Questions Need Answering at Sandals in Heywoods

Submitted by Tee White

As someone who grew up bathing on Heywoods beach, I am extremely concerned at the way Sandals construction of their Beaches hotel there is going. Putting aside for now, the current disagreement between the government and Butch Stewart over the indemnities Sandals want signed into law, there are other aspects of what is going on there that need urgent attention.

First, representatives of Sandals have repeatedly stated at public meetings in Speightstown that the construction of the hotel would not result in worse access to the beach for local people than we enjoyed previously. However, Sandals has carried out beach reconstruction which pushes the shoreline out into what used to be the sea. As a result, the traditional path onto the beach from the Speightstown end, which has been used for as long as I can remember, will now be well above the high water mark and so fall squarely within Sandals’ private property. There is a need for an ironclad undertaking from Sandals that this traditional path will remain open for use by local people as an access route onto the beach.

Secondly, Sandals has given repeated assurances that the construction of the new hotel would be done in such a way as to avoid damaging the local environment. However, they have been using crushed limestone as part of the reconstruction of the beach. This material which is produced and supplied by C.O.Williams Construction Company Ltd is entirely different in appearance and texture to natural beach sand. I understand that the intention is to deposit this material in the sea and use dredged beach sand at the later stages of the project to finish off the beach. However, the use of this material is having a negative impact on the environment. When it is placed in the sea, it is producing a white film that covers the water and nearby reefs and also causing increased cloudiness in the water, thereby affecting the sea life. In addition, while it is stacked on the beach it is interfering with the nesting of the turtles, particularly for the hatchlings which have difficulty digging their way out of it.

Sandals promised that the Heywoods beach would be reopened for public use by December 2018. It’s now April 2019 and the beach is still not opened. It’s essential that the people of Barbados do not allow Sandals to break any more of their promises with regard to the construction of this hotel.


  • Tee White i noticed you said the word enviroment with a”concern” for
    Hope you are aware that there is a bigger enviromental on the South Coast giving approval by govt to allow sewage to be emptied into the GrameHall swamp and its surrounding enviroment which in all possibility has contaminated the sanctuary where plants and animal life habitat
    Also of notice is your concern for public acess on the beach
    But how about a concern for public access on the Worthing Beach a beach which was closed because of fear of contamination and then reopen without public knowning or having any scientific analytical release from govt stating that the beach was free of contamination derived from sewage findings and safe to traverse or bathe in the water
    Now dont get me wrong if Sandals is breaking any laws i would be the first to shout out loud Hell No especially when it applied to the enviroment
    However Tee White opening one eyes to only what affects your side of a political issue and closing them when a big blot of the same problem arises
    Speaks to a boldness of hypocrisy in the most pretentious manner


  • Butch Stuart was allowed full reign to do as he liked on Barbados he created absolute chaos when purchasing the beautiful Paradise Beach Hotel then allowing it to fall into disrepair as it didn’t suit his requirements, no private beach, not enough concessions from the Government and so on. He purchased Almond, please tell us Butch are you determined to also make this beach inaccessible to local people or if this present Govournment don’t give you what you want will you let it also drift into an abyss.


  • The slave plantation called Sandals is one of the many crazy ideas of the DLP regime.

    I support any person who discloses the damage it causes – be it of a financial nature for the taxpayer, be it environmental damage.

    If I remember correctly, the two DLP trolls Mariposa and Fractured are glowing defenders of the top slave driver Butch and his not so great projects.

    It’s time that the population boldly revolts and marches under Mia Mottley’s leadership to the DLP headquarters to demand there financial retribution for all crimes between 2008 and 2018. The police, decomposed by DLP cronies, ist not willing to take action against corrupt DLP slave rulers.


  • The blogmaster likes what Mia is saying here. However, she is a foolish woman if she expects other leaders will stand on principle when Butch type investors dangle the dollars.

    Sandals Beaches project cannot be at any price, says Mottley
    Published:Wednesday | March 27, 2019 | 12:21 AM
    Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

    Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley has reiterated that while Barbados welcomes the Jamaica-based Sandals Resort International (SRI) Beaches project, “it can’t be at any price.”

    Winding up debate on the 2019/2020 debate in Parliament on Monday night, Mottley, who is also the minister of finance, economic affairs and investment, sought to clarify her administration’s position on the multimillion-dollar project as she responded to Sandals officials who had denied her previous assertions that the hotel chain sought excessive and unprecedented concessions, including indemnification against tax advantages granted future hotel developers.

    “If you are simply asking for what was promised then there is no issue. I have stood here and I have stood elsewhere and said that the government of Barbados remains committed to the two agreements signed by the previous minister of finance.

    We don’t like what he did. We abhor what he did, but by the rule of law, by a country governed by the rule of law we stand by it,” she told legislators.

    In a statement last week signed by SRI chairman, Gordon “Butch” Stewart, the company said that it had taken note of the recent statement made by Mottley concerning the project.

    “With respect to the current situation, we wish to clarify that we were not asking for anything more than what was promised. The Beaches project, at over US$420 million, would have represented not only our largest single one-time development, but the largest long- term hotel project in Barbados,” the statement said.

    Stewart said that such a large project carries the concomitant long-term risks, and as such “our lenders who are the banks, as well as our board, were seeking a level of stability by having parliamentary approval of the concessions that were already promised, which in the 21st century is now the norm.”

    In the statement, Stewart said “We have the greatest respect for the prime minister and her government, and the efforts they have been making to restore the economy, and we are proud of the unprecedented contribution Sandals has been able to make in a very short period of time.

    “However, we understand that every government has its particular priorities and policies.

    We fully respect the government’s position in this regard, and we would never want to put them in a compromising situation,” it said.

    “Let me state clearly we have no regrets. Even though a huge amount of money has already been spent on beach work and on development plans, engineering and architecture and a large and able projects team comprising the very best personnel; the fact is we know that both sides worked very hard to try and make this project a reality,” said the statement.

    Last week, Mottley, told legislators that plans by SRI to bring the Beaches investment project to the island could be either “stalled or pulled” after indicating that the company was seeking much more concessions than had been granted by the previous administration.

    She said her administration had been working hard to make the project a reality, although it was not in agreement with the “extent of the excessively generous concessions granted” by the former administration.


  • What is the role/mandate of the Coastal Zone?


  • @ David April 16, 2019 8:30 PM

    Sandals/”tourist castles” and the expensive mass education at the UWI do not fit together. You don’t need a cook or a chambermaid with a university degree.

    And even worse: With the all-inclusive offer – apart from the safari tours and the meager salaries for the employees – not a single dollar remains on the island. The environment is destroyed, and for nothing.

    I think our dear Prime Minister has realised that Barbados must not prostitute itself endlessly like a whore for a handful of dollars.


  • What Mottley is saying in that press release is likened to political rubbish
    How can she being criticisng Sandals concessions while on the other hand paying White Oaks 87thousand US for contributing nothing to the barbados economy
    When Mia speaks of Sandals concessions as if the concessions were given without reasonable applications attached to the economy
    In the meanwhile Mia has no qualms in paying a consultant firm without giving any reasonable application to its professional portfolio within reason to years of experience


  • @Tron

    Just observe how a few of the Caribbean islands have broken rank with Caricom foreign policy as it relates to Venezuela. Butch is like the proverbial marauder as he shops around the Caribbean with his bag of so-called investment dollars. A huge slice of the cashflow stays offshore given his business model. There will be the initial inflow of capital to start up and the operating expenses covered, however we must not forget the low end jobs.

    The blogmaster must admit Butch is not admired for reason how he left that decimated Paradise. Arthur at the time told him to fly a kite. Back then Barbados’ economy was in better shape compared to today.


  • However, if the Sandals model is successful in Barbados and more all-inclusive hotels are launched, we can close UWI.

    Sandals and academics – that somehow doesn’t work together. Butch wants slaves who work for little money, not overpaid chatterers and scribes.

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  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Tee White or is that Whitey?

    I am a digital evidence man as you will soon see.

    Did anyone have the presence of mind to take any pictures of this beach BEFORE DE MAN START BUILDING?

    you know dem coastal zone people only into things where dem can hire companies dem incorporate to subcontract their services

    So dont expect any help from them

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  • @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right,

    You can use Google Earth Pro to see images of the beach from 2004.


  • RE if the Sandals model is successful in Barbados and more all-inclusive hotels are launched, we can close UWI. Sandals and academics – that somehow doesn’t work together.


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  • Sandals Beaches project cannot be at any price, says Mottley
    Published:Wednesday | March 27, 2019 | 12:21 AM
    Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley.@@@@ what do you expect from a Crime Minister, nothing more than a crook that will do as she please until removed, After Office, We shall seek Jail for this tyrant .How can you all believing a liar!


  • When Mottley and her blp minions come up with these Big Mout criticisms
    My first questions asked of them What replacement or alternatives do u have to offer that would be progressive and sufficient and sustainable enough for the economy
    So far this govt has yet to show signs of having a growth plan
    This govt is building a political reputation of a govt using a governance formulated on a continuing campagain of opposing and harsh austerity measures
    Not good
    Only this time it is Sandals instead of critising a standing govt.


  • If anyone thinks Butch Stewart wants local Barbadians on his beach they are drinking too much over proof rum. Sandals will do every thing they can legal or other wise to inhibit local access. As an example try to access the beach at Dover.

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  • Well stated, Robert……….. on the south-west side, there is a VERY narrow path access between Dover Beach Hotel and Turtle Beach Hotel. One then must climb over some rocks to reach the “Sandals” beach or trespass onto Turtle Beach by their watersports shed. On the south-east side, one can access the “Sandals” beach via the very old Maxwell graveyard with graves dating back to the 1600’s.


  • Has the Coastal Zone Division or government issued a comment about the change in the environment since Sandals has taken over Dover location.


  • @ Robert April 17, 2019 6:33 AM

    Take note: This is how the aprtheid regime devised by the DLP works.

    No wonder indicted D. Inniss feels more comfortable among the white people in Florida than in Barbados.


  • Bajans will complain but Butch will get 90% of what he wants.

    The youngsters will have to accept that they cannot access the beaches that their parents enjoyed ” back in the day “.

    Young and old CanBajans are enjoying the beaches of the Dominican, Cuba and Miami.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Hants at 8 :54 AM

    Because it is the norm in those Caribbean countries,should we accept it?


  • Vincent Codrington

    There is a tendency to ignore that certain decisions can be transformational. What impact will the Sandals Brand have on the Barbados Brand and culture? Can the Sandals Brand coalesce with the Sandy Lane / West Coast Brand?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Heywood Beach is a place I used to bathe at years ago

    The author needs to make the delineation between Heywood’s and Port Saint Charles

    Google Earth has concatenated the two beaches in the images that you provided Honourable Blogmaster

    HEYWOODs starts much closer to the marshland north of the pasture and pavilion

    The sole marshland on the north on the west coast

    Holetown has one by the bridge there and Weston has one close to the fire station which they are slowly killing as well.

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  • Bajans too much like to complain and when asked what they have to make better
    They say they like it so
    Nobody has answered what is difference between Sandals concessions and White Oaks million dollar contract


  • NorthernObserver

    “approval of the concessions that were already promised, which in the 21st century is now the norm.”

    This is how brainwashing works. Concessions maybe the norm, however, concessions of the magnitude of which Sandals received are not. The subsequent decrease in corporate tax rates, only means they now wish additional concessions, for the “value” of those concessions ‘promised’ are now less. I note in a recent comment the PM acknowledged that current methods of taxation will likely be extinct in 15 years, a glimpse of the obvious to all but the blind.

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  • “Nobody has answered what is difference between Sandals concessions and White Oaks million dollar contract.”

    Okay, perhaps you could enlighten us what are the similarities?


  • NorthernObserver

    is that a question?
    you are attempting to compare the concession of revenue for many years, and a benefit not bestowed on other corporate taxpayers, to a one-off contract which can be terminated at short notice. BOTH are costs to the taxpayer. In one case the benefit is jobs and construction, in the other, money saved by skinning debt and A/R holders.
    Now tell us about the $6 Billion investment in the social economy. Were are the benefits from that?



    So tell me did you read White oaks contracts in so much u can be presumptuous to pronounce ( nevertheless based on assumptions) terms and conditions
    My correlation lies within a factual context borne not out of speculation or assumptions but what has been told by govt regarding Sandals concessions and monys paid to White Oaks
    However when the two. are weighed in the fiscal scale as to which of the two provides a greater financial benefit to barbados economy
    It would be difficult to ignore Sandals overall benefits which adds growth via employment to the economy and outweighs White Oaks who produces a sevice which takes millions away from the treasury at a large price


  • NorthernObserver

    The truth is, we do not know the answer.
    We do not know exactly the fiscal benefit derived from the local debt restructuring, or other fiscal restructures such as leases, payables etc etc etc We know nothing about the NIS mess nor WO’s involvement. We do not know the exact extent of the Sandal’s concessions. We do not know the exact amount spent on refurbishing their two properties. They employ XXX at at an avg of $Y/hr.
    Hence it is merely speculation to compare? Both have measurable (if you have access to the numbers) benefits and costs.
    But on the topic of taking millions away from the treasury, you avoided the benefit derived from the $6 Billion investment in the social economy?


  • The IMF had a lot to say to PM Gaston Browne especially in respect of the opportunity costs in selling the state’s patrimony to the crude speaking Sandals peddling stove and fridge salesman of Jamaica.Browne in turn put the salesman and his hotel in their place.
    The IMF has had a lot to say to PM Mia Mottley for the total disaster that called itself a government of Barbados from 2008-2018.A government that was so incompetent that the electorate kicked their asses out of Bay St with such fury that all 30 candidates lost their deposits and what little dignity some had.The “egregious” concessions represent almost a billion barbados dollars in lost tax revenue.When such conditions exist the bank of last resort will punish the taxpayer with a vengeance.Blame the total JA Stuart for giving way Buhbaydus to the snake oil crudeass sumbeech and making generations of Bajans poor as ass for the next few decades.And he’s drawing a fatass pension..this politics must change and these incompetents must spend time behind bars,lose their pensions and never be permitted to obtain a government paid position or benefit ever again.


  • Gabriel soon u would be blaming Stuart for having the largest Cabinet in the history of barbados goverence and defaulting on barbados debt
    The blp laundry list of blaming Stuart not going remove the ugly bruises of pain and suffering on the people back which present govt had no qualms of delivering
    Also u can add to the list of blames assigned to Stuart Mottley running a country without have a growth plan one that is sustainable and sufficient enough to ease the burden of high taxation off the peoples back


  • Here is a govt fighting Butch Stewart .but does not even have a poo to offer the people to piss into
    Gabriel did u listen to a video of a retrench worker who did not mix words as she laid bare the incompetence of this govt in their refusal to grant her severance pay after 18 years of work at MTW
    Now why do you and other blp yard birds avoid all those issues where people lives are being catspraddle because of present govt policies


  • PM Mia Mottley says if Barbados do not honour the wholesale Sandals tax exemptions of 40 years given away by JA Stuart and double JA Sinckler,Barbados would likely suffer the consequences or fallout by private sector especially the foreign investment the country needs going forward.The fact is that Barbados already suffers the consequences of those who invested in Four Seasons and Harlequin among others.The PM should therefore bite the bullet and renegotiate those Sandals concesssions because it has or will become the template of future investors.See how the other local hotels are clamouring for equal access to similar treatment.Its called ‘setting or creating a precedent’ something that escaped the impenetrable brain of Staurt and Sinckler.

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  • “Gabriel did u listen to a video of a retrench worker who did not mix words as she laid bare the incompetence of this govt in their refusal to grant her severance pay after 18 years of work at MTW……”


    The lady has every right to use whatever means available to highlight her plight and I fully agree government should have paid her severance payment.

    However, the hypocrisy of the “now accusers” cannot go un-noticed.

    I recall on August 28, 2014, a lady by the name of Lisa Marshall used the media to express her frustration that, after being retrenched from the Transport Board, the then administration made several promises to pay severance payments, which they did not fulfill.


    Those who defended the previous administration for non-payment of severance…… are now criticizing the current administration for engaging in a similar activity.

    The DLP responded by leaking correspondence from Lisa’s personal file to the press, to give the impression she as a thief. These same “political humbugs” not only defended that action, but the non-payment of severance as well, made pejorative remarks about the lady’s character, and in the absence of proof, called the lady a thief.

    The following is what they had to “say:”

    “now how can a main stream media outlet (vob) who wants to be taken seriously expose itself to attack dogs with unsavoury character and questionable reputation and feed the garbage collected across the public airwaves…..”

    “a thief demanding her fair share,,,,enough to make dog stomach sick,,but the BLP yardfowls seem to be O,k, with that not a picking teet about this criminality,,,,”

    “i got some dirt to throw pun wunna low life belly aching scalliwags who believe that employees thieving taxpayers money should not be exposed,,,what nerve,,,,,”

    How could it be RIGHT then and WRONG now?

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  • @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right,

    Still some mangrove trees along the sides of what we used to call ” Hutson river ” Fished for Snook circa 2008 but did not catch any.

    Discovery Bay hotel was built on the ” swamp “.


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