Was Michael Carrington VAT Registered When he Invoiced the BIDC 706 thousand dollars?


Hal Gollop invoiced the BWA 1.5 million

The startling revelation that Hal Gollop submitted an invoice in 2017 to the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) for 1.5 million dollars continues to raise eyebrows. See BU’s blog post – Hal Gollop’s 1.5 Million Dollar Invoice which went viral. It was also revealed that former Speaker Michael Carrington submitted an invoice to the BIDC for $706, 450 for providing legal services relative to “the $32M sale of a BIDC at Lot A1 Newton Business Park, Christ Church to Gildan Activewear Properties (BVI) Inc. in 2010. This is the same Carrington who had to be ordered by the High Court of Barbados to pay a septuagenarian client his money. See BU’s blog post Tales from the Courts–Justice Jacqueline Cornelius Makes Speaker of the House Michael Carrington PAY XXIV.

In response to a query from the blogmaster whether the incumbent Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government can challenge the invoice, BU family member Artax shared the following:

David BU

I read in today’s Mid-week Nation [15 August 2018] that, while speaking in parliament yesterday, Ronald Toppin queried the fee of $706,450 former Speaker of Parliament Michael Carrington charged BIDC……..

………for providing legal services relative to “the $32M sale of a BIDC at Lot A1 Newton Business Park, Christ Church to Gildan Activewear Properties (BVI) Inc. in 2010.

Toppin said based on his calculation of the scale of fees, the legal fee paid for the BIDC property sale should have been $322,500.

David BU, it becomes more interesting.

According to Toppin, subsequent to the conclusion of the land sale in 2010, Carrington wrote a letter to the BIDC in 2011 in which he indicated that…… at the time the transaction completed…. he was NOT registered for VAT……..

……….and requested the BIDC pay the VAT Division on his behalf……..the VAT of $92,146 his legal fees incurred.

As a QC (and LEC qualified lawyer….. hahahahahaha), Carrington’s earnings would obviously have been above the VAT threshold of $80,000…….hence, in keeping with the VAT laws…..he should be VAT registered.

The dishonest Carrington…. not being VAT registered…… expected the taxpayers to pay on his behalf…….VAT of $92,146 he incurred on his legal fees.

Perhaps the BLP may do something about Gollop’s invoice……..

……… especially if one takes into consideration that one of the services rendered as listed on the said invoice was for preparing a conveyance for the project site to Innotech…….under circumstances where a conveyance was NOT necessary……..

…………because the project site was owned by the NHC…

The reason why Carrington wanted the BIDC to pay the $92,146 on his behalf was because BIDC was obligated to issue him a “goods and services” slip as required by the BRA (Inland Revenue at the time).

And an amount of $709,450 BIDC paid to a service provider, would obviously incurred VAT……and “open a can of worms” for the goodly gentleman.

A check of Carrington’s tax records would have revealed he was not registered and since the fee was above the $80,000 per annum VAT threshold, non payment of the VAT portion would have incurred interest and penalties…….

……..and perhaps an audit of his earnings from 1997 to 2010 to determine if he filed VAT returns and the amount of VAT he did not pay to the VAT Division as required by law.


  • Once you a are born in a “noble” black or white family in Barbados, you automatically become a QC, a judge or a minister or a rich businessman.

    Nothing changed since 200 years here. My personal advice for the latest scholarship holders: Pay back the money for your scholarship from your first job in the USA or UK and never return. Or do you want to kiss the feet of inferior people from “noble” families for your whole life in Barbados?


  • I recall Mia explaining away the rationale for the size of her cabinet.Caswell would have heard of the sword of Damocles,he would also know the meaning of …uneasy is the head that wears the crown….David Simmons in the late 80’s said ….opposition politics too sweet….it’s all well and good for Caswell to put on 5 pieces(including tie and shoulder bag) and talk selected shaving cream in the Senate.Its another to appreciate the scope and depth of the tremendous black hole the Stuart cum Sinckler cum Boyce cum Ince cum Worrell quintet left for the BLP to clean up and put right,to put Barbados on the path of growth like yesterday.I hope Mia would ignore these naysayers and get on with the task at hand.If there is no improvement within a reasonable time,say three years then draw your swords.Until then be reasonable and lend a hand in the rebuilding process.Grantley left a good wicket,Dipper left a better wicket,Tom left a good wicket,Sandy left a good wicket,OSA left a better wicket,Stuart left misery,despair,debt,desolation,lies,deceit,duplicity depravity,corruption,and an empty treasury.Thieving so rampant that people talking the names of 8 ministers who cancelled flights to Amurka in the last couple weeks.


  • Barbados has no three years. Gov must deliver an agreement with international creditors by the end of the year. Otherwise they might block any IMF loan. Game over.


  • Did anybody look at this?


    This needs some serious discussion …


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Enuff of Lorenzo duo


    Dat one get through pun de ole man

    Did you notice by the way that Senator Monique was late to enter the Senate?

    She got there after everyone was in their seat!

    Maybe she was at court or something.

    I was not able to watch all the exchange as yet. I was busy with other matters all today but will revert to the video soon

    Did you notice though that while all the senators turned to the page that Caswell was citing one senator did not turn any page and just sat there lòking pretty?

    Who is That?


  • @millertheanunnaki August 16, 2018 10:11 AM “You ought to remember it was just ‘the other day’ that the likes of you were rather vehement in arguing that Barbados would never default on its debt obligations because God is a Bajan and Barbados is Paradise.”

    Why don’t you stop telling lies on me?

    Where have I ever said that Barbados would never default?
    Where have I ever said that God is a Bajan?
    Where have I ever said that Barbados is Paradise?

    if you can’t make an argument without telling blatant lies on me why don’t you just shut to phuck up.


  • @Bush Tea August 16, 201810:21 AM “No one could be so damn DENSE”

    If only you knew what I know. If only you have seen what I have seen.


    Oh! shirtttt


  • @James Greene August 16, 2018 2:19 PM “Simple Simon, i wanted to be sure but i was thinking something along those lines from your post.what other isuues are involved? is it difficult to get plants? NO. to irrigate or get enough water etc? YES DIFFICULT. Prolonged dry periods, expensive “municipal” water. to harvest NO. and sell produce?”NO

    And of course monkeys are a problem for many fruit, vegetable and ground provision farmers.

    ground provisions=yams, sweet potatoes, eddoes, cassave etc. Generally starchy tubers/staples.


  • I am not speaking for farmers. The Barbados Agricultural Society has an excellent official spokesman. Just my views as a person who grows food mainly for family consumption.


  • @Sargeant August 16, 2018 3:23 PM “How come you reserved your vitriol for Ms. Taitt but none was directed towards the Deputy Speaker who recently asked for a raise? Is it because the Deputy Speaker sits on your side of the divide?”

    We the people don’t think that neither wuk fa wuk nor monique should get a raise of pay out of the taxpayers money. If they don’t like the pay, or the work then they should quit. Which is exactly what I have done several times in my life.


    Some people.


  • @Gabriel August 16, 2018 8:24 PM “Thieving so rampant that people talking the names of 8 ministers who cancelled flights to Amurka in the last couple weeks.”

    Tell we more nuh!!!

    These is religious ministers right? Ministers like pastors, priests, prophets, preachers,popes, and so forth?

    And what if the Americans ask Barbados to extradite some people?

    What then?

    I is only a Simple Simon.

    I is only ask questions.

    I have no answers.


  • @NorthernObserver August 16, 2018 2:53 PM “@SS, “Seems she dependent on the State in more ways than one”
    dependent again. Yah think he was referring to dependency ratio?”

    No Northern. i don’t believe that he was referring to dependency ratio,

    The person in question is not between the ages of 0 and 15, nor over 67, that is she is not among those who reasonably are dependent on others, family, government etc. for the necessities of life.


  • “I is only a Simple Simon.

    I is only ask questions.

    I have no answers.”

    At last you are right about something – like a stopped clock.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss
    @ The less capable Mariposa

    Wunna been watching de blog ?

    Wunna learning anything doah?

    Look how withing the space of 2 days the blog has floated 2 anti-DLP submissions ONE FOR MICHAEL CARRY WAY A TON and one for de man who features a Galluping horse.

    Like de ole man told you, you need to do for the BLP peeples.

    But in your case you have to bring verifiable evidence which would show the electronic copies of the materials that wunna have.

    Put the items here for comment and place static versions of the same issues pun a website yo create registered somewhere in russia, like Yandex.

    You can call the newspaper “EXPOSED”


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Thieving so rampant that people talking the names of 8 ministers who cancelled flights to Amurka in the last couple weeks.”



  • @ SS

    thanks for answering my questions.

    what can be done about the monkeys?


  • @James Greene August 17, 2018 7:28 AM “what can be done about the monkeys?”

    A survey to see how many monkeys, where, genders, rate of reproduction, natural mortality etc.

    Then an annual cull.

    Yes I know that cull=kill. And yes I understand that many people feel squeamish about killing a fellow primate. And one that is cute at that, especially the babies.

    Because monkeys are primates, just as we are, I think that many people have a natural distaste killing a fellow primate. Killing a monkey is not the same as killing a housefly or mosquito.

    But we have to do it.

    Unless we can find someway to induce monkeys to consume contraceptives.

    Or unless we can export them. But who wants a major agricultural pest? Zoos in the far north maybe, where if the the monkeys escape they cannot survive outside of their protected habitat? Research institutions? But when the research is done we know that very likely the monkeys will be killed.


  • @SS

    thanks again for answering

    the monkey situation is so grave that i doubt there would be much push back on culling or capture and export if that is viable. whichever, something must be done about the monkeys. everybody’s complaining


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Simple Simon

    Ammmmm between the two of us do you think that there is a remote chance dat when they are culling those other monkeys that any one of the lost decade simians might ammm “be dealt with?”

    Not as in killed but locked up and displayed once a month on DLP tv with Doug hoyte hosting?

    A.C. could be in the audience too to spice up the show…

    But that’s just between the two of us…


  • Miss Sivers

    To make sure you understand the ask, was Michael CARRINGTON VAT registered?


  • Dear David: has Ms. Sivers answered your question as yet?


  • Maybe Senator Franklyn will have the opportunity to ask a question on his feet in the Upper House. We need to put some of these public officials on blast. The fact she attend his alma mater should not be a deterrent!


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  • Can anybody confirm the Whapsapp making the rounds that CARRINGTON’s car was repossessed?


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