The USA is Burning

As the blogmaster is typing he is witnessing a scene in the US Capitol akin to what is associated in countries often described as banana republics. It is impossible to find the words to accurately describe events which have caused the ceremonial event of the Electoral College to be suspended as members scatter to preserve life and limb.


  • Afrikan muzik can sound funky raw and gritty like funk rhythm and blues music out of the deep South in America by the African Slave descendants who had their culture and musical instruments taken away from them. Is this form of communication over large distances a spiritual vibration, a god and god reunion or even a man/woman and god reunion. In the animal kingdom there are evolution revolutions that occur at same time in several different distance places. It has been proven that penguins on the North and South pole on opposite sides of the world often exhibit similar changes in behavioural patterns at same time. People can playfully communicate with their energy bodies which project extend and span thousands of miles outside themselves, outside their rooms and across their cities, across the land over the hills and mountains to the horizons across planet earth in all directions forward backwards sidewards left and right all around and also up and down to the core of the earth and heavens above, sending and receiving love from their good hearts to and from all good hearts everywhere.


  • I see the European Union has now come out against social media companies playing God. Time for a serious conversation in Barbados.


  • I see the European Union has now come out against social media companies playing God. Time for a serious conversation in Barbados. Free Speech is too important to democracy


  • The blighted plight of yardfowls, they don’t even merit a pardon unless they’re high profile

    “Trump’s list of pardons, CNN reports, is said to include “white-collar criminals, high-profile rappers and others.” .

    Trump is still also reportedly considering preemptive pardons for his children, Jared Kushner, Giuliani and himself.”


  • “I see the European Union has now come out against social media companies playing God. Time for a serious conversation in Barbados. Free Speech is too important to democracy”
    Back away boy and shut up already.
    Back off + Let the breeze cool me off.
    Free speech of prejudiced white extremists with their long talk of the lowest common denominator going around the houses with propaganda and hidden agendas and ulterior motives can not and will not ever be tolerated by the free speech of righteous freedom fighters on a higher level like a soul rebel iron lion in zion who believe in truths and rights human rights and equal rights for calling out all cunts as cunts daily as daily operation as they are big cunts, but white extremists and filthy warmongers complain like bitches and snitches and rats in the ditches about the tone of a person to silence freedom fighters for peace using every dirty trick in the book. That’s why there is racist populist white trash rising in USA UK EU public and Government power like a virus and all the while media and press are missing in action as they are controlled by same white racists and their bottom line scam is their own interests of money.


  • Critical Analyzer


    Do you actually believe all the racist stuff you write or are you some political hack trying to paint everything as black vs white, rich vs poor, haves vs have nots to garner support and converts for your beliefs or agenda.

    People like you only want free speech when the person is speaking what you want to hear but if they speak otherwise, you will want them to be banned and censored.


  • We the people
    For the people
    say to all the silly lil boy trolls
    stop trolling now

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    The Pretenders
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    Trump is leaving first thing Wednesday Morning as he wants to be out of town when the new leader is duly appointed and will be crying like a rain shower that cries a river and makes a deep blue sea

    Holding back the years
    Thinking of the fear I’ve had so long
    When somebody hears
    Listen to the fear that’s gone
    Strangled by the wishes of pater
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  • Hal supports the rights of free speech for racists with prejudice bias corrupting politics as he is one and the same as them, like birds of a feather that flock together in any weather whatever. He hates Africans, other Caribbean people, Asians of both Indian and Chinese types and many many more

    Critical Non-Analyser

    You get graded another EPIC FAIL F and should go back to remedial or summer school to learn and past last years tests before you can move forward again.

    74,223,744 people voted for a second term of a renown racist with prior history of racism racist platform on 3rd November 2020
    but lost as Biden scored 81,283,485 votes and 306 vs 232 Electoral votes.

    Chopping the head of a divide to rule demagogue wicked leader so he stops talking spreading enabling hatridge is one step forward but the beast has 74,223,744 more heads to decapitate.

    Presumably you are not living in America, are not American and cannot vote in America, but subscribe to the hard core extremist lies and political propaganda that is taking away the accolade of the proven winner of a fair and honest democratic election, like Kanye West did with Taylor Swift at the music awards for best album of the year as he dug Beyonce more. Trump thinks everything is about him when nothing is about him, it is about everyones else apart from him. He is now history and will not be remembered well in history as the good that you do will always live after you and the bad that you do will always follow you and when you are bad you are really really bad as a good lesson in life for life.


  • Good morning to all.
    Good morning to 555.
    That was a great note.
    “Gotta stop sobbing now, stop sobbing now
    Yeah, yeah, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it
    Gotta stop sobbing now, gotta stop sobbing now
    Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it
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  • Does “freedom of speech” you can enter a next man’s house, disobey his rules and say what the hell you like?


  • This is a great post.
    Scroll and read.



  • Is the European Union the gold standard to which we should all aspire?

    Are European ideas more valid than ours on BU?????

    You still don’t get it, do you? We don’t care what the people who have captured your confused mind think!

    We have thought for ourselves!

    But you, you think that the decision of the EU settles the matter.

    They alone are the arbiters of what is right or wrong!

    Look how far that has taken us!

    What needs to happen is legislation that makes these platforms responsible for what they PUBLISH.



  • A good read. This also adds depth to pronouncements from the EU.
    Google different phrases and find your own sources. A five word transcript will not educate you.


  • @TheOGazerts

    The article you posted suggests the EU approach is a money grab.


  • Things that make you want to puke!


  • I guess someone at Amazon is listening to what folks in the EU have to say.

    There’s Amazon’s all over in England and Europe!!

    Parler’s back up.


  • Just need the 5 or so folks at BU to twig to reality!!


  • Hungary hungry to eat the social media nit wits!!

    Twitter is obviously run by a bunch of twits.


  • Critical Analyzer

    @555dubstreet January 18, 2021 12:37 PM

    No, I am not an American nor have I visited there in donkey years. But I am sure I would have been able to vote if I had in one of the previous contested states at the time of the election. I am an armchair analyst sitting in the supposedly safe rocking chair in Barbados.

    If you are in America, I would suggest you head to your supermarket now to stock up on food, fill your gas tank and buy batteries, lanterns, radio and other supplies and stay home for the next 3 or 4 days just like if a major hurricane was coming tomorrow or Wednesday. Nobody deploys 20,000 troops unless they expecting major trouble.


  • A next good read….

    Google, google, google. Things are not always just one story. It’s a complicated mix.. economics, right wing politics…

    “Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, which is ideologically aligned with Trump on many issues, has itself been accused of trying to limit freedom of speech in recent years

    Some of its members have made a habit of posting anti-LGBT or anti-refugee rhetoric. However, government officials have long claimed that people with rightwing views in Poland and abroad have been the victims of biased decisions by international tech companies.”


  • Not really running out to stock up on anything.

    I suspect that with 20,000 troops you will not see a repeat of past behavior.

    The last riot made it clear that there was a double standard in how people are treated. If nonsense is tried on Wednesday, the double standard may not be that obvious this time.

    There was to be a protest somewhere on Sunday and just one guy turned up.



    “At Nevada’s Capitol, where demonstrators supporting Trump have flocked most weekends in recent months, all was quiet except for a lone protester with a sign.

    “Trump Lost. Be Adults. Go Home,” it read.

    Authorities in some states said they had no specific indication that demonstrations would occur, much less turn violent. Yet many state officials vowed to be prepared.

    One counter-protester came early to greet any demonstrators at the Pennsylvania Capitol, saying he had heard about the possibility of a meet-up of a far-right militant group. But no one else was there.”


  • What a classless act for the Trumps to leave office without extending long observed courtesies to the successors.


  • Parler is back up so that they can track the idiots who think as you do.

    We don’t have to think like the Europeans. They do not think for me.


  • Is The Turd back on Twitter? How about Facebook?


  • Critical Analyzer

    It will be nasty but not from Trump Supporters. Some of them were led astray at the protest so the word has gone out far and wide to all staying home and not believe any people calling for protests. The only people causing trouble will be Antifa dressed as Trump supporter.

    The only people at Biden’s inauguration will be the invited who decide to show up, antifa types looking to start something and US troops. Maybe the huge buildup of US troops is so they can don plain clothes and pretend to be Biden supporters to have some people in the audience otherwise the place will be like a ghost town without the troops there.

    If you were Trump and believed the election you won was stolen from you, you would not show up either.

    Parler is not back. They only have a simple website up with a message saying they are working on getting back online before the end of the month. Trump is permanently banned on Twitter. I think his Facebook account is unblocked again but I could be wrong. I don’t follow him on either so I don’t know for sure.


  • @CA


  • Going away the sooner the better I and I say

    Hell Fall
    I Am Glad

    Trumps leaving ceremony is 8am Wednesday, so we can start an hourly countdown in circa 15 minutes with 38 hours to go to niceness come back again go tell your friend

    Freedom from 4 years of his tyranny and madness brings gladness with no sadness

    happiness for you and you and you

    blessings to the whole wide world for real

    a love to give us power shower each and every hour


  • @CA

    Lie! Lie! and Lie some more


  • @ David January 18, 2021 5:09 PM
    “What a classless act for the Trumps to leave office without extending long observed courtesies to the successors.”

    What do you expect from the ‘bullying’ brawler who lacks any form of finesse or decorum.

    No wonder Trump’s biggest fans can be found in the likes of Nigel Farage and our own Johnny Knox and GP(s).

    This final act of total disrespect for the post of POTUS leaves one to ponder on the sincerity of the man’s claim of having contracted Coivid-19 and, like Jesus the Christ’s resurrection from the grave, arose miraculously from his sick bed in 3 days to make him the modern superman.


  • Hail MLK


  • Aren’t you the Kraken guy?
    Also the declassify guy?
    Now the Antifa release guy.
    You could have gone for a quartet and included BLM.

    “But I am sure I would have been able to vote if I had in one of the previous contested states at the time of the election. ”

    I hope you know that would be illegal. And voting for trimp would be election fraud.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, the CA blogger has a point … a valid one too!

    It is actually rational and non-hypocritical for DJT to act as he has … how can one act as he DID to deny POTUS Biden’s victory, dismiss the advice of his official WH lawyers and staff and conspire with the lies and seditious nonsense of Powell, Flynn, Giuliani etc to overthrow the election and then have the gall to sit politely in a car with Biden and then at the inauguration event!

    No sir… away with him. He torpedoed all decorum weeks ago … this final act of early departure is the decent and right thing to do.

    This man was NEVER decent, respectful or followed traditions so why should we want him to be any of those things at this LATE stage… that’s a bit ridiculous dont yah think!

    And let me add the unthinkable … if he has absented himself because he is somehow aware of some heinous attack or so desperately desires such an act then it shows the cowardly, fascist disgusting fiend that he has always been!


  • Trump has still not conceded defeat and is still not admitting he lost fair and square and is still in denial of reality time

    So the so called most powerful man in the world and Commander in Chief is set to be powerless like his victims and the Biggest Sulker in Chief ever ever ever. His bottom lip will protrude as he starts to cry wah! wah! wah! with his weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth

    4 years and a 2 months ago
    The Fuck Trump-ers asked…
    How long shall the wicked reign
    and the power of the almighty replied
    their wickedness may last for a while
    but it is never for ever
    thy kingdom come
    thy will be done
    Praise Jah!


  • Critical Analyzer

    @TheOGazerts January 18, 2021 6:14 PM

    The true BLMers and Trumpers got their movements usurped by other people with power who realized their movements were gaining traction and were smart enough to use them to kill the movements and further their own agendas.

    When you have unsolicited mail-in ballots arriving in your mailbox, ballot harvesting and all the other shady voting practices going on, you have no idea who sent back in that vote especially when you are not validating the signatures against the one in the system.

    P.S. Trump has been declassifying like mad since last Thursday/Friday.


  • 4 years ago there was a collective national depression across USA
    now there will be a celebration and jubilation across the world
    with smiling sunshine for the happy feeling of sunflower


  • “you have no idea who sent back in that vote”

    Funny, you seem to have an idea that it was a democrat.

    Can you point me to one item that was declassified. One link would do.


  • Only yardfowls could be this incredibly stupid…….🤣🤣🤣

    “WASHINGTON D.C., DC — A Harrisburg woman is wanted for her alleged role in the riot at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on January 6.

    Riley June Williams is charged with knowingly entering a restricted building or ground without lawful authority and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol Grounds.

    According to the criminal complaint, a former romantic partner of Williams reported to law enforcement that she was depicted in video footage taken inside the U.S. Capitol building on January 6.

    The caller told police that Williams can be seen directing crowds up a staircase inside the U.S. Capitol in this Youtube video. According to the criminal complaint, Williams can be seen at about 20 minutes and 40 seconds in the video, wearing a green t-shirt and brown trench coat while carrying a zebra-print bag over her shoulders.

    The tipster also claimed to have spoken to friends of Williams who showed them a video of Williams taking a laptop computer or hard drive from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

    According to the caller, Williams had intended to sell the device to a friend in Russia, who then planned to sell the device to SVR, which is Russia’s foreign intelligence service.

    The criminal complaint states law enforcement was able to confirm that the staircase depicted in the video does lead to Speaker Pelosi’s office, and they were able to grab screenshots of the video that appears to show Williams directing and pointing intruders in a certain direction.

    According to the criminal complaint, other videos obtained by the FBI also depict Williams outside the U.S. Capitol in the same clothing.

    On January 11, law enforcement agents in Harrisburg received a suspicious persons report from Williams’ mother.”


  • “Can you point me to one item that was declassified”

    there was an alleged inside job on 11th September 2001 with top secret classified drones and $240 billions of failed trades at Bank of New York alleged CIA Covert Assets held in Black Eagle Trust for 10 year bonds from alleged Iran contra drug for guns monies that reached settlement with any paperwork but was cleared by SEC to settle under emergency law for the first time ever

    Lockerbie Pan Am 103 flight from Frankfurt to Detroit via London and New York City on 21 December 1988 was also an alleged inside job by CIA as two CIA agents were about to spill the beans on the Iran Contra drug for guns shenanigans which allegedly used Pan Am routes for drug smuggling juggling. Scotland Yard let CIA onto the scene of the crime first to remove all incriminating evidence

    I worked at Pan Am and Bank of New York for both of the above events and have inside knowledge of both the above dirty deeds but that is another story for another day

    one day down the line shit may become declassified but they are still both ticklish matters and would stitch the New World Order plans up so they will not be declassified for another 2 or 3 score years

    truth shall be revealed
    1 day
    but not
    2 day

    I am not sure if CA has the wit or power of concentration to understand how real work conspiracies as the devil is in the detail
    Parroting soundbites is for mugs witless naive and easily led they are marks to be tricked
    to become a top notch analyst specialist takes skills and training and experience


  • ‘I thought I was following my President’: Texas real estate broker who flew to DC riot in private jet begs Trump for a PARDON and says she doesn’t deserve prison time because she was ‘following what she was called to do’


  • Is it true Trump allies were behind the rally that ignited the Capitol riots?

    “A pro-Trump non-profit group called ‘Women for America First’ hosted the “Save America Rally” on January 6 at the Ellipse, an oval shaped, federally owned patch of land near the White House. But an attachment to the National Park Service public gathering permit granted to the group lists more than half a dozen people in staff positions for the event who just weeks earlier had been paid thousands of dollars by Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. Other staff scheduled to be “on site” during the demonstration have close ties to the White House.

    In a statement, the the president’s re-election campaign said it “did not organise, operate or finance the event.” No campaign staff members were involved in the organisation or operation of the rally, according to the statement. It said that if any former employees or independent contractors for the campaign took part, “they did not do so at the direction of the Trump campaign.”

    The AP’s review found at least three of the names of the Trump campaign aides named on the permit rushed to obscure their connections to the demonstration. They deactivated or locked down their social media profiles, removed tweets that referenced the rally and blocked a reporter who asked questions.

    Caroline Wren, a veteran GOP fundraiser, is named as a “VIP Advisor” on the attachment to the permit that Women For America provided the agency. Between mid-March and mid-November, Donald J. Trump for President Inc. paid Wren $20,000 a month, according to Federal Election Commission records.

    Maggie Mulvaney, a niece of former top Trump aide Mark Mulvaney, is listed on the permit as the “VIP Lead.” She worked as director of finance operations for the Trump campaign. FEC records show Maggie Mulvaney was earning $5,000 every two weeks from Trump’s re-election campaign, with the most recent payment reported on November 13, 2020.”


  • We will have weeks of entertainment. 😂😂

    “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: These Capitol coup criminals just aren’t very smart.

    Ever since the whiney wypipo war on reality took place at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, The FBI and other law enforcement agencies have been locating participants and taking them into custody. Maybe it was unmitigated whiteness that had these criminal MAGA-minds thinking they could attempt to overthrow the government without facing consequences, but they’ve been so arrogant in their idiocy that they allowed themselves to be photographed and recorded committing insurrection, and they’ve even bragged about it publicly. (Of course, now they’re begging their cult leader for pardons and some have been released since their arrest.)

    It’ll be worth watching the process of American justice as it is applied to the mostly white…

    In Maryland, a self-professed white supremacist was arrested Sunday after the FBI found evidence that he participated in the attack on the Capitol. How did they find him? Well, this genius was wearing a GPS monitor—which he was required to wear after being released from a previous crime—and it placed him at the Capitol during the riot.

    From CBS Baltimore:

    According to a federal affidavit, Bryan Betancur has made statements to law enforcement officers that he is a member of several white supremacy organizations and has voiced “homicidal ideations, made comments about conducting a school shooting and has researched mass shootings,”

    Betancur was previously convicted for fourth-degree burglary and after he was released engaged with “racially motivated violent extremist groups on the internet, expressing his desire to be a ‘lone wolf killer,’” according to CBS News’ David Begnaud.

    His parole officer told the FBI that he claimed to have been inside the Capitol with the rioters on January 6. He also said he was tear gassed and was paranoid about the FBI watching him.

    Maybe I’m just not as smart as I think I am, but I’m guessing Betancur was paranoid about being monitored because he was WEARING A FUCKING MONITORING DEVICE!

    Betancur reportedly lived with his mother in Silver Spring, Md., before January 6, according to the affidavit. He’d been living there since after he was released from jail in November for a previous probation violation. Despite his prior violation—and because maybe some legal officials aren’t much smarter than these criminals are—Betancur was given permission to leave the state and go to D.C. on January 6 to “distribute bibles,” according to CBS, with an organization called Gideon International. (He was probably thinking, “What would Jesus do? Punch the U.S. Capitol in the nuts, that’s what!”)

    Based on a screenshot from the software, Betancur appeared to gone in the direction of the White House Ellipse before moving East to the area around the west front of the U.S. Capitol building, the affidavit says.

    They believe he was in the area of the Capitol building from 2 p.m. to around 5 p.m. based on this information. He was also identified in a social media post from the account “bryan_patriot_1776” holding the corner of the Confederate battle flag.

    Another photograph showed him to appear to be in a Proud Boys t-shirt flashing the “OK” hand signal, commonly used among white supremacy group.

    According to Newsweek, Betancur is facing multiple charges including unlawful activities on Capitol grounds and disorderly conduct.”


  • Owning a publishing house takes strength, publishing a book takes skills. Obama has book after book after book published and recently published a best seller.

    “Hundreds of writers and book agents sign joint letter demanding publishing industry bans Trump memoir
    More than 250 signatories say there should be no book deals for ‘an administration that caged children’ and encouraged a ‘coup’

    Gino Spocchia
    9 hours ago

    Editors, publishing agents and authors have signed-up to a letter in the hundreds, demanding the industry deny Donald Trump the publication of any post-presidential memoir.

    The letter, titled “No Book Deals for Traitors,” was signed by more than 250 editors, authors and publishing agents last week.

    Together, they oppose any Trump administration official from publishing a future book – including the outgoing president, who is rumoured to be considering a memoir.

    Barry Lyga, a novelist who organised the letter, wrote that “As members of the writing and publishing community of the United States, we affirm that participation in the administration of Donald Trump must be considered a uniquely mitigating criterion for publishing houses when considering book deals.”

    He continued: “No participant in an administration that caged children, performed involuntary surgeries on captive women, and scoffed at science as millions were infected with a deadly virus should be enriched by the almost rote largesse of a big book deal.”

    Among the letter’s signatories are staffers from the five biggest publishing houses, Penguin Random House, Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan.

    Mr Lyga told the Los Angeles Times in an email that publishers should “act to the dictates of their conscience and to the extent they are able to effect change,” when it comes to publishing any Trump administration titles.

    Publishing houses have already begun to turn away from Mr Trump’s allies, after Simon & Schuster cancelled a book deal with the Republican senator Josh Hawley.

    Mr Hawley had been among those Republicans in Congress who still voted against Joe Biden’s 2020 election win against Mr Trump, after the president’s supporters stormed the US Capitol in his name, leaving five dead.

    Mr Lyga wrote in the letter to publishers that “no one who incited, suborned, instigated, or otherwise supported the January 6, 2021 coup attempt should have their philosophies remunerated and disseminated through our beloved publishing houses.”

    Mr Trump himself was said to be planning on a memoir once he leaves office, the Washington Post reported in November, following his predecessors. Although no official announcement has been made.
    Such a move would prove valuable to the outgoing president, who has $400 million (£295,242 million) in loans to pay off in the next four years.

    Publishing industry figures are invited to add their names to the”No Book Deals for Traitors”.


  • Trump lifts Covid-19-related travel restrictions for much of Europe, the UK, Ireland and Brazil




  • @David
    That travel ban reversal ain’t worth what Paddy shoot at, Biden will reverse it on Wednesday @12.01 pm


  • yardfowls are tiring, they’re always trying to outdo themselves…lol


  • The videos speak for themselves, I can see thousands of BLM supporters (in white face) wearing MAGA hats and carrying Trump flags in all the videos.


  • @Sargeant

    How many of the rioters were interviewed and admitted to being Trump supporters?


  • @David
    Heard a lot of hooting and hollering, one guy said he was a pastor and will probably lose his job over it (no kidding Einstein). The FBI facial recognition software must be working overtime, but it has also received 200,000 digital tips from family, friends and lovers of those in the crowd.

    Some of the videos are the equivalent of “I went to (pick a spot) and all I got was this video”, now a woman in Texas who has been charged after posting a video has appealed to Trump for a pardon and why not? Everyone is getting one.


  • The announcement of pardons is the big story all are waiting for tomorrow, no doubt timed to upstage the Inauguration. By the way, I’d the Snoop Doggy getting into the act as well?


  • Trump will be denied daily Intelligence briefings a courtesy normally extended to ex-Presidents; Why? The Intelligence community does not trust him and believes he is a security risk, this is a man who destroyed his interpreter’s notes of a private meeting he had with Putin.


  • The news Trump admin appointed a low feeder lawyer to head legal in a career appointment at NSA supports the ignorance.


  • Good today


  • The Trump White House on Monday released the report of the presidential “1776 Commission,” a sweeping attack on liberal thought and activism that calls for a “patriotic education,” defends America’s founding on the basis of slavery and likens progressivism to fascism.

    Its report, released on Martin Luther King’s Birthday, denounces the charge that the American founders were hypocrites who preached equality even as they codified it in the Constitution and held slaves themselves. “This charge is untrue, and has done enormous damage, especially in recent years, with a devastating effect on our civic unity and social fabric,” it says.

    The commission and its report are in part a rebuke to The New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, which reframes American history around the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans. The report denounces the project, as did Mr. Trump in his September speech announcing the commission.

    Click to access The-Presidents-Advisory-1776-Commission-Final-Report.pdf


    The last paragraph is the operative one, conservatives didn’t appreciate the 1619 project that was overwhelmingly accepted by academics and the general public and Trump came up with a commission to “trump” it. His commission produced this report in less than four months I don’t think anyone will take it seriously.


  • Sarge

    You do realise Virginia was settled by Puritans in 1607, don’t you?

    Obviously any academics who overwhelmingly accept that America begun in 1619 are overwhelmingly ignorant!!


  • Were the genius writers at the New York Times able to determine how many slaves, if any, died in the 1622 massacre at Jamestown?


  • As saint Ronnie would say “there you go again” Who said that “America begun in 1619”?

    As per wiki

    The project dedicated an issue of the magazine to a re-examination of the legacy of slavery in America, at the anniversary of the 1619 arrival of the first slaves to Virginia, challenging the notion that the history of the United States began in 1776. The initiative quickly grew into a larger project.[22] The project encompasses multiple issues of the magazine, with related materials in multiple other publications of the Times as well as a project curriculum developed in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center, for use in schools.[22] The project employed a panel of historians and had support from the Smithsonian, for fact-checking, research and development.[23] The project was envisioned with the condition that almost all of the contributions would be from African-American contributors, deeming the perspective of black writers an essential element of the story to be told.[24]


  • It appears as though John has given up his ‘count downs’ and Trump receiving 2 or 3 more terms in office, to focus more on American history.

    I’ll remind him it’s only one (1) day remaining before Biden’s inauguration.

    Rush Limbaugh admitted Trump is gone, perhaps it’s time for John to do the same.


  • Trump is gone, good riddance. What is good is that recent events have finally opened people eyes to the true colors of Trump and his family. At least, those who refused to see before. The rest of us knew it.


  • oh well, there’s a cut off on how many can be pardoned, to date, authorities said they have info on 200 people, which means the coup-ers are out of luck, since pardons are being sold for mucho dinero and rioters all look “poor” and “white trashy”…lol..cursed yardfowls.



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  • They should clean the White House, especially Oval Office, both electronically and biologically, moreso than usual, because Trump is a vindictive person.


  • @ Quaker John
    I ask again: Is Trumpism going to survive Donald Trump?


  • Trump will become the Patron Saint of Rh Conspiracy Theories
    and John and CA are ardent followers
    he rode the birther bandwagon although Obama was born in USA and his mummy was American which is 2 counts
    he is an anti-vaxxer
    he believes he won in 2020 but was denied his office*
    Has anyone seen the NIST photos of Ground Zero molten steel and a massive crater looks like a small nuke which explains high number of lung damage / cancer in Noo Yawk. something is not right.

    (*) When he was impeached for Russian collusion in 2016 the Deep State decided to block him out (I just made that 1 up)
    Trump is still pending at least two miracles to performed through the intercession of the Blessed after his death


  • Centre Vs Center is the Question

    In my opinion Center looks wrong

    If you want to advance, do this work.

    Step into your power.

    Learn how to move from center.

    We ease in today, so if you are tired or feeling unmotivated, I got you.

    What does center feel like?

    Why is center important?

    May we use the tools of yoga to learn how to feel our center, to learn how to guide our way back to center, and to celebrate that it is a journey.

    I hope you enjoy! You are my hero.


  • @555dubstreetJanuary 19, 2021 6:26 AM

    We do not say this often enough. Thank you for your positive thoughts and vides.



  • From: Hal Austin @ January 18, 2021 10:51 AM
    “I see the European Union has now come out against social media companies playing God. Time for a serious conversation in Barbados. Free Speech is too important to democracy..”

    So what is the same EU position on Trump’s attempt to ban the Chinese social media platform “WeChat”?

    Does that support for “Free Speech”- and by extension Freedom of Expression- also apply to those football/soccer hooligans who utter racist obscenities and make monkey chants at black players who are simply ‘expressing’ their well-honed talents on the field of play?

    After all, they, the racist hooligans, are doing in plain sight (and hearing) nothing more than what Trump the captain of hate and his racist supporters do not only on social but also in public appearances.

    But what can we expect from a man who has the gall to refer to a significant portion of the planet’s population as living in “shithole countries” raped by the same capitalist Americans (and E U members) while unable to stop the ‘Rocket Man” of North Korea from ‘blackmailing’ America with his arsenal of nuclear weapons?

    Weren’t EU members themselves once “shithole countries” whose plaguing-carrying demographic waste was dispatched to the same lands of ‘Americas’ stolen from the indigenous people?


  • And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.
    St. Louis Blues (piano)

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  • China is communist, different rules required.


  • Demob Happy
    Are you ready for the DJ Trump MIC Drop?
    It should be a corker

    Here is DJ Cassidy Pass the MIC Soul Train Session is On


  • Hal AustinJanuary 19, 2021 5:26 AM

    @ Quaker John
    I ask again: Is Trumpism going to survive Donald Trump?


    … and I will answer you again.

    There is no such thing as Trumpism.

    Trump came and found 60 million plus who believed in MAGA, Drain the Swamp, Build the wall.

    He merely articulated the principles.

    That number has grown to 75 million plus in 4 years.

    Every indication is that more will join.

    Got the social media platforms, media and Democrats terrified.

    Twitter takes issue with two tweets from Trump.

    First, Trump tweeted that he wasn’t going to the inauguration.

    Second he tweeted the 75 million plus have a giant voice.

    What we may see from here on in is the gradual death of the social media platforms.

    The media is in for a shock too s are the Democrats!!


  • ArtaxJanuary 19, 2021 3:32 AM

    I’ll remind him it’s only one (1) day remaining before Biden’s inauguration.


    I see you are learning to count, my time has not been wasted.

    Now, all you need to do is to realise that in 2 days there will in all probability be impeachment articles filed on Biden in the House.

    … and there is alot of information declassified!!


  • ArtaxJanuary 19, 2021 3:32 AM

    It appears as though John has given up his ‘count downs’ and Trump receiving 2 or 3 more terms in office, to focus more on American history.


    I’ve always been interested in History!!

    The “1619 project ” has absolutely nothing to do with American History, it is just more fake news from the New York Times.


  • This is the lady who claims she will be filing articles of impeachment on Biden in 2 days!!

    Twitter is also terrified of her.

    “Twitter locked Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene out of her account on the social media platform on Sunday, citing violations of a company policy that it recently used to remove thousands of QAnon-related accounts. The suspension is in effect for 12 hours.

    Greene has repeatedly endorsed the QAnon conspiracy theory, which has sought to portray President Trump as being undermined by a deep-state cabal.”

    Trump has declassified documents that confirm the deep state and identify its actors!!


  • … so now the thousands of accounts whose owners believe what they post now have undisputable proof of the same!!

    The 75 million continues to grow and Twitter to cower!!


  • So Hal

    Do you get it?


  • All of John Knox’s countdowns and predictions have come to NAUGHT!

    The only thing he is right about is that Trump did not create the white supremacist movement. He just rode the wave. And it has grown but so has the other side as good people have finally stopped sitting on the fence and have taken a stand. They are still outnumbered!

    America will either have a hot civil war or cold civil war.

    It may take a while but I believe good will win.


  • So, John you looked up 1619 instead of jumping to conclusions about when “America begun”? Fake news as in your writing about Quakers beneficence?

    I am now starting my count down.

    T-28 (hours)


  • One thing we know – the police blue wall no longer exists. The law and order fallacy of the right wing is exposed.

    Now the police know that blues lives do not matter. They know how it feels to be black.

    Will the many good policeman do a rethink?

    Does the right still have its police backing?


  • @ Quaker John

    I think you have mis-understood what I mean by Trumpism. I mean the principal ideas promulgated by Trump, and that have been associated with him.
    I think the notion that Trump will return in four years to assume his place at the top of the tree is a romantic myth; he will fade away and someone else will assume his mantel.
    The ideas will not go away because race and racism have been at the very top of the American Dream from the time the Mayflower landed.
    The pilgrims, with their claims to religion, devastated the Native Americans, through physical violence, and by disease (does CoVid sound familiar?
    The Civil War was about the place of black people in the American society. That has still to be resolved.


  • The good thing about dependend territories still under UK rule is that the corrupt can be hunted down if they run as in the case of …i think it was Bermuda, when the premier or whatever ya call them ran and they found him and returned him to the island for trial….

    corrupt black face leaders deserve nothing less.


  • the jokes are brutal with one gushing that Prince Donald can’t even get a coup right…….🤣🤣


  • @John

    How is filing impeachment file against Biden going to work in a Democrat controlled place?


  • Evidence!!


  • Hal AustinJanuary 19, 2021 9:34 AM

    @ Quaker John

    I think you have mis-understood what I mean by Trumpism. I mean the principal ideas promulgated by Trump, and that have been associated with him.


    I think you are not understanding that Trump came along and found what you now view as the ideas promulgated by him.

    They were already in existence among the 60 million plus Americans..

    It does not have to be him in 4 years time, just someone who gets it!!

    The Articles of Impeachment in 2 days will have chance of success given the evidence, and even if they don’t succeed, the 75 Million will grow even larger!!

    Trump just has to keep quiet and watch but you and I know he won’t!!

    … and if it isn’t him good chance is his replacement will be 10 X stronger!!


  • I knew they would reference it, it was Turks and Caicos, they had to hunt down that fraud….says a lot when small island injustice systems are so corrupt that they cease to function.

    “The decision to set up a commission is an acknowledgement that BVI’s own criminal justice system is not capable of mounting an effective and impartial investigation. It also throws the constitutional relationship between the UK and overseas territories into the spotlight. The last similar crisis occurred in the Turks and Caicos Islands.”


  • @ Quaker John

    Let us ignore Trump for the moment. Let us think of Reagan or Thatcher. The views that came to be associated with those two leaders were not invented by them. They were associated with them because they best represented these views.
    Same with Trump. He came along and found America First, and will go and leave the notion of America First. But from now history will record that Trump had associations with America First. That is what I, and millions of others, are calling Trumpism.