Karma Does NOT Sleep | Political Class Devoid of Ideas

The following comment posted by Bush Tea to the Senator Rawdon Adams Sobering Intervention in the Debt Restructure Debate blog. It is a view we have discussed in the BU discussion rooms over the years – David, blogmaster


@ Piece


What amazes Bushie is that wunna continue to miss the OBVIOUS FACT that some dark force (that is intent on our demise) HAS to be manipulating the minds of Bajans in particular … and of the world in general.




We find that the Government is spending TOO MUCH money on wages and salaries. We have known this for YEARS…


ANY JACKASS (including Maripoka ) would IMMEDIATELY conclude that the solution is to reduce ALL salaries and wages by a percentage amount that regains BALANCE.


That way, EVERYONE shares in the pain…. and we ALL continue to survive …while hopefully building a new arrangement that makes sense.

INSTEAD…. OUR JACKASSES IN CHARGE choose to send home thousands of low level workers whose wages are so small that it takes thousands of them to allow the Government to pay for the new Deputy PSs ..and other big-ups that they have recruited ….. along with their recent 5% pay INCREASE.

But THAT is not the joke….

The yardfowls and LACKIES (like the BHTA head in BT, The Unions, the Press …. even BU Bloggers….) ALL seem to have brought into this idiotic albino-centric approach – Apparently each hoping to maximise their OWN PERSONAL positions -rather than think of the COMMUNITY CENTRIC benefits of sharing the pain.

Only a wutless, stinking, RH DEVIL could be so low- minded as to drive such a destructive influence into brass bowl minds…..

…and instead of focusing on the SELFISH and GREEDY approach being taken, from From the PM down to BU bloggers …are talking shiite about the fact that some of the unfortunates who were sacrificed did not get their cheques when kicked out the door…..

But Karma does NOT sleep.


The plimplers will be PARTICULARLY sharp in the grass that is reserved for such selfish demons.


  • ” For instance, according to the official circular of the notice, ministers as well as permanent secretaries and officers of related grades would now fly economy class for flights of four hours or less. For flights in excess of four hours, it would be business class.”




  • Business Class Airbus A321-200: Seat width of 21 inches and 37-inch seat pitch.


  • @ David BU

    ” The Prime Minister will also participate in the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association’s Cruise Conference and Trade Show in Puerto Rico on November 5 and 6 with some of the other Heads of Government from the CARICOM Community.

    While Mottley is on official business overseas, Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural Development, George Payne, will perform the functions of Prime Minister. (BT/BGIS)”

    George “THE HAT MAN”Payne would be a good name for a boxer or wrestler.

    effin it did Freundel Stuart dat did gine to a Trade show in Puerto Rico wunna would be screaming blue murder.

    Now if I did Prime Minister wunna couldn’t sen me cause wid all dem pretty womens I would be seekin asylum.

    As we say in Canada. Same old same old.or plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose



    ““We have come to the point where these contracts cannot be accepted. I spoke to you earlier and told you we are paying one million dollars a month effectively for a (BWA headquarters) building and a lease and for those who say I know the people, I know them, but I know everybody across Barbados too and nobody must ever get confused with friendship and duty, and nobody must ever get confused with contribution and ownership. This woman here will not be held hostage to anybody or by anybody,” she said.”


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  • Mia should not get confused with the words JUSTICE and vengeance either…as a lawyer and now PM she should be pushing for JUSTICE TO BE SERVED…against those in the former government and in the minority business community who ripped off the treasury and pension fund…and left the island in massive DEBT and BROKE with an ugly reputation worldwide..

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  • fortyacresandamule

    @ David and Hants. Yes they do have strong trade unions and successive governments have always maintained a policy of avoiding MASS layoff mostly for political reason. However, that is not to say public sector workers are not given pink slips from time to time, but It is mostly done on a small continuous stealthy level. So rather than fired 10000 workers all at once, you could accomplish the same task over an extended period of time.

    The Government of Jamaica has been on a continuous public sector transformation since the 1990s. Slowly retrenching and consolidating its public sector work force. Nonetheless, It’s still has a huge wage bill based IMF benchmark. The IMF metric for the wage bill is that it should not exceed 9% of GDP. In Jamaica’s case it’s between (10-11%). This is the only benchmk that consistently eludes Jamaica’s IMF target.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Fortyacres and a mule at 11:29 AM

    ”This is the only bench mark that consistently eludes Jamaica “. and so it should. The correct number and quality of hands make for effective policy implementation.


  • @Vincent

    The question is how is the quality and correct number determined?


  • Vincent Codrington

    The quality and number is determined what output is required and tailoring the quantity and quality of the labour force. It must be done carefully , deliberately and through attrition ,on the job retraining and within the four corners of industrial law and practice. Aiming for an idiotic metric pulled out of a hat is not the way to go. Government is for the people.


  • Vincent Codrington

    ” determined BY what output is required”.


  • Wuhloss!!!


  • I am not getting in a pseudo argument about Jamaica but I am just asking:
    How many have actually visited JA ?
    How many have seen the schools in JA?
    How many know the value of the $JA?
    Did any body on this blog ever use a primitive out house / toilet at primary school ? If so state year
    How many know about public housing in JA?
    How many know about the real poverty in JA ?
    Before we go heralding the failed policies of the IMF in JA and believe that it is that good for Bim; we better think twice.

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  • Vincent Codrington

    @ William Skinner

    You are asking the correct questions. They are certainly comparing apples and oranges. But misery likes company .


  • William…what got me going…Mia is trotting out a Jamaican Opposition leader to endorse her BERT plan, who has no clue what the hell he is talking about because he was never PM in Jamaica managing any austerity measures …..steupppss…she is still insulting the intelligence of the vey people who ELECTED her in Barbados….she better pray BERT works…

    ah guess she is still to notice the spotlight being shone on her government…particularly since she is hypocritically aligning herself with the same criminal minorities who helped the corrupt DLP ministers bring the island and people to their knees.

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  • The judas, traitor lawyers in the Mia government are being called out….Mia can’t complain…she put this lawyer wretch and all the other lawyer wretches in place to preside over this cockup…at taxpayer’s expense.


    This foreigner woman comes across as another dictator in good company. Both she Abrahams and her husband are lawyers, so they all know this is wrong.I want to see the fallout for the government, when these fat cats send out the BWA agents to turn off poor people’s water mains, I want to see that.Forty-five dollars is nothing to exist in their pockets, but it is a lot of cash in a poor man’s hand, believe me. The reality is, that people cannot afford the huge payments. A bunch of heartless bullies who need to wheel and come again.”


  • The only winners in BERT would be the international financial companies to whom barbados owes debt
    The citizenry would continue to feel pain and hardship as this govt tries relentlessly to get blood out of stone
    The retirees and pensioners savings which was gobbled up by govt is sound proof of what is in stored for Barbados

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  • And the stupid Jamaican minister got to be a jacka ss to open his mouth with such a BERT pronouncement without having access to Barbados economic and financial potfolio
    Makes me wonder how much he was bribed to make such an asinine comment


  • The misinformed are at it again. Who was Minister of Finance in Jamaica when they entered into the recent IMF programme?


  • Who ever was the mInister of finance in Jamaica when jA entered an IMF program is irrelevant to barbados current problems
    Unless the joker has inside or firsthand information about barbados economic portfolio.He ought to mind his orJamaica problems and keep his shit..ty nose out of barbados problems
    Furthermore what good solution for Barbados econmic problem can be derived from his mouthings


  • Who ever was the mInister of finance in Jamaica when jA entered an IMF program is irrelevant to barbados current problems
    Unless the joker has inside or firsthand information about barbados economic portfolio.He ought to mind his orJamaica problems and keep his shit..ty nose out of barbados problems
    Furthermore what good solution for Barbados econmic problem can be derived from his mouthings


  • @ WARU

    There is a big myth making the rounds that Grenada, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, that sought IMF assistance are now booming and therefore, our entering the IMF is the “ in thing” to do.
    I have stated on this blog, that as far as I have read, the IMF has stated that the real goal of reform. will be realized in fifteen years. That puts us at 2033. It means that any child born in our country today will be living under an austerity program that will finally be completed , it its totality , when he/she is fifteen years old.
    I note that just a week or so ago, one source said that no more than 1500 will go home. Within forty eight hours, another source said 2500.
    Today I read where an economist has stated that those numbers will not get the expected result. It is now conservatively believed that at least 6000 workers have to be replaced.
    Owen Arthur, who was heralded as the greatest Minister of Finance, has emphatically stated that we need more money than the IMF has approved.
    All I am saying is that while I wish our government well, I strongly believe that the use and abuse of statistics is now widespread.
    About six years ago, I read in a very affluent magazine. that a country in Africa economy had grown by six percent. Within a few pages, I read that in the same country , poverty was widespread and there were schools being conducted under trees; teachers had nothing but chalk; children never saw a book etc.
    It is pure folly to tell me that Jamaica is doing so great when In natural fact that country’s standard of living and so on is in many cases is not at our level.
    Again and with very good reason , I ask this simple question: Is there anybody writing in this blog, who when at public primary school in Barbados , went to a school, that used a pit toilet? If so kindly inform the year or period.
    It is quite amazing that we were once saying that we want to be like Singapore and now we talking about Grenada and Jamaica!!!!!
    The simple truth is that we are now being managed by the IMF and our sovereignty is under threat unless we meet their targets. It is an indictment that the BLPDLP cannot escape for taking our country into the wicked arms of the IMF on three occasions since independence.
    The civil servants who are now bring berated should be thanked for keeping this country afloat. If not for the public servants, this country would have been nothing more than sand because of the deliberate rape and plunder executed by the vagabonds in the BLPDLP and their pals in the private sector.
    Not s failed state yet but…………..


  • Is the Minister of Energy too much of an optimist in expecting a massive injection of foreign exchange into the Barbados Economy as a result of the SOL transaction?



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