2017 Auditor General Report Details Perennial Tale

One should reasonably expect the extent to which successive governments have been unable to address findings of malfeasance and or flouting of the financial rules of government detailed in Auditor General Reports will be addressed by Prime Minister Mia Mottley on Sunday. David Ellis please take note, we will be watching!

Auditor General Report 2017

130 thoughts on “2017 Auditor General Report Details Perennial Tale

  1. Facts are a hell of a thing…now it is over to Mia to right these wrongs and get rid of that working scam out of the lives of taxpayers and pensioners…and for christ sake lock up these goddamn thieves.

  2. David BU

    You must admit that in the absence of adequate staff levels, the AG is still able to complete the auditing process of all government departments and compile and present his reports on a timely basis.

    Additionally, what are the real reasons preventing PS, senior civil servants and accounting officers from publicly revealing information?

  3. Did the wannabe accountant ever answer the question about the missing ledger entries the stymies the Auditor General from doing his job????

  4. Can blame anyone for holding Mia feet to the fire for making unsubstantiated claims that past govt was corrupt while sending political.messages to suggest theft
    Now we have Artax and Enuff playing the role of spin doctors of interpreters of Mia words

  5. “Now we have Artax and Enuff playing the role of spin doctors of interpreters of Mia words.”


    You’re not only a shameless yardfowl, but you’re a liar as well.

    Why don’t you stop spreading untruths?

    To save face and credibility, please present to this forum excerpts from any of my contributions in which I made any statement that suggests I attempted to or actually interpreted any of Mia Mottley’s word.

  6. Your words represent your actions
    All along Mia indicated that past govt officials would be prosecuted for corruption
    Now that the evidence in The AG reports does not promote or suggest Mia rants and political raves of illegal behaviour by govt ministers
    You Artax acts like a go between trying to deflate or intercept the political backlash most likely to be heard as most would accuse Mia as a liar for not acting to prosecute govt officials whom she accused as engaging in corruption

  7. Mariposa
    Hush your mout talking foolishness. The reference to corruption, as far as I can remember, is contained in the PAC report. This Auditor General Report is dated 6 July 2018, more than a month after the election. How could it have been cited during the election campaign. #whydoibother?

  8. David BU

    I’m referring to revealing information relative to the financial irregularities highlighted in the AG’s reports.

    No public servant has ever publicly explained or denied anything in the reports.

    Is it the system that gives them a certain level of immunity or does it prevent them from accepting responsibility?

    David BU, similarly to how Georgie Porgie is not fond of discussing medical issues in this forum, I am not fond of dicussing accounting issues as well.

    More often than not there are, to use GP’s terminology, “accounting illiterates,” that would read certain information, and not fully understanding what they read, would misinterpret it and argue they are correct.

    Missing ledgers, bank reconciliation statements, not preparing financial statements etc are par for the course in auditing and are just some of several methods used to exploit weak accounting systems by accounting officers, especially where there isn’t any adherence to financial regulations.

    There are methods that can be used to uncover these accounting anomalies, but it will obviously take time.

    Perhaps this may be one of the reasons why the AG has been requesting additional auditors. With an adequate staff compliment, he may be in a better position to extend the scope of the audits.

  9. Mariposa

    You continue to harrow me with fear and wonder.

    The references made to corruption allegedly perpetrated by your former inept DLP administration during the recent election campaign, was based on the PAC report, that Donville Inniss, Stuart, Carrington, Stephen Lashley et al, objected to and prevented from being laid before parliament.

    But in your haste to score cheap political points, you attempted to mislead this forum by referencing the AG’s 2017 report, which is dated July 6, 2018.

    Thine ignorance is boundless.

  10. Mariposa

    You are soo right.I am laughing my head off right now at some persons who were so gullible when Mia and Dale Marshall and the other BLPites – the day after election started screaming about corruption and how they will go after anyone who tief.

    First thing is,if that is the case then they would have to go after themselves.

    Second thing, even after they kept throwing up the word ‘corruption’ and throwing the Kool-Aid drinkers into a frenzy – yet they were not pointing to anything that they can factually claim as proof of corruption.

    So listen to Dale Marshall in the house last Tuesday:

    “We know that there is corruption but we have no evidence of it”.ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa

    Lemme muh hear yuh again Dale ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wuhloss,wuhloss,wuhloss

    A lot of their followers now got egg on their faces and cussin bad,bad

  11. David BU

    Yes……if this new Mia Mottley administration is serious about good governance.

    Similarly to how people, special interest groups, trade unions, private sector organizations and the social partnership are all willing to protest on certain issues…..

    …….what prevents them from lobbying to “hold government’s to the fire” to effect changes relative to good governance?

  12. T. Inniss .the electorate was played like a 🎻
    Mia is a liar and all the different meanings and interpretations of what AG meant is not going change her words

  13. “T. Inniss .the electorate was played like a 🎻”


    I guess you now understand how the electorate felt when they were similarly played by the DLP in 2008 & 2013.

    Unfortunately, they attempted to play a similar tune in 2018, but a much wiser electorate rejected the guitar players and judged them 30-0.

  14. No, David….lobbying does not necessarily means “civil disobedience.”

    People could peacefully lobby their parliamentary representatives…..then there are roles to be played by UPP and Solutions Barbados….even a rejuvenated DLP (although their credibility and record as it relates to good governance is abysmal).

    Then, how about the academics in UWI’s faculty of social science, division of management studies?

    And the Auditor General could request a meeting with the ministry of finance.

    These are just a few ideas that could be explored.

  15. Two comments of two bloggers caught my attention

    The first was “…Penalties for late submission of expected expenditures and exceeding approve expenditures include demotions, severances, requests for repayment when the money just disappear and threat of jail…”

    And the second a question from the Honourable Blogmaster which was “…Is it within the capacity of this government to effect change for the better?…”

    Dr ole man is as I have dun tell wunna NOT AN ACCOUNTANT NOR A DOCTOR NOR A LAWYER (though I knew more law than *** and *** heheheh)

    I however because I listen to my Lord discern the nature of men.

    But here is what de ole man would suggest.

    $37.47 CENTS!

    Now all uh wunna looking at that number and saying “Why de France dat ole fool mean by dat ingrunt amount ?

    Fuh some uh wunna feller who dun teif millions and ting dat money don’t even register pun wunna periscope as real money.

    But for a poor badword man like me dat is me water bill.

    Still what de France de ole man saying doah?

    Is he begging Mia to give he some money for he water Bill?

    Stay wid muh doah. Ef I Doan pay me water bill de water going get cut off and similarly me light and de natural gas etc.

    Dr ole msn would “centralize” every single utility bill of every single agency of Government

    And every month there would be a procedure where duplicate bills would be sent to that agency and to my central payment facility and on their confirmation of reconciliation I would pay their utilities.

    With one caveat.

    Their financials would have to be in order so if your books ent finalized and ting within a reasonable time, I will not pay you water nor light nor phone bill.

    And that will also be demerits towards the body in charge and s dereliction of duty can also lead to my firing your scvunt AFTER I CHANGE THE PUBLIC SERVICES COMMISSION REGULATIONS like how i change the constitution to accommodate 3 senators

    Now here is a next thing.

    My man Charles Me Love You Long Time would be tasked to set up Facebook pages for every agency that would list the names of every single agency THAT CAN’T USE DEM TOILET TO SHYTE cause dem CEO & MANAGEMENT TEAM whose pictures I would have Long display boldly next to my “ADMINISTRATION SUSPENSION OF SERVICE NOTICE”

    I ent home just yet but I GOING GET de grandson compose a Stoopid Cartoon featuring what the end result would be

    You get enough de facto ” DEM Ent Pay Dem Water Bill” notices coming out bout big men and women agencies and de ole man going bet wunna dat the problem with incomplete financial returns will be solved overnight

    “The number you have reached is out of service…please contact CEO So and So at his cell phone number such and such…” well t last part might be a little overboard but “The Barbados Water Authority is closed cause de water is off cause HALLIDAY pay de bill” ent something dat Halliday want plaster cross de papers is it?

    But I is jes a foolish ole man…

  16. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a non consequential item that tries to help with a solution for late financial statements

    I acknowledge it to be a puerile submission but unfortunately we are dealing with children

  17. Yardfowls need to stay in their corners since they never seem to know what the hell they are talking about or what is really going on despite it sitting and staring at them or smacking durectly in their numb heads….the auditor general’s report covers and outlines all instances of corruption on many levels in various ministries and government departments as is very plain too see,

    The PAC report covered only one instance of corruption, as outlined by Mia and Ellis.

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