When Public Health meets PR

Submitted by BU Contributor

While the GoB should be widely complimented for its initial handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, the past 5-6 weeks have unearthed a strategy where priority is being placed on feeling good over firm facts, economics over health and spin over substance.

It is clear to a blind man on a trotting horse that the Government has determined that it and it alone will decide what and how much information we get, when and how. Even if it means reorganising or delaying key details so as not to sound alarmist or to “protect the brand” or maintain an air of control.

Why else would we be given “nice” figures in front the camera only to realise days later that it is worse than thought.

Why else would we be promised regular, consistent statistics, only to have them spread out and again given in different sometimes confusing formats, if at all.

Why else would we have the swift hiring and then hiding of the Ambassador after her fiascos dug too deep and clearly were too rough?

Why else would we have the withdrawal of Walcott who clearly couldn’t handle pressure. “Why should we be bothered about Patient X?” he bellowed.

Why else would we keep getting “I don’t knows” or “I have to look into that” for questions which have obvious answers?

Notwithstanding the kneejerk “tourist payback policy” which was announced before anyone knew and the hurried hazard pay to some persons without considering others. It seems that we have been fed a diet of small statistics with a side of PR sprinkled with cliches and political talking points.

“uh beg ya… wear your masks etc etc.”
Guess what, Barbadians by and large did everything that was asked of them.

“We can’t shut our borders, we need the money”
But yet we are told that the numbers of tourists entering are a negligible amount.

“The vaccine will be taken in the full glare of the public”
Clearly the glare was too bright, I missed it.

“The super spreader event called a ##### bus crawl held by ######….”
I guess the West Coast is too super to be called a spreader or to special to identify

  1. What about the Psychiatric Hospital cases, were these ever confirmed?
  2. What about the cases at the QEH hospital that “appeared”?
  3. What about the samples which withdrawn Walcott said were sent to confirm whether they were the mutated strain or not?
  4. When do we acknowledge that there is community spread? Is it so vile a phrase?
  5. What really is the new high tech semi-imported communications team doing?
  6. Has BAMP suddenly gone silent? No word from them about the rapid testing strategy?
  7. As countries overseas close or require vaccines, aren’t we still going to take a hit?

Look, we know we are in a tight spot. We know now is not the time for blame. But, at the same time, it is also not the time for spin, propaganda and public relations posturing, no matter how good it sounds or from which aunt or uncle it comes from.

It’s time to level with the Barbadian public.

  1. How long should we expect to be grappling with cases of 10-20 or more each day? What does our “curve” look like and mean?
  2. Are these cases still linked to the December 26 – January 2 spike or are we now seeing recent spread and new cases?
  3. Are our clusters still clustered?
  4. How widespread geographically are our cases?
  5. How long does contact tracing really take?
  6. Should we just accept that Covid spread in Barbados is a new normal and carry on smartly?
  7. Do business continue to close when they think necessary IF they feel like?
  8. Will schools continue to remain closed?
  9. What is the Covid monitoring unit doing and what successes is it having?

These questions aren’t too hard to answer. With facts, come a reality. With reality, comes choices. With choice, come decisions.

The time for talk has long passed. Level with the public for better or for worse and let’s move on together without so much doubt and uncertainty. We’ve done it before, we can do it again.


  • Time for the PM to beg fuh help. She should also beg Canada.


  • Don’t let us bet on the delivery of the Astra vaccine too heavily. Today they reported in the Wall Street Journal that they may miss production estimates by as much as 60% based on unforseen issues with their European production.


  • When we take the time to enrich the quality of our relationship with ourselves we are directly influencing the quality of all other relationships.

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  • This thread seems to be a tad conspiracy theory-ish / alarmist.

    But, what is significance of 287,375 people (Barbados population is equivalent to 0% of the total world population)
    living on 431 km² (66.4 square miles. It is 21 miles (34 kilometres) in length and 14 miles (23 kilometres)) being infected?

    The earliest inhabitants of Barbados were indigenous groups who began arriving by canoe from South America (Venezuela’s Orinoco Valley) around 350 CE. Among these were the Taino (Arawak) who set up several settlements on the island after 800 CE. They were later joined by Kalinago (Carib) migrants in the 13th century.

    It is alleged that they died due to lack of resistance from westerners germs.


  • Covid-19 revealing some issues
    This COVID-19 situation has exposed Barbados’ underlying conditions.
    Exposed may not be the right word as it suggests that those issues were previously covered or hidden. They weren’t. They were just more easily ignored or sidestepped.
    Chronic issues like race, class, education, overdependence on tourism and a sluggish rate of innovation in Government and the private sector are co-morbidities which have threatened the well-being of the nation for a long time. But, as is often the case with the ordinary chronic illnesses of the human body, like diabetes and hypertension, we’ve felt we could live relatively comfortably without treating them.
    Talk about Barbados’ race issues makes us uncomfortable, so we prefer to live in a state of mild apartheid rather than touch that hot button topic.
    Every now and then there is a flare-up, but most of the time we keep the race issue suppressed. The Bus Crawl vs West Coast clusters debate brought the boils of race and class to the surface. It also brought the Government’s handling of the two sides into question.
    Class is an issue that we only really want to talk about when using it to deflect the conversation away from race.
    Dealing with the discomfort of class issues helps us to avoid the pain of dealing with race issues. But in Barbados the two are like diabetes and thyroid disorder. They often come together.
    Not always though. The move to online classes has revealed the class divide that festers in our society. Many people had no idea how, with the widening income gap, poverty had metastasised to infect and affect the educational system.
    When, just before this crisis the discussion was about ditching the 11-Plus and focusing on STEM in schools, some people assumed that every Bajan child had access to a laptop computer, WI-FI and a quiet private room to do STEM schoolwork.
    Make the sacrifice
    We have put our economic eggs largely in one basket.
    The global situation caused the handle to pop and now the Government is trying to make omelettes using the basket as a frying pan. Some people see it as resourcefulness, some see it as desperation. I see that we have an unhealthy relationship with eggs and that basket.
    On one hand, they are our staple food. We rely on them for sustenance. On the other hand, we resent having to eat eggs all the time. But despite our resentment, are we really ready to make the sacrifices and possibly difficult adjustments to our lifestyle to cultivate another source of nutrients. It’s a metaphor, people. Study it li’l bit. Hint: the eggs in the basket is tourism.
    Study this too. Even with the foreign exchange from our well established tourism industry and even with their embargo and sanctionriddled economy, Cuba has been able to produce a COVID-19 vaccine and we, even the rest of the regional we, have not. This does not reflect well on our strategies for the economy, education, health and innovation and suggests an underlying illness.
    Ironically, one chronic societal illness of ours that has been positively affected by the COVID situation is our innovation deficit. Who would have thought that the day would come when you wouldn’t have to wait the whole day in line to get your driver’s licence renewed? But as they say, sometimes a crisis brings out the best in you.
    This crisis may have even brought out improvements in our political culture. Even those people who were unfortunately criticising this administration for talking too much must realise now that the communicative trait has served us well in this moment. Who would’ve thought the day would come when a Prime Minister would put herself in the line of fire of public questions for hours. Or that the power of the public’s voice and outrage over governmental statements would reap such immediate results?
    COVID-19 has indeed brought about a new normal. While the new normal is not all nice, the old normal din nuh sweetbread neiduh. While you are praying for an end to this crisis, pray also that we do not go back to live with the same national chronic illnesses that made us so vulnerable in the first place. Keep your heads on, people. We can come out of this better in many ways than we went in.
    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email: Adriangreen14 @gmail.com

    Source: Nation


  • A vaccine builds someone’s body immunity and resistance to the virus
    but does not stop them getting infected or spreading it

    Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence

    Solar System Dub


  • Management of the COVID situation is following the tried and true Barbados principles, keep the obedient SHEEP in the dark barn and turn up the propoganda machine.


  • @Wily

    How does it compare to UK, USA and Canada as far as positivity rate and covid related deaths?


  • The following comment posted yesterday by Pacha is worth restarting:

    This is not an issue for simpletons. Sometimes there are no easy options. And when there is no obvious option the thinking maybe to do nothing, or maintain status quo.

    Certainly 500 years of globalization cannot be undone overnight. Nobody, no country, has found that an easy option.

    As a results open economies like Barbados arr forced to make life or death decisions more akin to countries with a history militarism. Countries accustomed to sending parts of the populations to their death, as a matter of course, survival.

    We see no easy answers beyond those previous presented by nations.

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  • I remember how much cussing we had to endure for years on BU from the limited intellect who could not see this day coming…they were desperate to remain dependent slaves comfortably and unnaturally residing in a one income economy, and always dependent on crooks in an offshore financial uncertainty.

    wonder how all this dependency is working out for them now.

    the bottomline is that selfish, petty black leaders never want to see Black people like themselves progress any further than a service industry, always dependent on others, but the product started by thieves and and felonious savages over 100 years ago will never work out for Black people.. fools don’t want to hear that, they prefer fantasy la la land…

    backward leaders….. have always hated Black creatives and inventors and spent all their 54 years suppressing this group too, right along with panafricanism and black consciousness

    ….but black faces will have to return to the black vomit they rejected, if they want to even survive this….most creatives took their gifts and talents elsewhere and now it benefits other countries, ironically, though the inventors of racism, these countries turned out to be less racist than Barbados with much more opportunities availble when it comes to pushing Black progress….the useless leaders on the island have a lot to be ashamed about…

    Piece must be smiling..

    look how things have changed significantly and drastically..


  • At least let us be truthful and honest and face the consequences like adults…of oppressing your own people for over 60 years……this is the result of maliciously subjugating your own people to poverty disenfranchisement generationally…

    ya can only blame colonists to a point and no further…i never give them a free pass, but i know how far to go…..Elizabeth and her crowd CANNOT BE BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING.S

    the blame lies squarely at the feet of DBLP for what they have done to THE MAJORITY POPULATION FOR DECADES…..and given an opportunity and no social media they’ll continue and do even worse…because they believe everything is about them once they acquire a shite title and access to small power…..that reality can never be hidden..


  • Even Pacha knows that the “do nothing” “maintain status quo” that they prefer because they’re so lazy and love to please minority trash….will not cut it this time….the real social partners and stakeholders are the Black majority who voted them in by their shear numbers. The people need to keep that in their heads and call these sellout leaders to account.


  • one of our little citys bioscience companies just had a portable covid fast test approved by govt ( Spartan bio-science) results in 50 minutes, Mia should ask your putz boyfriend for some.. Theyare ready to send them out and ramp up production.


  • Information is no better in canada than barbados,,everyday I hear of another 100 cases in my city but very seldom where they are coming from. They dont want to hurt business by giving locations, or areas where there has been an up tick just how many in hospital how many in icu how many deaths. If they really want to solve it ,there is no right to privacy in a pandemic… its not a stain on you if someone in your family has got it, but dont be coming to work if you should be quarantining , or I was with that guy last week maybe i should get checked. Come on man


  • This started when around 10 people broke protocol. I do not believe that the fines are reflective of the cost to the people of Barbados. When Barbados gets this out break back under control there needs to be a system that insures that this will not happen again.


  • Hope the PM received the help she is requesting im seeking the vaccine
    Community spread is no joke and politics should be put aside
    There is sufficient evidence taken from international countries who have fought this virus for over a year showing that the virus once entering the community is hard to control as person to person contact increases the risk


  • As usual, my soul brother has written a better version of the column I would have written.

    I said at the very beginning of this pandemic almost a year ago – this could be the start of something good.

    Let us not miss this opportunity for a reset!

    IN A TRUE DEMOCRACY Power belongs to the people! The political class should not RULE the people. Generally they should GOVERN in accordance with the will of the people. Sometimes our leaders do have to lead or nudge us in a direction that we do not wish to go but this must be done by engaging the people and bringing us along.

    A PM who subjects herself to hours of questions from the people appears to have understood that ultimately, she answers to us.

    Not to be political but the last PM would NEVER have done that. He took pride in his silence and wielded it like a cudgel! When he did deign to speak to us, he also wielded his words like a cudgel!

    Regardless of the obvious manipulation of the release of statistics, this facing of the nation is a step forward.

    It is up to the people to force the next steps!


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  • Next reset – diversification! The big up nations are keeping their vaccines for themselves. We cannot allow them to have unfettered access to our markets only when it suits them.

    World Trade Organisation regulations against tariffs and subsidising of critical industries must be given the middle finger.

    These countries act in their own interests. We must be allowed to act in ours.

    As I said before – the fake moral facade these Europians and their offshoot Americans have managed to present for decades has been ripped away! They are now exposed and naked for the whole world to see, including their own citizens of good will of which there are many as shown by the George Floyd protests.

    We must enlist the help of those citizens of goodwill to pressure their governments to take their knees off our necks!

    We must ride this wave!

    The young lady who recorded the murder of George Floyd deserves our highest recognition for her world changing act.


  • @Donna

    Does PM Mottley have the gumption to give the WTO the middle finger given the image she is projecting on the international stage?


  • Next reset – our lazy ass parasitic minority private sector! By now they must recognise that they are dependent on us for their profits. We must use that power.

    It is clear that they have interest in promoting anything but conspicuous consumption better known as economic slavery.

    And so we, the majority population will have to reset them by first resetting ourselves.

    Mauby pockets should only buy mauby! This pandemic has shown us what we can do without.

    We must not forget this lesson!


  • Correction – it is clear that they have NO interest


  • Next reset – Caricom! What Cuba has done in its own, the rest of us can do together.

    We are far too small to live in this world alone. We can depend on the big white countries for “aid” or we can work together as the brothers and sisters we are, having taken 🎵 “the same trip on the same ship”🎶

    All people rounded up from the same location in Africa, brothers and sisters dropped off at different islands as determined at the auction block.


  • “IN A TRUE DEMOCRACY Power belongs to the people! The political class should not RULE the people. Generally they should GOVERN in accordance with the will of the people.”

    it’s a no brainer that Government and politicians do not help or care for plebeian people as they are greedy parasites getting fatter feeding on poverty like pigs in a trough. The will of the raggedy lumpenproletariat people is a danger to their game / scam.

    Don’t be naive like a child what they should do is not what they do do despite their words that they do do.


  • Cry all. Talk all the talk the blame lies at the feet of lazy leaders who rather than have a vision towards self reliance and empowerment
    Rather stay the course of being beggars at their slave masters door steps
    Our culture is different
    Our way of thinking is different
    Yet our leaders rather than map out a social and economic course which can be defined with a purpose of identity adopt and adjusted their economies on a foundation similar to their slavemasters
    Now the house is being burned to the ground and their is no where to turn for help
    Help which can stave off a total melt down of the economy


  • Correction – what Cuba has done ON its own


    I do not know if she has the gumption but if not now when?

    We must take the case to the ordinary citizens of the G8 countries. There is an opening.

    We cannot continue to bow and scrape. Bajans must learn to sacrifice our relative comfort for the good of our children’s future. We must learn to stand up like full human beings and deal with any fall out.

    What is life if lived in bondage?!


  • Blame is also ours for allowing the leaders to do so.


  • After all jacks are in their boxes
    And the clowns have all gone to bed
    You can hear happiness staggering on down the street
    Footprints dressed in red

    And the wind whispers Mary

    A broom is drearily sweeping
    Up the broken pieces of yesterday’s life
    Somewhere a queen is weeping
    Somewhere a king has no wife

    And the wind, it cries Mary

    The traffic lights they turn a blue tomorrow
    And shine their emptiness down on my bed
    The tiny island sags downstream
    ‘Cause the life that they lived is dead

    And the wind screams Mary

    Will the wind ever remember?
    The names it has blown in the past
    And with its crutch, its old age and its wisdom
    It whispers “no, this will be the last”

    And the wind cries Mary

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  • It all boils down to the insularity found among Caribbean leaders, that they TAUGHT to Caribbean people throught their own smallmindedness. They agree on nothing despite the facade of Caricom and always act like crabs climbing over and oneupping each other, to the amusement of bigger countries…they need to take a good long look at themselves and see the FAILURES THAT THEY’VE BEEN for over 6 decades…and realize that this catalyst provides either a positive opportunity or a long fall to the bottom.

    and maybe they’ll see WHAT MUST BE DONE AS A COLLECTIVE….the bigger countries are checking for their own asses right now, they have electorates TO ANSWER TO…who have no qualms about dropping them on their asses, if they don’t do their jobs….

    just had a change of government in US as a prime example.

    Lawson…everyone needs to start acting as adults, if leaders continue to act like children, the adult electorate need to take over.


  • 555,

    They do what we allow them to do. We are the ones who allow them to feel like entitled rulers.

    We are the ones who follow them around adoringly, wearing party colours, wukking up on the back of trucks, laughing and cheering at their petty partisan put downs, hanging on their every word at political meetings as royal words from an almighty ruler. We pay them hommage, pin rosettes to their chests like crowns on heads.

    We are the king and queen makers! What do we expect from kings and queens?




  • You know when your on a plane and they say if the oxygen masks fall out of the compartment above …secure your own before helping anyone else, the vaccine roll out is no different. In canada we are shut off from phizer vaccine temporarily because of some belgium plant is upgrading bullshit even though they are producing it right next door the US are saying we are doing our own people in most cases first and rightfully so. They paid for it. Lifes not fair we should all be used to it by now. Waiting to the last minute to secure some jabs was kinda of stupid , but that is what I have seen from bajans ,they want to make sure they are not throwing money away the canny scot mentality. Order some the private sector will even pay for it I am sure Sandals, Sandy lane etal will lose a lot more than the pittance to inoculate everyone but you have to order some, you cant always be waiting for the best deal.


  • Mia needs to put BLACK PEOPLE FIRST….i have noticed that every time they have to update the people about anything to do with their HEALTH AND WELLBEING…they must mention the pretend social partnership of REAL CROOKS…everytime without fail…it’s like they can say and do nothing without them, a recipe for disasters as we’re seeing daily….it’s time to tell these gaggle of parasites to fcuk off…or the electorate must do their job to protect themselves and their families and kick BLPs ass out of the parliament….it’s clear who they’re serving and it’s not THE BLACK MAJORITY..


  • “We are the ones who follow them around adoringly, wearing party colours, wukking up on the back of trucks, laughing and cheering at their petty partisan put downs, hanging on their every word at political meetings as royal words from an almighty ruler. We pay them hommage, pin rosettes to their chests like crowns on heads”

    Politics is a spectator sport like football to subdue and control the masses who become violent like hooligans fighting each other of their teams.

    On a psychological level a football symbolises a sperm and the goal symbolises a woman’s legs spread open, when your team put the ball sperm inside the woman goal the crowd has a collective orgasm and come together. The winning thinks they are genetically superior master race.

    It’s is best to always be part of the opposition anti-government no matter which party is in power.

    Don’t sit on the fence.

    Ride the fence.


  • @Donna

    Your lament is understood BUT it is one of the imperfections of the democracy we practice. We all have a vote even the dull and the ignorant.


  • @David

    “How does it compare to UK, USA and Canada as far as positivity rate and covid related deaths?”

    Much too early for comparisons, everyone knows Barbados trails the first world countries in EFFECTS, in most cases by two to three months in others(2007/2008) economic melt down by 1 to 2 years. Present Barbados COVID numbers are not particularly good per the 100,000 comparison. COVID 2nd wave is just getting underway in Barbados, Canada, UK, USA etc it’s been underway since early November 2020. Barbados had an excellent opportunity to limit overseas tourists in late Nov, instead they promoted tourism and foolishly opened the country, now going to reap the consequences.

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  • Dub what are you saying.. that the majority bajan populace has more semen in them than the antigua naval dockyard.


  • @Wily

    Not a fair comment.


  • And if dumb fowls jump out to spout their uneducated shite, let them know straight up that the black population DID NOT ELECT A SOCIAL PARTNERSHIP of minorities crooks…because the ELECTORATE is the SOCIAL PARTNERSHIP….time to rid the island of social parasites and public nuisances.


  • Small island nations are being controlled by snakes
    The people blindly follow in earnest ..built on a believe that new or old leadership would bring meaningful change
    Could it be that the blind is leading the blind all heading into a ditch
    How is it that all small island leaders follow the same economic path built on Tourism
    How is it that in serious times of crisis not one of these small island leaders have policies that would drive the economic laden boat safely home
    Yuh mean to say that the boats are captained by twiddle de and twiddle de dum


  • Because this is what an open economy means, it is vulnerable to the vagaries of events occurring in the global market. To boot: man made construct of globalization with its intertwining treaties and agreements will make it difficult to fully leverage what sovereignty should mean.


  • Never mind we are in safe hands
    The Cuban doctors have arrived
    Barbados would make it safe to shore


  • Lawson

    read chapter 10

    Ball Games As Symbols
    The War of the Balls

    Click to access the_isis_papers_-_francis_cress_welsing%20%281%29.pdf


  • The barbados gdp is about 5 0r 6 billion .. Dub is not off the mark the porn industry is yearly 10 to 14 billion if you want to get of the tourist industry merry-go-round you have to get more footballs.


  • @Wura,
    Your observation skills are very good. In Germany they have a true social partnership where government, unions and employers work in unison.

    Did anyone notice how Mia insulted the Barbados population when she stated how they
    – the public – were not aware that Cabinet Ministers and MP’s have different roles within government. She insinuated that the Barbadian electorate were not the sharpest tool in the toolbox; and suggested that they should be re-educated. For a Prime Minister to make such a statement speaks volumes.


  • DavidJanuary 24, 2021 9:14 AM

    Because this is what an open economy means, it is vulnerable to the vagaries of events occurring in the global market. To boot: man made construct of globalization with its intertwining treaties and agreements will make it difficult to fully leverage what sovereignty should mean

    Is that an excuse
    Then should not have the leaders of small island economies not come together under one banner built in self reliance
    As Barrow once stated that these small island leaders are very content with being tin horned dictators
    COVID is not the enemy but the the wickedness of the leaders in high places who have seen it fit to throw their people into a hot bed of the virus


  • It is what it is. Barbados has to deal with the virus like any other country in the world. Last time we checked most of them are battling the challenges same as Barbados.


  • Your lament is understood BUT it is one of the imperfections of the democracy we practice. We all have a vote even the dull and the ignorant…..(Quote)

    Does David have a vote?


  • @Lawson
    its not a stain on you if someone in your family has got it, but dont be coming to work if you should be quarantining
    One of the first things that your friend Dougie did was eliminate paid sick days in the Province that doesn’t affect civil servants or employees in many sectors including education etc. but it does impact factory workers and people in the retail industry and some other sectors; simply speaking if those workers don’t go to work they won’t get paid so your “don’t be coming to work” will fall on death (pun intended) ears.


  • “In Germany they have a true social partnership where government, unions and employers work in unison.”

    these black faces are trying to fool the Black electorate that racists and thieves are a social partnership, always REFERRING and DEFERRING to them for everything concerning the majority population, which tells us that the minority social parasites have information on and about the Black population’s BUSINESS….THAT THEY SHOULD NEVER BE PRIVY TO..

    “Did anyone notice how Mia insulted the Barbados population when she stated how….”

    as soon as these black face vote beggars get elected that’s what they do, act as though black people can understand nothing outside of voting for leeches…that’s why they have always kept the population at a disadvantage lacking certain knowledge, undereducated and don’t want those who’ve live in metropolises to take control of anything on the island to make the requisite changes that would open doors opportunities for the population…..unless it’s “we gathering” to rob them..

    Mia would only want to “reeducate” the electorate in her own likeness and to suit her and the crooked minority’s backward agendas…to enrich themselves…it’s a trend, that’s what they’ve always done from even before the days of Barrow and continues still…there is massive evidence to back up that accusation that’s been around for decades..


  • DavidJanuary 24, 2021 9:38 AM

    It is what it is. Barbados has to deal with the virus like any other country in the world. Last time we checked most of them are battling the challenges same as Barbados


    What u should ask self is barbados social and economic environment can afford at cost that which international countries are enduring
    Your simplistic answer is amazing
    When one look at the health and economic cost to these international countries
    One should be aware that small island nations cannot forever fight this battle in the same application as business as usual
    The health cost alone is staggering which mounts upward leading to a collapse of these small islands health system


  • It’s an insult to our intelligence and the electorate has to make a stance.

    still waiting for her to do something about the “mental slavery” negatively impacting the populace…that she told ITV UK about for the whole world to see andhear…then we can wait to see what she does about educating the public of the difference between a LYING MP and a LYING GOVERNMENT MINISTER…don’t hold your breath though….because every portfolio given to a minister is always advertised and the JOB DESCRIPTION OUTLINED in the media for public consumption…so what she said recently was specifically for someone else, but she forgot who she’s dealing with.


  • Has the time come for legislation to be enacted that places a severe fine on anyone caught lying to health care officials conducting contact tracing?


  • So wait, yall have visitors on the island from high risk countries, particularly during a plague and NOT KEEPING ANY RECORDS ON THEM…don’t even know their age…christ, it’s not rocket science, these are walking time bombs, take photos of them and keep records…TLSN …ya get tired.

    “Police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating a British national.
    He is Mondall Williams, age unknown, of #5 Chandler Muse, London, United Kingdom PW13JF. Williams was staying at Palm Gardens Hotel, Christ Church.
    He is Caucasian, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, slim built, and has black hair. Police did not have a photo of Williams.
    Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mondall Williams is asked to contact Police Emergency number 211, the Hastings/Worthing Police Station at 430-7614 or any other police station.”


  • We should ask Fowl Enuff and Lorenza the clown if they’ve seen this runaway tourist, who could very well be loaded with any one of the new variants…there are about 4 of them from varying countries spreading like wildfire across the earth..


  • Next general elections will give Bajans the opportunity to reward or punish the BLP for the mistakes made “managing” Covid 19 .

    Some governments including Canada have taken calculated risks and some have failed.

    The government of Barbados should beg international agencies and friendly countries for help.


  • @Hants

    By declaring community spread it triggers a greater level of assistance from world health organizations. According to Minister Bostic.


  • because every portfolio given to a minister is always advertised and the JOB DESCRIPTION OUTLINED in the media for public consumption WITH THE NEWLY ELECTED’S ACCOMPANYING PHOTO…so what she said recently was specifically for someone else, but she forgot who she’s dealing with.

    starting to beleive that the intent is to wear out the electorate to the point that they become so dysfunctional and mentally exhausted that all they can do is vote, but the shit will backfire, because people are in VOTE OUT MODE…and that’s right were they are going to stay for the next 2 plus years.


  • @FearPlay

    A reasonable question. The integrity of the COVID-19 operations will be as good as the information revealed from contact tracing.


  • Now we have to resort to begging
    Where are leaders with vision
    In the USA there has been a shortage of vaccine


  • Mondall Williams, a Briton who was reported missing on Saturday, has been traced by lawmen.

    Williams, who had been staying at Palm Gardens Hotel in Christ Church, was located at another hotel.

    “For the avoidance of doubt, Mr Williams had already completed his period of quarantine and had already received his negative test results from the Ministry of Health and Wellness, since January 19, 2021,” a statement from police said

    Liked by 1 person

  • “Where are leaders with vision.”

    Doesn’t inspire much confidence in Verla as an alternative choice for leadership.


  • Anyone who gets Corona without working in a hospital or standing at the checkout counter in a supermarket is to blame.

    My good advice to all residents of our island: stay in your villas and in your gated communities! Don’t play golf with strangers, have your food brought to you by Platinum Services and only use your private jet.

    Install a virus scanner on your smartphone and PC that also blocks Corona viruses. I have heard that the virus can also digitize.


  • One man’s opinion
    The words “community spread” are frightening. To me they are an intro to a zombie movie. In my mind, they immediately conjure up hordes of infected people running rampant throughout the island. Please take a look at the defnition.

    There are several variations of the definition, but they all convey the same idea. Here is one

    “What is community spread? ANSWER Sometimes a person can trace how they got the virus because they will know they have been in contact with someone who is sick. In other cases, the cause is unknown. Community spread is when someone gets the virus without any known contact with a sick person.”

    Reductio ad absurdum
    Let just one ‘sick’ person passes our screening protocols and infect another person.By definition, because we cannot identify the origin of the infection then we have what is known as community spread.

    I am not making light of the situation, but the words “community spread” are loaded with fear. Inability to identify a source through contact tracing is interpreted as disease is rapidly and controlled throughout the is land. Even with this knowledge, the words still frightens me, and in the mouth of others they have become a political club to smash others over the head with.

    Do not let your fear immobilize you or make you a coward.

    “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”

    ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

    Liked by 1 person

  • Yeap
    Too little too late now the pressure is getting to him
    The heat is turned up high

    Read ePaper
    Home / Top Featured Article / REGIONAL: Gonsalves admits his Govt should have stopped international flights

    REGIONAL: Gonsalves admits his Govt should have stopped international flights


  • Sarge exactly what I am saying , even if there is no sick leave people who have it or have been in contact someone who has will stay home if everyone knows who has the cases. transparency is key to stop it otherwise we are just waiting for vaccines. What is better we have those people stay home or like it is now everyone non essential is home.


  • Source: iWitness News: Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says his government should have banned international flights during the Christmas season and should not have allowed the Nine Mornings festival, in an effort to prevent an escalation of the COVID-19 cases


  • @Angela

    I see the president has appealed to India for vaccines. Have the Indian vaccines been approved by the WHO or any recognised body? Will Bajans be guinea pigs?


  • Hal reality is finally setting in
    Hence her fear is being overwhelmed with the news. of community spread
    Just like a drug dealer getting a quick fix is what she is after
    Not the overall health of a nation
    Up to present time She has not shown respect to the people as to who and where a vaccine was administered to her
    Meanwhile front line workers are like sitting ducks waiting for vaccine while she looks to unknown tried and unproven vaccines to be administered to the citizens of barbados
    Btw her best friend Ralph Gonsalves confessing the error of his ways in handling the pandemic to the public
    Go figure


  • Is this what Bostic meant by “wrestling it to the ground
    He is in a fight where the biggest gorillas has to admit defeat

    Read ePaper
    Home / Local News / CDC issues Level 4 ‘Very High’ COVID-19 Advisory for Barbados

    CDC issues Level 4 ‘Very High’ COVID-19 Advisory for Barbados – by Kobie Broomes January 24, 2021
    The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has raised the COVID-19 level in Barbados to four — its highest ranking.

    In an advisory to its citizens on January 19, the CDC said travellers should avoid all travel to Barbados as it may increase risk of getting and spreading COVID-19.

    It advised US citizens that if they must travel, the following guidelines should be taken:

    Before you travel, get tested with a viral test one to three days before your trip. Do not travel if you are waiting for test results, test positive, or are sick. Follow all entry requirements for your destination and provide any required or requested health information.

    During travel, wear a mask, stay at least six feet from people who are not travelling with you, wash your hands often or use hand sanitiser, and watch your health for signs of illness.

    Before travelling back to the United States, get tested with a viral test one to three days before travel. Follow all destination and airline recommendations or requirements.


  • canada is making its own vaccine out of tobacco plants (medicago) why not get on board for phase 3 trials


  • > > The United States on Friday “applauded” India for gifting COVID-19 > vaccines to several countries including the Maldives, Bhutan and > Bangladesh, saying New Delhi is a “true friend”, which is using its pharma > industry to help the global community.



  • @ Angela

    If the US is imposing a ban on travel to Barbados, should Barbados now take the initiative and impose a ban on the UK?


  • The blogmaster was under the impression the UK patented Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine was approved for distribution.



  • @ Hal,
    You know as well as I do that the Indian vaccine has yet to be approved by the W.H.O.
    You would have also read that the Brits and Israelies have questioned the efficacy of the vaccine.

    It would have been prudent to have kept our borders closed……but alas…

    The die has been cast. The country has not got funds to provide sufficient vaccines for her population and the vaccines appear to be ineffective. The perfect storm has arrived and it will be the citizens of Barbados who will pay the price.


  • Don’t know which they prefer…closing the islands for a couple weeks to slow down infection or remain open and the virus is like a runaway freight train…wuh they closed the supermarkets and people couldn’t get food and although people told them it was the most stupid thing to do showed them how it would backfire, that people would starve, that they were approaching it in a way that defies logic..and….that didn’t faze them in the least…small island idiots with small island power….recipe for disaster.

    they always have to show you how wrong ya are, even if they cock up everything in the process, they only people they listen to are the fake social partnership of real crooks…let them carry on smartly….guess who’s going to kick their pedigree asses to the curb.


  • Barbados has dealth with the backlog nof test and the outbreak in the prosin has been arrested and elswhere. Public Health Officials continue to do jobn fighting the pandemic.

    Congrats to all the hard-working public health officials.




  • Bharat Biotech, India’s homegrown vaccine maker, has sought permission for the emergency use of its Covid-19 vaccine, Covaxin, in the Philippines, even as concerns remain over its efficacy and safety data.
    Dr Rolando Enrique Domingo, the chief of the Food and Drug Administration in Philippines, said Bharat Biotech on Thursday submitted an application for the emergency use of its Covid-19 vaccines in that country.
    Bharat Biotech is the fourth vaccine maker that has applied for emergency use in the Philippines. Covaxin is developed with the Indian Council of Medical Research.
    Besides the Philippines, Bharat Biotech has also sought permission from Bangladesh authorities to conduct trials of Covaxin, Reuters news agency reported.
    Mahmood-uz-Jahan, a director at the state-run Bangladesh Medical Research Council, confirmed receiving the proposal and stated that its ethics committee would review the application.
    If authorities in Bangladesh allow the Covaxin trial, it would be the first trial of any Covid-19 vaccine in Bangladesh.
    This comes as China’s Sinovac Biotech’s late-stage trial of a potential vaccine in Bangladesh became uncertain after Dhaka refused to meet the Chinese company’s demand for co-funding.
    India gave emergency approval to two vaccines — Covaxin and AstraZeneca/Oxford University’s Covishield — earlier this month for its Covid-19 vaccination programme. But Covaxin’s rollout has been controversial as it got the approval without the crucial data to prove its effectiveness even though Indian authorities claim that it is safe.
    Bangladesh’s health secretary Abdul Mannan told Reuters that they at present have no plans to buy Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin. “Our vaccine procurement is in good shape. We are going to start the vaccination in the first week of February,” he said.
    So far, only Brazil has announced plans to buy Covaxin doses from India.
    According to the Indian government, they have received several requests from “neighbouring and key partner countries” for the supply of Covid-19 vaccines manufactured in India. The government had said that “supplies under grant assistance to Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Seychelles” will begin from 20 January 2021.
    On Wednesday, India sent vaccine shots to Bhutan and Maldives – within a week of it started its own vaccination drive.
    Bangladesh is scheduled to start getting millions of India-made doses of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine from Thursday. …..(Quote)


  • @TLSN

    The president is not at risk, she already got her vaccines. Who from, when, where, we do not know. It is a state secret.
    Be careful what you hope/pray for. I thought Stuart was grossly incompetent, then along came Mottley.


  • If Canada, the USA and the UK were responsible countries they would have forbidden their diseased citizens from travelling and infecting the Caribbean region. What a cheek that they should classify Barbados as a high risk country.

    How could our leaders have been so negligent in keeping their borders open to these people?


  • Your statement includes Bajans returning home?


  • One man’s opinion
    How appropriate that this post is titled “when-public-health-meets-pr”.

    I am not at ground zero and so my comments are based on what I read and see here and elsewhere. I am already aware that a different weighting schemes are needed for the opinions of bloggers

    I remain convinced that our safety protocols can manage and control the spread of covid-19, but for some reason the GOB seem to be losing the PR war.

    Do you know how I get my main information about COVID-19 in Barbados, if I don’t want to depend on Mariposa? I google and end up with a number of different websites; some of which come with warnings and strange symbols. For some reason, I seem unable to locate the information I am searching for on gov.bb; even BarbadosToday provides me with more relevant information.

    I saw a reluctance to use the word “community spread”. It was as if the government had curled itself into a fetal position as if to protect itself from these word. This is not a time to be faint-hearted or cowardly, this is a time to step forward and explain these loaded and potent words. If the government does not speak or explain these words, then it adds power to the messages of those who speak them. Then, when government has to use these words, one cannot help but think that the opposing group was right all this time.

    I have seen others offer advice on what the government message should be provided. Let me add my voice
    — The COVID site–
    A simple dashboard with timely statistics (which I cannot find)
    Below the dashboard is honest and simple explanation of key phrases (community spread, cluster, …).
    A link with a short explanation of why we must keep our borders open (there is no need to give away state sec
    A link just repeating that we should all be masking, social distancing and keeping it clean. Keep it very simple; no unnecessary graphics. For social distancing mention some of the behaviors that should be avoided.

    I suspect the government is already doing much of this. Ii it is, then it needs to repackage the information and make it more visible.
    Let’s have links with 2020 as part of the heading instead of 2019 links (go through and update – the heading at least)
    Let’s have information that is useful to the locals (this should be your primary target audience) instead of mainly targeting travelers.

    In press conferences, repeatedly refer to your covid-19 site ( the site must be up-to-date and have useful information for locals) – know your audience

    I have visited GOV.BB often and not once have i felt that I left knowing more than when I entered the site. It is either through my ignorance or a failure of the government to educate the people.

    One man’s opinion.


  • I am somewhat puzzled at how some are reacting to the presence of COVId_19 in Barbados.
    It is a serious situation and we should not make light of it (I hope I am not doing so).
    e also refrain from going for the jugular; we can work our way through this pandemic.


  • Continuing realities because of leaving the borders open to high risk countries all of which affects the social and economic well being towards a good life

    Read ePaper
    Home / Covid-19 / Thompson: RBPF’s canine unit members in quarantine

    Thompson: RBPF’s canine unit members in quarantine – by Anesta Henry January 24, 2021
    The entire canine section of the Royal Barbados Police Force has been placed in quarantine after one member tested positive, Barbados TODAY has learned


  • Our situation has drastically changed during the past few weeks, but I would list the US Government among the negative Nellies

    I believe that travel advisories related to Barbados were issued in August and even earlier.
    August 2020: https://www.loopnewsbarbados.com/content/us-department-state-issues-level-3-travel-advisory-barbados


  • The focus must continue to encourage Bajans on the Rock to observe COVID-19 protocol. The reality is that even with the vaccine authorities are unsure if the immunized person will leak the virus. We have to change behaviours and continue with our lifes for the foreseeable future.


  • They will deny that they graduated from level 3 to level 4…despite the evidence.

    “What a cheek that they should classify Barbados as a high risk country.”

    that’s the price you pay for being dependent…refusing to remove that backward status by diversifying the economy and the inability to be creative or to allow REAL CREATIVES TO DO WHAT THEY DO BEST……blame those who have been warned over and over and over and just had to show us how wrong we were.

    am optimistic, there’s still a way out, but will they take it…and stop clinging stubbornly to dying tourism until the danger has passed.

    commonsense = Bermuda is a UK territory or dependency or whatever they call it these days, they are not about to kill their golden goose by leaving the borders open to all and sundry, even visitors from UK are now being restricted….

    Theo…ah don’t know how to simplify it downward any more, maybe you can help.


  • I presume that the one year extended visa is dead in the water at this time. Will current holders of that passport be seeking refunds on their purchase in view of the fact that some large sums of money were invested in what was thought at the time to be a safe product promoted by Government.


  • We are safe once people observe Covid protocols. The blogmaster met a few working remotely in Barbados and they seem very comfortable.


  • People who are panicking need to – wear masks and shields, physical distance, wash or sanitise hands frequently.

    The people who brought this upon us did not do these things.

    We had a choice. We HAVE a choice. It is not too late to make the right one.


  • David et al,

    As times passes I become more concerned that this virus will not be here for six months, nor a year, but years. We are now hearing that all major countries have vaccine shortages.

    We are hearing that the prior US administration literally had no plan in place to deal with the pandemic. It was negligence beyond comprehension. We know that the UK government is lost at sea, in dealing with the spread. Multiple lockdowns and policy reversals have contributed to an environment of confusion, while the virus blows up.

    This has been a major health policy disaster, by the developed countries. I am convinced that if centrist governments were in place at the commencement, the situation would be far better. But these populist government have exacerbated the mess.

    Yes, you said do not politicise it. But how can we not address the administrative shambles that it has been. Let us be real. If it were not for the vaccine makers, who have absolutely nothing to do with any government, despite a few jumping into the spotlight to claim the credit, the world would be in total turmoil.

    Yes, the academics and scientists have come with the solutions. they are the current stars, no one else. The populist government only know about making money for their buddies and awarding contracts where it benefits. Google the UK experience on the pandemic contracts, enough to make the best third world kletopmaniac blush.

    Hence, I disagree. We need to politicise it, in order to get accountability. Where is that?

    Let us be clear, if this is not dealt with properly, and I do not mean just Barbados, I mean globally, we are looking at civil unrest because people are not out working and earning money. That is not a joke.

    Let us also be clear about Barbados. The Barbados government and health services has done a very good job so far. Nine deaths in one year, in a hitherto unforeseen event?

    There is no doubt that the virus still has the world in trouble and on the back foot. Along with everyone else, Barbados has serious challenges, including a rising economic storm.

    This is where Liz Thompson’s energies should be spent. Stomping the ground to the USA, UK and UN, to seek assistance as a member of Caricom. That is where the united front must come, as one Caribbean community to obtain short term and medium term assistance.

    There are plenty of capable people to manage local communications on the matter. Absolutely no need for Liz Thompson in that area.

    The other submission on the local industries and self sufficiency are correct, but there is the matter of international financial obligations and transactions, where assistance will be needed urgently, particularly as all of the signs are that the developed countries are themselves seeing timelines extending beyond initial projections, even with the vaccines.

    That is a preamble and positioning for my comment on the subject of the article. I suspect that the virus has snowballed somewhat and some of the data being asked for is not being sidestepped, but it simply has not been gathered. Therefore the government is not in a position to deliver those details, rather than any intent to mislead the public.

    What I would suggest is that instead of a communications manager, the government needs a project manager, to plan and ensure that all of these details are gathered, work with the medical teams and thus be able to manage the pandemic response as a project, rather than purely under a health / medical umbrella.

    Project management is about the planning of resources, timing and outcomes. That is essentially what is missing here, even if a good job has been done thus far. Kudos to the government for getting the resources in place and the health professionals for doing so well, However, planning resources over the medium and long term is somewhat different, when one needs measurement metrics etc.

    I hope that makes some sense.


  • DavidJanuary 24, 2021 1:52 PM

    We are safe once people observe Covid protocols. The blogmaster met a few working remotely in Barbados and they seem very comfortable

    I shudder everytime u make those comments in such a simplistic fashion
    Do u ever look at people who were affected even when doing all that was necessary
    How about those frontline workers who have been affected world wide
    I am of the conclusion that people of your thinking lives in this world where every one is perfect
    There are many who have done all that was necessary but become infected because of reason or circumstance
    Yes i would agree that people should followed guidelines however a simplistic view cannot erase errors in the avoidance of being infected


  • @Crusoe

    Agree with the thrust of your comment including the need to appoint a political figure in the person of Liz.

    Do not take your comment as politicizing when compared to others.


  • See this above >Let us be clear, if this is not dealt with properly, and I do not mean just Barbados, I mean globally, we are looking at civil unrest because people are not out working and earning money. That is not a joke.

    I will say this only once. In my opinion, this virus was not an accident. The result mentioned above, is likely what was intended.

    Word to the wise.


  • Our Supreme Leader has given this task to Ambassador Thompson because it is an impossible task. It is better to put an already failed person in charge of it instead of burning capable ministers with it. So the appointment of the ambassador follows the logic of power.

    Remember OSA and Sinckler. The same pattern. Our Supreme Leader also assigned them with unsolvable tasks. OSA died over it, until today no word from Sinckler in the COVID19 special council.


  • @ Tron

    You remain sharp and perceptive. I am not sure if to take you seriously or just enjoy your satire. The president dips in and out when she thinks she could grab the limelight.
    By the way, where is the commissioner of police?


  • Apparently those who are already working on the island are happy with the arrangement, it’s the screening of those who have not yet arrived but are already permitted to enter that stringency will have to apply…It’s not the end of the world, shut down, slow down the spread…reopen…business as usual…many countries have shut down, reopened and repeat…some got lax and were rewarded with a surge, can’t get lax.


  • @Tron 2:26 p.m
    🙂 🙂
    Pure gold.
    I can imagine her consternation, if Liz were to read your comment and take it seriously …


  • Have to run but let me take a poke at one of my favorite people
    What is this love for repeating first letters
    Mark Maloney
    Mia Motley
    Mongering Mariposa
    Alarmist and ‘conspiracist’ Angela Cox
    Have a great day.


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