Vote Out Mottley … in 2023

Submitted by PUDRYR
De ole man was tempted to write a long ass article bout Mugabe, citing all de unconscionable tings she has perpetrated against Bajans since May 24 2018, de Constitution changes, (1) de nepotism in knighting she fadder, (2) de thievery of $27 million from bajans under this White Oaks scam, (3) de 26 ministers in parliament and (4) 33 other RH immoral and some might say, illegal acts of Mugabe, but de ole man won’t write bout dem!
De ole man was even tempted to write down Mugabe Swiss Bank Account numbers or the name of the local bank used to *** but de ole man won’t mention them!
De ole man stopped and pondered and said to meself, “meself this information is not important for the people, NOR WOULD THE OTHER RH SHEEPLE be interested.”
De ole man therefore decided to  write about  DISSENT, in general, and patriotism, Love of Barbados, in particular.
In the view of this government, when there is a voice that speaks out loudly about this administration’s continuous string of despotic actions, their customary response is “The Legend OR DISSIDENT “X”, is guilty of High Treason because he is consistently seeking to highlight our  government’s despotism”
First it was Depeiza from the Fumbles crew, now its Mugabe, and her Rented Jackasses speaking about destabilization.
Few understand that our Fight for Country  has a “price” and the fact is that, even fewer give a RH.
Any dissenter lives in perpetual danger because our VOICE is rarely seen as the voice of reason, a voice crying from the wilderness, most consider you a troublemaker.
in fact, dissenters are often verbally abused heheheheh, by government sycophants and poochlickers, persued under mutual assistance treaties, and of course there is their Burn Notice
To effect the latter has its risks, and repercussions, on foreign soil but, since Mugabe realises that de ole man ent got no intention of ceasing the fight against her dictatorship aspirations well…heheheheh … already showed the black SUV pictures to ***)
So why does The Legend continue?
Why should any dissenter continue to face her persecution, the attendant verbal assaults and “final solutions”?
De ole man will tell wunna why.
For some of us citizens, WE WILL ALWAYS BE SOLDIERS against injustice and True Patriots.
When we see how wicked this so called “servant of the people” is, in perpetrating suffering against the average bajan, WHILE SHE GETS FAT LIKE A TRANSPORT BOARD BUS, we recognize that, barring illegal options, (options which ARE NOT PART OF THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS DE OLE MAN WILL SUPPORT),  there is but one legal way to remove a despot and dictator, THROUGH THE BALLOT BOX!!
and for there to be “informed Ballot Box action”, THERE MUST BE PROACTIVE DISCUSSION, AND DISSEMINATION, of “what is going on” in Barbados, euphemism for “the voice of dissent” BY ANY MEDIA AVAILABLE.
and we dissidents are aware that,  BECAUSE  OF THIS DISSENT, Mugabe has invoked her “High Treason” representations, in the Constitution of Barbados , and to the Government of the United States.
Fellow Bajans, (and that includes my ardent supporters Hee Hee, Hee Haw and Boring Goerring) this struggle, one  in which there are a few “dissidents”, is NOT going to be easy.
We few warriors must understand what our job is. We who love country CANNOT FAIL, else we will be responsible for the establishment  of “Mugabe – Dictator Absolu”
and IF WE ARE TO BE TRUE TO OUR PLEDGE to our flag and country, we MUST each engage in fighting for a less unjust society, ONE WHICH MUGABE IS NOT IN.
De ole man realises that her agents going seek to change up dem words to make it seditious BUT I BEG YOU ALL TO UNDERSTAND, this opposition only means to vote Mugabe out in 2023!!
WE EACH MUST live up to our moral charge and responsibility to fore parents, our children, grandchildren and citizens yet to be born, and what is right for our country!!!
God has been kind to our Nation, Mugabe IS NOT KIND, and never will be!!!
From May 24th Mugabe Mottley has shown us that she is only interested in herself BUT, if we love BIM, EVERY BAJAN MUST BE PREPARE TO VOTE SUCH DESPOTISM OUT OF PARLIAMENT IN 2023!


  • These bottomfeeding fowlsa ctually beleive voters are dumb Enuff to give them 10 years, when sensible people want them all gone now..

    …and people are already starving

    ..can’t get their pensions

    …can’t get disability benefits..

    can’t get a decent meal

    and no one is telling us why:

    1 BILLION DOLLARS in VAT was written off, not collected and the thieves not locked up

    hundreds of millions in taxes not collected, written off and the tax cheats allowed to walk free

    minority criminals who spent decades ripping off the treasury and pension fund of hundreds of millions of dollars allowed to keep it and walk free…

    and this stupid fowl is here chatting shite.


  • NorthernObserver

    They are times when you need to think about the info you are fed.
    The incoming government was caught off guard, but managed to hire WhiteOak and default within days? All the while keeping senior financial persons from before.
    Maybe the PM and Persaud can provide the public with details about Four Seasons \Clearwater Bay as they both had personal involvement. Sealy and Sinckler both promised to ‘speak’, but seems they ‘ran out of time’!!!
    They (Bs) may not have known all the finer details, but they knew Bim was in very deep.
    Imagine, you get elected, suddenly discover a financial holocaust, and keep the Gov CB, promote the head of the NIS to DoF, and keep the former Chair on the Board CB. If it was that ‘sudden news’ you would have fired them all.


  • Northern first and foremost i am not fed anything all i have stated before are my observations of the last few years.You are free to disagree and agree with the simpleton Donna.Notice she has not refuted any points i made but like the Dem she is she wants instant results pity she did not wish the same when her Dems were in office. As i stated if persons are dissatisfied they will know what to do but you have one vote like me so do not get carried away.As for Waru same warm over soup go take you meds mad woman you are one irritating nuisance who seems to have no life outside of BU poor soul.


  • But why no one seeemingly want to speak on the miillion of treasury dollars Mia has redistrbuted to the most wealthy in barbados namely the business class
    I meaning this should be a call to have a no confidence vote or a citizens protest against this govt
    The worst part being in all of the giving there has been no transparency
    How could such happen and no one wants to question who were these bare faced bandits to receive such genoristy at govt hands


  • No points to refute yard fowl. You have not said anything new.


  • @Lorenzo
    My apologies for not recognizing your comment as your observations. This misunderstanding was because you used the term “we were told”.
    You wrote ” none of them would have known the true state of the economy from the outside as we were told things were stable”.
    My comment was malarky, they may not have known all, but they knew enough to make a default in days and hire White Oak.
    “we were told things were stable”….by whom? the Dems? And you believed dem?
    If from a distance I knew MAM & Co were walking into a hell, I am sure they knew it too.
    Yes some things will take a long time to fix, others can be fixed more quickly. That is why there are 26 Ministers, to carry the load?
    You can deal with others, they are not my concern.


  • I doubt those fowls actually believe the crap they post themselves and if they do and believe the people believe it too, their psyches are even more damaged than we thought.

    Both wicked governments have spent decades STEALING from their own people to enrich and make themselves look good to criminal minorities, not to mention enriching themselves with multiple apartment buildings and elaborate houses ACROSS THE ISLAND…ask flying Mia..

    ..both governments REFUSED to remove the SLAVE LAWS off the statute books that keeps their own people in BONDAGE and now got the NERVE TO ACT as though they have done the people and country some big favor for the last 60 years..

    well unfortunately for them those slave laws which are still there and most liklye will not be removed before the UN conference later this year are still available for me to BEAT THEM over their wicked,greedy sell out heads with….can’t get away from it and the people should ALWAYS remind them of their low crawling, bottomfeeding, sell out mentalities…


  • Nortern when i used the term we i meant bajans in general were misled by the Dems as to how ba d things actually was.I live here and trust me i know of what i speak.People loke Donna and Maripoa also know thos but want to absolve the Dems of blame but it will not happen.As for Donna saying i stated nothing new i notice you did not address the attempt to privitize in my view Transport Board and SSA by running both into the ground or the constant lying to bajans about the state of the economy Dem yardfowl when you were silent like a church mouse but all of a sudden you want everything like yesterday.Things take time you damn hyprpcrite especially in this environment.


  • Lorenzo but my memory not short
    For ten years Mia described past govt as the worst
    Mia promised she would fix everything
    Mia never told the people that these problems would mean hardship and suffering
    Mia spelt out bold promises of fixing the economy even making many mentions of putting money in peoples pocket
    Now you and govt want people to have a feel good attitude after many broken promises by govt
    Dry taps .garbage pick up worsen
    Rats taken over the country.taxation out of control and sewage being pumped in the ocean
    Yuh got to be mad as


  • @ Mariposa

    The IMF is now rowing back on austerity. Has the message reached Barbados or is BERT deaf?


  • Isn’t BERT an IMF approved program? What is your point if it is one.


  • Again again the animal farm chatter.


  • Wait, wait, wait….

    if 1 BILLION dollars in vat is not paid into the treasury or wherever they are supposed to pay it…the business people POCKETED IT…

    1 Billion..GONE

    if hundreds of millions of taxes that were to be paid into the economy are EVADED…and those who were pardoned…kept the money

    hundreds of millions of dollars….GONE

    if hundreds more millions were stolen from the treasury and pension by business people enabled by ministers of government..never to be repaid..

    more hundreds of millions of dollars…GONE

    it is only commonsense…that BILLIONS OF DOLLARS LEFT THE ECONOMY

    anyone with more than 3 brain cells will understand that level of THEFT..will cause hardships and starvation…because the money …LEFT THE ECONOMY.. WAS NEVER REPLACED.and any AUSTERITY INTRODUCED TO BALANCE THE LOSS..will cause EXTREME HARDSHIPS..

    to break it down for the dimwitted…

    if you have 20,000 dollars a year to keep your household afloat…and 17,000 of those dollars are stolen by thieves…and that money is not somehow replaced…you and all your family will be REDUCED TO STARVATION, HARDSHIP AND POVERTY….including homelessness.

    so go ask flying Mia why that money was not collected and the thieves arrested.

    so don’t complain about hardships, both CRUEL GOVERNMENTS CAUSED THE HARDSHIPS AND CURRENT STARVATION and the current HOMELESSNESS…on their own people.

    and here are the hypocrite fowls pretending they don’t know that the island was bound to reach this level of degradation engineered by all the politicians and lawyers involved, why ya think both governments have WILLFULLY IGNORED the Auditor General’s many, many reports of LOSS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS…over 2 DECADES…they thought it would go away by itself as long as all their pockets were FILLED.


  • Now due to all THEIR decades of billion dollar THEFTS…and THEIR lack of intelligent ideas, they have now come up with real time slavery…using prisoners and the MENTALLY ILL…as FREE LABOR…

    because they are all INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT.


  • Should I tell Lorenzo Yard Fowl that my criticism of the DLP is all here on BU, if you care to find it?


    The BLP is in office and I will lambaste their asses when they do shite in the wrong places. No sense flogging a dead horse. He can’t shite.

    The poor rakey rooster pokes his head up every time I dare to criticize the woman who confidently ordered me to watch her fix things but if I am looking and looking and can’t see the fixing……..not even on the horizon….

    And now it seems that her minister wants us to pray.

    So….. I pray for a new minister. And….heaven knows what I’ll pray for next.

    And if that gets the yard fowl’s tail feathers in a knot that is more fun for me!


  • @Lorenzo H

    I’m sure you’ll be happy to learn that the Minister in lieu of hiring additional workers is going to compel prisoners and patients of the Psychiatric hospital to help with the disposal of garbage.

    I suppose the Dodds inmates may as well earn their keep as they are under the control of the State but can a Gov’t force hospital patients to assist in any endeavor? They are inpatients to assist in their recovery from illness not to provide a helping hand when Gov’t can’t accomplish its objectives.

    The Minister Trevor (not Jesus) Prescod is a real shining light but “many hands make light work”


  • @Sarge
    The article states “former” patients or inmates.
    It also says 7 trucks have been imported. 2 were announced in January. The other 5 seemed to have been missed by the local press.
    While plans are to continue increasing the equipment, the problem now seems to lie with staffing. Hence the talk of former patients or inmates. Yet, the SSA still has to pay these people? And $$$ is a challenge the Minister stated. Surely all employees are paid a preset wage for doing a job irrespective of their past.
    No chain is stronger than its weakest link, and this Minister is quickly elevating his nomination to that position.


  • …..and here are the hypocrite fowls pretending they don’t know that the island was bound to reach this level of degradation engineered by all the politicians, CRIMINAL MINORITIES and lawyers involved, why ya think both governments have WILLFULLY IGNORED the Auditor General’s many, many reports of LOSS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS…over 2 DECADES…they thought it would go away by itself as long as all their pockets were FILLED.


  • “I suppose the Dodds inmates may as well earn their keep as they are under the control of the State but can a Gov’t force hospital patients to assist in any endeavor?”

    ah want to know where the REAL human rights lawyers on the island are…prisoners are fine to use, they are nuisances anyway, most of them healthy nuisance.

    ……but the MENTALLY ILL who STRUGGLE just to face another day….

    while Comissiong is busy picking a fight with the US as spokesperson for Venezuela….same one pretendng to be a human rights lawyer.


  • @NO I agree that the article did include the following:

    “Prescod said the additional help would include former patients of the Psychiatric Hospital as well as former convicts who served time in prison”

    but this is how it started off

    “Job hands, including ex-convicts, prison inmates and Psychiatric Hospital patients, are to be used by the Sanitation Service Authority in a bid to address a shortage of sanitation workers, Environment Minister Trevor Prescod has told reporters”

    Perhaps BT needs to clean this up, is it former or current patients/convicts or all?

    Your other point about payment is noted is the Minister not expecting to pay the temporary employees at current rates? If Gov’t doesn’t have the money to hire new employees to replace those who left how is it ever going to get a handle on the problem?


  • @Sarge
    Possibly by using “ex-“, the intent was to refer to all groups following ex-?


  • ” compel prisoners and patients of the Psychiatric hospital to help with the disposal of garbage.”

    How about compelling the people who created the garbage to help the SSA collect it ?

    How about compelling Government Ministers to work one day per week for the SSA ?

    Buh doan mine me. I does just write a whole lotta ( rhymes with spite )

    Liked by 1 person

  • Some people are now thinking that was the plan all along re medical marijuana.

    ..make sure only a few people benefit….msstly nonblack unless it’s themselves

    .criminalize anyone else BLACK and trying to survive by the same means

    .. lock them in prison…

    ….then use them as slave labor for everything…

    if that’s the case…yall want DRAGGING…up to human rights TRIBUNALS…


  • Donna the simpleton Dem yardfowl, you still have not address the purpose effort by your Dems to run down the tra nsport board and the ssa by your Dems to privitize them.This is the reason they did not buy or even try to maintain in my view neither fleet This is the MAIN reason these are issues today yardfowl.Therefore your dodging of this with the cop out that you can,t flog the Dems is a red herring.This suits your Dem agenda to attempt to lambaste this government who inherited this poor situation but everyone ain,t got short memory.This situation with buses and garbage trucks shortage was created by the Dems you support, no free pass for you.In my view the government is trying to aleviate the situation and it will be better going forward .Therefore simpleton you keep bellyaching it will not help your agenda.k


  • Since neither Venezuela nor Cuba is part of Caricom, what was that bullshit display with Mia at the UN…no excuse that her mother is Venezuelan….. and now Comissiong is speaking for the Venezuelan government while being paid a salary by Bajan taxpayers…

    Black people in Barbados, watch ya backs.


  • @ Sargeant October 5, 2019 10:56 AM
    “Job hands, including ex-convicts, prison inmates and Psychiatric Hospital patients, are to be used by the Sanitation Service Authority in a bid to address a shortage of sanitation workers, Environment Minister Trevor Prescod has told reporters”

    Can’t you see that this is just another load of bluster and bullshi**t from another hot-air spewing big-mouth politician?

    How can this government go against the ILO convention by using people to work in dangerous conditions without paying them the ‘going’ rate for such jobs and employing them under no less favourable conditions to their potential collegues?

    How about advertising these vacancies to the general public including the over 75,000 which can be found among the “Voluntary Idle”?

    If this administration is really serious about containing costs as demanded by the IMF-controlled BERT robot then they should look at the option of engaging the services of the country’s No. 1 defender against enemies of the State.

    How about putting the Defence Force to productive use against the country’s current No.1 enemy called Garbage?

    The Mighty Gabby’s boots army is already fully fitted with both human and material resources to fight the fast encroaching army of rats and litterbugs already marching without fear on the public’s health and safety arena.

    The same way members of the Defence Force can pick up and deliver and return to storage- on an annual basis-imported artificial Xmas trees for display in Bridgetown so too they can pick up ‘waste matter’ which can be most injurious to the country’s greatest asset, the health of the nation.

    This deployment of existing resources would involve little additional cost, if any, which could make BERT burp with much fiscal concern.

    There would be no need to go to Parliament to amend the Defence Force Act as was done to the Constitution in appointing certain ‘overseas’ Bajans to the Senate of rubber-stamping hot air.


  • NorthernObserver

    Interesting as I had a few exchanges with @enuff on garbage trucks, and it might appear neither of us knew the SSA had acquired more since January.
    In addition to the BDF idea from @MTA, I recall a report on the TB saying they had drivers reporting, but no vehicle available. Surely the SSA can borrow a few drivers from the TB, who from the report, are being paid to do nothing.
    This latest BT article references additional equipment being “refurbished”, which suggests used, sorry pre-owned is the modern term, have been acquired. Makes more sense given financial constraints.


  • @NO

    Are you serious?

    You want to see the BWU gi berserk?


  • Piece the Legend

    Wunna see why Mugabe want voted out?

    Even if for a while, you were to ignore her despotic actions, and even if you were to ignore her abuse of the Constitution even if you were to ignore her forgiveness of $1 million in taxes for her father whom she “speed-knight” how can we forgive her hiring 26 ministerial idjits like Trvor Prescod

    Look what dat idjit wrote in a big newspaper

    “…Speaking to the media during a tour of the Blue-Green Initiative, Prescod revealed that job hands had been brought on to address a worrying number of shortages, caused by a significant number of SSA employees who have retired, as well as those who have gone on leave.

    But the Minister ruled out hiring additional staff owing to Government’s current financial position….”

    If the dufus brings on additional job hands on the payroll, what is he going pay dem with?

    Monopoly money??

    Maybe he knows how to “turn monopoly money INTO REAL MONEY” SINCE THAT INGRUNT COMMENT HE MEK DE UDDER DAY


  • @ Piece

    I must repudiate your assessment of Mr Prescod, one of the most conscious politicians in Barbados. A craftsman is only as good as his tools.


  • Let us pray! Wuhlaus!


  • NorthernObserver

    Lol…u mean beserk as they are now, with drivers getting paid for no work?
    They have not a public leg to stand on, esp if TP does some pompasetting which he is good at.


  • @ David re Avinash Persaud.

    ” Job cuts and retirements have hit the Barbados Postal Service (BPS) hard.

    However, Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinkson has applauded the remaining staff and customers, who he said have had to deal with the strain.

    Hinkson said that of all the Government agencies that fall under his ministry, the BPS was the most heavily impacted by the retrenchments resulting from the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) programme which went into effect last year.”


  • @Hants

    In the electronic, technology and amazon era post office and its support services will become redundant soon.


  • @David October 6, 2019 11:18 AM
    “In the electronic, technology and amazon era post office and its support services will become redundant soon.”

    That’s why Hal Austin’s ‘novel’ proposal of a Post office bank is nothing but a retro idea of a return to a 1960’s to 70’s déjà vu of a financial market long past its sell-by date.

    Why would the ‘millennial’ generation want to go back in time to be in the same queue as their great and grand mums and dads when they can carry around in the palm of their hands a post office and a bank both in electronic format?


  • @Miller

    Bricks and mortar is on the way out which is why enuff has been espousing a digital delivery.


  • @ David October 7, 2019 8:23 PM

    A “digital delivery” by whom? Certainly not the government in the form of a hologram called the reincarnated BNB?

    The ‘limited’ role of government in the banking business of the imminent future will be restricted to one of umpire aka regulator in a world of digital finance; or to even act as the police or sheriff in the growing maelstrom of electronic bank robbery like fishing and ATM scamming. But clearly not one of a player in the electronic market place.

    The current administration cannot talk about any total ‘e-government’ platform while still talking about any reincarnation of any paper-based BNB in the proposed ‘dollarization’ of the Bajan economy.

    Each e-based government agency would have its own e-based receipts and payments system in place with the e-Treasury being its electronic clearing house.


  • @ the Sage Annunaki

    Well you dun know that ONCE THE GOVERNMENT OF BARBADOS IS INVOLVED that a digital transformation is pure e-faeces.

    The ability of the Mugabe regime to implement is likened to us finding a zebra in St Lucy with an “x” and “o” pattern INSTEAD OF THE USUAL STRIPES!!!

    Enemy to the People but friend of the Sheeple!!


  • Well…he ain’t croak yet, but when he does, some are already saying cow the tief should be buried 12 feet…not 6 feet deep…ah guess all the years of tiefing from black people with the help of wicked black people….did not work out so well after all….but will any of the greedy learn…ah doubt it, we will await their turn if we are around to witness.


  • Is Mottley in the country or is she overseas? I wonder how many airmiles this climate change advocate uses in a month?


  • Prime Minister Mia Mottley continuing an unofficial speaking tour to press the world community to take action against climate change, said in Geneva the world must be prepared to make decisions and apply the resources necessary to halt and reverse climate change.
    At a keynote speech at the International Trade Centre’s Trade for Sustainable Development Forum, Mottley told her audience that the world must not begin to believe that it is a victim of climate change.
    She declared: “I do not accept that it is beyond human ingenuity.
    “But it is a subject of priorities and in the same way that we prioritize spending in other areas, we can prioritize spending if it really mattered or if we believed it was urgent enough.
    “At the same time, we need to recognize that when countries are forced to borrow with limited fiscal space already, they then are victims of an international capital market that will render negative judgments on their credit rating, such that they then are in a vicious cycle that they cannot get out of.
    “Do we spend the money on retrofitting or building new roofs, building reefs to protect coastal economies or do we spent the money on being able to complete the process in health care and education for the stabilization of populations?”
    Noting that the Caribbean was on the frontline of climate change Mottley warned its development opportunities were being stolen because of its absolute necessity to fight the phenomenon.
    She added that it was critical that the voices of non-state actors and citizens across the world, including young people, join the fight because climate change would not only affect coral islands but coastal cities eventually.
    But Mottley also suggested that climate change presented opportunities not mere doom and gloom.
    She said: “The question for us is, can we work to force the world to deal with this with a sense of urgency such that we are not the collateral damage of an insensitive and procrastinating global community?”
    She noted that the Climate Action Summit, as outlined at the United Nations two weeks ago, had left the world divided.
    The Prime Minister said that when funds to fight climate change were created, countries such as Barbados, The Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago could not access them because of their middle income status.(Quote)

    She is now a global leader on climate change. Where are her policies in Barbados, apart from the single use plastic? She does not like details, too boring. Why spend time making policy when you can make an unscripted speech, hands wavering, about climate change. Then she will return to Barbados, hold a so-called press briefing, chide her officials like naughty children, and all is right in her little world.


  • Why is Mottley preaching to world leaders about climate change when our gullies are littered with garbage and B’s recycling centre is always on fire sending toxins into the atmosphere causing potential dangers to change of climate


  • @ Mariposa

    Smoke and mirrors. I ask again: why do intelligent men and women, many of them with sound principles, choose to stay in a Cabinet led by an authoritarian, ego-driven woman? Is it the status? The money?


  • Since Mottley has taken on a role on the world stage as an advocate for climate change
    When is Mottley going to place the zeal of advocacy in her own back yard
    As i mention B’s recycling centre is amongst one of the worst offenders to climate change
    Doesn’t Mottley think it is about time that drastic measures be taken against busineess her at home that pollute the enviroment
    Isnt it bad enough that our water system wells gullies and oceans are being inundated with poisonous toxins which are seeping into our drinking water systems
    Isnt leadership roll calls for cleaning up these burning issues in our own back yard before Mottley can jive and shake fingers to world leaders on a world stage on a topic she has not invested much of her leadership at home


  • Have Motley engaged tge Jesus man Prescod on the issue of having former psychiatric inmates as sanitation workers
    Or she satisfied with this loose cannon talking out his backside
    My one question would train and would be on the job training be necessary
    Must they have a certificate of character and what manner if vetting would apply knowning that these inmates have a history of mental illness


  • Mottley what happened to the Covenant of Hope
    Cynthia Forde says ” things hard in Barbados
    Yuh mean yuh flying all over the telling world leaders how to correct climate change and Cynthia tell the world that things hard in barbados
    Mia when yuh gonna take the hardship off the people backs


  • “Airmiles Mia ” the champion of the frequent flyer program is an expert on Climate Change?
    A LEC challenged QC espousing on climate change?
    Lordy lordy!
    This is a fake country or what?


  • Barbados is a “fake country”.
    I lie?
    A lesbian PM that still in the closet!
    Could be a champion for the LBGQT community .
    Carry on smartly .


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