The Grenville Phillips Column – Ross University – Hip Hip Hooray

Barbados is fortunate to have Ross University relocating here, and our Prime Minister deserves credit for facilitating the move. This was a win for everyone: the University, which would have a wonderful location in the true land-of-the-free; the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre (LESC), which would be able to pay its bills and not be a drain on tax payers; but most importantly, ordinary households.

The severe austerity is impacting those with home mortgages, and to have the reported 1,000 students plus 300 staff paying perhaps $1,000 per month for a room in someone’s house, may save the house from foreclosure. If the mortgage has already been paid, then the money can be used to invest in the education of their children.

The immediate beneficiaries would likely have been those in close proximity to the LESC, who would have likely benefitted slimily as those near the University of the West Indies. However, given the LESC’s favourable location and Barbados’ radial road network, anyone living near Highways 4, 5 and 6 would have an advantage since it would be one bus ride to and from LESC.

Many homes are already prepared to host the students and staff, having upgraded their houses to accommodate visitors for the Cricket World Cup. The level of interaction should be beneficial to the families since these are post-graduate students, and the exchange of ideas can only benefit both parties. Well done Barbados!

Yesterday, to my dismay, I read that all Barbadian households were disqualified from offering their houses as accommodation to the students and staff. I learnt that only those small houses in the Coverley residential development, which are located far away from LESC, were approved for Ross University students and staff. I felt sick reading that even if students wanted to have accommodation at a Barbadian household, that they could not.

Something did not seem right. Certainly Ross University would correct this offensive news report, but it remained unchallenged. Hence, this article.

Why is this offensive behaviour being tolerated in Barbados? Everyone in a free country has the right to seek accommodation that they can afford. Even in countries that limit personal freedoms, like Cuba, Russia, China and North Korea, people can still choose to select affordable accommodations.

In Barbados, the only persons who do not have the choice of accommodations are inmates detained at Her Majesty’s Prisons (HMP) Dodds, the Psychiatric Hospital, and those who choose a military type regimen like the Youth Service and the Defence Force. Everyone else has a constitutional right to personal liberty where they can seek affordable accommodations.

Is there no lawyer in Barbados who can request a judicial review of this offensive contract? Is there no person at the Fair Trading Commission who can make a determination of the fairness of this contract? Why are we tolerating having Barbados’ reputation being damaged in this manner?

It actually gets worse, as if that were even possible. These approximately 1,000 sq ft area houses are reportedly being rented to accommodate 4 persons, who must each pay approximately US$1,000 per month in rent. What???

This rent is so ridiculously high that those 4 students can pool their rent money for 3 years and easily purchase the house that they are renting. They can then sell it, share it as a vacation home, or rent it to other students after they graduate? Clearly they would not even need to consider something so extreme if the rent was reasonable, but to not consider this investment opportunity would be financially irresponsible of them.

It is a well-known maxim that to understand what is really going on, one should follow the money. It has been reported that the houses at Coverley were not selling as expected. It seems that only a few favoured people are supposed to benefit from the relocation of Ross University.

While homeowners and others may mourn the loss of this economic opportunity, the real victims are the unsuspecting students – who are to be incarcerated at HMP Coverly.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at


  • doctors’


  • What George has said is the ONLY WAY these words of Jesus make sense. This Bible illiterate has come to the same conclusion and has been expounding such a common sense position for years.

    All you did is put it more eloquently, George.


  • Some of you people on BU really make me laugh.

    A man was shot in Black Rock and that makes the place the worse crime area in Barbados. Do you know the circumstances surrounding why the man was shot?

    I believe you are arguing that point mainly because of the person who was arguing against it. That is how it works on BU.

    What about the Pine where there are regular incidentd of robberies, assaults and shootings. Almost every night someone is robbed walking through Princess Royal. How about Silver Hill and Gall Hill?

    Many of you don’t argue facts, you argue personalities, against those you don’t like and and for those you don’t like. If the people you like are wrong you prefer to remain silent, but if the one you hate is wrong, it’s a cussing for him. Then you go on to remind us how stupid we are, but you are more educated, have good jobs and how much money you work for.

    Watch them now.


  • Oh dear – Breaking News

    Dominica is suing Ross University for breach of contract.

    This ting like ent dun yeah

    And Mia lied and said she spoke to Roosevelt Skerrit about the Ross move and he was satisfied with her explanation.

    Yeah right.

    There is no honour among thieves.


  • Did Skerrit not say he agreed with Ross moving?

    So who’s lying, Mottley or Skerrit?

    Enuff, Lorenzo and Gabriel will day Skerrit is lying and Inniss, Mariposa and Donks Gripe would say Mottley is lying.

    No need to make premature accusations. If there is a court case we will know who are the liars.


  • @T.Inniss

    Did the news report say his government is deliberating the decision to sue?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Grenville Phillips thank you


  • @ T. Inniss,

    Do you know who was the Sri Lankan woman from the UK who was hired by one of the Dominican governments? I do not know which one. She was there before the Chinese man Jong.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Grenville Phillips

    Let me pause and use your own purported, rather, preferred style of engagement, and show your true nature

    ” …You, Piece and DPD need to look at the crude, hate-filled responses that you normally give…”

    I will accept that my responses are crude…rarely…yeah right heheheh.

    DpD and the 1st of the Nameless Ones, are not crude, they are strongly opinionated BUT THE REASON YOU WILL CALL THEM CRUDE IS BECAUSE THEY EXPOSE YOUR STUPIDITY and limited reasoning skills.

    All three of us, and Theophillus and Bush Tea and the Sage Anunnaki and others, expose your simplistic political plans and I SO SIMPLE 9000 ideas AND, AS LONG AS ANYONE DOES THAT, THEY AUTOMATICALLY BECOME “CRUDE PEOPLE” IN YOUR ESTIMATION.

    The only reason that you dont call Bush Tea and the Sage crude is because of your obsequious nature to defer to persons whom you accord social standing.

    So their dissenting opinion is allowed to slide. You dont ever call them crude.

    Jeff Cumberbatch attracts your similar response not only BECAUSE HE OPPOSES YOU, BUT HE SHOWS YOU UP TO BE AN IDIOT AND INCAPABLE OF REASONING.

    But de ole man digresses.

    When any activists finds themselves contending the turpitude that is Barbados, dealing with people like you Grenville, with your lukewarm vacillating style, and people like Fumbles and Stinkliar and Pain and Teets and Mugabe, people who are normally meek and kindly, have little choice BUT TO BECOME CRUDE AND VISCERALLY ABUSIVE.

    Because your type DO NOT RESPOND TO ANYTHING ELSE!!!

    And yes, those responses, that you claim “…They benefit no-one…” are what are responsible for despotic, in competent people adjusting shite policies LIKE THE ANTI CAHILL GASSIFICATION PROJECT CAMPAIGN WHICH YOU WERE NOTICIBLY ABSENT FROM!!

    In fact Grenville, you are noticeably absent from any national issue that shows balls and back one

    and you will probably tell us that “Claire Cohen was one of your clients too…and you never talk about your clients.. ”


    You continue “…BU is a national treasure. Why are you three trying to mess it up? …”


    You come and espouse shy€e and we call it faeces and you get pun your high horse and say that we are messing up BU?



    You get back to updating your website yet? Cause it needs a serious refresh on many issues ELSE PEOPLE WILL SEE THAT IT IS ONLY YOU DOING EVERYTHING IN SOLUTIONS BARBADOS

    STEUPSEEE I gone, to other blogs where I hope that my crudity will awaken Bajans to the truth about pretenders like you and rapists like your hero Mugabe Mottley ONE OF YOUR CLIENTS WHO GIVE YOU WORK FIXJNG HINDS HILL ROADS

    Enjoy the rest of the day

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with item here


  • Hal

    No I don’t know who she is Hal.


  • Robert Goren

    “A man was shot in Black Rock and that makes the place the wose crime area in Barbados”

    You getting on like he is the first man to be shot in the history of Black Rock … what about the other men that were shot prior to him?


  • Piece:

    I suppose that it was too much to ask, but it should not have been. Why not post comments that add to the discussion?

    It seems that your only role is to try to damage the credibility and relevance of this important BU blog. Yet I continue to engage you in hope, because I believe that you are redeemable.


  • “You getting on like he is the first man to be shot in the history of Black Rock … what about the other men that were shot prior to him?”


    I don’t want to answer for or defend Mr. Goren…….I believe he may be quite capable of doing that himself.

    But you have this uncanny way of interpreting what other’s write and responding oppositely.

    Mr. Goren wrote: “A man was shot in Black Rock and that makes the place the worse crime area in Barbados. Do you know the circumstances surrounding why the man was shot?”

    You seem to have purposely ignored the statement in its entirety to focus on what you specifically wanted to respond to.

    I believe what you should have done was to ascertain at what comment his response was directed, and understand it within the particular context.



    lol..wuhloss…when is election again, 2023…ha, ha, ha.


  • “Engineers cannot be anything but humble”

    oh really….even engineering STUDENTS…are uppity and arrogant.


  • “And Mia lied and said she spoke to Roosevelt Skerrit about the Ross move and he was satisfied with her explanation…”

    speaking to someone recently and they SWORE …being Dominican….and having knowledge..that Skerritt was in bed with Maloney…although, post hurricane we warned him not to…find someone else to build Dominica…there are many, many builders ACROSS THE REGION…he did not listen, we know…and was stabbed in the back by Maloney…

    so as much as everyone is blaming Mia….that is not where the blame should be directed..

    Besides…the lawsuit is because Ross knows well enough the buildings that housed the university belongs to Dominica but is actually trying to PRETEND OTHERWISE.. like the crooks that they are…


  • Artax

    What would possessed someone who lives in Barbados to arbitrarily alleged that Black Rock is the most dangerous place in Barbados these days?

    Hear and say I guess?

    Listen! I knew why Bush Hall was regarded as the most dangerous place in Barbados when I lived there … it held within it Barbados most notorious criminals who lived and died there, as well as the majority of the violent crimes were concentrated in that area.


  • Robert Goren
    I don’t follow blindly,personalities.I read local content and deduce what passes the smell test.Know your place or just eff off den gaul bline yuh.#30loveinallyuhazz.


  • Skerritt was in agreement with the move when it was made public and was among the first PM’s to arrive for Mia’s swearing in ceremony.Photo ops a plenty abound and would confirm this.
    Herbert Volney the disgraced judge turned politician and then dropped like a ton of brix by Kamla in Trinidad,was among the loudest critic of Skerritt when the Ross move was confirmed.He wrote profusely in the Dominica press on the matter.


  • I wish those going after Mia from DLP ranks would go after the real meat of the matter…BLP corruption…but they are all afraid…lol

    They are AFRAID of each other…


  • Mr. Lexicon

    I have often mentioned in this forum that many contributors post comments and FORGET what they posted……then to subsequently post contributions that CONTRADICT their original comments.

    Unfortunately, when I present reminders of what they originally posted, they “cry foul” and accuse me of “compiling crap all month long,” having “psychotic breakdowns or meltdowns”……… lying……or the main culprits will “drop their snide remarks” that someone would refer to what was “said” months or years after……

    …………and warn that “we will have the archivist trying to hang you with what you said about any section of Barbados.”

    However, in my January 5, 2019 8:11PM contribution to BU, I “asked” Mr. Phillips II the following question:

    “Could you please present yours or the police statistics to substantiate your claim that there are “higher crimes rates in Black Rock?”….”

    You…….Mr. Lexicon……. posted the following response to my question/comment:

    Lexicon: January 5, 2019 9:43PM: “Artax, I am afraid Mr. Phillip MIGHT BE RIGHT because not too long ago a young lady from St. John and myself was engaged in a conversation on social-media respect to some of the most violent areas in Barbados.”

    “And I told her that I was originally from Bush Hall which happened to be one of the most dangerous place in Barbados when I lived there, and SHE SAID TO ME NOT ANYMORE Black Rock is BY FAR THE MOST DANGEROUS PLACE in Barbados THESE DAYS.”

    After you AGREED Mr. Phillips II’s allegation was CORRECT….. based on your conversation with a “young lady from St. John” told you……..

    ……….I’m CURIOUS as what PROMPTED you to now ask in your contribution re January 10, 2019 12:45PM:

    “What would possessed someone who lives in Barbados to arbitrarily alleged that Black Rock is the most dangerous place in Barbados these days?”

    But……what the heck….…I’m an appallingly ignorant, lying, psychotic, limited range chicken, BLP stool pigeon……so you don’t have to bother responding.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Artaxerxes

    While You got Lexicunt on the back foot leg de ole man deliver a full toss.

    Lexicunt whu part of Bush hall (not Bush hill) are you from?

    State de name of de gap and de occupants my man.

    You is a badword liar.


    you too like to tell lies to mek youself look like if you is a feller from de hood notwithstanding the incident with the teacher at St Leonard’s dat best you (and de ole man who you seem to suggest ammmm did unspeakable unmentionables to you behind the police station stables)

    De ting bout wunna fabricators is dat wunna doan like it when wunna alternative facts are questioned


    Dere was three policemen who lived pun bush hall main road call dem names?


  • Piece

    I am from that part of Bush Hall where a yellow belly like you dear not walk old man …. where you have to prove yourself as a man by any mean necessary … yah got mah … and that is why when I walk through inner city ghettos of America I fear no boy old man …


  • Piece

    I am from that part of Bush Hall where a yellow belly like you dear not walk old man …. where you have to prove yourself as a man by any mean necessary … yah got mah … and that is why when I walk through inner city ghettos of America I fear no boy old man …


  • Piece
    You know why dem police men lived on de main road because de bad boys came from Bush Hall Yardgap … Wade Gibbons was borned in Bush Hall yardgap anything more …


  • ” While Coverley developer Mark Maloney is set to earn millions from the relocation of Ross University School of Medicine students, Government was also a big winner.

    Prime Minister Mia Mottley yesterday revealed that government has sold its lands at Coverley to Maloney for $13.5 million, three times the worth.”


  • @Hants
    Something not adding up, Maloney is touted as being a man who gets the better of every deal yet this Gov’t was able to sell land to him for “three times the worth”.

    I’ll bet we haven’t heard the (w)hole story


  • Article by
    Barbados Today
    Published on
    January 16, 2019
    At 62, he’s finding it hard. His children live overseas and he cannot find a job.

    That’s what Farley Nigel Smith of Hothersal Turning, St. Michael, told Acting Magistrate Anika Jackson today when he appeared before her in the District ‘A Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to stealing one toenail clip valued $6.99 belonging to Massy Stores on January 15, 2019. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail.
    That is what passes for sentencing in Barbados, all for the theft of a toenail clip valued at $6.99. They should remove the title “Acting” from this Magistrate, she can remake the Barbados Economy by having the Gov’t build more jails to house petty thieves.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Sargeant

    You quoted and I requote

    “…pleading guilty to stealing one toenail clip valued $6.99 belonging to Massy Stores on January 15, 2019. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail…”

    I shall share with you this seemingly convoluted reasoning and the disproportionate sentencing administered by the acting Magistrate

    6 + 9 + 9 = 24

    The man’s relatives are overseas in America and the exchange rate is 2 dollars to 1

    24 ÷ 2 = 12

    Further the man is 62 and 6 x 2 = 12

    What is your problem with Magistrate Anika Jackson?

    If de ole man Grandson was up I’d have him do a poster about this idiocy

    Assuredly this Anika should be awarded a knighthood like Sir Mugabe

    She probably is going to be shortlisted as one of the 3 additional justices Minister Dale Smiley Teets going hire to help fast lane the 10 years of cases that they have on the front burner



  • The question is “what is worth”? Ross students provide a guaranteed rental base, I am surprised he isn’t building 4 5-story apt blocks. With such a cash flow machine to be placed on the land, who is calculating worth? It has to be worth more than if you wished to plant it in cane? And I suspect there is some guarantee Ross students will be housed there, as opposed to some competing accommodations elsewhere. Who is paying to transport the students to campus? This is part of the housing deal too?


  • @Saargeant,

    Thank you. This idiocy passes as justice in our little island, no doubt supported by the mass of people. In reality, it is savagery. Punishing people for being poor.


  • @Hal

    Absolutely. Anytime I read the courts section of the daily local rag I have to shake my head in disgust. Totally disproportionate, inhumane sentences for very,very petty crimes. But the saddest part is that no one raises an eyebrow, says a word.

    Not one of the 1100+ lawyers. Not the BU’s own Jeff Cumberbatch.

    Yet we talk rubbish about punching above weight.

    Bunch of savages.


  • In the past I have often mentioned where the time seem disproportionate for the crime, This applies not only for silly articles for a toe-nail clipper but for small items of food to quench one’s hunger or thirst.

    This is worst than savagery. It is a brutal war against the poorest and the hungriest on the island. It is almost as if some remnant of an old repressive slave law remains on our books,

    One could argue that these extremes sentences afford these poor folks housing and food for an extended period of time, but this approach does not solve the basic problem and is tantamount top kicking the can down the road.

    Meanwhile, we play the silly games we play with knighthoods an titles. It is a strange place,


  • Meanwhile, we play the silly games with knighthoods an titles. It is a strange place,
    Too early to be correcting typos


  • *and
    I dun wid dat


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