The Phartford Files: Case of the Bungling Banks

Submitted by Ironside

Last weekend’s electronic theft of thousands of dollars from the accounts of several commercial bank customers and the subsequent response of the banking cartel (a.k.a Banking Association) to the crisis should leave no doubt in anybody’s mind that said banks do not have our welfare at heart. In pure Bajan terms, they don’t give a phart about us!

But we knew this all along, what with the plethora of idiotic bank charges that have been levied against customers over the last few years and the draconian fees charged to customers to get a mortgage.

An acquaintance of mine has had the experience of having a certain bank, with origins in mountie country, telling her relative who lived overseas that they would treat her application for a mortgage to build in Barbados as an “investor mortgage” meaning that she would have to pay higher interest charges: their logic was that she was not going to be living in the house here immediately! That was a few years ago. But can you believe that?

Incidentally, when that pooper was challenged the bank did an about-face, albeit a late one, for by that time my acquaintance had taken her relative’s business elsewhere!

The truth of the matter is that most of these commercial banks, like lots of other businesses here and overseas, are now indulging in corporate bullying. While a whole lot of mouthings are being made about bullying in schools, nothing is being said about the corporate kind. Corporate Bullying Awards are long overdue!

Perhaps the Blogmaster will find and post one of those many ads by CARIFS that encouraged Barbadians to use their bank cards rather than carry cash. We listened and we complied. You bankers achieved your hidden agenda of reducing the demand for in-bank/teller services! Then you left our Bajan “botsies” exposed at the ATM!

(inserted by the blogmaster)

I listened to one pastor’s video on this matter and I agree with him 120 percent. It is the banks that were ripped off and therefore, they are the ones who should be reporting the theft to the police. He is right! Their first order of business should have been to make an apology.


(inserted by the blogmaster)

However, if the new (April 2019) Barbados Banking Association Code of practice is any guide, the banks may argue that they have up to ten days to make such an apology. Here is an excerpt from the Code:

Each bank will, in response to a written complaint: –

+++7.3.1 Send a written acknowledgement, within ten (10) working days of receiving a complaint. This acknowledgement may take the form of letters, emails, texts, or such other forms as the bank may have available for communication with the Customer. +++

Where are you getting your customer service advise from, BBA! Melmac? BBA standards are voluntary but that advice must be the biggest phart on customers I ever heard! Ten days?

This is not the first or second time that this type of fraud has occurred.

On February 19, 2016, Barbados Today reported Acting Assistant Superintendent Jefferson Clarke as revealing that “in the past year alone, an estimated $50,000 was stolen from local ATM cards through skimming”.

The same article reported that in October 2013, “two Bulgarians were arrested and charged in what was described back then as the country’s largest case of ATM fraud, involving about $1/2 million”.

The sum total of the police’s response (according to said article)? “exercise greater care when using the banking machines”. Easy for them to say!

But, what was the collective response of the banks? According to said article, President of the Barbados Bankers’ Association at that time, Glyne Harrison intimated:

+++From our end though we do have a process that has been in place since we had the last incident with the Bulgarians. We do have a bank anti-fraud committee that sits and reviews these types of incidents and that committee is currently working to identify the compromised customers as well as the compromised ATM locations+++

What crap is this we are hearing? Money is being repeatedly stolen from ATMs and you are “sitting”! Where? On the corporate toilet? No major improvements in ATMs? No high tech surveillance on ATMs? Just what the heck have you really done of any substance to protect the ATM user in the last 7 years? And still up to today, a 4-digit only ATM pin number? Excuse me, but you must be having diarrhoea! If so, you need to get out the Dica!

Please get real, BBA. Flush this approach to banking security down the nearest corporate loo and come again. You have to make much more sense than the Police Fraud Squad (or whatever its name is) which can’t seem to figure out what is necessary and what is pure Bajan “maliciousness” in making a statement about such fraud!

You bankers need to give back the affected people their money you allowed hackers to steal IMMEDIATELY before we explore a class action suit. The Police Force is NOT responsible for refunding bank customers! The “investigations” you are talking about are mere bullying and stalling tactics; the same type we are seeing with the refunds to the beleaguered Clico policy holders!

We understand that bank deposits are covered by insurance up to $25,000. Therefore, once the customer has clearly pointed out the unauthorized transactions, the banks, if they really believe half the jobby they put out as customer service slogans, should have our monies back in our accounts no later than 24 hours of the report. Customer service is also about fast turnaround time, if you didn’t know!

So my dear, friendly bankers, get up off your bullying, bungling, corporate arses and get some real ATM security! And don’t phart any additional charges on us for it either!

UPCOMING in this series: “Nursing under the Microscope” Reviewed


  • I don’t mean to divert attention away from the substantive topic of the article, but I found this information on the following link very, very interesting.

    However, I was surprised individuals such as Rihanna, C.O. Williams, “Bizzy” Williams, Bruce Bailey, Kyffen Simpson, Leroy Parris, or a few people of Arab, Indian and Pakistani descent are not included on the list.


  • Or, perhaps it was a list of the “richest politicians” in Barbados. When I checked Forbes List 2018, there weren’t any politicians included in their listing.

    And the politicians’ estimated net worth on that list, were paltry when compared with the estimated net worth of C.O. Williams = $500M; Kyffin Simpson = $400M and Robyn Fenty = $300M.


  • Knowing how these banks operate in Barbados, an increase of security at the ATMs would result in a corresponding increase in user fees.

    As I have mentioned in this forum on previous occasions. St. Vincent & the Grenadines’ branch of Republic Bank increased its fees…….. and “early the next morning,” Vincentians formed long lines outside the bank waiting to withdraw their funds.


  • Only a class action suit will get the desired results.


  • @ Heather July 11, 2019 8:35 PM
    “Only a class action suit will get the desired results.”

    To be adjudicated by the judiciary in Barbados? And when would that be? In the year 2030 when human judges are replaced by A I robots ?

    Only those bank customers holding valid security entry cards -or a regular debit/credit card with embedded entrance security features- should have access to any enclosure housing ATMs.

    Is this asking too much of banks who are rather keen to exit the retail banking market?

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  • People are rightfully beginning to believe the banks are involved in these ATM thefts, their security is horrible, i happened to be at an ATM in the south last weekend and heard two ladies complain their accounts had been wiped clean….the banks are supposed to replace that money IMMEDIATELY…without the bullshit, fraudulent excuses, they are LIABLE for people’s money……

    you were warned to take your money out of those useless unsafe banks in Barbados.


  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    People are rightfully beginning to believe the banks are involved in these ATM thefts, their security is horrible, i happened to be at an ATM in the south last weekend and heard two ladies complain their accounts had been wiped clean….the banks are supposed to replace that money IMMEDIATELY…without the bullshit, fraudulent excuses, they are LIABLE for people’s money……



  • From the submission the substantive point is the lack of customer service by the banks to credit THEIR customers quickly once prima facie evidence is produced. The customer should not have to go through a process as described on the video. A Google will confirm cloning of debit and credit cards is big business for counterfeiters.

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  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    From the submission the substantive point is the lack of customer service by the banks to credit THEIR customers quickly once prima facie evidence is produced. The customer should not have to go through a process as described on the video. A Google will confirm cloning of debit and credit cards is big business for counterfeiters.





  • @ BUW

    Are you trying to tell us that bank tellers, managers or line people that have access to customers’ savings, in collusion with the police, are the perpetrators of skimming ATMs in Barbados?

    Where is your proof? Could you post it to BU?

    In 2013, we had some Bulgarians who were arrested and charged for thefts from ATMs, were members of the RBPF involved in that too?

    How reliable or credible is your information, which comes from someone who admitted to allegedly having underhand dealings with and buying an illegal item from the police and then giving it to his lawyer?

    I know the police may be involved in some underhand activities. I’ve been hearing so since I was a lad. Heard how they used to break and enter Standards and stores in Swan Street. Also heard a lot of things they did, and are doing, from their own colleagues.

    It’s easy coming to BU and accusing the police without bringing some sort of proof. Or should we believe you just because you say it is so?

    No offence intended and I’m not saying you’re lying, but I’m one who is not quick to believe everything I read or hear without first analysing the information.


  • I once had to report to NS the fact that one of its ATM had short-changed me by twenty-dollars. I took my receipts to a customer service representative to have the matter rectified. A lot of forms had to be filled out and signed. I asked how often short-changing of customers occurred. I was shocked to discover it was a fairly frequent affair. On further questioning it was revealed that it was known that the particular ATM was prone to short-changed persons. On enquiring why it wasn’t repaired, I was informed that wasn’t economical to do so. What amazed me most however, was the fact that the locals could not immediately authorized me the refund of the twenty-dollars: authorization had to be received from headquarters in Canada. I told the representative that it would appear that the locals were not trusted ; she just smiled and bowed her head. It took two weeks for me to get the refund.

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  • These CROOKED BANKS KNOW…they have employees who collude to STEAL hundreds of thousands of customers money on a DAILY BASIS…,they KNOW…they have EVIL TIEFING LAWYERS on their payroll in the banks who STEAL CUSTOMERS MONEY BY THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars, STEAL DEEDS OUT OF BANK VAULTS and they feel they are entitled because of political familial and friends connections,.. …and these banks cover their asses and REFUSE TO PAY BACK THE STOLEN MONIES or return the stolen DEEDS…to their clients.

    From the money leaves the account or the deeds DISAPPEAR from the bank vaults…YOU THE BANK IS RESPONSIBLE…pay it back immediately..but no, they prefer feed the public a long line of bullshit..

    Take your money out of these thieving banks….find another way to secure your funds…the crooked banks are not it, TOO MANY THIEVES ARE EMPLOYED THERE..


  • “I know the police may be involved in some underhand activities. I’ve been hearing so since I was a lad. Heard how they used to break and enter Standards and stores in Swan Street. Also heard a lot of things they did, and are doing, from their own colleagues.”

    You stupis ass..,DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE CHANGED…they have GOTTEN WORSE…,conditions for the criminality has GROWN….expotentially,

    This is no excuse for what some police do….BUT THEY ARE UNDERPAID…while ya dirty government ministers from both corrupt parties have for DECADES PAID THEMSELVES AND THEIR CRIMINAL MINORITY BRIBERS HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of tax dollars and pension money, stolen from their people ..,and left the underpaid police who PROTECT THEIR CORRUPTION against the majority population and protect the CRIMES OF THE CRIMINAL survive how they could on shite money, shite salaries..

    .,…,when last have the police gotten significant raise in salary…..promition had to BE FORCED when they returned dirty Dottin to tap people’s phones…and those were waiting for promotion for years…a court case that dragged through the corrupt court system.

    .,,as i said it is no excuse but they too have to survive.

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  • @Robert

    Good question.

    All of the cases of ATM fraud like the type reported this week the police arrested foreigners for the crime. What we want to know is how customers can be relieved of the stress when it happens. There is no evidence that locals are involved in committing these types of crime. A reminder we are dealing with a certain type of fraud.

    The author of the submission is correct to ask banks in Barbados to up their game.

    Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 6.51.54 AM


  • The increase in user fees and reduction In staff is an attempt by the banks to recover some of what they lost in the debt restructuring. If you remember in the last budget sinkler gave, he forced the banks to take up some of the useless government paper no one else wanted. What this did was expose the banks way in excess of what they were comfortable carrying. If you recall some banks came out and publically stated this.

    Now when we had the debt restructuring locally these banks saw their return on local paper drop from roughly 7% to 1%. So a bank that was holding for example $200 million in this paper, would of loss $12M in income yearly in one wave of the wand.

    Add to this the poor economic climate we are in and the fact that the banks have said that for the first time in 20 years their return on assets has fallen to practically nothing, one would see why we are being charged for every envelope and paper clip.

    As for the ATM issue once fraud has been accepted there is no reason the funds should not be credited in 24 hours. As for the banks upgrading their security at ATMS and detection, don’t hold your breath as they would tell you financially they are not in a position to do so based on the frequency of the occurrence.

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  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    Some of you just like talking shite.

    What you chose to believe is irrelevant.

    The last set of Bulgarians caught were QUICKLY bundled out of Barbados DOING VERY LITTLE TIME.

    You think if they had been caught in the US, Canada or UK they would not have done less than 5 years and with major fines.

    The reason the Bulgarians were shipped OFF ISLAND QUICKLY was because a deal was done behind closed doors including knowledge both technical know-how and financial were shared with locals meaning dirty local police and some in the banking industry.

    It is not just foreigners doing this,

    The Banks and Police didn’t lift the veil, it was done by locals customers who had been hit VIA Social media which then force their hands into action.


  • You always know everything. Were these Bulgarians charged with similar crimes in Antigua and Trinidad? Tell us how you twisted this matter to be one of collusion with local actors. The information is there on Google, anybody can check.


  • @ WURA

    There is no bigger “stupid ass” on BU than YOU.

    Many of you come here on BU giving us the impression that you have some sort of secret information on certain activities, but when asked to elaborate or bring evidence some of you withdraw, you especially, resort to cussing people.

    You should ask yourself when last any category of public sector employees received a significant raise in salary.

    Yes, like anyone else in Barbados, the police is underpaid.

    You are on here EVERY DAY talking about criminal lawyers, criminal minorities and thieves in parliament stealing land and money from people and stealing from the treasury and pension fund.

    These people you keep talking about are RICH and in some cases OVERPAID, yet according to YOU, they STEAL…….. they WANT MORE.

    WHY is that??

    Greed is the main factor that leads people to steal.

    As usual, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Saying promotions had to be forced is nonsense.

    Say whatever you like about Dottin, he had nothing to do with the police going to court about their promotions. You should ask the previous attorney general and Guyson Mayers why they tore up the lists of officers Dottin and Griffith presented for promotion and then selected who they wanted to be promoted. That’s why in both cases the officers rejected for promotion filed a civil suit.

    It has been proven that you come to BU with what you HEAR and not with what you KNOW.


  • The last set of Bulgarians caught were QUICKLY bundled out of Barbados DOING VERY LITTLE TIME. (Quote)

    YOU ARE A LIAR. They were arrested, charged, tried and sent to prison. Only ONE Bulgarian eluded the police and left the island.

    Any man who is always talking about how thiefing police officers are, and then on the back of his allegations, BOUGHT AN ILLEGAL ITEM FROM THE SAME THIEFING POLICEMEN, DOES NOT HAVE ONE SHRED OF CREDIBILITY.


  • @ David BU

    He may tell you that the Antigua and Trinidad police were in cahoots with the Bulgarians


  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower






  • You post what you rake off the internet or posted to websites OR PMs.


  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower








  • You comment about collusion between banks, police and ATM fraud is being questioned. So far all you have done is let of hot air.

    The blogmaster will always have the last word, thanks anyway.


  • High and inordinate bank charges are just the beginning.

    Bajans must now look for bail-ins and so forth

    A bail-in is when a bank can take part or all of your deposits to compensate its own failings, in bankruptcy for instance.

    Not too long from now we shall be see same in Barbados, again!

    Has anybody noticed how banks are hardly engaging in customer loans anymore

    It’s financialization, everybody is making their money from money, buying and selling financial assets, electronic trading, algorithmic trading, as apposed to bricks and mortar, old-economy projects. And they are using your money to so do business.

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  • @Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    Don’t let anyone distract you.

    “For the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that [BU] can do – George Linnaeus Banks”


  • The Blogmaster @David blows a lot of hot air himself so just need to look in the mirror

    I can see why @Hal Austin is sceptical of him.

    Typical narrow minded Bajan.


  • The blogmaster can careless what anybody says about him.


  • “Many of you come here on BU giving us the impression that you have some sort of secret information on certain activities, but when asked to elaborate or bring evidence some of you withdraw, you especially, resort to cussing people.”

    you little asses and yardfowls who traverse the blog LOOKING FOR NEWS TO CARRY BACK TO YA MASTERS….and think we don’t know…are the goddamn stupid asses, you are pimps..NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS…

    no one owes you any evidence…JUST LOOK AROUND THE ISLAND YOU ASS…

    you bring NOTHING TO THE TABLE…i have gotten more RESULTS in 7 years than most of you who have PIMPED AROUND THIS BLOG FOR 12 YEARS..all ya ended up getting was …. DLP KICKED TO THE CURB…and the only results you will GET GOING FORWARD…is BLP KICKED TO THE CURB…and many lowlife criminals like yaselves…in HANDCUFFS AND ANKLE MONITORS…

    and there ain’t shit yall can do about it..

    and…i never have to reveal what my RESULTS AND SUCCESSES ARE…how bout that ya goddamn WASTE OF OXYGEN..


  • Who gives a shit about DOTTIN…other than Bajans know they gotta WATCH WHAT THEY SAY ON THEIR LANDLINES…because his OWN OFFICERS ACCUSED HIM OF TAPPING PHONES…we just needed the WORLD TO KNOW….that this PM is the one accused of letting him off his leash…and putting him to commit these crimes against the citizens…
    It’s quite obvious some INSIDERS are involved in these ATM SCAMS of ripping off accounts…..OR THE DAMN ATMs…would be MORE SECURE….and NOT SO EASILY COMPROMISED…by LOCAL AND FOREIGN THIEVES…

    a commonsense analysis..ya don’t need a degree to realize that…


  • Let me add all this talk about bringing evidence and naming names locally.

    It is a known fact that Donville Inniss has been charged in the USA for financial crimes occurring in Barbados.

    Also involved in those local financial crimes were Guyanese Alex Tasker former CEO of Digicel and a former employee of the insurance company involved along with the former CEO Innes.

    To date none of these crooked son of a bitches have been charged locally even though this scam and deception has been exposed via local and International media.

    What does this say about the island?

    All this talk about naming names and bringing local evidence is the real hot air.

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  • “You think if they had been caught in the US, Canada or UK they would not have done less than 5 years and with major fines.”

    the bulgarians should have been IMPRISONED FOR 5 YEARS for ripping off the ATMS..but were they..

    the lowlife sexual predator from UK James…should have been IMPRISONED for 5 years for slapping a black woman who is a widow on her bottom…but he wasn’t was he, he wasn’t even fined…ya know why…cause ya black governments are too corrupt….and everyone in and out of Barbados knows it…

    .so there is no way i would swear that insiders are not involved in the ATM thefts…ya just can’t….because crimes by tourists…. who are not black….. and crimes by lowlifes who support government corruption and criminality…are not considered crimes in Barbados…and these criminals who rip off the population are ALWAYS ENABLED by ya useless governments.

    so exactly why are yall swearing this and swearing that…


  • @Pacha

    What you have written is scary. It must be located in the realm of conspiracy?


  • @John A

    What you are saying is possibly true. You are aware international companies, banks included, manage their businesses based on industry indicators in home country i.e. Return on Equity etc. Industry analysts operate like hawks. We need to see more indigenous businesses established which cater to our needs.


  • David

    It has happened in Greece already, nearly three or four years ago.

    Greece was the experiment for what is to come in banking and global finance.

    Every other country is doing the same, as consistent with a perverse neo-liberalism.

    Where do you think local banks got their idea from, that fees need not have any relationship with the ‘service’ supposedly rendered

    We wish it was located in the realm of ‘conspiracy analysis’

    David, the real money people are so scared that they are hording lots of assets outside of banks.

    We guarantee you that sooner or later local banks will start taking your money at they feel like.


  • AGAIN…….get your money out of the BANKS…or REGRET IT..


  • @ Barbados 2019 July 12, 2019 9:21 AM

    Well said, Baje 2019!!

    What about the person(s) who sat in the Chair of the SOE when their blatant case of bribery and money laundering took place?

    How about ‘freezing’ the properties of those involved in the alleged case of money laundering pending the judicial outcome as required under the relevant Act and applicable to those involved in the illegal drug trade?


  • “you bring NOTHING TO THE TABLE…i have gotten more RESULTS in 7 years than most of you who have PIMPED AROUND THIS BLOG FOR 12 YEARS (Quote)

    This is what you have been bringing to the table EVERY effing day for 7 years:

    Peter Harris;

    Some shite or the other about Bizzy, COW and Mark Maloney;

    Criminal lawyers stealing money and land from clients;

    Slaves in parliament helping white minorities to rob the treasury and pension fund;

    Copy and pasting irrelevant nonsense;

    Your recent achievement is posting Jackie Stewart videos.





  • Let’s compare this jackass WURA with contributors like Piece the Legend, SSS, Pachamama or William Skinner.

    Take PIECE for example. He has been CONTINUOUSLY EXPOSING the status quo, the injustices metted out to the ordinary man, politicians and the entire governance system.

    Look at his EXCELLENT EXPOSÈ of the CoB versus Morris Lee issue.


    Read his contributions. Although I may not agree with everything he says, UNLIKE you, he is METHODICAL and SYSTEMATIC in his approach to issues. And most IMPORTANTLY, he brings sobering, THOUGHT PROVOKING ASSESSMENT of what he talks about.

    He is ORIGINAL and GRABS the attention of his readers.

    You have NEVER ONCE BROUGHT ANYTHING TO BU like what PUDRYR HAS BEEN DOING, other than silly repetitive shite you post here EVERY effing day.

    You FAIL in comparison with PUDRYR, and if people on BU are HONEST they would ADMIT what I’m saying is TRUE.


  • Again… is not about passing and failing…what are primary school…

    can’t even explain to you how this works..ya are too dumb to understand…and i don’t need to anyhow….don’t owe anyone explanations…

    some who actually KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND HOW TO DO IT …would know…i don’t look at what others post and accomplish by those posts…BECAUSE I AM CONFIDENT IN MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS…and in WHAT I POST…which annoys the hell out of blog blights like you who don’t know much of anything..

    so…what have YOU ACCOMPLISHED…ya on here saying who did what and who did not…but ya can’t tell us WHAT YOU HAVE DONE ON BU TO MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE CORRUPT STATUS QUO…

    come back to me when YOU DO…WHEN YA CAN…WHEN YA ARE CAPABLE…

    yall like to watch and pimp behind others too much…why ya can’t contribute anything relevant …


  • Robert Goren July 12, 2019 10:19 AM

    I AGREE WITH YOU 100,000%.

    With that out of the way, let’s get back to the substantive issue of the article.


  • @Pacha

    Started to do some research on the matter raised by the author. In the US there is a piece of legislation called Regulation E which mandates how electronic transactions must be handled. Combined with strong consumer advocate groups banks are kept on toes.

    In Barbados it is the reverse. Barbadians, media and other interest groups must get up from their lazy bums to lobby for the same legislation. Consumer groups is another matter. We have to help ourselves.


  • Ya so dumb…YA CAN’T EVEN TIEF ANY OF OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS or posts OR change the existing narrative…way above your intelligence level and pay grade……….lol

    ya can only WAIT UNTIL I POST…and bitch and moan and groan…but no one cares…ya know..

    ah think that is what got ya really annoyed…the days of tiefing credit and accomplishments and ideas from other people and SELLING IT TO MINORITY CRIMINALS …HAVE SUDDENLY COME TO AN ABRUPT END..ya must be feeling real lonely…

    why else would you TROLL THE BLOG EVERYDAY……without contributing anything useful to create positive change…

    and if the WEAKENED and WEAKENING DAILY government is paying you to troll…ya doing a piss poor job, hope they are not as usual misusing taxpayers money wasting it on insipid, dumb useless yardfowls…


  • @WARU

    You may not be always right, so are a lot of hyprocrital liars who blog here regularly who are the first to throw stones with glass houses..

    @Artax has already been disproven here by several others including @Hal Austin.

    @Robert Goren is an compromised asshole of the highest order.

    Some of what you say have nuggets.

    Peter Harris is a criminal along with his brother Thomas Harris two of the worst on the island.

    The world needs to know Barbados is not a paradise; it is a corrupt cesspool similar to the raw sewage which was on the South Coast roads and people’s commercial and residential properties for quite a while.

    If it means keep repeating and lifting the lid of corruption in high places continue to do so.


  • “Combined with strong consumer advocate groups banks are kept on toes.”

    exactly…checks and balances, advocacy groups, the media, but ya useless petty media cover up crimes against the citizens and enable human rights violations by REFUSING TO REPORT ON THEM… so that is already a lost battle…they need REPORTING to world organizations for those crimes…it is not good journalism…and am sure it violates principles of good journalism.

    so citizens groups will have to MOBILIZE…and people have to take their money out of the banks…to show them you mean business.or shut them down let them go back where the hell they came from…this CANNOT CONTINUE…

    and those who just pimp around the blog to complain…should start something useful…register as an activist, if ya are allowed to in something useful…to change the status quo..and chase the criminals away from ya bank accounts, ya land, and ya children’s futures…


  • Baje..they can’t stop me, there are several ways to upend them and their useless masters…and i KNOW EVERYONE OF THEM..

    as i told the dummy Goring…it is not about being right all the time, no one has the stamina to be right all the time, but i know well ENUFF…what they DO NOT LIKE….and that is what THEY CANNOT STAND ABOUT ME…lol


  • “@Artax has already been disproven here by several others including @Hal Austin.”


    “Talk is cheap.”

    It’s a FACT that I’m not known to contribute to EVERYTHING article posted to BU for “discussion.” I only post contributions to issues of which I’m familiar or have some knowledge of. That’s why I PREFER to ALWAYS DEAL with FACTS and ALWAYS BRING the EVIDENCE to SUBSTANTIATE anything I post to BU.

    At times other than that, if anyone posts something I’m unable to understand or find a bit “far fetched,” I would ask questions.

    Perhaps you may want to do SIMILARLY and PRESENT the EVIDENCE to PROVE I’ve “already been disproven here by several others including @Hal Austin.”

    And I’ll BET anything you can’t.


  • Peter Harris and his brother Thomas will have their own comeuppance raining down on their criminal asses soon enuff…they think by being quiet these days they are not being noticed, but Barbados is very tiny and SURROUNDED by water…nowhere to run unless ya fly or got a boat..

    all of the criminals are on SOMEONE’S RADAR..


  • @ Artax

    I am not interested in playing childish games with you.

    Anyone reading this Blog for a while the evidence is there.

    Find someone else to squabble and nitpick with.


  • @ David.

    Yes we have an issue with the charges, but the bigger picture is where does that leave the consumer after all is done. Here is what I mean.

    Interests rates are currently running below 0.5% on savings. So let’s say a person has $100000 on the banks they will in turn get $500 in interest at year end correct ? No very wrong.

    Out of the $500 you will pay 12.5% in withholding tax to Mia, so we down to $425 now right? No still wrong.

    The average annual fees on a basic account will run around $200 a year. That is taking into account a cheque book and basic operating fees etc.

    So we down now to $225 a year on your investment.

    Now let’s look at inflation on the same $100000 at a rate of say 5% and see where we are. So if you look at it in real terms at the end of a year, your hundred thousand down to $95000 im real term buying power, having lost $5000 to inflation.

    So in closing even after your net interest of $225 a year from your savings checking account, after deducting for inflation you lost in net real terms $4775 in a year on your capital base.

    So it would actually pay you to take up the cash on the bank, give them back their plastic and pay all your monthly expenses by cash. The banks know they have a problem that’s why they are hitting us hard on bank charges, credit card fees etc. The banks also have a major problem they are not taking about either and it’s this. If the banks don’t get large amounts lent out soon, they will not even be able to pay these poor rates on deposits going forward.

    So the problems are way bigger than what you are seeing on the surface. It will all unfold over the next 12 months no doubt, unless the economy starts to show serious growth and the billions on the banks gets put to work.

    David that is why I have been saying for months we need to see a growth program implemented as a matter of urgency. BERT does not have what is needed in it,so don’t let anyone tell you differently. If it did at least the first quarter of 2019 should have shown growth and it did not. Don’t mind the talk and promises figures don’t lie!


  • Not too long from now we shall be see same in Barbados, again!


    It happened in Cyprus. At the time I thought it was a test case to see how it would work in practice. I envisage the same thing happening in multiple countries when the next financial crash comes.

    The Cypriot govt basically closed banks for a few days, restricted withdrawals and appropriated people’s funds. Simple so. All in a matter of days.


  • “”

    In order not to cast aspersions on the chracters of those mentioned am inclined to treat the information as “fake” news

    Liked by 2 people

  • Freedom of speech is a privilege that we should hold dear. But if it is ever taken away – especially on this blog – we will have none other to blame than some of you who keep writing such incredible shiite in the midst of a serious national issue! Are you for real?

    Liked by 3 people

  • “I am not interested in playing childish games with you.”

    Just as I ANTICIPATED………. a PREDICTABLE “cop out.”

    Carry on smartly.

    BU is a forum where approximately 95% of its contributors use pseudonyms…… they contribute “under the cloak of anonymity.” In other words, they are UNKNOWN to each other.

    Now, taking this FACT into consideration, “common sense analysis” would tell me if YOU DON’T KNOW an individual’s IDENTITY………

    ……… how would anyone KNOW an “anonymice” “started something useful,” “registered as an activist,” assisted in the apprehension and conviction of criminals; contributed to organisations such as the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Cancer Society, Diabetes Association, Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society (BVHS); National Assistance Board’s mentorship programme for the elderly, if they cook and distribute food to the homeless…… just to mention a few…. or if they volunteer their services to the poor or what other significant contributions they have made to the Barbadian society?


    In other words, how can you DEFINITIVELY state what I have NOT done or was NOT able to achieve, when YOU DON’T KNOW WHO I AM?

    Anyhow, I dun wid dat.


  • What is instructive is the ease others can illegitimately draw money off clients accounts compared to the horrors clients face to legitimately draw money off their own accounts


  • @Dullard

    Thank you. A couple years ago on this blog we started a discussion about Barbados reaching a negative interest return scenario. Now we are whispering bailin. Wow.


  • Goring…just found another even BETTER way to EXPOSE THE SHITE that is BLIGHTBADOS…just wait for the fallout from that one…things come together when we WORK TOGETHER…

    but ah can’t tell ya what it is……lol

    ya have to look for ya own way to make changes, if ya ain’t too busy pimping on the blog at what other people post…


  • @David

    Thanks for your help with this article. Keep up the good work.



    I remember someone posted this link to BU and opined that tiefing Cow…was supposedly holding assets of 500M

    TIEFING Bruce alive or Edmund Bailey, deceased…i think 300M

    Rihanna…i think it was 400M

    and i can’t remember if there were others…

    but we can be assured…that on that list including the list on this link..the only person on those 2 lists who EARNED HER 400M and did not STEAL IT FROM BLACK BAJANS…is Rihanna..

    …don’t know how accurate the list on the link is but ya can guarantee all those listed are NEGRO SELLOUTS…even if they don’t have the millions…

    the only info i was privy to was the millions both Owen and David Thompson deceased accumulated…that has been in the public domain among certain people..for years..the amounts are a bit off here or there to what is KNOWN, not sure how accurate, but it is known these PMs and politicians had many millions in the banks, that their salaries CANNOT EXPLAIN…

    and that is what needs investigating by the international community…


  • @David

    If You check my post at 11.56am you will see we are already in a serious negative earning situation in real terms.

    Those with money on the bank are actually getting poorer by the day already my friend!


  • “Started to do some research on the matter raised by the author. In the US there is a piece of legislation called Regulation E which mandates how electronic transactions must be handled. Combined with strong consumer advocate groups banks are kept on toes.”

    David BU

    What I find interesting about your above comment is that I have read articles in the newspapers of other jurisdictions that inform the public about ATM skimming and how banks are continuously implementing security systems to protect customers. There are also suggestions of precautions customers should take when using ATMs.

    What about legislation? In June 2019, for example, the Philippines passed a bill to criminalize ATM skimming and impose harsher penalties against people involved in that activity.

    “Senate Bill 6710 declares the hacking of bank systems, as well as the skimming of ATMs, as a form of ECONOMIC SABOTAGE. As such, violations now merit the harsher punishments under the bill that amended Republic Act 8484 or the Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998.”

    What about the consumer rights organisations? Where has Malcolm Gibbs-Taitt been hiding? Should he not be writing the press, calling “Brass Tacks” or holding town hall meetings to inform consumers about ATM skimming and how to avoid it……..
    …………….. or writing the banks, on behalf of consumers, asking what security measures would be implemented to prevent skimming….…….

    ……………or lobbying government for the implementation of harsher penalties against this illegal activity, especially as it’s becoming more and more sophisticated?

    What about the responsibility of the local automated banking machine (ABM) network provider, Caribbean Integrated Financial Services Inc. (CarIFS), as it relates to this issue?

    In November last year it was reported the local banks would seek cheaper, alternative services from North America, if CarIFS upgrade of its system did not work to their (banks) satisfaction.

    It is also important to note the larger credit unions, such as Barbados Public Workers’ Co-op Credit Union (BPWCCUL), City of Bridgetown Co-op Credit Union (CoBCCUL) and the Barbados Workers’ Union Credit Union (BWUCU) all have CarIFS-ready cards……….

    ……… which means their members are able to use the CarIFS network for ABM services and point-of-sale transactions…… which also means they can use ANY bank’s ATM.

    Hence, credit union members are also SUSCEPTIBLE to ATM skimming.


  • @John A

    Not disputing your position however negative interest rate takes it beyond the imagination penalizing customers by applying a negative interest rate.

    The blogmaster was vilified when he criticized former central bank Governor for removing the minimum interest rate to support his buy government bonds scheme. The banks were given an opening and as they say the rest is history. It will get worse.


  • @Artax

    Have we been able to proclaim the data protection act?

    We talk and talk.


  • TIEFING Bruce alive or Edmund Bailey, deceased…i think 300M

    for those who do not know who Bruce and Edmund Bailey are, they are the business partners of Peter Harris of CGI Insurance…they all used and abused the supreme court with the help of then sitting chief justice simmons… including other judges and lawyers and politicians/ministers to make sure they pay out no money to injured people on the island…


  • A family member when using any ATM always runs her fingers in the slot for anything that was temporarily placed in the slot and which can be removed, now others can adopt that practice, when using an ATM before you push in your card…RUN YOUR HANDS AROUND THE SLOT AND LOOK FOR CARD READERS…if you find one…remove it..


  • @ David.

    The truth is the banks do not want you to bring anymore money and give them for deposit. They have made that clear in how they have positioned themselves in the last quarter.

    People will tolerate it sadly because what are their options? Government paper I doubt it? The credit unions maybe not, based on Pieces exposure. Real estate nope, can’t get that rented or sold either to give a decent return and land taxes gone up big time. So sadly yes the money will sit there more out of fear and a lack of opportunity than anything else.

    The statement about this year being the first the banks did not receive a return on assets was in the last IADB report. If you recall you posted the report when the IMF report came out to show how data can be viewed differently.

    If you recall some party loyalist had cuss you for that too! Lol


  • @ WURA-WAR-on-U July 12, 2019 1:20 PM

    Interesting disclosure.Are you sure it works? Will follow your advice anyhow.


  • @ WARU





  • NorthernObserver

    I wonder what they are planning to do with a boatload of $$BDS? I guess if it cost you nothing exchanging at 5-1 or worse will not bother you either.


  • It was mentioned earlier about the honesty and integrity of the Trinidad Police Force:

    Trinidad police officers to be polygraphed and drug tested

    However, a few officers because of their involvement with criminal activity, are permitting the entry of illegal drugs, guns, and human trafficking from the mainland, are making it difficult for the majority of hardworking police officers in that division to be successful,” the statement noted.


  • @ David July 12, 2019 3:43 PM

    As the saying goes, one is never too old to learn. I have checked the link you provided. Thanks.


  • NorthernObserver

    “The blogmaster was vilified”
    I don’t recall that, maybe by ac and fractured or any other strong D supporter, but that move was a disaster in the making and we all knew it. Even they didn’t buy it when WB explained it to all. The GoB can revert to the former system, but only after they settle with the foreign creditors. Most of the Cdn banks want out, they just cannot get much for their Caribbean business, Even when Scotia went to sell select insurance units they got tied up in local politics.


  • David

    The Reg E could be helpful.

    But there are so many other laws, regulations, ordinances etc

    A study found that Americans on average break 3 laws daily without knowing.

    David, we are not as sure about the positive input of the citizenry input.

    Everywhere we look average people are being pressured more and more in new, novel ways.

    When we look left we are attacked on the right, and vice versa.


  • Baje….yep, it’s going down, one has to be vigilant and FIND INNOVATIVE WAYS TO SECURE YOUR MONEY…

    the banking system is not it…TOO MANY THIEVES.


  • Robert…that is what she does, to date, she has not found anything., but the thieves will get better and better at disguising their equipment and tools for stealing. So, it means the banks are no good for storing money, that is over.

    some of them are masterminds.


  • @Pacha

    Dare we ask why allocate a significant slice of the national budget to education if the citizenry is unable to parse the issues?


  • @ Freedom Crier July 12, 2019 4:29 PM



  • Me thinks many people are out of sorts these days, so be careful how yall clicking certain links from the cartel, things are not as rosy as before…in Barbados…for minority criminals…

    wuh just recently a boat got busted in Philly, wuh it was, but no one should have shocked… anyone with a modicum of intelligence would know that the beasts have been doing this and it would have been going on for at least 75 years…someone i suppose really pissed off DEA…ya really should NEVER piss off;_ylu=X3oDMTExMWc3cHQ4BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDREZENl8xBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1562999446/RO=10/

    so…the little shitehound traffickers and gunrunners in Barbados ..who call themselves millionaires and billionaires, parasites in the lives of the majority population, may want to find another job…ha, ha, ha, lol…murdah…


  • Here is another HONEST Trinidadian.


    Jack Warner ordered to pay TT$474 million by US court

    YORK – A former Caribbean soccer official fighting extradition in the FIFA bribery scandal has been ordered to pay $79 million in damages from a related United States lawsuit.

    US District Judge William Kuntz ordered the default judgment against Jack Warner in the 2017 civil action accusing him of embezzling tens of millions of dollars from the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football. The written ruling was issued in federal court in Brooklyn on Tuesday after Warner failed to contest the claim.

    The soccer association “intends to pursue all available avenues to enforce the judgment in any jurisdiction where CONCACAF has reason to believe Warner may have assets,” plaintiff lawyer John Kuster said in a statement Wednesday.

    Warner, 76, is a defendant in a sprawling criminal investigation that has resulted in convictions of several top soccer officials. He’s out on bail while challenging a US extradition request to Trinidad and Tobago, where he’s denied any wrongdoing.


  • NorthernObserver

    “People will tolerate it sadly because what are their options?”
    you keep asking the questions.
    Barbadians will have fewer and fewer options, as time goes on. Between “others” buying “our” businesses, those remaining businesses seeking safer haven in another jurisdiction, the GoB being unable to service its debt load etc etc the squeeze is on. Those with the capacity, and I use that term generally, will seek conversion to a safer currency, and investments that currency can purchase. Which translates to offshore and not paying taxes here.
    In june 2019, Dr Worrell, whom many love to hate, penned a piece, “The Time Has Come to Permanently Retire All Our Caribbean Currencies”….
    The concept makes sense, its execution a little more complicated.
    Barbados can no longer rely on its Government and businesses as a source of long term investment income. Time to open the sluice gates. Having larger financial firms able to invest a small percentage of their portfolio in foreign currencies/markets, does little for most Barbadians.


  • @Miller, you are right. The matter may never be called in the courts. If it did happen the Court may dismiss it for lack of evidence even though many people would have reported that their accounts have been emptied.

    The people to put their money into investment ventures and pool together their funds to start businesses.


  • NO
    You are logically shortsighted

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Northern Observer,

    What are the implications for a sovereign state?

    Liked by 1 person

  • @John A
    July 12, 2019 11:56 AM

    @ David.
    Yes we have an issue with the charges, but the bigger picture is where does that leave the consumer after all is done. Here is what I mean.
    Yours is one of the more solid contributions so far because it examines the bank’s side of the issue and therefore offers some balance. But synthesizing this and the issue of the vulnerability of credit unions to said card fraud, I see images of people wringing their hands in despair…what CAN we do? Is it really that hopeless?

    Pastor Dear’s outcry is significant, not so much because he is a pastor, but because his/ his church’s plight stresses how vulnerable we are to the banking system as currently structured.

    Where can we look to for help against these corporate bullies: a financially beleaguered government that is dependent on the same banking system? Compromised and corrupt lawyers? An increasingly corrupt police force? Our own weak-willed consumer advocacy efforts? Credit unions? Where?

    You talk about the bigger picture but I am afraid that the picture is much bigger than we may think! How so?

    The problems we are facing in Barbados are not unique to this neck of the woods. If we take a global view of the matter, one can clearly see now why the time is fast approaching when everyone will have to be a walking point of contact with the financial system…the time when plastics are a thing of the past and subcutaneous implants are it. And I can now see why many will welcome it!

    So once more the Scriptures are on point…but I am hoping I am not around when this new financial world order is unleashed! Praemonitus, praemunitus.


  • @ Northern Observer

    You are one of a few who are focusing on the bigger picture. What most here are picking at is the consequence of the problem as oppose to the cause and the long term effect on our economy.

    If the average Barbadian with money on the bank is in fact getting poorer by the day based on their return vs inflation what does that mean for economic growth?

    If because of the debt restructuring $400M has been removed from circulation as a result of the slash in interest, what does that mean for future growth?

    With the banks recording zero return on assets in 2018 based on the last IADB report what does that mean for their future and who will bear the brunt of propping them up?

    These are The issues we should be looking at in the medium to long term as they will dictate our future.

    Doctor Worrell s point is also one that needs exploring too but in our normal Bajan way we will dismiss it not because it’s a bad topic, but because he raised it.

    Can you sense a level of frustration from me because it’s there. We waste so much time focusing on the small issues of today, as opposed to looking at the bigger picture it’s no wonder the politicians can get away with what they do.


  • @John A

    What if you factor the country has been living avove its means for many years?


  • @ Ironside

    I think many don’t want to even consider what you are seeing out of fear from what it might mean to them. The government does not want to discuss it with us either as the discussion would not be in their political interest. It is easier for them to make statements of stupidity like the one below.

    ” we will continue with our austerity program while promoting economic growth.”

    The banking sector is scratching for every cent from us in fees and charges because they can’t get money lent and have been badly affected by the debt restructuring. That will only change when the economy starts to show real growth. As that doesn’t seem to be on governments cards as they focus solely on taxation now, how do we expect anything will change?

    When the leaders themselves clearly don’t understand the reality we are in where then does one look for information and direction ?

    This is where Hal would say Barbados is a failed state!

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  • @Ironside

    There is emotion being expressed because of the environmental factors present, it is money we are talking about.

    Read what is printed about the incident. – accounts were cloned by fraudsters. It means the banks would not have been able to separate legit from fraudulent transactions. Therefore the customer has to go to the bank and identify fraudulent transactions. This is the part of the transaction to accept.

    The challenge identified is the length of time to credit affected customers and lack of empathy from banks if you listen to Pastor Dear’s comment as representative of wide sentiment. T

    he missing ingredient in the view of the blogmaster is adequate legislation to force banks to behave in a particular way when certain transactions occur. The blogmaster sees this as a manageable issue given that it occurs all of the world and there are best practices to follow.

    Your bigger picture reference is spot on!

    Liked by 2 people

  • A bit late to the party but still joining the dance…

    I like the request for people to call names and when a name is called then

    Who he? I know he! Not he! De man is above reproach

    Ignore calls for names…

    Liked by 1 person

  • You don’t have real leaders on the island….YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM..

    As someone opinied…black bajans need to PUT THEIR HEADS TOGETHER…WITHOUT (SIN) YOUR USELESS LEADERS…stay away from anything these GREEDY PIGS and their minority masters propose?..AND BUILD YOUR OWN SECURE MONETARY SYSTEM…

    let those demons and THIEVES GO HAUL…it is your money to do with as you PLEASE., although these parliament scum like to PRETEND THE MONEY IS THEIRS….and allow their evil masters to pretend your money is theirs TOO.



  • stay away from anything and EVERYTHING …ALL THE SCAMS….these GREEDY PIGS in parliament and their minority masters propose…

    No question mark here…stay away from these BASTARDS…ALL OF THEM ARE ON SOMEONE’S RADAR FOR CRIMES….ya dont want ya MONEY LOST..


  • I agree with David, it’s not an issue solely for the banks to address, legislation is also required to list rules when these illegal skimming activities occur. Other worldly jurisdictions are more observant by banks and customers to check for, spot these skimming installations. Wily himself has been caught on three occasions, twice with skimmers at ATM Airport PAY terminals and once with an employee at the Crane Resort running a payment twice, Luckily bank recognized these activities as suspicious and contacted me immeduately via email. Individuals should always be more observant at all remote ATM facilities as they are more prone to these illegal skimming equipent being installed.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @David.

    That above statement about living above your means I don’t pay much attention to, as it got its origin in the political backyard. When a politician needs something to say before they introduce new taxes or cut services that is always their pet phrase.

    On the bank issue at the ATMS you are missing the point. The reality is that until this issue becomes a major problem they will continue to deal with it as it presents it self and for these reasons.

    First the banks are way down on profit so to expect them spend on better ATM security ain t happening. If they tried to make the customer pay by introducing a $1 fee For each atm transaction we would complain. Remember the bank is no different to a store in town. If you losing the odd shirt by thiefing you accept it. It is only when you losing 12 a week you hire a guard.

    My point is this one off type of fraud is not bad enough to make them spend money on a service they make no money off of. So if you want better ATM security look for a user fee for each transaction.

    Yes they can speed up the credit back once fraud is proven, but understand this Cleary. ANYTHING WUNNA WANT THE BANK DO EXTRA YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR NOW.


  • John A

    Are you conflating the issues? Let us agree banks will charge to makeup from the haircut administered. It should not prevent government from implementing legislation to ensure customers are credited quickly.

    We can disagree about living above our means. The blogmaster and others have identified the underlying problem of conspicuous consumption behaviour coupled with a lack of productivity at every level.


  • “A family member when using any ATM always runs her fingers in the slot for anything that was temporarily placed in the slot and which can be removed, now others can adopt that practice, when using an ATM before you push in your card…RUN YOUR HANDS AROUND THE SLOT AND LOOK FOR CARD READERS…if you find one…remove it”

    Don’t just run your fingers around it. Tug, pull and poke.
    Also use your other hand to cover the keypad as you are entering your pin.

    A good source of information is the AARP website. Monitor it. They keep abreast of scams on the elderly..

    Keep on contributing Waru..

    Liked by 1 person


    WURA-War-on-U July 13, 2019 7:47 AM

    stay away from anything and EVERYTHING …ALL THE SCAMS….these GREEDY PIGS in parliament and their minority masters propose…

    No question mark here…stay away from these BASTARDS…ALL OF THEM ARE ON SOMEONE’S RADAR FOR CRIMES….ya dont want ya MONEY LOST..


    Every ball u ever needed is NOW IN YOUR COURT.

    You are welcome…i was not the only only pushing however, we must thank everyone involved.


  • @David

    As I said yes once fraud is confirmed they need to credit the money swiftly.

    But let me ask you this. For fraud to be confirmed would not the police too be involved to come to this conclusion? Who then is to dictate what a reasonable time for re credit should be?

    Not making an excuse for the banks just asking if laws are to be passed stipulating a credit back date,would those said laws not have to take into account the time needed for the police to state their findings? Now if you state that once the fraud squad has confirmed their findings funds must be returned in 24 hours yes I can support that. I don’t see any bank or law being passed that will state that ” once funds are missing they must be returned in 24 hrs though.”


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