David Estwick and the BWA Board Must Resign Over the South Coast Sewage Mess


Atlee Brathwaite, Chairman of the BWA

Early in 2017 the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) introduced changes to the management team.  Acting General Manager John Mwansa was replaced by Keithroy Halliday, Charles Leslie assumed the role of Director of Engineering, Wayne Richards was appointed to the post of Project Director, Patricia Inniss took over the Wastewater Division and Joy-Ann Haigh retained her corporate and communications role with additional responsibility for the rapid response unit. BU cannot confirm if the appointment of a Director of Finance was filled as announced.

Why have we highlighted the changes in the management team?

One year after the management shakeup the challenges the country has subsequently experienced with the South Coast Sewage plant leak exposes a level of incompetence on many fronts. In particular the decision by the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) to NOT replace two pumps required to ensure extraneous matter is screened and prevented from infiltrating the sewage lines is very serious and those responsible must be held accountable. The result of the mismanagement is that blockage has occurred in the sewage system. Ironically the Board had no problem paying an invoice to Hal Gollop QC for 1.5 millions dollars in legal fees – see link to the invoice.

It is not a case of being unfair to BWA employees, however, given the threat to the health of residents and visitors, millions of tax dollars already spent to remedy the problem and to remain true to an effective performance management system heads must roll as a result of the South Coast mess. We should add that the lack of routine maintenance of the plant appears to be the cause of the equipment failure.

To date most of the commentary has been wrapped in the political.  The reality is that we have very qualified professionals employed at the BWA who are charged with making decisions in the interest of the country. The public must be told if the Board was advised to replace the two pumps and if it ignored the decision. Was it a case of the Board not being informed about the failed pumps because of a flawed internal reporting process? In any event the buck stops with the Board of the BWA which reports to Minister David Estwick. To date the Atlee Brathwiate Board and David Estwick have not been asked to resign neither are we aware their resignations have been tendered.

Clearly any decision to dismiss personnel at the BWA at this time will have political implication with a general election around the corner. In a private sector organization the personnel responsible for a foul up of such magnitude would have been dismissed for incompetence a long time ago. In a meritocracy this must be the routine. Regrettably our system is one where political expediency takes pride of pace.

A lot has been written and said about the South Coast sewage leak. BU adds to the commentary by calling for the resignation of David Estwick and the Atlee Brathwaite board of directors with immediate effect.






86 thoughts on “David Estwick and the BWA Board Must Resign Over the South Coast Sewage Mess

  1. Bajans will be accepting of ongoing leaking shit and raw sewage for the balance of their lives, they have been used to it for decades coming from nasty corrupt government ministers, politicians, lawyers and the minority criminal ekement in the business community….

    …….but the tourists who are well aware of and familiar with their basic human rights…. are not and will not. .,they can spend their money elsewhere.


    “Visitors turning up their noses
    ALEX DOWNES, alexdownes@nationnews.com

    Added 07 January 2018

    Both tourists and prospective visitors to Barbados have expressed concern about the ongoing sewage leaks on the South Coast. (Picture by Ricardo Leacock.)

    The impact of an extended period of sewage spilling on to Highway 7 between Hastings and Worthing, Christ Church, seems to be catching the attention of people interested in visiting Barbados.

    Some tourists have posted their comments on TripAdvisor voicing their worries. Some said they have even cancelled their trips to the island because of the nagging sewage issue.

    “I’m staying at Worthing Beach as we speak. The situation is horrible,” one visitor wrote on TripAdvisor recently.

    “The odour is nauseating. Five of the six of us have had gastroenteritis in the last few days. I’m never returning,” the visitor said.

    Another wrote: “We stayed on South Coast for 20 years annually. We were there last [December] when sewage was floating in the sea at Worthing . . . we’re not coming back until the sewage plant is fixed . . . . I’m sure we’re not alone, especially after a warning of potential health issues.” (AD)

  2. Bajans will be accepting of ongoing leaking shit and raw sewage for the balance of their lives, they have been used to it for decades coming from nasty corrupt government ministers, politicians, lawyers, the minority criminal element in the business community….., AND STUPID, BACKWARD MONEY GRUBBING YARDFOWLS, like the useless BWA board….and the dimwitted yardfowl public servants, who although getting decades of decent salaries, still insist on bribes to do their jobs.
    Lnoepw they can all swim in shit devoid of tourism.

  3. Seems like from PM Fumbel’s point of view, this ongoing, never ending sewage fiasco is the drawback to his managment style of: “I let my ministers manage their ministries and don’t interfere with their decisions or comment on their areas of responsibility. That way I can concern myself with other important and vital tasks (like organizing dinner parties for tourists at Ilaro Court and $7,000,000 independence celebrations).”

    As I remember it, the sewage spills were already stinking up the South Coast in 2017 when PM Fumbel was pompasetting around in a tux hosting $1,000 a plate 50th annivesary of independence dinner celebrations along with erecting a monument, parading with the troops and letting off fireworks at the Garisson. While the party was in full swing and after the party and the associated hangovers were over and done, he showed not the slightest inkling of concern over the implications of having uncontrolled sewage leaks spewing out untreated poop onto Highway 7 and its environs or the irony of celebrating the achievement of 50 years of self government while ignoring the putrid stink of one extremely critical failure of government wafting through the air just a mile or so from the culmination of the $7,000,000 celebration party.

    Maybe BU should call on Fumbel as the Lord High Admiral of the Landship HMBS Barbados to also resign.

  4. Eastwitch and Wrathwait will never resign. It is the very DNA of the ruling political class on this island ALWAYS to blame history, weather, mummy or magic for their personal failure.

    There is no independent and responsible thinking. No pioneering spirit. No entrepreneurialism. Nothing left to build the future. In former times cabinet ministers opened new schools, today they open new chew-‘n’-spew.

  5. Correction to my post above: As I remember it, the sewage spills were already stinking up the South Coast in 2017. Should have written 2016, not 2017.

  6. There are many comments on Tripadvisor revealing that the problem is known since ages. Nobody acted, but the lads at BWA were in lazy laggard mode as usual. Example:

    “In relation to the opening of the sluice gates at Graham Hall located to the east end of what was, beautiful Worthing Beach, this procedure is nothing new and I became acutely aware of this quite disgusting practice over ten years ago when generally ,at night in the low season,probably overflowing sewage was released into the sea to prevent the overwhelming of an inadequate sewage plant. At this time a beautiful blue sea was turned into a ghastly brown colour which took many hours to clear. To summarize,the problems with the sewage plant have been going on for over ten years and Governments past and present have still failed to fully resolve the issues to date,which is so neglectful.”

  7. And that is why the tourists will divert from Barbados, if the clowns of government and their yardfowls dont know it or are ignoring it, the tourists are well aware that raw sewage aka flowing and floating shit can make them very sick and ultimately kill them…..

    ….which tourist you know will pay good money to get sick and die from visiting shitty Barbados……not intelligent people, that’s for sure.

  8. Bushman…did we not tell Fruendel, his stupid ministers and irrelevant yardfowls not to waste millions of taxpayer’s dollars celebrating a useless independence they do not really have, back in 2016, did we not warn them about building a monument to satan and his cadre of demons on the Garrison by burying a pitchfork…lol

    Did they not cuss us, as is their trademark..lol.

    I distinctly remember posting an article before Nov 2016 outlining an African leader who canceled and refused to celebrate independence, because his people and country came first and needed to be taken care of…he was looking out for his people, the intelligent thing to do…….not wasting tax dollars wukking up with tourists and yardfowls like Fruendel and idiots….which is a sign of lack of intelligence.

  9. Eight comments – five from Well Well What a Racist Cretin I Is….and you call this a blog David?I call it a mental institution.

  10. I wonder if there is an end game to this madness. What lies behind the logic of this government and previous governments to sabotage their own environment; to wage war against their own people; and to reduce the life chances of her majority black population.

    We need to go back to our roots to determine our present and perhaps our future.

    Our esteemed Prime Minister, Stuart and his Negro cohorts are simply a modern day King Tegbesu who was an infamous slave trader. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/africa/features/storyofafrica/9chapter2.shtml.)

    Stuart and the aforementioned king are joined at the hip in their level of reasoning. Both were too blind to see that their negligence and their blind lust for monetary nourriture would decimate their respective countries. King Tegbesu benefited, financially, from his involvement in the slave trade. Whereas, King Stuart, and his predecessor abandoned their own people so that “others” would benefit financially of the backs of black Bajans. It would be interesting to know if Stuart and Owen would have gained financially from any such arrangements.

    Who are these “others” and what plans do they have in place? I have always said that the Caribbean is a paradise. Outsiders and the well-to-do are aware of this fact. Barbados is, therefore, being slowly run down into the ground, in the same manner that London and a host of other cities were run down over a lengthy period. The tipping point will occur when the majority black population abandons their island in sufficient numbers; only then will we see a resurgence and a regeneration of Barbados.

    From King Tegbesu to Stuart we can see that “black-on-black crime” has a very long and deeply entrenched tradition.

  11. The problem is on going too long….
    Let me ask some silly questions.
    Do we TRULY know what is the problem?
    Do we TRULY know what is the solution?
    Do we TRULY know what is being done to solve the problem?
    Do we have a long-term fix or will shit flow again at crop-over and in the tourist season?
    Do we have expertise on the island or must it come from elsewher?

    When you see guys huffing and puffing and nothing is working, they are in over their heads. Until it is fixed, all solutions/answers are suspect.

  12. 45fraudstertheskidmark…now ya have been relegated to counting posts, how much more irrelevant can ya get, ya have all day to count posts though….enjoy.

    Talking Loud…why do you think I am sorry they cannot and do not hang these black traitors for leaders by their necks from the highest trees anymore.

  13. @TLSN
    “The tipping point will occur when the majority black population abandons their island in sufficient numbers; only then will we see a resurgence and a regeneration of Barbados.”

    The fact that a billionaire from Mars can compete with the average Barbadian when it comes to land purchases, lends credence to your assertion.

  14. if it is a blockage dig it up where its blocked and repair it
    if it is a collapse dig it up and repair it
    if its the pumps get new ones ore repair them
    if its capacity quit adding to it
    years ago at accra a piece of crap went floating by and people (rightfully so) rushed out of the water like a shark had been sighted maybe this has been going on longer than anyone thinks.

    • If you dig up where will the sewage run? Have you not been following the issue with your comprehension hat? They have been using pumps and bypass pipes but the solution in the medium term is to build an auxiliary system/line that will facilitate contingency and maintenance to the main line.

  15. Saying to dig it up meant a bypass would have to be installed I gave you more credit than you deserve .Thinking you may have some kind of construction understanding I saw no need to cross every t but I see now the only callouses on your hands are your finger tips. It doesnt take years to fix a sewage emergency, the problem can take a while but shit in the streets is a fix it now thing.

  16. @ David
    None of these people will resign.
    It would take persons with a modicum of decency, self-respect, professional ethics and love for country to do the decent thing …and resign.

    There is no one in Froon’s government …or among the shiite hounds they have appointed to these boards that meets the above criteria.

    …otherwise Justin Robinson would have resigned long ago
    …Jackass Worrell de liar from the central bank would have resigned YEARS ago
    …Who ever runs the Transport authority would be history
    …The whole shiite board of the BRA would have gone

    This guy ‘Atlee’ has to be the MASTER of failure. No one has F*^$#@ up so much of Barbados over the years than has he….. yet he remains permanently attached to the shiite hound formally known as a pit bull.

    The REAL situation is that these people ALL are under external control.
    Look carefully …and you will see strings running directly from the Garrison Savannah…..

    Their shiite-boss will NOT allow them to resign. It would send the wrong message of decency, love of country, etc….

    Look carefully at their countenances….. how is it possible for you to miss the link?

    “The look of their faces testify against them.
    They parade their sin like Sodom.
    They don’t hide it.
    Woe to their soul!
    For they have brought disaster upon themselves.”

    • @Bush Tea

      This lot has taken untold reputational damage. Their ignominy will live on the pages of the Internet for ever, it is for others who are coming to learn from what transpired, if not their legacy will also be etched in Internet history, for their friends and family to ‘benefit’?

  17. GreenMonkey January 7, 2018 at 5:54 AM #
    Correction to my post above: As I remember it, the sewage spills were already stinking up the South Coast in 2017. Should have written 2016, not 2017.


    Been going on a loooooong time!!


    “This unique ecosystem is a natural resource worthy to be protected for future generations. Private investors in the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary have undertaken this task while extending opportunities for public education, scientific research, and ecotourism. The venture began with the acquisition of 34.25 acres of wetlands in 1994, followed by construction of visitor center infrastructure between 1998 and 2004 and further capital improvements to the property between 2006 and 2008.

    During this endeavor, however, the Sanctuary has experienced inflows of untreated stormwater, agricultural, and commercial runoff and emergency raw sewage discharges into the lake system, curtailment of seawater interchange, and frequent fish kills and recent crab kills. Concerns over these degradations prompted the Sanctuary to initiate this study of the environmental health of the Graeme Hall Mangrove Ecosystem”

  18. “Sometimes you get tired of following with your comprehension hat”.
    Tired of reading the same old shit everyday.
    How long is too long when it’s shit.
    People need to get up off their comprehension butt and protest…

  19. @ Theophilius Gazerts 242 January 7, 2018 at 7:42 AM
    “@45govtMy fellow inmate, how are you?”

    One wonders if the man with the ‘mock’ pistol as his weapon of attack has seized clearly your riposte (on David’s behalf) loaded with ‘pure’ penal innuendo.

    Be careful WW&C, there a person on BU with a water pistol gunning for you.
    You better ‘count’ your blessings that you still have your head above water.

  20. lol…Miller…that water pistol is no match for my Glock, i am taking down real life demons and 45Skidmark thinks he can brandish a boys toy in front of a female carrying a full bad man`s arsenal.

    that is why Skidmark is counting posts today, he ran out of water.

  21. People need to get up off their comprehension butt and protest

    Bajans wont, but the tourists will, by going elsewhere.

  22. @ Gabriel January 7, 2018 at 9:29 AM

    The South Coast sewage (SCD) disaster is flowing in the direction right down the filthy street of the low-class Johnny and his cabinet of shitehounds.

    How else can one explain the managerial response to this flowing river of shite? It is totally incredible to watch the handling of this fiasco.

    These people were made aware on numerous occasions- both officially and ‘off the record’- about fast growing SCD problem and the implications for the tourism industry and the inevitable threats posed to the health of both the local population and visitors alike.

    Now that the literal shit has hit both the economic and public health fans we have a bunch of black-ass johnnies running around like headless chickens which have just been shot at.

    It has to be pure madness unless there is more in the political mortar than a shitty pestle.

    Is this a ‘timely’ arranged pathway to political dictatorship by using this ‘deliberately’ unmanageable shitty event to declare a state of emergency and rule as he sees fit?

    Is this Lord Arrogant High and Mighty’s way of not only spitting in the intellectual faces of Bajans but also of shitting in their economic living rooms?

  23. In a private sector organization the personnel responsible for a foul up of such magnitude would have been dismissed for incompetence a long time ago.


    I could almost agree with you on this point but for the fact that it would be impossible to have a foul-up of this magnitude in any private sector organisation.

    Barbados will only come to understand the scale of this disaster after the first few cholera deaths, which would be diagnosed by our new public health laboratory if the Government finds the money to furnish it.

  24. @ David January 7, 2018 at 11:14 AM

    Do you really think Bajans deserve the kind of treatment being meted out by the current management of the BWA after being fooled that a 60% hike in water and sewage rates is justified for the general improvement of this utility that affects every single Bajan? Now what have they gotten in return other than a monument of a white elephant on a Hill to look at?

    What this ongoing fiasco is doing is playing right into the hands of those who want to see the BWA privatized.

    When the IMF comes to manage ‘hands on’ the fiscal affairs of this financially beleaguered country in the coming months, one of the first things on its restructuring agenda would be a plan of privatization for this utility.

    Bajans will have little say in this matter since solid precedents have been set by the government not only in the total divestment of its shares in the BL&P but also in the telecommunications and finished petroleum products sectors.

  25. @ David
    This lot has taken untold reputational damage.
    Surely you jest…..

    What reputations damage can be done to a demon?
    How can Satan’s reputation be tarnished?

    Do you think that the Garrison monument talk is shiite talk from Bushie?
    Have you looked into the faces of these people?

    Can a reputation get ANY worse than those ALREADY associated with CLICO and Cahill?
    ….or the attempted shiite tax?
    ….or the $5M deposit on mommy’s account?
    ….or the scam company set up overseas to facilitate the planned Cahill heist?

    Sometime you amaze Bushie with your optimism boss….
    We are dealing with dark spiritual forces in high places.
    There is ONLY one defence….. The FULL ARMOUR of BBE
    – truth
    – righteousness
    – a disposition to peace
    – patience
    – faith
    ……and a big ass whacker (swords are outdated now…)

    ha ha ha

    • @Miller

      It is interesting you should mention the 60% water hike because the plan was to include an excerpt from David Thompson’s address to the BWA in 2009 but didn’t want to muddy the message read leaking sewage. It is interesting to note in his address he explained why the BWA was bundled with the environment and drainage ministry. That plan was dismantled which lets Lowe of the hook.


  26. David Estwick and the Atlee Brathwaite board of directors should NOT resign.

    The Electorate will be given the chance to vote against Estwick.

    MIA will have the opportunity to FIRE the board.

  27. Only a DLP government will build a $65 million headquarters building while its infrastructure of potable water pipes and its sewage disposal state of the art systems cry out for every day maintenance.Only Staurt and Estwick with Sinckler and Lowe can perform like this.They thought by installing a new management team everything will fall into place.Since Sandy do a snow job on Nicky Sealy,the Waterworks went down the drain.Ask Whittaker and dem so who benefit from the Sandy largesse in the late 90’s with money taken from the Nicky Sealy nest egg at Waterworks.

    • Gabriel

      The actual cost of the building is $45 million. The extra $20 million went to building nest eggs.

      Sent from my iPad

  28. @ Gabriel
    If the sewerage plant could have been designed using concrete then perhaps the $65 would have gone there.
    You only pretending that you don’t know that future projects will be designed around the capabilities of BLP sponsors as well…
    Willian is SO right ….

  29. The resignation of Dr Brathwaite as the Chairman of the BWA was being called for just under two years ago when there were prevailing water outages in the northeast of Barbados:


    At that time, the Chairman said he was prepared to go:


    The call for Dr Brathwaite’s, as well as the BWA Board’s replacement was reiterated by the Barbados Workers Union:


    However, it seems there was a change of heart as he later stayed on to oversee a management team restructuring one year later which was aimed at bringing about efficiency at the BWA and improved customer service as well as correcting problems with wastewater:



    Dateline 2018….. BWA in crisis mode. Do they have the finance and know-how to handle this south coast ‘mess’ and worst yet with the Bridgetown Sewage System having its own issues:



    Is it a wise decision on their part to try to redirect some of the south coast outflow into the Bridgetown system with BWA Wastewater Division Manager herself reporting that the Bridgetown Plant was in need of an upgrade:


  30. @ Bush Tea January 7, 2018 at 12:27 PM
    “If the sewerage plant could have been designed using concrete then perhaps the $65 would have gone there.
    You only pretending that you don’t know that future projects will be designed around the capabilities of BLP sponsors as well…”

    Not this time around, Bushie.

    Your doctor mate the quack Deliar Worrell (having been constipated with the Truth for 8 long years) is now letting his mouth run like a sick nigger backside (suffering from verbal diarrhea) and is pulling no punches regarding the fiscal future of Barbados.

    When the IMF sends down its micro-managers every capital project will be put under the microscope of authenticity and examined with a financial comb made of the finest of investigatory teeth.

    There will be No friggin’ in the fiscal riggin’; so No need to declare: ‘I will never lie, cheat or steal when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money’.

    What we want the BLP to do is to try to recover some of the taxpayers’ money paid to the likes of Hal G.; Michael Y; Michael Carry-away-a-ton and Richard B.
    by way of auditing their financial affairs to establish if the relevant taxes have been paid in respect of the award of contracts for legal services.

    But we all know that one professional thief will never expose another professional thief.

    Why do you think Greenverbs is still at large?

  31. God must a joker and laughing at our expense: BDLP or Grenville (Hobson’s choice) …. followed by the IMF.
    God is cracking himself up.

  32. @ Miller
    Why do you think Greenverbs is still at large?
    …because he are not a leper?
    ha ha ha

    • @enuff

      By your reckoning we would have been in a better position if the Bees were running things? Why were they voted out of office again?

      What we have is the downside of a duopoly and the third parties at a nascent stage.


  33. @Hants
    Yours @3.29 pm

    What a Solomonesque decision, none ah wunnah aint good enough to get first prize, here is a second and third.

    Only in Barbados, Pity!

  34. These morons gave away millions in concessions to Sandals.

    There can be no doubt that all of the expansion that Sandals has done on the South Coast has added greatly to the pressure of this sewage system and made a bad situation worse.

    Sandals contribute very little to our economy based on the generous concessions they were given. They import every shiite and dont pay a cent in duty. They keep the foreign exchange from room bookings overseas. The managers here get duty free every thing. They pay salaries and local utilities only………… everything else is free of duty.

    It is so ironic that they have added to this sewage problem and we the suckers for taxpayers have to use our resources to fix the problem. What jackasses we have running this country.

    Sandals gets the sweets and the taxpayers get the shit!

  35. @Enuff

    True that!

    I went into a store recently and the cashier was vocally complaining about her employer rght in front of me with another cashier. She was venting about the conditions of work and the country.

    I said to her this is why you have to go out and vote when elections are called………..”me, I aint voting for a soul………..all of them is the same”

    I told her stop believing that junk………have you ever seen this country in this mess when there was a BLP government in charge?…………She had to admit no. I will try to speak to her again when I next go to the store……….

  36. Why would we expect Estwick to resign? The man does not seem to be guided by any principles.

    It is clear that Bajans are totally fed up with the dems and just dont care what they say or do any longer. Except for a few people speaking on this matter, most Bajans seemed to be tuned out.

    If Estwick had an once of decency, he would have resigned when Fumble overlooked him as Minister of Finance in 2013. Fumble clearly knew that Stinkliar was an epic failure in that ministry.

    Secondly, a principled Estwick would have resigned when he had to fight to get Fumble to agree to allow him to present his Arab bailout proposal at a cabinet meeting.

    The man has no principles…………one can only guess why he stayed on in a ministry he hates and where he does nothing………..how often does he go to work?

  37. What’s the difference? B or D, the problem lies in the inability or the lack of will to be assertive. Politicians need to know who their bosses are (The People)

  38. Kevin January 7, 2018 at 4:36 PM #
    What runs into Worthing Beach when the sluice gate is lifted: sewerage, swamp water or a mixture of the two.

    If you add treated effluent then the mixture of the three.

    The sluice gate is stuck in the open position.

    A sand bar stops free flow into the sea.

    A backhoe clears path periodically.

  39. Wunna read Astra the psychic say there will be no election landslide and the outcome will be very close. The election wil be fought at the constituency level, not nationally. The BLP is just given us something to vote against not for. I want to hear what they would do differently and I guess or hope, they would say during the election campaign.

  40. We read in today’s Nation/ The Sunday Sun that

    ” ….Attorney Sir Trevor Carmichael is said to be connected to more than 1 000 companies, allegedly as a nominee director, in the ongoing worldwide probe being done by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), that recently released information on more than 40 000 Barbados offshore companies. Their work is part of the continuing Paradise Papers investigation.

    However, Sir Trevor dismissed the report as not being accurate in its representation of both the local offshore sector and locals who serve as directors.

    “The report clearly does not accurately represent the nature and scope of Barbados’ international business sector, particularly with its focus on what it terms ‘nominee directors’. The term has no grounding or basis in Barbadian corporate law or in Barbadian business practice,” said Sir Trevor when contacted by the Sunday Sun.” (MB)

    The attorney has distanced himself from the findings of this report. However, we should bear in mind that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is both a neutral and a well respected organisation. For those of you who may believe that this is a none story and that such activities can only be beneficial to our economy and our society; then i would ask you to think again.

  41. @ Kevin January 7, 2018 at 7:07 PM

    All they need to do is to promise to clean up the shite on the South Coast tout suite and the garbage around the island in general.

    The current administration is totally incapable of doing such; even with the availability of the weighty NSRL to fund such basic public goods.

    The same way you won last time on a “No Privatization, No Layoffs” ticket so too can the BLP on a slogan of ‘No Shite in 2018 and beyond’.

    Instead of a little old lady on the bus let’s have 10 of the Jose & Jose tankers- the no.1 man in the No.2 business- showing that under the BLP Cleanliness will surely be next to Godliness and with the mantra of sexual morality the last item on the national agenda.

    Very sick people are incapable of engaging in sexual activities, whether moral or immoral, you get it, Kevin boy?

    ‘The health of a nation is the wealth of that nation’.

  42. He may be more comfortable with the term money laundering which sure as hell has basis in local and international law….lol

    ,.,…these titled shithounds believe they are invincible and untouchable…until they are not.

  43. Some believe that “all publicity is good publicity”.

    With the amount of ink shit is getting, one of the parties should put a hat and tie on it and run it as an RH candidate.

    Slogan “You gotta deal with me. I don’t just float away, I cause blockages”

    Every now and then it could post on something it knows nothing about.

  44. “Wunna read Astra the psychic say there will be no election landslide and the outcome will be very close. ”
    Why Astra didn’t foresee the effluent floating along the South Coast? Further, which constituencies the Dems can fight with strength–Blackett, Paul, Carrington, Boyce? Maxwell, Atlantic Shores, Enterprise, Rendezvous in which constituency? You think them voters gine tek ipads? Close in votes does not mean close in seats. 🤣🤣

  45. There are four ministers in the Ch, Ch constituencies. ….not one should retain a seat, they are nasty, incompetent and neglectful.

  46. Maybe the ruling elite will program the ipads in a way that voters do not see the sewage anymore. Call it Barbadian augmented reality.

  47. All of them are very silent, very quiet, election is a mere few months away, they cant change not one thing during that time, they had 10 years..

    ..dont even seem like they got the strength to muster another vicious lie to tell the people….only their empty yardfowls will get their heads filled with nonstop lies, another 4 months worth of pure lies…..lol

  48. David
    Why you don’t resign for the $hite you peddling on BU ?
    Can the Minister or BWA Board be responsible for how residents & commercial entities use the South Coast Sewage system ?

  49. Will the BWA share with the public what actions were taken that has led to an abatement of the sewage leaking into the streets of Worthing/Hastings?

  50. What a totally inept, incompetent government……………..they refused to take action until advisories are now issued by Canada and now the US for Barbados. Wait for the British to follow tomorrow.

    What idiots we have running this country!

    To think that pitbull David Estwick had the nerve to show up to the installation on Monday skinning his teeth like the jackass he is. He has not been doing his job and should really resign.

    He has no principles at all…..had he any principles, he would have resigned when the PM and Stinkliar treated him the way they did with the the Arab refinancing proposal, the sugar factory project and the BWA project.

    So tell me why is he still around? I would really like to know if he has the guts to face the people of this country during the elections. Jackass!

    • Pictures of Sealy and Boyce engaged in that PR stunt when they took a dip in the poowater will make things interesting.

  51. Good to hear the GM of BWA confirmation that the four mitigation measures have succeeded in stopping the flow of sewage through the manholes. Now to fixing the breech and the blockage!

  52. Perhaps we should put our south coast fatbergs in the museum and charge tourist $20 USD to see it


    A ‘fatberg’ — a lump of grease, wet wipes and condoms — is being displayed at the Museum of London

    Chunks from the 143-ton fatberg found in London’s aging sewer system went on display at the Museum of London on Friday, retelling the story of how sewer workers tackled a massive blob of waste — using jet hoses, pickaxes, spades and shovels.

    LONDON—The Mona Lisa it is not.

    But the new “Fatberg!” exhibition in central London is nonetheless drawing attention for its own special reasons. The latest attraction at the Museum of London is rocklike, repugnant and revolting. It also has tiny bugs living on it.

    Chunks from the 143-ton fatberg found in London’s aging sewer system went on display at the Museum of London on Friday, retelling the story of how sewer workers tackled a massive blob of waste — using jet hoses, pickaxes, spades and shovels.
    The giant blob, discovered last September in the Whitechapel area of East London, garnered international attention. It took nine weeks to dismantle the congealed clump of grease, wet wipes, condoms and other icky items.

    It may have been compelling, in an I-don’t-want-to-look-but-can’t-help-it sorta way, but the sight of the advancing detritus clogging up the sewers wasn’t pretty.

    Not that it stopped the Museum of London from wanting to get their (gloved) hands on a few samples.

    “A fatberg has long been on the Museum of London wish list. We want to reflect the highs and lows of city living,” said curator Vyki Sparkes.

    Fatbergs are “gross, but strangely compelling,” she added.

    They are also a major problem in the British capital, which has a Victorian sewer system that has struggled to cope as the city’s population has increased. The British utility company Thames Water spends about 1 million pounds ($1.4 million U.S.) a month fighting the fatbergs that are lurking in the pipes and tunnels beneath the people’s feet, many located in areas of London with restaurants that pour cooking oil down the drain. If fatbergs aren’t removed, they can cause sewer overflows.

    It’s not just a London problem, of course. Last fall, a 20-foot fatberg was dislodged from the sewers in Baltimore.

    But London may be the first city to encase samples of sewage in perspex viewing boxes and then invite people round to check it out.

    Sparkes says that part of the reason fatbergs have captured the public imagination is down to the name, for which we can thank London sewer workers. They coined the term “fatberg,” which entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015.

    “People can really visualize that it’s like a giant iceberg but made of fat,” Sparkes said.

    It’s not all doom and gloom. The display reveals that some of the fatberg was converted into biodiesel that helps to run London buses.

    The samples on display, which were air-dried, look like clumps of moonscape or a small asteroid. But lean in and you’ll see a tiny piece of a Double Decker chocolate bar wrapper poking out of one greyish blob. Lean in even closer and you’ll see the small flies that hatched when the samples were in quarantine.

    “You can see flies walking along and crawling — it’s like it has its own pets,” said Sparkes, who added that “this is almost like a live experiment.” She says she doesn’t know what the exhibition will look like at the end of its run in July. “It’s attracting flies, it’s changing. It definitely looks a lot different from when we got it a few months ago. The sample that air dried faster has crumbled into parts.”

    Thames Water, the utility company, says it hopes the display will spark a larger conversation about what gets flushed down the drain — particularly things that cause headaches like wet wipes, condoms and sanitary pads.

    “We’d like people to realize what they are flushing down the toilet, or pouring down the sink can have an effect. Just because it’s out of sight doesn’t mean it’s gone forever,” said Lee Irving, a Thames Water spokesman.

    “We are down in the sewers tackling fatbergs every single day,” he said.

  53. @https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2016/12/29/how-torontos-sewage-system-keeps-us-safe-from-fatbergs-to-preventing-floods.html
    “How Toronto’s sewage system keeps us safe, from ‘fatbergs’ to preventing floods
    An inside look at the 11,000-kilometre underground system rarely seen by the millions it services.

    Although they go down the drain as liquids, fat, oil and grease harden when they cool in pipes and sewers, creating blockages known as “fatbergs.” And although wet wipes are “flushable” in the sense that they go down the toilet, they don’t break down and end up clogging pipes…
    People flushing medications or dumping liquids like paint down storm drains is another complication…pump stations may get jammed by dental floss”

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