Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Revelation – We Rest

Last Sunday night during prime time an interview by Oprah Winfrey with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attracted 17 million viewers in the USA. The blogmaster did not watch but read a few of the reviews summarized by traditional and not so traditional media.

Several allegations (revelations) were introduced in the interview, however, the one that resonated with the blogmaster is the allegation the Royal family expressed a concern about the degree of blackness of the unborn Archie.

Why does the blogmaster care about the comment?

Meghan said her son Archie, now aged one, had been denied the title of prince because there were concerns within the royal family about “about how dark his skin might be when he’s born.

That was relayed to me from Harry, those were conversations that family had with him,” Meghan recounted in an interview with Oprah Winfrey aired on CBS late on Sunday.

Meghan declined to say who had aired such concerns, as did Harry. He said his family had cut them off financially and that his father Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, had let him down and refused to take his calls at one point.

The Irish Times

It was not long ago the world reacted violently to the 8 minutes and 46 seconds heinous act which triggered the resurgence of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the USA and beyond. As a Black man living in a majority Black country full in the knowledge of the slave trade and its vestige which continue to plague our way of life two hundred years later- it was a dark revelation this time shared by insiders.

Do we need to be reminded the Queen of England is the titular head of Barbados?

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There is no need to prolix on this matter. The decision by the government of Barbados to move to a Republic with haste should attract little or no opposition from Barbadians post the Oprah interview. The decision by a majority of CARICOM countries to loiter on the steps of the UK Privy Council – continuing to recognize it as final court of court is again exposed – should frame a renewed legitimate call from the citizenry to recognize the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

Since Barbados Underground came into assistance there has been voluminous writing about the pros and cons of Barbados shifting to a Republic. The blogmaster has been consistent in the view the growth of a majority Black sovereign nation must possess the cajones to recognize one of its own as head of state. After the horrific insight by Meghan AND Prince Harry on the weekend into the ethos which pervades Buckingham Palace and the royal family, all that is left to be said by ALL Bajans about if monarchy or republic is – WE REST.

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  1. Cuhdear BajanMarch 12, 2021 10:47 PM

    @John March 12, 2021 2:02 AM “Charles can’t be the “Defender of the Faith and at the same time an adulterer!!”

    Ya poppit! The Anglican faith was started by the 8 times married Henry 8th.

    But he did not divorce his wives, so I suppose you think that he was a good defender of the faith, even though he was a serial killer.

    Spare me any more of your nonsense do.


    First of all, Henry VIII was not married 8 times, you are conflating, VIII or 8th with 8 times.

    He was married 6 times.

    Henry VIII was given the title of “Defender of the Faith by the Pope, BEFORE the Church of England broke with Rome.

    The Anglican faith was not suddenly created, a NEW CHURCH was created.

    It remained CHRISTIAN if only in name, just as the Roman Catholic Church was CHRISTIAN if only in name.

    No new faith suddenly created.

    You tell us you go to church on a Sunday, I presume Holy Innocents.

    You do not even know your own Church’s history.

    The whole reason for the NEW CHRCH was so that HENRY VIII could divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn.

  2. Cuhdear Bajan,

    The crap John Knox is happily embracing is why I know the Bible did not come down from heaven. Women were so demeaned and devalued that no self-respecting woman could stomach it in its “pure” form.

    Men wrote that crap to suit their own agenda. And ALWAYS the agenda was to control women.

    Good luck with that in 2021!

  3. A real man does not need to control women. A woman will respond favourably to a real man.

    Pity real men are in short supply and always have been.

  4. Relevance of the Monarchy
    Any serious constitutional cum political issue that “affects” Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is a matter that should demand the attention of Barbadians. Our Independence Constitution, our supreme law coronates and constitutes Her Majesty as our Head of State.
    Her Excellency Dame Sandra Mason may be regarded by some as our Head of State, but the correct legal position is that Dame Sandra, “beloved and admired by Barbadians as one of us at the top” is Her Majesty’s representative appointed by the same Constitution.
    Hence the Prince Harry/Meghan Markle interview by Oprah Winfrey is a matter of direct concern to those of us who, like myself, are interested in the substance of the concealed openings of our system of governance.
    The interview with Harry and Meghan, coming as it does from palace insiders, tells us something about human nature. It may also speak volumes about the relevance of the monarchy to Barbadians, given the gloss of issues of colour which were allegedly raised prenatally about Archie the (so far untitled) son of Prince Harry and his wife.
    Let me put it another way.
    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Barbados, and her eldest son Prince Charles is the heir apparent to the throne of Barbados. It is as simple as that.
    Our first Attorney General, Sir Frederick “Sleepy” Smith, had an opinion on this. Sir Frederick knew that the British monarchy and its constitutional and political implications mattered to this small, proud and mostly black nation.
    What is more, some British constitutional experts have already specifically mentioned Barbados and the idea of it becoming a republic in their post-interview comments.
    Dr Celia Haddon, a senior fellow of the Institute of Governance, said recently, writing on the claims of racism emanating from the interview: This could have consequences for the monarchy beyond the UK. Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called for another referendum on the Queen’s position as head of state.
    Barbados has said it will become a republic this year.
    After this latest scandal, other Caribbean islands may consider whether they want to follow suit. The end of Elizabeth’s reign could be an even greater turning point than it was already likely to be.
    In a Nation interview on May 1, 2011, Sir Frederick said: “It is time for Barbados to do away with the British monarchy and to move to republican status.”
    ‘No doubt about it’
    Yet he was full of praise for Her Majesty the Queen:
    Oh, there is no doubt about it.
    Her Majesty is a charming, able [Queen] and she certainly sets an example, which we should all emulate in terms of loyalty, devotion and commitment, but that is Her Majesty . . . . My view is that as long
    as Her Majesty is alive I don’t mind the monarchy, but we should be in a position to become a republic the moment Her Majesty abdicates.
    The truth is that British society has come a long way, but it may also have some way to go. In the 1950s a major diplomatic incident arose because a black Oxford-educated African chief courted an English nurse, whom he met when he came down to London to join the Inner Temple and study law.
    They were forced to marry at a registry office. The church found excuses. The marriage was successful and he eventually led his country.
    A high-level inquiry was established to examine the problem. Colour was a big issue for the two youngsters. Even her family deserted her. Today her mixed-marriage son is a vicepresident of his deceased father’s country.
    The Royal family has also faced its own slew of marriage-related issues.
    The monarch has to approve the marriages of all royals. Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister, found it impossible to marry Group Captain Peter Townsend because he was a divorcee. Queen Elizabeth was the head of the Church of England, which did not recognise secular divorces and held on to the spiritual doctrine of “till death do us part”.
    Yet, ironically, Prince Charles has by all accounts responded and reached out to the multiracial and multicultural aspects of a changing British society. That society is changing, and Prince Charles has helped to promote that change, but the monarchy still faces too many archaic laws and practices.
    Just think of this: it is still treason to violate the king’s consort, or the daughter of the heir to the throne!
    Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown!
    Ezra Alleyne is an attorney and former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

    Source: Nation

  5. I Think Meghan Markle is not on the same level as Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Ruth Bader Ginsburg,

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  7. I Think Prince Harry is in same League as Armie Hammer, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, James Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Jordan Belfort,

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