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As the coalition of forces gather with their vested interests of displace the American fascist dictator, Donald Trump, on a civil warlike political battlefield, it is becoming quite clear that people who call themselves ‘progressives’ will only awake to the machinations, political tricks, being conjured and to the tectonic shifts under the battlefield when it is far too late. Such a re-imagining of American politics, as neoliberalism was the remixing of economic policies, must of necessity, leave ‘progressives’ out in the cold.

We are estimating that this Democratic-led coalition which is likely to emerge from a possible victory will lurch much further rightward than progressives are generally imagining. For Joe Biden is merely running as a Democrat but intends to rule as a Republican. This is all he has known all his life. Being a conservative Democrat means being a Republican. Same as Obama, there are few differences between factions within the duopoly. Biden has never been known to instinctively done anything progressive in his whole life. Above all, politics is about slicing and dicing as an acceptable method of gaining power, not being a fountain of virtue. Not interfering with the hideous structural infirmities on which the country has been built. This is representative of Joe Biden to the bone!

Therefore, it would be irrational to expect a man like Biden to approach, for example, the misanthropically inspired symbology represented by the ‘Star Spangle Banner’, the national anthem, which glorifies slavery in one of its verses. Or revisit the 13th Amendment of the constitution which still legalizes slavery for people in America’s dungeons, 80% of whom are of colour. Need we go on?

Then, the question which progressives will never get answered is – how could he ‘Build Back Better’ on such a flawed foundation? All Biden really wants to do is to get back to how things were before Donald J. Trump was thrown up by the political culture as if those represented halcyon days for Afrikan-Americans, supposedly his most dependable bloc. That’s all!

But, who are these people generally referred to as ‘progressives’? Well, they could be any motley bunch of political gradations from the far-right to the far-left and in-between. To the far-right they may include Republicans who support the logic of climate change and even never-Trumpers. To the far-left they may be communists, antifascists, socialists or even Trotskyists influenced by the lesser of two evils logic.

In this scenario, Joe Biden would, in effect, be the ‘unwitting’ savior of the Republican Party which is likely to be devastated by a massive defeat, if current polling holds true and in the event Trump is unable to complete that well-planned dastardly act currently underway. Should Biden be buoyed by the winds of a fierce national and overwhelming determination which forces Trump into having no other choice but to leave the White House, even to the point of duress if deemed necessary he saves the Republican Party. In so doing, he would be serving the hordes of Republicans seeking asylum within the Democratic Party as a way of making sure the indispensable other half of the American political duopoly survives Trumpism – the Republican Party.

When we look back at the presidency of Trump, in this scenario, it might appear as though a level of master planning, by hidden hands, paved the way for Biden. He could have the prefect landing to enable him to jettison feckless progressive operating under the assumption that this Democratic Party’s ‘donkey’ will take them somewhere. In addition, Biden could have a highly conservative Supreme Court; a Senate which could be Democratic led but more than willing to serve his less than obvious conservative agenda and a House of Representatives acting likewise with muted or sporadic objections from its progressive caucus.

In these circumstances, the LGBTQ identity politicos, who played such an enormous role during the Obama administration, would not be able to co-exist with the Republican elements within the Biden Coalition, absent the few Log Cabin Republicans. If Biden is faced with a choice between these political forces, there is little doubt that he will go with his new-found friends for the fear about defections of the Republicans may cause too much imbalance within his coalition. He will seek to equalize that action by resting on the logic that the LGBTQ forces generally have nowhere else to go.

The same thinking holds true for Afrikan-Americans, Hispanics, and other progressives who will have nowhere to go notwithstanding the presence of a fledgling Green Party with a presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins, and up to maybe a 100 other people seeking the presidency. Defections of progressives are likely to be deemed as merely a temporary setback. Afrikan-Americans should not expect this reformulation of political forces within neoliberal capitalism will deliver any of Biden’s promises about ‘Building Back Better’ and so on. Nothing will happen but talk, until after the election when the drift to the right becomes public. Observers however, can see what a Biden administration will look like right now by the examination of his teams of advisers. To us such expectations are the equivalent of asking a dead man to change his will and expecting it to happen.

One good thing about Biden is that he has dared to locate himself as it to remove the scab from the old festering wounds making America the fascist state it might have always been and/or to which it has now degenerated for all to see. Of course, he was well assisted by the ongoing demonstrations throughout the country and being a politician there was a need for a response that made sense in order to garner the votes of Afrikan-Americans, women, progressives, young people etc.

In some ways Biden has been sheltered by Whiteness and a hyper focus in the country on what is wrongly seen as a cultural anomaly, the Trump presidency. However, the deeper truth is that Biden will never fix, or even start to fix, in eight (8) years, what was consolidated over four centuries.

Guided by history, only the total and complete destruction of American empire can satisfactorily settle these deeply divisive issues, correct all the fundamental social problems that have been termed ‘original sins’. Some contend that this fatal option maybe better that Biden’s return to an abnormal normalcy. Progressives should have long recognized the existential forces at work and found ways to insert someone more able to deal the rebuilding that has to happen and therefore avoid this Biden misdirection.


  • “New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina”

    That’s 4 states
    how many states could the black face fuzzy wuzzy afros not vote in
    why couldn’t they vote in Pennsylvania where quakers lived
    how do you get qualified to vote
    can you pay someone more intelligent to take the test for you to cheat like Trump did allegedly

    it’s baffling how no one who was not a quack quaker ever wanted to abolish slavery or give women equal rights of want peace
    or maybe John has got it ass backwards again like his logic to prove his conclusion which is the stating point of his gibberish and grabage

    I’m sure some blacks wanted to end slavery and women wanted equality and some Americans wanted peace instead of violence, but maybe nobody heard them though

    were native Americans who looked Indian as ignorant as White Europeans

    how do you reason with an idiot

    all rhetorical Q’s no A’s required

    universal truth has a vibration that resonates throughout the cosmos

    people who speak truth can recognise truth and distinguish lies instinctually

    anyone who supports Trump does not mind his blatant lying or must be deaf dumb and blind like Amerikkka

    do not dumb down like them


  • s/b 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5..
    That’s 5 states


  • Dullard
    Trump has by far done vastly more damage to empire than biden ever could.

    True but from the perspective of an Afrikan living in Amerikkka or outside, what is the difference between the two?


  • Blacks were so downtrodden they had to sing their feelings in rhyming poetry

    1 2 3 4
    people get tired of being poor
    5 10 15 20
    why are you so mad when you got plenty

    fighting for food for energy and space
    in the name of religion class and race

    last night night before
    mind control was for the black and poor


  • Hal AustinOctober 13, 2020 9:16 AM

    @Quaker John

    Plse remind me where I said ‘Uprisings ended slavery’.


    “The answer again is that that flies in the face of historical evidence. It was the resistance from the slaves, from 1638-1837, that played a big part in making slavery economically untenable”


  • Women did not get the vote because resistance from women made (played a big part) life economically untenable.

    They got the vote because of a few women who led the way from the early 1800’s …. Quakeresses!!

    It was a matter of changing the hearts of men … but it wasn’t even women that did the changing!!


  • JohnOctober 13, 2020 10:35 AM

    “The answer again is that that flies in the face of historical evidence.


    Don’t believe everything you read or hear!!



  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @5555. I different view to your remarks… “people who speak truth can recognise truth and distinguish lies instinctually […] anyone who supports Trump does not mind his blatant lying or must be deaf dumb and blind like Amerikkka”

    Factually even liars can recognize the truth otherwise they wouldn’t know they are lying, not so! … There must be a base level standard to validate fact from fiction otherwise nothing can be deemed true just as everything can be considered false… and that would be a ‘miasma’ of breathless toxic nonsense … or maybe the virtual alternative fact world created by this American admin.

    Now, with that in mind it’s fair to say that trumpets do indeed accept blatant lying but most importantly they are NOT blind … quite the opposite: rather laser focused on reforming the US to fit their ideologies.

    That’s a vision that’s deeply set .. almost impenetrably so. We know of course that a guy like @John didn’t start with or from Trump’s lying and fact challenged election … the millions like him were simply able to express themselves unfettered when they saw POTUS norm bashing behavior of lies and demagoguery become a political ‘Rosetta stone’ unlocking and decrypting messaging long considering poisonous into populace gold!

    Until we can turn that gold to lead he and they will continue to prosper … we can’t continue to see them as just idiots. They aren’t.

    That’s why the senate ploy in 2016 to jam Merrick Garland, and before that badly delay Obama judicial appointments to later facilitate his record setting selections and then the senate directly flipping the script to appoint this newest SCOTUS justice is good reason to understand why ideologues accept liars so readily!


  • @ de pedantic Dribbler

    Speaking truth is the way to be
    as you will not need to remember the lies you said in the past
    and you will never be caught out for lying

    trust that, when you always speak truth you can recognise liars and twisters of truth when they lie going round the houses to make their points and agendas whenever they open their mouths and start yakking you don’t even need to listen to them or pay them any mind

    Maybe Trump’s racism is more honest than all other racists 66% of the 75% white majority felt empowered by his racist platform in 2016 following ministry of the Black PotUS who by their reckoning was never meant to be PotUS, Obama and then Trump emboldened and kickstarted several movements such as Republicans, Tea Party, Gun Nuts, Birthers, End Worlders, Immigrant haters, white supremacists, racists, Racist Populist networks, Alt Right, Right Wing Psyops, Right Wing Media and Internet Sites, Right Wing Christian extremists, Southerners, Rednecks, Hillbillies, Trailer Trash, Confederates, Bikers, .. or maybe Trump’s racism was just to catch votes with no effort or skills at all.

    Build a wall Build a wall Build a wall was all he needed to say to have stadiums cheering like WWE wrestling and buying hats

    ▶ Dream – Panic – Sonny Boy The Rip-Off Man – Little Sally The Super Sex Star (Taking Care Of Business)


  • Donna

    We are not alone!


  • Dullard

    Precisely the point we are making. The unraveling of empire presents a unique and historic opportunity for the whole world to get out from under the crushing foot of American imperialism, colonialism, White supremacy, etc.

    In our view Trump has been much more helpful in showing the whole world the innate wickedness of American imperialism than Joe Biden ever would.

    Indeed, given such an opportunity we need to start preparing, thinking, about the new world we would want to create.


  • Donna


  • @ Quaker John

    An event or events playing ‘a big part’, and actually ‘ending’ an institution are two different things. I am sure even HC can get basic English right.


  • Splitting hairs Hal!!!


  • I swear, if you are not careful with Prince Donald, he will start to grow on you….😂🤣..

    so where is Lawson, John and GP to get their big fat wet one…

    “President Superspreader just can’t keep his COVID-19 to himself. On Monday, not only did the president, who claims that he’s immune to the disease caused by the coronavirus, hold a campaign rally in Florida but, at one point, he claimed that he wanted to kiss everyone in the audience.

    “I feel so powerful… I’ll kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women,” he said, the New York Post reports. “I’ll just give you a big fat kiss.”


  • Pacha,

    Watched both videos. I totally agree with it all.

    But…the last video ended with the possibility of a positive outcome brought about by the people. In other words the empire is in decline but there is still hope for change and transformation.

    That metaphor of the rich people killing the goose that lays the golden egg they have stolen from everybody else was a good one and one which I actually thought of myself a while ago. My best friend and I often marvel that they cannot see it. I long ago concluded that their greed is an addiction. They cannot help themselves anymore. It has blinded them so they cannot even see the eventual outcome and could not stop even if they could see.

    Nothing here that I haven’t figured out myself.

    If profit is the only motive for a business then this is the only way it could end. Many have bought into that faulty mantra. I never did. I think a business should give value for money, treat its employees fairly, and be socially responsible. I believe such a business could be even more profitable in the long run.

    Both Democrats and Republicans have played along with the faulty system, some Democrats happily and others not so happily.

    I get that Bernie and Elizabeth are not happy. But Biden is the compromise. Not my choice either but the only one who could win.

    And I am afraid of what would happen if Trump does win even though I know it would hasten the fall of America. I don’t know what would happen next.

    Still, if he loses the result could be equally violent.

    The only good thing for me is that I have no say in what happens and will just have to find a way to survive whatever the outcome.

    Sorry if I am disjointed but I am in no mood for flowery language today.




  • How does this negate the fact the USA has seen 25% of the world’s COVID deaths and is less than 5% of the global population? Under Trump!


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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @ David, 2 quick comments…

    Re your post that a “New poll shows Biden leading Trump in four key battleground states including Florida and Wisconsin” one is numb re the poll data.

    In any other election cycle the incumbent would already be in deep discussion on his presidential library and related based on the polls projections … but this is NOT a normal election cycle…

    There are two 70 year plus wobbly guys who are showing moments of mental ‘fatigue’ and the country is badly divided, angry and primed for upheaval… the polls can be turned on their head anytime in next three weeks!

    2… re @John reference to NYT via the Dailywire … steeupse.

    Again this man cites a source that is otherwise fake news and allegedly out to get POTUS with bogus tax reporting … NOW, their reporting is worthy of note! Steeupse.

    Did he read the ‘damning’ original reporting … the only point that supposedly gives POTUS kudos is the Warp Speed effort … and that is so absolutely simplistic when compared to all the other nonsense they did !

    Expediting efforts to get a vaccine is NOT an awesome feature somehow unique to his leadership … good heaven the same principles to speedily bring product to market was done during Obama and other regimes during times of public distress.

    He is really striving earnestly to give his Lord some “good press” even if it must come from the ‘“failing NYT” … how pathetic can they be to seek such solace.



  • Donald Trump’s father was arrested at
    Ku Klux Klan riot in New York in 1927

    I’ve been wearing my Columbo mac and smoking a cigar
    going back to the scene of the crime in my mind
    figuring out the real deal

    In 2016 when David Duke endorsed Trump
    and Trump was slow to disavow the Klan
    for about 3 days pretending he had never heard of them
    I suspect he did know about them in truth
    and in fact is one of them and could be a grand master
    and he keeps his klan robes with his sheets
    which is why he won’t let the maids in white house
    change his bed sheets


  • DavidOctober 13, 2020 7:11 PM

    How does this negate the fact the USA has seen 25% of the world’s COVID deaths and is less than 5% of the global population? Under Trump!



    Professor Niall Fergusson the expert predicted over 2 million.

    210K are supposedly victims of COVID.

    The CDC reckons it is 6% of that.

    As Trump puts it himself, 1 death is too much but it could have been millions.


  • dpd

    Why don’t you google the NYT and see if it is there and not make yourself in a poppet.

    It is just being quoted by some other news agency.

    I made it my business to check the source but felt I would get more fun if I used the daily wire relay!!


  • How many blacks in the ☆☆☆ Story of Amerikkka have been subjected to racism
    How many have not been
    Seems like racism is mesmerism


  • “The Daily Beast”

    Another CNN anchor is twigging!!!

    Trump set up the DEMS too sweet.

    He is actually giving them a way to save face but he knows they won’t take it.

    Pelosi and the DEMS just come across as mean and indictive intent on hurting Americans.

    Wolf is having kittens trying to persuade Pelosi to do the obvious.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, here is one off-hand example of why the polling is really quite tenuous in this election cycle:

    “While Republicans for months have hyped the Obama-era unmasking requests as an enormous scandal, John Bash found no evidence of substantive wrongdoing in his investigation, which has concluded without a public report, the Post said. Bash left his role with the Justice Department last week.

    That is a LOADED yet simple report. My point of reference is to show HOW MANY angles the Trump admin is using to undermine that horrendous polling data… this unmasking stuff was a NONSENSE from day one but yet the WH was able to weaponize the US Dept of Justice on a blatant political stunt….

    (As they have with the Durham probe; as with the State Dept and Clinton emails; as with funding for seniors with Social security check processed as a Trump giveaway; as they have with the USPS and sending out mail ballots with Trump pamphlets that look like CAMPAIGN ads …etc)

    Do we recall that the senior prosecutor resigned from the Durham team some weeks back as well … it seems that the political gimmicks are too shocking for some professionals to abide!

    So better believe they yet will try to pull a “gotcha” accusation full of bogus but damning looking evidence in next three weeks … the polls could be meaningless if they succeed!

    @John, you are incredibly hilarious … as surely you can’t believe that SENSIBLE people here still believe your nonsense. BTW, please try to read with understanding. I browse the NYT NOT the DailyWire so absolutely the original story was my focus… never said there was no story… merely that your reference to it was hypocritical and that it did not give Trump any special credit for management skill!

    You are a charlatan. You are relying on the NYT NOW and you along with the deplorable fella have bashed that publication repeatedly … absurd.


  • de pedantic DribblerOctober 13, 2020 10:54 PM

    My point of reference is to show HOW MANY angles the Trump admin is using to undermine that horrendous polling data…


    The only evidence for a Biden landslide predicted by the polls is the polls themselves!!

    Meanwhile, the rallies Trump has at a moment’s notice are attended by tens of thousands, 60% of whom are not even Republican.

    The bigger the poll sample the better the prediction.

    Remember 2016 and Hilary Clinton … same rally performance but not nearly as good as this time, … same polling result which was wrong.

    So looking at this evidence dispassionately renders the conclusion that Trump will win in 2020 and in a landslide.

    In 20 days we will see what happens!!

    I don’t bet but if I did, my money would be on Trump!!


  • There is another piece of evidence that shows the polls are wrong.

    Joe Biden up to yesterday believed he is running for the senate!!

    Who in their right mind would vote for him for president?

    The polls cannot be correct.


  • “Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden had a few hiccups during his Monday campaign stop in Ohio, saying that he was running for “the Senate” and referring to Mitt Romney as the “Mormon.”

    “I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate,” Mr. Biden told the local United Auto Workers at a campaign stop in Toledo. “When I ran as a proud Democrat for vice president. I’m running as a proud Democrat for president.”

    The Democratic presidential candidate later appeared to forget the name of Mr. Romney, who challenged the Obama-Biden ticket as the Republican presidential nominee in 2012.”


    Nobody in their right mind would believe a poll that said Biden will win …. and in a landslide!!!


  • The person or persons doing this to Joe Biden should be prosecuted for elder abuse.


  • Projections of Covid deaths are / were based on the behaviour of citizens (or lack of) re observing the protocols right?

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Joe Biden is no more prone to misspeak than any other politician who speaks publicly as much as he does… no excuses need be made for the man… He misspeaks … so own it when it happens. As a senior citizen it is quite rational to experience moments of memory lapses in this continuous loop of extensive public exposure.

    The fact is whether his mental acuity and verbal steadfastness is superior to those of the deplorable gent now in the WH to direct the affairs of the US state and serve as commander in chief. Clearly they are!

    I wonder if Biden will visit “Yo-Semite” and see the new locale since it was renamed via executive verbal gaffe-order by POTUS 😊 … And one can only surmise that candidate Trump was so taken with his many trips to 7-11 that he so embarrassingly CONFUSED it with the 9-11 event during one of his rallies back in 2016.

    Let’s do talk about gaffes, fah real! …. This is the same man who suggested injecting bleach to cure cov-19 in one of the most alarming gaffes of idiocy in modern presidential history and who CANNOT either sit through a daily analysis of security threats to the US from his officials or receive those he gets periodically UNLESS they are lots of pretty pictures and graphs because he has low attention focus (and doesn’t like to read).

    THAT man wants the US nation to believe he is more capable and less gaffe prone than his fellow senior citizen. What trumpian baloney!

    I wonder if Biden would say that he got congratulatory calls from all over world and then add “I never knew we had so many countries” 🤦‍♂️

    As the blogmaster would say “what a putz”!


  • DPD,

    It is official! Trump is going for “herd mentality”.

    John is a blasted liar as we all know. Sargeant posted just a small sample of Trump’s hilarious and frightening bloopers. I could post all day but I have to plan for the “furniture of [my] children”. You see, they are planning to visit “Nambia” where they hope to run into Frederick Douglass for covfefe.

    After the hurricane that devastated the US Virgin Islands, Donald Trump actually spoke to the “President of the US VIrgin Islands” regarding relief.

    And no-one but John could forget that mind boggling 4th of July military parade speech in which the civil war soldiers were lauded for having manned the ramparts AND the airports.

    A man who purports to be a lover of the Bible is our John.

    Truly, my stomach churns and I feel to throw up when I happen to see his offerings.

    By the way, that Judge Amy is a smug witch!

    Now… if one is asked if rape is legal would one need to consult the law, go through a process of consultation about the specifics of the case before one could render an opinion?????

    The simple answer is, “NO! Rape is not legal.”

    My seventeen year old son picked up the deflection.

    Without missing a beat he blurted out, “But nobody asked you to decide on whether an act was rape. That would be the answer if the question needed you to decide if an action is rape, not if rape is legal!

    So…. the answer to whether voter intimidation is legal is, “NO!”

    The answer to the question, “Is it legal for a group of white men with visible swatsika tatoos to stand outside a polling station on Election Day staring at Jewish voters, then the answer would be, “I would have to look at the law and the circumstances and consult before I could render an opinion on whether or not that constitutes illegal “voter intimidation”.

    My God! That witch is helping Trump to muddy the waters!

    And lastly, I see the liars have extracted Dr. Fauci’s words and stuck them in an ad to give the impression that he was praising Trump’s coronavirus leadership.

    There is no depth to which these lowlifes won’t sink!

    And Bible thumping John laps it all up and calls it Christian – the Way, the Truth and the Light.

    Truly, he makes me physically sick!


  • Comments on BU are nothing more than a reflection of the poster making the comment

    BU can be an incestuous family (or fambily) where nobody really listens to anyone else


  • 555dubstreetOctober 14, 2020 6:10 AM

    Comments on BU are nothing more than a reflection of the poster making the comment


    Except when supported by incontrovertible evidence!!


  • Biden believes he is running for the Senate

    Trump believes he is running for President.

    Incontrovertible evidence.


  • This is good!!


  • “Incontrovertible evidence.”
    when you look into the mirror you must see a dickhead as we have got proof and find you guilty as a bad reflection on all bajans and humans


  • Cherry picked evidence. Just like the evidence that house n**** protege of Mitch McConnell presented to the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case.

    Not a full presentation of all the relevant facts.

    Still dishonest. John is dishonest.


  • David,

    It would appear that the Superman tee-shirt was a real plan.

    Just heard the Orange Menace boasting that after the antibodies shot he felt like Superman.

    America the Great has the ass of an ass for a president.


  • I don’t spend much time admiring myself in a mirror.

    Life is too short, too much to do.


  • He is an embarrassment as to what a leader should represent. A perfect example of the storyline th Ëmperor has no clothes’.






  • David

    For decades we have been saying that America is a fascist state. You won’t be surprised if that is your point of departure.

    Yesterday, America’s outed president of Bolivia said he wanted to develop his country but the Americans worked against it, said former president Morales.

    His truism is built into the entire foreign policy of the US towards most of the world, including Barbados.

    Don’t be surprised by these people. Expect them to do the unexpected.

    Again. If Trump could demand that Guido be President in Venezuela and Morales who won an election last year be expelled, why would he not do for himself what he has successfully done elsewhere. Crocodile tears from the media whores must find us nonplussed.


  • To support your point is the plan sponsored by him to jettison the ACA and has no replacement to ensure millions are covered.


  • I have been black all of my life and yet I have difficulty understanding my people.

    This is mostly about US

    Given our history, it should be instinctive for us to get out and vote. Vote for the person you want, but vote.
    When others achieve high positions, their departments begin “to look” like them. Somehow, our departments do not go through this transformation and we remain a rare species in the department.
    We talk of others disrespecting us; we see evidence of this, but yet we go back to their shops as of nothing happened. No one should have to tell you who to avoid. Common sense and self respect should be your guide.
    Been traveling with other ethnic groups in foreign lands and amazed at how they find the nearest Indian/Chinese restaurant. They buy from themselves first. Why don’t we?
    How do we embrace policies/people which/who are clearly against our best interest.
    Surprise at how we divide ourselves (Africa, US, Caribbean) and are suspicious of each other. We have to destroy these silos and the negative thoughts that divide us.


  • There is even more evidence that would indicate that the polls are wrong.


  • The only constant polls from 2016 to 2020 are the rallies.


  • @ John October 14, 2020 8:00 AM
    “I don’t spend much time admiring myself in a mirror.
    Life is too short, too much to do.”

    We find your comment rather strange. Isn’t the constant ‘looking into a mirror’ the hallmark of a narcissist like Trump, your idol?

    But we must take our hat off to your super man the Trumpeter.

    He has pulled off the greatest presidential scam since Tricky Dicky Nixon was in the WH with his moon-landing capers.

    The man has succeeded in projecting himself as the embodiment of Apollo or Hercules or even Jesus the Christ with his miraculous recovery from the deadly Covid.

    He has even outdone George Washington in helping his brother recover from TB during his ‘manifest destiny’ visit to Barbadoes to gain first hand knowledge of what is meant by the political slogan: ‘No Taxation without Representation’.

    Sir John, are you going to be present, like Mary Magdalene, with your ‘looking glass’ at your white ‘Earth’ god’s apotheosis on the 3rd November?


  • This time, 2 out of three polls predict Trump wins and one of them called it right in 2016


  • So MTA

    I take it you reckon Trump will win in a landslide!!


  • Trump sure seems relaxed and enjoying himself!!

    Polls or no polls!!


  • This is a good one too


  • @ John October 14, 2020 10:14 AM

    By hook or crook!

    After all, he has the backing of Yahweh with even brainwashed blacks singing in his ‘heavenly’ choir.

    He has a war to fight to protect the interests of the white man’s god lying on its deathbed.

    “The great shameless, audacious bawler,
    He will be elected governor of the army:
    The boldness of his contention,
    The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.”


  • I suspect you do not spend much time looking in the mirror because unlike Trump, you do recognize the ugliness born of evil that shows forth on your countenance. You, unlike your idol, have read the Bible and probably hear the voice of conscience.


  • What a coincidence! Here on the BBC is an interview a former right wing religious evangelical extremist reverend who says even in the midst of his hateful fanaticism, he wasn’t happy because he never stopped hearing the voice of conscience searing his soul. He sounds broken when he thinks of what he did in the name of Christianity. He is trying to make amends.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    David, I suspect that many of us thought like the person who said “that election monitors from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) should intervene” in US elections to help eradicate the awful mess it seems to be!

    Where is a Jimmy Carter with election monitoring now badly needed right at home!

    In any other place where one group were 1) illegally setting up unofficial ballot drop boxes to harvest votes (and do what with who knows), 2) restricting the official drop boxes to ONE in a county where there used to be as many as 12 to support the needs of the over 4 million voters, 3) bringing legal challenges to prevent greater use of remote voting via mail due to health concerns from the pandemic; and where the political leader of that same group is bluntly instructing supporters to attend voting places (with weapons if needed) to watch those who want to vote thereby simply harassing the electorate there would have been a LOUD cry of VOTER INTIMIDATION and calls for election monitoring to safeguard integrity.

    Where is the Carter replacement!

    HOW did this first world nation reach this deplorable state of affairs!

    The world makes fun of the US but this is no freaking joke!


  • I use one mirror to shave and I am constantly making faces in it as I shave!!


  • Prince Donald is all pumped up, dancing and shaking his ass and flyng high…can’t match that one..


  • Forgive me, DPD but I just did the Superman bit for my son complete with Superman film score and voice over.

    He tried not to laugh and failed miserably.

    Heard about all that election tampering.

    Unbelievable! And frightening! Like Alice in Wonderland am I. The Hitler documentaries no longer seem like long long ago in a land far far away. I realise that Hitler could do it all again if he were alive today. Plenty of hatred, ignorance and evil my sphere. The USA is part of the Barbadian sphere. Our news sources have made it so even more than other Caribbean islands. And of course, our relatives and friends live there.

    How are you and yours coping? I would be suffering from anxiety if I lived there.

    Liked by 1 person

  • There were election monitors from several global organizations for the 2016 elections representing several agencies, including the UN.

    But, when you’re dealing with a perceived hyper power and given the corruptability and control of those agencies the monotoring of US elections amounts to a nullity.

    The Carter Foundation like the Democratic and Republican party agencies which purport to promote democracy and election fairness globally are nothing more than functions of American hegemony, soft power.

    These people never cared about democracy. America was never been a democracy and has only given lip service to such.


  • Someone had to put it in song


  • Melania Trump says their son, Barron Trump, tested positive for COVID-19

    usa today article


  • Kudos to Pacha!!! Biden is not a progressive. Perhaps, he can be described as a pragmatist at best.

    One additional point worth emphasizing. Trump has been extremely successful in gerrymandering the US legal landscape with the help of Republican Senators McConnell, Graham, Cornyn, Cruz, Kennedy, Lee and the like in the Senate.

    In fact, some say that Trump has successfully nominated more than 200 federal judges and officials, more than any other President in US history. He has thus stacked the federal judiciary with conservative, right wing ideologues, many of whom the ABA has deemed simply “unqualified”..

    I am yet to learn of a single black male or female Trump has appointed to the federal bench, This is not fortuitous, like manna falling from Heaven. Imagine the consequences for black victims especially, too numerous to mention.

    Such overt racism in judicial selection has profoundly serious implications for those concerned with racial injustice, civil rights, women’s rights, access to health care and the lack of it, and a ton of constitutional issues.

    In their debate, Senator Harris did not completely answer VP Pence’s nonsense about “packing the Supreme Court”.

    Fact is that the Democrats ought to have already scheduled hearings and a major Inquiry into Racism, Misogyny and Bias in Judicial Selection under the Trump Administration. Certainly Chairman Nadler and Congressman Shiff and the Congressional Black Caucus are competent to lead such investigations.


  • Young and healthy please God, possibly asymptomatic.


  • We have to go back in time to when Donald Trump was a child sitting on his fathers knee,
    and his dad told him “one day son, you will be the greatest racist this country has ever produced”

    Trump says he’s not racist but the balance has gone too far in the opposite direction to the foundation in which the country has been built upon and a black potus is not natural or godly except in the shthole jungles where they are all savages anyway.


  • Trump’s Twitter account locked.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    “I would be suffering from anxiety if I lived there.”

    Well @Donna based on the real family life associations of many a Bajan like yourself ‘you do live there’ vicariously … thus the anxiety will take hold soon enough; for many it already has!

    There WILL BE electoral violence in the US come Nov 4 and following days, of that we can be assured!

    How expansive and ‘explosive’ is anyone’s guess and how effectively and quickly it is contained will depend on who is declared the winner …. Undoubtedly, Biden as the declared winner will presage much more unrest and as surely less draconian responses … the reverse will be catastrophic for ‘democracy’ as we have envisioned it across the US and the world.

    In simple words: we should ALL be very anxious over the next 20 plus days !


  • DPD,

    It may be even longer than that. More Republicans seem likely to vote on the day. More Democrats seem likely to vote by mail. If I were a Democrat I would mask and visor up, take a fold up chair, umbrella, food and water and head to a polling station. Some states don’t allow mail in vote counting to start until election day. If mail in ballots change the perceived winner after election night, the Trump idiots will never understand how that works.

    Liked by 1 person

  • DonnaOctober 15, 2020 12:53 PM


    It may be even longer than that. More Republicans seem likely to vote on the day. More Democrats seem likely to vote by mail. If I were a Democrat I would mask and visor up, take a fold up chair, umbrella, food and water and head to a polling station. Some states don’t allow mail in vote counting to start until election day. If mail in ballots change the perceived winner after election night, the Trump idiots will never understand how that works.


    … presuming of course the USPS delivers them on time!!

    Maybe the Democrats will send in replacements for those lost by the USPS!!


  • Lindsay Graham reckons the Democrats have a good chance of winning the White House!!


  • The rats are abandoning the ship

    Senator Ben Sasse, Republican of Nebraska, castigated President Trump in a telephone town hall with constituents on Wednesday, accusing the president of bungling the response to the coronavirus pandemic, cozying up to dictators and white supremacists, and offending voters so broadly that he might cause a “Republican blood bath” in the Senate.


  • Ben Sasse has taken a few nibbles at Trump before but never quite like this. He’s been trying to have his cake and eat it too.

    Things must look really bad if he’s finally picked a side.

    Mika is not going to miss that tomorrow on Morning Joe. She’s been hoping he would speak out for a couple of years now.

    But it is not for the right reasons. It’s purely political and not principle.

    Just a “good looking” rat but a rat nevertheless.

    Will the Lindsey Graham rat go down with the ship?


  • Trump when asked about QANON


  • Lindsey already made an about face from anti Trump in 2016 to pro Trump after the election, he isn’t going to turn back now, plus he I leading in his Senate race as per the latest NYT/Sienna poll and that’s all he cares about.


  • Last poll I saw he was leading by 1 percent – a statistical tie.


  • I think Lindsay Graham is chuckling at the Democrats.


  • Like I am chuckling at you.

    Both Lindsay Graham and myself accept you can’t predict elections but they can be real sport!!


  • This is good


  • So, would the luminaries on here tell us what QANON is?

    First time I am hearing about it.

    Had to google to find out this!!!

    QAnon[a] (/ˌkjuːəˈnɒn/) is a far-right conspiracy theory.[b] It alleges that a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against President Donald Trump, who is battling against the cabal.[2] The theory also commonly asserts that Trump is planning a day of reckoning known as “The Storm”, when thousands of members of the cabal will be arrested.[3][4] No part of the theory is based on fact.[5][6][7][8]


    My first reaction having read this for the first time in my life is “Jeffry Epstein” … Lolita Express, … Bill Clinton … Democrats!!.

    Jeffrey Epstein was a financier of the Democrat party.

    Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and wound up in Jail where he committed suicide.

    Trump did not put him there, due process put him there.

    No one knows anything as fact.

    What has happened with the Proud Boys hoo haaa?

    Turns out it is led by a black guy!!


  • So, it looks like Biden took 1/2 of his family member’s income from the gigs he got them peddling his influence of office!!

    He should have got out of this years ago once Trump came on the scene and announced his attention.

    It’s true he also earned the nickname “Creepy Joe” for his penchant to place his hands on people’s children when he had no calling and smell women’s hair so I guess the QANON conspiracy theory could be said to have been lent some credence by the Democrats themselves … from the top.


  • Politics is a dirty game.


  • John, Seems with your repetitive posting, maybe you are Trump, you post as much as he tweets, if Trump loses, you will lose it. Better tell your neighbours look out for the fallout.


  • Imagine what he says about them when the cameras are off


  • Five brawling women to add to Roseanne Bar and the two on here.


  • CrusoeOctober 16, 2020 2:27 AM

    John, Seems with your repetitive posting, maybe you are Trump, you post as much as he tweets, if Trump loses, you will lose it. Better tell your neighbours look out for the fallout.


    Win or loss for Trump … I’m cool!!


  • Just having some fun for the moment tweeting people’s noses!!


  • Any bets that you wouldn’t call her brawling?
    The only way to end this nightmare is to vote,” the 31-year-old wrote in a Vanity Fair column. “There is hope on the horizon, but we’ll only grasp it if we elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”


  • Here’s what you get from Biden, from Pa’s own mouth!!


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