Gun Play “Dem Haffi Dead”

Buju Banton was popular before his incarceration in the USA. Since his release it would appear he has gained greater notoriety. One group Banton does not endear himself is the LGBT community.  The reason can be found in his song “Boom bye bye“. What many Barbadians are blissfully unaware are three words in the chorus of the song Boom bye bye that the lawless in society bellow as a mantra – “dem haffi dead”.

Although Barbadians still boast of a high literacy rate – the product of a heavily invested education system – there is the recognition by some that the country has allowed too many of its citizens to fall through the cracks. The result is a lawless group that gladly act out the mantra “dem haffi dead”.

What the blogmaster finds disappointing about the increase in gun violence debate – responsible for four out of the eight murders in 2019- is a perceived expectation that better policing is the answer. The blogmaster is not trivializing the importance of an effective police force and the capacity of the courts to dispense justice. However the well being of any country must also be anchored in the ability to adequately educate and create economic opportunities for citizens. There is a group of lawless Barbadians who has slipped through the net and wear the mantra proudly that “dem haffi dead”.

More depressing is the recognition we have had successive governments unable to manage the PSV sector for the last forty years. The result is that a sub culture has developed to contribute to the current state of gun play.  It is a very optimistic person who believes the government has the will to contribute to hauling our island from the brink of anarchy. The politicians are aware who are the Dons in our communities. They will have to make a choice sooner or later but it will mean foregoing ready financing to support political activities designed to stoke popularity. How many more haffi dead?

The blogmaster listened intently to Attorney General Dale Marshall admission recently that one of the scanners required at the Port Authority to detect contraband was under repair. He went on to share that additional scanners will be ordered to better equip Customs Department given the increase container traffic. His statement should be joined with public positions taken by the Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith regarding contraband entering via ports of entry. Again the question whether the government has the will to contribute to the crime/gun solution is up in the air.

How many more “haffi dead”?

Too many studies have been prepared by sociologists, criminologists, educators et al to assist with reform in the relevant areas of civil society to ameliorate the crime problem. The time has come to leave out the talk. The time has come to act. We have to attack a system that continues to breed a “dem haffi dead” mindset.

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159 thoughts on “Gun Play “Dem Haffi Dead”

  1. WARU

    Bell was the ballistic expert before Annel …John Annel spent many years in the CID … I met him several times, but I never really knew him personally… because I think he spent a lot of his time at Central …

  2. Donna…it will deteriorate even further…when ya got most people not even having a clue what is going on in the country in which they live, then ya get 20 different versions of the same story from everyone ya talk to…it will only devolve into anarchy and chaos…

  3. “your prime minister came out and said days ago in a video that there is no functioning forensics lab…so the hearsay would be coming from your PM… am sure I can find the video and you can listen…don’t know to what degree it functions but to hear Mia tell it, it is good for nothing…”

    My friend,

    Okay, please present the video so I can listen to it.

    But you were the one who made that assumption months ago on BU, when you claimed the lab was closed and non-functional……and at that time you did not mention anything about Mottley “saying so” when you were challenged on the accuracy of your statements.

    Ask David BU because he also mentioned that you were incorrect…..and provided you with the name of the Centre’s director.

    To make sure I was not doubting myself, I called the Centre about 10 minutes ago to verify it was opened and functional.

    I advise you to do similarly before going any further with your argument.

  4. WARU

    A true investigator knows how to find the evidence through: questioning, Timeline, witness indentification, DNA, fingerprinting, Denistry, Fiber analysis, Ballistic, vedio photography and expert testimony etc …

  5. If I really wanted to know if a forensics lab is functioning…I would send them something to work with…a sample….if they send it to US or Trinidad…ah would know they are just a front collecting taxpayer’s money for not doing one damn…

    I can hear the conversation now when ya call…

    “is your lab functioning…”

    “why of course…”

    “can I send you a sample fo” testing”

    “oh sure”

    two months late ya are waiting and when you call to find out what happened…”oh we had to send it to Trinidad”…or even US..

    so you are calling with absolutely no proof that the lab functions.., they answered the phone back in 2009/10 too

    so any lies, or hearsay or whatever…it is ya own PM lying and spreading false rumours…

  6. @WARU
    “Then ya got most people not even having a clue what is going on in the country in which they live

    That’s a big part of the problem. Like saying drugs were not an issue in the late 80’s early 90’s, or sex among young school aged children in the mid 90’s couldn’t be that much or that people with mental illness in the early 21st century were a minute minority, or that politicians overall were decent people who wouldn’t lie cheat or steal. (wuhloss muh belly)

    We always operate 5-10 years behind the time when action is really needed with solutions that only solve half (if so much) of the decades old entrenched problem.

    Will the real leaders please stand up/?

    Just observing

  7. Well now they are at a crossroad, so they better educate themselves pronto, if they want to survive in this era….thei leaders do not know how to lead…

    the reason why I won’t hold my breath about the title crazy leaders…ya see how shallow they all are…even the newbies with their bible enslaved mentalities don’t have any staying power…none of them have any substance..let alone equipped with the intelligence to lead the people without the corruption and bribery factors..

  8. I listened to the video and at about 27:11 Mottley mentioned “the last government presided over a situation where the Barbados Forensic Centre has been effectively shut down for what, 6, 7, 8 years…..”

    I stand corrected.

    But……….you have a penchant for presenting information to this forum, for which you either refuse or you’re unable to present substantiating evidence. And when you’re challenged about that information’s accuracy, you become abusive and contort the issue to prove you’re correct.

    Additionally, you admitted to making up things just to make things interesting as well as posting untruths……. and arguing as though they were actually true.

    Therefore, and to be honest………..based on your “antecedents,” I have great difficulty in accepting or believing whatever you present to this forum…………in the absence of any evidence to substantiate your claims.

    Surely any reasonable individual would not hold it against me for being a bit cautious where you’re concerned.

    But,…. be that as it may…….in this instance…… you must forgive me for not at first accepting what you wrote.

  9. When people mention the brain is a muscle and a doctor proves them wrong or when someone argues about contract law with a lawyer who proves them wrong……….rather than admitting they are wrong and appologise, they continue arguing shiite?

    Just asking for a friend.

    Just when I was thinking some used to scroll pass my contributions.

  10. @Hal, 😂 re your 4:21: When is an apology not an apology?.

    Generally an apology is always an apology….but it’s fair to say ‘however, I had ever good reason to make my assertion’.

    So I ask you: when is an unnecessary nitpicking not an unnecessary nitpicking!

    When @Hal interjects without merit! 😂

  11. Artax

    It just goes to show that when we think have all of the facts … reality hits us in the face like one of Mike Tyson’s uppercut … So WARU… the forensic Lab is closed, so I guess it is back to the old beat down method…?

  12. Observing

    “We always operate 5 to 10 years behind the time”

    The problem with that is you cannot teach people who aren’t receptive to new ways of looking and doing things … once you overcome those hurdles then it is quite possible to reach some people… none so blind as those who will not see …

  13. Just in case you have not noticed…….. for some, it’s not about what was written……’s more about WHO wrote it.

  14. a thread that had the potential to discuss the current gun and stabbing murders derailed by a wannabee and a neverbee

  15. James Greene

    The potential to discuss the current gun and stabbing murders still isn’t going to change anything, if you do not actively seek to make a difference by do something about it?
    Now some of y’all are critical of the Prime Minister for deploying the BDF, but as least she has done more that just run off her mouth in Parliament, as we usually run off our mouth here on BU …

  16. Lexi,

    i will bet that you didnt read the lead article or the newsprint embedded in this thread. if you had done so you could have tried to frame what nonsense you usually around that

  17. waru,

    you post the same waffle doesnt matter what the thread is. you are nothing but a one trick pony. do try to keep the crap you post day in and day out relevant to the thread. it is quite disconcerting to even look at what you post against the topic and what others say- quite so

  18. Artax

    I guess Artax had to capitulate like a dog with its own tail between legs when he realized his mistake regarding the non-existent forensic lab… Lol

  19. was looking to a discussion focused on the topics with some useful contributions about solution to the gun crime in Bim but lo and behold we are subjected to piffle by two tossers

  20. @David,

    To often this happens. We do seem to get off target/topic and remain there for far too long? So any ideas how we may addreess such future occurrences?

    Just asking

  21. Lexicon,
    Your characterization of Artax is off the mark. His posts are honest and factual. 99/100 is a good average.

    So, how many jobs you are at now. I lost count at 12.

  22. @David,

    Maybe ever so often we need to have a “bloggers battle royale” just like what i saw on tv back in the day of professional wrestling. There will be no real topic and all and sundry can engage with any other target(blogger) or any imaginable topic? What says you?

    • @sirFuzzy

      The blogmaster is toying with the idea of leaving blog comments open for an announced period or number of comments similar to CNN, BBC and others. We have commenters who are selfish in contributions to pursue their agendas come what may at the expense of blog etiquette and consideration to others.

  23. @waru

    as i have said on another topic on BU. activity should not be mistaken or seen as productivity. lol

  24. Theogazerts


    Drug and Alcohol Rehab
    Psychiatric unit
    ER as Tech
    State government
    Intellectually disabled
    Data processing a data entry

  25. I find it interesting that retired Toronto Deputy Chief Forde, is calling for many of the same things they implemented in Toronto, and yet the random shootings and killing hasn’t stopped. Chief Saunders keeps saying “they know who the bad guys are”, “they know where the gangs are located” and yet the carnage continues.

  26. “I guess Artax had to capitulate like a dog with its own tail between legs when he realized his mistake regarding the non-existent forensic lab… Lol”

    Not quite so, my friend.

    I’m surprised a “Lexicon” does not know that a “non-existent forensic lab” means one NEVER existed……..the reality is…..a forensic lab EXISTS in Barbados, but it is not fully operational.

    According to the PM, “……… and we’ve agreed it has to be repaired within the next few months…… the difficulty is, it takes about 4, 5 months to do…….. and even when we finish it, we may not have all the equipment that has not been working for 7 or 8 years…….it has to be tested.”

    If the PM was talking about CONSTRUCTING a forensic lab, I can agree that one has never existed. But the mere fact she was talking about REPAIRS, TESTING and REPLACING equipment for the lab, is more than enough evidence to prove that a lab exists.

    Clearly, you’re the one who has made a “MISTAKE regarding the non-existent forensic lab.”

    However, I have experienced how you usually feel, because more often than not, you make mistakes and often have to “capitulate like a dog with its own tail between (its) legs.”

  27. Theogazerts

    Ask 45gov he will give you a better understanding of America than I can … this is a serious place brother … Please don’t underestimate then white Americans that come down to Barbados and pretend that their can’t talk … them laughing at wunnah while wunnah think that them are naive…

  28. @waru

    I have not been on here as long as u may have been. I have seen the hijackers(hijack) and tangenters(go off on tangents) and those will a passionate party affliction spew their version of current and past events. To each his own etc.
    These maybe the ones who jobs are to point or guide the written discussion into a chasm of no return etc.
    I see some that come on just to “have fun”; pick fight because maybe idle hands …. devil works etc.

    So I just ignore some of those comments and contribute what i think is adding value. many may and will disagree with my position, water on a ducks back imo.

    I will forgive anyone for having a little banter in any heated moment; it just human nature as i have seen it. But often what i see here make me want to contribute less as the level of contribution seems or appears to be going south.

    Just my take. no offence intended to anyone.

  29. I don’t know which part of the gun and drugs situation will NEVER GO AWAY…as long as police, ministers, lawyers, judges, business people, customs et al are involved in the trafficking and distribution of drugs and guns on the island …YALL CANNOT UNDERSTAND..

    Why waste time on the same old talk over and over from all of you when ya know well enough that UNLESS ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE ARRESTED… and a message sent…the gun, drugs and crime situation will continue UNABATED.

    yall cannot be that dumb…a few of you but not all..what more can anyone say to change anything…ya want to hear the same comforting talk..but accuse me of repeating myself.

    Greene will pretend to be some big shot in Europe, which we know is a joke..but what is he doing about making the changes that have been spoken about for 11 years on the blog.

    At least I. know the results I already got…can anyone outside of Piece and a few others say they have gotten results just from blogging…please share.

  30. @ WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog January 29, 2019 7:14 PM

    My comments can be found between 8:18p and 11:20pm on Jan 28

    You actually commented on my first comment when u quoted some of whati wrote. I was your first comment on this topic at 9:29pm

  31. listen, yuh wanker, i have never said what i do or pretended to be anything. the last job i had was a bin collector. i was trash collector. i am a nobody. but i know a tosser when i hear one.

  32. Northobserver

    Understand the psychology of these people … A doctor can’t pay his student loans, yacht, Mercedes, and six garage house … unless he pin a diagnosis on you … You really think that doctors want to see healthy people … ? How are they going to make money … and that is a fact …the same goes for law enforcement …

  33. So I was right..DLP trash…la basura …

    Listen…just post what you think is brilliant and leave people alone, you are not going to post what everyone wants to hear and neither will I, but if you have an agenda….other than anything to benefit the population as a whole…it will show.

    and yours is showing..

  34. i dont mind being called DLP trash, mate. all things being equal between the DLP and BLP i prefer the DLP.

    i have no issues with others supporting the Bess- quite frankly i dont care once that person indulges in cogent discussions for the purposes of the blog. you dont so bug off, yuh tosser

  35. Really…and you think ya adopted english slang impress me, wuh if I go all NYC on you ah wonder how ya will feel.

    The problem as I see it is you are one of the politics enslaved, yall have a serious problem, ya hate when people say what you do not want to hear about some trashy political party …ah have no problems hurting ya feelings because you obviously care nothing for your own people anyway..

    … no matter how many times people tell yall the constitution does not recognize DLP or BLP…and that yall are the ones prolonging ya own people’s misery through ya own stupidity, ya do not want to hear…by now you should realize I do not like any of you …NONE…all of you are toxic and have reduced the island to nothing…I just keep it to myself how I feel, but just thought you should know.

    Note I did not say hate, which is not part of my vocabulary..

  36. @ David BU at 12:48 PM

    The truth is the truth and opinion is opinion. We do live in democracies. Is being a politician immunes one from asinine behaviour?

  37. This PM has made some eye popping decisions that slightly bend the constitution into a state of governance ruled by an iron fist
    Such unilateralism policies in less then a year should make any individial think out loud and ask what other decisions govt are likely to make which will impact on the peoples freedom
    David BU u should be concerned

  38. @NO
    I find it interesting that retired Toronto Deputy Chief Forde, is calling for many of the same things they implemented in Toronto, and yet the random shootings and killing hasn’t stopped. Chief Saunders keeps saying “they know who the bad guys are”,
    It’s one thing knowing the “bad guys’ its another to gather the evidence to convict them if witnesses are unwilling or refuse to cooperate.

    The Police Union aided and abetted by the Mayor picked the Chief and they made the wrong choice, they had the opportunity to pick a Chief with 21st century ideas and they totally screwed it up now they can’t wait to let his contract expire…
    Speaking of new concepts, a few years ago T & T was mired in corruption in the upper ranks of the local constabulary and the body count was rising so the Gov’t brought in a Chief and a Deputy (both white) from Canada. They weren’t even from a City like Toronto which has a large minority population, they were both from somewhere out west and needless to say they didn’t have the relative cultural experience dealing with minorities plus it totally pissed off the Police (all sections) and they were totally uncooperative. The result was that the Gov’t learnt its mistake and replaced them with locals but the body count is still rising. As for corruption your guess is as good as mine.

  39. @Sargeant January 30, 2019 4:40 PM “…the Gov’t brought in a Chief and a Deputy (both white) from Canada. They weren’t even from a City like Toronto which has a large minority population, they were both from somewhere out west and needless to say they didn’t have the relative cultural experience dealing with minorities…”

    Except that they weren’t dealing with “minorities” In Trinidad & Tobago the black and brown people are the majority. Maybe the Canadian guys were so accustomed to seeing themselves as the “majority” that they didn’t realize that they were the “minority”, and so couldn’t be effective.

  40. @Mariposa January 30, 2019 2:06 PM “FairChild street market the scence of bloods and gore
    Now happening.”

    Dear Mariposa: Please tell the young and not so young men that if there is a breakdown in their relationship with a young woman that SHE WILL TAKE ANOTHER MAN, just as they will take another woman. People are being ridiculous if they expect a 20 something woman or man to embrace celibacy.

    NOBODY is celibate in their 20’s.

    Life is NOT a nunnery.

    Neither is it a monastery.

  41. Simple Simon
    I am not a relationship counsellor far be it for me to be getting mixed up in relationship problems
    Barbados is experiencing the worst crime in its history of Independence and with such a sobering revelation
    The worst has yet to come
    An article written in barbados today by professor. Don Marshall speaks of people will be suffering from Bert fatigue which in my opinion all but sets the stage for frustration and overheated anger

  42. @Mariposa “An article written in barbados today by professor. Don Marshall.”
    Adjustment fatigue
    “…He therefore contended that Government must seek to buffer the possible social fallout by pivoting to other sources of concessionary financing such as China…”

    The article where professor Marshall is quoted, so that others can read for themselves.

  43. It would be really helpful if young people stopped posting their every move on social media.

    Long ago, people knew how to be discreet.

    If you were horning a fella, you did not throw that fact in his face.

    You allowed him the dignity of feeling badly in private.

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