not automatically accredited. This being doctors trained in a country that makes its own drugs, including pioneering various treatments, can make its own vaccines and is called upon for help in a time of need.

    Yet the Caribbean community medical authorities refuse to accredit Cuban trained doctors.

    That is most strange and goes back to the pitfalls of our ‘education’ system. Education system or barrier to entry?

    The games that people play.

    But then, I would not understand, I am only a fella from Brumley.


  • WURA-War-on-U

    Think it’s bad now, buckle your seat belts, we can’t make any of this up, don’t care how vivid your imagination. The nuisance excuse for leaders in the Caribbean are getting exactly what they deserve.

    “Kingston – Less than a week after Jamaica lifted its travel ban on the United Kingdom due mainly to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Britain’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FDCO) has advised nationals against all types of travel to Jamaica, due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases.

    “The FCDO suggests against all but necessary travel to the whole of Jamaica based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks,” it said in its latest travel advisory on Thursday.

    Jamaica had instituted the ban as part of the measures under Jamaica’s Disaster Risk Management Act.

    “On Saturday May 1, Jamaica will reopen its borders to international visitors from the United Kingdom. This will enable the critical gateways of Heathrow and Gatwick airports, to have transit for passengers coming through and who are fully compliant with health and safety protocols required for international travel,” Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett said.”


  • WARU,

    Jamaica never closed its borders to visitors from US etc and they have continually had cases and deaths from Covid. They can hardly complain if the UK sees it fit to stop travel there now. It was inevitable.

    Trinidad is up a creek now too. Hundreds of cases and numerous deaths in the past few weeks, even though they stopped their own citizens from arriving.Alla dem Venezuelan boats musse landing regular.

    And if it is coming from Venezuela, it is most likely the Brazilian variant, which is bad.


  • Construction, road building Tourism, cruise ships
    MIA&LISA spinning.



    But in Barbados.
    Police personnel from the Drug Squad, The Anti Gun And Gangs Unit and Criminal Investigations Department Central, along with members of the Barbados Defence Force, today assisted with the destruction by burning of 9817 marijuana plants; 1 185 kg of compressed cannabis and 17.5 kg of cocaine.

    The operation, which was carried out around 6:30 a.m., was supervised by Acting Superintendent Elliot Bovell, Commander of the Southern Division.

    These drugs came into the custody of the police via the various ports of entry, drug eradication programmes islandwide and from cases which were adjudicated and official orders given to have them disposed of, according to police


  • With construction already started on the 200 homes at Hope Vespera Gardens in Lancaster, St James, Government, through another private-public partnership arrangement, will be adding 265 homes, which will be available to Barbadians over the next three years.

    The $200 million Atlantic Breeze project, a collaborative effort between the National Housing Corporation and Preconco Limited, expected to employ more than 300 people, was officially launched yesterday.

    The two- and three-bedroom homes, which start at $290 000, are geared at upper middle-income families.

    However, in delivering the featured remarks at the launch, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley said that despite the setbacks of COVID-19, her administration was determined to provide homes to lower income people for as low as $90 000. (CLM)


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