Mottley and BLP Create History 30-0

Update: 6:50 AM – They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The BU household points visitors to the traditional media sites to gather details about the final counts. The only  number that is important in the 2018 Barbados General Election is a 30-0 result in favour of the Barbados Labour Party led by Mia Mottley.

Cometh the hour, cometh the woman!

Update: 2:50 AM – more details to come soon to describe an historic win by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP).

On behalf of the BU household we extend congratulations to Mottley and team.

David – blogmaster

As midnight approaches on the day a General Election was held in Barbados, not a single box has been declared by a Returning Officer. There are disturbing reports starting to emerge, the blogmaster will hold his tongue for the moment- with great difficulty. At this point the reason being circulated is that the special boxes were delivered late to the counting centres. It begs the question why have these boxes were delivered late!


184 thoughts on “Mottley and BLP Create History 30-0

  1. The world is watching.

    After having to smell the shit.

    Now we have this matter to add to the poo.

    Barbados was known as a model country for how it managed the electoral process.

  2. Reports coming in that counting has stated in a couple constituencies with the delay of the special boxes. The big question, why were the special boxes delivered Rh late!

    • @Prodigal Son

      It is a worry for many reasons. Bear in mind the Presiding Officer will be receiving the boxes at the counting centre. Others were responsible for transporting the boxes. Why would the special boxes be late in being delivered at practically ALL the counting centres?

  3. @ David based on what I have heard so far the BLP could win almost all the seats.

    So far it appears that the third parties have had no effect.

    • @HAnts

      With a large swing as it appears from the boxes called so far third parties will not be a factor.

  4. If the trend of the early results continue, the DLP would realize that their strategy of trying to demonize Mia has backfired hugely.

    It worked against OSA and the morons thought that the same would work this time as well.

  5. Whuloss

    De ole man jes drift off cause uh de medication and wake back up to this good news?

    Whuloss wunna mean dat dem ent going get one RH seat?

    Oh dear me…hold de ole man I gine fall…

    I gine see effing I cud get a job wid CADRES OR HARTLEY HENRY

    Why did is good news

    I going gits to send congratulations to the incoming Prime Minister

    I pray for you you know that I continue to pray for you

    That you would be guided by GOD’s Wisdom and Purpose

    That you do what is right for all BAJANS over whom you are tasked to lead

    That you are just and demand Justice from those whom you will entrust your ministries

    And be firm with the pariahs who are coming on your coat tails

    I am tired again so I going rest a little more

  6. @ Brother Hants

    For what Prime Minister Mia Mottley HAS TO DO – YES.



  7. @ Prodigal
    If the trend of the early results continue, the DLP would realize that their strategy of trying to demonize Mia has backfired hugely.
    What did they say that is not true? … crude maybe…

    The damned DLP is getting their donkeys whipped because they spent ten years doing pure shiite.
    Even Bajans could not take it anymore….

    Any dog, monkey or rabbit would have been a better option on the ballot ahead of any of the DLP shiitehounds….

    Question is ….Will we same the same BLP that pissed us off ten years ago…?

  8. As I stated.before…the Dems had no arsenal….hence cannot win a battle and will not win this war. The question is which seat if any will the DLP win

  9. Mouth *

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    It is my prayer that The Lord will make it so.

    But in all things His Will be Done not mine.

    Complete obliteration of the DLP is critical BECAUSE SHE MUST HAVE WORKING ROOM to implement the national regrowth plan.

    But de ole man is seized by more critical things like the followup steps that must follow if her LEGACY is to be realized

    Give me an hour to rest

  10. @ pieceuhderockyeahright,

    Enjoy the victory celebrations which will continue till the end of Cropover August 6th.

  11. Somebody should talk to the short ugly fat woman – Liz about how she is coming across on the damn TV though….
    Shiite man!!!

    You mean even in the face of overwhelming victory she has to revert to her nasty pre-2008 personality?

    There is no damn hope for Barbados.

  12. @ Bushie you could have been watching a pretty woman with a sweet voice in the Diaspora corner .lol

    There is still hope for Barbados. Faint hope but still hope.

    We will see how MIA rules her one party state.

  13. @Northern Observer…..well there is that too but they may still be…but this SLAMMING the DLP is getting is historic in Bdos politics easily the worst defeat ever inflicted onto any party in Bdos

  14. ….easily the worst defeat ever inflicted onto any party in Bdos
    …and also the most deserved.
    Froon and his clowns worked hard to achieve this level of ignominy.
    Any shiite that they could do wrong…. they did,
    and then they messed up other areas that NO ONE ELSE could possibly have f$#^# up.

  15. Bushie showing his true colours now! I did always know he detested women! Man go and wash wid some manchineel leaves and while yuh there wash Fumble too! Yuh got a Madam Prime Minister! Liz representing herself well pon TV! What de ass wrong wid yuh???

  16. Ammmmm

    While all we chvnt out dere celebrating de ole man hope that the BLP has instructed the police to debate the DLP ministers from entering erstwhile DLP controlled offices AND TEIFING DOCUMENTS AND DESTROYING DATA ON COMPUTERS OR TEIFING DR COMPUTERS

    According to a feller who text de ole man, I like I running dis section doah lololol

  17. I don’t ever throw around the word proud lightly as people are prone to do, but I am extremely proud of the people of St. John for asserting their rights for proper governmental representation free of 60 years of DLP disenfranchisement…they should continue to assert those rights for development, enrichment and progress, by holding Mia’s feet to the fire for the next 5 years…

  18. Is that acYardfowlMarisopa sitting in George St on a plastic chair crying…lol

    Fractured Fowl…so glad yall gone…yall are not even going to be opposition yardfowls, I welcome it, if only to get rid of ya dimwit asses….ah just waiting for the declaration, to go all nuclear on yall.

  19. A new dawn!

    I want my PM to use her massive majority to usher in meaningful reforms and amendments to the constitution so that what happened with the delay of this election would never happen again!

  20. Sandra Corbin showing up Fruendolittle in his own constituency, he is really making history…what a thing,

    Adriel Nitwit looks like he is about to get thrown out on his empty bald head.

  21. Barbados will now join Grenada as the two caricom nations without an opposition in parliament. Also, the BLP landise victory, was even more impressive than the Bahama’s FNM a year ago, where Christie, the sitting PM, lost is seat too.

  22. I wonder what Owen thinking now? I have admired Mia for never responding to him. For never unpickin’ she teet’. She is certainly a better and brighter woman than me.

  23. Could not get Fruendel to talk to the people, now we can’t get him to shut up.

    the political candidates who did well like Sandra Corbin, can assert their rights and ask that opposition members be appointed…but check the constitution first…because it may be a courtesy.

  24. @ Mariposa

    I shall NOT BE KIND in my comments to you or any of your colleagues

    You were the single worst incompetent government that this country has ever had

    You have brought it to the very nadir of disaster

    I Here prophesy that the Democratic Labour Party shall never be a majority again in the halls of Parliament for 20 RH years at least

    You lot were simply not ready and if there is one thing that you should learn about this is that you or any party that refuses to embrace people who can deliver WILL BE UNCEREMONIOUSLY KICKED TO THE CURB

    Wherever de ole man sees any one of you effects in this life WHILE LIFE REMAINS I shall make it my business to broadcast that to you and everyone who is in hearing distance of my voice.

    Faeces and jobbyites befitting a toilet and BAJANS have spoken conclusively

    One final kick to your noggin is in this question

    Do you understand how Stoopid Cartoons work now?

    The DLP really have you to thank for that and de grandson thanks you too.

    Have a good rest as shall I as I like you move to the Deep Chill

  25. Even in the face of a humiliated defeat, Fumble could not even have the humility to call Mia’s name…………..but tek dat and dat and dat……….you loser. I knew you would bring your pigs to fine market.


  26. The BLP government must now hit the ground running. We want a programme for the first 100 days and a serious and impartial review of the last days of the DLP government – the proposed sale of the Hilton, the regulation of the financial sector, reform of the criminal justice system (in particular children appearing in court and the urgent need for a family court) and in particular the registry, the appointment of more high court judges, a radical overhaul of the education system, sort out the public transport system, get our roads in good repair, sort out customs and immigration, get the QEH in good working order.
    We now need a Senate with independent members to expertly scrutinise government policy, hold public officers to account, new legislation on corruption, in short we must now clean up the stables. Reforming CBC is important, not by turning it in to the voice of the BLP, but by making it independent, reporting to parliament.
    Mottley must now make it clear that not only will we remain in the CCJ, but Caricom will be a priority. She must also say something about the loans to China.
    Finally, great news on St John and St Lucy. The DLP has not only been defeated, but demoralised. Stuart will now be removed as leader of the DLP.

  27. @ Mariposa –

    “Proud to be a Barbadian God bless Barbados”

    Yuh changing yuh rooster now eh, yardfowl!! LOL

    • There is a role for yardfowls or ardent party supports. The key is not to be sidetracked by partisan commentary.

      We await Mia’s cabinet appointment with interest and her short term action plan.

  28. One of the first things MM should do is enlist the help of the FBI (if they don’t have their hands full covering up their own corruption) in investigating accounts held in the US by Fumble and his Fools.

  29. A historic total rebuke to the nasty Dems. Stuart,Lowe,Estwick etc all must know that Bajans do take a lot of BS but never before has a woman beaten so many men in an election in Barbados.Great news for a beleagured country.This confidence must not be misplaced and Mia should rise to the occasion accordingly.

  30. The blogmaster is aware the blog is followed by members of the political directorate. After we congratulate MAM and her team we ask one thing- the story which broke on the eve of the general election about George Payne allegedly stealing her mother’s land, we expect a statement to be made asap to clear up the matter. If true we expect Payne’s resignation forthwith.

  31. Love the caption…bus went over the cliff with all of Dem on board.….., maybe now they have no use for a bus, it can be returned to transport board.

    Dont worry Lawson…we can find a special place for all a Dem, preferably near a pond with raw sewage, am sure a lake can be found..they eill all be right at home…..Canada got room, until it’s time to extradite.

    The citizens are so deserving of everything good that come their way for their courage to stand up and make the necessary changes to move forward, every political party must learn to respect the voice of the people at all times….very proud to see an educated well informed population stand as one.

  32. I second that…Mia has to show true leadership and deal with these masters of elder abuse and theft of land and property of the elderly…that bith Payne and Marshall are now publicly accused…. as well as the misuse of the supreme court to brutalise and abuse citizens by lawyers, insurance compsnies etc. ..especially the abuse of the elderly.

    She must remember that she is now responsible as leader for every wrong committed against the citizenry by her politicians and others…as of today.

  33. Another bit of free advice to Mia, BU and other social media sites provide an opportunity to feel how the wind is blowing. It does not replace the need to have political boots on the ground but it complements it. The DLP cohort used BU and other sites in 2007/8 and scaled down in 2012/13 when licks started to share and popularity waned.
    Be guided Mia!

  34. Most await with interest Mia freebies. Very interesting times ahead.
    I belive today Mia had indicated to meet with the Unions to reassure their share of the pie

  35. All the best to the people of St. John…they deserve nothing but the best of everything in their lives moving forward for themselves and their current and future generations.

  36. So what are most expecting. No NSRL
    No student fees
    Increase in pension
    No more taxes
    Increase in wages for govt workers
    The hilton would not be sold
    And of course the Hyatt would not see the light of day
    Sounds good to me
    Hope i do not have to wait too long to see these grandiose accomplishments
    Oh and dont forget hiring the FBI Really.

  37. Oh shut up and go away ac…. PLEASE
    Bajans know that those commitments were made with the understanding that the economy was in fact only as bad as your lying incompetents made out.

    Based on their record, it will be MUCH worse.
    No one really expects miracles from the BLP after the lotta shiite that wunna left…

  38. The outcome of the elections will accelerate the complete failure of the Barbadian financial system and devaluation, since more civil servants will be appointed, higher wages for the very many lazy laggards in the civil service to be expected and higher consumer expenditures without adequate inflow of foreign currency.

    Barbados does not need more lawyers, more judges and more bureaucrats hanging around the whole day at the taxpayer´s expense.

    Instead, Barbados needs a full-scale purge in the civil service and mass emigration. The island is highly overpopulated and dependent on just one industry, namely tourism. Before any serious investors will come back to the island, the new gov must produce results, that is deregulation, privatization, firing at least 10,000 civil laggards and devaluation to balance the very low local work ethic against the strong USD.

  39. Rambling ac, put out to sea…and will cry all day.

    As long as Mia realizes that the people as a COLLECTIVE gave her every seat last night and it is now her duty to treat the people AS A COLLECTIVE the right way…there will be no need to go after her….

    She was not elected solely by any yardfowl brigade……she had the full backing of the entire population and as long as she continues to remember and act accordingly, no one will need to remind her.

  40. @ David If true we expect Payne’s resignation forthwith.
    Don’t be simple David.
    In Barbados?

    So will this apply to ALL thieving lawyers?
    …only MPs?
    …former MPs?
    ..How far back?

    Have you considered the possible impact? … or are you still pretending that this is an aberration?

    That would be akin to identifying an unproductive employee somewhere, and firing his /her donkey…
    Will you be then open to summarily dismissing all workers who are unproductive once identified via video…?

    • @Bush Tea

      As long as we have breath we must believe, without hope, something to aspire to be what is the purpose? We have to keep working. It will be up to Mia and gang to decide f they want to be lampooned and embarrassed to the same degree as Fruendel and co. As always the Bu family look forward to your unique perspective on the many issues which will affect us as long as humankind are on earth.

  41. Whitehill…you can only push people so far, as much as you want but not as long as you like.

    There is a lesson for politicians in there somewhere.

  42. @David

    Barbados is now in “UNCHARTED TERRITORY”…

    This impending Barbados GOV will be a litmus test for the Caribbean political science arena & for the geopolitics of WESTERN British Parliamentary-Style Democracy, with all the ominous vagaries which will lend itself to a whole host of formidable challenges that no one today foresees except those who have a sound historical understanding of what has transpired in the past with other similar entities…

    Social scientists have been observing a trend in global politics of “ONE-PARTY DEMOCRACIES” arising around the world (especially within Black nation-states, e.g Africa (notably, Ethiopia) and for those who would like to use the Chinese model of governance as a template for economic prosperity & nation building must also be cognizant of the antithetical aspects of “ONE-PART-RULE” & the harbingers of crass authoritarianism & diminution of “HUMAN RIGHTS”…

    As it stands today, on this 25th day of May 2018, as I sit here in Barbados having “CAST MY VOTE” at Foundation School @ 4:35 PM yesterday – I am duly concerned about the “SOUL” of this nation and the MIS-direction of travel in which it is ultimately going to find itself in due to MASS CORRUPTION*, AUTHORIANISM* & SOCIO-POLITICAL MISMANAGEMENT!!!

    My hope & PRAYER* is that this nation will not end up being the “BASKET-CASE” of the Caribbean but moreover, that the “JUDGMENTS” of GOD are not meted out against this land given that the ‘ole time maxim brandished about for donkey years is that “GOD IS A BAJAN” and that suddenly & swiftly, the said same GOD* revokes his “BAJAN CITIZENSHIP” and leaves this great nation to the “god” it has chosen – whose sole intent is “DOOM & DESTRUCTION” of everything & everyone in it…

    Maybe we have not learned any lessons from the historical past & any “NATION” who fails to learn from the past is “DOOMED” to the vicissitudes of past trangressors…


  43. @David

    Barbados is now in “UNCHARTED TERRITORY”…

    This impending Barbados GOV will be a litmus test for the Caribbean political science arena & for the geopolitics of WESTERN British Parliamentary-Style Democracy, with all the ominous vagaries which will lend itself to a whole host of formidable challenges that no one today foresees except those who have a sound historical understanding of what has transpired in the past with other similar entities…

    Social scientists have been observing a trend in global politics of “ONE-PARTY DEMOCRACIES” arising around the world (especially within Black nation-states, e.g Africa (notably, Ethiopia) and for those who would like to use the Chinese model of governance as a template for economic prosperity & nation building must also be cognizant of the antithetical aspects of “ONE-PART-RULE” & the harbingers of crass authoritarianism & diminution of “HUMAN RIGHTS”…

    As it stands today, on this 25th day of May 2018, as I sit here in Barbados having “CAST MY VOTE” at Foundation School @ 4:35 PM yesterday – I am duly concerned about the “SOUL” of this nation and the MIS-direction of travel in which it is ultimately going to find itself in due to MASS CORRUPTION*, AUTHORIANISM* & SOCIO-POLITICAL MISMANAGEMENT!!!

    My hope & PRAYER* is that this nation will not end up being the “BASKET-CASE” of the Caribbean but moreover, that the “JUDGMENTS” of GOD are not meted out against this land given that the ‘ole time maxim brandished about for donkey years is that “GOD IS A BAJAN” and that suddenly & swiftly, the said same GOD* revokes his “BAJAN CITIZENSHIP” and leaves this great nation to the “god” it has chosen – whose sole intent is “DOOM & DESTRUCTION” of everything & everyone in it…

    Maybe we have not learned any lessons from the historical past & any “NATION” who fails to learn from the past is “DOOMED” to the vicissitudes of past transgressors…


    • @TB

      The decimation of the DLP at the polls last night means that barring a miracle this is a party that will have to invest years to rebuild and reinvent itself to become relevant. To be honest the talent pool is limited on competence/skill-sets, let us see who will emerge. Given the lazy and ignorant thinking which led to its demise, one suspects it will take some time. Therefore this brings into play your perspective re- one party democracies. Let us continue to be eternally vigilant. This is the role of the people in a democracy anyway.

  44. Oh well the excuses will begin .however i will be standing firm for my huge share of the blp pie and please do not ask or expect me to pull that overload debt wagon.
    Hell no i refuse
    All i want is my share of the pie.

  45. One very generous relative of mine is already talking, first thing this morning, about bringing in money from the diaspora as long as Mia and her ministers do right by the entire population and not just a few.


    Remember Always as we go forward that the Only Power that Sustains us is His Power, and He is the Only One we Should Look to for Guidance, Protection and Wisdom…Never, Never, Look to the State as the Shepherd…Such has been the Downfall of Great Nations in History.×2160/2320903-Saint-Patrick-Quote-May-the-strength-of-God-pilot-us-may-the.jpg

  47. Doc Martin;

    Now is the time to start the march towards Proportional Representation. Indeed, I think that if Mia and the BLP are really strategic thinkers they will realise that the conditions are actually indicating that they should start the groundwork very soon to constitutionally change our system to a PR one asap. I say this because, as I read it, the BLP must have a number of unpalatable things to do over the next week, months and years. These unpalatable things could well swing the pendulum back to make the BLP as unpopular by next elections as the DLP was in this one. If that is so then only a PR system could stop the country from descending into chaos.

    So go for it!

  48. @ Yardfowl Mariposa – “All i want is my share of the pie.”

    You pie-eating days are over yardfowl – scratch grain for you now. Take yourself and your chickenshit snivelling somewhere where someone cares.

  49. Well Firstly….i want Freundel and Chris to make an apology to Barbados on the whole….even though they were slammed at the polls… They took the people for granted and got a result they truly deserve. Bajans will never truly forgive them if they don’t.. From at least 6 months ago the sense was that Barbadians had totally TUNED out from the DLP. Literally every day since then it got worse for DEM. The DLP simply gave up the ghost with the half hearted way they introduced their new candidates and treated the masses with contempt
    Secondly, and sorry to say, Owen Arthur started to dig his political grave circa 2009-10, dug it deeper with the 2013 electoral defeat..dug it even more with the snide comments to Mia…made himself a poppet for the DLP..and now Mia can now cover his grave….I knew from early that a vote against Mia would be a vote against history. Mia did him a service and not respond to him
    There will be a story as to what went horribly wrong with the DLP during the 2013-2018 term. Details may be revealed in the upcoming months and years from its former MPs as to what happened….i anticipate some upheaval within their ranks . Most of their former ministers CANNOT run again…they are damaged goods..people simply do not want them again
    I also want to hear the whats the apologists for the DLP will say now..Strakers tenantry, Ms undecided, arffur….Maureen Holder…the Trini DEM lady….How will they regard Freundal Stuart????….Truly, as was confirmed with this election result he is by far the worst PM in the history of Bdos…and headed the worst Govt in Bdos history…..Im glad, i could not take Freundel anymore..
    .Also the election it self was truly historic….i dont think the DEMS won 5 boxes in the whole…that is a CUTASS of the HIGHEST order….the magnitude of the popular swing and the way some new BLP candidates handed the DLP’s their asses with 70%+ of the vote in some constituencies …the elections numbers will make for some sorry reading for the DEMS….Mia has eclipsed the Big Dipper electorally…CONGRATS MIA!!!!!!!

    • In light of how Arthur has been punching holes in his legacy will his memoirs be a best seller?

  50. I wish Mia and the BLP well and hope they are successful in improving the lives of all Bajans.

    They have an opportunity to make Barbados the best country it can be especially given there is no opposition.

    I hope there are enough DLP members left to rebuild a viable political party.

  51. …. but I forgot my manners!

    Congrats to Mia and the BLP for a job well done.

    The electorate has ensured that an abysmally unsuitable Prime Minister and his venal sycophantic cohorts got the comeuppance they deserved. This would never have happened if the Eager 11 had the strength of their convictions to do what was right. I fully expect that the Mia’s BLP will show itself to be a diametrically different institution to Freundel’s DLP and they will essentially do the right thing for the country by putting it First in every decision that is made.

    The work of the BU family is now cut out for us to keep the BLP parliamentarians and hangers-on on the straight and narrow.
    David, please note!

    Bush Tea; Cool off and give Mia and the BLP a chance to make some decisions before you react negatively. A slip is showing somewhere.

  52. Yep Fruendel and his chicken coup ministers sent out in disgrace because they put their own greed and arrogance before the needs of the people who elected them and before ethics, morals and integrity…..

  53. @ David,

    “No school today and businesses will close at 1 p.m.”

    Hurricane MIA hitting Barbados.

  54. The result shows how much dissatisfaction there is about the state of Barbados at the present time. The real problem is debt and whether or not an eventual default will be necessary. Alternatively the government might examine issuing low interest rate “super debt” in US dollars, secured on some of the assets owned by the state which are not for sale just now.
    I don’t know what all the fuss is about hotel sites. The management contracts are the key to valuation, so if the rentals paid to government are artificially low “to create jobs” the sites are not worth very much until a new government finds a way to increase the returns.
    Sale of rights to create land offshore – the Dubai model – might be looked at. The central bank might look at creating a crypto currency backed by the future revenue from as yet uncreated offshore land.
    In short the incoming government needs to create a bit of cash out of thin air – this might be the key to moving out of the swamp.

  55. @Are-we-there-yet May 25, 2018 9:07 AM

    You read my mind! See upcoming posting(s)

    Nevertheless, Congratulations to Ms. Mottley and the BLP!

  56. Its astounding that not one DLP representative who by dint of personality or likability (we don’t like the Party but we like the man) was unable to hang on to his seat in the whitewash that was the Election. Freundel who was unable to govern in his concession speech reminded me of the first verse in the poem Casabianca, now he can go home and reflect having written an ignominious chapter on the island’s history page.

    The BLP should be congratulated on its massive victory but should be mindful of the biblical adaptation “To whom much is given much is required” as they move forward in Government.

  57. Well, the people of Barbados delivered the ultimate penalty to the DLP.

    A sentence which locates the DLP on the verge of political oblivion. We expect this worse case scenario to be resisted by Dem!.

    But this is not the end, nor the beginning of the end, we hope

    Until the election started we were forecasting an ‘over reaction’ by the people.

    Indeed, for years, we saw the possibility of a ‘constitutional crisis’ in Barbados.

    That day has now come!

    We also imagined what happened in those circumstances, meaning a crossing of the floor to capture both sides and solve an unsustainable problem for both wound-be sides.

    After the election started, it was our view that the DLP had started to muster some momentum. That was obviously insufficient to reverse the bottled-up hatred which the population had accumulated for the DLP, and not without reason.

    So the people have spoken, we accept their judgement, unreservedly

    It is now for MAM and her BLP to attempt to do the impossible.

    We also judged, that the election promises of MAM and her BLP constitute the largest threat to this fledgling government. That they are wholly impossible in the near, medium or long term, not on the present trajectory of this economy, evolving global conditions.

    Secondly, with such a large victory also comes other internal threats difficult to resist.

    However, the will of the people deserves our ultimate respect.

    Let’s see what will become of it.

  58. David

    This DLP government became very arrogant and conceited from day one……..with the famous rant in the House……………”we dont want to hear nothing from wunnah, any ideas wunnah got keep to wunnah self, wunnah had 14 years and now is we time and we gine do things we way”.

    On BU we warned them and tried to offer ideas and solutions to the problems they were creating but their yardfowls cursed us.

    It is very damning that not one person who is an economist or knows about public financing was ever in Fumbles’ cabinet, Jester Ince does not count……..his humiliating defeat last night should send him into oblivion forever.

    And to think that with the Stinkliar making mistake after mistake, going from one medium term fiscal strategy to another……..the ignorant PM would go to his party faithful in the diaspora and declare that should he be re-elected Sinckler would be MOF again……….and he really thought that Barbadians would re-elect the DLP?

    He found out dearly early this morning.

  59. @David

    I have always been an eternal “OPTIMIST” 4 all the reasons aforesaid after all my years on BARBADOS UNDERGROUND, but my beloved BRUV*, that optimism has been shattered after the people have spoken yesterday!!!

    Nevertheless, although the “ELECTORATE” have spoken overwhelmingly in favour of that woman called #JEZEBEL & the allegorical [450] FALSE PROPHETS who will now sit at her table (a clear BIBLICAL throw of the DICE* this morning at those who will be in authority over my mother, family members & those I love in this great land), let it be known that the “HANDWRITING ON THE BU WALL”…

    Thankfully, I am outside of the ambit of such sociopolitical control or observable tyranny – yet myself & others will not hide out in the caves of Adullam for fear of the serpent tongue of Jezebel… For if this is the time of “SERPENTINE FIRE” – then let it come swiftly, for the SERVANTS OF ELOHIM are ready 4 whatever comes!!!


    An “ONE-PARTY” system cannot work in Barbados given the bastardly ignominious levels of CORRUPTION* that has existed for decades given there will be no check & balances on the power of this runaway train wreck…

    This will inevitably lead to even more CORRUPTION as FOLKS* feather their nest with the largesse of those who really wield the baton of power in this country – as abuses of power will become mainstream with ZERO* accountability!!!

    What is even more ominous David, an “ONE-PARTY” state cannot be adequately maintained without SECRET POLICE, vindictive repression & suppression given the myriad of EVILS* that will hit this nation, in the light of DISINFO, FAKE-NEWS & the curtailment of the free flow of proper information…

    Without efficiency protocols in place, this nation will be overwhelmed by even more WASTE (check the streets – both sanitation & useless vanity project endeavours); FRAUD* (check the amount #LiarPoliticians who are now MILLIONAIRES & MULTIMILLIONAIRES), and to add insult to what is an already INJURIOUS situation, will be the levels of VINDICTIVE ABUSE that the poor, marginalized & dispossessed will have to face & live with…


    If the “SO-CALLED PROPHETS” in the land are prophesying anything “GOOD” – no wonder the BIBLE* call them “LYING PROPHETS” as you understand the words of Jeremiah in chapter 5 verses 30-31: “A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means, and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?”


  60. We have to give MAM some breathing space to get settled and to find out exactly how bitter is the chalice that she has been handed.

    She has promised to make public the hidden IMF report as soon as possible and from there we will see what hand she has been dealt.

    She has a 100 day plan, she has to stick to it or depending on what she finds, she needs to speak to the people and keep their confidence.

    If she and her ministers speak often to the people, she will be alright. I support her but I will not condone any arrogance.

  61. What will happen to all the lads from the DLP? Surely, the plantation will reward many.

    Baloney, COW et al.: Will continue to be the true masters of the plantation called Barbados, whereas the clueless black masses believe that they live on an independent and free island.

    Frundel: Ambassador in NYC, Canada or London.

    Sinckler: counsel of Credit Suisse for his deal in 2013 with many millions of interest; also: COW and Baloney will appoint him as a “honorary white man”, since he did everything during the last 10 years to destroy a black country on the path to success.

    Donny Inniss: Will relocate to Zurich to do his shady business.

    Speaker Carrington: president of Barbados Bar Association.

    Deputy Speaker Thompson: will retire as a multi-millionaire in one of her many villas abroad or be appointed as first para-legal at the High Court of Barbados.

    Foreign Minister McClean: Ambassador like Frundel.

    Chief Justice Marston: They will try to install him as judge on the bench at CCJ.

    Registrar Cock-Alleyne: Will be promoted as judge at the Court of Appeal despite the chaos in the registry; since in Barbados you get not promoted by merit but by tribal connections.

    So at the end, all of Barrow´s heirs made a glorious gain and the taxpayer still is the new slave. Nothing will change on the big plantation called Barbados.

  62. Enuff

    I am still in shock…………I expected a win but truth be told I really thought that Michael Lashley and Chris Sinckler would have held on to their seats……..even though I knew that Sonia Browne was working hard on the ground.

    Stinkliar came with the last big lie on Wednesday night…….he should go into his hole for a long time now.

    I cant wait to hear the Trini, Straker’s Tenantry and Affa……….dem lost, we won, hope they get over it.

  63. Hants @9.12a
    My sentiments also.Mia has a golden opportunity to use the massive goodwill her programmes and plans have generated to make Barbados great again.By our acts of May 24th,investors and the traditional financial institutions would likely make concessions they would have withheld from the DLP ‘wild boys’ brigade whose claim to notoriety was ‘what was in it for me’.I said before and repeat…Mia has a capacity for hard work and long hours,so public servants should beware who you have for a boss woman.Fortunately,the Bees have among their number some very intelligent MP’s,all of whom will be expected to deliver the goods.I was impressed with Kirk Humphrey and Ian Gooding-Edghill on the platform.Very confident oratory.Lots of challenges beckon,lots of changes beckon,lots of hard work and the political will to make things right are the order of the day.I recall the day of one of her marches to Government Headquarters and Mia attempted to deliver a resolution to Stuart.He refused to see her and sent a security guard to meet her.If he had a sense of decency or common sense he would have gone to meet her and use the opportunity with the cameras rolling to capitalize on the opportunity to outfox her with some humour and fact mixed.Now,here we are with that same lady outfoxing him and consigning him to the political wilderness,beaten into ignominy and disgrace by a woman,superior in intellect and qualities of leadership.If OSA had not taken back control of the party in 2010,Mia would likely have defeated Stuart in the 2013 election.

  64. The media would soon be trembling in their boots as often has been the case when criticisms of Mottley becomes vocal and her legal attack dogs are send to defend her every move.
    Indeed interesting days are ahead a Ttump moment has arrived im barbados

  65. dreamstarworld May 25, 2018 10:08 AM

    Barbadians had a chance to vote strategically, but preferred to do so emotionally. The strategy should have been to elect a BLP government, but within a diverse parliament, including Natalee in the City.
    The voters have done wonders: removing the prime minister, Kellman, Donville Inniss, Sinckler and the other members of the high command of the most incompetent government in our history. But in so doing, they have made mistakes. There should be no place in parliament for Thorne, for example, nor for the dentist Duguid.
    I would have also preferred to see one or two more of the lawyer/politicians lost their seats because of arrogance and chutzpah. By returning all those lawyer/politicians it has confirmed their belief of entitlement and professional and intellectual superiority.
    The onus now is on the make-up of the Senate and its expertise: it must be a competent chamber to scrutinise, review and amend government policy as seen fit; i9t must stand up to what the ate Quintin Hogg called an elective dictatorship; it must put as an objective the refinement of our democracy.
    There is a role here also for a well-trained and competent media in the battle for greater transparency, integrity in public office, and holding office holders to account. No more secret midnight meetings at the homes of the wealthy and influential; no more civil servants discussing government business with diplomats from foreign states and the rich and powerful.
    There is no time to rest and party, the new government must start working straight away: tell us what it thinks about Chinese debt; the gridlock in the Registry and courts; our poor education results; a new board at the central bank along with a clean-sweep of the executive; tidying up the public transport system; sorting out the health and social care system, including the management of the QEH; putting in place a proper financial regulatory system; the creation of a Barbados-domiciled bank; a new programme of homeownership; new consumer protection legislation, in particular regarding mortgages; the promotion of financial mutuality; a new and radical Companies Act; the creation of a Sovereign Wealth Fund; the overhaul of the NIS, including a new chairman and a new investment board; put meat on the bones of the proposed local government structure; introduce open competition for ALL public sector positions; and a full audit of state assets.
    All this can be spelt out within the first 100 days of taking office.

  66. So Freundel seemingly create more than one historical record:

    ………First PM to be defeated by a woman

    ………First PM to lose all his seats

    ………First PM to be defeated by a first timer

    ………First PM to be be silent for so long

    ………First PM not to be Minister of Finance

    ………First PM without a Deputy

    ……..First PM to lose traditionally DLP strongholds

    ……..First PM to allow Parliament to expire without calling an election.

  67. DSW’s concerns are very valid, so are Bushman’s, but those like myself who when given limes love to make lemonade are very unforgiving when people feel they can use the kindness of black people to destroy them.

    Mia will be well advised to rein in the lawyers she will elect to parliament as well as those in her family, transform and upgrade the constitution to include an opposition, if it does not now provide for one given her election last night…. and don’t for one minute think she and her ministers will not be watched, people are very vigilant now, because the lawyers in her group, many do not have the best reputations and a few should not even be part of any government given their histories.

    The ball is in her court, now that people are aware of their 30 Articles of international human rights,

    now that they know they can appeal to human rights organizations to exercise and have their rights enforced,

    now that they know the Supreme Court should not be abusing the elderly or anyone else given that Barbados is signatory to various charters, treaties and human right protocols….she would have to be dumber than Fruendel and Adriel Nitwit to allow anything to happen to the majority black population because of a few criminal minorities and lawyers who lack ethics, morals and integrity.

  68. @ David

    I agree with your comments on George Payne QC of George Walton Payne & Co., who I know from personal and professional experience is not fit for Parliament and needs to clear the air on the alleged fraud of an elderly woman involving Barbados properties worth several million dollars.

    Being elected as a BLP member of Parliament does not excuse stealing and defrauding clients.

    Barbados have woken up but among the BLP some of the old Politicians they are nasty stained and are as crooked as the DLP former Ministers.

    I congratulate Mia Amor Mottley QC as I can attest is an great asset to Barbados from previous interactions and hopefully will continue to put the people of Barbados first and make the island a symbol of pride and industry.

  69. Tron et al;

    I remember early in this game suggesting that the only thing that would actually ensure that the BLP would be constrained to move away from the nasty behaviours of the last DLP government ministers and their cohorts would be if they delivered an overwhelming blow to the DLP at the then next elections. This was because I expected them (the BLP) to see and react to the just apocalyptic rewards meted out to the DLP by the electorate and thereby ensure that they themselves would operate on the straight and narrow to avoid their own apocalypse. They could only do this by drastically moving away from the negative behaviours of the obvious pay for play schemes that the DLP hierarchy would have participated in, avoiding such schemes as the Cahill catastrophe and avoid super-feathering of their own nests and transparently enriching themselves and a small albino hierarchy. For such to happen they would have to ensure that an enlightened Leader would wipe the slate clean and set the stage for ensuring that the whole Cabinet and all other relevant organizations would put Barbados first and that anyone anyone who dropped from that transparently high standard would be publicly punished.

    I believe that Mia has the intellect and drive to do this and that she will want to leave an undying legacy in Barbados’ history. I am prepared to bet that she will succeed.

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