The Phartford Files: Case of the Bungling Banks

Submitted by Ironside

Last weekend’s electronic theft of thousands of dollars from the accounts of several commercial bank customers and the subsequent response of the banking cartel (a.k.a Banking Association) to the crisis should leave no doubt in anybody’s mind that said banks do not have our welfare at heart. In pure Bajan terms, they don’t give a phart about us!

But we knew this all along, what with the plethora of idiotic bank charges that have been levied against customers over the last few years and the draconian fees charged to customers to get a mortgage.

An acquaintance of mine has had the experience of having a certain bank, with origins in mountie country, telling her relative who lived overseas that they would treat her application for a mortgage to build in Barbados as an “investor mortgage” meaning that she would have to pay higher interest charges: their logic was that she was not going to be living in the house here immediately! That was a few years ago. But can you believe that?

Incidentally, when that pooper was challenged the bank did an about-face, albeit a late one, for by that time my acquaintance had taken her relative’s business elsewhere!

The truth of the matter is that most of these commercial banks, like lots of other businesses here and overseas, are now indulging in corporate bullying. While a whole lot of mouthings are being made about bullying in schools, nothing is being said about the corporate kind. Corporate Bullying Awards are long overdue!

Perhaps the Blogmaster will find and post one of those many ads by CARIFS that encouraged Barbadians to use their bank cards rather than carry cash. We listened and we complied. You bankers achieved your hidden agenda of reducing the demand for in-bank/teller services! Then you left our Bajan “botsies” exposed at the ATM!

(inserted by the blogmaster)

I listened to one pastor’s video on this matter and I agree with him 120 percent. It is the banks that were ripped off and therefore, they are the ones who should be reporting the theft to the police. He is right! Their first order of business should have been to make an apology.


(inserted by the blogmaster)

However, if the new (April 2019) Barbados Banking Association Code of practice is any guide, the banks may argue that they have up to ten days to make such an apology. Here is an excerpt from the Code:

Each bank will, in response to a written complaint: –

+++7.3.1 Send a written acknowledgement, within ten (10) working days of receiving a complaint. This acknowledgement may take the form of letters, emails, texts, or such other forms as the bank may have available for communication with the Customer. +++

Where are you getting your customer service advise from, BBA! Melmac? BBA standards are voluntary but that advice must be the biggest phart on customers I ever heard! Ten days?

This is not the first or second time that this type of fraud has occurred.

On February 19, 2016, Barbados Today reported Acting Assistant Superintendent Jefferson Clarke as revealing that “in the past year alone, an estimated $50,000 was stolen from local ATM cards through skimming”.

The same article reported that in October 2013, “two Bulgarians were arrested and charged in what was described back then as the country’s largest case of ATM fraud, involving about $1/2 million”.

The sum total of the police’s response (according to said article)? “exercise greater care when using the banking machines”. Easy for them to say!

But, what was the collective response of the banks? According to said article, President of the Barbados Bankers’ Association at that time, Glyne Harrison intimated:

+++From our end though we do have a process that has been in place since we had the last incident with the Bulgarians. We do have a bank anti-fraud committee that sits and reviews these types of incidents and that committee is currently working to identify the compromised customers as well as the compromised ATM locations+++

What crap is this we are hearing? Money is being repeatedly stolen from ATMs and you are “sitting”! Where? On the corporate toilet? No major improvements in ATMs? No high tech surveillance on ATMs? Just what the heck have you really done of any substance to protect the ATM user in the last 7 years? And still up to today, a 4-digit only ATM pin number? Excuse me, but you must be having diarrhoea! If so, you need to get out the Dica!

Please get real, BBA. Flush this approach to banking security down the nearest corporate loo and come again. You have to make much more sense than the Police Fraud Squad (or whatever its name is) which can’t seem to figure out what is necessary and what is pure Bajan “maliciousness” in making a statement about such fraud!

You bankers need to give back the affected people their money you allowed hackers to steal IMMEDIATELY before we explore a class action suit. The Police Force is NOT responsible for refunding bank customers! The “investigations” you are talking about are mere bullying and stalling tactics; the same type we are seeing with the refunds to the beleaguered Clico policy holders!

We understand that bank deposits are covered by insurance up to $25,000. Therefore, once the customer has clearly pointed out the unauthorized transactions, the banks, if they really believe half the jobby they put out as customer service slogans, should have our monies back in our accounts no later than 24 hours of the report. Customer service is also about fast turnaround time, if you didn’t know!

So my dear, friendly bankers, get up off your bullying, bungling, corporate arses and get some real ATM security! And don’t phart any additional charges on us for it either!

UPCOMING in this series: “Nursing under the Microscope” Reviewed


  • @John A

    How it should be done is not rocket science if it is being done in other countries.


  • @ David

    I do believe that government should be concerned about this type of crime and once apprehended these folks should feel the heavy hammer of justice. They can even go on to pass laws stating that the credit back should occur ” once all has been confirmed” within 24 hrs. But understand in a real world application they are variables and the credit back involves 3 parties. The police, the banks and the customer. This is not a case of me saying ” I get rob” and the banks saying ” sorry to hear look the money here.”


  • For those who are baulking because they think that CROOKED banks and corrupt governments are the be all and end all of their existence YOU ARE WRONG.,,your grandmothers/fathers/ gread grandparents had to do this BEFORE….to SURVIVE POST SLAVERY……with penny savings and meeting turns AS YOU WELL KNOW….that is what BUILT THE ISLAND..,,NOT THE SCUM IN PARLIAMENT ….NOR THE BAR ASSOCIATION….NOR THE BANKS…nor the stink, tiefing minorities.

    Poor BLACK PEOPLE…built their own economy…and ya corrupt leaders STOLE IT..

    You can REBUILD….without all the thieves.


  • @John A

    Not following your point. The bank as Pastor Dear points out on the video is responsible for safeguarding our money. Businesses make discretionary decisions every day to satisfy customers.

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  • TheOGazerts (Award Committee)

    Honorary Award to Waru

    There was a time when with no internet our discussions were limited. Events could take place next to us and we would be completely unaware of what was happening. The internet now gives us ready access to all type of information.

    It seems as if some has appointed themselves a guardian of knowledge. They harass and try to silence or drive some off of BU.
    It is almost as if they try to recreate the pre-internet Barbados here. To them –
    a few have voices and the rest should remain silent;
    some are above reproach;
    some should not be jailed;
    some names should not be called
    some must play police and bring evidence or produce proof to those who appoint themselves as judges or character witnesses
    some engage in discussion that serves no other purpose than to show ownership of a thesaurus.

    I try to avoid these high level discussions as most of them are circular and are being carried on in the rarefied atmosphere that very few will reach. It serves no real purpose than to support the claim of 98% literacy..

    Keep on trying Waru and always keep it simple.


  • The bank is supposed to return your money promptly THEY LOST IT…at most within a 5 day working week…contact the headqapuarters of FDIC or other entities that monitor the banking system and COMPLAIN about these damn crook banks in Barbados..

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  • @ David.

    My point is for what you are talking about to occur, it is not just about the AG passing laws on this topic. The fraud squad would also need updating and an agreed system would then have to be outlined between the 3 parties under the new legislation to establish quickly that fraud has occurred, so that resolution can be found for the bank customer.

    Passing laws on their own ain t going cut it in this issue, not with 3 parties involved.

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  • I was looking for this..,Art…ya can’t build a list of minorities who got million dollar accounts on the island….NOT WHEN THEY STOLE THE MONEY FROM THE BLACK MAJORITY ….THROUGH GOVENMENT CIpORRUPTION…OR THROUGH INFESTING THE ISLAND WITH DRUGS AND GUNS..,,even they know that would put them on the RADAR OF EVERY CRIME AGENCY ON EARTH…


    Artax July 11, 2019 6:52 PM

    I don’t mean to divert attention away from the substantive topic of the article, but I found this information on the following link very, very interesting.

    However, I was surprised individuals such as Rihanna, C.O. Williams, “Bizzy” Williams, Bruce Bailey, Kyffen Simpson, Leroy Parris, or a few people of Arab, Indian and Pakistani descent are not included on the list.


  • @David

    Yes as the pastor says the banks are responsible for safe guarding our money. So when a crime is committed in the public area of the bank, like the space in front of the ATM are not more persons than just the bank involved? Ok let’s forget the ATM and go old school.

    Let’s say you are in a bank at the teller and a bank robber walks in and tells the teller empty their tray and then looks at you and says hand over the $2000 she just handed you 10 seconds ago, who do you hold liable? The money is now yours, yet you are at the counter where you were robbed. Hence where does the liability lie?

    Forget all the talk about the ATM fraud and see the machine simply as the gun the bank robber used to Rob you. Just think on it for a while and see how you view it then..


  • @John A

    The point you need to take on board is that this kind of fraud as Wily pointed out occurs all over the world. We do not have to reinvent the damn wheel.

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  • We are not reinventing the wheel we are saying passing laws alone is like putting one spoke in a wheel and expecting it will work when 3 spokes are required!

    You want to pass laws I am saying more needs to be done first in the back end in terms of the fraud squad, banks and DPP putting a plan of action in place.

    We got nuff laws that been passed like $250000 for an unlicensed forearm you ever hear a man get charge that yet?

    Laws without planned enforced is just playing to the electorate that is all.

    You looking at other countries and saying the dealt with it . Yes they dealt with it because their banks, police and court system were all reading from the same book.

    Don’t know how much clearer I can make this.

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  • @John A

    The point is that we need legislation to make banks address the gap where they can arbitrarily credit customers affected by the fraud. If it means other measures have to be implemented so be it.


  • My friend WURA……….

    …………then likewise “you can’t build a list of MAJORITIES who got million dollar accounts on the island….NOT WHEN THEY STOLE THE MONEY FROM THE BLACK MAJORITY ….THROUGH GOVENMENT CORRUPTION…OR THROUGH INFESTING THE ISLAND WITH DRUGS AND GUNS…. even they know that would put them on the RADAR OF EVERY CRIME AGENCY ON EARTH…”

    ONLY POLITICIANS are mentioned in the ““” list. The SAME “thieving lawyers, house negroes and slaves in Parliament that engage in corruption with the white minorities to steal from the treasury and pension fund,”………

    ………. you REPEATEDLY remind us about on a daily basis. Surely, if the doctors, lawyers, politicians etc. are stealing money and land on the scale that’s being suggested, then they rightfully deserve a place on any listing of the richest people in Barbados.

    BTW, I posted a link, “”, to an article that listed the supposedly richest people in Barbados. I subsequently read a contribution in which you referred to a similar link taken from “Facebook” and made references to:

    “tiefing Cow…was supposedly holding assets of 500M…”
    “TIEFING Bruce alive or Edmund Bailey, deceased…i think 300M…”
    “Rihanna…i think it was 400M….”

    In the interest of FAIRNESS and CLARITY, the names of Bruce or Edmund Bailey, C.O. Williams and Rihanna were NOT INCLUDED on the “” list.

    I found the list interesting and was surprised individuals such as Bruce Bailey, Leroy Parris, COW, Bizzy, Rihanna etc, etc, WERE NOT INCLUDED.

    There was a Forbes List 2018, which I posted, that included the names and ESTIMTED NET WORTH of C.O. Williams = $500M; Kyffin Simpson = $400M and Robyn Fenty = $300M.

    However, this could be a subject of another discussion.


  • @John A: July 13, 2019 8:47 AM

    The analogy or narrative you are drawing is interesting but also very misleading. For the sake of conciseness, let’s ask this: is the ATM an extension of the bank or of your pocket? Logically it seems to me that at the point of withdrawal the money is not only yours but in YOUR POSSESSION. The same as in your bank scene; after that the analogy breaks down!

    It is not the same thing when it is in the ATM! There, is it in the custody of the bank!

    If I give my neighbour $1000 for safe keeping and it is stolen who is responsible for the refund? The police? Should the neighbour wait until the police recover the money? What if it is never recovered? Does not the neighbour still owe me $1000?

    Think about it now…in essence what the banks are really saying is that until proven otherwise, you (the victim) are responsible for taking that money! In other words, you (the victim) are the primary suspect! In the case of the $1000 given to the neighbour, he or she could argue that same about me! Would such an accusation absolve the neighbour?

    So for what other reason would the bank need to investigate? Investigate what? Is the bank going to open the accounts of its clients to the police? What will they see that the customer did not point out to the bank? Bullcrap!

    The purpose of the police investigation cannot be the same as that of the bank’s…it makes no sense. The job of the police is clear: find those who are using those sophisticated pieces of hardware/software for skimming. If the police were proactive enough, some of these thefts would have been pre-empted, anyhow! Perhaps they need to study the war on terror!

    If what I am arguing is not true then those who were skimmed will now have to wait until the police interview them and verify that they were not the ones guilty! That – or the banks’ agreement with the insurance companies- is the only thing that should protract the return of the stolen funds. Take your pick.

    The banks are operating from a position of perceived strength attributable to the fact that they have most of us by the balls what with our mortgages, credit cards etc. In essence it is a blame game, which because of its nature and frequency, goes beyond corporate bullying to corporate abuse/ corporate violence.

    So far Bajans have adjusted to austerity without the riots and civil unrest that have followed in the wake of austerity programmes in other countries. But this heartless abuse of ordinary people is a dangerous game being played by the banks; it is one that can lead to social unrest.

    Violence begets violence or so we are told. But I doubt this is factoring into the bank’s calculus. For this reason the government needs to pay more than passing attention to this matter.

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  • @ ironside.

    As You see when you pick apart my bank robber scenario questions arise. One other one is does the money on leaving the dispenser chute no longer become the concern of the bank?

    Will they claim the onus is on us to protect ourselves from such criminals as they would argue in a armed robbery?

    That is why I say this is not just about laws it requires the police, the banks and the AG to sit down as a group and put not only laws but a system in place so we the consumers are not hung out TO dry.

    You got to admit though when you start looking at it using different scenarios it is interesting as a discussion point!


  • NorthernObserver

    the implications are they will have a shared currency, or they adopt another. Does having your own currency define a sovereign state?

    you already know we share very little in common, hence I fully expect you/we to find my logic twisted or short sighted in most situations.


  • “you REPEATEDLY remind us about on a daily basis. Surely, if the doctors, lawyers, politicians etc. are stealing money and land on the scale that’s being suggested, then they rightfully deserve a place on any listing of the richest people in Barbados.”

    Even they know when ya STEALING AND LAUNDERING MONEY…as small island rats, YOU DO NOT PUSH YASELF TO BE ON FORBE’S LIST…

    I was searching for the article from last night just could not find it then…had copied it to send to someone via facebook, that is where i got it…but that same link has been on FB for at least 4- 6 months…posted by Alex Mitchell.

    I could not remember all the names on the list as i said…but Kyffin for all his shite ways and slimy tricks….did start out with a loan from Barrow, TAXPAYER’S MONEY….and he did build the gas station business across the Caribbean and Latin America.

    ……but all of it only hit home…when u asked that question.

    Tiefing Cow…had the gall to rip off the treasury, pension fund, THIEF LAND FROM THE ELDERLY AND THEIR BENEFICIARIES…LIE TO THE PEOPLE IN UK ABOUT HOW HE OBTAINED THE WEALTH….and push his CROOKED ASS on to Forbes….now we will make sure Forbes know the LIAR HE IS…..

    Me thinks the indians, syrians etc know much better with their money laundering, drug and gunrunning empire, do u think anyone from the cartel is DUMB ENUFF to expose their wealth like uppity ignorant Cow,.. for FBI and everyone else to WONDER how they got 500 and 600 million or more dollars on a small island with less than 300K people and only a tiny business circle……


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ John A at 8 :19 AM

    The cameras in the ATM booth record dates, place, photos and time. The receipts have times,locations and date of transactions. It is relatively easy for the banks to make these traces. The convention is for the bank at fault to refund moneys stolen from customers account and then recover from the party at fault.
    The customer is always right used to be the practice. Has that changed too ?

    An ATM is an extension of the Bank. Money removed therefrom is the liability of the bank.


  • Vincent Codrington

    The monthly statements that customers receive itemise date,location of transactions.


  • We remembered vividly when bank employees STACKED THE ATMs in Barbados with COUNTERFEIT MONEY…and the banks were claiming that THEY ARE NOT LIABLE when people neary got arrested for spending money they got from the ATMs……imagine that….

    As i said, there are sgencies outside of Barbados that monitor these shite banks…complain to them, they are VIOLATING YOUR RIGHTS….AND BANKING PROTOCOLS…

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  • Northern Observer

    Unlike you, we are not prepared to so callously disregard you and your comments which we have always found to be valuable, even when we disagree.

    On the other blog on Worrell we made some comments which cover our objections to your thinking, which we characterized as ‘logically shortsighted’.

    With respect, we refer you to same.


  • “Even they know when ya STEALING AND LAUNDERING MONEY…as small island rats, YOU DO NOT PUSH YASELF TO BE ON FORBE’S LIST…”

    and ya done know…if there were NO CONSEQUENCES ATTACHED….Carmichael and at least 500 lawyers on the island, many of them politicians…would have PLANTED THEMSELVES ON THE FORBE’S RICHEST PERSONS LIST…..if only to SHOW OFF ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE….they may be super arrogant with overblown egos…but they are NOT THAT STUPID…lol

    …. they found other ways to hide that money….not permanently as they had thought though.


  • Where is the regulator?


  • At least Hal is consistent, he keeps asking for NONEXISTENT REGULATORS in Barbados..,where even the banks KNOW they can GET AWAY WITH VIOLATING THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE MAJORITY POPULATION…..cause the corrupt governments will never let something like human rights violations…..AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE…..interfere in their corruption.


  • @Vincent

    All that you have said I agree with you know that. It is grounded in facts, all I am saying is that until the centraL bank and regualtory authorites step in and set rigid rules that must be followed it is interesting to entertain all the different arguments that will be used.

    If a rule is laid down which says the banks have 24 hours to reinstate funds not accounted for by client as witnessed by date Stamp, I will bet money the bank will say that is not enough time for them to substantiate the transaction. The parties involved must therefore meet and thrash this out. That is the banks, government and the authorities. Only then If we are lucky we will hear where the banks liability stops.


  • Generally, banks have a period of 10 business days during which to investigate a reported EFT error. This can, however, be extended to 45 business days provided that the bank provisionally credits the consumer’s account with the reportedly missing funds. Banks must then report the results of an investigation to the Federal Reserve and to the consumer.

    Regulation E also outlines consumer responsibility for reporting unauthorized ETF activity, typically involving a stolen or missing card. For example, consumers must report lost or stolen credit cards no more than two days after the consumer becomes aware of the theft; otherwise, the bank has no obligation to refund losses.


  • NorthernObserver

    it is not callous, our respective handles have been around for some time, we agree to disagree on several items.

    I read the other thread, and your lengthy submittal; it was a bashing of America, and American Imperialism, because Dr W used the term dollarization. He may have used yuanization, rubleization, sterlingization etc. The point is Caribbean nations need a currency of wider acceptance. But Caribbean leaders have rarely been able to agree on much collectively.

    I have no love for the USA or how it operates, ditto for Russia, China and Iran. The question is what is best for Barbados.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    If I was a pastor, this would be my text for today, and then I would start to preach. But I am not a pastor, as no church would have me

    The Gospel according to St. Matthew, Chapter 6, verses 19 to 21

    “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.”

    This is the word of the Lord, Hallelujah!!!

    This Scripture serves to remind us that there will always be thieves. No bank, no safe, no ATM is secure from a “good” thief. Thieving goes on all of the time. God is good. God is very good. But he has some real, real wutless children.

    Here endeth the sermon.

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  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @WURA-War-on-U July 12, 2019 5:54 AM “Take your money out of these thieving banks.”

    I took your advice.

    And deposited the money in my children’s heads.

    it has already started to pay good dividends.


    And tobesides if anybody was to rob me, I would rather be robbed by one of my children than by anybody else.

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  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Ironside July 13, 2019 6:56 AM “when plastics are a thing of the past and subcutaneous implants are it. And I can now see why many will welcome it!”

    But how about those of us black people who are very prone to keloid scarring?

    how will the subcutaneous implant thingies work for us without causing damage to our sensitive skins?


  • “And tobesides if anybody was to rob me, I would rather be robbed by one of my children than by anybody else.’

    Pass that message on to every Black person on the island, their foreparents understood that concept, unfortunetly most of them were robbed by black sell out leaders….THEY ARE YOUR ENEMIES….your evil, greedy, SELL OUT NEGRO LEADERS, EVEN AFRICA IS AFRAID OF THEM.


  • Only in Barbados ya will find this shite, and Olsen Alleyne a judge, who is ACCUSED BY HIS MANY VICTIMS OF BEING CORRUPT HIMSELF…….certainly was NOT THE RIGHT PERSON TO HANDLE THIS MATTER EITHER..

    ….last time there was a shitshow with someone accused by US….it was the DPP, deceased running around gathering info from the banks…but ah doubt he let the US see any of that info…..BECAUSE.that was to TIEF THE VICTIM’S MONEY…..and SET UP DEA..

    Donville better START KISSING THAT MONEY AT FCIB/Canadian Imperial… ….GOODBYE…lol

    “A High Court judge has dismissed an application by the Commissioner of Police to have the First Caribbean International Bank produce the financial records of a client to hand over to the United States Department of Justice.

    Justice Olson Alleyne found that the application, filed with a certificate of urgency under the Mutual Assistance In Criminal Matters Act (MACMA), which relates to requests made by foreign states, fell foul of procedural rules and that Commissioner Tyrone Griffith had not demonstrated he was the “proper person” to make the application.

    While the client was only referred to as “X”, indications were that it was a Barbadian who was charged in the US under the Money Laundering Control Act.

    The Commissioner was represented by Senior Crown Counsel Olivia Davis in association with Principal Crown Counsel Alliston Seale.”


  • So they even TIEF A WHOLE BUS….and that is probably the only one they MISSED…what about those that were not even listed and recorded ANYWHERE on any inventory…after they were purchased and imported to the island.

    “Furthermore, the chairman said the board would be launching an investigation into the missing bus that was also highlighted in the Auditor General’s Report. ”


  • The Judge is right. The commissioner is not the proper person to be making the application. That application should rightly go through the ministry of foreign affairs.


  • Hal…and you are actually telling yourself that none of these diseases know this…lol


  • Are there that many places you can hide a bus if it is still intact.
    Are there many places that can strip a bus and dispose of the frame?
    Do the police have a line for anonymous tips?
    Is there a crime-stoppers anonymous?

    The po-po Police can get four or five search groups armed with warrants; seek tips aggressively


  • But why do you think it was only one bus…lol


  • wuh even Oletuyo, sorry if the spelling is wrong, is on FB asking if it’s Jack the Ripper or Al Capone running Barbados in the missing bus saga…lol, lol, this is really too much..


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