When Public Health meets PR

Submitted by BU Contributor

While the GoB should be widely complimented for its initial handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, the past 5-6 weeks have unearthed a strategy where priority is being placed on feeling good over firm facts, economics over health and spin over substance.

It is clear to a blind man on a trotting horse that the Government has determined that it and it alone will decide what and how much information we get, when and how. Even if it means reorganising or delaying key details so as not to sound alarmist or to “protect the brand” or maintain an air of control.

Why else would we be given “nice” figures in front the camera only to realise days later that it is worse than thought.

Why else would we be promised regular, consistent statistics, only to have them spread out and again given in different sometimes confusing formats, if at all.

Why else would we have the swift hiring and then hiding of the Ambassador after her fiascos dug too deep and clearly were too rough?

Why else would we have the withdrawal of Walcott who clearly couldn’t handle pressure. “Why should we be bothered about Patient X?” he bellowed.

Why else would we keep getting “I don’t knows” or “I have to look into that” for questions which have obvious answers?

Notwithstanding the kneejerk “tourist payback policy” which was announced before anyone knew and the hurried hazard pay to some persons without considering others. It seems that we have been fed a diet of small statistics with a side of PR sprinkled with cliches and political talking points.

“uh beg ya… wear your masks etc etc.”
Guess what, Barbadians by and large did everything that was asked of them.

“We can’t shut our borders, we need the money”
But yet we are told that the numbers of tourists entering are a negligible amount.

“The vaccine will be taken in the full glare of the public”
Clearly the glare was too bright, I missed it.

“The super spreader event called a ##### bus crawl held by ######….”
I guess the West Coast is too super to be called a spreader or to special to identify

  1. What about the Psychiatric Hospital cases, were these ever confirmed?
  2. What about the cases at the QEH hospital that “appeared”?
  3. What about the samples which withdrawn Walcott said were sent to confirm whether they were the mutated strain or not?
  4. When do we acknowledge that there is community spread? Is it so vile a phrase?
  5. What really is the new high tech semi-imported communications team doing?
  6. Has BAMP suddenly gone silent? No word from them about the rapid testing strategy?
  7. As countries overseas close or require vaccines, aren’t we still going to take a hit?

Look, we know we are in a tight spot. We know now is not the time for blame. But, at the same time, it is also not the time for spin, propaganda and public relations posturing, no matter how good it sounds or from which aunt or uncle it comes from.

It’s time to level with the Barbadian public.

  1. How long should we expect to be grappling with cases of 10-20 or more each day? What does our “curve” look like and mean?
  2. Are these cases still linked to the December 26 – January 2 spike or are we now seeing recent spread and new cases?
  3. Are our clusters still clustered?
  4. How widespread geographically are our cases?
  5. How long does contact tracing really take?
  6. Should we just accept that Covid spread in Barbados is a new normal and carry on smartly?
  7. Do business continue to close when they think necessary IF they feel like?
  8. Will schools continue to remain closed?
  9. What is the Covid monitoring unit doing and what successes is it having?

These questions aren’t too hard to answer. With facts, come a reality. With reality, comes choices. With choice, come decisions.

The time for talk has long passed. Level with the public for better or for worse and let’s move on together without so much doubt and uncertainty. We’ve done it before, we can do it again.


  • “Project management is about the planning of resources, timing and outcomes. That is essentially what is missing here, even if a good job has been done thus far.”

    Fowl Enuff claimed to be a master at this stuff, always boasting and telling Miller that he’s jealous because..”am so good” so where is Enuff to help out Mia..


  • “I will say this only once. In my opinion, this virus was not an accident. The result mentioned above, is likely what was intended.

    Word to the wise.”

    i do hope they listen to you, even if it started out as natural, which is maybe, maybe not, but opportunity knocks….agendas were at play for a long time, hence the wicked are so shocked that Africans are not dying at the rate of tens of millions as those with genocidal plans predicted and more than likely put into effect..

    …as much as Bajans pretend they’re english or whatever they call themselves these days, to their own detriment, they must remember that they are SEEN as AFRICANS….with all that entails when these elaborate plans are created and implemented.

    who don’t hear will feel…others understand exactly what’s happening and are working accordingly….can’t force anyone to do anything, won’t waste the energy.

    BTW……Enuff boasted and bragged about being a BILLION DOLLAR projects manager….just recently too, don’t have to dig too deep for that post.


  • Miller will back up that one, because he’s the one got cussed..


  • Two points
    Would willingly admit that things are not going as hoped, but still confident and optimistic that we can overcome this as I believe that our science and protocols are sound. However, it is clear that our scientists need to take human behavior into suggested policies.

    Government made a serious attempt to share information, but it needs to go back to the drawing and work on polishing and presenting the message.

    Summary: The protocols are sound, but human behavior and PR are issues that need additional work..


  • Let me hop on the conspiracy band wagon.
    At some stage one of these viruses will depopulate Africa.
    Have a great evening.


  • “At some stage one of these viruses will depopulate Africa.”

    ah..but ya haven’t been keeping up with news out of Africa..

    it appears because of the actions of the genocidal masters, the western countries may be depopulated first….all their own doing my friend…. their own handiwork….never mind the word own is now redundant, it still applies.


  • A mainstream TV news web site in Canada, CTV news, reports that Quebec researchers have found a long standing pharmaceutical drug, colchicine, is effective to some extent against Sars-Cov-2 infections. Formerly the drug was used to treat gout among other things.

    Quebec researchers say they have found an effective drug to fight COVID-19

    MONTREAL — A team of researchers from the Montreal Heart Institute believe they have found an effective weapon against COVID-19: colchicine, an oral tablet already known and used for other diseases.

    For Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, who led the study, this is a “major scientific discovery,” he said. Colchicine is the first “effective oral drug to treat out-of-hospital patients.”

    “To be able to offer this, from Quebec, and for the planet, we are very happy,” said Tardif.

    Analysis of the study found that colchicine resulted in reductions in hospitalizations by 25 per cent, the need for mechanical ventilation by 50 per cent, and deaths by 44 per cent.

    “This is the first hope for patients who have COVID, who are worried and who hope that they will not have complications,” said Tardif. Previously, “there were no tablets that could be taken by mouth and reduce the risks.”

    Tardif said he believes that prescribing the drug could help reduce congestion in hospitals quickly and reduce health-care costs in Quebec and elsewhere.

    Link: https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/quebec-researchers-say-they-have-found-an-effective-drug-to-fight-covid-19-1.5279310

    In the meantime other medical research from the past century shows that high dosage Vitamin C is effective against a variety of viral and bacterial infections with low risk of reactions or complications. Maybe if the doctors would combine Vitamin C with colchicine they would arrive at even better results. When Vitamin C levels are tested in very ill patients it is not uncommon to find their Vitamin C levels are abnormally low.

    Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, January 17, 2021

    Nutrition to Treat and Prevent COVID-19
    by Doctor Y, Andrew W. Saul, and Robert G. Smith

    (OMNS Jan 17, 2021) Speaking out on nutritional therapy for COVID-19 is risky for medical doctors. Yet another physician is being threatened by his state licensing board for writing what you are about to read. We are not calling him/her “Doctor Y” on a whim, but rather by necessity.

    “Adequate nutrition has been shown in a variety of epidemiological studies to effectively prevent viral infection, including COVID-19. Just bringing the body’s vitamin D up to an adequate level with inexpensive and safe supplements of vitamin D can reduce the risk of infection. [13-18] But this information about nutritional prevention and treatment of COVID-19 has not been widely appreciated by the medical profession. Apparently the problem has been that clinical trials of nutritional protocols, known to be effective in small cohorts of patients, have not been funded to be performed in large randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Consequently, large clinical trials of the nutritional protocols in preventing COVID-19 have not been published to establish “proof” that adequate doses of nutrients, including vitamins C and D, magnesium, zinc, and selenium are effective. Nevertheless, the nutritional protocol is inexpensive, very safe, and widely available around the world.

    Vitamin C, 1000 mg (or more) 3 times daily
    Vitamin D, 5,000 IU/day
    Magnesium 400 mg/d (in malate, citrate, chelate, or chloride form)
    Zinc, 20 mg/d
    Selenium 100 mcg/d

    “Although it might seem unlikely to many people that inexpensive vitamins could help to prevent a pandemic, they can. [13] Vitamin D is not merely a vitamin; it is an essential hormone used widely in the body and is required for the immune system to function. [14-19] While vitamin C at the RDA dose level can prevent scurvy, it is required at higher levels for the immune system to function optimally, especially under duress of illness. [7-12] Vitamin C is quickly depleted during an acute viral infection. [7,8] (Emphasis added /GM)

    “To understand why the knowledge about nutritional approaches to prevention and treatment of viral infection has not been widely appreciated, one needs to understand some background about medical trials. A large RCT performed on cohorts comprising many thousands of people is very expensive, and can only be performed by a large corporation that stands to profit from the results, or by a government agency that is publicly funded. But such a large RCT to test a nutritional protocol is unlikely, given that the nutrients it tests are ordinary vitamins and minerals that cannot be patented, and given that government agencies generally work with the pharmaceutical industry to develop new drugs that will help the private sector flourish. Thus, without a clear conclusion from a RCT that a nutritional approach is effective, it is often stated that “no proof exists” about the nutritional approach.

    “While a lack of “proof” would be a justifiable reason to not recommend the widespread use of a drug protocol, a nutritional protocol differs in several ways from a typical drug protocol. First, the trial must be designed to test appropriate doses. Inadequate doses have little effect. Dosage recommendations in this article are larger than the “recommended dietary allowance” (RDA) because vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, selenium and zinc have been utilized for many years and are known to be safe at these doses (and even higher ones).

    Full article at: orthomolecular(DOT)org/resources/omns/v17n03.shtml


  • So word is that the Brandy Punany AG concept comes straight out of the bus crawl culture, so enquiring minds want to know who is really behind these sexually explicit, dangerous bus crawls and then tried to blame the same crawls that they are suspected of arranging and funding for the spread of the virus, while knowing their dirty hands are also involved….and they’re the ones who allowed the virus into the country in the first place…the dirty niga never know when to stop, they’re no different from the evil cave beast that they blame for this and that……one and the same.


  • Can’t wait to see the emptyheaded yardfowls with their brandy & punanny tee shirts complete with BIG WIDE SMILES like the AG…..et avec Covid-19 on the back of the shirt.


  • As parents and grandparents we can only hope that the young Black population don’t pay too dearly to learn that they’re BEING SET UP….by these perverted, political savages…and…STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM…if they want to save themselves.


  • Moderna vaccine appears to work against variants https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55797312


  • ” Critically important comment from Dr. Fauci at the first COVID briefing since November 19th.
    “If you don’t know the answer, don’t guess. Just say you don’t know the answer.” — Dr. Anthony Fauci ”

    “If you don’t know the answer, don’t guess. Just say you don’t know the answer.”


  • @Hants

    There is a lot of fear growing in the community. We need the Covid voice to be perceived as credible.


  • There is a lot of fear growing in the community. We need the Covid voice to be perceived as credible….(Quote)

    What an awakening. Let us go back to the drawing board and have a re-launch (at the ministry of heath) headed by the governor general with the prime minister and leaders of the PdP and DLP, the CMO, minister Bostic, the bishop and heads of other religious groups and the commissioner of police and the head of the BDF standing behind her.
    The GG will address the nation and tell people of the serious of the situation. Her presentation will be carried on CBC and all the radio stations.
    After the re-launch, a CoVid task force (headed by Mr Bostic, along with the CMO, Mf Bostic, the commissioner and Dr Forde) will then report to the nation every other day at a set time.
    The prime minister will only address the CoVid briefings at times of emergency, and she will only speak to the emergency.
    The key will be honesty and transparency. Set new regulations, including repeating the protocols and introduce fixed penalties for infringements.
    Tourists caught will be fined and barred from revisiting Barbados; locals caught, if state employed, will be sacked; and unemployed people caught will be barred from working in the public sector. This will not only free the courts, but tough penalties for tough times.


  • The Barbados society is a politically polarized one. The blogmaster suspects it matters not who is selected on any committee, public outcry, level of emotionalism and ignorance will still obtain.

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  • @ David,

    I listening to Down to Brasstacks.


  • @Hants

    The doctor is making a strong case.

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  • These stores that get crowded at times need to make sure their employees are wearing their shields to cover their faces and not perched on top their heads, similarly their face masks should be covering their noses and mouths and not only their mouths and worn under their noses…..carelessness spreads the virus.


  • The wealth of the ten richest men in the world has increased by more than £400bn during the pandemic – more than enough to vaccinate every person in the world and prevent anyone falling into poverty…..(Quote)


  • HMMM


    REGIONAL: British variant cases confirmed in St Lucia

    SOURCE: St Lucia News Online On Sunday January 24, 2021, the Ministry of Health and Wellness received confirmation from the Caribbean Public Health Agency CARPHA of 5 cases of the SARS-Co-V-2 British variant diagnosed in country.

    Two of the cases are British nationals who were diagnosed on December 17th and December 23rd, 2020.

    The other three cases are St. Lucian nationals from the Dennery, Micoud and
    Babonneau districts and they were also diagnosed in December 2020.

    All five cases have since made a full recovery from the COVID-19 virus.

    On December 14, 2020 the United Kingdom Public Health Agency reported a variant of SARSCoV.

    The identified strain had been in circulation from September 20, 2020 within the United Kingdom.

    The virus has since been detected in Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and
    Australia but the risk of importation into the Caribbean and rest of the world was rated as high due to incoming travel from the United Kingdom and Europe.

    Cases of this new strain have since been confirmed in Caribbean islands including Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica.

    It is known and expected that all viruses constantly change over time. As such, it had been anticipated that this would also obtain with the COVID-19 virus.

    Studies conducted in the United Kingdom on this new variant of the virus suggest that it increases the rate at which the virus spread.

    This is estimated as increasing as much as up to 70%.

    The United Kingdom has noted increased levels of transmission and spread in the areas where the variant SARS-CoV-2 strain has been found.

    However, there is no evidence at this point of more severe cases associated with the new variant or it reducing the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine.

    The European Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the following:

    There are no reports of worse clinical outcomes
    The level of mortality remains the same
    The effect on the population groups affected remains the same
    On Monday December 21, 2020 the Caribbean Public Health Agency hosted an emergency meeting with PAHO/WHO, OECS and the Chief Medical Officers of the region to discuss the new risk by this new variant.

    It was further confirmed that the COVID-19 PCR testing being done in countries
    remains the gold standard to ensure accurate diagnosis even with the mutations and the vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) remains as relevant.

    The recommendations made are in relation to the strict adherence to the current regional and national guidelines on COVID-19 prevention and control.

    These include the limitations on social gatherings, maintenance of physical distancing measures, hand hygiene and infection prevention and control measures, mandatory use of face masks in public and strict adherence to protocols within the Tourism Sector and quarantine for all returning nationals.

    CARPHA has also requested that positive cases with high viral loads be sent to their laboratories for gene sequencing for surveillance of this new strain of the virus in our region. Saint Lucia has complied with these recommendations.

    CARPHA is the regional reference lab with the capacity to perform gene sequencing for the region.

    It has allowed countries to send an allocation of ten samples per week which meet the requirements for gene sequencing.

    This new situation further emphasizes the need for strict adherence to all protocols recommended thus far and to ensure increased vigilance at all levels where risk has been identified.

    The Ministry of Health and Wellness will continue monitoring the situation and recommendations will be made as needed guided by the science to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our population.

    We continue to monitor both the global and regional situation as we assess our risks and make recommendations. We also continue to monitor closely and use best practices implemented as we strengthen the existing national protocols.

    The Ministry of Health and Wellness will continue providing updates as new information becomes available.



  • “The wealth of the ten richest men in the world has increased by more than £400bn during the pandemic – more than enough to vaccinate every person in the world and prevent anyone falling into poverty…..(Quote)”

    UK Government printed 1 trillion pounds of funny money and have not vaccinated everyone and have not prevented people falling into poverty. Something’s not right… seems like a conspiracy.



  • “Let me hop on the conspiracy band wagon.
    At some stage one of these viruses will depopulate Africa.
    Have a great evening.”

    “As parents and grandparents we can only hope that the young Black population don’t pay too dearly to learn that they’re BEING SET UP….by these perverted, political savages…and…STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM…if they want to save themselves.”

    The A.I.D.S. (Green Monkey) Virus was allegedly stored in Labs and exchanged between South Africa and U.S.A. and allegedly introduced to “undesirables” like blacks, gays, prisoners, homos, smack heads etc by men in white coats.
    It was allegedly tested on Cuban refugees who later died of different diseases which were not diagnosed as A.I.D.S. but furry tongues etc.

    A.I.D.S. killed off the major part of a couple of generations in Africa practically wiping out parents in whole villages and the communities brought up other peoples children collectively. Over 50% of population of Africa are Under 18.

    Under 16 or you over 16
    Come In
    Rock and Come In

    Brand New
    Good for you
    Put on your dancing shoe


  • They did say it slows the spread.


  • The poster of the poster of this article:


    This the the absolute BEST advice and write-up on Covid that I have seen here in a year plus.
    It will, very unfortunately, not reach the intellectual underclass as they are still waiting on a magic cure from the Government in which they will have had to do little to nothing to acquire.
    However, the rest of us appreciate it very much.
    Thank you!


  • I see the BVI corruption extended even to the funds to fight COVID!!

    Barbados has a lot of Judges and Lawyers up that side!!

    Maybe the corruption is catching like COVID and spread from here.


    “The shuffling of diplomats around the UK’s Caribbean territories rarely makes much of a splash. But Gus Jaspert ensured his last days as governor of the British Virgin Islands would be remembered.

    In an emotional Facebook video post to the BVI’s 30,000 inhabitants, he accused the country’s government of overseeing a “plague” of corruption, interfering in the criminal justice system and attempting to silence anyone who raised concerns about the misuse of funds, including £30m to help the islands’ fight against the coronavirus pandemic.”


  • Hal

    Even BREXIT involved it seems!!


  • @Hal AustinJanuary 25, 2021 12:34 PM

    It would be totally undemocratic to include the opposition. The Barbados Liberal Party has about 3/4 of the votes in its favour. The opposition has 0% democratic legitimacy.

    It would be far better to abolish the Senate because its non-democratically legitimised Senators are working against the will of the people. The Senate is nothing more than a relic from the days of slavery. As an example, I cite the sabotage of the anti-corruption law. It is obvious to all observers that some opposition senators might be under the influence of the powerful Don from New York.


  • TORONTO — Ontario health officials say there is evidence to suggest that the U.K. variant of COVID-19 may cause more severe illness in some people.

    Dr. Vanessa Allen, chief of microbiology and laboratory science at Public Health Ontario, made the remark at a news conference on Monday after reporting that the province has already seen 34 cases of the U.K. variant so far.



  • HantsJanuary 26, 2021 12:08 AM TORONTO — Ontario health officials say there is evidence to suggest that the U.K. variant of COVID-19 may cause more severe illness in some people.

    The British PM also said this. The Brazil variant is even worse, as it may evade antibodies.


  • Here is a good example of the failure of CARICON as a bloc to play to its strengths. Haas CARICOM approached the CoVid vaccines manufacturers as a single market they would have had greater clout than if they acted individually. When will we learn?

    Late last year Israel was competing furiously with much larger countries to secure vaccine supplies from global manufacturers as the coronavirus pandemic raged. Now, it finds itself spearheading one of the world’s fastest vaccination drives, with more vaccine — both in-country and en route — than it will use.

    How did a country with barely 9m citizens persuade companies courting markets with hundreds of millions of potential customers to fill its orders first? The answer lies in 17 conversations between Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s chief executive, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, and Yuli Edelstein, the health minister.
    The two Israeli politicians promised to build one of the fastest vaccination drives in the world and share data on its impact on the pandemic, so long as supplies were plentiful and uninterrupted. Pfizer agreed and the deliveries started by mid-December.
    “The company will be able to boast about it, to make profit from it and to publicise it,” said Mr Edelstein, in an interview with the Financial Times. “Without this, any company wouldn’t even be looking at our direction — they would be looking for markets a hundred times the size.”
    My counterparts in other countries tell me that I may be the only health minister in the world who is smiling right now
    Yuli Edelstein, health minister
    With more deliveries due, Israel is now set to have a surplus of vaccines from all three main manufacturers by March.
    Already the Pfizer deal has seen planeloads of BioNTech/Pfizer vaccines land nearly every Sunday in Tel Aviv, greeted by television cameras. While other countries have scrambled to ramp up supplies, and some face delays, Israel has administered first shots to more than 2.6m citizens, and second shots to just over 1.1m, mostly over the age of 60.
    “We are vaccinating at 10 times the pace of the United States,” Mr Netanyahu said on Sunday, promising 1m new shots this week. “No country has done what we are able to do.”
    The deal — and the breakneck efficiency of the vaccination drive — has bolstered Mr Netanyahu’s political fortunes, as he seeks re-election in late-March. He has toured vaccination centres, met the planes at the airport and framed the syringe he was jabbed with, bragging of his success in pulling off the national endeavour, which he has nicknamed “Back to Life”.
    Deliveries of pre-ordered Moderna vaccine will pick up in March and millions of doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine are also en route. By then Israel plans to have most of its adult population inoculated with Pfizer’s vaccine. What Israel will do with those extra supplies is still not clear, said Mr Edelstein. Israeli media have reported that some EU allies, such as Cyprus, had asked Mr Netanyahu for excess supplies, but Mr Edelstein denied those reports.
    “We are not in the business of trading the extra vaccines,” he said. “We want to make sure we have enough for us and, if there is enough, we will see what we can do for our immediate neighbours — the fact that the Palestinians are in a bad shape right now is not in Israel’s interests.”
    The Palestinian Authority is still waiting for supplies from Russia’s Sputnik V and the World Health Organization’s flagship vaccine distribution initiative, Covax.
    Already hospitals around the country are collecting data on antibody counts in staff, and drops in infections among those who have received their second shots. Those data reveal that even with its world-beating pace — 40 per cent of Israelis have received at least one shot already — the pandemic has yet to be brought under control.
    One study of those over 60 who have received the booster shot showed an immediate dip of at least 60 per cent in new infections, but another warned that new variants were making teenagers a worrying vector of rapid transmission, risking their parents.
    Part of the reason for Israel’s infection rate is that Mr Netanyahu has struggled to enforce lockdown compliance among the ultraorthodox population, whose leaders prop up his coalition.
    A more virulent strain, the B.1.1.7 variant first discovered in Britain, has also rampaged through the yet to be vaccinated, keeping hospital admissions and new infections near record highs. A record number of people are currently ventilated in hospitals, the Israeli parliament was told.
    “In my mind, I have an image of two race cars — on the left is the car with the vaccine and, on the right, the surging numbers and rising infections,” said Mr Edelstein. “I just hope the car with the vaccine makes it to the finish line first.”
    A Pfizer spokesperson said in an email that the “epidemiological analysis with the health ministry in Israel is unique in that it will allow an assessment of whether a certain vaccination rate will trigger herd protection on top of direct protection”. That will make clear if falling cases can be attributed to the vaccine or to herd protection, the spokesperson added.
    So far, said Mr Edelstein, there has been nothing to share officially with Pfizer, because Israel has yet to achieve vaccine-induced herd immunity.
    Health ministers in other countries are envious of Israel. “My counterparts in other countries tell me that I may be the only health minister in the world who is smiling right now,” said Mr Edelstein.
    “I tell them it’s more like the [actors] in Greek mythology — half my face is smiling, the other half is crying.”


  • Albert Bourla is the some of Jewish parents.


  • Barbados should close its borders for at least two weeks.


  • Hal AustinJanuary 26, 2021 5:25 AM I agree. A quick shutdown to save longer term.


  • JohnJanuary 25, 2021 9:06 PM I see the BVI corruption extended even to the funds to fight COVID!! Barbados has a lot of Judges and Lawyers up that side!! Maybe the corruption is catching like COVID and spread from here.

    Stupse. Why bring Barbados into it. Barbados has nothing to do with BVI.

    Ask Hal about the UK government pandemic management contracts.


  • @Crusoe

    You may agree to a shutdown however the numbers will ultimately determine how long.


  • DavidJanuary 26, 2021 5:54 AM True dat.

    About the recovered. It would be good to hear from the medical authorities if all recovered have been given full clearance post Covid re organ function etc. To affirm that there has been no long term damage from the virus.

    I would think that they do a blood test to check organ function prior to release?


  • @Crusoe

    These are the questions our noble third estate should be asking. The closest they came was to ask about long hauler conditions in Barbados to which Dr. Best punted to Dr. Forde who was not present last press briefing.


  • @ Crusoe

    It now appears as if apart from Long CoVid, the virus has an impact on other organs, including the heart, liver and kidneys. What are medical scientists in Barbados telling us about these effects?
    I have also overheard a conversation among scientists and they all agree that they prefer the Oxford vaccine, compared with the Pfiger one. which they say is good for people with pre-conditions. Is this true? What brand of vaccine did the prime minister get?
    We also need to know the differing strengths of the first Pfiger vaccine and the second; would it be advantageous for someone to have two of the first vaccines, or must it be the prescribed first and second doses. And must there be at least a three week gap? If so, why?
    What if the person gets the first jab, but avoids the second. Would s/he be properly immunised, if so to what degree: 50 per cent, 75 per cent, 90 per cent? Can the vaccine change/alter your DNA?
    There are lots of questions to be answered and our CoVid PR teams do not go anywhere near answering them.


  • Critical Analyzer

    Order container loads of Vitamin D instead.
    Forget the vaccines. No one knows how long they shall be effective for


  • Read ePaper
    Home / Top Featured Article / Senior health official said the region may have dropped the ball on return to tourism

    Senior health official said the region may have dropped the ball on return to tourism

    In an interview with Barbados TODAY, Executive Director of the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Dr Joy St John said people across the region had been lulled into a false sense of security.

    While not pointing fingers at any particular territory, Dr St John said several countries had let their guard down, particularly with regard to the tourism sector.


  • Critical Analyzer

    @Hal Austin January 26, 2021 6:19 AM

    Forgetting your investigative skills in your old age? Brain like it turning to mush in your UK lockdown isolation.

    COVID not really a respiratory disease in the traditional sense as in killing by pneumonia from fluid build-up in the lungs. People don’t die from the virus but from the blood’s reduced ability to to carry oxygen to various organs in the body and the body’s immune system over-exuberance trying to clear viral debris known as a cytokine storm. That is why breathing with some difficulty but functional one minute can crash quickly if their blood oxygen levels are not periodically monitored to ensure.

    These are the two best medical youtube channels you can learn everything from doctors actively fighting COVID patients.


  • Govt must find a strategy designed to help the elderly in their fight against COVID
    Many live alone and if become infected the problem can linger for days before they seek help
    This is a social problem which govt must respond with immediate attention by placing more financial resources for elderly care during this pandemic


  • They saw people dropping like flies from China to Europe to South East Asia, to Australia to North America, so how difficult was it to take this thing more seriously and stop running to every international media house looking for attention AND DIVERSIFY THE FUKING ECONOMY. …nearly a year has been stupidly wasted. Maybe they got more to waste.

    They were warned about the path it takes from infection to death. If they had spent less time still pretending they’re hot shit and humbly done what was necessary..just maybe. Don’t like the i told you so scenario….but this is not the time to say…if only…


  • “COVID not really a respiratory disease in the traditional sense as in killing by pneumonia from fluid build-up in the lungs. People don’t die from the virus but from the blood’s reduced ability to to carry oxygen to various organs in the body and the body’s immune system over-exuberance trying to clear viral debris known as a cytokine storm. That is why breathing with some difficulty but functional one minute can crash quickly if their blood oxygen levels are not periodically monitored to ensure.”

    Exercising is the remedy for the agony in your body
    Walking is excellent for aerobic and anaerobic breathing
    Deep sea free divers who hold their breath without oxygen and swim underwater for several hundred feet prepare by building up oxygen in their muscles such as thighs and butt

    Meditation is art of breathing deeply
    Qigong is the internal practise of sending qi/chi energy oxygen around your body to extremities organs blood bone marrow
    Yoga is using both of the above in movements and poses on a mat
    Tai Chi is combination of all in more dynamic movements
    Dao way of life is the daily practise of Meditation Qigong Yoga Tai Chi

    these concepts will go over your head if you don’t understand them

    It’s a love fest today.

    A big one.

    A brave one.

    Each time you show up it is an act of love.

    A Whitney Houston high note kind of act.

    I very much believe that half (or more) of the battle is showing up… so get there, my dear, and begin to feel the love that you deserve.

    We put a lot of the elements from previous practices together today. I hope you LOVE it.

    Fall in love with the sound of your breath.

    This is sacred space that we have been cultivating here. And today, I boldly invite us to acknowledge that.

    This session is full of restorative gestures and postures that will bring LOVE to the low back, the legs, the hips, the shoulders, and the neck.

    Get thee to the mat and let’s practice and celebrate self love.

    Oh, and it’s okay to have a little fun.

    Love always,

    I wish I could show you,

    When you are lonely or in darkness,

    The Astonishing Light

    Of your own Being!



  • Qigong for the Respiratory System – Yiqi Yangfei Gong


  • Am only going to say this once, and only for the benefit of the vulnerable people on the island…the slave system is collapsing into itself….imploding…stop listening to those assholes in the social parasite partnership who KNOW that they’re DROWNING…and will take the black face idiots in the parliament with them….and that’s the only people and their yardfowls deserve to drown.


  • When will ignorance be abated?
    Closing borders does not work! Close now and it does not spread but your own immunity is not able to deal with something that it doesn’t encounter. So on a re-opening, off you go again with new cases.
    Running from a pathogen doesn’t work! Same reasons as above.
    This government is not in charge here. Someone is pulling their strings and telling them what to do. They need to stop!
    IMMUNITY is the ONLY answer.
    It does not come from a vaccine either. So stop expecting magic cures from Mederna, Pfizer or Astra-Zenica (now Abbve)
    Go improve your health and IMMUNITY!
    Economic dislocation will lead to diet restrictions, and increased health challenges because invariably, if you cant buy food, or vitamin supplements, you will b3ecome less and less healthy. You don’t need the “Science” to tell you that.
    Cant you all think?
    This is going to come to Social unrest and upheaval and the BLP will be blamed for the remainder of this century.
    Barbadians. Stop expecting government to deliver you from a Pandemic.
    Stop listening to CNN and other Western based news organizations.


  • Foundation Training Decompression Breathing


  • That’s what happens when dumb leaders want to be owned and controlled by a bunch of backward ass, slave master wannabe rejects…only yardfowls/politicians are that slow and stupid and always have been.


  • How do you get immunity? Herd immunity means putting lives at risk, sacrificing the elderly and frail; or through vaccines. We are having problems with vaccines.
    Close the border now and allow any infections present to work their way through. Re-open with caution. There is no alternative, apart from vaccines, to closing the border.
    And there is now a world shortage of vaccines. Only today the EU, the biggest market in the world, clashed with Pfizer and threatened that it must not export EU-made vaccines to third countries without official permission.
    What is a real problem is that despite the problems we are having there is no joint CARICOM response.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Hal AustinJanuary 26, 2021 6:19 AM

    All good questions. Now the media may ask them at the next press conference. Information is an elixir to induce calm. In the absence of information, people panic.

    Even if the answer is, ”We are assessing this and we will report on this as soon as we understand more”.


  • Well say whatever . the burden towards resolution lays on govt shoulders
    Fact the Virus entry into barbados came by govt stubborn insistence on allowing people from hot spots to enter barbados
    Fact govt in earlier statements said that visitors were the only people infected with the virus
    Fact bajans followed Portocols as govt indicated or suggested
    Meanwhile visitors took to doing as they dam pleased while mingling amongst locals
    Fact the elderly are facing the bulls eye and govt voice is closed on how well govt is prepared to help them through the crisis


  • In the meantime, what is our CoVid education plan? Government must come out and explain fully how CoVid is impacting the education system, both children and school staff – and working parents. So far we are getting waffle.


  • What happens when politics trump public health
    There will be those who because of blind, naïve allegiance will seek to excuse aspects of Government’s management of the recent COVID-19 crisis. But Barbados is not merely about blue, yellow or red, Bees or Dems, It is about the people and the country must be placed first.
    Barbados finds itself in a crisis and yet our Government remains seemingly intent on controlling the narrative. An intelligent populace, no longer in awe of party affiliation or in fear of intimidation, has long ceased accepting double-speak and evasion.
    This is no blame game but unless truths are told, the Government’s prevailing narrative will continue and the dire situation facing the country will continue to escalate.
    The administration had no trouble bathing in public approbation of its management of COVID-19 before last November. Now, it is only reasonable that it listens to the loud concerns of Barbadians over what has transpired over the last two months.
    Our celebrated Prime Minister has been the toast of British, Irish and American television. The consensus among Barbadians was that the pandemic was being handled well. Our infection rates were low, and though there were cases which led to a shutdown last March with curfews, stay-at-home restrictions, alphabet-ordered shopping and the like, there was a general sense that we had it all under control.
    But with the advent of the tourism season, which brought a greater influx of visitors in December and January, Barbados let its guard down and then a crisis happened. This should surprise no one.
    When the island should have been responding with stricter controls, we instead lapsed because we were lulled into the complacency of the Government’s own false narrative that the situation was fully under control.
    Yes, there were still protocols in place but they were being flaunted, and as has now become glaringly evident, ignored by many visitors to the island, who had been given the impression that this was a safer destination than whence they came.
    Visitors travel to enjoy the huge sums of money they expend to reach their various destinations. They let their hair down. The raging debate remains whether Barbados either had to close its border during this period or implement the toughest possible policies with respect to double or triple testing and protocols for all tourists entering the island. We did neither.
    As the winter season unfolded over the last two months, visitors entering quarantine at hotels found minimal security to ensure that they complied with the emergency legislation which had been put in place.
    Certainly, this should have been buttressed by members of the Royal Barbados Police Force or the Barbados Defence Force being placed at all quarantine centres. But it was left to hotel staff to notify authorities if quarantining visitors strayed from their properties.
    It is ironic that while our Government still maintains that closing our borders during the initial spike in COVID-19 was off the cards, St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves admitted that his administration might have made a mistake by not banning international flights during the busy Christmas season. Last Wednesday, he said of the 738 cases in his country there were 597 COVID-19-positive Vincentians with no recent travel history.
    Even in the face of biting criticism from several quarters, Government and private sector interests sold Barbadians the argument of major economic fallout occasioned by the initial period of travel restrictions last year and that pain would result from similar restrictions during the ongoing winter season So now, the chickens have come home to roost.
    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the weekend deemed Barbados a Level 4 destination and advised: “Travellers should avoid all travel to Barbados, and Travel [to Barbados] may increase your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19.”
    Thus, the same visitors in whose favour the Government tipped the scale, and who have been the principal players in the spread of COVID-19 here, are now being told this is an unsafe destination.
    Those on a bus crawl were ready-made scapegoats and the perception that the indifference of Barbadians propelled this surge has become as fake as Donald Trump’s toupee.
    Now, revenue accrued from visitor arrivals will have to be spent on our health crisis.
    But perhaps the most damning aspect of this situation is that Government and health authorities got lost in a maze of semantics, optics and guarded speech with respect to community spread in Barbados. The daily numbers of COVD-19 positive cases without a trace history screamed community spread.
    Perhaps, had Barbadians been told this a month or two ago, they might have been doubly cautious, especially when confronted by visitors. But, as usual, the “cluster” narrative was pushed even though there were “clusters” all over the place in tiny, clustered Barbados.
    The daily numbers of COVID-19 cases are astronomical when Barbados’ tiny size and population are taken into the equation. We are now at 744 active cases and our death toll has reached double digits. It is on the level of the United Kingdom or the United States if they report 40,000, 50,000 or more cases daily.
    The Government did not spread this virus but it is not blameless.
    We agree with Minister of Health Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic that this too will pass. But taking Barbadians into Government’s confidence, openness and a sound public health-driven strategy rather than political sleight-of-tongue will help Government – and our nation – see off COVID-19’s passage much sooner than later.


  • The above is a barbados today Editorial


  • “We are now at 744 active cases and our death toll has reached double digits. It is on the level of the United Kingdom or the United States if they report 40,000, 50,000 or more cases daily.”

    data analysis is art of understanding and interpreting data intelligently for problem solving

    744 active cases and double digits death toll is manageable
    there is no need to extrapolate figures as percentage to compare with countries with high populations and high infections

    Fusion of The Five Elements 26-01-21


  • Canada will not get a single dose of Pfizer vaccine this week, this according to Pfizer because it is retooling its European plant to ramp up production, meanwhile European countries are unaffected. However, this is happening at a time when Pfizer is lobbying the Canadian Gov’t for tax breaks in an upcoming budget.

    Are the two unrelated? Yuk Yuk Yuk


    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Angela

    Good editorial.


  • Hal’s point on Caricom being unified is critical, not just on the issue of a vaccine as he states. But on the issue of economic assistance.

    It is becoming clear, despite Critical’s not so critical analysis and John’s gung ho denial, that the virus is a serious one and the major countries are in deep trouble because of it.

    The USA is only now going to begin to look at solutions, having being in the abyss since it began and the UK government seems lost at sea in dealing with it, where the virus cases have taken off since Christmas and show no signs of stopping.

    New Zealand seems to have realised the danger and moreso the timeline and is just leaving their border closed and they are not alone in this action.


    While it should be somewhat obvious, let us put it into words. With many countries leaving borders closed, the 2021-2022 travel industry is blown. We have a major economic catastrophe on our hands. There is no other way of putting it.

    This goes for the whole of Caricom. Therefore, as a united front, they need to work together for a solution and assistance, in whatever measure, from the international bodies and governments.

    There is really no way to sugarcoat the issue. Mind you, I have some concerns on the developed countries. Businesses in those countries are falling and this can only domino into the macroeconomic and global economic position. Let us repeat that, businesses in developed countries are falling. Let that sink in for a bit. Then you will understand the implications.

    So Hal is right, there is urgent need for a united front and urgent action.


  • Caricom govts were too busy trying to prove that there policies of fighting the virus was better and above international countries
    Btw havent heard a peek out of Commissiong


  • What is govt waiting for the words community spread should have already activated in the minds of govt policies directed at helping the elderly fight the Virus
    Lest we forget that some elderly live alone and a updated data base founded on next of kin would govt a foothold on locating these elderly people
    The elderly must not be thrown out to sea by govt left to perish and die in these treacherous waters called COVID


  • With three elderly Barbadians having succumbed to COVID one would be lead to believe that Cynthia Forde voice would be first heard to be speaking on behalf of the elderly propelling govt to implement policies geared to help them
    Govt must remember that barbados is more than an economy it is a society


  • Fourteen new positive cases were also recorded yesterday from the 262 tests conducted by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory, while 15 people were released from isolation.



  • “Govt must remember that barbados is more than an economy it is a society”

    A long term plan is more important than a short term plan with an emphasis on maintaining life for the living and not short term income falls. An economy will always recover provided it’s people are still alive. Putting lives at risk for sake of generating income in present time is self defeating. Although businesses fail if they can’t pay ongoing outgoings such as rent etc. due to lack of profits. Old people who do not work may not contribute to overall profits but a caring society still needs to put their needs and safety first.


  • It’s all about generating and raking in multi-billions from vaccines, big pharma could give a rat’s ass. If yall don’t know the greedy by now, ya never will and many of you will die being complacent and believe they care about your black lives..unless ya are a dependent territory, of which Barbados is not, they just love being dependent like the asses that they are…….the opportunity works as a two-fer.

    Can’t believe Mia got there stealing other people’s words telling Liberians to ‘come home to Barbados”…when Barbados have no resources and nothing worth investing in….wonder how that’s working out now…time to face reality…won’t hold my breath…done giving advice too, others need it more and are actually receptive.


  • Crusoe January 26, 2021 8:48 AM #: “Even if the answer is, “We are assessing this and we will report on this as soon as we understand more”.”

    @ Crusoe

    I suggested in a previous contribution, as a precautionary measure, ‘government’ should consider closing the borders or restricting flights to and from so called ‘hot spots,’ at least until health authorities ascertain more information on how to go about dealing with the new COVID-19 variants.

    What bothers me is, although ‘government’ has been consistent in reminding Barbadians about adhering to the corona virus protocols and has even established a unit to enforce policies, I’ve come across situations where some people seem not to be taking this pandemic as seriously as they should.

    Take the PSVs for example. Several operators do not sanitize their vehicles; they allow passengers to enter the vehicle without masks; I’ve seen drivers and conductors not wearing masks; and there is overcrowding.

    The Transport Board has installed hand sanitizers on their buses and each bus is sanitized before and after servicing a route. But, I’ve also seen some units with excessive amounts of passengers.

    Additionally, in a response to a contribution you posted on another blog, I asked if CARICOM doesn’t have a COVID-19 committee comprising of regional Epidemiologists, medical and public health experts. But, why not look beyond CARICOM and embrace the entire region. I believe ALL Caribbean territories should unite in the fight against this pandemic, rather than confront it individually.

    However, the islands controlled by the British, French, Dutch and USA, would obviously be guided by protocols established by their respective ‘mother countries,’ while those islands who are not desirous to become members of CARICOM, may have different plans.


  • ArtaxJanuary 26, 2021 11:57 AM

    Your point on protocols is well made. Protocols can only be effective if they are are uniformly implemented. If some are ignoring them, then the virus will spread, it is that simple.

    On the matter of Caricom, I agree on widening the network if the reception is there. This is a mammoth issue and needs a unified approach.

    That said, look at today’s news, the large countries are now fighting over vaccines. That does not bode well at all. That is what happens when the most powerful nation was absent from diplomacy all of the last couple of years and particularly from the beginning of the pandemic.

    This may start but not end with the fight over the vaccine. Trade war, tit for tat behaviour will result, if allowed to continue.

    Uncharted waters in more ways than one.


  • @Crusoe

    You acknowledge that New Zealand, Australia etc can make different decisions because these are commodity dependent economies. We need to find a way to develop herd immunity. The blame game and politically partisan narratives has compromised how we are dealing with Covid 19.


  • DavidJanuary 26, 2021 12:19 PM Yes on the first. Agreed on the last.

    Herd immunity? The only thing that I can think of is to bite the bullet, walk to the vaccine maker with a wad of cash (fifteen million now will save a loss of much more later) and shove it in their hands in exchange for 325,000 x 2 doses.

    The alternative of case-filtering through the medical system, until most are dealt with will take too much time.


  • Hopefully Modi will respond positively. Mottley should have sent Sir Garry with the offer LOL


  • “We need to find a way to develop herd immunity”

    Herd immunity is built up by having Covid parties, which is not the way to go.

    People exposed to the virus are told to self isolate to stop the spread, but people who do not have the virus should also self isolate as much as possible to avoid catching it. I don’t think anyone has caught Covid from self isolating. Although self isolation of people with the virus spread it to other members in their household, which happened in Italy.

    In cold countries like UK people catch colds in colder weather especially at change of seasons but their resistance and immunity builds up fighting the colds and becomes stronger.

    one important factor for consideration is density of population

    Barbados: around 666.6 people per square kilometre
    UK : 275 people per square kilometre
    USA : approximately 35.71residents per square kilometre
    Australia : 3.2 people per square kilometre

    Although figures are different in denser cities
    London : 1,510 inhabitants per square kilometre
    New York : 38,242 people per square kilometre


  • DavidJanuary 26, 2021 12:31 PM Hopefully Modi will respond positively. Mottley should have sent Sir Garry with the offer LOL

    You know that is EXACTLY what crossed my mind when I heard of her request?


  • If the black faces can only GET IT INTO THEIR HEADS….that to continue filling the pockets of the social parasites partnership at the expense of the Black majority will be their downfall……then they will think clearly…PUT BLACK PEOPLE FIRST…


  • @Crusoe

    Plse remain focussed and not fall for silly jokes. India has a population of about 1.3bn and is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its rural population are now in the middle of a demonstration.
    The president is asking India for 200000 vaccines, and offering to pay for half. Politics aside, do you think India can offer Barbados any vaccines?
    Modi is a Hindu nationalist, an extremist even in terms of Indian politics. His supporters beat up Sikhs and Muslims and he is picking a fight with China. Just imagine what they will do to black people. Just ask the Africans living in India.
    By the way, the UK has just hit the 100000 mark for CoVid deaths. If all those people would have lived on average ten years,, that means we have lost one million years of human life. Think about it. More than double the deaths during the blitz.
    By the way, about 50000 Barbadian suffer from diabetes, many of them unaware of it. This is a serous crisis and it is being mismanaged by the president. We must lock down.


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV

    Sigh.. people are not reading or learning…..The harsh reality is that with community spread of an “airborne” virus, border closers and contact tracing will become an even more FUTILE exercise.

    People would want to BELIEVE that combating a virus is a 3 – 6 month sprint or middle distance event, the REALITY is that it is a 1 – 2 year full on marathon. The finish line in this marathon, from the BEGINNING of this pandemic, was going to be when public health prevention measures were able to cut off the virus spread and\or when vaccines would be developed and able to gain worldwide penetration. Since it is a marathon, fatigue will set in and that is exactly what is happening in Barbados. COVID fatigue had set in leading to actions causing the superspreader event. COVID fatigue will occur because most countries had little to no experience in a pandemic marathon. The reality is that this pandemic is following a timeline not too far out from other recent pandemics (i.e. 8 – 20 months). COVID-19 vaccines have been developed 12 months after the initial cases, worldwide vaccination will hopefully be achieved in the next 6 – 12 months.

    The logic to border closures IN THIS SITUATION is not sound and is not “FIT FOR PURPOSE”. I will use this analogy, when some one sees a termite, rat or bee infestation in their home will they burn down their own house to build it over costing THOUSANDS even MILLIONS, for the pests to come back a few months later!?!?!?! Conversely it is not SENSIBLE to hope that the pests will “magically disappear” !!!!!!! Wouldn’t the SENSIBLE solution be to buy a $20-30 bottle of pesticide and reduce the “cluster” of pests in the home!!!!! It is simply NOT LOGICAL closing borders to reopen them later in a world situation that has gotten “worse” with more cases globally. Trinidad is a prime example of border closures not being a viable solution. It did not decidedly stop community spread of COVID-19. Over time they were able to reduce the ACTIVE CASES…they are “flattening the curve”. Mandatary quarantines and negative tests on entry would have the inherent effect of REDUCING the number of people entering the country and that is desirable right now.

    I am sensing COVID fatigue at the level of government. The “urgency” in combating the virus NOW is far lower that what it was before July 2020. That is the IMMEDIATE issue. Government may be TOO sensitive to the cries of the private sector and labour. However I fail to believe that a government that implemented a night curfew the same day it it was announced would not do what is in the interest of the public good eventually.


  • @ Disgusting

    You are certainly reading, but not understanding. A border closure gives the scientists time to come up with more powerful vaccines. It is not an answer in itself.
    Close the border, impose a mortgage repayment and rent holiday, make household loans, and ban price and wage increases for the next six months.
    Get the post office/cooperative bank going and pay the 25000 public sector workers through a post office bank account.
    Enforce the protocols with fixed fines, and stop overloading the courts.


  • Hal AustinJanuary 26, 2021 1:22 PM



  • Hal AustinJanuary 26, 2021 1:03 PM

    If we pay for the vaccines, yes. We should pay. The cost will be paltry compared to the economic cost of not vaccinating.


  • All of what is being discussed and editorialized is most of what those who were being cast as doom gloomers where making points with clarity and vision hoping govt would take time out to listen
    My mind now reflects about a week ago when Emmanuel Joseph placed the question of closed borders to Mia and without hesitation and a tone of arrogance said NO
    Now going forward as the padt week has revealed close to a total of 200 hundred cases
    The PM finds herself having to run from pillar to post begging for vaccine
    It is now abundantly clear that besides the portocols govt never gave thought to the crisis and its social impact on the lives of the people
    Yes my heart bleeds for the elderly especially those living alone
    Yet to hear something said that is meaningful in helping them to survive the crisis while living alone


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TVJanuary 26, 2021 1:11 PM

    What Hal is saying makes sense. Shut borders for two or three weeks to allow the doctors to catch the situation. Then reopen with renewed strict quarantine protocols, so that no one gets a free pass as has been happening and caused this whole mess. A reset so to speak.

    But I agree, longer term shutting may be more detrimental.

    Liked by 1 person

  • We need national leadership. The president is like Boris Johnson, no backbone when it come to proving sound leadership.


  • Critical Analyzer

    Before talking about lockdown again, I want to know how many people in isolation actually require doctor or hospital level care?

    Show me the statistics that despite all these high numbers of cases we have more than 10 symptomatic people requiring hospital level care.


  • Critical Analyzer

    Active cases does not hospitalized cases.


  • Critical Analyzer

    Active cases does not mean hospitalized cases.


  • Hospitalisation has nothing to do with the spread of the virus. I am sure most people affected by the virus are asymptomatic.
    Who ends up in hospital and who dies is a gamble. Can we afford to take that risk?


  • We are asking for the medical people to lead the decision making yet may in this forum and elsewhere are asking for a shutdown. Let the covid team on island do what they have to.


  • Remain focus what. When you are asking about where brought the breadfruit to the Caribbean and who is a Quaker which nobody gives a France about, what is that? We are allowed to have some levity at times especially in a stressed situation like NOW.

    Now go and watch some rugby.

    How do you know what India can afford? India is a country that is known to assist other countries. Cuba is a good example of a poor country that gives/donates above its weight.



  • Critical AnalyzerJanuary 26, 2021 1:56 PM Before talking about lockdown again, I want to know how many people in isolation actually require doctor or hospital level care?

    Your point is what would normally be a very fair question, except that one only has to look at the USA and UK, both of whom have lost control of the virus. Do we even want get anywhere near there? China is having to lock down specific areas. South American countries are losing it.

    Until the evidence that you want is available, what in the meantime?


  • @DLPTV
    ” It is simply NOT LOGICAL closing borders to reopen them later in a world situation that has gotten “worse” with more cases globally. Trinidad is a prime example of border closures not being a viable solution. It did not decidedly stop community spread of COVID-19. Over time they were able to reduce the ACTIVE CASES…they are “flattening the curve” .

    I think you got the point. Your use of Trinidad is a good example

    We cannot wish this disease away. At this time we have no idea how long a shutdown would last. And if we shutdown, reopen and then have to shutdown again this will only be fuel for those who criticize the government.

    It is amazing to see folks speak with certainty in a moment of extreme uncertainty.


  • So…is it true the NHC are not paying their workers and they have children to feed.


  • “Hospitalisation has nothing to do with the spread of the virus. I am sure most people affected by the virus are asymptomatic.
    Who ends up in hospital and who dies is a gamble. Can we afford to take that risk?”

    Agree, but would change the last sentence somewhat.
    “Who ends up in the hospital are mainly those who are feeling sick and seek help or sick and test positive”.


  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-55808412

    PM Mottley….still bringing in ‘ too – risks ‘ from the UK….though !


  • “We are now at 744 active cases and our death toll has reached double digits. It is on the level of the United Kingdom or the United States if they report 40,000, 50,000 or more cases daily.”

    A more fair comparison would be daily cases to daily cases.

    As the US now has 9,832,856 active cases this would be a more fair comparison to 744.


  • @555
    Good catch of the misuse of statistics


  • Just saw Hant’s note.
    “Fourteen new positive cases were also recorded yesterday from the 262 tests conducted by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory, while 15 people were released from isolation.”

    Would prefer the use of 14 to the use of 744.


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