Grenville Phillips Speaks – Welcome Stamp

The Government has implemented a welcome stamp program, where visitors can work from Barbados for up to one year.  They can also apply for an extension.

This is one program that was well conceptualised, well designed, and well implemented.  The main beneficiaries are property owners, businesses, and the Government.

This should be an exemplar for all Government plans.  Its opposite is the Ross University initiative, where Ross students were forced to stay at the Coverley properties.  This automatically disqualified all but a chosen few from benefiting.

For the Welcome Stamp initiative to be sustainable, we must all do our part in making our long-stay visitor have a delightful experience in Barbados.

There is one foreseen risk – crime.  We are graduating a majority of students with no academic certificates and no marketable skills.  Entry level jobs are competitive.  Therefore, many see their only options as engaging in illegal activities.  This should have been urgently addressed a long time ago.

The solution remains simple – modify the secondary school curriculum so that our students graduate with marketable skills.  Former Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, did a lot of talking, but no action on this critical matter.  The current Minister of Education is copying her predecessor exactly.  We seem to be waiting for the foreseen risk to be realised before doing anything about it.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer.  He can be reached at

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  1. Whatever way you look at it, every day the future is looking more and more 1984ish and dystopian, whether in little Barbados or the “big” countries overseas that Bajans and West Indians have traditionally emigrated too for jobs and to escape from the lack of opportunity in small island economies. We felt safe moving to these countries, because not only would job and business opportunities be more abundant, but they were also democracies with freedoms and civil rights supposedly guaranteed by provisions laid out in a constitution or Bill of Rights (Canada).

    Spy Agencies Threaten to ‘Take Out’ Mercola

    Among the websites cited by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate as promoting extremism that poses a national security risk to the U.K. are Mercola(dot)com, Children’s Health Defense, the Informed Consent Action Network, the Organic Consumers Association and the National Vaccine Information Center

    I’ve been warning you about the seeming inevitability of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for several months now, and have discussed the ever-tightening grip of media and online censorship even longer. As an independent source of health news, has been in the crosshairs of globalist interests for years, and the attacks are intensifying with each passing day.

    While, on the surface, health recommendations and geopolitics may appear to have nothing in common, they are in fact intertwined.

    As more and more information about the Great Reset and the 4th Industrial Revolution is starting to surface, we can clearly see that eliminating medical freedom is a central part of the plot, and mandatory vaccination will be used as a tool to usher in biometrical surveillance and enslavement through a centrally-controlled all-digital finance and identification system.


    As mentioned at the beginning, health and geopolitics are far from separate issues. One is feeding into the other, as mass vaccination is being used as a way to implement a whole host of “new world order” directives, including the introduction of an all-digital centralized currency model tied to digital IDs and a social credit system.

    Together, all of these bits and pieces will allow an unelected technocratic elite to dictate every facet of your life, from where you live to what you own (which according to the World Economic Forum will be nothing). For an introduction to this globalist takeover, which is now being rolled out at a rapid clip, see James Corbett’s report featured in “What You Need to Know About the Great Reset,”

  2. Not a mention of the man whose brainchild this was.
    The not atypical politician. All these signs should tell us how such an animal will seek to rule us, if only.

  3. (Quote):
    This is one program that was well conceptualised, well designed, and well implemented. The main beneficiaries are property owners, businesses, and the Government. (Unquote).

    Well conceptualised by whom? GP No.2?

  4. Difficult Conversations – Destroying Innocence.

    “But it makes no sense”, argued Joseph. “I am the only person who will be using the textbooks.” His mother allowed Joseph to vent. He felt disrespected at being told to send a parent to school to sign the textbook loan agreement. “Why can’t I do it? This is so embarrassing!” he shouted.

    Jenny winced, but tried not to show it. “Was he embarrassed of me?” she thought. But quickly forced that thought down. She knew that Joseph was at an age where he wanted to be more independent, and was pushing against the boundaries that she and his father had set. “He was probably embarrassed about being treated like a child”, she reasoned.

    Jenny had learnt to nimbly reinterpret Joseph’s words and actions, to avoid these conversations escalating to where they were both upset. “Be the adult in the room”, she reminded herself.

    From being a rather compliant child, Joseph was now a 15-year old, arguing about the unfairness of any rule. His nine-year-old brother was a little easier to manage, but only a little. In the past week, he started to mimic his older brother’s resistance to everything.


    After Joseph had exhausted his frustration with what he called idiotic archaic rules, he finally seemed ready to listen. “God, give me wisdom”, Jenny thought.

    “Joseph, the rule is there to protect you.” Joseph exploded, and went on another rant that seemed to never end. Then she thought of a different strategy. “Joseph, I agree with you”, she interrupted. Joseph immediately started protesting, but then pulled-up when his brain registered what his ears had just heard – agreement.

    “Well … so … what are we going to do about this idiotic unfairness?” he asked. Everything seemed idiotic to him these days, but Jenny hoped that it was just a phase. She started again. “Let us understand why the rule was made, and then let us see how it may be changed.” This time it was Joseph’s turn to agree.

    “Joseph, we have agreed as a nation, that our children cannot be legally bound by contracts. This is not to punish or disrespect them. It is because most of them are not able to bear the consequences if they fail to do what they promised to do.” Jenny explained.

    “But if I lose a book, I do not mind paying for it.” Joseph countered. “Yes Joseph, I am sure that you would not mind, but are all students able to pay for the cost of lost books?” Jenny asked. “No, not all of them.” Joseph said. “So, the rule is there to protect those who cannot bear the consequences if the books are lost.”, she explained.

    “Do you think that most students want to be held liable for paying for lost books?” Jenny pressed. “Probably not”, Joseph admitted. “So, the rule is there to protect all students, whether they want to be protected or not.” Jenny concluded. “Fine mom”, said Joseph as he walked to his bedroom. “I suppose this is the most that I can expect from him at this stage”, Jenny thought.


    Just then, Alex came out of the bedroom he shared with his brother. He was hungry and wanted a snack. For the past week, Alex was spending most of the time in his bedroom. He had received a tablet from the school. It seemed that the school was either assigning a lot more homework, or Alex was taking a while learning how to use the tablet.

    Jenny appreciated the donation. It would have been inconvenient to share her computer with Alex during the COVID-19 school-from-home order. Joseph entered the bedroom and noticed the image on Alex’s tablet – it was pornography.

    Joseph felt immediate guilt and concern. He was given a smart phone when the schools first allowed their use. One of the first things that he and his friends did, was to search the unlimited amount of free pornography available to them.

    At first, he was embarrassed, but he soon decided that if he was not supposed to watch it, he would not have been given access to it. Now, he was addicted to it, and knew that Alex would also have to bear that burden. “Alex, what is this!” demanded Joseph when Alex returned. Alex was embarrassed, but decided not to show it, “that is my TV show”, he said defiantly.

    Joseph did not know what to say or do. “How could the school make the same idiotic mistake with Alex as it had made with him?” He thought.

    Joseph began to think about liability and contracts. He was not allowed to sign a contract to pay for something with installments, but could make one-time payments for computer supplies. He could buy food, but not alcohol or cigarettes.

    “If children are supposed to be protected from debt and addictions”, he reasoned, “then why force primary school children to bear addictions that even adults cannot bear, by giving them easy access to pornography?” he wondered.

    Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at

  5. Those are the kids who found out late, a 4 year old relation went to school and told the Mom after the 1st day, don’t like it, don’t mention the word school it’s a prison then she started to pantomine the whole day, and has been trying everthing to escape it ever since, so her teenage brother allows her to know, yep, it’s a prison…i wish them luck with the new generation…beuna suerte, they better bring the correct education.

  6. Strange that the BU brigade is accusing govt of intellectual. Property theft
    Yet the person voice most missing in the controversy PTL who is said to be the owner of the idea

  7. @ Mariposa

    Can anyone on |BU tell us how many patents have been registered in Barbados since November 1966? If any, what for?

  8. Strange that the BU brigade is accusing govt of intellectual. Property theft
    Yet the person voice most missing in the controversy PTL who is said to be the owner of the idea



  9. Wow! Wonders never cease!
    Pachamamum has introduced a new word to BU, and it has been spelt correctly and used in the right context!

    I am very proud of you.

    You go boy!

  10. David,
    As you would say: “Agreed”.

    It makes no sense to let Pacha keep all of those curse words locked up inside to “catch moss”. He has to share his talent with the rest of the world.

    Happy belated Independence Day to you, Pachamamum, my friend.


  11. You cannot know word history. Not surprising for an 11 plus slave boy.
    Not surprising for a nookie or nooky from nueken

  12. I have been reading some seriuos arguments about plagiarism and intelluctual theft
    The latest involves PTL ” supposedly concept of The Welcome stamp
    Some of the BU brigade has even gone far enough to slander govt with accusations tantmount to libel
    Now the one person PTL whose name has been called by some stating that PTL concept was hijacked by govt has not refuted or dismissed any of the accusations against govt or have step forward to put clarity to issue
    However a read of google about the program might give insight from where the concept might have orginated

  13. @ Chancellor David.

    “new world order”


    威廉·库珀(William Cooper)获得我的赞成票,因为我非常关心找出… …在阅读本书之前,我建议您至少演奏两张完整的专辑…在他们空洞的眼中,我看到了自由之死。 …即使到现在,当我想到时,我也全都被cho住了。

  14. David

    The slave who goes by the moniker Walter ManBlack has lived or is living in the state of Georgia.

    A state where electoral violence has raised its ugly head within a context where empire enters death throes and all that cunt could offer is the correctness or otherwise of ones thumbs. Even showing a lack of understanding about linguistic devices.

    We wonder why you David are not so subject to these meally-mouthed, juvenile, ad hominem, encounters because by his infantile standards you make vastly more violations, per minute here, than most.

    This right here is the problem with Barbados, toooooooooo many credentialed cunts like Walter ManBlack. Such people are worthy of death.

  15. このストアでは、オリジナルのコピーをPDFで送信できます。すべてのオンライン

    @ Chancellor David


    電話番号:+44 117 925 7277

  16. @ Pachamama

    A Javan warty has astronomic LIPS. The feeders usually have to duck because of STINK BREATH….

    People say Muriatic acid Is de cure..

    What do you think…

  17. @ Pachamama

    A master (Perkins Perco) once said “those who flaunt their credentials and professed to be exceptional are Narcissistic”..

    Now Bumpy would say he is a F…..g idiot..ya think?

  18. Well, very soon the old Brits will be vaccinated and free to return to Barbados in time for this tourist season.

    Expect business as usual.

  19. Grenville, I am happy that you think the Welcome Stamp visa was well conceptualized because it happened in the full glare of BU argumentation on this public forum. It goes to show that there is some merit in foregoing the name calling and yard fowl behaviors, at least for a little while.

  20. Grenville, you have understood the need to educate our youth, but you don’t seem to have taken your understanding far enough.

    The point of my idea to bring people to Barbados to work remotely is not simply to import that spending power. We doo need the hundreds of millions of USD that they will bring for sure, but that is not my ultimate agenda… my ultimate agenda is to get those USD jobs for Bajans.

    The point is to make the connections for Bajans to work at the same type remote work jobs for fat USD salaries that these visitors are working at when they come here. Many of us have the skills, we just don’t have the connections… but now we are going to make those connections, and we will not have to leave this rock to do so.

    This beats the hell out of being waiters and maids in the dead end tourism industry.

    I’ll tell you a secret… you remember what happened to American industrial blue collar jobs starting in the 70s when they shifted offshore and made a global power out of China?

    Well an exactly parallel process is happening to American office white collar jobs. This time places like Barbados will be the winners, because we can do social media management or technical editing or web analytics or digital marketing just as well as people in the USA, so let’s take those jobs without leaving the rock.

  21. @ all of you who even care

    A vagrant breaks into a house and steals a bottle of very expensive champagne.

    The break and entry, which is done in broad daylight, us reported to the police.

    Has a crime been committed if the owner if the house (Peter Lawrence Thompson) says that he is not concerned about the windows that have been ripped out of his home to effect the break-in?

    When the next door neighbours who saw the crime and the criminal report it to the police, does it not seem inimical to the interests of the witnesses when the homeowner, Peter Lawrence Thompson, from whom the merchandise has been stolen, goes on record to say that “nuffin has been stolen from him” and that “he was no credit for the submission?”

    Can I not be that the party from whom the merchandise was “stolen” might not be the owner of the said item?

    Which brings one back to the original question about whether a crime has been committed?

    @ Bedroom Police

    Have there been any graduates from Westwood College?

    How many?

    What are their names?

    Have they gotten any jobs yet?

    What incomes have they generated?

    Where is the independent verification of this information?

    Are you still fabricating untruths?

  22. @ Piece the Prophet
    You have the facts of the case in error. There was no break in; the owner of the house left all the windows and doors open, then broadcast to the world that everyone, foreign and domestic, was welcome to walk in and share some of the champagne. The “vagrant” (Barbados government) sent an emissary to ask for the champagne to be served in a special glass (two page memo without cussing the BTMI), so I created that special glass and gave them the champagne.

    So far in the region Barbados, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Antigua have all tasted the champagne, but Barbados has guzzled more than any. For that I am thankful.

  23. @Piece the Prophet
    “…Peter Lawrence Thompson, […] goes on record to say “he wa[nt]s no credit for the submission?”…”
    Just to be perfectly clear, I have never said that I did not want credit or thanks. I have been thanked by one member of Cabinet, but much more important and heartfelt is the credit and thanks I’ve received from hundreds of Bajans from all walks of life, a few of them right here on BU.

    I am extremely grateful for this credit.

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