Phartford Files: St. George By-Election: Acid Test or Tonic Water?

Submitted by Ironside

There is going to be a by-election in St. George North and some parties have already announced their candidates. I will not waste time speculating about the reasons – real or imagined- why the sitting MP Glyne Clarke has resigned from parliament and is taking up a diplomatic post in Canada. That is for the gossip posse.

What is important is that this by-election has come at a time when the country is at the lowest ever in its economic performance and arguably at its lowest moral ebb. Politically, the country is experiencing a rise in de facto totalitarianism, a trend being reflected around the world and led by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).  

Coming just over two years after the main election in 2018, the electioneering engines should not require too much of a warm up, especially in this weather! The core question is: will it be an acid test for the government or merely some quinine for covid-19?

I will leave the bulk of the statistical political punditry to the other bloggers who may more be skilled at the enterprise of analyzing historical voting patterns and the like.  Interested readers can now make use of the site Caribbean Elections Website to fuel their punditry and speculations.

What I want to do, as succinctly as possible, is to state a few imperatives/hypotheses about the by-election.

THE RULING PARTY CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE THIS BY-ELECTION.  If it does it will confirm how we “feel”, namely, that the populace is no longer enamoured with the BLP and its leader what with the serial malfeasances it has committed over the last two years. If it wins, the pundits will put it down to hard core support in the constituency.

Your guess is as good as mine, though, as to whether the BLP is committing political suicide by running BWU union boss, Toni Moore.  I know the BU historians will tell us about the union leaders who have run for political office over the years so I am looking forward to that rehash and the punditry that will follow.  My rough estimate is that about 70% – 75% of Nationnews Facebook comments cast Ms. Moore’s selection negatively. One commentator bluntly hoped she would lose.  But I concede that that is a small and perhaps irrelevant sample.  

THE PDP CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO FIELD A CANDIDATE IN THIS BY-ELECTION.  I have been following their Facebook communications and all other things considered, they have been doing a fairly decent job of dissecting the issues even for a small, neophyte opposition. So, not to field a candidate in the by-election would send a message that they are still not quite ready.

THE DLP CAN BE EXPECTED TO FIELD A CANDIDATE. After all, it has been predicting by-elections in two constituencies (Indar Weir’s and Trevor Prescod’s) for more than a year!  Let’s see what they come up with! Again I leave my fellow bloggers to speculate…if they have time!

THE UPP MUST SHOW THAT IT HAS NOT LOST HOPE. It has fielded a candidate and we shall see how that plays out.  All things considered, it gave a fairly good account of itself in 2018 election. What I “worry” about is their pedestrian and non-charismatic leadership.

GRENVILLE PHILLIPS [A.K.A SOLUTIONS BARBADOS] HAS ENTERED THE FRAY.  Best of luck and more power to the Treasury!

Moving on smartly! What about issues to be raised in this by-election?

There are many hot, topical issues to inspire debate and conspire about: Covid-19, union betrayal, same sex unions, homosexual marriages, tourism, crime, BEST, neglect of the constituency, the push for republic status for Barbados and the “Thrown” Speech in general. The more enlightened and skilful party (parties) will throw in the Chinese influence in Barbados and the Caribbean.  Just remember I did say “enlightened”!

All in all, I am looking forward to political theatre at its BEST!


  • Caswell should run against her for the PdP. that would be fun.

    i think she will win becos it is now a BLP stronghold but she is a sell out and it appears as though all this was well organised and executed

    i will not be surprise if McDowell does run too or given some big pick- the politics of compromise. compromise professional values for 5% and a seat


  • I nominate Akanni Mcdowall as the replacement Independent Senator.
    Fuh trute


  • These people making a mockery of the governance system or is it the reverse.


  • While I must be honest and say that thus far I support Mia’s and the BLP’s efforts and continue to do so, in the interests of the country, I would advise the people of St.George North to vote for Grenville Phillips IN THIS bye-election.

    You have to stir the pot to keep the soup cooking evenly and one more voice in Parliament will be good.

    Can still vote BLP in the general election, unless GP does a wonderful job over the coming two years.


  • Dear People of St George North.

    My name is Grenville Phillips II. I am the President of Solutions Barbados, and your candidate in this by-election. Let me first tell you about myself, and then about what we plan to do in St George North over the next two and one-half years.

    About Me.

    I have qualified in several disciplines. I am a structural engineer, highway engineer, environmental engineer, land-use planner, and adjudicator. I am also a teacher and President of Walbrent College, which is a regional institution specialising in construction. Therefore, my Clients benefit from a range of different disciplines for the same fee.

    I hold two Bachelors degrees (maths and engineering), two Masters degrees (environmental engineering and planning), and am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Engineering. I do this for only one reason – to provide a better service to my Clients.

    If you elect me to represent you for the next two and one-half years, then you become my Clients, and I will work for you.

    About Our Plans.

    With only one seat in Parliament, I will not have a Ministry. Therefore, we can dedicate most of our time improving the lives of those in this constituency. If we form the Government in 2023, then Solutions Barbados will make similar improvements across Barbados.

    Building Houses.

    I have 30 years of experience in the construction industry. We plan to set-up a non-profit construction company, to participate in the government’s 1,000 affordable houses initiative.

    We will train all unemployed St George North residents, who want to learn to safely construct a house. Training will take two weeks, at no cost to St George North residents. We will then employ them in the non-profit company, to apprentice with senior artisans. If the government’s 1,000 houses initiative does not happen, then we will build affordable houses for any client in Barbados.

    Strengthening Houses.

    The roofs of most houses in St George North are vulnerable to blowing off during a hurricane. We will offer to economically strengthen the roofs of all houses in St George North, for the cost of the labour and materials, but no profit.

    Those who want their roof strengthened for only the cost of the materials, can volunteer their time with the no-profit company one day each week, for seven weeks. They will help to strengthen the roofs of other houses in St George North.

    Dilapidated and Abandoned Houses.

    We plan to identify the owners of all dilapidated and unoccupied houses in St George North. We will then negotiate with the owners an arrangement, where we will economically repair the house, and get it rented. The rent will be split between the homeowner and the non-profit company, until the construction cost is repaid.

    Road Maintenance.

    Potholes can lead to costly vehicle repairs and accidents. Therefore, we will organise a dedicated St George North road maintenance crew, staffed by St George North residents, to safely and permanently repair potholes. A volunteer force of 350 people, allows each person to work for only one day each year.

    Energy Generation.

    We will offer to install a Photovoltaic (PV) system on every roof in St George North at cost, with no profit. It would be connected to the BL&P grid, so that home-owners will have more disposable income.

    Those who want the PV systems installed at only the cost of the materials, can volunteer their time with the no-profit company one day each week, for seven weeks. They will help to install PV systems on other houses in St George North.

    Tree Planting.

    To address monkeys and other crop thefts, and provide some food security for St George North residents, we will participate in the Government’s tree planting scheme. We will plant thousands of fruit trees near drainage courses, open spaces, and wooded areas across the constituency.

    Construction Disputes.

    Disputes between homeowners and contractors are common. As an Adjudicator, I plan to listen to both sides, and give preliminary rulings on construction disputes. This service will be free of cost to residents of, and disputes within St George North.

    Any party may have the matter finally settled by the court. But the preliminary ruling should let them know the likely outcome, and prompt them to settle before starting a long and costly court process.

    Finishing School.

    Regardless of how well or poorly students did at secondary school, we will train all willing St George North secondary school graduates (in six weeks) to be employable, and/or ready to start their own business. Training will be at no cost to St George North residents.

    Participants will learn to speak, write, listen, calculate, draw, and do tasks at an excellent level. We will teach them to become responsible adults, and model employees, and employers.

    Wealth Creation.

    I am the 2014 winner of the National Innovation Competition. We will train people how to start and grow a profitable business, with no start-up money. The 8-week training will be at no cost to St George North residents.

    The aim is for each willing participant to have a viable Internet based business, by the end of the workshop. This should provide each household with a separate income stream.


    In the House of Assembly, we will advocate for the following:

    1. A referendum, to measure the public’s support for a Republic, same-sex unions, and moving the statue of Nelson.

    2. An end to the corrupting no-bid public contracts, where the public must pay up to five times the cost of products, through increased taxes.

    3. Better managed public services to an international standard, where customer feedback is valued, instead of the current ‘like it or lump it’ management method.

    4. A rearranged secondary school curriculum, so that graduates leave school with marketable skills, and the confidence to succeed in life.

    5. An improved justice system, where victims are properly compensated.

    6. The removal of all taxes on healthy foods.

    7. The abolition of taxing land, for which our enslaved fore-parents already paid for with their lives’ work. The Government can find something else to tax, but not our land.

    We also plan to critically examine all proposed legislation, to ensure that it is in the best interest of the Barbadian public. That should keep us sufficiently busy for the next 30 months.

    The BLP won all 30 seats in 2018. This by-election is an opportunity to do at least two things. Namely, to keep the BLP accountable, and to meaningfully benefit the residents of St George North.

    You are in an enviable position, where you have nothing to lose by voting for Solutions Barbados – and everything to gain.

    Yours respectfully,

    Grenville Phillips II,
    Structural Engineer and Solutions Barbados’ St George North Candidate.

    [Note: We write several press releases each week. If you send us your e-mail address or WhatApp number, we will include you on our distribution list for our plans for St George North.]


  • I am actually disturbed that the DLP old guard per prior election disaster have suddenly appeared from the woodwork, now attacking VD.

    They have, by action, signaled that they only saw her as a stopgap, until people forgot their disastrous lack of custodianship of the country.

    But it reeks of opportunism. In my opinion, VD should resign forthwith and state clearly that her reason is the treachery of those who purportedly supported her.

    For this reason, anyone who even entertains thoughts of voting for the DLP in this bye-election would have to be out of their minds.


  • A divided party never wins elections.


  • commendable Grenville but yuh better learn to drink some rum


  • To blame the Chinese Communist Party for the fascist or “totalitarian” current in Western countries and the wider world cannot be spported by empirical evidence.


  • Dennis D menace language

    ” our democracy can only be a democracy ehrn we practice democracy ”

    ” the true test of our democracy is the freedom to be free ”


  • when we practice


  • This is why GPII upsets me and I have said it repeatedly. He has so much qualifications and writes the same shite week after week. No range, no variety. The last few weeks he’s been focusing on a referendum fir a Republic, before that Nelson. Somebody needs to tell him though that a by-election manifesto and a general election manifesto/promises are not the same. Many qualifications but strategic thinking?
    PS Isn’t Caswell the leader of a trades union but is an opposition senator? The fuqqin hypocrisy! Senator Moore gine still oppose IL on the basis that um intrusive?🤣🤣


  • @Grenville
    Since when did people in Barbados vote for anyone on the basis of educational qualifications or even professional experience?


  • 2.5 yrs he was ” on d road” every weekend and he writing a letter of introduction?

    He and upp should already be known by all SGN


  • @Everyone
    Please ease off of Grenville. He has at least another 10-15 years more to get lots more political campaigning practice in.


  • I doubt it would happen but I woud love to see Caswell Franklin join the fray on the campaign trail. He would pull some big crowds and cause an earthquake in the apple cart.

    Imagine a debate with Caswell and Toni as the main event with Grenville and whoever the DLP put as comic relief.


  • During the BLP media conference to announce Toni Moore, we heard Toni Moore give insight that she had up to now had no interest in politics. Up steps Gline Clarke to suggest Toni Moore confided in him in 1994 that she was going to be the next candidate of SGN.


  • @Pachamama September 24, 2020 6:09 PM

    If you were not so bent on being so anti-american and a China (CCP)/communist apologist, it might have crossed your mind that “led” in my statement does not necessarily imply “causation” . China “leads” by being the largest and MOST VICIOUS communist state in the world. Simple. Does that help?

    I am pleasantly surprised and glad that many Bajans have awakened to the dangerous EXISTENTIALIST threat posed by China. Read the comments to this breaking story and see how many Bajans know what is going on.

    Now, if the reports of citizens and others who have lived and worked in China but have fled its terrible criminal government are not enough “empirical evidence” for you, we can put you on a fast boat to China so you can go experience the regime first hand! Visa, no problem!

    As an alternative, I suggest you go flush your apologetics (preferably) down the toilet and let the rest of us battle China.

    We who know what to do have already drawn the spiritual sword of the King of Kings over Barbados. More revelations will be forthcoming and people will get shifted! It is a war!

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  • This man David real dangerous fun trute yuh!
    Man yuh caan call de peope bold-faced liars in the moment of glory.

    Supposed dem straigthen up and fly right, and start watching duh mout now? De campaign would be real dead and we just caan have dat rite now.

    No sir, leff de people be, just like how we needed de rain during the drought, we also need some comic relief.

    Things dread and we seeing red.


  • It seems as though in two and a half years the country is again at a watershed. In the shortest space of time ever, the government has alienated the church, the rastas, the people with regards to moving Nelson, the labour force by not providing severance and now choosing an unpopular union Boss who is supposed to be an Independent Senator to contest a by-election. It makes one wonder if they have misinterpreted the pulse of the people. The only other term that can be used to describe this suitation is that “all hell break loose in Babaydus.” That Throne Speech has put the island on edge. I do not know if this will end with the results of the by-election.


  • Verla: Now Dems out front in St George North

    President of the Democratic Labour Party, Verla De Peiza speaking at yesterday’s press conference. At left is outgoing first vice-president Irene Sandiford-Garner and beside her is outgoing general secretary Guyson Mayers. (Picture by Lennox Devonish.)

    President of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Verla De Peiza, says that their odds of winning the St George North seat in the upcoming byelection, have increased significantly with the announcement that Barbados Workers’ Union General Secretary (BWU) Toni Moore, is to be the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate.

    In fact, De Peiza contended that even though the party has not yet chosen a candidate for the soon-to-be vacant constituency which they lost by 80 per cent two years ago, the decision to pick Moore, has placed the DLP in pole position for the first time in 26 years.

    She also took a jab at the transparency of Moore’s selection process, making a veiled reference to the fact that Moore’s name was touted as the candidate for St George North on social media, several weeks before the current Member of Parliament (Gline Clarke) had announced that he would be stepping down from elective politics at the end of this month.

    “Far be it from me to get involved with the BLP and their machinations, but I will say that of the names bandied about, hers is the best name for us to go against. We are delighted and we are not going to hide that. I am in no way concerned if their process was democratic or not, that is for them to deal with,” said De Peiza, who was responding to questions from the media following a press conference at the DLP’s George Street headquarters to outline plans for the party’s annual conference this weekend.

    However, acknowledging that her party had the benefit of having union leaders as candidates in the past, the DLP president said she would not be taking aim at Moore for attempting to bridge commitments to the trade union movement and the Government. Instead she argued that the BWU membership and the voters of St George North will be the ones to determine if this type of representation is acceptable at this current juncture.

    “I am not going to get into the issue of whether she is representing the workers or representing herself and the party when she did particular things. The people of St George North will be the correct ones to prosecute her on that. I am also not going to be hypocritical and speak about any marriage between the trade union and politics when both of the major parties have been beneficiaries of that over time,” said De Peiza.

    “The constituents of the Barbados Workers’ Union will know how they feel about it, I am pretty

    confident that constituents of the Barbados Workers’ Union who also reside in St George North will know how to deal with it. We in our strategising know how we intend to deal with it and again I will say thanks to the Barbados Labour Party for their announcement last night,” she added.

    In making the announcement, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley pointed out that the combination of labour and Government had been witnessed in elective politics before through Sir Hugh Springer, Sir Frank Walcott and Sir Roy Trotman, all previous general secretaries of the BWU, and she expected Moore to follow in those men’s footsteps.

    Source: Nation


  • Caswell: Blow to labour

    By Colville Mounsey

    The decision by General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), Toni Moore, to accept the ruling Barbados Labour Party’s candidacy in the upcoming by-election for St George North, is being deemed a gut-punch to the country’s labour movement.
    According to Opposition Senator and head of the Unity Trade Union, Caswell Franklyn, the credibility of the island’s oldest trade union was now at risk, as its leader is “attempting to serve two masters”.
    He also accused the Mia Mottley-led administration of trying to weaken the labour movement, noting that labour was instrumental in the crushing 30-0 defeat of the Freundel Stuart-led Democratic Labour Party just two years ago.
    Franklyn also predicted that the move was likely to result in severe backlash to the BWU. He also questioned if Moore intends to carry on as an independent Senator, now that she has declared her candidacy for a political party.
    His comments came on the same day that veteran political scientist Peter Wickham, lauded the development as brilliant and one which is in keeping with a long history of trade union leaders representing labour in the House of Assembly “It appears to me that Mia Mottley wants to ensure that what happened to Freundel(Stuart), does not happen to her. She knows very well that to bring Toni Moore into the Barbados Labour Party and then put her to run will get a backlash from the workers of this country, who already believe that Toni Moore has sold them out. Whether this is true or not, people believe it. This decision to run her as a Barbados Labour Party candidate will destroy the Barbados Workers’ Union and Moore should not be so nalve as to think that workers will be happy with her plans. They need to realise that the union is not made up of all BLP members,” said Franklyn He further warned: “This is going to be damaging and effectively Mottley has neutered the unions and this was the unkindest cut of all. The largest and oldest private sector union has now lost all credibility in the eyes of the workers. If the workers are not careful, there will be no buffer between them and the Government and the Government will do whatever it likes. I am upset because this is harmful to workers.
    The workers don’t need another voice in the House of Assembly.”
    Franklyn, who is in the very same position, being the head of a trade union and member of the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP), told the Weekend Nation that he is not only prepared to talk the talk, but walk the walk as well. He disclosed that he has no intention of contesting a seat in the next General Election and should some special circumstances arise that demands his participation as a candidate, he would step down as leader of the Unity Trade Union.
    However, Wickham contended that the labour and trade union issue is not a new conversation, as the country mulled over similar concerns when Sir Roy Trotman, former General Secretary of the BWU, became a member of the Democratic Labour Party Parliamentary group in 1986. He pointed out that the situation was just as dire then as it is now, with the country’s economic prospects balancing on a knife’s edge and labour set to take the brunt of the recovery pains.
    “Trotman was elected on the Democratic Labour Party bench . . . There is a role for trade unionism in politics because the situation now is no less critical than it was in 1986. So, it is not a new conversation and I would ask persons to show me the evidence that it was problematic. Historically the evidence has shown that it is quite the opposite,” he said.

    Source: Nation


  • Spencer: No sense replacing Verla

    Colin Spencer, known for his stinging calypsos, has taken aim at some of his Democratic Labour Party (DLP) colleagues who may be hoping to make a return to politics.

    “I think some of those guys need to be honest with themselves and acknowledge their contribution to the defeat and announce their retirement from elective politics.

    “I find it most amazing that some of those persons are not contented with lending their support and making a contribution to the organisation from behind the scenes. Once they are seeking senior posts, they are looking to run again,” he said.

    This weekend during the DLP Annual Conference there is an expected showdown for the presidency between incumbent Verla De Peiza and former general secretary George Pilgrim.

    Spencer was upset by the absence of members following the DLP’s wipeout in the May 2018 polls.

    “The party still needed to function after that massive defeat and Verla, Guyson (Mayers, general secretary) and Irene (Sandiford-Garner, first vice-president) played a major role in ensuring that it did.

    “Repairs and renovations were done at the headquarters under their stewardship. Therefore, they have earned my support,” he said.

    Wrote a song

    Spencer, the party’s 2003 St George North candidate who went up against Gline Clarke and lost, in throwing his support behind De Peiza, said he wrote a song for her – not a studio recording – but with “just guitar and vocals”.

    “I’m up all hours of the night composing and that came to me so I recorded it and told her if she likes it to send me a voice note saying, ‘I’m Verla De Peiza and I approve this message’. It was as simple as that. As it relates to my support for her as president, I’ve made it abundantly clear that I will not be supporting anyone whom I have not seen at George Street since the last general election.”

    Former candidates

    He added he did not “see the point in replacing” De Peiza with Pilgrim and noted that “the only former male candidates” he would support for any of the senior positions on the executive council would be former Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy, former Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler or former Minister of Agriculture Dr David Estwick and “no one else”.

    Meanwhile former senator under the DLP, Andre Worrell, said competition was good for De Peiza.

    The party’s 2019-2020 third vice-president, who is seeking another term in that position, said now was the time for party members to make a firm decision on leadership when they gathered for the annual conference that starts today.

    “The rules of the party state that anybody can run for president so as long as George would have gained sufficient nominations, he can run for president. “I think it’s a good thing for Verla to be challenged . . . because over the last two years in which she gained thepresidency, she was not challenged.

    “It’s always good for a political leader to be challenged because during the process they would also get a feel for some of their strengths and some of their weaknesses and some of the things they need to improve on. This would only be good for Verla,” said Worrell, the party’s spokesperson on agriculture and environment over the last year.

    He acknowledged that De Peiza did not have Cabinet experience, but cited as positives her being relatively younger and the leadership skills she has shown in organising the business of the party over the last two years, including spearheading the long talked-about restoration of the auditorium. ( GBM)

    Source: Nation


  • Pilgrim sees lack of transparency in BLP’s choice

    Former general secretary of the Democratic Labour Party, George Pilgrim, is querying whether the process which led to the choice of trade unionist Toni Moore as a candidate for the by-election in St George North was at all transparent.

    Pilgrim, who will this weekend challenge Verla De Peiza for the presidency of that party, is wondering if Moore is even a registered member of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), and is asking several other questions about Moore’s legitimacy to be part of the electoral process.

    Pilgrim is wondering if Moore, as general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union and now a declared candidate for the Barbados Labour Party, can credibly continue to serve as the co-chair of the “independent body” charged with monitoring the implementation of the much-touted Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation programme.

    Moore co-chairs the monitoring committee of BERT with the chairman of the Barbados Private Sector Association, Edward Clarke.

    “Citizens are demanding greater transparency and democracy as promised by the current administration when in Opposition,” Pilgrim said in a statement released to the media yesterday.

    “How is our democracy advanced by the co-option of the leader of the largest private sector union to the fold of a Government that already holds all 30 seats in Parliament?” he asked.

    Pilgrim suggested that if Moore is now a member of the BLP, the question has to be also asked if that should not have been declared when she was named to co-chair the monitoring committee.

    “Was Mrs Moore not duty-bound to declare any ‘formal’ party affiliations before taking the oath as an ‘Independent’ senator appointed by the Governor General?” Pilgrim asked.

    He added that Barbadians were familiar with politicalunionism and the courtship between unionists andpolitical parties as was the case with Sir Frank

    Walcott, Sir Roy Trotman, Bobby ‘Bobby’ Morris, and Evelyn Greaves.

    “What is new, however, are the times we are in and our expectations, as well as the fact that the political stripes of these gentlemen were not secret while they practised unionism,” Pilgrim said. (BA)

    Source: Nation


  • UPP man wants ‘biased’ union boss rejected

    Ambrose Grosvenor

    The selection of trade unionist Senator Toni Moore to run on a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) ticket in the St George North by-election hasn’t gone down well with Ambrose Grosvenor.

    Grosvenor earlier this week announced he would be the candidate for the United Progressive Party (UPP) whenever the by-election is held between October 1 and December 31.

    “The announcement of the union boss and up until now Independent Senator Toni Moore as the BLP candidate for St George North comes as no surprise to anyone who has even a passing interest in politics. Union leaders are no strangers to partisan politics but in pursuit of the interests of workers – not in sacrifice of them. This instance is vastly different,” Grosvenor said in a statement yesterday.

    He noted with interest that leading up to the 2018 General Election Barbadians saw big business and unions march arm in arm to ensure the Barbados Labour Party won every seat in Parliament.

    “Toni Moore’s championing of the Barbados Optional Savings Scheme (BOSS) programme was another indication that she had shifted allegiance from the workers to the BLP and big business. Then, when theIntegrity In Public Life Bill faltered at the Senate, every day Bajans pondered about Moore’s role in the defeat of the said bill,” the UPP hopeful added.

    Grosvenor said the St George North BLP branch of the Bees must be in shock by the selection of Moore, the general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union.

    “If democracy is not going to be exercised at the branch level, one cannot expect democracy to be exercised at the higher level. Does this not smack of how the Government expects people to accept republican status in a matter of months?” he asked. “Clearly, advice has been taken to use power ceded by the people arbitrarily,” the fledgling politician said.

    Grosvenor said it would be tough for Moore to

    convince the people of St George North that she is a woman of independent thought and action.

    “Did she sacrifice the workers of Barbados for a shot at the St George North seat?” he queried in his statement. “The goodly people of St George North would be well within their rights to soundly reject Toni Moore at the polls,” he said. (BA)

    Source: Nation


  • Was Moore imposed on the voters of St George North?


  • This govt continues to sow seeds on dictatorship upon the people
    What is mind boggling is a media who seems reluctant to ask govt hard countries
    Barrow once stated that one day Barbadians would wake up to a barbados they no.longer recognize i believe he was speaking of outside influence and its level of wielding economic and political power
    It might have taken over 40 years to see that influence ripen but those who have the eyes to see must speak out before it is too late


  • Ironside

    We repeat

    There is no empirical evidence that the Communist Party of China has anything to do with the misanthropic wave of neo-fascism currently spreading throughout Hungary, Brazil, Bolivia, the USA, Poland, Turkey, the UK and many, many more Western societies.

    Only a certain brand of idiots would make such a nonsensical claim.

    We plead guilty to being an unrepentant critic of American imperium and welcome this its current demise but our case against the Yankees is well rooted in the literature, history and lived realities. It certainly is not based on the ideas in the oversized head of a madman.

    When and if China become s such a malignany carbuncle as the USA is we will focus our guns at her as well.

    While yes, we have made harsh criticisms of the Chinese for their role in Africa and elsewhere. And we have for decades analyzed their long game to empire, for China. However, to implicate them with neo-fascism, now rising its ugly head again in the West, is lunacy.

    We certainly need nobody’s assistance in going to China. We’ve gone there half dozen times. And if you were to stop reading shiiite on the internet and get off yuh ass and see some of the world you would not be so shallow.

    The truth, you’ll find, is that ALL the institutions in China, except possibly the military, are fully penetrated by the West. Now there is a truism which ………


  • @David,

    re Gline Clarke saying that Moore told him in 1994 that she will one day replace him is v revealing. we are now able to put into context, her, MAM and the private sector marching hand in glove and her demands for 23% pay rise from the DLP but accepting 5% after 2 minutes of negotiating with the BLP. she said she wasnt a party person but all her actions say otherwise. how deceiving the lady is? it all gels with what i have heard about her.

    as i said it is the politics of compromise- compromising your professional values for a 2020 seat in the house of parliament. she is a sell out and union members should get rid of her forthwith if not sooner.

    i am also looking for McDowall to be offered some pick soon. he is another sell out.

    this is a party of sell outs- Commissiong, Donawa the guy who agitated about the sewage and once given a pcak as a member of some board is quiet whilst the raw shite is pumped into the ocean, then you have Pressie the erstwhile cabinet member who kept noise about white shadows and once given another pick immediately was quiet and the rest of the soul sellers.


  • Add the fact her husband who was marginally employed before May 2018 was appointed deputy director of the NSC. The incesuous nature of politics practiced on a 21×14 island by the political directorate is a reality. When we debate politics this reality must always be considered.

    McDowall is also BLP supporter. To be fair in the argument the executive council of the unions have to ratify decisions. Are we suggesting Moore and McDowall have sufficient influence to direct the unions based on personal bidding?


  • of course… leaders almost always get what they want. they have the influence and place their people in certain strategic positions.


  • Greene

    We have said that this play is more far reaching. Our instincts tell us that Moore is setting up herself, maybe with the collusion of Mugabe, to take over the prime ministership, after Mugabe leaves in 8 years. Pokey-power.


    We were surprised how a resident doyen was so supportive of Prescod. The type of glowing ways in which he was characterised would have required a Demascus Road conversion.

    The truth is that every rasssoul body anywhere around politics can be expected to be immoral, self interested.


  • David
    Yuh wicked

    You can repeat what Clarke said
    You can print what Caswell said

    What about what trotman said ?


  • Trotman word supported what Moore said. what was said to glyne was probably said in jest / glyne over blowing what he said.


  • @David et al.

    In light of the admitted widespread insular and self serving nature of Parliament by constituency, as currently obtains and in order to move to a system that is more holistic and that would reduce the bribe by community vote, now is the time, with the Cheltenham review, to move to a Parliament constituted by thirty or forty of the best people, not by constituency per se, but as a country.

    The Parliamentary system was designed many years ago, during the plantation era. This has outlived its useful life. Barbados is a small 13×26 mile island. There is no need for a vote by constituency model.

    My suggestion therefore, in light of both of the above considerations, that the persons representing the people should be put forward by each potential governing body, with the vote being a national vote, in every case.

    In this manner, each person will vote for the full thirty or forty names. Yes, a longer process, but it is just ticks in a box.

    This will reduce the opportunity for vote buying, for two reasons. Firstly, buying a whole island vote will become exponentially expensive for a candidate.

    Secondly, the ability to concentrate a bought vote in one area, is logistically impossible.

    This method will also mean that everyone decides who are the best candidates on the board. It means that a person can also choose a candidate from one or other, or other, party.

    The intent is to move the system to a more holistic way of electing country representatives.

    As it is, and as the current example shows and has been commented on, the constituency representative often has no real connection to the people of the constituency, relying purely on party connections.

    This shows that there is no real reason for this method. It would be better to have the vote concentrated on the very best people (John will be happy for that phrase).

    The current method is spoiled and needs a change. Incidentally, the current method is to the benefit of the old two party system, whereas this suggested method will open the opportunity to newcomers with no allegiance, other than to the country of Barbados.

    Again, due to the size of Barbados, being over pedantic on maintaining an inherited method of governance is ludicrous. A change to a more suitable model that leads to more holistic governance and attempts to jettison the corrupt vote buying, should be embraced.

    The resulting ruling party or group can be determined by a specific Parliamentary seat majority.

    Consideration can also be given to having an elected Senate, of which possibly only three Senators will be of fixed positions or appointed by the GG or President. For example, of eleven senators, if five are fixed, such as (3) three appointed by the President, (1) Head of the Chamber of Commerce, (!) Head of the Unions, (1) Head of the Clergy, and five elected.

    This is an opportune time to consider these changes, when there is a review of Parliamentary procedure.


  • Greene

    You becoming like mariposa just to score political points.

    When was the raw sewage being pumped into the sea and why?

    where was it be pumped to before may 2018?


  • Errata -the Senate numbers so not quite add, but you get the idea of the format.


  • John2, you not realise yet that Greene in campaign mode?

    Mariposa always in campaign mode.


  • @John2 the word for today #incestuous.


  • @Crusoe

    Who will implement or consider your suggestion?


  • David
    i dont know the meaning to that word. it wil always be in Barbados/politics (meaning it in more than politics) the island is to small. check the other islands and the usa politics you would see much difference.

    By quoting clarke and not trottman you trying to make out that the woman is a liar. See how fast Greene latched on to it?

    But more power (comments) to you

    As you say – carry on smartly 🙂


  • The quote from Clarke to contrast with Moore is relevant. No amount of gymnastics can make this go away. Hopefully Moore will clarify in Flat Rock on Sunday.


  • even a one eye man could see what Moore and McDowall were about. when unions could refuse a 49 mil one time payout along with other concessions while holding out for 23% increase, you know something was amiss. to top that off a coordinated march with MAM and the private sector and a blind man could see the fix was in. and the coup de grace, accepting a 5% increase after 2 minutes negotiating with the BLP.

    and the pay off, a seat in a safe constituency.

    even the DLP talked about this during the 2018 campaign when poor Donville said that Moore refused to negotiate with DEM because MAM promised her a seat or an ambassador pick when the dust settled. so said so done


  • Will the people of SGN vote for an opposition or protect their share of the emaciated calf.

    28 to 2 or 29 to 1. Still a defacto clittatorship.

    This by election will provide the usual entertainment at political rass meetings.


  • Greene

    This was not the first time the dlp was overthrown by that said incesstual coalition of forces.

    But when in power was supine enough not to do a damn thing bout um.

    Added, that your dees were not the harbingers of any higher morality either.


  • i dont disagree but dem is de facts tuday as tings stan


  • And “de facts tuday as tings stan” is all the talk about “holding out for 23% increase” and “accepting a 5% increase after 2 minutes negotiating with the BLP,”………. Donville saying “Moore refused to negotiate with DEM because MAM promised her a seat or an ambassador pick when the dust settled,”………. was in the PUBLIC DOMAIN during the 2018 election campaign.

    The 30-0 result proved it didn’t make a difference.

    Other than being ‘material’ for the political platform, continuing to rehash that shiite talk about “23% and 5%” proves what?

    However, unfortunately for “poor Donville,” “when the dust settled,” he was arrested by US authorities for laundering the ‘bribe money’ he accepted from ICBL, while being a government minister and is now awaiting sentencing after being found guilty.

    I believe it won’t be anytime soon he would be taken seriously when sharing his opinions on such matters.


  • @Artax

    We should not ignore the fact the Donville situation may represent the tip of the iceberg.



  • Artax,

    so after that inane rebuttal, is anything i said provably incorrect?

    you try too hard sometimes. to prove what? i cant fathom


  • artax

    lol what a person for him to quote


  • i didnt quote Donville and even if i did, isnt what he said borne out today as true? this is about the veracity of what was said and not who said it. to stand on that for any push back is v weak


  • @crusoe
    ‘In this manner, each person will vote for the full thirty or forty names. Yes, a longer process, but it is just ticks in a box.”

    I like your idea, but must ask ‘Do we need as many as 30 or 40?’


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, as noted above this debate is highly partisan and thus totally hypocritical. @Greene is an admitted DLP partisan so his ‘hypocrisy’ is crystal clear but why are others who project as ‘independent’ knocking Moore’s decision in light of the looooong history of senior union officers involvement in elective politics in Bim and across the region … that’s RIDICULOSLY hypocritical!

    However, your comment that “The quote from Clarke to contrast with Moore is relevant. No amount of gymnastics can make this go away…” was quite aggressive I thought! … There is no reason for the woman to deceive … in fact if she even recalled her perspectives from 1994 then it would make a much more INTERESTING narrative to let us know of her youthful dream now come true!

    So I agree with the spin of @John2 and see a lovely Simone Bales gymnast pivot rather than the self-serving flip-flop you suggest … If it’s 994 as noted then that is 25 plus years ago and one can easily conjecture that an ambitious, socially motivated intelligent young woman enthused to Clarke that one day she too was going to represent her fellow ‘St. Georgians’ in parliament.

    Not a strange statement for an gregarious, outgoing youth involved in her community as clearly she must have been.

    That this remark is coming to fruition a quarter century later and used as a club to beat her based on recent remarks from her that *”she had up to now had no interest in politics” is irrational. … Who doesn’t change direction in life! The lady certainly may have gone in a different direction to her earlier goals by representing her fellow citizens as a senor unionist, thus displacing that interest in direct elective politics… but now an opportunity presents itself!

    I hold absolutely no brief for the lady but we really need to stop this unnecessary ‘gotcha’ politics (as the Americans would say) .. there is no disconnect to me re a remark you make 25 years in the past and your current perspective on your life! … More power to her and may she be an honest servant to her constituents and all Bajans if elected….

    BTW, for all de ole talk MAM has politically masterfully out-maneuvered the DLP … she is becoming more DANGEROS as these actions if successful will deeply cement that autocratic power she now wields so purposefully… woe to us all!

    Liked by 1 person

  • @de pedantic Dribbler who wrote ” MAM has politically masterfully out-maneuvered the DLP ”

    MAM is already a defacto Maximum Leader with 29 out of 30 seats.

    Nothing masterful about anything she does although some would say master…….

    The BLP will win the by election The people of SGN knows where their salt bread buttered.


  • DPD

    pay david no mind. the purpose of that comment was to mine more comments on the blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  • A large chunk of Barbadians are unstably suspicious of the nomination of Toni Moore given the role she played to undermine the last government. To compare her entering politics to Walcott, Trotman et al is a simplistic view.


  • large chunk? or you mean the DLPites?

    Liked by 1 person

  • As Verla said and i agree – the constituents of SGN and the BWU will decide her fate eventually.


  • the last government undermined it self with it total incompetence from top to bottom except for one ministry


  • It is nice to see how easily our impoverished functionaries can be bought. If we create a new ambassadorial post every year, the preservation of power is guaranteed until 2050.

    Our great Leader silenced Cumberbatch, then Prescod, now this union boss. The outspoken senator is next.


  • do you know of the connection between Roy and Toni? i say no more. maybe David, if he cares to, could give a hint


  • The word of the day is #incestuous.


  • @ Pachamama September 25, 2020 6:36 AM

    It is even more idiotic to have the author explain the meaning of what he wrote and you still restate YOUR interpretation as though that will legitimize your meaning. Your assertions are irrelevant despite the high sounding intellectual phrases in which they are couched.

    What we expecting here is at least level 2 cognitive skills: COMPREHENSION. So apart from scoring a non-point are we to gather that you have a problem understanding the multiple meanings of even simple English words?

    +++ WHEN AND IF CHINA ( my emphasis) become s such a malignany [sic] carbuncle as the USA is we will focus our guns at her as well +++

    Spoken like a true Bajan….let’s wait until the hurricane is pushing into Consett Bay then rush to buy supplies. Mental inertia and poikilothermia at is best!

    Anyway: one red herring + 2 red herrings will still give you red herring (if you get my drift).

    ….so back to the by-election.


  • I was surprised when the lump sum payment was refused. They obviously didn’t understand the true depth of the mess the Treasury was in.
    Not knowing exactly which union represents whom, I thought the refusal was largely a NUPW call?
    Anyways an election is an opportunity for some “talk” and one or two ‘nuggets’ may emerge. The real race is which of the opposing parties gets the most votes.
    In some places there would be significant physical moves to be ‘living’ within the SGN electoral boundaries.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @David September 25, 2020 12:47 PM
    +++To compare her entering politics to Walcott, Trotman et al is a simplistic view.+++


    So also is Wickham’s view that the circumstances are the same as with the other cases of union bosses running for political office. To the best of my knowledge, none of them faced a situation where the ruling party held ALL the seats (bar one in this case).

    The workers and electorate have every right to fell betrayed by Toni Moore in the current environment. Mr. Trotman’s endorsement of Ms. Moore is irrelevant. It is simply a personality persuader to which, unfortunately, many Bajans are still so vulnerable.


  • 2018 election results for SGN

    CLARKE, Gline Arley BLP 4,779 80.84%
    INCE, Jepter DLP 745 12.60%
    PHILLIPS, Grenville Walter II** SB 264 4.47%
    HOLLIGAN, Everton Ricardo UPP 124 2.10%

    Source: Caribbean Elections


  • So are you people saying the Trotman is lying about Moore not being interested in politics?
    Why is his story unbelievable and is dismissed to what she said to Clarke over two decades ago?

    Now i am not saying that Clarke is lying either.


  • NO

    You are mostly correct that the refusal was mainly the NUPW call.

    BWA is BWU largest membership and Moore had already gotten a few concession for them from BWA. But let DEM continue


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David ..excuse that start n stop…I would ask you to EXPLAN your remark that “To compare her entering politics to Walcott, Trotman et al is a simplistic view” but you offer such provocative posts to their own ends of generating heat or debate surfing with pithy sweet prose… so let’s do the surfing ting!

    Are you saying that Ms. Moore has like her named predecessors NOT been involved in politics for the last several years as a senior union leader… and that her entry now at this turbulent point into “representative politics” is so vastly different to any of the others back, then I bow to that wisdom!

    Are you also suggesting that when Trotman (Obrien) led marches for his members against the DLP regime of the time and subsequently turned up as an Independent Senator and then BLP party official that that affair was also just simplistic!

    Or when Trotman (Sir Leroy) led marches against govt policy or corporate alleged wrong doings and then sat on a council with the same corporate chieftains that there was just too much simplest stuff then too!

    If you modern day pundits want to take the very, very similar dynamics and pretend that there is a grand difference of PERSONAL motivations simply because this admin holds all the seats then please do … I too unwise and simple!

    Yes #Northern, like you I believe that “The real race is which of the opposing parties gets the most votes.” We shall see what the Bajan public really feel about the goings-ons!

    I gone.


  • @Dee Word

    Besides the fact Toni Moore is positional head of the BWU what can you say about her body of work as a trade unionist?


  • @ Greene

    If you choose to incorrectly describe my simple comment as an “inane rebuttal,” so be it. And, if you “can’t fathom (what I) try too hard sometimes to prove,” wouldn’t it have been better if you SCROLLED PASSED, rather than respond with your version of an “inane rebuttal?”

    My friend, you’re the one who’s “trying too hard” in attempting to pass your usual hypocritical, simplistic, biased, rhetorical political diatribe, as serious debate in this forum, when it should be reserved for the rum shops and campaign platforms.


    de pedantic Dribbler September 25, 2020 12:30 PM #: “If it’s 1994 as noted then that is 25 plus years ago and one can easily conjecture that an ambitious, socially motivated intelligent young woman enthused to Clarke that one day she too was going to represent her fellow ‘St. Georgians’ in parliament.”

    @ dpD

    What Toni Moore allegedly told Gline Clarke relative to her hopes of representing St, George North someday, is a non-issue that’s being politicized.

    Why??? We must first ask ourselves how old was Ms Moore in 1994. If we assume, for example, she is 45 years old, then she would have been 19 in 1994. So, we’re essentially juxtaposing the expressed ambitions of a 19 year old girl TWENTY-SIX (26) years ago, with her recent actions, described as “marching hand in glove with MAM and private sector,” and the usual nonsense about 23% and 5%……… calling it “v interesting” and asking “how deceiving the lady is?”

    “Simply simplistic.”

    Liked by 1 person

  • Maybe Gline Clarke is the person who was simplistic by mentioning it given what Toni Moore said minutes earlier.



  • Lest we forget Ms Moore is one of the longest serving Directors of the NIS. Clearly that sterling contribution is a strong recommendation for any public office.
    We frequently elect persons who have done little, and are then surprised when they get together and decide little can be done.


  • Toni Moore she is married to ROGER MOORE?


  • @ Greene

    There is a magical Bajan word called ‘comprehension’. Usually the people who use it most do not understand the written language. We had it on another stream with an idiot referred to the fact that Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, has a £600000 deferred investment in GSK as somehow a scandal. Proof t hat Britain is a failed state.


  • “We frequently elect persons who done little, and then are surprised when they get together and decide that nothing can be done.”



  • Artax,

    unlike many on here i came right out and said i support the DLP and i believe i stated the reasons why. unlike you, i dont hide behind the unbiased shtick when clearly all you do is criticise, in some vague attempt to appear neutral, any comment positive about the DLP or that is negative about the BLP.

    i do enjoy a little banter but let it make sense even if it is a contrary view or is supportive of the BLP. i have often given MAM her props and i often bash the DLP but i support the Dems by and large and will bash the BLP hard and often when i get the chance.

    if you dont want me to respond to nonsense you write simply eye pass what i write or we should both take our liks like men.


  • @Hal,

    water off a duck’s back, mate. it is what it is


  • David

    Maybe you are ignoring what Moore said which was corroberated by Trotman and pushing what Clarke said (which just proof that he has a good memory), not only to mine comments but to try to pull a few vote for your second man GP2

    #incestuousalltheway 🙂


  • there is a reason why Clarke is called Wuk Fuh Wuk.

    from all reports he was a good community man and is well known in St George but dont make him larger than he was. all pols especially in the rural areas join community clubs to further their political ambitions. like all pols he looked after his own like Nigel Whitehall the PR man his retirement, who is a lawyer and resigned his previous post and worked in Housing and Lands when Clarke was the minister. when Clarke left he left too

    Clarke also has several apartments blocks scattered about St George on lands that were gotten via… housing and lands it is alleged. and that is only a tiny bit of what he gained in his 26 years

    so please dont make him a saint.

    i may not live in Bim but i am well connected


  • “If you dont want me to respond to nonsense you write simply eye pass what i write or we should both take our liks like men.”

    @ Greene

    I hope you realized we expressed similar views.

    At least we both agree we could scroll pass the shiite each other writes.


  • Ironically, there’s another magical Bajan word called ‘hypocrisy.’ Some people who live in glass houses and thrive on throwing stones at others, often don’t understand its meaning.


  • gREENE

    who is pushing Clarke? politically clarke is retired/done. its a waste of time trying to sully his name now. you will gain no political points.


  • @Artax,

    fair enuff but at times you do make sense. in this particular thread you didnt.


    when Hal mentioned a comprehension problem, i believe he meant you


  • With all this talk about a new direction Republic and all that the same old politics are paramount on the rock. The PM is not satisfied with a 30-0 victory she wants to consolidate power by having the leader of the largest Union on the island in her back pocket by bringing her into the fold. It is simply put a power grab I don’t care about whataboutism and what Hugh Springer or Frank Walcott or any the of the others did, how does a country advance when it continuously embraces and repeats the mistakes of the past?


  • @ Sargeant

    It has been two years now since I have called our leader the president; It has been obvious for sometime that her ambitions go beyond being prime minister of Barbados.
    They are not even global, she really wants to control everything in her sight. Compromising her rivals, by any means necessary, is one of her weapons.
    If they are not happy with offers of jobs, or titles, or trickles, she is not above puttying them in prison on remand for a decade. That is her mind set. The real danger are those who do not want to see anything different about her style of leadership.


  • Greene

    i could care less.


  • Barbados Union of Teachers head Pedro Shepherd, will be seeking to be elected as assistant general secretary.


  • of the DLP


  • no conflict of interest here


  • The discussion about the past union leaders should be placed in context.Sir Grantley Adams,Sir Hugh Springer,Sir Frank Walcott were members of Political Parties fighting for the workers. All of the others used the Unions as a base to get political power. Mrs Moore said she was not political and so is seeking political power through a safe seat as there is no fighting for the workers over the last 25 years. How come the BWU never had a strike fund but all the leaders drive new Mercedes cars? Both BWU leaders drive Mercedes cars.


  • @ Greene
    “i may not live in Bim but i am well connected“
    Respectfully Sir, that is a big lie . How can you a Barbadian living overseas have any good connections. You are not living there; you don’t subscribe to the Nation or the Advocate; you can’t listen to VOB or CBC. You don’t have any friends or family there. You don’t know one damn thing about Barbados. Why don’t you shut up and let the people who live there and know what going on talk and write on BU.
    People like you just pull down the country and want it to fail. Everybody knows you don’t like Mia Mottley.
    Wunnuh so should be shame to call all you selves Bajans.
    You got contacts my foot. Who you really trying to fool? All wunnuh walking about saying there is 40 % percent unemployment and how no tourists ain’t coming. Wunnuh just lie.
    Best wunnuh so stand where wunnuh belong and let the real Bajans run de country and write on BU. De man dat own BU should ban you.


  • @William Skinner,

    please forgive my transgressions.

    it will never happen again


  • Caswell speaks


  • Senator Franklyn confirmed what the blogmaster has been saying all along- he has no interest in elective politics. He also confirmed that Toni Moore very recently expressed no interest in elective politics.


  • she was wearing two had before why it got to be only one today?


  • i must aplogise to my mate Caswell. i said in a post that he was raw and unpolished. that is not so. at least not in this interview. maybe i have been too long away. i enjoyed the bajan flair with all the facial nuances. kept it up Caswell. you come over as honest, full of integrity, and most of all forthright, an endearing quality that is missing nowadays in people. we need more like you in politics. keep up the good work and may you be guided, muh brother.


  • Caswell uses the Senate to further his Union members’ causes and Moore did it in the Senate too. Why must we see her move from Independent senator to government backbencher as a departure from what obtained in the Upper House? Monique Taitt and Kevin Boyce went from Chair and member respectively of statutory boards under the previous administration to Independent senators. Their fathers were ministers under previous DLP administrations. I, however, find they are mature and their contributions apolitical. Miss Taitt just loves to pick at commas and semi-colons and press for clarity and consistency. How can we avoid “incest” in 1×1.5 island? Interestingly, the first bill to be debated this session is to appoint a swathe of public servants overnight. Seems the unions in bed with government to the benefit of workers. We have countries where unions are openly allied with political parties, including where the hypocrite Greene resides.
    In ending, I must say it is rich hearing Verla talk about the legitimacy of candidate selection. Anyone recalls she got 5 votes to Taan Abed’s 86 but was still selected to get her second cut arse in a different constituency?🤣🤣🤔


  • @ Northern

    I give you 9.8 out of ten for delivery and substance . Now you know how I felt when I heard Sinkyuh was appointed to head a committe on economic recovery! Lol


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