No Referendum, no Republic!

Submitted by Grenville Phillips, Leader of Solutions Barbados

I listened to our Prime Minister give an interview on ABC Australia, part of which was carried on CBC-TV news on 17 Sep 2020.  In it, the Prime Minister explained that Barbadians will not be allowed a referendum, to decide on whether they support Barbados becoming a Republic.

Our Prime Minister must know that she cannot do that.  Our Attorney General, all the lawyers in the BLP and DLP, our Governor General, and all our judges should know that she cannot do that.  Yet, she noted that she will follow NIKE and “just do it”.

Our Prime Minister is not a dictator, so she must have a proverbial ‘Ace’ up her sleeve.  In the interview, she revealed it.  She justified her approach by explaining her belief that Barbadians elected her to do it.  Let me quote her.

“We certainly campaigned on it in the manifesto, that while we committed to referendum on other issues, we did not on this one, and we made it clear that this is where we believe the country must go.”


As the leader of the third largest political party in Barbados, and on behalf of the thousands of Barbadians who voted for Solutions Barbados in the last General Election, I had to investigate this claim.  Because either I was suffering from some sort of memory loss and had to resign, or our Prime Minister inadvertently misspoke.

I reread the BLP’s 2018 Manifesto.  There was no mention of any plan to make us a Republic.  On the matter of referenda, page 45 states:

“Introducing National Dialogues, National Referenda and consulting with Barbadians on major national issues, such as the decriminalisation of recreational marijuana.”

Is changing our system of government to a Republic, not more of a major national issue than decriminalising recreational marijuana?

I then read the BLP’s 2016 Covenant of Hope.  Again, there was no plan to make us a Republic.  On the mater of referenda, Page 22 states:

“We support the use of People’s Initiatives, as well as the mechanism of Referenda, to ensure that our citizens may influence the work of our Parliament and our Executive. This permits our people, and not only Parliamentarians, to have an appropriate role in decision-making on fundamental issues affecting the stability and cohesion of our nation. This must always follow an intensive public education programme.”

If fundamentally changing our system of government to a Republic, does not qualify as a fundamental issue affecting the stability and cohesion of our nation, then what does?


So, where could our Prime Minister have gotten the idea, that a Republic plan was in their campaign manifesto?  I decided to investigate.  I read the BLP’s 2013 Manifesto, but there is no mention of a Republic plan.  So, I read the BLP’s 2008 Manifesto, and there it was, on page 77:

“Update the Constitution Review Commission recommendations on replacing the Crown with a Barbadian President and proceed to consult the public fully by way of a referendum”

Clearly the BLP’s stated intent was to measure the public’s support, of our politicians’ desire for a Barbadian Republic, by a national referendum.  So, what happened?’

One possible explanation is that a plan to make Barbados a republic without a national referendum, was in an early draft of the BLP’s 2018 Manifesto.  Since the BLP cannot force Barbados to become a republic, that plan was abandoned.  Whatever the explanation, the BLP does not have a mandate to make us a Republic.

Without a mandate from the people to make us a Republic, the BLP needs to go back to the drawing board.  To become a Republic, there must be support from both the Government and the Public.  The public’s support is normally measured by a national referendum.  No referendum, no republic.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at


  • … or in the words of the old timers, why spend a penny when a cent will do?

    But on this one I agree with Fidel!!

    Not one red cent!!

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  • @ TheoGazerts
    Very often the two dollar word is very very effective. It conveys meaning more accurately. What do you think our Education System is about?It has an Intelligentsia objective.


  • @VC
    But you and John A are two guys I enjoy reading. Both do not resort to two-dollar words when a one-dollar would do.

    I was tempted to cut and paste the paragraph that ‘knocked me out’, but I suspect it would start an unnecessary exchange with the blogger

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  • David,

    My soul brother, Adrian Greene. You should have posted last week’s column as well.

    I believe the psychological rehabilitation has been entrusted to Trevor Prescod.

    I will wait to see if it is a serious portfolio or to quote a Barbados Today editorial – “Finding work for the boys”.

    We need sustained comprehensive community programmes to accomplish the rehabititation.

    “Penny wise and pound foolish” is a saying that comes to mind when people keep talking about the cost.

    Do we wish to keep limping along as walking wounded? Physical therapy costs money and causes pain but we fund it and endure it to restore our bodies.

    Psychological and cultural rehabilitation should be seen in precisely the same way.

    We know “De country sick. De country en well”. Some speak daily of some Bajan Condition but still we baulk at spending money on trying a new cure. We want to continue taking the same medicine that is not working

    John the Racist would latch on to the SIR Ronald Sanders utterances and promote the idea that it is a waste of time. But he would, of course, have the opposite opinion of Trump’s new “Patriotic Education” school programme intended to counteract the new awakening to the true story of the racist history of America that was glossed over up until now.

    One can afford to be “Conservative” when one has something worth preserving.

    Otherwise it is change or die!


  • @Donna

    How refreshing it would be to see the likes of Prescod, Commisiong et al replaced with more authentic agents for the cause.


  • “There are pros and cons to every decision.”

    just as UK found out with Brexit..

    don’t know if to call this Barxit…but ya can be sure it will be preserved as mis mascotas pequenas y las aves esclavas tambien cometi el mismo error….🤣😂😂.

    private joke, those who know will get it, they may not be amused but they will get it……🤣


  • DonnaSeptember 20, 2020 11:09 AM Your penultimate line.
    Indeed, THAT is a phrase with deep meaning and wide ranging consequences. I suspect that the pandemic has significantly increased the relevance of that phrase. Therein lies the Rub-ublic.

    Some like change, some do not, for the very reason that you stated.


  • DavidSeptember 20, 2020 10:08 AM @Crusoe It is a judgement call by government….Is this a seminal moment in time to take the decision?

    As I replied to Donna, the pandemic has put the status into one of flux. When a wire is heated, is the easiest time to bend it. The question is, do you need a priest or an exorcist? One will persuade and guide, the other will remove the ghosts of the past, ushering in a new light.

    Is that too dramatic? Perhaps not. Consider PLT’s reference to the plantation mentality, surely that is enough to tell you which is required?

    One more thing, as the world has entered into direct trade jostling between US,UK and China, is it better to be able to make decisions, with no barriers as to which ‘side’ to choose in each singular decision?


  • @David

    Didn’t you pooh pooh my comment that Gline Clark was coming to Canada to take over from Farley?


  • @Sargeant

    The blogmaster does not Pooh Pooh comments from the BU elders.


    There is the possibility of a US Venezuela skirmish.


  • DavidSeptember 20, 2020 12:20 PM@Crusoe There is the possibility of a US Venezuela skirmish.
    Interesting thought. But hopefully those who would start such a thing would understand that sometimes a cockroach takes more than one hit with a shoe to crush. You never seen one of those? You think it dead and up it gets and comes again? And again?

    Some things are easier said than done.


  • David,

    Agreed. People don’t trust Commisiong. Not sure about Prescod. William Skinner seems to have time for him.

    The problem is that he kicked up dust recently and promised to put us in de know. Now of course, he will go silent. If Mia had the position in mind for him and if she meant it to be a serious portfolio, one would imagine she would have spoken to him before she removed him from his ministerial post.

    All this has cast doubt in my mind as to whether it is just a matter of buying his silence. So his any credibility he had has taken a hit and along with it the portfolio.

    Is this an afterthought by Mia? If it is then how serious is she? And if she had it in the plans all along then it was another inept roll out.

    Either way it does not look good on him or her.

    Who do these people have as political advisors and managers? My lowly ass could do a better job!


  • @Donna

    Always keep in mind we are observing politicians. Especially cast in a Caribbean context.


  • @David
    Its all about squelching dissent; Commisiong was taken out early and Prescod has a job that was invented for him, we haven’t heard from George Payne could he be the first President of the Republic of Barbados?

    Let the speculation begin……


  • Rise Sir Payne ,,,oops Sir George!


  • Buh looka muh crosses doh!
    Yuh mean nuhbody ent gots nuh integrity nuhmore?
    Yuh mean nuhbody atall, atall, atall?
    Yuh duz jus bribe people tuh keep the traps shut?
    Dem jes supposed tuh smile and wave while you squeezing duh balls?
    Wuh I duz be really hearing doh?

    What manner of honourable men are we electing?


  • @Raw Bake

    You know this has always been the case however of recent we have seen the rise of social media and a bright light lit …


  • Have you ever turned on a light and seen cockroaches scampering for places to hide?
    What do you do?
    Turn off the light and go on your way, or get the flick can?

    Social media only highlights, flick cans… out yuh lights.


  • @Raw Bake

    This is the point, we have no excuse now. We know. As you correctly stated it is about next steps.


  • The rise of social media has made it easier for politicians to massage the message. These days one can never be really sure who is the arsonist and who is the firefighter.


  • @Raw Bake

    This has always been so, one has to rely on the cognitive skills. We will not always get it right but we must try.


  • David,

    Young roosters do not sit on the paling crowing all day and night forever. One day they decide enough is enough, and challenge the old roosters for control of the yard. No?

    There comes a time when the social media advocates must enter the trenches if they are really serious about the issues they constantly highlight. The problem we will face then though is; how do we prevent the old blood from subsuming the new.

    Too many in the past, thinking they could make a difference from inside, joined organizations only to realize that they were powerless, irrelevant and still on the outside.


  • @Raw Bake

    This blood aware of several who are in the trenches who are or were active on this platform. People are working, we need more to join us.


  • That is the problem. If one tries to make a difference from the inside of The Beast one gets chewed up and spit out. There is a political culture within these organisations that is not easily changed. Nobody really believes it can be done. Look what happened when Walter decided to link back up with the Dreaded Lying Party. Everybody thought he was just looking to cash in.


  • It coughed him out like an ackee seed.


  • I will take your word for it.
    Commander… Engage!


  • @David September 20, 2020 6:21 AM ” BY-ELECTION? MP Gline Clarke to drop bombshell at meeting today.

    I am not sure why MY government insists on appointing elderly loyalists. If I was a well educated, bright, young, foreign service officer [and there must be at least a dozen of them in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs] with a reasonable expectation of being appointed to a career ambassadorship, I would be pissed.


  • So many opportunities to force change but our politicians prefer to the comfort of appeasing the party faithful and greasing the party machinery.



  • And remember “boys of BU” late 60’s is NOT, repeat NOT relatively young.

    The life expectancy of a Bajan man is 73.1 years.

    Don’t sh00t me because i did not make up the data


  • @Cuhdear yours@3.12pm

    Read what I wrote about squelching dissent, don’t forget that Gline’s nose was out of joint when he didn’t receive a Ministerial appointment and when he got the job as Deputy Speaker he raised a stink about wanting a pay increase.

    Ottawa is a diplomatic plum second only to NYC or London and when he retires from Parliament he receives his Parliamentary pension and the High Commissioner’s salary.

    Life too sweet.


  • When the old men whose pockets should already be full take all the jobs what happens to the young men?????


  • @Donna

    This is where politics trump everything else. Gline is occupying prime real estate.


  • That is why I could never be a politician.


  • The constitution does not recognize political parties, but it seems like political parties controlling we treasury and spending our taxes securing the futures of party members, their friends and family.

    That shit ain’t pretty and it stinks.


  • Not everyone drinks the koolaid

    Imagine being a republic, and the leader doing worst than before, because she is unaccountable to an one, imagine you marching and nothing changes, that is what you can expect under mia , no change, just more open corruption, laws passing with out your input, which is happening now anyway, A republic is not for a leaders self interest, same shitty ideas, same shitty advisors, same borrowing, same shitty results, just a republic



  • That is why I could never be a politician.

    Sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Yes?


  • The nerve on these colonial creations and traitors.


  • Decriminalisation of marijuana is a daily occupation
    Creation Rebel

    Creation Dub


  • MariposaSeptember 20, 2020 4:06 PM

    Mari, you are taking your assumptions and throwing them to the wind, with no substance.

    A republic does not mean that absolute power is concentrated in one individual. It means that the state is run autonomously, including ceremoniously.

    Yes, some would argue that Barbados is run autonomously as it is. But that is not really the point, because there is still an overriding position, even if only ceremoniously.

    The structure of a republic should include checks and balances, methods of control, to ensure that the ideals at first instance are implemented and transacted in accordance with the intent of the designers.

    Bear in mind, that any particular leader would be beyond foolhardy, to design the structure purely to benefit themselves. Consideration should always be made for the event that they are, for one reason or another, not the person in charge and particularly, that a despot may get their hands on the reins.

    While both Trinidad and the USA have checks and balances, each in a different form, any new republic should not just copy one or the other, but assess what distinctions may be made, in ensuring that controls are effective, to prevent any one person absconding with the direction of the country.

    This is a matter of design and we should expect that whatever design is implemented, it adheres to the strictest methods of controls that may withstand scrutiny.

    This is why your rants on this are without substance. Maybe, you will throw DLT at me. Yes, he has run off with the US position somewhat, but you must understand, that is only because his accomplices, such as Mitch , are enabling this, not because of any weakness in the design of the US system.

    The forefathers clearly envisaged the position wherein a despot would take the reins, unfortunately, they may or may not have envisaged that other self-serving, hypocritical, despotic creatures would support such despot.


  • DonnaSeptember 20, 2020 3:44 PM
    And that is where we have an issue. Idle hands and all that.


  • A Commie Spokes Person for Barbados… His comments about Nelson were Blatant Lies…the Barbadian public was keen to commemorate his life, work and death and so initially, the statue was a monument to Admiral Nelson from the people of Barbados; not the Planter Class. He wants to Erase History and Rewrite it in his image!

    Trafalgar Day 1905 Nelson’s Statue


    Admiral Horatio Nelson Popularity came because of the impression he made on Barbadians at the time, resulting in them purchasing the statue and land when he died, naming it Trafalgar Square and paying tribute to the Admiral by erecting the statue because they felt Grateful they were saved from the French by Nelson. Barbadians Cannot Dismiss that Lightly because we have a Different Present Narrative, that we want to Fill with our Opinion!

    There’s a plaque on the statue that reads: “This statue in honour of the hero the inhabitants of this island erected A.D. MDCCCXII”….…/statue-of-admiral-lord-horatio-nelso…


  • DC looking old.

    Guess it happens to us all.


  • Is Commissiong a Barbadian? Should he have a say in this important decision? Only Barbados born voters should be allowed to vote in any referendum.


  • Crusoe given Mia modus operandi of impulsive narcissistic behaviour anything is possible
    Her actions of trying to by pass legal and descriptive avenues to wheel in legislation has given rise for her to be called out by Senator Frankly
    Now knowing that she does not have the Queen and officialdom looking over her shoulders the attempt to do as she pleases would be magnified
    This Republic issue has many legs but the one most seem to be of worry is reflected in this govt past actions


  • Comissiong has already done his part one of being the legal advisor to govt when in opposition
    His role that of placing roadblocks in the way
    Now that the tide has turned he has become tongue tied
    Recently i read a statement from him covering govt actions for not removing Nelson in a specific time period
    Next time anyone asked of Commissiong goggle “twofaced” and that is where u would find a description and an image of his picture


  • Only Barbados born voters? My man, that would exclude me! Yuh mad???


  • The queen does not look over anybody’s shoulder.


  • “Only Barbados born voters should be allowed to vote in any referendum.”

    are nonborn british citizens allowed to vote in referenda.

    “There is one such law which currently denies British citizens the right to vote after leaving the UK for more than 15 years. As one of those citizens, I believe it should be challenged and ideally changed to allow all British citizens the right to vote all their life.”

    as i see it, as long as you have not spent more than 15 years out of UK you are allowed to vote in anything…it was the EU citizens living in UK were not allowed to vote in anything regarding Europe..

    ya such a shit..


  • I take it somebody don’t like what Comissiong said, wuh is he said it……🤣😂 sure he got evidence Enuff to back up that talk…am sure to save their own asses, they will produce it too….ha!!!


  • @ Raw Baje :
    ”Too many in the past, thinking they could make a difference from inside, joined organizations only to realize that they were powerless, irrelevant and still on the outside.“

    Correct.Comrade Prescod is a perfect example !


  • @ Donna
    “ Agreed. People don’t trust Commisiong. Not sure about Prescod. William Skinner seems to have time for him.”

    I have known Comrade Prescod for several years. We were young Radicals and Black Power progressives in the struggle. For a brief moment we were in the NDP. I know that his background has always been for the betterment of the masses. I am not oblivious to the dangers of trying to change from the inside. I had my experiences in the NDP.


  • JohnSeptember 20, 2020 4:49 PM

    DC looking old.

    Guess it happens to us all.


    I look at DC now and think of his espousal of positions he has held it seems like forever and never seen them come to fruition to date.

    I think of Trevor Marshall recently figuring out that moving Nelson will interfere more with the psyches of black people than white people.

    I wonder if the time they invested in their pet dreams to rewrite the past was really worth it or a bit of a waste.


  • Nelson and a republic seem so irrelevant these days.


  • @Hal Austin September 20, 2020 4:54 PM “Is Commissiong a Barbadian? Should he have a say in this important decision? Only Barbados born voters should be allowed to vote in any referendum.”

    So a Barbados born voter who left Barbados at I week old, remained out of Barbados until age 65, never worked or paid a cent of taxes in Barbados. Returned, three years later a referendum is held and this person can vote.

    A person born abroad of 2 Bajan parents, moves to Barbados at 1 week old, and remains here for 65 years. worked here and paid taxes here for 40 or more years. A referendum is called and this person cannot vote.

    How is this going to work?

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  • @Sargeant September 20, 2020 3:33 PM “Life too sweet.”

    Alas, not so sweet for we the people who have to fund the whole darn sh!t show.


  • @Simple Simon

    Can you remind us where the late Prime Minister David Thompson was born?


  • @Donna September 20, 2020 3:44 PM “When the old men whose pockets should already be full take all the jobs what happens to the young men?????”

    My auntie, born in 1920, told me once about an old man who had no money, not even enough for his burial fees because

    “he bank all he money in de hairy purses”

    But maybe auntie was lying.


  • David. Ask Hal. It is his idiotic idea.


  • @ss
    ‘bank all he money”….or made many deposits?


  • Or for that matter, Boris Johnson. Born in the USA, schooled until early teens in USA. When he returned, he eventually gave up US citizenship, not out of patriotism, but to avoid US taxes.

    However, he seems to still have allegiance to the USA, or at least to US corporate interests, considering the nonsense that he has done and is now trying to break international law too, to get whatever he is trying to.

    So, maybe Hal does have a point.


  • My man, yuh talking crap! I can vote for an MP and help to pick who governs but not in a referendum?

    As the young people would say, “Wuh sortah vibes you pon?”



  • John the Racist,

    One often dies without seeing one’s vision come to fruition. Happens on the battlefield. Others take up the baton. MLK did not get there with them and his vision still isn’t completely fulfilled. Progress was made and the battle continues.

    And most Bajans don’t give a damn about Nelson! Only old farts and racist whites do!

    You don’t get tired lying and twisting truth?????

    Yuh mean EVERY DAY SO??????????


  • Comissiong cannot be trusted, he is well aware that when nelson’s statute was mounted the people were slaves, had no say in anything, could not talk not even to speak to each other, were used as the means to make money to mount a RACIST STATUTE off theirs and their ancestors backs, both him and that fraud freedom liar are aware of this, so if he was honest with himself he would say it’s SLAVEMASTERS put up that statutue and stop calling them the planter class with his bullshit word play and freedom liar would not be saying THE PEOPLE put up any statue, what people, they were slaves and the minorities were slave catchers, neither had money to requisition any state…slave masters were a world apart from both…

    don’t know what new scam Mia and the corrupt minorities are trying to run on the world and on the local people now, but they cannot get away from the reality that they ALL ROBBED THE ISLAND AND PEOPLE TOGETHER AS CROOKS AND BUSINESS PARTNERS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND FOR DECADES….both them and DLP.

    watch muh nuh …and watch the world hear all about it.


  • Nation EDITORIAL
    Tell public the pros, cons

    THERE IS UNLIKELY to be any serious push back to the plan to move Barbados from a monarchial system to that of a Republican. Unlike the lead up to Independence when there was vocal opposition to the break from Britain, 50 years on we have proven our competence and ability to manage our own affairs.
    Barbadians are sufficiently mature to continue plotting their destiny as a sovereign nation in the community of world nations that breaking this last vestige of colonialism should prove to be anything but difficult.
    We will remain a member of the Caribbean Community along with other republics such as Dominica, Guyana, Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago, and within the Commonwealth. There will be no significant change in what we have been doing.
    The shift in status will come at a cost and the public needs to know what it will be. The Royal Barbados Police Force will have to undergo a name change, the Barbados Defence Force will do away with the Queen’s colours, attorneys at law will no longer be awarded Queen’s Counsel designation and some clarity will be needed as to whether the Knight and Dame of St Andrew should still be our highest national award.
    This is why the Mia Amor Mottley administration must be careful not to put the cart before the horse with this most important initiative. It must engage the public and ensure that they are educated to all the pros and cons. It is more than having a Barbadian as our Head of State.
    The recently announced Cheltenham Commission must be allowed to undertake and complete its review of the parliamentary system which should guide the kind of changes required to go hand-in-hand with the Republican structure. There are critical Constitutional matters up for review.
    Issues ranging from whether Barbados should adopt proportional representation in preference to the existing first past the post, have a unicameral legislature and do away with the unelected hand-picked
    Senate are matters which should be resolved before the switch to Republican status. We should also be agreed on how to strengthen the doctrine of the separation of powers for the institutions of government in the Westminster system which we will continue to follow.
    In the Barbados Labour Party’s 2018 election-winning manifesto the party’s political leader Mia Amor Mottley in her message said in part, “… the reality is that what happens to Barbados happens to all of us because – WE ARE BARBADOS.” These words are of exceptional significance as the country looks to make a major constitutional shift within the next 15 months. The public must be involved.
    Barbadians need to know how the President will be chosen, the term of office and the precise roles and duties of the office holder directly from Prime Minister Mottley and not via a foreign broadcaster, social media or any other source.
    This is an initiative which must be undertaken properly, fairly and in the people’s best interest. It must not be about political legacy.
    The shift in status will come at a cost and the public needs to know what it will


  • “MLK did not get there with them and his vision still isn’t completely fulfilled.”

    When MLK was protesting in 60’s and marching to Selma in 65 etc there were many whites protesting against him and many racist Police abusing their power. Trump is one of them and represents them.

    He is Anti-#BLACKLIVESMATER same way he was Anti-MLK and Anti-MLK Public Holiday.
    UK and USA are still trying to vilify #BLM today. Their leaders talk about Hong Kong but are deaf dumb blind to cries of blacks.

    ▶ Here I Come

    ▶ Here I Come Dub


  • Would Donville be allowed to vote?

    He may have taken up residence outside of Barbados by the time the referendum rolls around and may be able to return to vote.

    His vote may be needed by the republicans to get their numbers over the two thirds requirement!!

    What about his dentist buddy, “Doc” Morley?

    Sounds like he was born in the UK but a friend of Donville must support the republic as does Donville.

    Our courts have gone to great lengths to get him the right to vote.

    He also contributes to the Mockley plan of population increase.

    His vote might just tip the balance.


  • … and if Donville for some reason cannot return, should some special provision be made for him to cast his vote.

    After all he is a former minister of Government and as such potentially a future National Hero of Barbados


  • @John

    Go and drink your Horlicks.


  • Or take his medication.


  • John, thanks for the laugh. That is funny.

    Now go get your Horlicks.


  • @NorthernObserver September 20, 2020 11:28 PM

    Thanks for the correction.

    Made many deposits indeed.


  • As a child I was never made to take Horlicks or Ovaltine or Milo.

    Along the way I became a Coke addict.


  • @David September 21, 2020 6:44 AM ‘@ohn Go and drink your Horlicks.”

    David, you is bare trouble den!




    Lord Nelson was Critical in bringing about an End to the Slave Trade. The Battle of Trafalgar was Won in 1805 which meant that Britain Controlled the High Seas…

    Then when Wilberforce passed the international Slave Trade Act two years later, 1807, Britain was able to control the seas and actually enforce that Act against all other colonial slave trades…

    If it wasn’t for British control of the high seas, the international slave trade may well have continued.

    He was absolutely critical in dying for his country and actually making sure that Act counted and didn’t lay dying on the statute book.


    Nelson was a Hero to England and Barbados. We with little knowing of the true history of Lord admiral Horatio Nelson he was the protector of the West Indy’s. Without Nelson we would have changed hands several time from Portage’s, French and Spanish Nelson was stationed in the Caribbean in his youth. He whipped the French in 4 major battles Copenhagen, Port St. Vincent, The battle of the Nile and Trafalgar. Why would you remove his statue?

    His popularity came because of the impression he made on Barbadians at the time, resulting in them purchasing the statue and land when he died, naming it Trafalgar Square and paying tribute to the Admiral by erecting the statue.

    Barbadians Used to Celebrate Nelson and Horatio are Common Barbadian Names

    Statue of Horatio Nelson, Trafalgar Square, Bridgetown, Barbados


  • @John September 21, 2020 8:37 AM “Along the way I became a Coke addict.”

    Coke or coke addict?


  • @ David [BU]:

    How can the AG Marshall make such a dogmatic claim that the [vast] majority of Bajans are in favour of Barbados going republic and therefore there is NO need to have a referendum on such matter of major national importance?

    Where is the evidence to back such an assertion? Was such a proposal included in his party’s manifesto and backed by the 30-0 electoral result?

    Can’t similar claims be made for other doggedly controversial issues like the decriminalization of marijuana and prostitution and the ‘legalization’ of same sex unions?

    If republicanism is the way to go -in spite of the additional financial cost involved and possible fears of losing a major slice of its share of the UK tourism travel and tourism market-then who is to stop his administration from removing from the statute books the offending pieces of legislation which discriminate against some minority groups and blatantly violate their human rights as guaranteed under the UN convention(s)?

    Minority groups which pose no danger or threats to the mainstream society but do not have the socio-economic clout like the so-called ‘conservative’ white minority which, according to David Comissiong, prevented the various administrations from going republic since gaining ‘political’ Independence.

    ‘Jesus’, we know that Bajans do not possess the intellectual sophistication of the Swiss or the more ‘libertinely’ relaxed attitudes of the Dutch but please don’t allow your ‘moral’ hypocrisy to retard your social and economic progress, as an open-minded country fit for the 21st century.

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  • The by election in SGN can send a strong message to government don’t you think?


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  • @ Quaker John

    Why is it that some people try to make fun of you while the biggest jokers on BU are seemingly popular? They seem to want you to curl up and die?


  • @ DavidSeptember 21, 2020 8:46 AM

    How can it when the electoral result is a foregone ‘red’ conclusion?

    Given the ‘ICU’ state of the DLP and the unattractiveness of its most likely candidate for SGN seat how can the BLP lose that riding?

    Don’t be surprised if there is another vacancy in the very near future to test your ‘hypothesis’.


  • @Miller

    You are a stats man, we can do a deviation from the mean LOL.



  • Hal AustinSeptember 21, 2020 8:54 AM

    @ Quaker John

    Why is it that some people try to make fun of you while the biggest jokers on BU are seemingly popular? They seem to want you to curl up and die?


    It’s because as a child I was never forced to drink Horlicks … or Ovaltine or Milo and was left to think independently of others.

    In my younger days I barely spoke, a friend told my mother I was her thinker.

    Many on here were programmed to drink Horlicks as is clear from their default position of what they expect me to do and they talk without thinking.

    They probably never experienced Ovaltine or Milo or Coke.


  • Nowadays Kool-aid has replaced Horlicks and the cycle repeats!!


  • Plus, I was never interested in popularity!!


  • @John
    Where is your buddy @plt. Is he a new Czar?


  • @john2
    Hope you exercised your option.


  • @John September 21, 2020 9:40 AM
    “Nowadays Kool-aid has replaced Horlicks and the cycle repeats!!”

    Take back that statement or I will sue for blasphemy… Nothing can ever ever take the place of Horlicks!!!


  • Here we go again! Last week you called him “vile”. Now today you are his ally against me.

    You do realise that if perchance a white policeman knelt on your black neck until you were dead up in merry ole England, I would howl in anger and he would say you probably gave them cause?

    And again, I explained what I meant by the “curl up and die” comment. It was not meant as you continue to use it.

    You are a dishonest man


  • Hal Austin September 21, 2020 8:54 AM “They seem to want you to curl up and die?”

    Please note that even though we rarely agree with John, we all wish him good health, long life and happiness.

    And he and you should try bayleaf, ginger, lime or lemon grass tea.

    Very, very soothing


  • And that is why you are drawn to the even more dishonest John the Racist even though you know HE thinks YOU are a joker for it and is even now giggling at your self- defeating post.

    He knows I would stand up for you despite your contempt, I have done that at work for people who did not like me. Left them with mouths dropped open. But in the circumstances they were right and I had to back them up.

    But John has found excuses even for George Zimmerman. And every damn one after that.

    And that is the “independent” thinking to which he refers. Him and a few billion racists and some brainwashed “evangelicals”.


  • Me. I have never drunk Horlicks. We milked the cows so had 2 to 6 gallons of fresh milk everyday.

    And we heated it, added Fry’s cocoa and a few bayleaves, and a bit of sugar, and this was our morning and evening drink



  • “Republicanism has a long history in Barbados. In 2005, a referendum on the subject was planned. At the time, Mottley, then deputy prime minister, said she was “committed” to letting the public “pass judgement on it”. Yet, due to costs, the referendum was postponed. Mottley’s Barbados Labour Party was then voted out of office. Now it is back, and so is the issue of a republic, though the lofty assurances about democratic legitimacy are gone.

    At the opening of the Barbadian parliament on September 15, the Queen’s official representative in the country, the governor-general, Dame Sandra Mason made no mention of a referendum on the decision to become a republic. However, she did announce a popular vote on same-sex marriage equality, which will be the first referendum ever held in Barbados.

    A referendum is not required to become a republic under the island’s constitution – which only needs a two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament.” The CQNVERSATION-September 17,2020 (


  • Cuhdear Bajan,

    True happiness comes from speaking truth not lies.

    I wish John relief from whatever it is that warps his mind.

    I wish him TRUE happiness.


  • Me too.


  • But of course Hal needs to see us as savage.


  • We are not savages or beasts. We strongly disagree on issues sometimes. This is the nature of debate in a forum like this which can be muscular at times. When the dust settles we wish everyone well, Tom, Dick and K. Hunte.


  • I agree with critical analyzer, whorelicks cannot be replaced.


  • @quaker john
    “Nowadays Kool-aid has replaced Horlicks and the cycle repeats”

    You seem to be in an extremely good mood today. Two attempts at humor in less than a day.

    Count me on the side that wants you to be happy. Have a great referendum free day in Barbados

    Have a great day Barbados.


  • I never knew how hard doing comedy could be until I saw Lawson attempting it.


  • Cuhdear BajanSeptember 21, 2020 10:59 AM

    Me. I have never drunk Horlicks. We milked the cows so had 2 to 6 gallons of fresh milk everyday.

    And we heated it, added Fry’s cocoa and a few bayleaves, and a bit of sugar, and this was our morning and evening drink



    Same principle.

    Twice in one day sure sign!!


  • Explains alot.


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