The USA is Burning

As the blogmaster is typing he is witnessing a scene in the US Capitol akin to what is associated in countries often described as banana republics. It is impossible to find the words to accurately describe events which have caused the ceremonial event of the Electoral College to be suspended as members scatter to preserve life and limb.


  • Do you see the name Tuberville, his whole demeneaor is in the shape of a white sheet.


  • ArtaxJanuary 17, 2021 4:29 AM

    @ Donna

    You may have to sing a different song. Dominion Voting Systems and their US$1.3B law suit against Powell could be the ‘Medusa’ that turns her into stone.

    But, it provides Sidney with the perfect opportunity to present ‘evidence’ of her conspiracy theories to be examined in Court. She will now have to prove what she says is the common relationship between Dominion, Hugo Chavez and the November 3, 2020 presidential elections.

    Perhaps John may want to assist her legal team.


    I am only half a lawyer admittedly with experience in multiple jurisdictions including US but I would suggest Trump may have declassified or is in the process of declassifying everything she may need.


  • Politics of Dancing

    Lock Him Up


  • Glad to see conglomerates taking a stance…no more freeloading to take bribes.

    “Defending that system helps explain in the week after the Capitol attack, a who’s who of the nation’s most prominent blue-chip companies, including Marriott, AT&T, American Express and Amazon, said they would halt campaign donations to members of Congress who voted to challenge the presidential-election results. Unsentimentally, Hallmark Cards, which is based in Kansas City, Mo., took the additional step of asking Republican Senators who objected to certifying the results to refund the company’s previous donations. Other companies, including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, called a temporary halt to donations to both Republican and Democrats.

    “We are taking a pause on federal contributions and using this as an opportunity to really evaluate the candidates that we have supported and do their actions and values align with ours,” Lynn Good, CEO of Duke Energy, said in an interview with TIME. “We felt like this was an important one for us to weigh in on as a company.” Good said the decision came after careful deliberation and was informed by the strong reaction of many of the company’s employees and customers. “Everyone was watching with some degree of dismay and shock,” says Good. “We are not a supporter of violence being used as a way to voice an opinion on an important topic.” (One could ask whether corporations should play such an outsize role in funding candidates, but that’s a separate topic for another day.)

    Additional moves may be forthcoming. Sonnenfeld, who has convened three emergency summits with CEOs since the election, said the majority of CEOs at a recent meeting said they would “reconsider their investments in states of seditious Congressmen.”

    Business leaders are stepping in to fill a void left by the erosion of trust in government and other institutions. Communications firm Edelman, which annually measures trust in institutions including government, NGOs, business and media, found in its new study that business is the “only trusted institution … and the only institution seen as both ethical and competent.” The report concluded, “The heightened expectations of business bring CEOs new demands to focus on societal engagement with the same rigor, thoughtfulness and energy used to deliver on profits.”

    One marker of a sea change is the emergence of a new vocabulary. Deplatforming—kicking bad actors off the tech infrastructure—has become a mark of corporate activism. Twitter, Facebook and most recently YouTube have deplatformed President Trump. On Jan. 12, YouTube said in a statement, “After careful review, and in light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, we removed new content uploaded to the Donald J. Trump channel … We are also indefinitely disabling comments under videos on the channel.”

    Other tech giants up and down the digital food chain took similar steps in the wake of the Capitol attack. Amazon’s immense cloud-services businesses (in the most recent quarter, they generated nearly $10 billion in revenue) kicked right-wing social network Parler off its web-hosting servers earlier this month. (Parler has sued for breach of contract.) Apple and Google, which removed Parler’s app from its app stores, have moved to dismantle the infrastructure of hate. And Stripe, a high-flying fin-tech startup, said it would no longer process payments for Trump’s campaign website in the wake of the Capitol riots for violating its policies against encouraging violence.

    Whether this was a bold act of corporate leadership—or the equivalent of closing the digital barn door after the rabid horse had already kicked the stable manager in the head and flung its rider to the ground—is a complex question. The deplatforming largely resulted in a collective short-term sigh of relief, but was a stark demonstration of the inordinate and lightly regulated power of a handful of tech giants based in Silicon Valley. Global leaders, including the heads of state of Germany and Mexico, expressed concern over private companies’ ability to censor speech. Forging a new paradigm around the complicated questions of free speech, market concentration and tech regulation will be one of the most consequential global policy debates of our time.

    A final driver forcing CEOs to come off the sideline is the expectation of today’s more politically engaged younger workers. The Edelman survey found that 86% of respondents expected CEOs to speak out on societal issues. “We govern with the consent of the governed, and the governed are restless,” one CEO of a small firm told TIME, voicing concern over the expectation that a CEO statement was now considered de rigueur after any development of note. Speaking out is fine on big issues like climate change or illegally closing the borders to people of one religion, according to the CEO. But there is a growing unease about where it will lead, particularly with issues that hit closer to home, like executive compensation and the wealth gap. In a post-Trump Joe Biden world, “no comment” is no longer an option.”


  • ‘Trump may have declassified or is in the process of declassifying everything she may need.’

    Declassify what? This is variant of “releasing the Kraken”, a nothing burger and a pretense that there is something there…
    The resident is not a man that would spare his enemies; if he had something to put up, he would have done so long ago.

    Dream on. It will end in a few days.


  • @ Quaker John
    @Robert Lucas

    I see there is a raging debate in the UK about the intervention by wealthy Big Tech-owning tycoons in to our free speech and without exception they are all coming down on the side that Big Tech should butt out.
    Nice to know we do not have to depend on BU for new ideas.


  • “I see there is a raging debate in the UK about the intervention by wealthy Big Tech-owning tycoons in to our free speech and without exception they are all coming down on the side that Big Tech should butt out.
    Nice to know we do not have to depend on BU for new ideas.”

    Where is the debate about white racists in power in USA and UK

    it has disappeared up the white racists backside again


  • By definition what is a raging debate? It means we have different perspectives being shared. How is that different to what is happening in this forum? You agree with Dr. Lucas’ extreme view Trump supporters should take up arms?

    You are the biggest hypocrite in this forum.

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  • Hypocrite only.
    Extremely dishonest.
    He could have also cited sources which have a different opinions.
    His statement is that the rest of BU are idiots.

    Why doesn’t trimp sue. He is not a man who does no fight back.
    Freedom of speech is not the freedom to incite/invite riots

    The most powerful man in the world could step out of his office, step to the microphone and the whole world listen instead of being a cowardly imbecile hiding behind twitter to throw stones.


  • The Mysterious Books of War


  • Hal’s comments are a fan’s edit of what he reads in the news and copies like a talking parrot. News media is always a couple of days behind realtime and he thinks that he can look like original thinker copying UK news posting it in Barbados. Now he is claiming he won the “argument” patting himself on the head.


  • Either I slow down or I use a laptop instead of my phone.
    Will not go back and correct.


  • If you want to join the discussion, then do so formally, rather than just sit on the sideline with your passive/aggressive cowardice and throw stones.
    State your case, and if people agree, they agree; if they do not, they do not. But by having a proper discussion it informs and educates.
    Those of us who read what people post would not have to wonder what is meant by X, or Y&, or Z. That is what mature debate is all about.
    If you want to say someone is being hypocritical, then state why? If it is not clear what they mean, simply ask them to clarify or elaborate.
    As to going or coming on BU. Let me say again. I am retired and hopefully I would have have to work again, either paid or voluntarily. I am not a member of any organisation or group. I am not even a member of gym.
    At least twice a month I am offered work, including one person who wants me to head up an subsidiary of her/his company, I keep saying no thank you. I am not looking for a job, any awards or any legitimacy.
    My great satisfaction now is getting calls or emails from former colleagues telling me about their career progress and thanking me for my small contribution to that. Only at Xmas I got a hamper from one such friend.
    Had not for CoVid, I would be spending most of my time formally studying some subject, as it is, I spend my time doing house work, reading, listening to radio an watching television. Coming on BU is something I do to break the monotony.
    Unlike your stupid claims, I do not belong to any political party in Barbados or the UK and never have, My interest is in the welfare of people from the Ivy who I grew up with and, so, the people of Barbados and any proposal I make is in their long-term benefit.
    I was once approached by the British Labour party and asked to stand as a councillor and refused and was invited to join the UK branch of Barbados parties and again declined. But, when invited to their paid-for events, I do attend.
    I am not looking for status, a job, or any awards, nor am I seeking to be invited to dinner parties or other social gatherings. If you want to have a proper debate, fine I am your man; if you want to make childish little remarks then look for someone else. You got the wrong person.


  • Hal

    Why are you talking about yourself
    you sound like GP and other showoff Barbajans

    Trump has still got a Twitter account
    The White House

    US government account
    Welcome to
    ! Follow for the latest from President
    and his Administration. Tweets may be archived:

    But this account will be transferred to the next model president according to Twitter


  • Last/last
    It would be arrogant/silly of me to attempt to tell other bloggers how they should interact with others on BU, how they should conduct themselves or that they should follow the Marquis of Queensbury rules.

    I don’t come here to debate or to educate. It us true that I learnt from others, but I state my opinions, agree or disagree with the opinions of others and that is it.

    For me, there are no dragons; there is no crusade. I do not suffer from the illusion thAt I have to prove how smart I am or am not. Sorry to disappoint you kiddo.

    Get over yourself. Polish up your resume and publish it again.

    Funny, I think I have the right person. A small man with an inflated ego..

    Enjoy the day.


  • Let me kill this lie in its infancy
    “Unlike your stupid claims, I do not belong to any political party in Barbados or the UK and never have,”.

    Show me where I claimed that you belong to a political party?

    If you thinks a general comment fits you, then ask yourself why. I don’t care if you are B, D or whatever.

    Now can you debate a man who invent lies as time passes.


  • Trumps twitter posts have not been killed or shredded and can still be retrieved and used as evidence against him in Courts of Law for various charges such as malicious spreading of conspiracy theories about losing due to cheating inciting protesters and rioters to fight against US Government for certifying the 2020 Election results and some such. Did it ever occur to the fuckwits that Twitter was instructed by Authorities to suspend the Presidential nut job’s account to prevent civil war and home grown terrorism by armed white extremist foot soldiers.


  • Here you go again. Previously you talked ab out people being Dees and Bees and that posts were biased. IU said then that most people on BU were interested in public policy, but only a few identify themselves as Bees or Dees.
    I have now explained why there is no hidden political agenda on my part, that I have no interest in party or elective politics, you now make the equally silly claim about a resume.
    You make accusation and if I try to provide an answer it is an ego trip. What have I said that was an ego trip? That I am retired? That I am not looking for paid or voluntary work?
    That I read? Britain has over 18 national papers and hundreds of local, regional and national publications and even more websites. I continue to do in retirement what I did during my working life. What importance is that to my resume (or CV as I call it)?
    You still cannot debate because you are a coward, you sit on the side and throw stones in your passive/aggressive style. You are not the only one. I try to read what people say on BU and often the same people come on and say the same things in different ways, never offering any original ideas or any coherent arguments. It is typical of what I call the Bajan Condition. Then, of course, you are one of a band of people who spend all their time on BU attacking certain people, encouraged by a chairman who obviously knows no better.
    Then you attribute things to me I have never said or claim about an inflated ego, or hinting about being smart. Let me say again, I am not smart, or bright, or intellectual nor have I ever claimed any such thing.
    I come on BU to be informed and to be educated and to discuss Barbados issues with people who share that interest. That is the difference between us.


  • Critical Analyzer

    You should add writing your memoirs to your lists or do something like posting chapter by chapter. Then, when all chapters are complete, publish all as a book.


  • @ Critical

    Thanks. You are not the first to suggest this. Many of my former colleagues also think I should. It would be a labour of love and my ego is not that big.


  • Hal AustinJanuary 17, 2021 8:36 AM

    @ Quaker John
    @Robert Lucas

    I see there is a raging debate in the UK about the intervention by wealthy Big Tech-owning tycoons in to our free speech and without exception they are all coming down on the side that Big Tech should butt out.
    Nice to know we do not have to depend on BU for new ideas.


    Australia is interesting too … all over the world.

    Uganda banned Twitter during its elections, in fact it shut down the internet.

    Had America done that Dominion would not have been able to send anything out!!


  • Trump has reached his last and Final weekend in the White House


  • John January 17, 2021 7:37 AM #: “I am only half a lawyer admittedly with experience in multiple jurisdictions including US but I would suggest Trump may have declassified or is in the process of declassifying everything she may need.”

    Come on, my friend, based on the crap you spew on BU, I doubt very much you’re even ⅕ a lawyer.

    Trump is an old white narcissistic racist, who believes he’s the ‘smartest individual in the room.’ Remember, during a Iowa campaign rally in 2016, he told said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

    He wanted to remain president ‘so badly’ that months prior to the election, he repeatedly claimed the only way he could lose, was through election fraud. After, he and his cohorts have said and done everything possible to overturn the results, which culminated in riots at the Capitol.

    Surely if there was any classified information Trump knew about that would’ve assisted him in overturning the election, he would have declassified it long time ago.

    Trump is about…… Trump. If such information existed and he did declassify it to assist himself, what makes you believe he would now do so to assist Sidney Powell?

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  • Forgive me if I do not give your silly post the seriousness you think it deserves.

    “Previously you talked ab out people being Dees and Bees and that posts were biased”

    Is that a lie? Did I care about your response?

    “That I read?”.👍

    “You are not the only one. I try to read what people say on BU and often the same people come on and say the same things in different ways, never offering any original ideas or any coherent arguments”

    If there is one person guilty of regurgitating the same shit it is you. Sadly, you do it the same way over and over … catholic … Before this week is over you will be crying your ‘I am being victimized’ song.

    Also, you are not the arbiter of original ideas. Silly you think that original ideas can only be found in an English newspaper.

    “I come on BU to be informed and to be educated and to discuss Barbados issues with people who share that interest. That is the difference between us.”

    I think you miss my point. I don’t care why you come here. You have your reason, I have my own.
    There are a lot more differences between us. But do I care? I just want you to get it in your head. “That guy don’t care”.

    Take the resume tip from CA.

    You may have the last word.


  • Critical Analyzer

    @John January 17, 2021 10:24 AM

    Serves them right. They only looking after their own skin because they are worried how long before they are next.

    Bajan politicians have nothing to worry about. We seem to have our own private social network faster than anything out there called Gossip.

    Maybe we should make it official and create a new social media network app called Gossip. The logo can be

    Believe posts here at your own peril


  • “Thanks. You are not the first to suggest this. Many of my former colleagues also think I should”

    Nobody would buy it

    The thread is becoming a meeting point for Trump nuts like 6th January 2021

    why weren’t they teargassed

    or chased away with flamethrowers


  • BTW: You often claim that you don’t know what ‘have the last word’ means.

    Often, I have seen you trying to sneak in the last word (weeks after the ‘debate’ is ended) in a new conversation. The worst kind of dishonesty on BU.

    That is one of the reason you have rolling fights. When you attempt to sneak in the last words, they become the first words

    Your psychology is known. You think the last word is a victory song.


  • I felt you needed this ….

    You try to put words in people’s mouth and then try to pedal way from your lying words

    You take the smallest point and then act as if you have Gideon’s trumpet

    You will not let a ‘debate’ die a decent death. You carry-on until only your voice is heard (last word, in your mind, you won)

    You update your resume every few weeks on BU.

    I will not mention name calling/dropping.

    I spent some time on you this morning. Hopefully, you will mend your ways


  • Here you go again. I often mention fabrications people have made in the past and have tried to deny or avoid by claiming that one should move on. I say no. We all make mistakes, but if you have and it is pointed out, you correct it and/oar apologise. Not deny it or try to move on.
    Now you call that having the last word. If someone says I was an insurance agent/salesman and a financial adviser without admitting they made a mistake (which is illegal by the way if you are not regulated where I live), or if someone claims I was a Roman Catholic, or other such things, or that I said Barbadian women were not worth marrying, they are not just inaccuracies and chap laughs, but outright wrong.
    But I now know that it is not a BU thing only. I will give an example which is related to one of the BU smears. Sometime ago the Nation ran a story about a Hal Austin, an insurance agent, who was going to develop St Lawrence Gap. Great story.
    The only problem was that they published my picture along with the story. I pointed this out to the Nation and even mentioned it on BU. However, the story and picture are still there on the internet. No apology, no correction.
    So, a few years from now, someone doing research on the subject will come across this and I will be referred to as the insurance salesman who wanted to develop St Lawrence Gap. I cannot even pay my tube fare, far less develop a tourist destination. It is not about me, but accuracy.
    You seem to object to my insistence on historical accuracy, getting things factually right, is that a problem? Why not spell out what you mean instead of making childish sniggering remarks.
    That is your problem, your passive/aggressive cowardice. If something is said and you do not understand, ask for clarity. If you object, say so. Be grown up.


  • Why do you engage with an anonymous person and then complain they are anonymous?

    Is it that should the possibility of legal action arise, you don’t ….

    Getting them all in so that you can have the last word


  • Moving trucks and boxes at the White House. All Trumpist arguments have come to NAUGHT.

    Yet they pretend to be the wisest people on BU and the rest of us are all idiots.

    And Hal Austin? The black power man is in the bosom of the Trumpists, complaining about “Freedom of Speech” and Trump’s right to call to arms the white supremacists.

    Touting the British society he decries as racist as the authorities on such matters.

    This man does not know if he is fish or fowl. Either way he stinks of deceitfulness and hypocrisy.

    One effed up creature!

    He thinks that he alone understands that we must have a very good reason for restricting someone’s right to speak. It is indeed a slippery slope that should be avoided if possible. What he does not understand is that we have considered the ramifications and decided that this is an extreme case in which no better can be done.

    We idiots know that the subject must be constantly debated and the implications weighed and decisions made according to circumstances.

    We idiots understand that freedom of speech, just like freedom of assembly and in fact ALL other freedoms have restrictions.

    We idiots understand that this is not a perfect world and nothing will ever be perfectly resolved.



  • Oops.
    I did not read your last post or you would have had the last word. Let’s try again

    Hal Austin sings the blues
    If someone says I was an insurance agent/salesman and a financial adviser or a Roman Catholic, or other such things, or that I said Barbadian women were not worth marrying ….


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, I like ur facetious “official countdown” … yep 3 days to D-day! …. but based on all the reports Jan 20 could be historically registered as THE day of “infamy” in the US … (a lil poetic licensing mixed metaphors here)!

    But on the other hand, why yah so tho 😂🙈… u are instigating an unnecessary fight re this ‘first amendment thingy. Let’s be real … all of us 50-plusers know how emotive that subject has been throughout our lives … right here in Bim, that Barrow Black power act (if I may call it that) was our blunt instrument to control free speech of our local impassioned activists.

    So absolutely not only in US but across all the democratic world it’s been “a raging debate” ALWAYS.

    Now, ur are pushing buttons with @Austin because what he presents is broadly the ACCEPTED side of the argument: we cannot be curcumscribed – certainly not by another private person/entity- from speaking OUR truth if it does not breach defined legal standards (slander, libel, sedition etc).

    Amusingly that is the same perspective of most of those here (even KikiDub) based on their posts over time but yet we fight on THAT right of Senor Austin… amazing really.🙃

    Now, I absolutely agree with you that the gent displays much written hypocrisy but again that’s his right to do so.

    Oh @Austin I have previously detailed WHY I CALL you a hypocrite … and btw , a man who touts his desire to guide younger career folks would certainly be fulfilling that objective by writing a ‘memoir’.

    I dont buy your reasoning… but surely it’s yours to make… you are either restfully lazy in your retirement or dont want to unearth some skeletons by putting pen to paper…. 😂.

    But look at it this way: none of the salacious stuff about Dr King detracts one iota (for most of us) from the tremendous civil rights legacy he and his colleagues fought and died to achieve… and u CANT have anything like that in your closet … write the memoir do or STOP talking about all the offers and tings so, fah real.

    We may beat u up here (justly too) but your story of the My Lords hill boy who conquered UK journalism is as inspiring a tale as any … one must give Hal his jacket … it’s as simple as that!

    I gone.


  • Free speech lives on and on


  • His other newly released tune is, “Mia damned if she do and damned if she don’t!”

    That can be downloaded on the COVID blogs.


  • @Dee Word

    Some prefer to eat Shirley Biscuit and drink Gin and Tonic…LOL


  • They rewrite history
    We retype history
    The revolution ain’t a mystery
    Get your motherfuckin’ hands up
    It’s right in front of your computer screen


  • The only jacket Hal Austin could get from me is a straight jacket.

    Who cares what he did in the past? Unless he is suffering from dementia there is no excuse for what he does now!

    Achieving whatever you think he did could have come from kissing white ass for all I know. Something traumatic must have happened to turn him into what he is today.


  • So, Tuberville wants to delay the Inauguration until COVID is? Tuberville was a football coach maybe he should be checked for CTE, unfortunately there is no test for that unless you are dead. Tuberville was the senator that Giuliani tried to contact to delay the Electoral College vote, but Giuliani screwed up and left the voice mail on another senator’s phone which the senator promptly released to the world to show the lengths that Trump and his minions would go to hang on to the Presidency and the ineptitude that surrounds Trump. Tuberville seems to forget there is a US constitution which explicitly states the day and timing of the swearing in of a president.

    Tuberville also displayed his knowledge or lack thereof when he stated that the three branches of Gov’t. were “The House, the senate and the Executive” when they are Executive, legislative and judicial, even fools study up on subjects before they opine on them and he was a newly elected senator when he made that claim.

    Alabama ranked last i.e., 50 out of 50 US States in educational achievement and now it has a senator who lives up to the ideal.

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  • Looks like Giuliani gearing up to defend the President.

    They better run quick and disbar him … if they can!!


  • @Sargeant

    Raise yuh hands!

    @ John

    Those of us residing in shithole countries look forward to the conedyfest if it becomes a reality.


  • “President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani tells ABC News he’s working as part of the president’s defense team in his upcoming second impeachment trial — and that he’s prepared to argue that the president’s claims of widespread voter fraud did not constitute incitement to violence because the widely-debunked claims are true.”

    Sometimes I have to wonder at how stupid the Democrats are.

    If they get Mitch to hold the trial in the Senate after the 20th, it becomes a vehicle through which all the voter fraud claims will need to be investigated.

    Mitch might just do it!!

    It’s like Dominion suing Sydney Powell, same result, it all comes out.

    Stupidity seems to more catching than COVID!!

    When you add the possibility of impeachment articles being filed in the House on the 21st against Biden, it’s going to be a continuation of the “Greatest Show on Earth”, with Donald Trump as ringmaster!!


  • @John

    How many court cases have the US Courts flushed so far?


  • Trump should make John and Hal associates in his department of legal shit for upcoming cases

    Here’s a couple of Brazilian records for your listening pleasure


  • Its sad yet funny at the same time, brought to you by Jamaican born Sarah Cooper . Who ever is on the WH podium post Jan. 20 will be a great improvement over this clown.


  • DavidJanuary 17, 2021 1:45 PM


    How many court cases have the US Courts flushed so far?


    If it happens, the trial is going to be in the Senate …… but you knew that …… right??


  • What determines if Trump is convicted in the Senate is whether Republicans vote along party lines or conscience. The reference to court cases is about when those law suits start flowing after 20 January.

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  • Keeping it Brazil


  • Man, all of John’s ten predictions came to naught! His countdowns went to negative 10. He keeps flapping about like a fish on a dock.

    He soon run out of breath. The reality clock is ticking!


  • Critical Analyzer


    Go take your dog for a walk, give him your US Presidential election bone and have him bury it in a cane field somewhere along the way.

    This second impeachment is the same distraction playbook used with the first impeachment being run again.

    All this is doing is giving him false hope he will get to defend himself and bring everything out before the senate trial so he does not try to use any of his remaining presidential powers in these last few days in a last ditch effort to get his proof in front the US population.

    Trump is done and within a year, two at the most he will be bankrupt. The democrats and republicans are going to see to that because they want the old money controls election votes system back.


  • Critical Analyzer


    The minute Trump is out of office, the senate is going to find a reason not to give Trump a bully pulpit in front the senate by holding an impeachment trial.


  • We can see that McConnell tired with Trump already and to boot has no appetite to be minority Whip. Trump is yesterday’s news. He has left an indelible stain on the history of America.


  • yep…round up all the imps and pimps.

    “Some say these two objectives, unity and accountability, are at odds with one another. In fact they are inseparable. Without accountability, unity will be an illusion, an invitation to further, deeper, more dangerous division. With accountability, the nation has a genuine chance to come together and move forward.

    One thing the Founders would have never expected was a physical attack on the members of those august bodies to be ordered by a president who had lost a free and fair election. The could never have imagined that members of the Senate would stand on the floor and actively promote insurrection. The last time it happened was at the start of the Civil War, and those members were rightly expelled from the body.”


  • Better make an example of all of them.

    “It will be clear that a demagogue slinging lies like a monkey throws poop can declare an election null and void, insist that he is the rightful leader, and get away with it. That message will be well-learned by all the wrong people. Trump’s actions will be emulated by politicians with more skill and cunning than him, with the ability to manipulate information growing ever more sophisticated as technology and social media evolve.

    The actions of those who seek to destroy us must be met with a show of force so strong that no American ever attempts to overthrow our government again.”


  • @Hal Austin January 17, 2021 9:28 AM “I am not even a member of gym.”

    I suggest that you join a gym.


  • @Hal Austin January 17, 2021 9:28 AM “If you want to join the discussion, then do so formally, rather than just sit on the sideline with your passive/aggressive cowardice and throw stones.”

    How does one formally join a discussion on a very, very informal blog.

    Does one have to get the permission of Chairman Hal Austin in order to join? Does one have to raise one’s hand for permission before speaking?

    Help me out here.


  • Oh Lord in Barbados it is sometimes said that old women are miserable, or to use the Bajan term touchous

    But not a one of them can compete with our friend Hal.

    And Hal we all understand the meanings of the words explicit and implicit.


  • Touchous=irritable; too ready to take offence; difficult to cooperate with

    Source: Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage


  • Let’s go back to October 2020:

    Hal Austin October 19, 2020 9:44 AM #: “It is only when the fabrications take root – some fowl called me a Roman Catholic for no obvious reason apart from scratching in her own mental backyard. There are others, such as being an independent financial adviser, and even after correction, continued with the nonsense for a period after. It took that person until recently to OFFER a KIND of APOLOGY.”

    Please note, although he DOWNPLAYED MY APOLOGY, he essentially ADMITTED I OFFERED one.

    However, I was EXTREMELY SURPRISED when I read the guy’s following contribution TODAY on BU:

    Hal Austin January 17, 2021 11:10 AM #: “If someone says I was an insurance agent/salesman and a financial adviser WITHOUT ADMITTING THEY MADE A MISTAKE (which is illegal by the way if you are not regulated where I live)……”


    It seems as though he DISREGARDED my apology, to FABRICATE nonsense.



  • @555dubstreet January 17, 2021 10:48 AM “Nobody would buy it.”

    I tend to agree with 555dubstreet


  • I sure wouldn’t! I can hardly bear to read his crap on BU. These days I only catch it if it is short because I cannot help my eyes from seeing as I scroll past.

    Too much misery for me!


  • African sounds
    Let us go to Africa now for all the Africans in the area


  • Ah…..we’re an in the midst of a REVOLUTION….who was it said A CHANGE GONNA COME…was it Sam Cooke 1964…VISIONARIES….well, it’s HERE…some will miss the whole event, those who were expecting it…wont.


  • One editorial likened him to a “political parasite”

    “The public will not see Donald Trump’s White House records for years, but there is growing concern the collection will never be complete – leaving a hole in the history of one of America’s most tumultuous presidencies.

    Trump has been cavalier about the law requiring that records be preserved. He has a habit of ripping up documents before tossing them out, forcing White House workers to spend hours taping them back together.

    White House staff quickly learned about Trump’s disregard for documents as they witnessed him tearing them up and discarding them. “My director came up to me and said, ‘You have to tape these together,’” said Solomon Lartey, a former White House records analyst.

    The first document he taped back together was a letter from Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader in the Senate, about a government shutdown. “They told [Trump] to stop doing it. He didn’t want to stop.”


  • Lindsey Graham now blames Nancy Pelosi for not providing adequate security for the house!

    How low can these Republicans go???
    Democrats are not angels but surely these Republicans are demons!

    Beyond redemption, it seems. John McCain tried and failed.


  • This is not a fairytale.

    “A handful of armed protesters affiliated with right-wing militias began gathering outside the Michigan statehouse in Lansing on Sunday, according to reports.

    About 20 protesters, including members of the anti-government boogaloo movement, began to gather outside the state capitol shortly after noon — with the crowd expected to grow, the Detroit Free Press reported.

    The planned demonstration to protest President Trump’s re-election loss comes amid heavily heightened security in Lansing in the wake of the Jan. 6 siege of the US Capitol.”


  • “If there is one person guilty of regurgitating the same shit it is you. Sadly, you do it the same way over and over … catholic … Before this week is over you will be crying your ‘I am being victimized’ song.”


    Example………Three (3) times in the same week:

    Hal Austin November 12, 2020 2:55 PM #: “He also says things then denies them. He once called me financial adviser, when I pointed out it was illegal in the UK to call yourself a financial adviser unless regulated he went off saying that what he meant was that insurance salesmen/agents in Barbados usually call themselves financial advisers and he thought that was what I was doing.”

    Hal Austin November 14, 2020 5:49 AM #: “What I do find more embarrassing are the number of juvenile attacks some people make, such as calling me a Roman Catholic as a form of insult; a polymath; an intellectual demigod; a know it all; a financial adviser who might have been an insurance agent/salesman instead of dealing with the substantive issues – and those are the repeatable ones.”

    Hal Austin November 15, 2020 2:47 PM #: “By the way, these are the very people who claim I failed to ask questions at a town hall meeting when I was miles away. But they were told so by their friends, and they believed them. Funny that.
    If you read books, they try to insult you for reading, call you a know it all, or someone who thinks he is a polymath, or an intellectual demigod; if you reference where ideas come from they accuse you of name-dropping white Europeans; if you try to correct them (ie that the Daily Mail and the Mailonnline are two different publications) they tell you you are nit-picking.
    It is the Barbados Condition. It is deeply cultural. All they have to do is discuss the issues, and stop throwing stones. For this I may be called a Roman Catholic as a form of abuse, or worst.”

    This is the level Barbados Underground has SUNK to.


  • There is a reason why Trump is making a getaway before Biden is granted his Power
    I suspect he is on the lam like the gingerbread man


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    “What determines if Trump is convicted in the Senate is whether Republicans vote along party lines or conscience.”… yes @David, true dat…. but unless ‘fear of losing de pic’ is part of your definition of conscience then that’s numero uno!

    There are very few local districts where the Trump infused primary challenger will not go after those voting to impeach…

    Now of course that may spell greater doom for the party itself as rabid Trump-lite reps may incite larger Dem turnout.

    But we shall see …

    In the Senate the situation is just a bit different as at the moment (upcoming resignations, more moderate state wide vote patterns etc) there is surely a very HIGH probability that 17 votes can be added to the Dem caucus to impeach this man.

    The POLITICS of this matter are so wonderfully intriguing that I look forward to this trial eagerly.

    I think it would be madness for McConnell to vote to acquit … so I believe DJT is toast.

    I agree with Comey completely that Biden needs to pardon the trumpet AFTER any properly indicted criminal liabilities are laid in court.

    Obvioualy a former US President cant go to jail !

    C’est la vie of political life!


  • Trump in all likelihood will end up with three terms as President, 45, 47 and 47!!


  • Facts of Life

    If someone is going to post Farage on BU, then it is time for that moron to leave BU

    Maybe Hal can explain why


  • Food, food food!!!

    Truckers move food from farmers to cities!!!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    John why only three?

    Isn’t it likely he will be in for 6 terms just like his idol Vlad Putin!

    Three sounds so meager.

    He just has to outdo this little impeachment bother and he is set like flint … not the city, of course!


  • Tick tock! The reality clock!

    John is deteriorating just as quickly as the cancerous lump in the White House. The only one going down with the ship.

    One sad lunatic!


  • A little mood music for John and Donald

    I see a red door and I want it painted black
    No colours anymore, I want them to turn black
    I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
    I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

    [Verse 2]
    I see a line of cars and they’re all painted black
    With flowers and my love, both never to come back
    I see people turn their heads and quickly look away
    Like a newborn baby, it just happens every day

    [Verse 3]
    I look inside myself and see my heart is black
    I see my red door, I must have it painted black
    Maybe then I’ll fade away and not have to face the facts
    It’s not easy facing up when your whole world is black

    [Verse 4]
    No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue
    I could not foresee this thing happening to you
    If I look hard enough into the setting sun
    My love will laugh with me before the morning comes

    [Verse 1]
    I see a red door and I want it painted black
    No colours anymore, I want them to turn black
    I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
    I have to turn my head until my darkness goes


  • de pedantic DribblerJanuary 17, 2021 9:19 PM

    John why only three?



    Because 1 + 2 = 3!!

    Y0u never learnt that at school.


  • @John
    who is this Estwick?


  • JohnJanuary 17, 2021 8:36 PM Instead of anyone wasting time watching the video, let me paraphrase in line with his views.

    Farage’s position appears to be that ‘Trump is right, because he is white and far right, so do not impeach’.

    Done and dusted. Just saved a bunch of people time from watching that crap.

    You are welcome.


  • Too bad for Trump yardfowls, they don’t have multimillions to pay for pardons….off to jail they go.🤣……if political yardfowls of varying color persuasions don’t learn now, they never will and deserve everything they get.

    “In Trump’s final days at White House, presidential pardons reportedly up for grabs for the right price
    The New York Times, citing documents and interviews with more than three dozen lobbyists and lawyers, reported Sunday night some Trump allies are collecting fees from wealthy felons or their associates to push the White House for clemency.”

    this is the genius who may cop murder charges with all the other idiots….lol

    Jones allegedly “forcefully struck the door’s glass panels at least 10 times with a long, wood flagpole,” the news release says. According to video of the incident, seconds later, Ashli Babbitt was fatally shot.

    Chad Barrett Jones, 42, of Coxs Creek, Ky. (Courtesy of the Oldham County Detention Center)
    The relative allegedly described Jones’ clothes to investigators and said Jones was “using a rolled up Trump flag to attempt to break the glass on an interior door.”


  • WURA-War-on-UJanuary 18, 2021 6:13 AM

    That is one benefit of letting them on social media, tracking.


  • sure is.


  • What is the countdown Mr. Wolf?


  • Question of the day – how many pardons will Trump deliver tomorrow before he takes his 21 gun salute and get the hell outta Dodge?


  • The point has been made and now they are back for tracking purposes.

    Wait! That foolish Johnnie actually believes the vans were moving food???? You mean he did not see the bust of Abraham Lincoln being carried out to the van?????


    Is this man for real?????



  • NorthernObserverJanuary 18, 2021 2:50 AM

    who is this Estwick?


    My twin brother.


  • Oh no! I hope there’s only one EVIL TWIN!


  • @ Dee pedantic dribbler

    FYI the Global BU community has stopped talking to John Knox and are no longer entertaining his Trump legal conspiracy theory fantasies which are struck out by judges and dismissed, except for internet dummies like GP Hal Critical Analist who need a handle for their own inane mutterings such as freedom of speech should be allowed for white extremist hate, and Trump is a God ordained King and it is now the beginning of the end of the world times, as they do not dwell in the land of reality either.

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