Boko Haram: Hundreds of Blacks Killed and Why WE Continue to Turn Our Backs

It is hard not to develop a negative outlook to the medium term prospects of humankind if we pause to scan world news for just 5 minutes. Whether the rise of ISIL as a consequence of the leadership vacuum created by the Western coalition led by the USA assassinating Saddam Hussein. There is the takeout of Muammar Gaddafi. Two years later Libya has two factions warring for the right to rule. The latest: the United Nations will attempt to broker a deal to delay a Gaddafi stable country from slipping deeper into civil war. Some will say this is part of the growing pains of a democracy taking root. What is democracy anyway? We could easily have highlighted the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the destabilization of Syria, volatility in Afghanistan and many others.

While the Western Press has decided to give 24 hour coverage to the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the ensuing events, the BU household remains numb struck at the report hundreds of Nigerians were murdered in what has been described by Amnesty International as the ‘deadliest massacre’ in the history of Boko Haram. In this part of the world – Barbados included –  intoxicated by newsfeeds from CNN, BBC, FOX and affiliates, little mention and public commentary is generated out of Africa. And when we get information it is of the negative variety. We sit back and debate the USA’s right to invade countries in the Middle East which aligned with geopolitical interest BUT we ignore what is happening in other places. And we know why.

Boko Haram has been around for for a decade and is described as a militant Islamist movement sworn to eradicating and preventing Western education. Interesting is that it is enforcing anti Western education philosophy on Nigeria, a predominant Black country. Boko Haram’s approach rubbishes the argument by White apologists that the problem arising from different dogmas like Islam and Christian can be delineated on race.

What is playing out in Nigeria is reminiscent of the Rwandan tragedy when the Western world turned its back and permitted the Hutu and Tutsi to massacre themselves with an estimated1 million Rwandans killed. If we believe the West, namely the USA and the British, that the reluctance to aggressively move against Boko Haram is because of the fear of hostages being killed or acts of recrimination on villages.  What prevents the Western media – including the Caribbean – giving events in Nigeria adequate coverage on humanitarian, our lineage and other grounds?

We continue to engage in petty perspectives forgetting that we live in a fishbowl where ideologies, religions and philosophies transcend national boundaries. Why do we feel justified constructing the process referred to as globalization with the goal to integrate countries across the world, BUT, we forget to do the same when a member of the international community needs help on humanitarian grounds?


  • St George's Dragon

    This Nigerian newspaper says it was 150 deaths:
    Still scandalous and probably a lie by the Nigerian Government which appears to want to downplay the problem.
    Are the Nigerians trying to sort the situation out, though? Clearly they want assistance but the first world countries appear to be reluctant to provide it because of human rights abuses (600 innocent civilians massacred by the army in one event in possible retaliation), a lack of Government commitment to resolving the problem and a shambolic army.


  • @millertheanunnaki January 12, 2015 at 9:17 PM #

    Thanks for the exposition.

    As you set out it’s clear to an objective eye that this talk from the government of seeking international help is wonderful political double speak.

    In line with your remarks there will be no international force entering Nigeria anytime soon because of the political dynamics.

    The various opposition politicians will not accept it and those Nigerian officials who are calling for it KNOW that. Double speak. No bona-fides.

    I would suggest that the civil war is already well apace. When one group can attack with impunity to cause your national army to basically sit helplessly on its hands that sounds like civil war to me. Or anarchy if you prefer.

    As everyone here knows, India and Pakistan was once one larger country; nations in Eastern Europe too have been split along religious/ethnic lines. The Islamist want that in Nigeria too. Ideally the whole nation under Sharia law but if they can get a completely autonomous governing North that’s works too.

    This is a long standing issue balanced on the head of a corrupt officialdom.

    And it’s now ready to explode. International assistance is not the panacea some think it will be. But yes it is needed to get this nation back on some track.


  • they have 300000 govt forces 2000 book haram, yes black peoples lives do not matter… other blacks. Sometimes you have to stand up for your own country its Nigeria;s time.


  • So why doesn’t France stand up on its own and disregard a call to world leaders to rally on the weekend was not necessary. So myopic.


  • Did you hear france ask for troops or weapons I didn’t. Trust me if this was happening in france they would sort it out. This was an opportunity to stand with the minorities show radicals you cant devide us and prevent a backlash at the muslim community.


  • This is an extremely interesting report from Aljazeera. It is an explosive report based on how Kenya deals with her Muslim “extremist” community.

    Click onto the first clip (48 minutes duration)


  • UK defends response to Boko Haram slaughter in Nigeria

    Foreign Office minister says Nigerians living in UK can be proud of British assistance in fight against Islamist militants


  • CNN is currently discussing this same matter. The consensus is that Nigeria is NOT a priority and once it is contained the USA government will not give a damn. Unless it moves regionally the US will continue to ignore this atrocity. The irony is that Goodfellow sent sympathy to France yet said nothing about the slaughter. The reality is that Boko Haram is a threat to the region as it continues to grow. What if it picks up attached itself to other terrorist organizations etc? What about the large immigrant outflow from that region which could destabilize pressure EU and other borders?All things are connected. Do you understand Lawson?

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  • The Boko Haram is already aligned with ISIS and Al Qaeda.


  • David January 13, 2015 at 9:47 AM.. The consensus is that Nigeria is NOT a priority…The reality is that Boko Haram is a threat to the region as it continues to grow. What if it picks up attached itself to other terrorist organizations etc?—-

    David, there is no dispute with any of your remarks. Your arguments seem however to be in a mini vacuum.

    The Muslim intifada which I interpret your “attached itself to other terrorist organizations” was a loose coalition before Osama Bin Laden; it was energized and explicitly refocused by him with 9-11 and has been ongoing since then in every which way. They are all linked, sir.

    The many critics of the Iraq war were concerned of unleashing the very same ethnic uprisings that were the precursor to present instability.

    Every practical intelligence service around the world understands and is fighting against just this.

    My point sir is that it is very simplistic to cast the issue of Nigeria, and Africa in general. in strict racial terms about countries not caring.

    That panders to a base level debate which absolutely does not take in the valid point that Lawson and others have made: Nigeria itself has to take full responsibility first and foremost for the current ‘lawless’ state.

    There are not the first government that has decimated its own country to fulfill personal agendas of greed, wealth or ‘tribal’ supremacy.

    Let’s be VERY real about that. Yes they need help and yes the western world decimated and ‘under-developed’ those countries as Eric Williams posited eons ago. All still true.

    But we are here today and a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Let’s have a real reckoning that asks hard questions about leadership in the countries.

    I go back to SA every time. Do we not realize that SA would now be just as big a cesspool of trouble if Mr Mandela, de Klerk and others did not do the right things for their country. That could have quickly devolved into chaos with the literal lost of a heart-beat.

    Where is the COMMITMENT in Nigeria, David. Where are the men with balls (that Bushie speaks about) who are committed to move away from the warped thinking that can move their country forward.

    Your heart is in the right place sir, but you are more discerning of the real geo-politics than what you present here.

    CNN, BBC, Fox or whomever all have agendas. Pundits there, as here, will sing sounds that make the point. Their words are good, catchy and indeed have validity but so too many counter-point words sir: ‘

    “So you think you have found the solution
    But it’s just another illusion
    So before you check out your tide
    Don’t leave another cornerstone standing there behind
    We have got to face the day, ooh we come what may
    We the street people talking, we the people struggling” Marley.

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  • Easy Squeeze (Make No Riot)

    Slavery Reparations is one step towards acknowledging inherent Racism and Hypocrisy of West. It is UK’s job to fight terror in their old colonies and France to fight it in theirs (where they still have business interests)


  • Reporting in northern Nigeria is notoriously difficult; journalists have been targeted by Boko Haram, and, unlike in Paris, people on the ground are isolated and struggle with access to the internet and other communications. Attacks by Boko Haram have disrupted connections further, meaning that there is an absence of an online community able to share news, photos and video reports of news as it unfolds.


  • Sometimes I wonder if God really made us or if he found us abandoned in some gutter somewhere. This world is so messed up! Who can fix it? Hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. One thing I’m sure of is that these extremists are misguided. Those who insult their prophets are being disrespectful but should be ignored. Mohammed, if he is who they believe him to be, does not need anyone to defend him. Why bother about a few people who abuse the right to free speech?

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  • What I meant to say also is that if Allah wanted to force people to worship him he sure wouldn’t need any puny humans to accomplish that. As to why the world has paid as much attention to Nigeria – we all know the answer to that.


  • Boko Haram suffers setback in border clash amid growing fears of expansion.

    The killing of 143 militants from the Nigeria-based Islamic extremist group could be a major blow to their expansion strategy. Hundreds of people died during a recent Boko Haram attack on a Nigerian garrison town near the border.


  • David it seems journalists can find book harem why cant the govt., I read this the other day ..when you kill enough of the other guy that’s when they give up and want the fighting to stop. Pretty simple


  • It is not easy to find out the truth in Nigeria.

    The Baga killings last week are a case in point, with politicians and government officials offering vastly different information – from 150 dead to 2,000.

    News of another attack by Islamist militants from Boko Haram often starts as a vague one-liner as was the case on 3 January: “Attack on Baga. Loud gunfire heard.”

    This first bit of information often comes via social media. The challenge now is to find out the details and there are plenty of obstacles in the way of getting to the truth.

    First up there has been no mobile phone connection in Baga for many months after the jihadists attacked mobile phone masts in the north-east.

    There are of course the officials whose job it is to tell the world what is going on.

    But for the first few days of the Baga crisis both the military spokesmen and government officials were silent or not picking up calls.

    Then, often with help from colleagues from the BBC’s Hausa service, the goal is to get through to people who have witnessed the violence


  • єαѕу ѕqυєєzє (мαкє ησ яισт)


  • St George's Dragon

    You should read the BBC article as linked by Anthony 2.47 pm. A nice bit of unbiased practical journalism about a difficult subject.


  • Why is the world media not capitavated enough to report on …

    UN Refugee Agency


    New report published today. It details the level of poverty among Syrian #refugees in Jordan


  • Boko Haram crisis: African Union to discuss multinational force


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Donna

    You said and I quote ” Why bother about a few people who abuse the right to free speech?”

    I was in agreement with most of what you posted earlier, particularly the point about Allah or in my case The Almighty GOD JEHOVAH, being able to fight his war.

    “You muddah is a two penny whore from Bay Street” while an abuse of free speech may put your peaceful coexistence theory to the test.

    In fact, if you really want to test that why bother concept, make some death threat against one of the first world cvntries that we does still lie to get a visa from and see if the red lights that illuminate your street on the police vehicles accompanied by resident US Spec. Force officials don’t eclipse the red lights that I purport adorned the place where I said yuh muddah used to work

    There is a threshold of tolerance which, depending on your discipline, and training, will affect how many times I tell you bout your muddah and you don’t respond and how quickly you can do a Dr. Duguid and yuh muddah cvnt response.

    Couple this with ingrunt, uneducated swine AND a mob mentality and fear that if I don’t show my love for Allah in front of my neighbours dem gine crucify my donkey, and we arrive at where we are – Radical Jihadists

    By the way, in these harsh times, has your mother “discunted” her fees at Bush Hill?

    Now do you get my drift? For after a while, unless you are extremely disciplined, the constant gnawing at your sense of self WILL ELICIT a response that is not a turning of the other cheek

    Fifteen more minutes till de insulin shot…


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    The solution is to stop sending hate and fear into atmosphere and love yourself and others and send out love as vibrational frequency love your enemies and pray


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Easy Squeeze

    “send out vibrational frequencies…”

    Sounds like if you are proposing a Sai Baba-esque obeah vodoo based wishy washy concept to me, Easy Kiki.

    @ Anthony

    I would wish to ask you what you meant in stating “The Boko Haram is already aligned with ISIS and Al Qaeda.”

    What do you mean by aligned?

    I would respectfully submit that if ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) were to meet with Abubakar Shekau, aka Darul Tawheed, The Abode of Monotheism through some time warp method that the later Islamist leader of the Boko Haram would be summarily put to death

    In voicing the word aligned, IF you are speaking of it in a specific light, you would have understood what is baffling all the western intelligence agencies which have, as usual, based on their disdain for non-Caucasian peoples, misconstrued what The Caliphate is and more importantly, how to destroy it.

    The CIA and other intelligence analysts have misconstrued the concept of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”

    The BIBLE is the sole positor of military strategy that WILL DESTROY these parties and enemies to civilisation.

    De ole man is not “waxing and waning philosophical” (i get de insulin so there is pellucidity of thought, I think) nor (for the benefit of the atheists at large) am I seeking to go into the metaphysics of thePower of The Word of God.

    If one simple lesson *** were to be employed from This Timeless Guide, the ISIL, and Boko Harams of this world, would implode, overnight.

    Like Tomas Grey the ole man is, of late, inclined to repeat the constant, informative refrain “Yet ah! why should they know their fate? since sorrow never comes too late, and happiness too swiftly flies;. thought would destroy their paradise; No more; where ignorance is bliss….” and those of you more wise can end this well know rhyme


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    Infinite I together We Are God
    the future the past the present
    the infinite now
    there is no freedom
    until all are free
    love yourself
    respect yourself
    love and respect all
    open your heart to love of self
    and all things and all others
    stop projecting disharmony
    fear conflict hatred aggression


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    God Bless The Children


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Dear Easy Squeeze

    After a while, music and tunes embedded in your powerpoint like comments abounding as prolifically as yours on a serious commentary blog can become drearysome much akin to Dompey/Donkey

    You might do better posting on the Boston Symphony or the Albert Hall Websites

    It is not even like the music is your music.


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

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  • St George's Dragon

    More coverage of Boko Haram atrocities:
    Confirmation that perhaps the world press does give the attacks in Nigeria adequate coverage.


  • The African state where a grenade is cheaper than a Coke

    With the growth of foreign trade and the exponential hike in the numbers of foreigners entering Barbados we should be very concerned.


  • St George's Dragon

    More world press coverage of Boko Haram:


  • @St. George’s Dragon

    You don’t get it do you. The issue is not that there is no coverage but that there should be more. CNN agrees it has come under criticism for its coverage. Then again Nigeria has asked for a blackout on Boko Haram.


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    @ St. Georges Dragon

    The BBC reports of Boko Haram have been appearing after BU’s complaint of no reporting.

    UK Government / GCHQ must be monitoring BU for Slavery Reparations discussions to determine the best arguments against Reparations posted here

    maybe reggae is preferable to ska for Piece


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