Illegal Company (IFL Pipeline Inc) Invoiced BWA 3.4 Million Dollars

[Barbados Underground] On the 16 August, 2018 Barbados Underground (BU) published the blog – Was Michael Carrington VAT Registered When he Invoiced the BIDC 706 thousand dollars?. The article also included a concern by the blogmaster about a 1.5 million dollar invoice submitted by Hal Gollop to the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) for services rendered. If we wanted to hammer home the point of abuse of taxpayers funds, flouting of government financial rules, graft and malfeasance practised by government officials AND private players,  $766,855 paid to Richard Byer for vetting a simple agreement for The Caves of Barbados under Denis Lowe’s watch should have been included –Make Legal (Professional) Fees Paid by Former DLP Government Public.

The Auditor General needs to be given some teeth to pursue individuals and companies that abuse the financial rules of government and receive taxpayers monies under questionable procurement practices.

A few simple questions based on the documents attached.

Is IFL Pipelines Inc a legally constituted company under the laws of Barbados?


157 thoughts on “Illegal Company (IFL Pipeline Inc) Invoiced BWA 3.4 Million Dollars

  1. Piece….remember I told you to hold that thought. This must be the most intelligent thing Donville ever did in his life.

    “Former government minister Donville Inniss has begun negotiations with federal prosecutors in the United States on money laundering charges that could lead to a reduced punishment.

    It could also result in an early end to what would usually be a lengthy and, because of Inniss’ profile, a highly publicised trial.

    Inniss, a former Minister of International Business, who is facing serious corruption charges, yesterday appeared in Federal District court in Brooklyn before District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto.”

  2. The foolish old yardfowls can invoke jesus as much as they want, Donville will be the catalyst that helps clean up the island and rid it of minority rip off thieves and criminals stealing from the people, the drug and gun cartels..and whatever crimes they lay in theur beds at night and dream up to destabilize the government..

    all the criminals will be shitting concrete bricks this morning, major constipation…combined with soft bowels…I heard a hint about some form of racketeering, dont have the full story yet, but any racketeering in US falls under RICO… good, muchos anos en prision, not no 20 years, that’s chicken feed. lol

  3. And while yuh at with yuh googly gook comment don’t forget barbados caught a big fish called Charles Herbert hauling drugs in the belly of the yatch Ectasy and people close to him some of whom are govt officials are shitting bricks

  4. Lol…all yall shitting bricks, those are the same minority criminals yall been selling out ya own people to for decades…all of them, hopefully all you black traitors also get reeled in, in one form or the next, in Barbados or US,, Donville would be a fool to go down alone…if he was really smart, he would take Mia’s offer and work with her to clean up the island completely, redeem himself, make his family proud.

  5. It is be said that this pipeline project is being paid for by BWA by giving IONICS an increase in the price of desalinated water from the Spring Garden plant. If this is true, then how does it become BWA’s responsibility to pay VAT on the capital cost of the pipeline project?

    • The first person to touch on the suggestion to pass on the VAT to the NIS. It exposes how NIS funds have been utilized over the years. The culture of decision making. The government went ahead and negotiated with Ionics because it is the only kid on the block?

  6. @ Tron,

    when you mention Session and standing firm against his boss, it is time to dismiss anything you say. you know are quite clueless my dear wannaBEE

  7. “The government went ahead and negotiated with Ionics because it is the on,y kid on the block??”

    Because it’s the only kid ALLOWED to be on the block because of the corruption, ripping off the NIS Fund and the bribery factory.

    .the lawyers/politicians in Barbados love million dollar fees, to get that they sell out the treasury and pension fund to their minority bribers.

    No sense even wearing yaself out on the topic, Mia now knows what she has to do, because everyone including IMF is watching.

  8. Why didn’t former minister David Estwick or the general manager not shared this issue with public? Was it discussed in parliament? Was it noted by the Auditor General?

  9. @David


    You should now understand why either the BLP or DLP did want any TRUTHFUL audit or annual reports being issued by NIS. All of these nefarious loans would be made embarrassingly PUBLIC along with any involved kickbacks. Corruption in political circles is endemic in Barbados, waiting patiently to see how IMF are going to address these issues. First taste of repercussions have been issued by IDB.

  10. @ pieceuhderockyeahright,

    Adriel appears to be in the clear but are you still saying that there are sealed indictments against other former DLP ministers ?

    We should be seeing extradition proceedings against others for million dollar fraud

    Surely the USA was not wasting their resources against all DLP ministers for crimes involving petty cash.

    I am more interested to see what MIAMORBLP will do in Barbados. Will they persecute any of the former or current government ministers ?

    Will we see resignations from the current government ?

    When yuh see a ball a sprats near the shore yuh does cast the net to catch the DLP sprats but yuh might also catch a a few BLP jacks that were chasing the sprats.In the mean time the Great white sharks are cruising by.

    They too big to catch.

  11. In my younger days i spent many an hour listening to the BBC radio comedy over the SW radio.

    In all that i have read in this particular blog i am reminded of a particular comedy which involved a total outsider and first timer running for political office in a by-election.

    A memorable quote from the comedy has stuck with me for all these years.

    When the newly elected candidate was asked by a reporter what he intended to do about the corruption in White Hall(British parliament) he said in impoverished stiff British accent.

    “I will fight corruption; but first I will serve my term in the parliament”

    I wonder if we are not seeing that same attitude played out in our Houses of Parliament by the selected and elected office holders.

    Just asking.

    • @sirFuzzy

      It is another day and the blogmaster finds himself agreeing with you and offer the following comment – ‘show me the money‘.

  12. David August 24, 2018 9:45 AM


    It is another day and the blogmaster finds himself agreeing with you and offer the following comment – ‘show me the money‘.

    Hmm, maybe if they showed the (actual/figurative) money; they may be providing u with the evidence to put a nail in their own coffin?

    Just asking

  13. “He who comes to the court must come with clean hands” I heard this blurted out in a “Judge Judy tv episode”

    The maxim is the basis of the clean hands doctrine. Its purpose is to protect the integrity of the court. It does not disapprove only of illegal acts but will deny relief for bad conduct that, as a matter of public policy, ought to be discouraged.

    Clean hands, sometimes called the clean hands doctrine or the dirty hands doctrine, is an equitable defense in which the defendant argues that the plaintiff is not entitled to obtain an equitable remedy because the plaintiff is acting unethically or has acted in bad faith with respect to the subject of the complaint

  14. Piece…ya can check ya sources for confirmation. .

    Besides. ..while Enuff is busy bending over and assuming the position to beg Cow for what he stole from Bajans, it is being said that Cow sees that the end is near because he is not as blind as Enuff and is busy trying to offload Apes Hill….of course to some wealthy, white foreign buyer…been hearing about it fpr weeks now, from more than one source.

    If true, let’s hope the Mia government is on top of this to get back all those millions stolen from NIS through fraudulent means…to fund the Apes Hill scam.

  15. Why would IONICS need the BWA to agree that it should be approaching the NIS-ATM piggy bank for another $3.5M? If the loan was with IONICS who was building the plant and selling the water to BWA, then the only reason they was BWA agreement for a non-existence VAT obligation is so they could dip into the NIS-ATM piggy bank and carry long some more money.

  16. “Besides. ..while Enuff is busy bending over and assuming the position to beg Cow”

    It is actually the opposite but you spend more time talking than thinking.

    • What we do is play the man and not the ball too often on the blog. Made all the more hilarious where the majority post using monikers.

  17. It’s really mentality like yours that keeps the island down and the people table to get out of their circumstances to help themselves…while you are misleading yourself thinking you are doing the right thing, the right thing passes you by and you never see it..

    …neither the government nor the majority population should want anything to do with Cow and his ilk after their decades of experience of being ROBBED by them all..

    Don’t know about you, but I would not invite thieves to break in my house then go knocking on their doors later to please, please give me back some of what they stole.

    my talking has teeth, your thinking lack teeth.

  18. @ Mariposa August 24, 2018 4:34 AM
    “Yes i deliberately used the word arrogance as it can be easily be connected to a person who actions and deeds demonstrate a holier or better than thou attitude.

    PDYR ammm i was only schooled at the stanpipe understan..a weakling trying to find my way across the mine fields of this world.”

    Glad to see you have finally ‘butt’ into the mirror of commonsense and found yourself!

    When you look into that cloudy mirror- designed for reflecting the shadows of only political yard-fowls- do you see the original “ac” the accredited cretin, naïve but simple or do you see the multi-faced hypocrite Mariposa who cannot tell the difference ‘arrogance’ and ‘ignorance’?

    We could only wish that you would resort to your original nom-de-plume, the simpleton “ac” to be that symbol of personal honesty just like your nemesis Jesus; even if it means accepting of your own arro-ignorance.

  19. @ david

    Just between me and you! Today is August 24, 2018. I am wondering what would have happened with all said bellowed; demanded ; begged; suggested; opined in 365 days from now. August 24 2019.

    As i was told many a time “same shyte different day”. How i hope to be proven wrong. Is this just a loot of loonnngg talk and no action?

    • @sirFuzzy

      It is understandable the rising cynicism in our people. Recall what Arthur warned about, we want to go to heaven but not a fella wants to die.

  20. The only mission the DLP Government was on was the Destruction of Barbados. That is evidently clear.
    From 1971 to 2018, the DLP has demonstrated that every time they form the Government, they leave Barbados devastated .

  21. The most corrupt thing in Barbados is the idea that Barbados has been the least corrupt place on any list.
    That is Corruption in itself right there. Corruption is so endemic in Barbados and tn such an extent that it is the norm and people do not see it as Corruption. When the law is not applied across the Board that in itself is Corruption. If a certain man’s son is held with drugs or guns and that certain man calls another certain person and everything is quashed , what is that ?

  22. What we do is play the man and not the ball too often on the blog. Made all the more hilarious where the majority post using monikers.(Quote)

    What are you going to do about it? You are not just a blogger, you are the chairman.

  23. just asking,

    this is an interesting piece taken from a Grenville Phillips’ article. i just thought of it when you posted that since 1971-2018 the DLP was on a path of destruction. this extract may help your case

    “The Democratic Labour Party believes that we finance our development; the building of our roads, airports and these things by taxing people. The Barbados Labour Party believes that we finance the development of our country by going into debt. Debt financing, you borrow money and then use that money to build,” Phillips said while recounting the country’s debt history.

    “Errol Barrow [the first Prime Minister] got the country and it was debt free and after his ten years we were $259 million in debt. Tom Adams came along with the Barbados Labour Party and after his ten years $3.1 billion in debt. However, we had an airport and good infrastructure. The DLP came back and Erskine Sandiford struggled with the high debt and we were left with $4.3 billion in debt, so the Barbados Labour Party took over but they took the debt to $9 billion . . . .The current DLP led administration has now taken it to $14 billion,” he charged.

  24. @Just asking?
    If a certain man’s son is held with drugs or guns and that certain man calls another certain person and everything is quashed , what is that ?

    Luck? sheer unprofessional behaviour? utter incompetence? But it is never corruption. The audacity of you to use such a word in Lil England. My man know your place. lol

  25. “To conceal the bribes, Inniss arranged to receive the funds through a US bank account in the name of a dental company, which had an address in Elmont, New York, they added.”

    I wonder if it has finally occurred to Donville yet that was not “concealing the bribe”…that was leaving a paper trail for FBI to follow….lol

  26. @ Brother Hants

    You said and i quote “…We should be seeing extradition proceedings against others for million dollar fraud.

    Surely the USA was not wasting their resources against all DLP ministers for crimes involving petty cash?”

    The United States Government is many things but it is not stupid.

    When they can look at our courts and know definitively, beyond the shadow of doubt, that we are a mickey mouse jurisdiction where lawyers for the plaintiff and the defendants contrive to discommode their clients for individual benefit AND THAT JUDGES ARE CHOSEN because they benefit from the final disposition of a case DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THEY ARE GOING TO WASTE TIME WITH AN EXTRADITION TO Attorney General Fumbles Stuart, and AG Teets Marshall?

    Many of you don’t listen to the ole man pun tings where I does tell wunna in advance whu going happen wid Trump and the drip drip till mid terms.

    Many of you doan listen when I does tell wunna bout Chairman Mia Mao and what SHE MUST DO else she will serve 5 years and how she gots to start doing this prosecution thing in earnest cause OTHERWISE de whole place going get catspraddle

    But yes to answer your question there are hundreds of sealed indictments waiting on Bajans in particular and certain prominent West indians in general and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Pornville is a test run for the United States


    The purse of the IMF is not an easy one to open and the band of corruption that encircles the administrative structures of the GoB is too wide for the IMF to ignore

    Every single report that Leigh Trotman has ever issued has been pulled down for examination so they know where the thievery WAS & IS.

    If Mottley goes to them with any fabricated records OUR COLLECTIVE ASS IS GRASS!!!

    This is why I have a problem with the stupidness that De Pedantic Dribbler has been espousing about disclosures, albeit specific ones, on the blog.

    This BLOG Barbados Underground is the most viewed BLOG in Barbados! take a look at this is one of the tools that the Honourable Blogmaster uses heheheheheh and it is by this that he and the rest of the BU BORG now are able to tell who is coming from where.

    Certain articles here are monitored AS ARE CERTAIN OF YOU (not de ole man cause i is jes an aluminum turban wearing conspiracist) but wunna big guns wunna in pottah!

    There are going to be retirements & resignations of the DLP footsoldiers who have profited from this rape of the treasury.

    Mia Mottley WILL NOT ALLOW ANY OF THESE EFFERS TO TAKE AWAY HER PRIME MINISTERSHIP so all the nasty handed fellers got to go.

    As de ole man said earlier I do believe that the two women prosecuting the matter against Pain and Teets are speaking a truth but they will need more evidence to verify that truth (I however do not feel that Caswell had anything to do with covering up for Teets & Pain, CASWELL DOES NOT PLAY DAT SHIT)

    So there are going to be some momentous actions in the next 150 days.

    But watch mu nuh!!!

  27. Piece,

    1) If this ungodly Caribbean opera in the theatre called Little England goes on and
    2) given the fact that the Maduro-friend Comrade Commissioner is designated ambassador and
    3) that the Frundel-admin had close ties to China

    Barbados could become the next Grenada.

    PM MAM must act now and must cleanse the public service.

  28. I used to cursed the people of St. John for their act of folly in voting for anybody sent by the DLP
    I quarrel with the fact that the BLP needed to bring light to St. John people
    and that the seat could be won and if that happen all 30 SEATS could be won.
    I saw it and I called it.
    That the St,John people rejected the DLP is a seminal moment in the history of Barbados.
    That the electorate rejected the DLP to the extent that it was not seen as worthy of Opposition status is crucial in the whole scenario. It says therefore that the DLP should NOT be seen as any viable entity any longer. Damaged “goods’ to be thrown on the dump heap , no salvaging.

    What the hell were they really up to in the last ten years though ?
    CorBlimey !! They want flitting.

  29. @ James Greene August 24, 2018 11:56 AM
    “The DLP came back and Erskine Sandiford struggled with the high debt and we were left with $4.3 billion in debt, so the Barbados Labour Party took over but they took the debt to $9 billion . . . .The current DLP led administration has now taken it to $14 billion,” he charged…”

    Despite being previously pointed in the right direction you still find it purposely convenient to regurgitate a lie to promote your own partisan political agenda.

    Why don’t you quote from the more reliable source, the Central Bank of Barbados, instead of acting like a politically pruned parrot repeating a lie hiding behind a mask of statistical obfuscation?

    It’s time you stop providing the DLP fuel to feed the flame propelling that lie.

  30. WARU August 24, 2018 3:30 PM

    Thanks for posting this video. I well remembered the UN Peacekeepers who dumped raw sewage in Haitian wells and canals which caused a serious outbreak of cholera there. The UN denied that the peacekeeps were guilty. I was not surpised by the UN’s statement.

    Whether on not Haiti had a poor sanitation problem what the peacekeepers did was wicked. I am sure the UN will never address the problems of these black women I might be wrong but I doubt it very much.

  31. Anne…the UN must do something about children being raped by savages, they have allowed it to go on long’s repulsive ..these organizations have animals running loose in them..

  32. I have to agree with you that these organizations have animals running loose in them..
    These international organisations are corrupt. Watching the video the man does not even show any sense of remorse. UNICEF continues to condemn the attacks on children in war torned Yemen and other African countries but refuse to condemn their own. The UN is a hypocritical organisation.

  33. Just submitted my bills for
    Payment due on receipt.
    Please acknowledge receipt

  34. It sure is..check out the criminals who prostitute women which hiding behind organizations like Oxfam, another bing scandal…those organizations are battling scandal after scandal with their rapists running loose.

  35. Donville Inniss arrest is only the tip of the Iceberg.More names to drop. His ass is grass. No way he will worm his way out of this one Already Employees were dealt with it
    If there was no there there -those people would not have been fired and Donvile would not have been arrested
    Therefore how Donville can be innocent as some people hope — even Barbados Today with their foolish caption Not Gulity over Donville’s photo seem to hope that he get away.
    Right now Big Red in jail waiting for fresh meat licking he chops and ready to serve
    KY Jelly is in order and on order.
    What does it profit a man ?
    Some people feeling for Donville but do not know if this is the only illegal act he ever committed

  36. Just Asking….it’s a game they play and the system allows, they plead not guilty, discovery process begins, the federal prosecutors show their hand, the lawyer takes forever to read the documents, if he sees… oh shit ….they got real evidence, this dude is going to prison for decades, he advises his client to cut a deal….if the client says hell no am fighting, the feds, if they have more evidence will say, well we also got evidence of racketeering with so and so which could tack on 50 or 100 more years….the accuse says, well I will plead guilty to one count of money laundering …and they start negotiations from them…that is one scenario. .

    Don’t worry, Donville is not slithering out of this without punishment, not after that 2 or 3 year investigation, the feds don’t hold you so you can get away, if it was a state crime, maybe..those dudes got evidence, plus pther names are being called, even one who as far as I know, was not in the indictment and still sitting shaking in his medical
    office chair in Barbados, plus the 3 who were fired from ICBL could be supoenaed

  37. If Donny wants a deal, he must deliver namez. Local namez. No wonder, the former Barbadian AG came as a remedy from the NY chapter of the syndicate called DLP to “remind” him.

    Donny could face serious harm from the island´s lodges, the DLP-stalwarts within the BB judicial and security branches if he talks too much and ever returns to this island …

    Good luck, Donny! You must decide between States jail and returning to Bim afterwards OR shaming and staying in the States …

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