Political Scientist Eric X. Li Exposes a Tale of two Political Systems

It’s a standard assumption in the West: As a society progresses, it eventually becomes a capitalist, multi-party democracy. Right? Eric X. Li, a Chinese investor and political scientist, begs to differ. In this provocative, boundary-pushing talk, he asks his audience to consider that there’s more than one way to run a successful modern nation. A venture capitalist and political scientist, Eric X Li argues that the universality claim of Western democratic systems is going to be “morally challenged” by China. Full bio »

27 thoughts on “Political Scientist Eric X. Li Exposes a Tale of two Political Systems

  1. David

    Democracy, the First Past the Post arrangement, is a sham. You know it, every Parliamentarian that has ever participated in it knows it, I know it. It survives on deceit (directed at a gullible public) and has proven itself ineffective in the providing of meaningful change.

    This Chinese model has at the very least, a built in scale of merit.

    The only problem that I have with it, which is also evident in the First Past the Post, is the opportunity for corrupt individuals to thrive. I prefer the Chinese model David, I most certainly do, for a whole host of reasons.

    But of course there needs to be a representative senate that has to first ratify any measures that the administration would want to implement. I am sure that something like this would be included, as the model is constantly being modified.

    Imagine, no more dumbasses assuming leadership roles as is the case with First Past the Post systems all over the world …

    Thnx David for publishing …

    • Bear in mind the political scientist makes mention of respecting that there is an alternative systems to democracy. It is not for everyone.

    • The ‘classic’ in his Talk is when he highlighted that between Obama and his predecessor Bush they wouldn’t qualify to preside over one of the Village Vectors in China. The system of meritocracy is more demanding.

  2. Well Kudos to Ready Done and Baf. This is de kind of debate and discussion I like to see. Stuff that can enlighten and help to foster new ideas. Sadly, we know that Barbados, as has been noted already in another thread, is on de side of ‘Empire’ and destined to continue following the lead of de western hegemonic power or powers. But still good to see alternative perspectives being shared on this forum.

  3. I would like bigmout’ Money Brain to see this. This In fact I am going to post the video on another two big mouth’s pages, Sandra Husbands and Peter Wickham. ac and Sarge should watch this video as well

    • @Baf

      Another interesting point he makes (not in these words) why should so called democratic countries force our system down the throats of others.

  4. I am sure the leaders in the Caribbean tell their own kids never follow others, yet for decades all these same leaders have done is follow someone else’s gangsta, bankster and vatiprankster’s system to the detriment of their own people (taxpayers).

    • @Baf

      Sandra Husbands is part of a machinery which is hard wired. She can’t doña Bajan thing about it.

      PW is pigheaded. It is why even if he has good ideas they will not gain traction in the Barbados landscape.

  5. Democracy………the freedom by which all have the right to choose
    Capitaism .. A vehicle by which all have a right to embarked bound for success or Failure,
    Communism … The denial of any one right to achieve all of the above

    the choice is YOURS

    • @ac

      Those are only words written on paper. No system is perfect. If a people prefer communism until there want to move to another system, left the the hell alone. If you feel so passionate about it tell your revered USA to stop trading, borrowing, investing and out souring to CHINA.

  6. David it is the same system capitalism which is part and parcel of a democracy that gives the american capitalist the right by extension to do business with a communist regime who rightfully takes every advantage to extend their weath and financial power throughout the world in the meantime china allows exploitation of their own citizens while do a fast trot in countries who are financially strap waving the banner of american capitalism and global and FREE markets, such extension is not allowed to the individual chinese as Govt call the financial shots for the country while greasing the capitalist wheel.

  7. “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” Winston Churchill

    “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.” Winston Churchill

  8. No BaF it is not a “white” thing but a decision based on self and how govts allow selfempowerment of its people without limited or no political control., the white dominace and control of wealth is another issue but in the mean time DEmocracy with all its problem can be revised over and over again as great leaders and activist like Martin luther King examplified.

    • @ac

      You can have the final word, hopeless.

      You give a capitalist a free pass for declaring China a favorite trading partner. China owns almost 30% US treasuries.

  9. The point which is being missed is that systems are specific for a people based on time,history and environment and can outlive their usefulness.
    We have the golden opportunity based on our lack of a singular past to create our own world by using the UWI to research the various possibilities of establishing an equitable system for this time in our existence knowing full well that the world is about change.
    The human being is an imperfect construct and by virtue of that,whatever is created by the human will be imperfect and as the imperfection becomes apparent we have to tweak or change.

  10. nobody have openly criticised the capitalist system than ac, however where the rubber meets the road is in governance which gives individuals a chance for opportunity capitalism under a democracy works it is the failure of those within in the system who exploits and undermines the values built within the democracy that should be condemned, democracy is like a great house with several rooms where every and any individual can enter and partake without fear of government reprisal

  11. yeah and then again u got David BU on this thread opposing capatalism but when it comes to the Hotel industry. “it is give them what they want” hey guys u can’t have it both ways . The captalist are part and parcel in Barbados in helping to grind barbados to the bear bones and running on bald tires. see wqhat happen a couple days ago not even a warning just up and closed shops. nobdy ain;t got to tewll me about the captalist , DEmocracy not the problem it has built inprotection given everybody a chance but those who know how to manipulate and exploit would just about do it at everyturn of the wheel even here in Bubbados

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