Scientists to the Rescue!

Is this something Barbados authorities should be investigating?

Should out of the box thinking be prioritized?

Every year we have to endure the same process of a water prohibition because aquifers dry up.

How do we improve the situation?

A man built a homemade machine to bring endless water to the Bahamas. You already know the science

Homemade machine could provide clean water to Bahamas 00:54

(CNN)He designed a machine that makes water from the air. Now, after Hurricane Dorian, he’s trying to bring it to the Bahamas.

Moses West, of San Antonio, Texas, has brought water to Flint, Michigan, and Puerto Rico — all through his Atmospheric Water Generation machines, which extract moisture from the atmosphere and turn it into water.
The science behind it is similar to what many learned in elementary school. It’s really just condensation — the same thing that creates moisture when you breathe on a window, for example.
It’s just done on a much, much larger scale.
Have a look at this link:
Thanks to FearPlay for sharing this link.

Another a related note the blogmaster congratulates Bajan scientist Dr. Shima Holder. We need more scientists involved in national problem solving.


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  • @ David

    Kite flying has not been a favorite past time of mine for sometime. I read your submission at least ten times and I honestly cannot figure out what your statement means or what I am supposed to figure out. My apologies.


  • @ Hal Austin
    CARICOM has fallen victim to a quite common malady : verbal/ intellectual diarrhea.

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  • @ William

    Two handicaps: first, little politicians do not want to lose power, so CARICOM will not be drilled down; and two, poverty of ideas, a major problem.


  • @ Robert Lucas
    In answer to your question about when Uganda exported roses. Your sarcastic remark “ was it 1890” should be answered thus:

    “Uganda’s floriculture exports mainly comprise roses and chrysanthemum cuttings. UFEA statistics show that in 2014, Uganda exported 6,810 tonnes of flowers, down from the 7,364 tonnes recorded the previous year — an 8.1 per cent drop.Feb 21, 2016”

    I just quickly reference the above for your knowledge. I only wanted to point out to you that during all the turmoil in Uganda( Amin) that country was exporting millions of pounds worth of roses. Barbados has had numerous opportunities to have a viable flower export industry but they went the way of the Barbados cherry.

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  • fortyacresandamule

    No independent black state has developed a serious culture of research and development for nation building. Where are our robust academies of science? How many patent of potential commercial value are we producing annually ?

    It seems we have consciously or unconsciously decided it is cheaper and easier to outsource our problem solving critical thinking skill to other nations. The model is development by technology transfer.


  • We have embraced outsourcing – if it is cheaper is better than being ‘craftsmen’ of our own fate.


  • fortyacresandamule

    The uncomfortable truth is that the fruits of today’s modernity that we enjoy and conspicuously consume on various level… have little input from us on a crtitical thinking level. As a people we are basically ”free” riders.


  • Outsourcing is an OLD concept that already backfired on those who practiced such and still had to return jobs to US and elsewhere, internal outsourcing on a small corrupt island means one thing, ya greedy leaders will still look for kickbacks from everyone they handpick for bribery purposes; the people , treasury and pension fund will CONTINUE to be raided,..

    .ya problem is ya TIEFING LEADERS…get rid of them each time they show tendencies to TIEF…problem solved..

    get rid of them when they are more interested in enriching minorities than their own people…problem solved..

    get rid of them when as soon as they are elected they are threatening to sue the populi for being concerned that they are criminals only intent on stealing everything for them and their corrupt friends and pay masters…problem solved…

    get rid of them when they are suddenly uppity, arrogant and looking down on the same black people wo elected them…problem solved..

    get rid of them when they continue to STOP generation after generation of all ages black people from accessing opportunities that they are entitled to in their own country…problem solved…

    get rid of them when they show that they are only PRETENDING to be intelligent…

    get rid of them when they refuse to distribute the wealth belonging to the people …TO THE PEOPLE….the majority population….problem solved..

    the present lot have already SHOWN..that .they are traitors, they can never be trusted with the welfare of the people who elected them…they are only still interested in gushing about and promoting tiefing Cow, Bizzy, Bjerkham, Maloney and all the parasites who help them ROB THE PEOPLE AND COUNTRY…..they continue to promote disenfranchisement, discrimination and wholesale criminal acts against their own people.

    GET RID OF THEM…..problem solved..

    just watch the new VOTE BEGGARS…for when they display the same treacherous, sell out negro ways…then GET RID of them TOO.


  • @ ManyPussy

    Sorry about the Stoopid Cartoon above

    That was a mistake!

    I really meant to send this one

    Ooops oh dear

    I was meaning to hit the delete button but I had already hit the submit button…

    Oh well


  • Sorry wrong thread

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    When you are on a phone texting there are two things that the BU mobile version needs

    A footer that tells you which blog you are on and

    A button that acts like Ctrl + Pg down that sends you all the way to the last comment when you click “Earlier Comments” and it goes all the way to the top of the previous page.


  • Maybe this will better help ya understand the crimes that ya black faced leaders are happily continuing to perpetrate against you in 2019, to benefit and enrich themselves and other like minded criminals who look nothing like you….they have done it for over 60 years, time to put an end to it and them…get rid of these sell out negros and their fellow parasites.



    This is when ya are bankrupt of intelligent ideas….decades after the Federal Palm and Federal Maple, which if memory serves me were donated to these riffraff caribbean governments by Canada…and decades after the Selby inter island boats…not one of these useless negro leaders in Barbados has the intelligence level required to fund interisland boats to criss cross the Caribbean with lively trade…and yet this one got the nerve to talk about interisland sea bridges…which sounds a lot like the big red bag of evidence she was waving around pre and post election fooling the people she will address corruption…to date not a thief from DLP has been arrested….BUT…the THIEVES who STOLE 1 BILLION dollars in VAT from the people she allowed them all to WALK FREE..the tax evaders she allowed to walk away from accountability are all free… damn shame..

    Ah wonder where she plan to get the money from…


  • @ William Skinner September 21, 2019 2:02 PM

    “Barbados has had numerous opportunities to have a viable flower export industry but they went the way of the Barbados ”

    contrary to widespread sentiment, the cut-flower industry was never viable. Countries like Columbia and Kenya had comparative advantages that Barbados could only dream about. Large land areas, very cheap labor ,high rainfall in the case of Columbia and cool temperatures in the case of Kenya(elevated lands).. Additionally, the production of cut flowers on a massive scale meant that adequate air-transport was not a problem. There’s need to fill the aircraft to make the trip economically viable and this could not be done consistently by Barbados.

    “Your sarcastic remark “ was it 1890” should be answered thus:”

    I am sorry that you have chosen to interpret my statement as being sarcastic.. You made some claims and I sought to ascertain exactly what the conditions surrounding the claims were. That is why I requested that you contemplate on your claims.


  • It is extremely difficult to read these newspaper and get a full grasp of what the report is about.

    However, it is possible that she did not mean a bridge, but rather a way of connecting the islands . I took it as more figurative than literal.

    Otherwise, insanity has begun.


  • Lol…she is talking shite as usual…a seabridge is nothing figurative…and requires BOATS…she did not even remember that part……she could not say airbridge because there is the useless liat which makes it even harder to connect between islands..

    …..those are the wicked games Caribbean leaders of limited intellect love to play with the vulnerable minds of the people who elected them, generation after generation…hence Barbados and the other islands can never move forward to full progress….they will always be developing, never developed with such dimwitted leaders who love to implant fake promises and false expectations in the minds of their own people.


  • @Waru,
    Here is the excerpt from the Nation…

    Commenting on Trinidad’s sea bridge with Tobago, and with reference to development of a ferry service between the islands, Mottley said “it (the sea bridge) has created new classes of travellers”, underscoring the benefits of intra-regional transportation of people and goods. (Quote).

    Surely she meant boats…..
    I have been given the task of defending Mia….. Where is Enuff, Lorenzo, Robert et al,,,,,


  • She obviously used the language metaphorically. We have to stop nitpicking.


  • @ Theo

    Are we re-inventing the wheel? Do you remember when schooners came in to the wharf bringing cargo and people? They were also the principal way of travel between the islands – not flying.
    In the 1940s, 40s and 60s, most people from ‘down’ the islands came to Barbados by schooner and settled around the City. a mere walk away..

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  • Of course she meant boats, if u ever stayed at Hyatt in see the ferry service moving between the 2 islands back and forth over hours.

    The question remains…where is the money for her seabridges….. are tangible, costly to maintain and even costlier to purchase or lease…

    These can’t maintain buses nor garbage trucks.. nor can they replace fleets of anything…too much teefing….ya get me. Ah gotta see those seabridges.

    It is the private people who are not connected to government in any way and are not corrupt will make a success of any such endeavor. I believe one Bajan dude already has a small boat doing interisland trade. Do not hold ya breath when ya hear elaborate pipe dreams being spewed by government. If there are no bribes in it..all that talk will never see the light of day….some are too quick to believe every lie that drops out the holes in the faces of politicians.


  • BTW…a little medium wind not even lasting 5 minutes and power in some parts of the island is gone, so what will happen when a real storm or hurricane with real high winds actually shows up.

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  • Worth a watch … look at “God’s Dew”!!


  • @ Robert Lucas

    I withdraw the sarcasm claim. My sincere apologies.
    I also accept your word on the cut flower industry being not viable. It means that several newspaper reports about its viability were inaccurate.
    Points well taken.

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  • Dirty lying politicians, ministers and their imps and pimps…starving people of food and water.

    Bajans have had Enuff of their wicked lies.


  • The problem with small island leaders, the nonsense spinning around in their heads are always in direct OPPOSITE contrast to reality. As someone pointed out Pacific Islanders were WARNED over 2 decades ago that their islands will go under water due to rising sea levels…most have already evacutated because some islands did indeed go belong the sea….but some are acting like they have only just heard about this..

    the same WILL HAPPEN to Caribbean islands…we were told about this decades ago, many of us will not be here when it happens, but happen it will…the islands belong to no one and the sea will reclaim them….and when it does, material gain and nuff, nuff money will mean absolutely NOTHING.

    “Unless immediate action is taken to curb global warming, countries around the world should expect a mass migration of refugees at their doorstep within the next several years, Barbados’ prime minister warned Monday.

    “Make no mistake, there will be mass migration by climate refugees that will destabilize the countries of the world that are not on the frontline of this climate crisis,” Prime Minister Mia Mottley told world leaders at the United Nations Climate Event Summit in New York City.

    According to the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, global temperatures are forecast to rise 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) from their pre-industrial baseline sometime between 2030 and 2052, which Mottley stressed will prove deadly to Barbados and other members of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS).

    Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley warns of the global effects of the climate crisis in her speech before the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York City on Monday.
    “In other words, 2 degrees needs to be taken off the table once and for all,” she said. “The real solution is for us to not keep asking people to make commitments that are small … but the global community must accept that it is within our power to halt and reverse climate change.”

    Barbados is one of 44 small island and low-lying coastal developing states that joined the AOSIS to help influence climate negotiations. Should temperatures continue to rise as forecast, the Carribean nation, which is home to roughly 300,000 people, is expected to suffer extreme drought and related health issues that will be catastrophic to its population, according to the World Health Organization.”


  • As someone pointed out Pacific Islanders were WARNED over 2 decades ago that their islands will go under water due to rising sea levels…most have already evacuated because some islands did indeed go belong the sea….but some are acting like they have only just heard about this..

    “At least eight low-lying islands in the Pacific Ocean have disappeared under rising seas.

    Sea levels are currently climbing by an average of 3 millimetres per year around the world due to climate change. But they are creeping up even faster in the western Pacific, where a natural trade wind cycle has caused an extra build-up of water over the last half-century.

    In Micronesia and the Solomon Islands, which lie in the western Pacific, sea levels have risen by up to 12 millimetres per year since the early 1990s”

    Read more:


  • To comment on this matter and try to progress it further (though some will rightfully say “keep it alive beyond the 3 days period of BU articles) de ole man will ask some of you to think of a door opener/ closer

    I remember how big an clunky these things used to be and how expensive they were

    Then de ole man came to review these items below, these “spring loaded hinges” and two things dawned on me

    The second hinge optimizes and in many cases WILL REPLACE THE FIRST! but wont entirely eradicate its utilization

    But, what was more important than this point IS THE MERE IDEA ABOUT A HINGE and the optimization of a hinge to a spring loaded hinge!

    Very few readers can even appreciate the process of that single simple iteration and integration.

    Now multiply that by 1 million AND THEN YOU CAN POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND THE COMPLEXITY OF WHAT THE HONOURABLE BLOGMASTER ‘s question entails when he first asks

    “…Should out of the box thinking be prioritized?…”

    De ole man fears that, like the task of keeping all these thought provoking articles alive across this mostly thought provoking blog, this Scientists to the Rescue cry IS A BRIDGE TOO FAR!!!


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here to keep this thought provoking article alive thank you


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