Watch the Police, Pow Pow

Public reaction to recent revelations at the Government Information School (GIS) – Pressure Mounts on Minister Wilfred Abrahams to Resign – continues to be a source of concern for Barbadians. All eyes now are on Minister Wilfred Abrahams and his newly installed Board presided over by Apostle Dr, Lucille Baird. It is the hope of the blogmaster a priority task of the Baird led Board will be to meet with outgoing Board members and in particular the former deputy Chair Marsha Hinds-Layne. Many Barbadians are of the view- and rightly so- Hinds should have been retained on the new Board if its selection was meant to be resident centric. It would have added needed credibility to the process Minister Abrahams is attempting to sell the public.

Let me give you an example. The mother of this alleged case is now my patient and I don’t divulge any confidential information here; we would have spoken. If you have a child that’s missing, which happened in this case, we all know . . . she was picked up for wandering . . . .

She got information on where her daughter was when she went missing [and] called the police station: ‘Excuse me, sir, I think I know where my daughter is’. She [is told] hold on a minute.

Mr Speaker, I wish I could give you the words, but my mother never taught me to curse . . . . He put the phone on the side and said, ‘This **#!!* woman on the phone talking ’bout some !!**%%@#$%^ missing girl’.

She stressed that police officers must do better in such matters. You really have to investigate, apart from the school, complaints that reach the police stations and the response of the police officers. Too many people are dying.

MP knocks police response to report (Nation Newspaper)

A sub story from the GIS affair that should be receiving equal attention is the matter highlighted by Member of Parliament Sonia Browne in a contribution to the House of Assembly last week. Key duties of any police force is to maintain public order and safety, enforce the law among other responsibilities. We cannot have members of the public turning to the police for assistance and it evokes such an insensitive response. The success of a police force is dependent on cultivating a good relationship with the public it is paid by and sworn to serve. The blogmaster wants to give the benefit of the doubt to the Barbados Police Force in this case but it is a challenge given what we know.

In the same way Minister Wilfred Abrahams was forced to face the music to placate an angry public, Attorney General Dale Marshall should be made to explain the behaviour by the policeman who handled the call from the juvenile’s mother reported by MP Sonia Browne.

The blogmaster has posted several blogs about the dysfunctional, moribund Police Complaints Authority (PCA) since its establishment by exposing the failure to deliver on its mandate. Successive governments have been unable to remedy the situation.

A growing lack of trust by the public in the police force is likely driven by the inability of the Attorney General and the PCA to encourage and process public complaints in a transparent and efficient manner. We MUST hold the police force accountable given its important role as guardians of the state. Our approach to reforming the system must be holistic to achieve service quality. If we do not many young people will be consumed and enarmoured by thug life with citizens continuimg to cry – arm the police pow pow.


  • “African leaders are saying it’s for AFRICANS ONLY….

    no different to the piece of shit racist and thieves for minorities in Barbados, love to jump to the front to cut out Black people from what is rightfully theirs….this is MY ANCESTRAL LAND… of the BLACKS…”

    let us know when your reach
    there is no point reasoning with people who don’t want to or won’t reason
    so godspeed on reaching your dream


  • Dar es Salaam


  • The cost of utilities in Kigali.


  • You can also request and pay for personal security. Do your research.


  • Enjoying the exchange, but got sidetracked by this
    🙂 let us know when your reach 🙂


  • The problem is that some commenters do not appreciate to make a point and move on and allow others to enter the discussion. Why should the blogmaster have to intervene? We are adults, make a point and move on. What sense does it make to post the same point 40 different ways?



  • The reason am posting this is because WE HAVE REACHED A ROAD BLOCK…where police who are not paid adequately are accused of POLICE BRUTALITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES for decades ..

    …..nurses and teachers are also not paid adequately…THEY ARE ALL TRAPPED in a colonial construct that is DECADENT and DEGRADED…..and the only way OUT IS DOWN…unless they use what is available to them to make the appropriate changes… move up AND ADVANCE.

    …no sense TALKING ON AND ON about police do this and that…unless ya can show them A WAY OUT..

    ..although am not stopping anyone from posting anything…..just TYPE AND HIT POST COMMENT..

    the BLACK POPULATION now have useful information TO TRANSITION if they so desire……that’s why i spent 2 years collecting this information…..for when all the mess both governments created have reached a BOILING point of no return as those among us who are cognizant knew it would….


  • For those worrying about when i reach ….when i don’t care if they do…..i stay in my bed and coordinate programs so that better can be achieved on the continent for various reasons ….and…..especially for the Black population who want to make that move… their ancestral lands…

    Africans reach out to me..


  • Theo…this is the point of no return the island has reached, and unless a DOOR IS SHOWN…it will only get much worse..i could not in good conscience SEE that Black people in Barbados are trapped in a dead colonial slave system and don’t show them how to get out with all i have available to me…some people would hide the info though…like they hid the information on the the State of the African Diaspora Sixth Region…..and all it entails..

    ….that’s why Windrush was happening for so long and no one knew until it blew up…hiding information that could help..


  • As i said, only recently not even 2 hours ago, it COULD ONLY GET WORSE….just got some info that a police constable 1925 Holder attached to Black Rock Police station is in custody at District A station for an alleged number of burglaries estimated at $100,000 in stolen properties….waiting for confirmation…

    but in these types of situations where there is no light and no way forward except for more of the same, many of us can see very clearly where this going….so i make NO APOLOGIES for trying to SAVE BLACK PEOPLE from themselves and 2 destructive, dangerous stupid governments and a gaggle of tiefing minorities who want to see the Black population WITH NOTHING, not even their ancestral holdings…..with all the black population and their children railroaded into their prison system to feed their greed…..and rob them of everything else.



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  • “b_thrivecommunity In African spirituality birth is regarded as the beginning of a new lifecycle whereas a spirit has decided to reincarnate on Earth again. This spirit comes with a life purpose to fulfill, which is the reason why our date of birth isn’t considered a coincidence. It’s believed that the planetary constellation at the time of birth influences our path. We are given many lifetimes and chances to fulfill things on Earth within the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

    Birth itself is regarded as a spiritual process. The woman is accessing a level of inner power that enables her to spiritually transcend higher by creating and manifesting new life. Therefore midwives and doulas can play an important role in guiding the moms towards an energetic peaceful environment for birth, which reduces physical and emotional stress. Hypnobirthing is another way of keeping anxiety and fear at bay. It’s a self-hypnosis method that encourages birthing mothers to use words like “waves” or “surges”, instead of contractions while using visualizations, positive affirmations, and breathing techniques.

    Children are considered to be very connected to the spiritual realm as they have just arrived. The Dagara tribe in Burkina Faso has a tradition where the child can spend its first years with grandparents. They believe the child carries information from the spiritual realm which the grandparents might soon leave to join. Before the birth of the child they organize a ritual where things like the child’s future character and preferences are analyzed so that the community can prepare in supporting the child in the best way possible.

    The arrival of a new soul is highly celebrated in many African cultures with Name giving ceremonies. A name is considered to have the power to shape one’s life and it can carry the energy of the person they’re named after. Names are chosen with consideration, bearing in mind the purpose and vision the parents see for their child.”


  • I heard some people say Ghana is the place to go


  • Yep…we know the types…


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  • At least Africa can get them charged…at least Ramaphosa is keeping his word and charging them….

    “JOHANNESBURG – All members of South Africa’s governing African National Congress (ANC) party who have been charged with corruption or other serious crimes must step aside within 30 days, or else face suspension, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Monday.

    Allegations of corruption against party members including Ace Magashule, secretary-general and one of the six most powerful officials of the ANC, have deepened fault lines within the party that has ruled South Africa since the end of white minority rule in 1994.

    Magashule has denied the corruption charges, which relate to a contract to audit homes with asbestos roofs when he was premier of the Free State province.

    In December, the ANC’s Integrity Commission recommended that Magashule step aside from his position pending the outcome of the corruption case.

    The decision on members vacating their positions, which has been at the centre of talks in ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) meetings, will be seen as a victory for Ramaphosa, who has pledged to clean up the ANC’s image with a tough stance on corruption since becoming party leader in December 2017..”


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  • Racists, killers and thieves criminalizing Black children.


  • “The well that receives its water only from outside itself receives at the same time a thousand things that have been caught up by the current. Such a well is exposed to all this litter, and to something even more dangerous: to find itself dry as soon as its water has been drawn out. On the other hand the well whose ‘eye’ is situated within itself has no need of rain to fill it. Its water, filtered through the cracks of the earth, remains abundant, pure, and fresh, even during times of greatest heat.”
    -Tierno Bokar”


  • WARU

    When it is said that “Africans are for Africans” it isn’t said the same vein as the experiences in the diaspora where a minority is opressing the true people of the land. Africans say that because they are noticing many Diasporans that did not release their programming come with a Western mind and baggage and never mentally prepared for Africa and then some of them cause issues due to having a Western mindset and ideology and refuse to assimilate with the locals. This mindset was weaponized in the case of Liberia and due to followed after that “settlement” , it sowed the seeds of chaos and resulted in both Liberian Civil Wars that many Africans (especially Sierra Leonne) remember that traumatic event are are cautious about Diasporans from that event and what they notice on Youtube (especially how AA carry themselves).
    That is why it is important to learn about Africa from an African perspective and shift the mind state to be open minded, willing to experience new things and connect to the ethnic group(s) of your ancestors origin.

    This is the reasoning behind that :
    Africans focus on ethnic group. (This stands for many things in their countries from politics to the way of living)
    If a person from the Diaspora is asked ”What ethnic group are you from?” and the answer is aligence or an identity to the country their ancestors were taken to by force and only knowing english , they would be perceived as a “foreigner”. It has nothing to do with a superiority complex or looking down as YouTube would have many to (falsely) believe. To avoid that from occurring is find out your ansestry and go from there.


  • This whole thing about the police does not even surprise me. Everything is being revealed because we should know that Barbados was never in control, something else is pupettering behind the scenes that all of these events are occurring. It is only now that everything is being exposed for what it is. None of this should be seen as “normal” because it was going on for generations, it should be worrying because of not only how long these events went under the radar as well as the myriad of cases showing black on black crime (which is spiritual warfare) because this shows that in this (neo colonial) society , the people that many of us are lead to believe as supposed to ‘protect’ us are engading in acts that harm people that look just like them.
    Due to (some of) the police are doing these actions , then who can the normal population trust?
    That is what people should start to ask themselves.


  • Cosmo…they need to be REAFRIKANIZED to understand all of that…555 himself said that Black people don’t integrate, so i have no clue what bullshit he was trying to wrap around my head…..was not about to entertain it.

    “Africans say that because they are noticing many Diasporans that did not release their programming come with a Western mind and baggage and never mentally prepared for Africa and then some of them cause issues due to having a Western mindset and ideology and refuse to assimilate with the locals.”

    “Exodus – Sans Attained Culturized Capitalist and Colonizer Trained Behaviors.” Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved.

    “An international study has found that the Chinese people originated not from Peking Man in northern China, but from early humans in East Africa who moved through South Asia to China some 100,000 years ago, Hong Kongs Ming Pao daily reported yesterday in a finding that confirms the single origin theory in anthropology.

    According to the newspaper, a research team led by Jin Li (of Fudan University in Shanghai has found that modern humans evolved from a single origin, not multiple origins as some experts believe.

    In China, school textbooks teach that the Chinese race evolved from Peking Man, based on a theory that humans in Europe and Asia evolved from local species.

    But Jin and his fellow researchers found that early humans belonged to different species, of which only the East African species developed into modern humans.

    This new finding nullifies the theory that the ancestors of the Chinese people were Peking Man who lived in northern China 400,000 years ago.

    Based on DNA analyses of 100,000 samples gathered from around the world, a number of human families evolved in East Africa some 150,000 years ago, said Li Hui, a member of Jins team.

    About 100,000 years ago, some of those humans began to leave Africa, with some people moving to China via South and Southeast Asia, Li said.

    According to the newspaper article, it has been proven that the 65 branches of the Chinese race share similar DNA mutations with the peoples of East and Southeast Asia.

    It said that the Shanghai scientists were part of an international team comprised of researchers from Russia, India, Brazil and other nations in a five-year project studying the geographic and genealogical routes related to the spread and settlement of modern humans.

    PROFESSOR JIN LI – Fudan University Shanghai”


  • 555 himself said that Black/African people integrate, it’s because of the community and compound family culture and it’s actually genetic after possibly millions of years of practice but it was knocked right out of Caribbean people, most of them became strangers to each other…despite our bloodlines running right through the Caribbean with thousands of cousins per person……these days am not even up for the nonsense…when ya tell them straight up who is what…they are done.

    “That is why it is important to learn about Africa from an African perspective and shift the mind state to be open minded, willing to experience new things and connect to the ethnic group(s) of your ancestors origin.”

    they better learn real fast, am doing my bit.

    ”What ethnic group are you from?” and the answer is aligence or an identity to the country their ancestors were taken to by force and only knowing english , they would be perceived as a “foreigner”.

    The idiots in Barbados, the fowl Slaves, will probably say BLP or DLP….

    they better learn real fast which tribe in Africa they belong and which languages they should know…when i told them these things on BU they laughed, when i told some Slave that i was learning Yoruba he made fun of it… I warned them to get their genetic testing down….but it’s a personal choice.


  • “Sat, Nov 27, 2004 page16
    In honor of the Little Black People
    The Saisiyat tribe of Hsinchu and Miaoli will perform a solemn rite this weekend to commemorate a race of people that they exterminated
    By Jules Quartly / STAFF REPORTER

    Drinking, singing and dancing are expected to take place deep in the mountains of Miaoli and Hsinchu when the “Ritual of the Little Black People” (矮靈祭) is performed by the Saisiyat tribe once again this weekend. \nFor the past 100 years or so, the Saisiyat tribe (賽夏族) has performed the songs and rites of the festival to bring good harvests, ward off bad luck and keep alive the spirit of a race of people who are said to have preceded all others in Taiwan. \nIn fact, the short, black men the festival celebrates are one of the most ancient types of modern humans on this planet and their kin still survive in Asia today. They are said to be diminutive Africoids and are variously called Pygmies, Negritos and Aeta.

    They are found in the Philippines, northern Malaysia, Thailand, Sumatra in Indonesia and other places. \nChinese historians called them “black dwarfs” in the Three Kingdoms period (AD 220 to AD 280) and they were still to be found in China during the Qing dynasty (1644 to 1911). In Taiwan they were called the “Little Black People” and, apart from being diminutive, they were also said to be broad-nosed and dark-skinned with curly hair. \nAfter the Little Black People — and well before waves of Han migrations after 1600 — came the Aboriginal tribes, who are part of the Austronesian race. They are thought to have come from the Malay Archipelago 6,000 years ago at the earliest and around 1,000 years ago at the latest, though theories on Aborigine migration to Taiwan are still hotly debated. Gradually the Little Black People became scarcer, until a point about 100 years ago, when there was just a small group living near the Saisiyat tribe. \nThe story goes that the Little Black People taught the Saisiyat to farm by providing seeds and they used to party together. But one day, the Little Black People sexually harassed some Aboriginal women. So, the Saisiyat took revenge and killed them off by cutting a bridge over which they were all crossing. Just two Little Black People survived.

    Before departing eastward, they taught the Saisiyat about their culture and passed down some of their songs, saying if they did not remember their people they would be cursed and their crops would fail. \nThe Saisiyat kept their promise and have held the Ritual of the Little Black People every year, though they scaled down the ceremonies during the Japanese colonial period (1895 to 1945). Now the ritual is held every two years on the 10th full moon of the lunar calendar, with a big festival once every 10 years.
    At this time, the Saisiyat are not supposed to fight and they congregate in their ancestral areas of Miaoli and Hsinchu, in the mountains. \n”I’ve seen it written of as a celebration, but to me it seemed quite a mournful affair, especially in the way the music came across, which was trancelike, a haunting kind of chant with a series of 10 to 15 songs,” said long-term Taiwan resident Lynn Miles, who has been to the ritual three times and will be going again this year. \n”There’s nothing else quite like it in its tone and in its mood. I’ve been to other festivals but this is non-stop.”

    \nMiles said the dances were not set pieces but usually involved holding hands and moving around in a circle, chanting, with those who know the songs doing most of the singing and a shaman figure keeping order. \nA spokeswoman at the Council of Indigenous Peoples (under the Executive Yuan) said that those who have “unclean thoughts” have their souls snatched by the spirits of the Little Black People and will pass out until the shaman revives them. \nMiles said the shaman seemed to serve a public-order function by chasing off those who were too drunk or out of order. \nThe ceremonies are held in two places. The ritual began yesterday in Nanchuang Township, Miaoli County, and will carry on there until Monday. Rituals start today in Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County, and will last through tomorrow. \nGetting there: \nTo Wufeng: \nRoute 122 to Wufeng can be accessed off No. 1 Highway near Toufen. \nTo Nanchuang: \nTake western No. 1 Highway. Near Toufen, take Route 124 toward Sanwan to Nanchuang. Shuttle buses will take visitors to the ritual site at Xiangtian Lake.”


  • ” It is only now that everything is being exposed for what it is. None of this should be seen as “normal” because it was going on for generations,”

    Black people have to protect themselves and families, even if you have to hire private security, no one else will do it…’s all gone sideways, there is no turning back…protect yourselves..


  • Yall better REMOVE yaselves from this evil bullshit ASAP or stay in it and watch ya own DEMISE and that of your children AND FUTURE GENERATIONS………the only good thing that will come out of it is the parliament sellouts in Barbados and the Caribbean will GET BLAMED FOR ALLOWING THE RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION to continue against Black populations…etc. just as they DESERVE….

    .cousin Boris on a roll..GET OUT OF THE WAY…

    “Slavery was not just about making profit and British schools should instead tell a “new story” about culturally African people, a controversial government-backed report has said.

    The race and ethnic disparities commission said the UK’s education system should focus on parts of the “Caribbean experience” that show how “culturally African people transformed themselves into a re-modelled African/Britain”.

    Selected Journalists Were Deliberately Left Out Of Controversial Race Briefing

    7 Things That Contradict The Claim Britain Is ‘Not Institutionally Racist’
    It said education about the British Empire should focus on how “Britishness” influenced former colonies and those colonies “influenced what we know about modern Britain”.

    “One great example would be a dictionary or lexicon of well known British words which are Indian in origin,” the report’s controversial chair Tony Sewell wrote in the foreword.

    It went on: “There is a new story about the Caribbean experience which speaks to the slave period not only being about profit and suffering but how culturally African people transformed themselves into a re-modelled African/Britain.”

    Labour called on the government to explain how it published content which “glorifies the slave trade” and urged ministers to “immediately disassociate themselves from these remarks”.

    The review, commissioned after the Black Lives Matter protests, has been controversial since its inception after Boris Johnson gave control of it to his top policy adviser Munira Mirza, who has previously accused an “anti-racism lobby” of fostering a “culture of grievance”.

    The government has also been criticised for appointing Sewell as chair of the review after he previously claimed evidence of institutional racism was “flimsy”.

    Shadow women and equalities secretary Marsha de Cordova said:

    “This report was an opportunity to seriously engage with the reality of inequality and institutional racism in the UK.

    “Instead we have a divisive polemic which cherry-picks statistics.

    “To downplay institutional racism in a pandemic where black, Asian and ethnic minority people have died disproportionately and are now twice as likely to be unemployed is an insult.

    “The government must urgently explain how they came to publish content which glorifies the slave trade and immediately disassociate themselves from these remarks.”

    In reply, A Downing Street source stressed the report was “independent” and that the prime minister planned to “look at it in detail” before the government formally responds.

    Labour shadow cabinet minister David Lammy said the commission has “chosen to divide us once more and keep us debating the existence of racism rather than doing anything about it

    The central claim in the report, a briefing on which was only released to selected journalists on the orders of the commission, is that institutional racism does not exist in the UK.

    The review dismissed the “idealism” of young people who claim the UK is institutionally racist, insisting this is “not borne out by the evidence”.

    While acknowledging that “overt and outright racism persists in the UK, particularly online” and that Britain is “not a post-racial society”, the report claims that societal disparities between ethnic groups “do not have their origins in racism”.

    Instead, it argues that all ethnic groups apart from Black Caribbeans outperform their white counterparts at school and this is helping to create more diverse workplaces, although disparities remain at the top of public and private sectors.

    The claim was criticised by barrister Matthew Ryder QC, who cited a study showing that despite achieving worse educational outcomes, white people have better employment prospects and social mobility.

    Ryder, who once represented the family of murdered Black teenager Stephen Lawrence, said the evidence suggested racism “is in the system”.

    He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “Even when white working class boys have lower educational qualifications, and a lower likelihood of going to university, they have higher employment rates and higher social mobility.

    “And that was highlighted in a report in 2019 by the University of Aberdeen, and they called this the ‘white working class paradox’.

    “And you need to answer that question: why is it that when white boys, for example, have less educational qualifications they still have more opportunity of getting jobs and having social mobility, and Black boys don’t?

    “That suggests racism is in the system, it doesn’t suggest racism has been removed from the system.”

    Lammy said the report was an “insult to anybody and everybody across this country who experiences institutional racism”.

    The shadow justice secretary told LBC: “British people, white and Black, are dying to turn the page on racism.

    “They are working in food banks to support the marginalised. They are teaching in after-school clubs to raise awareness. They are working in rehabilitation centres to end the cycle of disproportionate mass incarceration.

    “Boris Johnson has just slammed the door in their faces by telling them that they’re idealists, they are wasting their time. He has let an entire generation of young white and Black British people down.

    “Just as people marched against South Africa to free Mandela and Margaret Thatcher stood in their way. Just as folk got together and marched for an enquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence and John Major stood in their way.

    “Now young people across the country come together and say: ‘Yes, Black lives do matter’, and guess what, Boris Johnson stands in their way.”.


  • Cosmo….yep…the writing is on the wall, who can’t see it, that’s on them..


  • The key is to focus on yourself. Looking at the problems when the solution is right there (and repeatedly pointed out) defeats the purpose of bringing it up.
    Time to bring out a blog on Africa because that is the solution. Have a serious , non biased , non eurocentric discussion on how to Re Africanize yourself as an African in the diaspora and as you can see the interest is there. Wherever energy goes , it is a sign for it to flow.


  • Bloodlines run through it.

    “Mali’s education system standard was so high in the 1400s, that when an Arab Scholar, Abd al-Rahman al-Tamimi came to Timbuktu to teach, he was not qualified to even study there and had to take courses in Morocco first.”


  • The Brits are absolving themselves from any responsibility, that is a mixed blessing, get away from sellout niggas and parliament traitors……ya gotta know when you are free.


  • Something must be done about dangerous Caribbean governments/leaders who engage in and support crimes against Caribbean people. They must not escape.
    “US State Department questions PPP legitimacy; deems Irfaan Ali “installed” not “elected”

    The United States Department of State has seemingly questioned the legitimacy of the PPP regime and Irfaan Ali as Guyana’s government and President respectively.

    In a stark contrast to how it reported on Guyana’s 2015 election results, the State Department said that Ali was “installed” as opposed to “elected” as President.

    “Mohamed Irfaan Ali of the PPP/C was INSTALLED as president on August 2,” reads the US State Department Country Report on Human Rights for Guyana.

    In contrast, the 2015 version of the report reads, “[f]ormer leader of the opposition David Granger led the election coalition parties APNU+AFC into the May elections and was ELECTED president.”

    The deliberate and obvious use of the word “installed” in reference to Ali has caught the attention of political analysts who have indicated that its use is a signal that the US is not comfortable with the manner in which elections were conducted in 2020 and may be leaning toward the court vitiating same by way of the election petition which is currently engaging the attention of Guyana’s Chief Justice Roxann George.

    The report also slammed police and judicial corruption, stating, “[t]here remained a widespread public perception of corruption involving officials at all levels, including the police and judiciary.”



  • This is how Caribbean people in the colonies were labeled and stigmatized in the early 1900s…it will be interesting to know how they knew the EXACT BLOODLINE CONTENT…


  • Barbados is a wicked little anti-black slave society that has done a lot of oppressive social,mental and financial damage to African people generationally, i won’t hold my breath for an apology. Am sure UK will be distancing themselves from them shortly as will most intelligent nations..

    “So when we are speaking about repair, people have to understand the damage done before they understand the need for repair. All of the damage done cannot be quantified in a sum of money. I don’t know how you quantify people’s suffering and the retardation of a community. So I am saying, starting from 1974 for Barbados, this would be close to 50 years of oppression. How do you start to repair that,” said Rock.

    Marcia Weekes, host of the programme, acknowledged that the Jamaica Government has issued an official apology to the Rastafarian community for the action of the state against rastafari in the 1963 Coral Gardens Incident, and the subsequent establishment of a JA$10 million trust fund for survivors as reparation.

    “The question is, is this enough?” said Weekes.

    The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda has also issued an apology to the Rastafarian community in that country for their decades of “brutalisation” and “discrimination”, while proposing reparation through giving them a stake in the medicinal cannabis industry there.

    Weekes said too many governments continued to “pretend” they don’t understand the oppression the Rastafarian community faced over the years because of their use of marijuana on which many countries were now seeking to capitalize.

    “Some of us pretend we don’t understand, but we need to understand what has occurred and that is why today we are calling for justice. We are saying if our CARICOM governments are going to benefit financially from ganja, marijuana, cannabis, we need to look at what was done to the Rastafari community,” insisted Weekes.

    Meanwhile, African Reparations Minister in Trinidad and Tobago Reverend Kwame Kamau who shared the Trinidad and Tobago experience, told the online gathering that a lot of human and financial resources have been invested in the prohibition of marijuana use over the years that could have been directed elsewhere.

    He said based on statistics, black individuals also seemed to be more likely to be incarcerated for a marijuana-related offence than Hispanic and people of mixed descent in Trinidad and Tobago.

    “We need to repair the trauma that has been inflicted and clearly there are statistics that are available . . . Is there need for reparations? The answer is clear – yes,” he said.”


  • “Pole ni dawa.
    “Concern is a medicine.”
    -Swahili proverb

    Explanation: Pole has several meanings. It can refer to sympathy or concern. It can also refer to being sorry for one’s mistake. Dawa refers to medicine, that which is a source of healing. It can also refer to help or support.

    Succinctly, this proverb expresses that our care and concern for others is a source of healing for them, ourselves, and the community. Such caring is expressed in our actions, our character. In effect, like a quote that I shared recently, we are a source of healing for those around us.”


  • Certain people only just found out about this ABOMINATION today, they are still speechless.

    “slave bible is an edition of the Bible specifically made for educating slaves. Its full title was: Select Parts of the Holy Bible for the use of the Negro Slaves in the British West-India Islands.[1] It was produced in England in the early 19th century for use in the British West Indies (the part of the British Empire in the Caribbean). Such bibles had all “references to freedom and escape from slavery” excised, while passages encouraging obedience and submission were emphasized.[2]

    British missionaries used it in the education and conversion of the enslaved population. The editors included only 10 percent of the Old Testament and half of the New Testament. Among the excluded passages are Galatians 3:28: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus”, which was thought to possibly incite rebellion.[3] Passages like Ephesians 6:5, “Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ,” were retained.[3] The Museum of the Bible, during a 2018 exhibition called “The Slave Bible: Let the Story Be Told”, exhibited an example from 1807. This bible was one of three copies of this version, and is owned by Fisk University. It was printed by Law and Gilbert of London, for the Society for the Conversion of Negro Slaves.[4]”


  • At this point in time, money is thrown at us to cannot make us forget the atrocity that was slavery. Unless I see a libation poured for or ancestors, appeasing them for harming their descendants and changed behavior that is when I will take their apology seriously. There will be more than money (produced by the system) required which can pay off spiritual debt. Their time is up and they know it.
    @WARU This image is interesting, the bloodline appears to have been like an indicator of something. The question is ”what”. This also reminds me of the hidden, glossed-over part of Barbados’s history where they failed to mention the truth about Amerindians. (a big one was that they were melanated people) This reminds me of the research I was doing into the country and I saw the original name and an art teacher that brought this to my attention who was doing extensive research on this group stated that the people who inhabited here pre- slavery were called ”Igneri Arawak”.
    I also found an article on the extensive story of Barbados that I found to be a fascinating read.
    Keep the information flowing Waru, it’s time the sleeping giants wake up from their slumber. If they choose to do so.


  • Africans travelled the earth for thousands of years and also left a footprint in the Caribbean for all that time. The lies are falling away. Truth must triumpth. Many in the duaspora carry bloodlines from African kingdoms of old. Ancient blood.


  • Like

  • “…555 himself said that Black people don’t integrate, so i have no clue what bullshit he was trying to wrap around my head…..was not about to entertain it.”

    “555 himself said that Black/African people integrate, “

    When I went to Africa I did not see any animosity from anyone there just friendly smiling faces
    Likewise I have been integrating my whole life
    Best thing about UK (and USA) is it’s multiculturalism
    Worst thing is it’s racism
    People are people
    They are not colours or races
    The are individuals with names and personal life stories
    I have spoken to Africans about moving to Africa and they all say ‘yay’
    so when Waru say’s ‘nay’ I say she was well wrong


  • So why are u still in the west…ya should move now especially with the changing mood, let us know when you arrive..

    knowing what i know, i will never promote integration when it’s known that racists in the west are incapable of such..and would only go into Africa to tief, rape kill and pretend superiority….and Africans are awaking every day just like those in the diaspora…so whichever docile told you that previously may not be that same docile today, but don’t listen to me..

    Africans are on multiple platforms from east to west absorbing all the info available about all the evil done to us and them over the centuries……so good luck…..find some fool to advertise for you…


  • Sometimes things you say makes sense and other times it is a miss.

    You don’t know Africa and think they are haters when they aren’t they and are full of love and sometimes will give you their address and phone number without you even asking them for it.


  • right….let fools take your word for it…keep counting on Africans staying docile and easily manipulated, not even the most brutalized and indoctrinated in Barbados are like that anymore…they are shocking people daily with their quick awakening, but no need to convince anyone…just go and tell us about it…


  • Debating with friends beats debating with enemies
    so I shall pass up the offer of chit chat

    Nervous Build Up Nervous Mix

    Feeling Good Funky Elevation Mix


  • Gun puzzle
    Judges question number of firearms ‘found’
    THE BIGGER THE GUN, the bigger may be the fine imposed.
    That warning came yesterday from Justice Carlisle Greaves as he, along with Justice Randall Worrell, scoffed at the idea that young men before them found the guns with which they were caught.
    “I am beginning to think that the bigger the gun, the bigger the fine,” declared Justice Greaves in the No. 3 Supreme Court. “You got a .22, $22 000. A .25? $25 000; you got a 32, you get $32 000. If you got a machine gun, bring about $100 000.”
    Both judges dealt with cases involving self-confessed gunmen.
    Justice Greaves, who fined Stefan Kevon Lemon, of Sturges, St Thomas, $15 000 in one month or nine months for having a .32-calibre firearm, and $10 000 also in one month or nine months for 11 rounds of ammunition, told the gunman: “As a St Thomas man I don’t like to see firearms in St Thomas. That is a peaceful parish. We grow sugar cane. I never see a gun in a cane hole yet, but yet you all see stuff bins with firearms.
    ‘Don’t understand’
    “You young people, every time you want a gun, it is sprout up in front of you all. I don’t understand it,” he added.
    Justice Worrell also expressed amazement when Adeem Antone Millington and Dario David Cox both told him in the No. 2 Supreme Court they had found their guns.
    Cox said he found his .45-calibre weapon with its ten bullets by a sports complex in St Philip, while Millington said he got his .45 gun loaded with six bullets from “The 12-Gauge Block” in Silver Hill, Christ Church.
    “You mean everybody that we see find a firearm? Everybody? Nine out of ten? Really? You all must think the courts foolish; that is all I can say,” Justice Worrell said.
    “Between you and me, you ain’t find no firearm. I know you didn’t find any firearm. You know you ain’t find any firearm. It seems you find a firearm faster than you find a rock. It is amazing,” he added.
    He told the two he knew they had bought the guns, even though they might not want to admit it.
    “I don’t care what you tell me. I am sure that you bought them, borrow them from somebody.”
    Adding that it “baffled” him, the judge noted: “You can’t find a dollar, $5, $50, a $100 bill, but you can [find] a gun and it has in ammunition? You can’t even find an old rusty gun that ain’t got in nothing?
    “How? Why? I don’t understand. And you know that a gun is something that is frowned upon and you know the law has changed. If you are found with a gun, no bail for two years unless you can show the court, that is, you can get bail in limited circumstances.”
    The judge bemoaned the fact that the state had spent thousands of dollars to educate both gunmen, neither of whom had taken advantage of it and neither of whom had earned any CXCs.
    “The state has spent about $50 000 each year on you all, that is $500 000 in school, and you have nothing, except the ability to find guns. So nothing productive has come from you all except the ability to find firearms.”
    Cox and Millington return to court on April 16 to be sentenced.

    Source: Nation


  • UNICEF working with Govt
    INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S RIGHTS organisation the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) did not neglect to respond to a recent crisis at the Government Industrial School (GIS).
    Instead, UNICEF representative Dr Aloys Kamuragiye said that for many years they have been assisting the Government of Barbados with policies designed to protect children, and he said they would continue to do so.
    “From where I sit, the Government of Barbados has taken the matter seriously. They committed to look at the issue and investigate. And UNICEF as a friend of Barbados followed closely what was happening and we were ready to provide any kind of support they needed to address sustainably the challenges that had been there for years.
    Technical support
    “We received a request from the Government to provide technical support, and they have appropriate, adequate procedures in place to address the issues in a sustainable manner.
    “We are a part of the response because it’s not only a concern of the Government of Barbados but it’s a legitimate concern for UNICEF, as we have the mandate to promote child rights and ensure that young people fulfil and enjoy their rights,” Kamuragiye said.
    He was speaking yesterday during a virtual signing ceremony for a memorandum of understanding between UNICEF and the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation.
    Last month, the shocking image of a 14-year-old girl naked on a cement floor in solitary confinement cell at the GIS made headlines. The backlash to the situation led to the release of the teenager and the abolition of solitary confinement at the correctional facility.
    After that issue was highlighted, UNICEF said they were supporting the development of new best practice operating guidelines for the Government Industrial Schools.
    Child justice
    Kamuragiye also said that UNICEF had been advocating and supporting the Government to consider reforms in its management of child justice through a Prepared Situation Analysis on Juvenile Justice in 2015.
    He said the organisation also supported both administrations with the preparation of the existing Child Justice Bill as well as a study to examine provisions for the legal representation of children.
    He added that between last year and this year, through the Ministry of People’s Empowerment and Elderly Affairs, UNICEF had also been assisting the Government to review national policy on children’s protection, which was an important nexus with a policy on children in conflict with the law. ( TG)

    Source: Nation


  • So all that interaction with Ms. Elder Affairs who don’t observe the BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE ELDERLY….and this one and that one and UNICEF didn’t know that children are tortured at GIS.


  • “Ne ati É–eka kpe ya la, eÅ‹ena.
    “When a single tree is hit by the wind, it breaks.”
    -Ewe proverb

    Explanation: A single tree cannot stand against a strong wind. However, when the wind meets a forest, the tree’s prospects for survival against that same wind increases. So too is it with ourselves. When we stand alone against a powerful force, we may fall. When we stand with the support of our family, friends, and community then we stand stronger.”


  • African Deep Thought:

    “Sisi ni kwa sababu wao ni.
    “We are because they are.”


  • According to the following resource: Kemetic History of Afrika; the definition of Alkebulan is as follows: “The ancient name of Africa was Alkebulan. Alkebu-lan “mother of mankind” or “garden of eden”. Alkebulan is the oldest and the only word of indigenous origin.


  • @ WURA-War-on-UMarch 30, 2021 3:55 PM
    “The arrival of a new soul is highly celebrated in many African cultures with Name giving ceremonies. A name is considered to have the power to shape one’s life and it can carry the energy of the person they’re named after. Names are chosen with consideration, bearing in mind the purpose and vision the parents see for their child.”

    Sometimes you stumble upon the rarest nuggets of cultural wisdom to even outdo that African-Bajan ‘oral’ philosopher who coined the phrase: “Common sense born before book”.

    How do you think the late distinguished cultural icon Edward Brathwaite got the name “Kamau”?

    The ‘colonial’ brainwashed Eddie had to be born again in the spiritual womb of Mother Africa before he was able to see the Light emanating from the black diamond stone of wisdom.

    A name means a whole lot to a true African; the giving of which represents a defining moment in the life and prospects of a child. Every name has a meaning relevant to the new member of the family or community.

    Why do you think the slave masters made sure that ‘defining’ African cultural trait was umbilically severed?

    There is nothing wrong with blacks having more than one name.
    It’s time ‘conscious’ blacks in the Diaspora start identifying and (re)connecting their offspring with the Motherland.

    BTW, you should check out the ‘works’ of the Reverend Albert B. Cleage Jr.

    A man who,relentlessly, tried to ‘reprogramme’ African-Americans to see God through the eyes of a spiritual lens made from a ‘black’ diamond.

    He even crossed the rubicon of controversy by renaming the ‘church’ at which he officiated the “Shrine of the Black Madonna and Child”.

    If Moses, an African, could have been depicted as a European man for a white (and stupid black) audience why can’t Jesus be portrayed as a black radical man dubbed ‘Yeshua, the Black Panther’ for a black audience?

    Should any black-concious minister of the true Christian gospel (like our own “Donna”) try to replicate a simlar project in Barbadoes by projecting Jesus as a radical ‘black’ leader he or she would be figuratively and even literally nailed with the spikes of ignorance to the ‘brainwashing’ cross of black Bajan stupidity, especially on a ‘Good black Friday’.


  • “The ‘colonial’ brainwashed Eddie had to be born again in the spiritual womb of Mother Africa before he was able to see the Light emanating from the black diamond stone of wisdom.”

    unfortunately he had to be quite about it, but we can make a racket.

    “There is nothing wrong with blacks having more than one name.
    It’s time ‘conscious’ blacks in the Diaspora start identifying and (re)connecting their offspring with the Motherland.”

    we are trying to show them the way, they gotta do the rest….it’s telling that so much info is now available everywhere and Black/African minded people are very willing participants.

    “By far the most vocal Christian minister advocating a more radical approach to obtaining civil rights was Albert Cleage, Jr. ”

    he gave it a real good shot, enlightened Africans like him paved the way…..but the evil was more condensed back then, the battle was much more defined..


  • WURA-War-on-UApril 2, 2021 4:14 PM
    “we are trying to show them the way, they gotta do the rest….it’s telling that so much info is now available everywhere and Black/African minded people are very willing participants.”

    Trying to enlighten blacks in the West- especially those in ex-slave societies like Barbados who have been totally immersed in the baptismal water of self-hatred- is like the allegorical figure Sisyphus trying to roll the massive boulder of ignorance up Mount Olympus to the gates of Hades.

    It’s totally amazing how in the current Age of revelation and enlightenment black people could be so eternally cursed as to continue to swallow the childish bed-time stories and downright lies written by Jewish copiers and Roman playwrights steeped in brainwashing techniques of empire expansion and control.

    The same mind-controlling techniques used by the white slave masters and colonial controllers to keep black people in a constant state of exploitative servility and subjugation.

    Christianity is nothing more than a makeover version of Mithraism coated with the ‘beguiling’ lipstick of money-making Judaism offering a ‘free’ plot of happiness in some long-promised land.


  • “The same mind-controlling techniques used by the white slave masters and colonial controllers to keep black people in a constant state of exploitative servility and subjugation.”

    that construct is going to destroy them but we have told them that for years and years, if they don’t listen now, that’s the end for them, we can only do so much….we also gave it a good shot…they have to do the rest….it’s for them and theirs, if they can’t understand that, they got a problem.


  • And they can’t blame no slavemaster or their descendants for that anymore either…all the information, at least most of it, is available to them, but many stayed on a blog or social platform wasting valuable time for over 10 years….that’s on them…

    they can’t say they had no access to information…they preferred act the fool…or gossip about each other’s business…all the time wasting is over, it’s now serious business.


  • @ Waru

    I guess you was listening to the BBC world service today who carried out a new’s report on Albert Cleage, Jr.. I had never heard of this man’s name until today.


    Today’s re-enactment of the death of Jesus Christ in the streets of Barbados is testament to Barbados acceptance of Christianity.


  • Miller…they wasted so much time, they literally RAN OUT OF TIME TO WASTE…

    hope they know that this is it….


  • TLSN….Miller gave me that nuggest about Cleage, i went researching…the dude was a power house, not enough to get him killed but to make a difference and leave a footprint.


  • I am willing to be your Jesus
    And it doesn’t cost a things
    No tithes or offering
    You just have to pray to me

    Pray to me, just pray to me
    Don’t spend a penny
    Because the service is free

    Get down in your knees dinner
    And just pray to me
    Pray to me, tell me your needs
    Get my forgiveness for evil deeds

    Your shortcut to heaven is to pray to me
    All your sons are forgiven when you pray to me

    Pray to me, just pray to me
    Don’t spend a penny
    Because the service is free


  • Even this Jesus has typos


  • @ WURA-War-on-U,
    I am certain that both yourself and Miller can remember Madonna the singer controversial song featuring a black Christ. I guess she would have heard of Cleage and his depiction of Christ being a black man.

    The BBC world service interviewed his daughter. I wonder what the good doctor would have thought of the possibility of Christ being a black man just like his goodself.

    Sadly, we will never know.


  • It was all bound to come out in the wash…TLSN….it has been a very long 8-12 years…

    As i said some months ago, this is the wash cycle.


  • Little Keshon needs help.


  • History of the African diaspora’s Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and Americas.

    Miller…the earth’s original rulers, navigators….still running through bloodlines…check out the index.

    “Mansa(King) Abu Bakari(from Mali Empire) in the 1300s…”

    “Garifuna Duvalle Blanco Arriola is with Pablo Blanco Arriola.
    8trSrponsodreehd ·
    March 11- April 12 is a holy time period for the Garinagu Nation. Within that period of our history we experienced Genocide in St Vincent. Experienced banishment from the Caribbean to Honduras, Central America.

    Punta Gorda, Roatan, Honduras was the first stop of our banishment. Campamentu, an area between Cristales and Guiriga(Santa Fe) was our first mainland settlement in Honduras.
    My community was founded by Sebastian, Silvia and Juan Arriola on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. These three siblings survived GENOCIDE at Balliceaux. My life’s work is dedicated to them. I’m guided by their spiritual energy.

    The national archives at Paris opened a particular level of curiosity into my journey. In reviewing “Insurrectional Resistance of the Garifuna Revolution: The Chosen Ones of Yourumein” by Andoni Castillo Perez added yet another level of curiosity.

    The Kalina(Kalinago, island Carib) and Arawak(Igneri) indigenous people resided in the islands of St Lucia, Martinique, and Guadeloupe are places of interest in the Caribbean. The interaction of those two cultures are the base for the Garifuna language. The Garifuna community borrowed words from communities we interacted with- British and French planters.

    In Europe, Portchester, England and Marseille, France are places of interest for my journey. There are several places of interest to visit in the continent including Mali, Gambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone due to a link between the Bambara, Soninke languages with Garifuna. Our DNA points to Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo and Congo.

    My framework is guided by the Garifuna language.
    In reviewing Salvador Suazo book “Conversemos en Garifuna” the Garifuna language was created in 1300s. The African phonetic was added simultaneously when the Kalina and Arawak groups interacted. The only time in history the african and Indigenous cultures met in Caribbean was during the navigation of Mansa(King) Abu Bakari(from Mali Empire) in the 1300s. Please refer to article for further reading:…/feature-the-garinagu-218-years…/
    The internet and technology will allow me to share a multimedia experience of my self discovery. Your invited to come along. Feel free to ask questions and I welcome your commentary.
    Aba isieni(One Love).

    Please Note: The motivation behind this post includes discussions with Garifuna elders in my family and elders in Garifuna community. In addition to the bibliography listed below.
    1.Victor Hugues L’ ambition d entrer dans ll’ Histoire 1762- 1862 by Michel Rodigneaux
    2. Histoire et Civilisation de la Caraibe by Jean- Pierre Sainton
    3. A nation across borders by Joseph Palacio
    4. They came before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima
    5. How Europe underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney
    6. Sojourners of the Caribbean by Nancy Gonzalez
    7. Black Carib Wars by Christopher Taylor
    8. Britain’s Black Debt: Reparations for Caribbean Slavery and Native Genocide
    Book by Hilary Beckles
    9. Historia del movimiento negro en Honduras by Israel Centeno Garcia
    10. Labour in the west indies by Sir Arthur Lewis
    11. Wealth, Poverty and Politics by Thomas Sowell
    12. PowerNomics by Claude Anderson
    13. The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality by Cheik Anta Diop.
    14. And other works by literary giants in the Garifuna, Indigenous and African diaspora.”


  • Even as a 12 year old, i knew that story about the timing of African arrival did not sound right, it still don’t…so why is the MALI EMPIRE running through some of our bloodlines.


    The Garinagu (plural for Garifuna) are an Afro-indigenous group from St. Vincent who were exiled to Central America in the 18th century and presently face a second exile from their ancestral communities there. Three popular narratives have arisen to explain the genesis of the Garinagu:1) The intermarriage of the African explorers with Amerindian women, circa 900-1200; 2) The shipwreck of a Spanish/Dutch vessel off the coast of St. Vincent in 1635/1675 3) Escaped captives, or “maroons,” from neighboring Lesser Antilles islands intermarrying with indigenous women in the 1700’s.

    By DJ Pwhyte, AFROPUNK Contributor

    .The African-Indigenous Intermarriage Narrative

    Scholar Ivan van Sertima and Islamic scholars thoroughly documented African explorers who traded with the native population of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean prior to the Christopher Columbus’s voyages. This information can also be found in the works of Egyptian scholar Ibn Fadi al-Umari, who wrote about two major transatlantic expeditions in 1342.

    .During the time of the Empire of Mali, Mansa (King) Abu Bakari sent an initial expedition of 200 ships across the Atlantic. All but one vessel returned to Africa. Abu Bakari subsequently abdicated his throne and lead an expedition of 2000 ships, 1000 with his finest men as crew and 1000 more laden with supplies and food to last two years.

    .French missionary Father Raymond Breton produced in 1665 what is known as the Dictionnaire Français-Caraïbe, proof that the Garifuna language was fully developed by the 1600s. The Garifuna language is a member of the of Maipurean family of languages, the history of which can be traced to what has been described as the Circum-Caribbean region of the Western Hemisphere.

    The Shipwreck Narrative

    According to the British Calendar of State Papers, 1661-1668 St. Vincent was inhabited by “…all Indians and some negroes from the loss of two Spanish ships in 1635.” Over one hundred years later, in 1795, then-governor of St. Vincent Sir William Young published An Account of the Black Charaibs in the Island of St. Vincent’s, about a shipwreck, but he claims that the wreck happened in 1675. No eyewitness accounts of these events are known to exist. Charles Shepherd in An Historical Account of the Island of Saint Vincent was also promotes the shipwreck theory as the reason phenotypically African people were on the island. Chris Taylor in Black Carib Wars states that this claim was made merely to justify British colonial expansion into St. Vincent to establish sugar plantations.”



  • 1400s – 1600s my ass..


  • The past is never dead. It is not even past

    The Past Is Never Dead

    Descendants of the Gods


  • Woke Vs Missing
    Old Soul Classics Vs Young People Remixes


  • “The Benefits of African Spirituality: Wholistic benefits – Mental, Emotional and Physical well being.

    Connection and understanding of Nature as a guide to healing and self-diagnosis, often for preventative actions.

    Mental & Emotional:
    Working with the energies brings greater understanding of self, abilities and capabilities resulting in greater self-confidence and self-assuredness.

    Dreams, divinations and nature signs and symbols bring messages such that one is familiar with life trajectory to take for fulfilment of objectives and finding purpose.”


  • Spirituality of Africa Vs Spirituality of Universe
    Well Being Breathing Exercising Meditating for Mind Body Soul Wellness
    Clearing up Energy Blockages that cause all sickness mentally physically spiritually


  • Like

  • ‘Mo tunes for the slavery trade enactment park plantation theme barbados prison disco
    call the police to set you free or an uber to take you home
    but only if ‘they’ let you keep your phone device to spy on you
    while you try to free your mind from mental slavery and stupidity


  • Plus One
    Remix and/or Original version


  • WURA,

    Still here.


  • wont be any big surprise, won’t be the first time it’s happened it’s a normal occurence. So is thos particular one true, more demoralization of the police force where they can only arrest who corrupt governments want arrested.

    “Police responded to a report in Deacons Road of one of the kiosks being open for business yesterday Friday 2nd April 2021. On arrival Ross Ashton identified himself as being responsible for the kiosk. He produced a health certificate valid until November 2021. He had a number of chairs and tables through the play park there.. When told by police that the shop/ kiosk should be closed today, he took out his cell phone, placed it on speaker and dialed Mia Mottley . She tried to find out who was the senior officer present and after the officers declined to entertain her, she call Oral Williams who then ASP Debra Thomas and she in turn asked the police to leave Ross Ashton alone and allow him to carry on the restaurant. During the audible conversation with PM she asked that the police see some section of the last directive as it relates to restaurants. Tell me since when would a restaurant extended into a public play park?🤣🤣. Anyway the police did as instructed and wrote accordingly in the diary. Like Animal Farm …some are more equal than others. This is Ross with the big gold on his phone.”


  • “Still here..”



  • @ WURA-War-on-UApril 3, 2021 12:09 PM

    Now you know why Leper Parris and the Don from Pornville were classified as ‘untouchable targets’ until the USA and EU appeared in the picture of the law enforcement scene.

    Same protectionist approach is being taken with ganga.
    By decriminalizing mary jane the big profits would dry up and put a lot of the ‘secret’ financial backers of political parties and their campaigning and voting organizers out of the money-making business.

    It is neither morality nor medicine which is at the heart of the ganga ‘struggle’ for legitimacy but good old-fashioned ‘Money’; the root of exploitative evil in Barbados since the days of slavery.

    You might be shocked to find out what a strong anti-decriminalizing of ganga lobby exists in Bim especially walking the ‘dark’ corridors of the underground business scene and the lofty law-making halls of the land.

    We might be inclined to understand why the local distributors of rum and other imported alcoholic drinks- out of fear of loss of sales and ‘easy’ profits- would want to see the ‘criminalization’ lid kept sealed on the mary-jane recreational genie barrel but who else has a justifiably ‘sobering’ case against the current recreationally prohibited outlaw.


  • @Wura 12:09
    The story infuriates, sadden but does not surprise me.

    Over 40 years in the past, I was in a group at a bar/restaurant in Speightstown. I cannot remember what prompted the discussion, but the white foreign bar owner (Mike) loudly proclaimed that Typee (a lower rank at that time), could not do him anything as all he had to do was to make a phone call.

    Honestly, I was surprised 9(hen) at how vocal and certain the bar owner was of his ‘power’ and at the policeman’s impotence. It appears that nothing has changed in 40 years.


  • @ The Ogazerts April 3, 2021 3:08 PM

    Isn’t this recent event of protecting the business interest(s) of a well-known drug baron operating in the ‘Red Sea’ reinforcing what the much maligned “BAJE” has been prosecuting on the BU for many a month?

    We await his contribution along with the varying rebuttals from his numerous detractors painted in the red colour of partisan political yard-birds.


  • “It is neither morality nor medicine which is at the heart of the ganga ‘struggle’ for legitimacy but good old-fashioned ‘Money’; the root of exploitative evil in Barbados since the days of slavery.”

    they have no shame, but we are well within our rates to separate the majority population’s two biggest enemies…the sellout and the slave, isolate and neutralize them…to save ourselves…

    “You might be shocked to find out what a strong anti-decriminalizing of ganga lobby exists in Bim especially walking the ‘dark’ corridors of the underground business scene and the lofty law-making halls of the land.”

    of course, all to keep the populaiton oppressed and themselves on top because those savages with no social conscience would have no problem seeing the same Black population working on marijuana slave plantations for litte or no pay.

    “I cannot remember what prompted the discussion, but the white foreign bar owner (Mike) loudly proclaimed that Typee (a lower rank at that time), could not do him anything as all he had to do was to make a phone call.”

    again not surprising that along with inadequately paying the police and demoralizing them, they are also pushed into taken bribes from these public nuisances for minorities who boast that they “know the PM and ministers” and can have the locals arrested, those acts of treason ensures the population who fund the armed forces….go unprotected because the police are forced to protect miniroty trash…the people on the island need to open their eyes that much wider, no one votes for these types of backward practices…equally, members of the armed forces ought to see by now that they are expendable.

    was that not the same Willams dude in the 2 deputy cops fiasco….that Caswell exposed as not on the up and up…when they are politically appointed that gotta do what the politicians say or get targeted for dismissal…small island power wielded by small island idiots.


  • Miller..those insipid yardfowl Slaves, better stay in hiding where they are right now, i doubt if anyone on BU got the patience for any of them..

    something has to give, politicians cannot be allowed to continue this level of corrupting practices and not be held accountable.


    but we are well within our RIGHTS to separate the majority population’s two biggest enemies…the Sellout and the Slave, isolate and neutralize them…to save ourselves…

    again not surprising that along with inadequately paying the police and demoralizing them, they are also pushed into TAKING bribes from these public nuisances for minorities who boast that they “know the PM and ministers” and can have the locals arrested,

    THEY gotta do what the politicians say or


  • Stay High Vs Stay High Again
    Being woke is not a movement
    it is a daily practise life mission


  • Like

  • Now seeing a different version of the story in a next group.

    Note to self: leave it in the pot until it’s cold and one day old.


  • Antebellum before the war
    I tend not to dwell on what others post or even bother to read others comments I just play/post music to nice up the place and maybe inspire and open minds. Basically I just do quick ins and outs to login and post ideas thoughts and words as they come through the spiritual chakras of my crown from the heavens above and third eye for creativity and throat to express my mind soul and body and don’t really give a fuck what others may think and say. But, I will call out repeated tropes which are plain wrong and doomed to fail or even dangerous and harmful to community.
    One example is scapegoating and stereotyping minorities for your own fuck ups and bad planning as that plays into bad governments hands as they use it to be absolved of blame for their shortcomings, it also leads to racism populism nationalism bullying hate and genocide. It is an absurd lack of reasoning false premise and totally illogical to say types of people are unworthy and wrong because they happen to be born different. This should be blindingly bleeding obvious to any non-white human who is discriminated against daily, so shame on you. Cut it out and nip it in the bud and kill it dead before it spreads for fucks sake, repugnant racists can suck dicks, discrimination is for the cunt holes, from alabama to australia against the people in all colonies from americas to palestine. Now I said my two pennies worth I go revert back to get lost in music.
    You ain’t alone


  • “Why Kemet Matters
    Did you know that Afrikan/Black people invented Math, Science, Medicine, Architecture, History, Philosophy, Politics, Spirituality, Warfare and Combat Sciences, Agricultural Science, Astronomy, Culture, Cosmology, Literature, and other Arts? Why were we not told of this information? In this talk, we will build on the work of great scholars such as Cheikh Anta Diop to begin to scratch the surface of the legacies of Kmt ‘Land of Black People’ and discuss the implications of the ongoing systematic and intentional disinformation campaign in the context of the theme Why Kemet Matters.”


  • @David,

    you hear bout this ? ” incident at Deacon’s Road on Good Friday”


  • @Hants

    Yes. Seems like mischief.


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  • Theo…would love to hear what the police have to say on that matter…they are the ones who live with that level of political ignorance whenever it happens, and it’s happened many, many times before, i was just being courteous asking if it’s true because i know how the guilty operate..


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