Bajans – We Must Save Barbados from Mugabe!

Submitted by PUDRYR

To Every Bajan Patriot,

First, this message IS NOT FOR THE SHEEPLE – it is ONLY FOR PATRIOTS! If you are NOT a Bajan who loves Barbados, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

After seeing all the Mugabe Dictator actions like (i) the changes of our Constitution, (2) her importation of people from Canada, (3) hiring 28 ministers/senators (4) firing 5,000 Bajans, (5) increasing MP salaries, (6) defaulting on Government savings bonds, and all the other shyte all Bajans want to know one thing.

How can WE PATRIOTS MAKE this Mugabe regime a ONE TERM, 5 year government? 

Every day, we hear the suffering of our friends and Bajans across the island. We hear the suffering and the victimization and the dishonesty of this BLP regime

We see, and also, RIGHTFULLY SO, FEAR, THIS “ONE MAN STATE”, and need to know how we are going to counter Dictator Mottley.

Many think that our choices are few and alternatives fewer, given our “EITHER BLP dictator OR DLP alternative ”.

Do we have other choices? I strongly believe Barbados does have choices. We have a few qualified Bajan men and women who want to serve AND HAVE THE COMPETENCIES to do this. 

And what we MUST do is to give these Patriots what is the Third Party Movement the means whereby they can be advertised to our citizens where every bajan can see them and see what they are doing.


Today de ole man wishes to suggest a “Matrix” within which these Patriots CAN OPERATE.

The Third Party Movement

This chart is purposely simple cause it is critical that everyone INCLUDING THE OLE MAN  understands the objective – WE WANT PERFORMERS whose track records we can see.

It breaks up the elements of running our country into 3 simple sectors so that any idiot (ME) can understand it

Citizen Needs, Corporate Needs and Government Facilitations/Operations. 

Any, and all activities required to run the affairs of a country will be “sub elements” within the Keep It Simple and Stupid Orgchart

It is simple and stupid cause, if we cannot manage a community club, AS IS EVIDENCED BY OUR CURRENT LEADERS, and our neighbours in Venezuela, we ent going manage de economy

De ole man suggests that for the Third Party to be successful and MORE IMPORTANTLY, be so attractive to our electorate and gain the vote, it must have a working programm IN ADDITION TO ALL THE PLANS & MANIFESTOS.

And de ole man suggests that any Patriot who is embraced by this Movement, MUST FIRST SUBMIT A WORKING PROGRAMME under one, OR MORE, of the three parts of this LIVING SOLUTION. 

So if for example, a candidate purportedly suggests that they have the skills to create a solution for Citizen Employment, dem going have to bring a working solution and then employ unemployed people.

It must be scalable and more importantly sustainable.

When 2023 rolls around, persons who has submitted such viable elements to the Third Party Movement  would be able to show that they employed “x” persons successfully for “y” dollars for “z” time VERIFIED UNDER THE BRA & NIS.

We HAVE TO ABANDON de lotta long talk and engage with people who can deliver



  • @piece
    If you toss a coin, it is highly unlikely to stand on an end, but will land on the heads or the tail.
    This is the problem with a duopoly. You must be land on one side or the other.

    Prior to May 24, you were motivated with the well being of Barbados, but ❤ Mariposa ❤ and her cohorts saw your efforts as an attack on their beloved party. Since you were not for them they considered you as a supporter of the BLP.

    Post May 24, you have spoken out against some of the actions of the current administration and the nameless ones using the same brilliant reasoning now marks you in the D column.

    It does it matter that DLP like petulant young men took up their bat and ball, walked off the field and abandoned their political struggle.. For those in power it is us and them. And, my friend, we Mugabites do not consider you as one of us. (MDF members, please make a note of my strong support for Mia).

    In the mind of the duopoly, there is no room for a third party. You must be a member of one side of the duopoly. Though you are concerned about the welfare of the nation, Mariposa and her team now sees you as a disgruntled B and those who once considered you (Pre May 24) as an ally sees an ardent D.

    It is interesting, that the Mariposa side of the side ignores your posts made after May 24 and remembers only what you posted before May 24. Her amnesia appears to be very selective..

    On the other hand, members of the B team seem only to remember your post May 24 efforts and forgot your long walks together prior to the elections.

    To be a patriot is to have enemies on both sides of the coin.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    And a small part

    @ the LUMINARY Mr Jeff Cumberbatch

    When you, the original David of BU are on duty every body knows.

    You post some of the most intriguing things that the sheeple NEVER SEE FAR LESS UNDERSTAND and many people will read and miss.

    De ole man, as part of my data theft conspiracy claim, during my 10 hour job yesterday into this morning, (while working on another project by the way heheheheh), showed how The government of Barbados ‘ was teifing people’s information under the guise of government business.

    You Blogmaster awakened this morning and with a gentle gesture of kindness did one thing.

    You posted an e -article in the advocate newspaper which speaks (very poorly?) In part, to the very issue i had asked the Luminary Jeff Cumberbatch about – the Law concerning recourse for instances where the Barbados citizens data is not being stolen by 3rd parties.

    Our local version of Cambridge Analytica perhaps?

    Honourable Blogmaster I put it to you that, of the few who clicked that link you provided, fewer still understand the difference between data privacy and data protection.

    Our activist Donna expresses incredulity that Verla Depeiza Leader of the Opposition, and a lawyer, might not be aufait with the data mining that the Government of Barbados is conducting on Barbadians under the guise of Online Tax Information Systems and others of “its” friendly Civic service sites.

    in fact, the linking process that was utilized between that specific Government GIS site listing all the ministers of Government, AND THE BLP SITE, DISAPPEARED YESTERDAY, shortly after de ole man exposed the data mining scheme.

    Now that brings a few issues to the fore which you have tangentially highlighted but understandably not addressed head on.

    But de ole man, being staked out again by dese people who is picking me up, going go “where Angels fear to tread…”

    Bajans believe that “the State” is a separate mechanism from the temporally elected political party The BLP.

    What this article that you posted speaks to is that what bajans believe should exist – a separate situation of government and political party.


    CITIZENS ‘ PRIVACY is purposely being subverted by the very “government” that should be protecting such privacy.

    In fact, now we have evidence that shows us why people like Charles Me Love You Long Time Jong has been hired AND NOT A FELLER CAN FIND OUT HIS JOB TITLE or HIS FUNCTIONS!

    The sad part about this breach in citizen data across Barbados is that, notwithstanding what the LUMINARY Jeff said yesterday, there is really no practical recourse in Barbados you know.

    Let me explain that one by saying this.

    This matter in brief shows that our personal data which is supposed to be protected by technology is being stolen.

    Said personal data can contjnue to be stolen since the “Trojan Horse and Man in the Middle” IS THE VERY GOVERNMENT THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTING US!!!

    You posed a challenge elsewhere here on Barbados Underground about having more Afra Raymond’s in Barbados.

    I would therefore ask you the questions

    Q1. Who would be the idiot to challenge this type of Constitutional Crisis of citizen data theft when our “government” is stealing our personal data, data whose privacy is supposedly Constitutionally guaranteed?

    Q2. I would further ask, either you or the LUMINARY Jeff Cumberbatch, to map out for me the process whereby any idjot citizen, and tin foil conspiracist, could seek to sue said government for what constitutes willful electronic identity theft?

    Q3. What is more frightening, given this construct, is if there is a mechanism that guards those who guard?

    Can either of you, or even the members of the vaunted Information Society of Barbados, tell me what resident institutional Ombudsman has the Authority, far less THE TECHNOLOGICAL CAPACITY to examine and then prosecute the Government of Barbados for these personal and malicious ongoing Data Security breaches?

    Q4. And then which court would one seek to have the matter heard in? Would it be in the court with the Justice who gave that man 12 months for a $6.99 cents nail clippers?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Enuff February 10, 2019 6:21 AM

    Pierhead Gate is well known on BU. Sometimes it’s better to just read and stop trying to hog the blog in your quest to be relevant, especially when you’re just posting others’ comments stolen from other sites. You take yourself too seriously.”

    OK, Waru might be a bit over the top at times but our BU sleuth Abigail- the people’s watchdog- is barking up the right tree.

    Wouldn’t you agree that the Hyatt caper is nothing but an extension of the Pierhead scam which the DLP came and found as a mere pipedream conceptualized to justify the cost of the creative imagination of one of OSA’s hare-brained statutory agencies called the BTII?

    The reason why the Hyatt fishy scam never landed on the beach was that the intended pipe of finance to cover the consultancy and finders’ fees and the politicians’ kickbacks (like the Lowedown cut and Donville’s slice) was turned off as a result of the drying up of the fiscal trough containing taxpayers’ money and the nipples of the NIS cash cow over the past 5 years.

    Where is the voice of the minister out of that lot of 26 responsible for “Investment” on the Hyatt and Four Seasons forex earning projects?

    BTW, what is the status of the Sugar Point Cruise ship terminal, the Andrews Sugar Factory redevelopment and the Four Seasons resuscitation?
    Down in the dumps for scams like the Greenland, Cahill and the Oistins Bay commercial fishpond?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Theophillus Gazerts

    Thank you kindly brother for this pointed and very insightful assessment of the landscape of this field.

    This I understand because I live it every day but you have put it down in words that the ole man will copy and save.

    By the way, you do know that the Nameless ones #1 DOES NOT CONSIDER YOU A MUGABEITE?


    It is time to form that party that Sufficient or Ghe Nameless Ones #1 gelling me to form


    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with two items

    One a gentle suggestion to WARU which j hope she takes in the spirit offered

    AND the sacking one for you and The LUMINARY


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Wuhloss…Enuff…ya may not know… downside to being a yardfowl. but…info is out there..check out the date and time…something I always do

    That is what happens when crooks can’t get anything right the first time…they just keep getting everything WRONG….

    “Fri, 06/02/2017 – 12:00am
    Minister of Tourism and International Transport Richard Sealy has made it clear that he has nothing to hide.

    Sealy, who was responding to Opposition Leader Mia Mottley during his contribution to the 2017 Budgetary Proposal in the Lower Chamber, said he would not be intimidated by “some letter” being held over his head “like a sword of Damocles” about the construction of the Sugar Point facility.

    “…I don’t have anything at all to hide. The question of the Sugar Point… she (Mottley) was the attorney for Royal Caribbean and knows full well everything that went on and I know that she knows.”
    “SMI [Infrastructure Solutions Inc] is in relationship with the government. Sugar Point is not off the table per se, but Sugar Point has challenges.

    “Release the letter, it doesn’t matter. It is something that should have happened a long time ago. I should not have to be dealing with Sugar Point… cargo and cruise should have been separated in times of plenty a long time ago,” Sealy told the Honourable Chamber.”


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Can we see the letter?


  • Miller
    The Salemite is about recognition and convinced she’s some sleuth. As David confirmed, her SMI cut and paste is not new on BU. That is my opinion and I am sticking to it. In other news, Digicel is looking for a CEO.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    But it works…while yardfowls are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE AND ARE MERE LAUGHING STOCKS…




  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Piece…they don’t like this one…ya want to bet….why?? lol


  • Could not careless on which side of the political divide PDYR place his tin foil hat
    What intrigues and of interest is his analogy to convince himself and others that any governing party to hold the regins of power would have been better than the dlp
    So now i am asking myself how in less that a week after a new goverment is put into place what caused him the rush to be adamant and defiant having all but an instantaneous charge of heart about Mia
    As i said before the tell tale signs of Mia becoming a dictator was heard and talk about by those who have worked side by side with here
    Yet PDYR choose to ignore and convince himself and others by way of his floating stupid cartoons that all is well
    Now i am being called a “whatever” he chooses to attached to my name all because i have the mitigated gall to call him out as being a hypocrite
    Truth be told i belive that PDYR hopscotch and a dance holds more to his temper tantrums than meets the eye.
    For that reason along i refuse to be a gallant fighter soldier on the same battle field standing beside him


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    Piece is what is called in modern talk a “disrupter” Probably being paid by the Russians or the Chinese or the Americans to confuse Bajans, and keep them fighting against each other.

    Ya know, like the malicious woman who can always tell you that she see your husband somewhere with some woman.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @pieceuhderockyeahright February 9, 2019 11:37 PM “Now my last submission for this Sunday morning.”

    11:37 p.m. of February 9 is not Sunday morning. It is Saturday night.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @pieceuhderockyeahright February 9, 2019 11:45 PM “And just me last one for this morning.”

    11:45 p.m. of February 9, is not Sunday morning. It is Saturday night.


  • ” The Prime Minister said those spreading the rumours are seeking to destabilize the country, adding that other rumours and other forms of fake news have been abounding almost on a weekly basis within the last two months.

    “But that is what others would want to divert the country with when they can’t speak to us on substance,” Mottley said.

    “But I imagine that there are those who feel that they have to stand up for something. Although, I must tell you, that if you get less than one point five per cent of the popular vote, or if you get beaten 30-love, I would want to believe that you go back to your philosophical roots if you are the established party.”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Sir Simple Simon

    I am in a place that is 3 hours ahead of your time zone.

    A short assignment with some most beauteous “surroundings” heheheheh

    It just goes to show how insular you are Simple Simon and how you think that your world is that of everyone else in the world.

    But to your more substantive point if being called a paid disruptor can be substantive

    Mine is a keen understanding of people, how people think, and how they can be made to think.


    Nothing else!


    Nothing Else!!

    I wish to tell you what WILL DISRUPT the duopoly of which you speak and which bajans hold so close.

    But I will tell you in key points.

    The key points that the target audience THE SO CALL EDUCATED BUT “NON CRITICAL THINKING, EMOTIVE AUDIENCE” must have answered for them, BEFORE THEY CAN CONTEMPLATE CHANGE.

    1.WHO IS YOU?

    Bajans are “fronters” their psyche defers to people with “profiles”

    People who are out there – not necessarily competent people – but people who are known

    For example the DLP simpleton Patrick Todd from the Constituency of the City of Bridgetown and John King of the Mugabe BLP


    The average bajan is not interested about the cuntry

    Theirs is a primal Maslowian need.

    Can you, my potential representative, provide for me OR ASSIST ME IN PROVIDING FOR MYSELF and, by extension, my family?

    And for this de ole man proposed THE LIVING SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL ABOVE.

    The THIRD PARTY MOVEMENT must spend the next 3 years BUILDJNG OUT A WORKING PORTFOLIO and simultaneously cataloguing the needs of the people

    THEREFORE, “the National Disruptor” CANNOT ONLY COME WITH STOOPID CARTOONS, they have to bring a track record which will then offset the single most important counter campaign of the DUOPOLY which is interesting enough the third issue



    But it is here de ole man’s proposal to, and for, said THIRD PARTY MOVEMENT would “DISRUPT” the status quo and the emotiveness of that tested campaign to thwart a SUCCESSFUL THIRD PARTY MOVEMENT .

    And now, ALL OF YOU ARE LOST, because, for the first two critical issues that a Natjknal Disruptor must achieve de ole man has given INFALLIBLE EXAMPLES that underscore that it can be done.

    But now, it would seem that, at the end of my “drivel” I have come to a point where I can give no example to substantiate this element of my proposal

    But I can…

    And with this humble submission de ole man has answered several of the questions that Dr. GP posed



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item here sent to Sir Simple Simon at a few minutes past 6 AM at the Barra Rio de Janiero



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Dr. GP

    While providing some instructions to my people and the preponderant sheeple you wrote the following

    And I quote


    I do verily believe that the previous allegations sworn by policemen, allegations of her Wiretapping activities are there for all to see and form their own opinions

    But, in more recent times, it is probably the tinkering with the constitution and other actions AGAINST THE CITIZENRY coupled with her brazen inclusion of the drug lord people dem, and their unbridled rule of the streets of Barbados, it probably is these things in concert that support others’ theses heheheh

    As for de ole man she is still Mugabe


    What is “revolt”?

    “…verb (used without object)
    to break away from or rise against constituted authority, as by open rebellion; cast off allegiance or subjection to those in authority;

    to turn away in mental rebellion, utter disgust, or abhorrence (usually followed by from ): He revolts from eating meat.

    to rebel in feeling (usually followed by against )

    I think that any patriot should have an abhorrence against dictatorship and should “revolt”

    My revolt is not to promote “destabilisation” of this Mugabd dictatorship it is to eradicate the very bowels of the thoughts of any person who wants to implement a dictatorship.

    Mia Mottley IS NOT GOD

    She has been elected by the people to administer a Constitution that predates? her ass and it is an insult to have that party change ghd constitution at a whim and VET YOU FADDER KNIGHTED ON AN EFFING WHIM.

    The “revolution” that is being pursued is one of the total destruction of mendicancy among the citizenry and a realization among these oligarchs that they are there to serve NOT ENSLAVE!!


    Is there any merit to freedom and good governance, ask that of my enslaved black people, 400 years ago AND TODAY wherever we are in the world Dr. GP. Ask that of Hitler’s concentration camps and tell me how far removed we bajans are from

    barbed wire, now wrought iron at our windows

    Soldiers with dogs armed to keep you in the camps and shoot you if you leave, drug lords and their foot soldiers their dogs, armed and who shoot you in the extended camps of our streets or kill you at the hill below ghd CAMPus or kidnap you from said CAMPus and carry you and kill you elsewhere


    Bajan people and sheeple DONT REALLY HAVE A CHOICE JN THIS MATTER either they adopt or adapt these ideas or THEH OR THEIF FAMILY AND FRIENDS DIE!!!


    I have shown the how and I have said that the when IS NOW


    6 IF NOT, WHY NOT?

    That my fellow myope IS NOT AN OPTION.

    The scourge that is Mugabe Must Not Be Allowed to Continue as a ONE MAN SHOW!!


    Now that strength MUST BE CLEARLY DISPLAYED


  • Mottley is in bed with the IMF blowing smoke in the face of every barbadian
    The people being hurt by the BERT program was told by Mottley that the pill is not so bitter
    Yet when she was opposition her rallying cry was to save barbados from pain and suffering
    The people vote no longer counts as she hits the road with another rallying cry one that is specifically chosen to fool and rob the people of any integrity with their eyes wide open
    All the baloney and whispering sounds heard coming from Mottley mouth was meant to soften the blows of a cracking BERT whip which would be placed across the barbadian backs in the coming months
    Barbadians be prepared to be more bricks


  • @ PUDRYR

    You are a very disturbed man or you’re craving for attention.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Goring sorry Goren

    Please do not forget the newest additions of

    “…Paid agent of China/Russia/America…”


    As per the words of Mugabe herself “…Party seeking to destabilize the government of Barbados over the last 2 months…” or is that, as Mr Hal Austin says, part of the citizens who “criticize” the Mugabe government?

    One thing I am not though Goring is “A MUGABE POOCH LICKER LIKE YOU AND OTHERS LIKE YOU”



  • PDYR
    I have to agree with those who say u are a disturbed man
    Cant figure how you takes and boast on your winnings
    Then a day after not giving Mugubee a chance to flourish you wage a campagain of hate against your champion
    Man u got some real thinking to do about yourself and your mentality


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ All Patriots specifically the Third Party Movement

    Let us continue on with the strategy.

    First, you need to be aware that Verla Depeiza and the decimated DLP horde are coming here to Barbados Underground for instructions on “How to Win a General Election ”

    Now, as de ole man has told you all, UNLESS THEY TOTALLY REVAMP THEIR CANDIDATES not one of them will ever get back in the House of Assembly!!

    Mia Mottley will see to that.

    This is about what de ole man told you and what my dearest SSS has repeated elsewhere.


    So here you have your street maps with homes in Bank Hall.

    What you The Third Party need to do is

    (1)establish a list of every person in every village and district and parish in Barbados.

    How you do that? de ole man ent going tell you here but dere is an easy way

    (2)you then need to know every fellers needs.

    Again de ole man ent going tell you but there is a way

    (3)And here is the million dollar issue

    You gots to meet those needs!!!

    And de ole man gots a way to do dat too/two (or should I have said ” to do dat three?”)

    For every house you must have a profile and know everyone in your districts.

    And meet ” their needs”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here continuing the edification of the Third Party Movement


  • Rumour mongering is essentially Bajan it has morphed from “Yuh hear about X” in the streets or in the Rum Shops to communications on Whatsapp and facebook. Perhaps I should show the PM the Whatsapp videos and texts I received starring Freundel,Sinckler or Jones but why bother since they probably originated in her shop. So, people are destabalising the country if they spread rumours/reports about Hartley Henry and an alleged sweet heart deal. What a load of piffle perhaps the PM can advise us what kind of information that can be circulated so we can all fall in line. I promise not to destabalise the country by speaking about the oversize Cabinet or the IMF deal or the “father knows best” Knighthood or…

    In another chapter of “politics make strange bedfellows” how did Hartley Henry go from being a bosom buddy of Thompson to being a bosom buddy of Mottley? Only in Barbados you say? The media or should I say “what media”? has been silent about that turn of events but the media has been silent about many things.

    Gih muh de vote and watch muh, unfortunately we would watch yuh if we can find yuh if its Monday the PM is in New York, San Francisco, Washington or anywhere but Bim.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Piece “The scourge that is Mugabe Must Not Be Allowed to Continue as a ONE MAN SHOW!!”

    i wonder if your major problem is not with women. I have noted that you credit the cartoons produced by yourself to “de granson” why not the granddaughter?

    Don’t you have any competent granddaughters?

    And if so what are the roles of the daughters and granddaughters in your life?

    What is the role of grandmothers, mothers, sisters, wives, mothers, daughters and granddaughters in your life?

    Do you see grandmothers, mothers, sisters, wives, mothers, daughters and granddaughters as completely useless?

    Do you prefer useless women?

    Does it gall you when women are not useless? Not dependent? Do not defer to you?


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    Do not grovel and address you as “my sweet Piece?”


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @pieceuhderockyeahright February 11, 2019 3:57 AM “I am in a place that is 3 hours ahead of your time zone.”


    Three hours ahead of my time zone is the mid-Atlantic.

    What are you then on a Russian, Chinese or American vessel in the mid-Atlantic?

    Posted there to confuse Bajans?


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Hants February 10, 2019 7:21 PM “rumours and other forms of fake news.”

    I warn my acquaintances not to send me fake news. I do not need to warn my family or friends because they are all super intelligent people. Just yesterday one such acquaintance sent me a message claiming that one physician caught 5 different STD’s from another physician, and that neither of them sought treatment, apparently have still not sought treatment, in spite of flagrant and stinking symptoms, and that they continued the “relationship” for months in the presence of massive, visible and smelly infections.

    Did I believe it?


    I deleted it right away.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    So is Ms. Mottley seeing fake news?

    I bet anything that she is.

    Massive amounts probably.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @pieceuhderockyeahright February 11, 2019 4:06 AM “Your assistance please with an item here sent to Sir Simple Simon at a few minutes past 6 AM at the Barra Rio de Janiero.”

    We know that the time difference between Rio and Barbados is two hours, not 3.

    Have you squeezed the world/the globe so that it has become smaller?

    Powerful feeling nuh?


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @pieceuhderockyeahright February 11, 2019 3:57 AM “It just goes to show how insular you are Simple Simon and how you think that your world is that of everyone else in the world.”

    Nope. I live on a small island, but I am not at all insular, which is why I have been able to recognize you for who you are.

    Miller too has also accused me of never having gone beyond my small village. Nope. That is not true.

    Wunna men funny. Wunna still think that women waiting for a cheap ticket from wunna to go to St. Lucia or margarita.

    Nope many of us have been using our own money to go to and to see the world for nearly fifty years now.

    Many of us read widely. Very, very widely.

    We are no longer the people who when asked a question will say “I don’t know, I will have to ask my husband Piece what we thinks, because whatever he thinks I also think.”

    Massa Piece day dun dead.

    Ga ‘long do.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    CORRECTION: I will have to ask my husband Piece what he thinks


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Sargeant February 11, 2019 9:24 AM “how did Hartley Henry go from being a bosom buddy of Thompson to being a bosom buddy of Mottley?”

    Political operative for sale to the highest bidder maybe?



  • @Sargeant who wrote, “how did Hartley Henry go from being a bosom buddy of Thompson to being a bosom buddy of Mottley?”

    He is no different from the majority of Bajan politicians and operatives.

    Or maybe he is like me who used to feign allegiance to the party depending on who my girlfriend was at the time. lol

    BLP or DLP…all saltfish sweet.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Posted some other stuff already this morning from Rio.

    Dear BU sheeple and people

    Unfortunately I did not let “man hating Sir Simple Simon” know where I was going and now she berating de ole man for not resetting me watch on arrival here.

    Do you know my “home” city? Heheheheh

    if it is one hour earlier there, AND I TRAVEL TWO HOURS EAST OF YOU, and do not reset the stupid watch cause um got fancy buttons, it would be 3 hours dufus, why should I be using Barbados base time?

    I sleeping wid you?

    You here vying to become my wife heheheh but I frighten from you cause I fear when I sleeping you gine use you RN skills and tek off me Mandingo.

    I remember your “2 to 82 neutering pep talk” about removing men ammmm balls.

    But you ent got no shame doah? Giving way youself to me as MY wife.

    I thought you did was had a man, a policeman?

    You sure you ent a real hohoho? Wid all dem late hours you does keep?

    I was going apologise to dearest SSS for your (SS ‘s ) comments though, now I think about it, I going left you to my Dearest

    She going teach you a lesson bout dat “grovelling comment” heheheheh

    The thing is that idiots like you and Goring, sorry Goren, come to BU late and, not being aware of the dynamics and relationships, seek to establish wunnaselves as “Hermann Gorings” and lord muhgorks

    And when people put you in wunna pissy place, wunna does pull wunna panties or underwear down and shake wunna parts all bout pun BU.

    But not me doah I gine tell wunna dat you parts swibbly like I does tell Mugabe dat she doing shy$e

    But why you all up in de ole man genealogy doah?

    Suppose I was to ask you bout you faddah and you muddah heheheheh you going say dat de ole man, and me grandson, disrespectful?

    You know who dem was? Well lef me family alone nuh?


    now you see how vex you is because I ammmmm talk bout you non existent parents?.

    This is


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ All Hartley Henry is a renown Politican Consultant

    This is his job.

    He is not your friend he is a consultant for a party.

    I posted this earlier

    @ All Patriots specifically the Third Party Movement

    Let us continue on with the strategy.

    First, you need to be aware that Verla Depeiza and the decimated DLP horde are coming here to Barbados Underground for instructions on “How to Win a General Election ”

    Now, as de ole man has told you all, UNLESS THEY TOTALLY REVAMP THEIR CANDIDATES not one of them will ever get back in the House of Assembly!!

    Mia Mottley will see to that.

    This is about what de ole man told you and what my dearest SSS has repeated elsewhere.


    So here you have your street maps with homes in Bank Hall.

    What you The Third Party need to do is

    (1)establish a list of every person in every village and district and parish in Barbados.

    How you do that? de ole man ent going tell you here but dere is an easy way

    (2)you then need to know every fellers needs.

    Again de ole man ent going tell you but there is a way

    (3)And here is the million dollar issue

    You gots to meet those needs!!!

    And de ole man gots a way to do dat too/two (or should I have said ” to do dat three?”)

    For every house you must have a profile and know everyone in your districts.

    And meet ” their needs”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Again a request to the Honourable Blogmaster for 3 items here


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Hants February 11, 2019 10:54 AM “Or maybe he is like me who used to feign allegiance to the party depending on who my girlfriend was at the time. lol BLP or DLP…all saltfish sweet.”

    Naughty boy. You will probably live to be 100 or more.



  • I believe most people on this blog outside of the Dem poochlickers like SSS,T Inniss,Donna,Hal Austin and Gazzerts have dismiss Piece as disturbed indivisual.Even Mariposa has realised this.Time to take your meds old man in my view your daily drivel shows you as nothing more than an attention seeker.


  • Ten years in the wilderness and you hand a bunch of mediocre “professionals” whose leader has a history of abuse of power, absolute power and no one thinks what could go wrong
    I see nothing disturbed about Piece.
    If anything I think he needs to start producing animations to challenge Jong


  • You may not believe this but I have been posting about 5 other articles for the last 2 ? hours

    Yet, outside of my “levity” responses to SS and the other clown ManyPokerts NOT ONE HAS BEEN POSTED not even my requests to post!!

    Let us presume that I am a madman, and let us assume that de madman is as disturbed as the Mugabe Defence Force will continue to present de ole man to be heheheheheh WHY IS THIS SEGMENT OF THE BU Blogmaster refusing to post the blogs?

    So Daddy permits the post and when daddy is not home, the other two does do de dog…


  • You know, I have lived for 55 years and this is the FIRST TIME that I have been described as a “pooch licker” or anything remotely approaching that. On the contrary, my trademark has ALWAYS been that of the ONLY FOOL who would speak truth to power and get my ASS CUT FOR IT. This has happened in my family life, my school life, my work life and every sphere in which I circulated.

    And so this nasty imagery of licking pooch is one that I find VERY HARD to take. But you know, it is one that I will HAVE TO LEARN TO TAKE, because the more THEY DO IT THE MORE I AM PERSUADED THAT I MUST SPEAK OUT. There must be SOME REASON they are trying to shut my mouth!

    Good luck with that!


  • Let me go one step further and explain this process so that people understand the Nature of the BU BORG.

    There are 3 persons who alternate as blogmaster

    The Original David of BU and 2 others.

    From the time that de ole man has been posting here I have had a respect for David.

    He is fair, and committed and, while he, like all of us, has his political likes and dislikes, HE IS A PATRIOT.


    When oddities happen and I have complained I have realised AFTER THE FACT that the routing of my complaints DO NOT GET SEEN BY THE ORIGINAL DAVID.

    So what has happened is that I too have been duped into beleiving certain things and writing things to him ONLY TO REALIZE THAT, given his response, that IT IS NOT DAVID!

    We need to understand this.

    Now imagine this.

    You post an item at 8 a.m in your local time.

    It follows on from something that was said at 7.45 a.m

    But is it not posted until 11.45 your time

    And then it is posted right after the comment at 8 a.m. ( I even suggested to the Original David that, IN ORDER TO ADDRESS MY FIREWALL ISSUES, he retrieves and posts the item at the end of the blog, and he has been kind enough to facilitate me all of the time.

    But you readers can appreciat that, very rarely will you find that, a party who posted at 7.45 amWILL SEE THAT COMMENT!

    When I come to BU, and there is an article that i am going to review, and possibly comment on, I RARELY START AT THE END (unless it is an old topic that is being revisited)

    Being that de ole man is slow, I GO BACK and read the associated blog submission 3 to 4 times!!

    I is an old man, and I slow and, were it not for the grandson, I would not know how to work a computer!!

    But my point being this.

    IF WHAT I WAS SAYING WAS STUPIDNESS there would be no conceivable reason to thwart the readership of the items de ole man submits in this way, would there?

    But then again this is the comments of a tin foil conspiracist


  • @ Donna


    Note the echolalia that is being employed by the Mugabe Defense Force

    They used to come here and say all sorts of unrelated things but suddenly they start to understand AND THEN USE THE VERY LANGUAGE THAT IS DESTABLIZING MUGABE’s ECONOMY!!

    People need to wake up and recognize that WHILE de ole man might be the most vociferous person in BU’s cyberspace, I AM NOT THE FIRST NOR AM I ALONE.

    Mugabe’s comments on the airwaves is indicative of the HATRED THAT THEY HAVE FOR THE BARBADOS UNDERGROUND in general and dissenters (of whom I am not one) in particular.

    What do we bajans want?

    I know you dont want to be hunted down and slaughtered while playing dominoes

    I know you dont want to be driving along in your car and killed IN BAXTERS ROAD

    I know you dont want to be at your ATM, withdrawing your hard earned money, and be slaughtered at University Drive

    I know you dont want that your phones are tapped at the whim and fancy of a Deputy Prime Minister NOW A PRIME MINISTER.

    I know that you dont want to have your Constitution changed on the whims and fancies of a 30-0 Party

    I know that you dont want that every relative of the PM get to be a Knight

    I know you dont want druglords in Parliament?

    I know you dont want to be fired because you dont support the party in power

    I know you dont want another DLP set of clowns who borrowing all sort sof money from the IMF and the IDB and the World Bank and ent doing one shyte to grow the economy

    But then again I might be wrong seriously wrong, cant I?


  • PDYR
    How many David BU . wuh loss muh belly and i thought i was the only one having multiple personalities
    Boy why dont u realize that the original BU under David BU has been sold and your tin foil hat is spinning like a top in the mud
    Poor soul


  • Sargeant @ 9:24 a.m.

    You are on point sir.

    There are serious rumblings against the actions of this government on the ground.

    Someone in the ‘know’ told me right after 24th May – the people will soon realise what they have done with that 30 -0 victory.That was not a surprise to me though.

    From all reports the people are not happy and Mottley does not like the criticism she is hearing.

    This is all par for the course though Mia.

    Heard Dale Marshall complaining today in the news about the statement on crime put out by the UPP and the comments by Verla and former A.G. Brathwaite which criticize the move to bring back Dottin etc.

    Can you believe it ? The shoe now on the other foot so he is now feeling the pinch – Wuh all he did as Shadow A.G. during the last how many years was criticize everything the A.G. said and did.


  • It would seem that this government is beyond reproach or reproof. Again we are asked to sit down and shut up. It seems that we are to place our complete trust in a government full of people who failed us before. Our input, contrary to what was stated is not wanted.

    Meet the new BOSS. Same as the old BOSS.

    Not fuh shite!

    Newsflash – WE hired YOU. WE are YOUR employers. You are our EMPLOYEES. It is a special kind of job where you make decisions on our behalf but ultimately WE DECIDE on your job performance and if need be WE FIRE YOU!

    It would be better if you would take our criticisms in good spirit, especially when you know they are deserved. Especially when you know we speak truth.

    Five years is not such a long time but it is long enough for us to form a people’s movement. Yours will not be the only show in town.

    A word to the wise.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    You see what you just wrote. Retract every word. That, we hire you to talk, do not resonate with any of these parties. Call them for what they are. Judases, who work both sides of their mouths for their 12 pieces of silver.

    My Sweet Piece

    Why are you leaving Sir SS for me to deal with. What have they done?


  • On the contrary, SSS i think we need to tell them that some more. If it does not resonate with them perhaps it will begin to resonate with the people.

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  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “From all reports the people are not happy and Mottley does not like the criticism she is hearing.

    This is all par for the course though Mia”

    When ya hear they jump out screaming “fake news”…a la trump..they are lying their asses off…

    Mia is being taken to task on another forum for lying about the amount of people already laid off..she says 1,000…others are saying it’s closer to fourteen hundred….so the “fake news” talk is all distraction from reality…


  • So back to the main topic now that the “advertisements and sideshows by de ole man’s fans” are over.


    Bajans need to have a clear understanding of what their vision is (enunciated by every single one of the candidates AND NOT JUST THE LEADER)

    Theirs must be a tangible “experience” and unlike a pretty CV or ammmmm doctorates in something dat de minister suddenly acquired or suspect LECs, we need to see what they have done.

    Despite the autocracy that Grenville displays and not withstanding the mocksport that he makes of governance, he is proposing to train and then provide hands on career training geared at employment for his enrolees

    Employment is a key component of the Third Party Consideration by the Bajan Electorate.but i I suggest that the THIRD PARTY MOVEMENT must do the same as Grenville and

    (1)Enroll its people
    (2)Detail their training and once they have successfully completed the cycle
    (3)Employ them

    Food Sufficiency should have its own measurable inputs and outputs they must identify the beneficiaries, define what the goals are, and quantify the outcomes

    Housing, WHILE ULTIMATELY MORE COMPLEX, and “capital intensive”, can also become and area of immediate intervention for your Third Party Movement to develop in 3 months time

    Mine would be a suggestion that you focus on Women especially Mothers who are Victims of Domestic Abuse

    De ole man can give wunna practicuums as to how to facilitate housing for these persons and would be prepared to put my money where my digital mouth/voice is in this regard.

    But the key thing is for Patriots to get up and start to do things


    One year to complete the island wise census and a concurrent launch of 3 critical path portfolio projects with deliverables in 6 months

    An online Report Card in 9 months with quarterly reports for Funding, Highlighting Issues, Successes, Challenges and Modifications.


    And dont be afraid to spend money on your ICT BASED PLATFORMS cause when they prove to be successful here in Barbados, you can deploy said platform and your expertise in other Small Island Developing States under Software as a Service Products and services


    The Third Party Movement has 5 years to implement a National Acclimitization Programme


  • I see where you are coming from, Piece. I will look at it again and then we shall engage. If the comments start to flag you must submit this all again for discussion. under another title. You know how it goes on BU.


  • @ Donna

    The thing about this Third Party Movement is that, when you really examine what de ole man is saying here what you see right across the length and breadth of Barbados IS THAT THERE ARE PATRIOTS WHO ARE DOING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE at different levels.

    I come over as a bitter hateful old man who has nothing but a constant stream of cuss words for the Fumbles and the Mugabes of this fair land Barbados.

    I is not got a problem wid dat causing after a while you start seeing people like Sir Simple Simon talking bout her garden and feeding sheself.

    Granted that she is selfish and only doing it for herself but look at you and Peter Lawrence who does come here pun a day and say clearly “I DOING DIS SHYTE EVERY DAY WITH A SMALL GROUP and it works”

    Looka Mr Jeff Cumberbatch, every effing day coming here and talking one straight story of Law and Principles and doing what is right and WE STILL GOT A FVCK JUDICIAL SYSTEM yet we got people like Jeff who I doan tink dat he would teif a pencil from Cave Hill ef it was not given to him.

    THere are enough of you who can mek did ting wuk and give our youth Hope and Motivation and Ideas and Values and Direction OUTSIDE OF DESE EFFERS AT THE DLP AND BLP.

    There are enough of the good ones who can run de fvckers out of the HoA FOREVER and make a difference.

    Forgive my bad words Donna, I try not to cuss (yeah right) but I try hard not to curse but I have learnt that there is a segment of our society, the ones de ole man calls de SHEEPLE who ONLY UNDERSTAND CUSSING.

    Sir Simple does talk bout she garden constantly and all de tings dat she does grow and eat.

    She also talks about the values that she got from her parents and though she has not yet started about making that availabe to the wider community, she shows that self sufficiency is possible for elderly persons.

    On this blog we got bajan whites and blacks and indians and chinese and syrians and everybody WHO FOR DE MOST PART TIRED OF HIDING IN DEM HOUSE WHILE DESE CRIMINALS GOT WE HIDING.

    We des come here and goad John and Lawson and everyone does get licks but de rum shop still got some brimlers who show that dem ent like de piss and really want change.

    Every day WARU will post a video about the Ladies Stuart in the UK whose land got teifed.

    And just today you came here and talked bout a ladiy that you know.

    The Third Party Movement should be able to coordinate the funds to create a plaform that would reside in Englant dat does intake all dem sorts of tings IN A UK JURISDICTION WHERE THE LAWS OF BARBADOS CANNOT TOUCH where we can list every effing nasty scenario like this

    THIS IS THE FIGHT OF THE THIRD PARTY MOVEMENT to show bajans that we are tired of doing this really badword this way and that we are committed to change.


    LIKE DRING BACK CANADIANS AND MEK DEM SENATORS or “COMMONWEALTH JUDGES” euphemism for she fadder friends to mek dem judges too

    Whu after dat Donna you thing that any RH case dat you or I got in court going get decide in we favour when MOTTLEY PEOPLES PUN DE OTHER SIDE?



    THEY MUST FEAR US WHEN THEY GO TO A SMALL EFFING BUSINESS AND SEE OUR LOGO THERE be it an Indian story or a white man store or a black man’s store BECAUSE THIS PERSON IS A PATRIOT!

    You feeling me?

    So I going remain the disturbed tin Foil Man and Conspiracist till dat happens.

    What My Father ( I cursed so I cant put his full name here) has done IS TO SHOW THAT WE CAN REMOVE ANYONE WHO IS NOT DOING HIS WILL



    I got to go now causing I going be do a ting pun wednesday so tomorrow de ole man out of commission so to speak, de ole man should be heah Thursday

    But de ole man wish all of wunna who believe in the country Barbados well


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with my final item for the evening thank you


  • “There are serious rumblings against the actions of this government on the ground.”

    The government has 4 years 3 months left. Every week something good is happening in and outside of Parliament, but Salemites, TnAl and the Pick-a-noise posse so bent on pushing their story they ignore or criticise. I recently saw Lynette and Verla trying to decry the new estimates process. Once the government continues to DELIVER, come 4years and 3months their actions, including Cabinet size, consultants etc will be justified. Verla, Lynette etc knows this and that’s why they are fighting to get a footing. Ah lie? Oh I forget, I am a yardfowl. #iamnotac#legacy


  • Enuff this govt has been in office since May
    Can you please be more specfic regarding something good is happening every week and how and where is govt being involved in the goodies
    Far from what you have said. The news on the ground is that people are unable to make any decisions because of govt haste in chopping off arms and legs that effect their everday living
    Any how u being the yardfowl your job is to be a carrying bird of fake news while govt gives the “good news” by blowing smoke in the people faces.


  • Keep him honest

    I like how you put together ‘ yardfowl’ and ‘bird of fake news’.

    Great imagery. Shakespeare does not have anything on you


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Even funnier….the government was elected nearly 9 months ago, but some are still saying 6 months, even time is getting away from…before they know it …the electorate will once again exorcise that parliament of BLP backwardness as well..


  • millerthe anunnaki

    @Enuff February 11, 2019 6:08 PM
    “I recently saw Lynette and Verla trying to decry the new estimates process.”

    Can the people, therefore, expect some serious debate and answers about the future of the Hyatt and Four Seasons projects since they have been touted as the forex angels of salvation for the Bajan economy by the previous MoF and even the current governor of the Central Bank?

    When are the people (taxpayers) going to get a return on their investment in the massively expensive economic consultancy services to be provided by the professore-at-large Avinash Persuad on such hands-on projects like the future of the Four seasons fiasco?

    After all, both administrations (the BDLP monopoly) have put the country’s economic eggs in a one-trick pony basket called Tourism and the people are tired of hearing of the past deeds of the DBLP devil which have all gone unpunished in a cat and mouse game of you scratch my back and we will all scratch our own backs.

    Enuff, the people are getting so tired to the point of becoming totally pissed off with the broken promises and downright lies!


  • Will the Permenent Secretaries and technocrats from the various ministries buy in to speaking freely?


  • The Miller

    You may stand a better chance of getting some of that thing we warned you yuh will never get.

    We told you, here on BU, more than 8 years ago that Persaud was no real ‘professor’. Not tenured. No serious body of work.

    And everybody knows this except the people of Barbados. He has always been and still is a fraud. Is that not now clear to you.

    What has he done, or could do, but talk shiiiite?

    And if your lover girl is his friend and want to geh he wuck, the results being sought by you will come out in the wash.

    This is why we still demand somebody’s head on a platter, from the last set of criminals.

    These people know that Bajans aint serious. No reason to fear us. Just a matter of time before similar crimes, as committed by the last gang, will be revealed.

    They too, will get their golden parachutes, and ride off into retirement. Wait and see!


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @pieceuhderockyeahright February 11, 2019 5:54 PM “seeing people like Sir Simple Simon talking bout her garden and feeding sheself. Granted that she is selfish and only doing it for herself.”

    Not selfish. I can’t be selfish, not when I was raised by completely unselfish parents and grandparents.

    i always share with immediate and extended family, with neighbours, and with one church.

    They share with me too.Some people claim that sharing does not happen anymore as in the old days. It still happens. I am not ready to give up on Barbados and Bajans yet.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Piece 5:52 p.m. “she has not yet started about making that available to the wider community.”

    But I have.

    On September 10, 1992 I made a vow to do some good in the community and I have consistently done so. I didn’t have money, still don’t have much, but I did have something more valuable than money, and I work with that.

    In March 1993 I got involved with another community project. Still involved many hours per week, and this project is an expensive one.

    About 6 months ago I became involved with yet another community good. It doesn’t cost me any money, but I do volunteer 2 hours per month.

    So yes. I have 3 things going. All completely non-political. All completely non-partisan.

    I couldn’t live with myself if I did nothing.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “The Third Party Movement should be able to coordinate the funds to create a plaform that would reside in Englant dat does intake all dem sorts of tings IN A UK JURISDICTION WHERE THE LAWS OF BARBADOS CANNOT TOUCH where we can list every effing nasty scenario like this

    THIS IS THE FIGHT OF THE THIRD PARTY MOVEMENT to show bajans that we are tired of doing this really badword this way and that we are committed to change.”

    If one with real balls can ever be found, not owned by local or foreign lowlifes and they show GENUINE commitment and CARE toward the majority population…..not Mia’s shite version of faux caring for her own people which jucking out both eyes…., then yes, the people will make that 28-0 change, easy, then they too will have to be watched and trained so they remain untouched by all the the demonic evil and debauchery which has taken place for decades and gone on for far too long that the head demons are jumping out in discomfort…it has all reached it’s zenith.

    It will be a sight to see wheñ it happens..


  • Loans and more loans
    A govt that made promises to put money in the peoples pocket is having another field day putting Barbados in more debt
    I wonder how these loans would be paid off
    A govt hell bent on a policy of borrowing having NO GROWTH PLAN FOR THE FUTURE


  • @Mariposa,

    Be careful. To criticise this Mottley-led BLP government is now a national security issue. If you call BERT economic nonsense you can be charged with treason. Be safe. Plse do not punch above your weight.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Hal Austin February 12, 2019 6:44 AM “To criticise this Mottley-led BLP government is now a national security issue. If you call BERT economic nonsense you can be charged with treason.”

    Not true.

    Nobody has said that anybody will be charged with treason if BERT is criticized, so it is untrue to say so. We all have a duty to positively and negative criticize our elected governments.

    When they do good, praise them.

    When they do bad, correct them.

    Nothing treasonous about that. And nobody has said so.


  • This govt promised Transparency and accountability
    Now all the long talk from govt boils down to suttle threats snd blp yard birds sitting on the fence calling people liars
    None of them never calls the govt promises ( yet to be delivered ) lies
    Govt promised to clean up.the garbage and put money in peoples pocket but recent media photos show people rummaging in a sera full of garbage trying to make a means to an end
    But all knows their is no hope in sight for those who have been put on the bread line and the remainder come early April ( in another season of giving) those whose head would be taking to the Bert guillotine as sacrficial lambs


  • Mariposa – More than the DLP in TEN YEARS. Today, the rules are being changed to allow docs to be laid electronically in Parliament. I hear the Official Gazette will also be available electronically. Something so simple but still significant. Y’all ain’t ready. You can go look for the other changes introduced but most importantly, the government by removing UWI fees has dismantled the DLP election platform. What will be the DLP’s next election slogan–Ankle Bracelets and UWI fees? Murdaaaa.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Puff Enuff

    Where have you gone too, Mr Intelligent?

    It is established that the DLP was wicked, deceitful, malicious and crooked. Makes no sense comparing your beloved BLP with them misfits. In other words, anything the BLP do now will be like choice bread -easy to slice and dice and a refreshing aroma from the stench created by Fraud Stuart and his gold diggers. Plus you do know that Mottley had no choice but to do what she is doing. Costs must be cut at every corner and therefore, digitising every aspect of government’s operations would always be a step in the right direction since it would a cost reduction move and expedite the speed of information sharing. Stuart and his several pieces of shit were too busy thieving to make these changes. However, Mottley is not without criticism because Rogues cannot pretend for too long. You see her tentativeness in seeking to investigate and bring to account DLP crooks. That will come back to bite her in the ass when members of her same team try a thing or two to get a few free dollars in pockets. You see that Knighthood so early in her PMs stewardship, where it is made clear that in less than a year her father must be exalted beyond normal citizen. That is going to come back to haunt her. You see that writing off of taxes owed to the government by names that are now to remain top secret; that too will come back to bite her in the ass. You see that wire tapping proposal, which basically is in situ and if opposed by too many, will go covert, that too will come back to bite her in the ass. So her large cabinet of friends, some of whom benefited from a change of constitution, and the making jobs available to her people, while sending home others, that too will come back and bite her in the ass. So while Rogue-Works is doing some good through her early changes under and IMF austerity, she has shown clearly that she will make some unconventional decisions in the midst of trying times in spite of what provocation it may stir. That stance will come back to bite her in the ass.


  • @ Simple,

    Stop living up to your name.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Nameless Ones #1

    You said “…Today, the rules are being changed to allow docs to be laid electronically in Parliament…”

    Somehow I get the impression that the Reverend Bishop Pastor Joseph Atherley and Mugabe feel dat everyone in Barbados is a good chvunt.

    Let us put aside the fact that she has outsourced the Government Printery functions to Trevor Prescod let us examine this Trojan Horse phenomenon and its purpose

    De ole man is on record showing Lynette Holder walking to Senator Caswell Franklyn and giving him an infected USB stick for him to retrieve a contaminated file WHICH MAKES THE CONTENTS OF HIS HARDDRIVE NOW AVAILABLE TO BLP CHARLES JONG

    What de fvc*!!!

    Just over this weekend de ole man showed how SO CALLED GOVERNMENT FILES at the GIS website are being called from the website.

    Now explain to de ole man precisely how this national illegal data access is going to be policed WHEN THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION IS IN FACT THE GOVERNMENT IN POWER?

    Who is going to be out here policing this information rape?

    Oooops de ole man sorry, David Simmonds of the high moral Caricom character he going police this digital hijacking

    De very man who buy dat obsolete IBM MAINFRAME COMPUTER FOR DE POLICE FOR US $3 million for de police records and which dem had to throw way cause it could only do text files and could not interface with not one desktop

    Yes siree we pun task to meet IMF targets BERT

    “Barbados Essentially Rass*ole Tied up”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    It is to be noted thatCENTRAL TO THE BLP PROPAGANDA, is the message of “WATCH MUH”

    If you examine the articles posted by the Mugabe Defense Force the central theme is that “when the growth comes AND THE JOBS COME FOR BLP OPERATIVES, all WILL BE WELL”

    And what does this mean for the Third Party Movement?

    Quite simply put, the Third Party Movement HAS TO DELIVER solutions and jobs WHILE THEY ARE NOT IN THE HoA!!!

    Nothing else is going to cut it

    So how does it do that?

    There are three ways to do this

    1.Securing jobs on the local landscape in traditional industries (which may be over saturated)

    2.creating jobs on the local market in non traditional industries (diversification)

    3.creating niche products and services in NON LOCAL MARKETS (new skill sets, diversification both virtual and physical, and commensurate forex generation)

    ALL 3 OF WHICH MUST HAVE LOW GESTATION PERIODS, meaning the employees must be easily grafted into the existing or resultant workforce

    I know this will be cryptic to readers, since the industries HAVE NOT BEEN DETAILED (for obvious reasons) but de ole man asks you NOT TO FOCUS ON THE SPECIFIC INDUSTRIES but on the strategy/concept

    Does it make sense?

    Now here is the hurdle

    How does one move from concept to practicuum?

    The issue is one of establishing a modality whereby a Core Third Party Movement which has the qualities to host the Concepts.

    Note that de ole man ent say nothing about IMPLEMENT YET!!!

    The issue here is who are the Champions with the Moral DNA to vest the Concepts in?

    If one were to go to Africa it would be simple, relatively speaking, to integrate the solution in that clime.

    There is a desire there UNLIKE WHAT EXISTS IN BARBADOS where de people are suffering but the sheeple abound in plentitude.

    Sometimes it becomes so clear as to what has to happen for people to want change

    Maybe it would be better that Mugabe is allowed to become President for Life maybe then de sheeple will be disposed to change then right?



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    So continuing on with this submission I revert to this central posit

    “…The…three ways (for the Third Party Movement) to realize employment generation was by …

    1.Securing jobs on the local landscape in traditional industries

    De ole man has suggested that such a segment would be oversaturated as is evidenced in the government firing 5,000 employees during the last few month of BERT and the private sector using this opportunity to lessen its employee conpljmdnt.

    De ole man then proposed

    “…2.creating jobs on the local market in non traditional industries (diversification of the one pony town)


    3.creating niche products and services in NON LOCAL MARKETS (new skill sets, diversification both virtual and physical, and commensurate forex generation)…”

    Now I did say there was to be one caveat ” THEY MUST HAVE LOW GESTATION PERIODS..” English for dem must not tek forever to manifest.

    Now de old man gine give wunna a little hint for wunna consumption.

    Mugabe Mottley is doing all de ole man suggestions!!!

    She has been pursuing all me National Indicative Progrsmmjng suggestions.

    Diaspora Mining Initiatives including her witches Coven CALLED THD GATHERING 2000

    And dem trying de ICT TING but dem ent got all de parts for that

    YET, if properly done, and de ole man ent talking bout PRT and Toon Boom Boom shy$e, this will reap the highest results in employment generation and Foreign Exchange generation.

    Doan get de ole man wrong.

    Not everyone is a coder but there is a critical element of choice of diversification that needs to be made for this to work.

    but doan let de ole fool wunna so I gine paste dis Reuters excerpt about Facebook for wunna

    “…Facebook said about 2.07 billion people were using its service monthly as of September 30, up 16 per cent from a year earlier.

    Analysts on average had expected 2.06 billion monthly active users, according to FactSet.

    Net income rose to $4.71 billion, or $1.59 per share, from $2.63 billion, or 90 cents per share…”

    The saddest thing is that Bajans are led by Mugabe’s and Fumble-like leaders who are devoid of Vision

    It really is not a spiteful state to be in for neither of them is more actively disposed to be what they are, jn terms of their superior inferiority THAN IS A SCORPION TO BE BLAMED FOR ITS VENOM.

    They are what they are, MEN AND WOMEN WHO JUST EXIST!