Bajans – We Must Save Barbados from Mugabe!

Submitted by PUDRYR

To Every Bajan Patriot,

First, this message IS NOT FOR THE SHEEPLE – it is ONLY FOR PATRIOTS! If you are NOT a Bajan who loves Barbados, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

After seeing all the Mugabe Dictator actions like (i) the changes of our Constitution, (2) her importation of people from Canada, (3) hiring 28 ministers/senators (4) firing 5,000 Bajans, (5) increasing MP salaries, (6) defaulting on Government savings bonds, and all the other shyte all Bajans want to know one thing.

How can WE PATRIOTS MAKE this Mugabe regime a ONE TERM, 5 year government? 

Every day, we hear the suffering of our friends and Bajans across the island. We hear the suffering and the victimization and the dishonesty of this BLP regime

We see, and also, RIGHTFULLY SO, FEAR, THIS “ONE MAN STATE”, and need to know how we are going to counter Dictator Mottley.

Many think that our choices are few and alternatives fewer, given our “EITHER BLP dictator OR DLP alternative ”.

Do we have other choices? I strongly believe Barbados does have choices. We have a few qualified Bajan men and women who want to serve AND HAVE THE COMPETENCIES to do this. 

And what we MUST do is to give these Patriots what is the Third Party Movement the means whereby they can be advertised to our citizens where every bajan can see them and see what they are doing.


Today de ole man wishes to suggest a “Matrix” within which these Patriots CAN OPERATE.

The Third Party Movement

This chart is purposely simple cause it is critical that everyone INCLUDING THE OLE MAN  understands the objective – WE WANT PERFORMERS whose track records we can see.

It breaks up the elements of running our country into 3 simple sectors so that any idiot (ME) can understand it

Citizen Needs, Corporate Needs and Government Facilitations/Operations. 

Any, and all activities required to run the affairs of a country will be “sub elements” within the Keep It Simple and Stupid Orgchart

It is simple and stupid cause, if we cannot manage a community club, AS IS EVIDENCED BY OUR CURRENT LEADERS, and our neighbours in Venezuela, we ent going manage de economy

De ole man suggests that for the Third Party to be successful and MORE IMPORTANTLY, be so attractive to our electorate and gain the vote, it must have a working programm IN ADDITION TO ALL THE PLANS & MANIFESTOS.

And de ole man suggests that any Patriot who is embraced by this Movement, MUST FIRST SUBMIT A WORKING PROGRAMME under one, OR MORE, of the three parts of this LIVING SOLUTION. 

So if for example, a candidate purportedly suggests that they have the skills to create a solution for Citizen Employment, dem going have to bring a working solution and then employ unemployed people.

It must be scalable and more importantly sustainable.

When 2023 rolls around, persons who has submitted such viable elements to the Third Party Movement  would be able to show that they employed “x” persons successfully for “y” dollars for “z” time VERIFIED UNDER THE BRA & NIS.

We HAVE TO ABANDON de lotta long talk and engage with people who can deliver



  • If you have never worked under a DLP administration, then your reasons are flawed.


  • why?


  • @Artax
    My apologies for any reference to you that was not positive..

    Can you hook me up with a pick in Barbados…

    More seriously, we do not dispute that your post are factual, but
    you put a finger on the scale at time.
    You are seen as defending one side against the other,.
    Artax 12:53… that is Enuff’s job.


  • “You are seen as defending one side against the other,. Artax 12:53… that is Enuff’s job.”


    It seems as though you attempt to be “deliberately provocative or silly” at times.

    In other words, Greene generally prefers the DLP because having worked under the BLP for 2 years, ……and NOT the DLP…….he “could tell you that they were a cravicious, arrogant and corrupt lot,” which is essentially defending one party against the other……


    But I mentioned, based on my experience working under BOTH administrations, the BLP and DLP “were a cravicious, arrogant and corrupt lot,”…..

    ……..and you interpret that to mean I’m defending one party over another.

    Well, well, well………

    I concede to your wisdom.

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  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Sweet PIeces

    You certainly ain’t mekking no sport this year. Those that are blind to this rogue are blinded by their intakes of bittle. Rogue-Works has ensured that there is action, but not the type of action that will be beneficial to the average Joe and Jane. It is the type of action that will buy loyalties and keep those to whom she has bought singing from the hymn sheet she provides. You done know that the laying off of those considered scraps has paved the way for money to be available for all the other friends and loyals. Press on, piece. If there is one that got your back is the SSS. The loyal pooch lickers will come huffing and puffing, but nothing beats a try then a failure. Rogue-Works will continue to show her true colours and those pooch lickers seeking to detract and bemoan what you have written will stop for nothing. Just like the DLP loyal clowns did not stop for anything, even when their thieves met a 30-0 love end. The BLP pooch lickers will support the good, the bad, the thieving, and rogue, right down to the end.


  • artax

    what i experienced during my 2 years of working in a BLP was not the only reason you know.

    for other reasons not mentioned and the introduction of the text book rental scheme i generally do but i didnt support this last iteration especially after they didnt introduce integrity legislation and after Thompson died.

    i have many school friends among the present BLP and i support them but generally not the BLP itself


  • Well the supporters Piece had during his past 10 years to dismantle the dlp has abandon him
    Now all he seems to at present is sounding brass bowl and clanging symbols
    The fact of this matter now arises that who used to be his friend have now become his enemy and those who have supported the dlp also sees him as an enemy engaging in guerilla warfare for his self interest


  • Very hard to join or hold hands in efforts tona causewhen an individual wears the banner of turn coat


  • Simple Simon,

    I was there too in the Mitchie Hewitt Stand.

    There were bottles. Some were plastic and some were glass. Most were plastic though. Steve Waugh was almost hit in the face by a plastic Coke one. But the anger was spontaneous after the replay. It was just too obvious what the Aussies had done. Disrespected like that in our own country. Arrogant Aussies who thought they could do anything. It was all too much for the docile Bajans. There is a breaking point.

    I don’t think Bajans will sit down for an increase in VAT. Most people are living from paycheck to paycheck.

    A word to the wise!

    “For too long they think Bajans quiet. It done now,” declared one young woman in the Mitchie Hewitt Stand yesterday.

    It wasn’t me.

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  • @Donna

    What about the NGOs and other bodies that make up civil society? Do they have a role? We seem to be too passive at a time when there should be a heightened advocacy.


  • Questions, what should we be looking for in our Leaders?

    Do we see or look for Moral Underpinning indeed the very Fabric and Core of Modern Day Individuals in Office Presently?

    What should we look for in future leaders that would Elevate and Restore our Nation to its Roots to Sound Ethical Standards?

    Is Right-mindedness and Sound Character Building Blocks a thing of the pass that is Dead and Buried and if so can it be Resurrected?

    Hopefully we can Learn from the History posted overleaf of Old Barbadian Greats. What Great Attributes Defined ‘the persons who moved into key positions of authority’ in the Settlement of Liberia in 1865?

    ‘One cannot help without being struck with both their character and their intelligence. Two of them became Presidents of Liberia… President Arthur Barclay & Edwin Barclay …. We put the word Character first, for while indeed well freighted with knowledge, acquirements, and culture, they presented the unusual peculiarity of being heavy weighted with the Moral Excellence as with the Intelligent Brightness of Right-minded people. They were seen at once to be a group of thoughtful, self-restrained, upright and orderly people, and their life and character during their long residence in Liberia have fulfilled the bright promise of their first coming.

    It is remarkable to find time and again commentary on the character, skills and accomplishments of the Barclays. These children who migrated were from exceptional Barbadian families. Both Anthony and Edwin grew up in elite activist households where public service was a way of life.

    They were also deeply religious households, and their families became the leaders in the emigration societies, sponsored discussions and other events on Africa, African civilisations, these children were imbued with the Principles, Ideological Consciousness and Commitment that would signal them out as leaders. The same can be said of the other families which have distinguished themselves so well.’

    There is Only One that is Resembles and that has a Recognizable Sound Character that fits the Bill Above for this Future Key Position of Authority!!!


  • Everybody is walking around and shrugging. Bajans have a way of putting off dealing with issues until they get too much for them and then they spontaneously erupt.

    It is not a good way to deal with issues but it seems as though it is our way.

    I have found it to be so in my family.

    I have found it to be so in my workplace.

    I have found it to so in my church.(I have abandoned that pursuit as a waste of time)

    I have found it to be so EVERYWHERE in this frustrating country.

    Those of us who try to deal with issues are seen as miserable trouble makers

    Take for instance Barry Wilkinson. When many years ago I brought up the issue of umpire bias he told me that the umpires don’t cheat. They just make mistakes. Do you really think Barry believes that?

    Bring it forward to Jason Holder who is now saying that no 50:50:decisions go in favour of the Windies. That is because of the on field umpire call. All the umpire has to do is give the close ones against the Windies and that puts a heavy finger on the scale.

    When I spoke up about it people shrugged. But I know that that is one of the reasons why we languish at no. 9.

    Holder has freed himself from ALL CONSTRAINTS and that is why he is now flourishing. The truth sets you free to be your best self and bring others along with you.

    So … do NGO and civil society have a role? They should but they are busy shrugging their shoulders. I have given up trying to light bonfires . When they self-ignite I will join them. I will not even presume to tell them how they should burn or when.

    Somebody else will figure that out.


  • Sorry my earlier post disappeared.

    However as I was stating in that post Artax strenuous defence of not being a Bee may have convinced some but there are some who seem more discerning that Artax’s comments which on the surface seem to appear to criticize both sides – on closer examination according to the post by TheoGazerts at 1:21 p.m. – Artax always seem to put his finger on the scale for one side.

    For an example of those who can see through the SO-CALLED objectivity – read the above post by Artax at 12:53

    He is chiding James Greene who openly states why he has a preference for the DLP – even though he appreciate Grantley’s policies and did not like what the last DLP Admin. was running the country – According to Greene – “i worked in a certain govt for about 2 years under the BLP and i could tell you that they were a cravicious, arrogant and corrupt lot. that was in the early 80s. again that is why i generally prefer the DLP.”

    Artax complains Greene should have stated how long he worked for the BLP in order for his statement to be rational and objective

    However, note how the both party criticism is slanted by Artax @ 12:53

    Artax states that he has worked for both administrations and he has found them both cravicious,arrogant etc.He says they have the same modus operandi -BUT READ CAREFULLY AND SEE WHICH PARTY HE USES TO LIST THE NEGATIVE MODUS OPERANDI – IF YOU SAID THE DLP – THEN GO TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS Lolllllll.

    “I did not find any DIFFERENCES in their MO. When the DEMS won the government, they found all sorts of reasons the fire those who they perceived to be BLP supporters and replaced them with their lackeys, under different job descriptions…….
    ………..all the goods and services were purchased from and contracts were approved to be distributed to DEMS supporters.”

    Now note also he does not list what the BLP did but states:

    Similarly, the cycle continued when the BLP won the government.


    So he tells us:
    “Under BEES, for example, goods and services were purchased from a hardware store owned by a former BLP candidate……..under the DEMS, Barbados Hardware and Shamrock.”

    Note also how Artax gives one example of a BLP supporter getting a job and demanding to be paid his travel allowance but then look at the examples (plural) he provides when he directs his attention to the DLP:

    DLP ministers would hire lackeys to perform specific functions, but gave them job titles that would entitle them to more pay and benefit from travelling allowance and car loans. A woman was performing the duties of an administrative officer, but was given a different job title so she could apply for a car loan and claim travel.
    ALL the DEMS supporters in the department were APPOINTED 1 day BEFORE a general election.
    I could go on and on. But these are my personal experiences……..

    Of course we all know as he so often tells us that :

    ….. and this is the reason why, UNLIKE Mr. Greene, I DO NOT have any personal preferences for any political party.


    Just musing on these funny things on this quiet Saturday afternoon.


  • De ole man has been busy during the morning doing a few things and apologize from being “absent from the fray” so to speak

    And shall try to respond to most of you as i read your submission on the other tabs.

    Before responding though let me do this one thing so that we put the submission in context

    I am born a bajan irrespective of other appended ammmmmm nationalities of choice.

    The “NOT ONE EFFING SEAT CAMPAIGN” dis not commence out of any personal experience or encounter with the DLP (as well there was reason enough for) it was birthed out of seeing the direction that Fumbles and his crew of INCOMPETENTS were headed for!

    “Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fallen into a pit, and will not straightway pull him out on the sabbath day?…”

    I am guided by what i (erroneously?) believe to be a sense of what is right and what is wrong AND I CANNOT CHANGE THIS.

    The DLP was wrong for Barbados and I put it to you all that MUGABE is wrong for Barbados as well

    As an individual i en got nothing against Freundal Stuart nor Mia Mottley, but I hate Mugabe and Fumbles BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY HAVE DONE AND WILL DO TO BARBADOS.

    Both of them are bad for democracy and what a country that I perforce love.

    My personal position against both of them is not without evidence BUT I ask you readers NOT TO BE BLINDED BY WHAT CAN BE A NEXUS OF BIAS but to step back and see the evidence around you all.

    I am not the source of your corruption and nepotism, I changed no constitution, I wiretapped no one, I have not hired Charles Jong Ultra Vires, I do not cause Senator Caswell Franklyn to speak of the contravention of the Laws of Barbados, I am not firing 5,000 Bajans, I am not raising salaries of my fellow MPs, I did not bring back 3 Canadians? and change the Constitution to put them in the Cabinet

    Mugabe is breaking the law and her pooch lickers are showing you constantly that you are being given shy$e to eat and Urine to drink and being told that this is a “cheese cutter and mauby”

    I AM, like the Honourable Blagmaster, BEGGING WUNNA TO WAKE UP, before it is too late and stop this Dictator.



  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    Simple Simon,

    I was there too in the Mitchie Hewitt Stand.

    There were bottles. Some were plastic and some were glass

    This Simple Simon is obviously a very dishonest and deceitful individual.

    The VIDEO EVIDENCE says it all with claims she was there at the Test match and no bottles were involved.

    Simple Simon is a low class liar and cannot be trusted in any of her previous or future Submissions.


  • Bdos Underground

    Yet daily she comes on this site and pick out a line out of bloggers contributions and write a heap a shyte.

    She has been doing this for the longest while and most persons usually ignore her.

    Then she comes on calling every one a liar – yet the biggest liar right in the mirror staring back at her.

    I have often noted my surprise that this person cannot regularly just add some original comment – and not one based on something some one says.

    Well today she meet she match and they light into she ass-k – no question.


  • Piece

    To all de pooch lickers who cussing you I see your comments reach up to 115 posts.

    If what you are saying is so much nonsense and insignificant as they are saying – then tell why they seem so flustered all of a sudden huh ?


  • @ T Inniss

    While I do verily beleive you to be a supporter of the DLP of one thing I can say to you, WHEN YOU SPEAK, NOTWITHSTANDING YOUR BIAS, you speak truths

    You said and I quote

    “…Things are happening in our parliament with no dissenting voice to say “I will tell the public,I will march and rally the people,I will go to the International media because VOB,CBC and the Nation Newspaper are all in the pocket of Mottley and this government.

    Dangerous changes are being made and are subtly being introduced and this time no files are falling off the back of the truck.The civil servants are being treated abominably – yet they are silent…”

    And sadly enough you are sooooo right

    Senator Franklyn and his colleagues who are “opposition senators” are in the Senate and, even though he and some of them are verbal in a few things, the fact is that they are few and the work is great.

    And then you have Reverend Bishop Pastor Joseph Atherley whom I still believe, to be Mia Mottley’s plant and unless he does something monumnetal E>G> OFFER HIMSELF TO BE THE PROVERBIAL LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER and run against Mia Mottley in the 2013 General Election, HE WILL ALWAYD BE A PLANT FOR ME.


  • So GP,

    Is the Prime Minister a dictator?

    In my opinion not yet but she has shown some troubling tendencies. The 30:0 situation has also created conditions that lend themselves to that form of government.

    What troubling tendencies ?

    The cavalier attitude to changing the Constitution to accommodate persons whose special skills we are unsure of. The jury is out on that one. We await their momentous contribution to the recovery effort.

    The prioritizing of a knighthood for her father. That to me revealed a spirit of entitlement, arrogance and shamelessness that does not bode well for future actions. She knew she was going to get some heat on that. She did not care what we thought. That is troubling. How could she expect us to believe this is a not business as usual when she does business as usual but only worse? Symbols are important.

    A tendency towards propaganda – “Barbados is punching above its weight again!”

    Now those are the markers for a dictator.

    But here now are signs of the usual kind that lead us to wonder if the change was just an exchange –

    the complete reversal on almost EVERYTHING she rightly criticized the DLP for doing.

    Nine more ministers in cabinet.

    Frequent flying.

    Embracing of certain shady figures.

    No follow up on “criminal actions” taken by former ministers.

    Integrity legislation that appears not fit for a purpose or not OUR purpose at any rate.

    Very bad handling of retrenchment in the public sector.

    Numerous consultancies for all the familiar faces.

    So though I am not like Piece screaming for her removal, I admit that I am troubled. I believe we should at least consider what we can do to make this government accountable. We must take steps towards a new system.

    This is change or die time.

    To be continued. I am tired of typing and you are probably tired of reading.

    T. Inniss will probably pick up from here and Lorenzo can turn up and call us a yardfowl tag team because all he knows is “Cockadoodle do!”


  • TheoGaz
    Kindly point out my posts that were inaccurate? The way you people are willing to lie boldfacedly is astounding. #iamnotac


  • @ T. Inniss.


    You said and I quote

    “…Why would you bring back a man who had to be sent home for illegally wiretapping the phones of the Prime minister Owen Arthur – Opposition leader David Thompson,- Freundel Stuart – ,Magistrate Faith Marshal-Harris – ,the Police security driver of Owen and Thompson -the phones of private citizens – who you felt might be in your way of you becoming the first female prime minister…”

    This my man is frightening YET, and here is the kicker, not a newspaper ent make this into an issue for commentary!

    In fact, the only body who has done this commentary facilitation repeatedly is Barbados Underground, the entity which you constantly call the BLP Engine of Disinformation

    You need to understand that until your team creates another platform WHICH WE CAN TRUST, like we have learnt to “trust” David of BU and semi trust to other 2/3rds, this is the only horse in town that attracts DIVERSE OPINIONS AND WHICH THE BLP FEARS!!!


  • Lorenzo

    Look how Ms Motley is viewed regionally like Mr Barrow, Mr. Adams and Mr Arthur …

    Mind God beat you with the Rod of Correction because you have committed blasphemy …

    How could you in good faith stated that the Prime Minister is viewed regionally in the similar fashioned as Mr. Barrow, Mr. Adams and Mr. Arthur when she hasn’t completed her tenure?
    Her legacy has not yet been formed so how could you in good faith arrived at this position?

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  • Donna
    Like I asked TInniss, can you please point me to the source of the wiretapping?


  • Piece

    Why don’t you go and rest yaah stones and tek some of daah wait of yaah back? You sound like a real hypocrite calling yourself a Patriot on the one hand … while tearing down the country on the other hand…


  • @ Dr. GP

    You asked a few serious questions as is your wont as a fellow myope so de ole man is going to answer you with empirical evidence to SHOW YOU AND OTHERS HERE UPON WHAT THE OLE MAN BASES ALL OF MY CONSPIRACIES.

    I am forst and foremost a dealer in digital assets nearly said “merchant of ***** heheheh

    You, among the many thing you mentioned queried and I quote


    Here is an “innocent search” for the Mugabe Clown Colin Jordan who does not know that an MP is a government employee

    A Simple search



    Why am I saying this?

    What is de ole man, the Tin Foil Wearer and Conspiracist’s “theory” about this action?

    This is what happens when you and other trusting people click on any so called government image for the government of Barbados


    But dear fellow myope here is what happens in the thousandth of a second TO SHOW YOU THAT MIA MUGABE MOTTLEY IS A DICTATOR

    And this is what de ole man been telling wanna about Mugabe MOTTLEY!!

    Every person who is going to a Government of Barbados site which under the constitution is a democracy IS HAVING THEIR INFORMATION HARVESTED BY THE Barbados Labour Party’s or Mugabe Mottley


    And it is she dat de ole man wants ALL OF WUNNA VOTERS TO STOP COME 2023 Fellow Myope.

    There is no conceivable reason that Mia Amor Mottley should be harvesting information about citizens who are seeking government information

    And wanna see Wayne Forde’s TAMIS? That Tax system dat wanna trekking says to get installed pun wanna machines?

    Persistent Data Access to wunna hard drives which is against the Constitution of Barbados.

    But please DOAN MIND DE OLE MAN


    I will answer the others presently


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with and Item here for my fellow MYOPE Dr. Georgie Porgie

    I am going through the questions slowly BUT with great care because this is important for all of you who are Patriots

    The thing is that de ole man has som many other “steps” to share with how this can be done but first of all I AM ADDRESSING THE REASONABLE QUESTIONS and answering them as best as i can

    This particular response will elicit some interesting responses I am sure

    That is IF YOU ALLOW IT TO BE POSTED (depending on which of you is on duty)

    @ Lexicunt

    This is big boy business and right now noyone want to hear you comment about what you say will being bulled in District A Horses paddock while you were on your face

    Butt to Fvuck out (pun intended) and go use some Preparation H on those botsie scars…


  • @ Pachamama (whom I must regard respectfully because…)

    I will not be prolix.

    1.The DLP needed to be removed by any means other than a physical revolution. SO TOO MUST THE BLP

    2.Vacillation at that time, which was my personal won’t would have meant that sheeple could have erred on a path of choice between the duopoly. THIS WAS NOT AN OPTION BECAUSE as you well know, the ability of sheeple to choose MPs based on “so called competencies” IS NON EXISTENT IN BARBADOS!

    3.You were absolutely correct about my previous stance about both parties

    And yes you are right per my stance about the Despot Mottley BUT I DID AS I WAS TOLD and stopped these ones which you must remember.

    Tell Me Pachamama, given the abject immaturity of our electoral system WHAT CHOICES DID THE CUNTRY HAVE?

    Grenville I SO INGRUNT Phillips? NEIL HOLDER, ADAMSON, EASTMOND? seriously!

    People first need to SEE what they are chosing and THE CONSEQUENCES OF THOSE CHOICES.

    It is only is abject hell that even the SHEEPLE will as brute beast start to be nudged away from the fire AND THIS IS WHY MUGABE’s 30 -0 is needed to MEK PEOPLE AND SHEEPLE WAKE UP or such is de ole man’s hope and comfort

    But such are the expectations of fools OF WHICH DE OLE MAN NUMBERETH FIRST (among equals?)


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Two items languish in suspense one for Dr GP and the other for Pachamama

    De ole man lives in hope that they both might be posted today heheheheheh


  • @ John2

    Where will you be in 2023? Do you know heheheheheheh?

    In 2023, if your prediction of 30 against all those zeroes is correct de ole man promises you dat i will no longer write this “attention grabbing shy$e and drivel”

    There are 178 countries in the world and de ole man will be elsewhere, or ascended, Deo Volens, but I will not do this any longer John2.

    That I reconciled with my Creator so…


  • @ the Sage Annunaki

    De ole man is doing exactly what I accused Dr Simple Simon of doing almost 3 years ago, responding to almost every post

    But I am doing thusly for those that resonate with me

    You said

    “…now a founding member of the Bajan Patriotic BU Movement whose motto is:
    “For the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that [BU] can do”…”

    What if “we few” fall?

    Look at the few names here that actually speak our about those worngs that need resistance…

    Licking botsie firguratively and literally is a thing that some of us abhor.

    Walking all over the constitution, whether you are DLP or BLP, is pushing one’s organ up into another’s orifice greaseless or greased, EVERY SINGLE DAY, and these SHEEPLE shoulting in esctacy “do me Mugabe, make my day” and getting vex with people who abhor the shy$e.

    Forgive my crudity kind sir but it is a very simple equation here.

    MUGABE IS DOING DICTATOR SHY$E and we have to speak out


  • @ De Ingrunt Word aka DpD

    You said and I quote

    “……. the electorate seem oblivious…”

    You are absolutely correct about this matter

    The SHEEPLE PURPOSELY? don’t give a horse’s badword and the people dont know what is happening.

    Let me revert to that 1/1000th of a second redirect of a query about an idiot BLP government minister for a second.

    Let expand on this again for the benefit of the PEOPLE AND SHEEPLE

    1.I Do a search for a Minister of Government and I click on a link
    2.that link is supposed to send me to a GoB office where i AS A BAJAN, am entitled to search for and download materials, pdfs and online applications
    3.As a user of the GoB’s webportals I am of the opinion that the GoB’s materials are solely for the use of the GoB

    But in 1/1000th of a second the government that you and I have elected is “tapping” your computer and harvesting information for the benefit of the Barbados Labour Party

    Who else you see talking bout this serious issues?

    You see the Leader of the Opposition Reverend Pastor Bishop Atherley saying or doing anything?

    Whu every week he getting “bulled” by Charles Jong and Mugabe who sending him and Senator Franklyn documents about government business but illegally accessing content on the hard drives of the Constitutionally Elected? leader of the opposition.

    You talking bout “oblivious?” man we as a country is is deep effing doo doo and not a feller gives a shit bout what is going on

    Yet when I tell dat chvunt ManiPokerts that she HAS TO SPREAD THE MESSAGE ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON IN BARBADOS she responds that it ent got a fvuck to do with her!!!

    PERSISTENT ACCESS TO YOUR HARD DRIVE BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE OWNER is against the law here in the United States and other frst world countries OTHER THAN DICTATORSHIPS



  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Another item to DpD this time requires your assistance

    @ Sir Simple Simon who is a not a sheeple but a woman who hates men and wants to have every one from 2 to 82 neutered I always say sheeple and people.

    But that comment is expected from a so called woman who hates men and would seek to neuter a 2 year old because “he is responsible for all the violence in the world

    You should know that your posit was wrong when the bulled Lexicunt was supporting your testosterone idiocy…steupseee


  • Salemitism is a serious problem. Hypocrisy and sexism too. I am still waiting for TInniss to provide the info on Corey Lane heading up the Household Mitigation Unit and the affidavits in the newspaper stating Owen, Freundel and Thompson phones were tapped.🤣🤣#iamnotac


    RE pieceuhderockyeahright February 9, 2019 5:00 PM

    @ Dr. GP
    You asked a few serious questions as is your wont as a fellow myope so de ole man is going to answer you with empirical evidence to SHOW YOU AND OTHERS HERE UPON WHAT THE OLE MAN BASES ALL OF MY CONSPIRACIES.



  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Hal Austin February 9, 2019 12:35 PM “The mob.”


    Once at Kensington after a cricket match.

    And once in 1978? in Watford (I think) after a football match. The police with their German shepherds walking the drunken fans from the stadium to the train station, reducing the opportunity for the fans to wreck the high street.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Wuhloss…the longer ya live, the more ya

    “If my memory serves me correct, SMI Infrastructure Solutions that was involved in the Sugar Point Cruise Terminal Project was also awarded the proposed Pierhead Marina Project; a move by the then DLP administration that saw British company Lagan Construction suing the government for $60 million for breach of “contractual relationship”. In other words, Lagan Construction was awarded “preferred bidder” status but some wheeling and dealing along the way saw the company sidelined in preference for SMI Infrastructure Solutions. Following the lawsuit, there were resignations en masse from the BTII board that was in charge of the Project.

    Further investigations revealed that SMI Infrastructure Solutions was registered in St. Lucia and the principals were some Barbadian “heavy rollers” with close ties to the ruling DLP at the time. That could explain the reason Lagan Construction felt wronged in the deal. The status of the lawsuit is unknown.

    Guyson Mayers in 2016 was paid $300,000 for 15 months to oversee the National Risk Assessment and Mutual Evaluation Exercise of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Regime of Barbados. Guess his DLP colleague Donville Inniss “slipped” right through his fingers.”

    FEBRUARY 9, 2019 –


  • Enuff February 9, 2019 4:51 PM

    Like I asked TInniss, can you please point me to the source of the wiretap


    It seems that “I have no luck and my name is the easiest to call!” I never said a word about any wiretapping. I try not to speak about things I know not of.


  • @ manyPosers, ManiPokerts, ManyPokey, Assinineyou comem Cretin, Legion and all the other names you have achieved during your illustrious career here on Brbados Underground

    I repeat you comment and will intersperce my own

    “…The fact of this matter now arises that who used to be his friend have now become his enemy …”

    De ole man has not “identified” with either of these parties and, if you are being honest, A CHARACTERISTICE WHICH ESCAPES YOU, you would admit that.

    Given what de ole man brings to any equation, LIKE David Commie Sing a Song, one could easily sell one’s soul to either of these “parties’

    Then you continue

    “…and those who have supported the dlp also sees him as an enemy engaging in guerilla warfare for his self interest…”


    I dont undertand that BUT THEN AGAIN YOU ARE NOT EASILY UNDERSTOOD by rational thinking people.

    What “self interests” buffoon?

    1.Psychographic Warfare Campaign fought against corruption and incompetence fought against an ENEMY OF BARBADOS which occured DLP administration from 2015 – 2018, a campaign which you dufus engendered/fueled

    2.DLP is dismissed completely from office in 30 – 0

    3.Enhanced Psychographic Warfare Campaign to be fought during another ENEMY OF BARBADOS Mugabe Mottley, during this BLP Dictatorship

    What cant you understand about this?




  • @Enuff
    Kindly point out my posts that were inaccurate? The way you people are willing to lie boldfacedly is astounding. #iamnotac”

    What I said was “Artax 12:53… that is Enuff’s job.” and to Artax “More seriously, we do not dispute that your post are factual”.

    Surely you do not deny being a defender of the realm>>>>>

    So I do not know when I accused you of telling lies. We are reaching a strange stage where some focus on just a sentence in a contribution, engage in mind reading or just reply to thoughts in their own mind..
    s #uareenuff


  • Piece,

    How on earth could she be harvesting our data as you say and NOBODY is speaking out? Not even DePeiza? I am going to check this for myself because you must understand it seems unbelievable. You cannot blame people for not taking it seriously.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife February 9, 2019 12:31 PM “It wasn’t bottles. Or at least not many bottles. I myself did not see any glass bottles.”

    REPEAT: I myself did not see any glass bottles.

    @Barbados Underground Whistleblower February 9, 2019m3:52 PM “The VIDEO EVIDENCE says it all.”

    Dear Barbados Underground Whistleblower: You very acid. I was in the Kensington stand. I cannot vouch for what Donna saw. If she says that she saw a few glass bottles, then she saw a few glass bottles. I am not disputing what Donna saw. How can I? I was not in Donna’s eyes. i was not in her seat. Nor yours.

    The match was 20 years ago. I have not looked at the video evidence of the items which were thrown. I did not look then, and I have not looked in 20 years. How does that make me a liar?

    Ans as for low class.

    Yup. I am happily low class.

    Healthy too.

    112/68 tek dat.

    I am completely non-political. Never had a government job nor contract. Never wanted one. Still don’t want either. Not a “B” yardfowl, not a “D” yardfowl. Don’t care about any politicos.

    Dey don’t rice me.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    T.Inniss February 9, 2019 4:05 PM “Well today she meet she match.”

    What match?


    No “B” gallus gallus can be my match. No “D” gallus, gallus can be my match.

    Had a very nice day in Bridgetown today with the grands. Went by ZR, came back by ZR.

    In my 7th decade blood pressure 112/68. Wunna yardies who competing for “B” favours and “D” favours can tek dat.

    Not a single member of the political class can say 112/68 in their 7th decade.


  • Simple Simon,

    I hope you understand I posted the video to show you and not to show you up.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Donna February 9, 2019 2:42 PM “…the docile Bajans.”

    Bajans are nor docile. I repeat, Bajans are NOT docile.

    Bajans are passive aggressive.

    Bajans will take a whole lot of sh!!!t and say nothing, except maybe grumble a little bit at home or amongst close friends.

    Then they will 30-0 yah, and leave ya wondering, “wha’ happen?”

    That is how we Bajans are.


  • Freedom Crier

    Thanks for that powerful information about President Arthur Barclay of Liberia … Who would have thought that a Barbadian could have risen to such prominence in Africa?


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    Dear Donna: I am good with you. I have no problem with you. Thanks for posting the video. You are one of the few reasonable people on this blog. I haven’t looked at the video yet, because I was out having some fun with the grands in Bridgetown today.

    From time to time I enjoy taking the grands out for a day of fun…and feastin’

    BU is NOT my whole life (no disrespect meant David)



  • What you do not understand that you have now become known as one of the many soldiers that gave Mugabee arise to goverence and will be attached at present time now having to face such reality wanting to become detached a day after her winning
    During your time on the battle hoisting your stupid cartoons if memory serves correct not one of those cartoons depicted Mugabee as a person having tendency to be a dictator
    My problem with your turncoat attitude is that (how) now after ten years if hearing and knowning what negative possibilities lie ahead if Mugabee became PM u never once made mention to the extent of hoisting a campagain of Buyer Beware
    Now after the fact and your jubilation of having a win under your belt defeating past govt
    Suddenly ( in my mind) u have “realised” that Mugabee is a dictator
    How could that be ?

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Dr GP my fellow myope

    And they were taken as such.

    The first question was indeed ticklish to answer because of a few things which had to do with “sources” and not YET BEING ABLE TO expose these things heheheheh

    The key takeaway from the “answer” I provided is this

    Why would a Minister of Government have the Parliament of Barbados linked to the BLP servers in this way?

    I mean Dr. GP this is like I come to your office for a general checkup on say “my STD matter” heheheheheh

    And you tell me dat my report is available for viewing but that i must go to Natalee for it (Natalee is the name of the former *** who sought to be a politician in the last general election.

    NOW YOU CAN BE SURE THAT NOT ONE BLP Mugabe defense force agent can throw a spin on why a goverment with its own servers, should be incapable of hosting ITS OWN PICTURES OF ITS MINISTERS


    I wonder if the Luminary Mr Jeff Cumberbatch would care to comment on this from a legal point of view?

    What do you think?

    I mean this is a classic case of a lawsuit against the government of Barbados’s use of an illegal mass surveillance program against its citizens.

    THis is what Verla Depeiza and those other DLP dipshits should be doing BUT DEN AGAIN WHU CAN SHE DO when she got chvunts like Adriel Nitwit’s infelicities to contend with?


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @pieceuhderockyeahright February 9, 2019 6:13 PM “…a so called woman who hates men…”

    Am I under any obligation to love men?

    If so can you please explain why.

    Most of the violence in the world is done by MEN.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    Are you any worse off if i do not love you?


  • SirSimple

    112/68 with or without hypertensive medication? And hypotension is just as dangerous as hypertension …just kidding …


  • Manipokerts (demotion from Mariposa to be noted)

    You may have the last word

    @ Donna

    You made the observation about Verla Depieza while ironically, i was actually typing her name here.

    The fact is that Verla Depeiza NOR her cohort of followers ent got a clue bout IT (neider does I, it is de grandson)

    You seem to like video evidence so you will appreciate this one.

    Some time ago during one of the early Cabinet televised speeches you will see Senator Caswell Franklyn giving the Mugabe regime licks in the Senate

    Lynette holder gets up from her seat and walks across to Caswell Franklyn and gives him a USB stick AND CASWELL STICKS IT IN HIS COMPUTER and proceeds to view its contents!!

    Now Donna de ole man ent mean to be fresh wid meself but leh me axe you a personal question.

    Say you and I started dating and welll we ammmmmm decide to get intimate and I tek out MANDINGO (de ole man really is a conspiracist with HUDE ASPIRATIONS heheheheh) and I tell you dat i only want a lil “piece” no pun intended, suppose dat i say I run out of condoms (de Drug store ent got XXX Large for Mandingo) and you ent got any what would you do?

    Would my statement bout “donna I only going put in de head be sufficient for you to capitulate and let me and my condomless self “explore” the promised shores?

    Forgive de ole man imagery (and my obvious delight in using it) but de ole man finds dat using dese examples does bring home to people de dangers of this unprotected thing with USBs and online data WHICH YOU BELIEVE TO BE “PROTECTED”


  • @ the honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item here thank you


  • PDYR i say before u make talk of having a program by which barbados can have a third party u have to shed those feathers what ever color they maybe that help you give Mugabee a winner
    Then go take a bush bathe because you being so close to Mugabee in the past ten years and being engaged in a campagain of stupid posters to her winning has left a stench of deceit in the nostrils of those who saw your vigour and tenacity which helped Mugabee to win
    My advice to you if you want to shed those feathers and get rid of the guilt and embarassment which Mugabee win is causing you that you release a new campagain of stupid cartoons depicting you as the stupid one


  • @ the Luminary Mr Jeff Cumberbatch

    A question for your august self

    Recently Andrew Pilgrim QC was in the barbados papers speak (in soto voce?) against the possible situation of global wiretapping that the Mugabe Regime is ushering in presently.

    De ole man would seek your opinion as such relates to what amounts to Warantless Digital Tapping that the Government of Barbados now is involved in as it related to using these centres of Barbdos’ government business to ILLEGALLY ACCESS INFORMATION ON ITS CITIZENS and onsend such to the BLP.ORG.BB servers..

    What, if any laws of Barbados exist for, and provide protection against this government’s abrogation of its regulations.

    I would have asked the question as to whether this is a matter for the useless Office of the Ombudsman but, mindful as de ole man is about resident ICT capacities, I thought not to waste my breath and your time


  • Piece

    @ Honourable Blogmaster in desperate need of your assistance with this turncoat…


  • @ Donna
    @ Sir Simple Simon

    You see what i mean about sheeple (as opposed to people)?

    Look at that answer given by the well known ManyPokerts at 8.21 pm!

    Yet she is one of the few sheeple who are bold enough to come to BU and post bare shy$e

    The issue of the Threat posed by Mugabe by spying on bajans is lost on her and she remains vexed at Piece Uh de Rock Yeah Right for de ole man’s efforts to get rid of her DLP sluts and refuses to see that she and other bajans are going into an effing Dictatorship.


    And it is chvunts like her who abound all over barbados in the byeways and the hedges that have to be reached and then brought out of this abject prolific idiocy to understand the nature of the problem and ACT AGAINST IT.

    See why I does have to call some people sheeples and waste foops?



  • Piece

    Government do not need the permission of the court to wiretap its citizens if it precede that there is a threat to the national interest of the country … Criminal justice 101


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Lexicon February 9, 2019 8:04 PM “112/68 with or without hypertensive medication?”

    With an angiotensin receptor blocker. But my experience has been that the medicine alone kept my BP only moderately lowered, but once I added 6 to 10 hours of exercise per week (working the ground) the results have been dramatic.

    So I would say a healthy diet with low salt, low fat, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, medicine as prescribed by your doctor, and about an hour of exercise a day if you can manage to do so safely. This also increase your well being. Gives me energy to work the land, do my housework, help to look after the grands, and enough left over to “beat up the boys” of BU.

    Just had for my snack a sweet potato which I grew myself without pesticides. I cooked it in its skin and ate the skin and all, a cup of tea and I am good.

    Eat cheap. Eat sweet.


  • Piece

    A President or a Prime minister may exercise what is called Prerogative Power if they precede that there is threat to the vital interests of the country… Go and do you research and stop bothering Jeff with simplistic questions regarding the Law…


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    That is eat low class.



  • SirSimple, thanks … I shall try your exercise and dietary regiment…


  • Piece yuh could cuss me day and night
    But you have to shoulder the responsibilty for bajans being under threat by Mugabee
    You never thought that in the best interest of barbadians that you not hoist a program to elect a dictator
    You have boasted time and time again that it was your hard work efforts that elected Mugabee
    Any one who should be locked away from society and have their computer taking away it is You .
    You seem not to undetstand that your contribution to Magubee winning has barbados in deep doo doo and you issuing statements that Mugabee is listening to our every move
    Bro you have helped cut a path of fear across the hills and fields of barbados
    No thanks Piece but Mariposa not going to help for one who knows what your next message for the support of a third party might entail after the fact


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    I don’t know whether there is wire tapping/phone taping going on or not. However a wire tap/phone tap is a search, and under Barbados law a citizen ought not to be searched without his knowledge or consent, unless the state has REASONABLE and probable cause that a crime is about to be committed.

    That said most sensible people when they are planning dirty deeds, do NOT discuss ANY details on the phone. What is wrong with leaving your cell phone at home, and going for a walk (or working in the ground lolll!!!) or best still bathing in the sea (preferably naked) while discussing the dirty deeds…including horning your spouse?

    I mean are the sweet potatoes going to tell the Prime Minister, the Commissioner of Police or your spouse on you?



  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    @Barbados Underground Whistleblower February 9, 2019m3:52 PM “The VIDEO EVIDENCE says it all.”

    Dear Barbados Underground Whistleblower: You very acid. I was in the Kensington stand. I cannot vouch for what Donna saw. If she says that she saw a few glass bottles, then she saw a few glass bottles.

    Simple Simon,

    I was there too in the Mitchie Hewitt Stand.

    There were bottles. Some were plastic and some were glass. Most were plastic though. Steve Waugh was almost hit in the face by a plastic Coke one

    Simple Simon you are an unrepentant LIAR.

    Donna in her above comment. NEVER mentioned about a few bottles.

    Secondly in watching the approximately 10 minute Video clearly displayed many bottles being thrown on Kensington Oval cricket field.

    I believe you confused Kensington New Road with Kensington Stand.

    The VIDEO has caught you in a bold face lie with ZERO CREDIBILITY.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Lexicon February 9, 2019 8:40 PM

    AND the MEDICINE too, as prescribed by your doctor.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Barbados Underground Whistleblower February 9, 2019 8:57 PM “I believe you confused Kensington New Road with Kensington Stand.”


    Ya poppit. I was recalling from memory an event from 20 years ago. I still have not watched the video. Anyway, why don’t you run along and take a nap?

    Once cricket is at Kensington, and I am in Barbados, I am in the Kensington stand. My routine since I was 18 and started to work for my own dollar.

    Cricket lovely cricket.


  • INCREDIBLE THE BLP IMAGE referral has been removed FROM THE GoB Website!!

    @ Lexicunt

    You love mouthing off at the United states of Amurica so google dis a.hole

    “…”Now we have three former NSA officials confirming the basic facts. Neither the Constitution nor federal law allow the government to collect massive amounts of communications and data of innocent Americans and fish around in it in case it might find something interesting.

    This kind of power is too easily abused. We’re extremely pleased that more whistleblowers have come forward to help end this massive spying program…”

    The carte blanche digital tapping of people’s computers, people who are simply querying a government’s portal AND chanelling that information to the BLP.ORG.BB servers is ILLEGAL unless you and Mugabe are saying that SINCE SHE HAS A 30 – ZERO majority in the HoA she is not the law and the Cunstitution of Barbados and has ACCORDING TO YOU the prerojative to digitally monitor all communications between government and EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN.

    You too may have the last word on that chvunt


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    Just in case there is phone tapping going on, I am going now to have a very, very dirty conversation with one or more of the boyfriends.

    Should spice up some listener’s dull evening..


  • SirSimple

    Yes … a police may have to have probable cause or reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed or is about to be committed in order to wiretap a phone … but in times of national crisis the Constitution to becomes a piece of paper …


  • I guess that de ole man spent de whole day responding to the varied comments.

    But had I been home this morning I would have started itemizing other critical elements per the Sustainability of the Third Movement

    Communications is Critical in War

    One of the first steps is to provide a virtual (and a physical place) where ALL CITIZENS & RESIDENTS can “congregate” to see and hear the PATRIOTS MESSAGE and mandate.

    Such should seek to become a venue where every Bajan gets to experience a meaningful message replete with the Third Movement’s Life Options.

    At today, social messages are being pushed VIA FACEBOOK AND BARBADOS UNDERGROUND but soon the Mugabe Regime will pass laws to outlaw both of these entities.

    What should bajans do? We MUST deploy a counter MATRIX NOW.

    That counter should comprise two main elements

    (b) local dissemination alternatives that replicate Barbados Underground’s dissemination modality.

    On the international arena one would suggest 3 overseas venues, one in Europe, a second in the United States and the third in the UK

    The consideration is that, IF THE CONVENTIONAL ROUTES ARE SABOTAGED, as they will be by the incoming Mugabe Anti Free Speech legislation, there should be a mechanism that, being independent of BU, AND LOCATED OFF ISLAND, still gets the message out there.

    ITs local element will act like an Emergency Broadcasting Radio station which, when phone lines go down during adverse weather, come into play.



  • SirSimple

    And I am here to tell you that police can ascertain the permission of the courts to set up electronic surveillance on your home if someone maliciously tells them that you are selling narcotics from your residence… even though you may not be … but if they observed usual traffic to and from your residence…


  • Piece

    Did you studied the book called the Art of War by Sun Tzu? How do you know that communication is more important in war?


  • TnAl
    LMBAO, so the “harvesting” has ceased. Has “Mugabe” re-emoloyed more than half of the 5,000 she sent home according to you?🤣🤣🤣


  • Enuff

    Don’t bother with Piece because the White Coats are on the way to his home to collect him … his paranoia has reached extreme limits …


  • @ the Luminary Mr Jeff Cumberbatch

    **Recently Andrew Pilgrim QC was in the barbados papers speak (in soto voce?) against the possible situation of global wiretapping that the Mugabe Regime is ushering in presently*.

    De ole man would seek your opinion as such relates to what amounts to Warantless Digital Tapping that the Government of Barbados now is involved in as it related to using these centres of Barbdos’ government business to ILLEGALLY ACCESS INFORMATION ON ITS CITIZENS and onsend such to the BLP.ORG.BB servers.

    What, if any laws of Barbados exist for, and provide protection against this government’s abrogation of its regulations?

    s.82. (1) A person who knowingly
    (a) obstructs or interferes with the sending, transmission, delivery
    or reception of any communication;
    (b) intercepts or procures another person to intercept, without the authorisation of the provider or user, or otherwise obtains, or procures another person to obtain, unlawful access to any telecommunication or copies or causes to be copied any telecommunication;
    (c) uses the content of any communication, or having reason to believe that such content was obtained through interception or access in contravention of paragraph (b); or
    (d) manufactures or sells any network, equipment, card, plate or other device, or produces, sells, offers for sale or otherwise provides any account number, mobile identification number or personal identification number, for the purpose of fraudulent use of or access to any telecommunications service,
    commits an offence and is liable on conviction on indictment to a fine of $250 000 or to imprisonment for 3 years or to both and, in the case of a continuing offence, to a further fine of $10 000 for each day that the offence continues after conviction.
    (2) Paragraphs (b) and (c) of subsection (1) do not apply in relation to the Royal Barbados Police Force acting in the lawful execution of its duties in accordance with any law or enactment.

    Telecommunications Act, Cap 282B


  • Piece

    What was the Federal government doing to Americans citizens during 9/11 and prior to the Patriot Act? What is said and what is being done are two different things old man …

    The Bush Administration conducted illegal electronic surveillance on Muslim Americans during 9/11 old man , so do believe the hype…

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  • Piece

    Don’t you remember that the Bush Administration held prisoners from different countries around the world in different prisons violating International law during 9/11

    Didn’t you see a steady militarization of law enforcement in America during 9/11? The Constitution is but paper in the times of national crisis old man …


  • @ The Luminary Mr Cumberbatch

    thank you for your response and i would query if, with regard to “any person” should I presume that such would include and extend to an individual say like a Minister or Prime Minister? perish the thought?

    @ Verla Depeiza
    @ the Reverend Bishop Pastor Joseph Atherley

    It is in the interest of the DLP (albeit deceased?) and the Nameless Opposition Party to agitate in these two domains of (i) Digital Tapping and (ii) Electronic Wire Tapping

    As this relates to “ET Call Home” scenarios of compromised downloads from the Government of Barbados de ole man would suggest that outreaches be make to *** to confirm de conspiracy dat dis Tin Foil Conspiracist is suggesting.

    You need to understand the following

    1.As it relates to access to persistent data when you log onto ANY ONLINE system (AS AN ADMINISTRATOR) you are logged on in a cpaacity that potentially gives access to an external attack.

    What happens is that, given the interaction between your machine and the online data that you are seeking to access an entire database or a section of a database is created to hold the archived data.

    Such “access” can be done on your machine on server side DEPENDING ON THE DESIGN OF THE PLATFORM and it depends on how the provider of the service wants give access to their platform or optimize their server CPU wheter they decide to effect certain functions “locally” on your machine or on the servers resident at their offices or in distributed data centres.

    So simply put, when i log on to TAMIS for their session, their software may choose to effect the transfer of a file to your local machine or demand that you use it server size.

    Now when you ammmmm are asked to upload a picture/document you open a file browser and move all over your machine AS AN ADMINISTRATOR and locate that file

    And depending on who wrote the code at TAMIS or at the Barbados Labour Party, that persistent access can cause your usually secure machine to give your friendly BLP and Government access to your machine ANYTIME THEY WANT.

    So do remember the unprotected sex story & Mandingo i mentioned earlier.

    VMWARE, Virtual Box and Whonix and other “virtual instances” like Parallels for Windows/Mac

    Forcing you to get paranoid about your internet use does it not?


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster, your assistance please with my Thanks to the Luminary and some words of advise to those who should be “Guarding those who Guard…” euphemism for the BLP Mugabe Regime which interprets “guard” as “imprison”


  • Now my last submission for this Sunday morning.

    Whuloss, de ole man been pun heah de whole day

    Paradoxically, de ole man is going to present a suggestion for the Third Party Movement that is counter to the very Persistent Data Access or spying process of the Mugabe regime.

    You have to know who your constituents are.

    You can do this manually and tek as long as the manual censii takes OR you can do so electronically BUT HOWEVER WHICH WAY YOU DO IT it has to be done!!

    You gots to know who your people and sheeple are!!!

    Today the internet carries thousands of Open Source tools that will permit you to set up and maintain a database of your audiences

    But what you must do is to populate it with pertinent information which ALLOWS EACH OF THE MEMBERS OF THE THIRD MOVEMENT to know their sheeple and people and talk to them about their needs.

    Now here is the sensitive part.

    How can a Third Movement get baseline access of its constituents and thereafter append pertinent information about its citizens and residents WITHOUT RAISING THEIR SUSPICIONS in this day of Big Brother Charles Jong is watching you?

    Whu looka dis ting!

    De ole man only help put out a few of de grandson cartoons dat Manipokey goad he to do and Look how dat got she wanting he to get lock up and he computer confiscate!!

    You see whu de ole man saying?

    You going need to have a spokesman/woman whose gravitas is such that when you start your third movement people going say “SO AND SO IN THAT GROUP, and he say dat he got a secure platform, so i feel comfortable giving my baseline data to he/she”

    Now Grenville is not that man causing he dun burn he boats when he say dat he going come in you bedroom and stop you from looking at or wejonesingsecrets.cum

    You feeling de ole man? ( should not say “feeling me” so soon after mentioning “cum” in the former sentence heheheheh

    BUT THE KEY THING IS THAT YOU HAVE TO KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE and get that information without “fighting” the citizen.

    You see why de ole man start our dis morning with Local and International Servers?

    Cause you going have to store this info WHILE ENSURING ITS SECURITY.

    Now de ole man got more information for wunna but I gine lef it for Monday cause dem cumming for me tomorrow again so “I am promised away” heheheheheheh

    Doah ManyPokerts would prefer for de ole man to be deprived of me cuntputer and locked up


  • And just me last one for this morning Honourable Blogmaster and i gine leave dis 6 pm till 3.41 am job heheheheheheh

    10 hours wukking for who?

    De sheeple or de people?

    Do the former give a flying badword?

    I doubt it

    I would really love to send you a tool to promote this website but, I FEAR THAT IT WILL END UP WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE cause dem going ask AND WHILE YOU ENT GOING TELL A FELLER de other two going talk cause dem love ***


    So much to be done and so little time


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Mia may want to focus on growing the economy while keeping the minority criminals out of the treasury and pension fund…ah wonder if she realize that the people’s eyes are now wide open to the fact that both governments have spent decades keeping real progress, growth and prosperity out of the hands of their own people..

    “After contracting slightly in the final three months of last year due to a weak performance in the tourism sector for that period, Barbados’ economy is forecast to be flat in 2019.

    That glum news was revealed by Governor of the Central Bank Cleviston Haynes this morning during a press conference to review Barbados’ economic performance for 2018.

    During his review last November, Haynes had said economic activity contracted by 0.5 per cent during the first nine months. However, the Governor said in the last quarter the country’s economy had contracted a further 0.1 per cent.”


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Ah REPEAT…for Enuff the Airhead…

    ah wonder if Mia realizes that the people’s eyes are now wide open to the fact that both CORRUPT governments have spent decades keeping real progress, growth and prosperity out of the hands of THEIR OWN PEOPLE ..


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    More on DLP Pierhead scam that as usual robbed bajan and now there is a 60million dollar lawsuit dried are taxpayers likely stuck in the supreme court….note the gaggle of thieving lawyers involved…and Boyce is Cow and Bizzy’s little black boy…so..

    “MOST PEOPLE WHO viewed the schematics for the Bridgetown Pierhead Marina Project would have been impressed with the manner in which our City is set to be transformed. If other projects within The City are also done as suggested, such as making Broad Street a pedestrians only thoroughfare and greening the environs as well as fully implementing a renewal plan to encourage people to again live in its precincts, then Bridgetown should be a fabulous place to visit, work and live. That said, I have two regrets related to this project.

    The first is that it was not started shortly after its conception in 1998. Back then, the projected cost was $130 million. Now, it is $505 million. My second regret is the controversy that has arisen with Government facing a $60 million lawsuit over the award of the contract to SMI Infrastructure Solutions Inc. This has cast a shadow over this otherwise worthy initiative. What compounds my unease is the fact that four members of the Barbados Tourism Investment Incorporated (BTII) board, in which the venture is vested, resigned last March reportedly over their concerns about the project. These were chairman Dr Jerry Thorne, deputy chairman Mark Prescott, and members Paul Bernstein and Decourcey Headley.

    What keeps gnawing at me is why should four successful individuals who are known supporters of the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) quit the prestigious BTII board so abruptly? What could have provoked them? To date, not one of them has spoken publicly on why they left. Their silence has been matched by that of Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Senator Darcy Boyce. The whole thing has been treated as a falling-out among political comrades with the public none the wiser. That was until the lawsuit hanging over the project was publicized by the SUNDAY SUN on April 17. It was revealed that British company Lagan contends that in 2009 it entered into a contractual arrangement for the marina project, which was sanctioned by then BTII chairman Dr Jerry Thorne. That arrangement was later revoked by Government. The BTII was given a Cabinet directive on June 2, 2009, to award the contract to Signature Management Incorporated (SMI), managed by accountant Glyne Bannister. However, Thorne informed Government that SMI was an international business company incorporated under the Companies Act and under the International Business Company Act could not legally trade in goods and services in Barbados.

    A contingent travelled to St Lucia and incorporated SMI there on October 7, 2009, and SMI Infrastructure Solutions Inc. was subsequently awarded the contract. Lagan had entered a $482 million bid. The cost of the arrangement with SMI is $505 million. Responding to Elliott Mottley QC, who has been retained by Lagan, BTII legal counsel Adrian King suggested among other reasons that Lagan should bring its action against Thorne, was that Thorne acted ultra vires and his actions were not binding on the BTII or Government. He also queried a redesign of the project by Signature costing more than $40 million when a design already existed. Thorne and the other three board members subsequently resigned. Since their departure, Signature was reportedly favoured to be awarded the $320 million Cruise Pier Project at the Bridgetown Port having joined with foreign company RCCL Cruise Lines and under the brand – Sugar Point – placed a bid on that project.

    What I find intriguing is that the names Bannister and Boyce figure prominently in this situation. The former worked in collaboration with the much maligned VECO in the laying of oil pipelines and the erection of Dodds Prisons, while Boyce was chief executive officer of BTII and along with others gave the nod to the VECO deal. Now as minister, he has responsibility for the Pierhead project. It prompts the question: Has Boyce been able to convince the DLP hierarchy about BOLT (build, operate, lease, transfer) arrangements since they considered the Dodds deal onerous? Or is this just another instance of the more things change, the more they remain the same? “


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    More on DLP Pierhead scam that as usual ROBBED bajans and now there is a 60 million dollar lawsuit AGAINST taxpayers by this british fraud company which is likely stuck in the supreme court….note the gaggle of thieving lawyers involved…and Boyce is Cow and Bizzy’s little black boy…so..expect massive ripoff and thievery…

    After all of that thievery with local thieves taking centre stage, Canadian thieves, british thieves etc bringing up the rear……Mia still got Gerit up in Canada searching out more white thieves…is it to rip off the majority population WHO ELECTED HER even more?? tut, tut, tut..


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    It’s quite obvious that both ignorant, backward, uppity, arrogant corrupt governments have competed for years to see who could import the most white thieves to help them ripoff their own people…or they would have done things far differently if they had ever cared about the majority population who elected them…..and we would have seen far better results, growth and progress within the majority population….than what now obtains and has for the past 5 decades….lowlifes..


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Piece…in all the wiretapping imbroglio..we forgot to highlight the head lowlife needed to actually carry out the illegal wiretapping in those days…was it the GM at FLOW at the time, or whatever it was called back then……..Alex McDonald…who now has a plum position in Mia’s administration that even I had to question….

    … …at that time DPP Leacock, deceased and Peter Harris were large and in charge, injured people could not catch a break…everyone’s phone was being tapped…so much so that the lines kept crossing and everyone was hearing everyone else’s conversations, happened many times to me…as recent as 2010-11.


  • Abigail
    Pierhead Gate is well known on BU. Sometimes it’s better to just read and stop trying to hog the blog in your quest to be relevant, especially when you’re just posting others’ comments stolen from other sites. You take yourself too seriously. 🤣🤣


  • News of the IMF once again showing up on barbados shores was met with dead silence
    Would not be surprise if the vat increased to 30percent and govt use smoke and mirror policies as a way of convincing people it is all for the better.
    Mia promises will have bajans seeking higher ground for refuge or the a high tide of sufferration sweeping them out to sea


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Ah told ya that ya are an #airhead….Enuff in LaLa Land…

    …has it occurred to you that those on the other sites…get some info from me..the article I found is from NationNews from as far back as 2011..if yalll would stop pimping other sites in desperation for what is being posted…ya would have seen the time it was posted…

    Besides…was that not a DLP scam….oh…ah see..Elliott Mottley BLP and Adrian King DLP…were the lawyers for one or both of the SCAMSTERS…hence ya interest…too late for damage control though …..poor thing…ya really have a horrible yardfowl job..



  • Of all the contributors T. Inniss perceives to be BLP supporters, apparently exposing ONLY “Artax” as a BEE has become his personal obsession and he is prepared to go any length or use any means necessary to achieve his objective.

    And it seems as though when this individual sees the name “Artax” attached to any contribution, he immediately sees RED….. and is overcome with an exceeding amount of anger and hatred, which manifests itself in the pejorative remarks he uses to describe me.

    However, enough of the silly banter. I have ONE question to ask T. Inniss.

    Similarly to how you are convinced that I’m a “BLP stool pigeon,” ………despite your “strenuous defence of NOT being “a DLP agent,”………

    ……….do you HONESTLY BELIEVE there is ANYONE who either reads or contributes to Barbados Underground that is CONVINCED you’re NOT a SUPPORTER or MEMBER of the Democratic Labour Party…….or to use you words….. “a DLP agent” or “DLP stool pigeon?”

    Sit down, take a deep breathe and think carefully before you answer.

    Ohhhhh…. and by the way, it seems as though your February 9, 2019 3:22 PM “analysis” did NOT generate the amount of feed back you perhaps eagerly anticipated.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ WARU

    You out need to understand what keeping a focus is and the congruence of coterminous materials.


    You are neither Lexicunt or ManyPussy who cannot understand oddly squat about a post because they are intellectual dingbats and lack the grey brain matter to connect the dots.

    This is about a Third Party Movement and things that said entity has to do to protect our country from this Dictator.

    The Nameless Ones #1 came at 6.21 am and made a comment about your content and so did the Honourable Blogmaster when he referred to the substantive 8 year old blogs.

    The point I am gently preferring to you WARU fellow fighter is that while I and others here know your intent, you need to understand what our purpose here on BU is

    Warriors in an advancing phalanx have a field of fire so that my kill zone will not sorry should not kill other members of their squad

    Dr. GP while he sometimes comes to this site, rarely comments as he did in the past because we seem to be always talking shyte in the rumshop.

    It can be frustrating for men like him and others to do the Brimlers dialogue daily

    but in his most recent comment provided the elements that inform on the critical analysis of this and any subject.

    I beg you to accept this remark this morning in the spirit given …


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Please read, please understand…one of those articles is not exactly like the other…lol

    “Lagan Construction collapsed owing firms £21m

    Collapsed contractor Lagan Construction Group owed firms more than £21m when it entered administration in March, CN can reveal.”

    look what happened to the British Lagan Constuction Crooks…Elliott’s and Adrain’s clients….CROOOKS…


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    BTW…has Mia checked into the various crook companies in Barbados …some of them land thieves who are also in ADMINISTRATION…lol


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    AND…Richard Cheltenham..BLP…was the lawyer for the SMI Infrastructure Solutions Inc…SCAM….which means… Bizzy, Bjerkham, Maloney, Cow etc…were very close around…

    because…we done know he is their black boy…


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