Mottley and BLP Create History 30-0

Update: 6:50 AM – They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The BU household points visitors to the traditional media sites to gather details about the final counts. The only  number that is important in the 2018 Barbados General Election is a 30-0 result in favour of the Barbados Labour Party led by Mia Mottley.

Cometh the hour, cometh the woman!

Update: 2:50 AM – more details to come soon to describe an historic win by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP).

On behalf of the BU household we extend congratulations to Mottley and team.

David – blogmaster

As midnight approaches on the day a General Election was held in Barbados, not a single box has been declared by a Returning Officer. There are disturbing reports starting to emerge, the blogmaster will hold his tongue for the moment- with great difficulty. At this point the reason being circulated is that the special boxes were delivered late to the counting centres. It begs the question why have these boxes were delivered late!



  • i meant natlee


  • @Mariposa May 25, 2018 8:57 AM ” i will be standing firm for my huge share of the blp pie and please do not ask or expect me to pull that overload debt wagon. Hell no i refuse.”

    If a man will not work, he shall not eat.’ 2 Thessalonians chapter 3:10


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    De ole man was sleeping

    The medication does that so I must dispel the rumour that I was cavorting among the triumphant BLP relishing the Awards.

    I wonder how many of us can see the “wind”?

    I wonder how many of us can see the impact of Barbados Underground as the Go To Authority for what was done during this election?

    And no, de ole man does not mean to big up heself or any such piddling thing, but to lay the credit squarely at the feet of the true champions

    First and foremost we have the stalwart champion the Honourable Blogmaster who has worked tirelessly to maintain the Premiere Reporting Media in Barbados.

    You are envied by every single local newspaper and digital media outlet in Barbados

    “THEY” come here for their ideas

    Then there are the exceptional and not so exceptional Article Bloggers who are too numerous to mention

    And those who fearlessly submit here BECAUSE OF THE VIGILANCE OF OUR BLOGMASTER

    But here is where we got to up the pace and change the styling of our submissions if we want to remain relevant

    We can’t just continue wid all the talk ting. It is fine to say MAM should do this or that or the other but we need to detail the who what where why or when.

    For example, an earlier suggestion touted a proposal that an appointment should be made for the appointment of an Opposition person yo address the constitutional Crisis Barbados faces.

    First of all de ole man would suggest the who

    Dr. Leroy McClean

    Then I will append the why. Because he is the most nationalistic and intellectual person among the candidates thst ran

    Further that he is one who actually had the conviction to run and the bonafides

    And most importantly.

    That he will speak out to any man woman or beast which should be the direction that we go in as a nation – servants with integrity and balls

    I will go one step further and state that while there should be no more than one person who represents that post in the HoA at any sitting the post shall rotate between 3 person

    That the second person shall be Grenville Phillips I don’t know who the 3rd one should be

    That said post shall be e-government enabled so that the person will have an electronic gateway to record the concerns of the people

    The limit for such representative composite shall be 3 to ensure that it is representative if the sentiment of the average bajan, seized with the fear of no opposition, but which will represent a wider sector of the people

    Finally that post will show us which people really were in the fight for the pension of for real.

    There are more details but that is just a first pass.

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  • Logic resides in everything in the universes.

    For us, it was never and will never be a branch of philosophy, regardless to what Google says, or the Greco-Roman conceptions as cited by a slave.

    We have written and will continue to argue that we recognize only 5 branches of philosophy.

    Others argue for as many as 10 or 12 branches. What’s so special about logic as suggest

    We say only 5 properly qualify

    On this, we shall never be moved, for reasons previously stated.


  • #@Tron May 25, 2018 10:27 AM “What will happen to all the lads from the DLP?”

    Din know that you were a comedian. i here trying to arrange a gig for you at a nightclub in New York, London or Toronto.

    What should happen to the lads from the DLP?

    They can ga long home and continue sleeping, we promise not the wake the giants from their slumber.



  • @Hal Austin May 25, 2018 10:42 AM “Barbadians had a chance to vote strategically, but preferred to do so emotionally. The strategy should have been to elect a BLP government, but within a diverse parliament, including Natalee in the City.”

    I went to both the DLP and BLP meetings on Wednesday night. Spent about 2 hours at each. Got home late so it was already election day, so I did not want to post anything that might seem to influence the election of anybody, but as i was passing through the red light district, it was a true-true red light district. All of the ladies of the night, and admittedly some of the ladies might have been gentlemen, all of them dressed in tight poom-poom shorts and tops had something red on, red scarf, red shirt, red shorts, red socks. I said to myself. The prostitutes ain’t voting for Natlee.

    The prostitutes ain’t foolish. I would bet anything that like most Bajans they backed a winning team and voted red.


  • @Hal Austin May 25, 2018 1:38 PM “Are you real? Bajan culture is one of the most aggressive in the Caribbean.”

    All right den.

    So how do you account for the fact that not a fella suffered even a hangnail in this or any election?

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  • Pacha..but it worked in 2018 with a more informed and clearly fed up St. John and other DLP strongholds, did it now, now that it has finally happened, that taste for political bloodletting by the electorate will linger as long as the population is not appeased and their rights not respected or enforced..

    Piece..I agree

    Leroy McClean

    Grenville Philips…who I hope learned a very valuable lesson with his very brief flirtation with political elections

    Sandra Corbin..a very talented young lady, who so far means well…and who broke up Fruendel in his own constituency last night, taking 2nd place….to his 200 plus votes, which prompted him to concede.

    It will be in Mia’s best interest to extend the people the courtesy of an opposition in the spirit of keeping checks and balances.


  • Simple…it happened…Payne has had a reputation of elder abuse using the Supreme Court for years, both him and Marshall who now as AG will have to be watched very closely if only for his propensity to be errand boy for minorities at the expense of. his own people…especially if given a free car or a free anything…

    Karma only just caught up with Payne is all, he left a trail of elderly victims with his greed for properties that do not belong to him, he loves to sell out to white people….the very day the orange criminal in the WH won the election..Payne was so giddy he was ready to sell the whole Caribbean and the people to trump.

    House niggas do not change their spots.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ simple Simon

    For shame for shame…

    You said and I quote “…all of them dressed in tight poom-poom shorts and tops had something red on, red scarf, red shirt, red shorts, red socks. I said to myself. The prostitutes ain’t voting for Natlee…”

    If one examines your statement one would say that you have thrown a searing insult at the City of Bridgetown

    For indeed if NATLEE was a candidate for the City of Bridgetown and you exclaim that “the prostitutes aren’t voting for Natlee..” then it follows that you definitively are stating that the prostitutes are domiciled in and or residents of the City of Bridgetown heheheheh

    In fact de ole man wonders if you are intimating that prostitutes in said district only come from the City of Bridgetown?

    Sat it ain’t so. Heheheheh

    For shame for shame…


  • I was looking at the results and realise out of 196 boxes, the past administration only won in 3 boxes. Two in St. John and one in Christ Church West. However, St. Michael North West is missing the distribution of votes. I must befair, the majority of losing candidates cannot be blamed sine the electorate was concentrating on voting out the party and not individual candidates. All roads concerning this tsunami can only be blamed on the leader who felt the electorate was laughing with him and not realised he was being punished with laughter.


  • @pieceuhderockyeahright May 25, 2018 4:32 PM “In fact de ole man wonders if you are intimating that prostitutes in said district only come from the City of Bridgetown?”

    Not at all. I am aware that often workers have to go to those places where work is most plentiful. So the ladies whom I saw dressed in red may have come from any part of Barbados. What I was intimating is that those I saw seem prepared to vote red. Maybe they too have been facing dread times.


  • Another one party state is now added to the Caribbean political landscape !

    Rational thinking Barbadians wait with bated breath to see the results it will produce.


    Our Right Honorable Prime Minister of Barbados

    The Nation as well as myself expresses our appreciation for your dedication of service both past, at present and for the well being of our collective future. As the wind is in your sails, all that you will require for good governance will be provided. Good counsel is a desire away and support will find you.

    Your preparation for a time as this was predestined. Falter not in dedication, keep the focus of service for greatness and GOD will always watch over and protect you in all of his will for our Nation and its people.

    Thank you


  • Ole man stop kissing it took the blog master ten long years to catch the wind of a blp win and mostly because the dees stood home.


  • @ Fractured Yardfowl…

    “Rational thinking Barbadians wait with bated breath to see the results it will produce.”

    Clearly that will nbt include you.


  • DREAMSTARWORLD May 25, 2018 10:08 AM

    Your timelines are fluctuating, records of historical facts are being cast upon this new dispensation without merit. Be guided.
    Why cast negative predictions on a future timeline, set on a sequence of engagements? .
    Any “handwriting on the wall” is erased.
    Source of negative predictions and predicaments will find itself, not in the actuality of our space, but in the confines of its origination until such is cleanse..

    Why press for the want of an opposition?
    Does it really matter?
    When the “ayes have it”, can there be recourse even when tangible opposition membership is present?
    For what it (opposition) is worth, a construct can be facilitated of representation of relevant civic bodies.

    True Barbados LEADS not follow, and will not give space to nonresident methodologies.

    NOT ONLY speak of “lying prophets ” but also of those genuine.
    GOD IS NOT MOCK OR SHOULD BE MOCKED, that in itself is mockery.

    Saul became Paul, likewise in the soul of Kim Jung Un. Let not caution be thrown to the wind, take political defeat as a revelation, the pillars of negation is destine to implode everywhere.

    “WHAT KIND OF MORNING DO YOU WANT TO WAKE UP TO?” … Quote :Mia Amor Mottley last words on the eve of election day for the morning after election.


  • Misfits in the space of optimism.
    seeking reasons. shock.
    Confidence in leadership is a must.
    Find redress.
    Sit down or just shut up.


  • Recommending a four-week vacation for Fractured and Mariposa.
    The welfare of the nation must trump that of any party
    Your behavior can truly be described as that of a yardfowl.
    You lost. Suck it up. Move on.
    Be a Bajan first.

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  • Heard the comment recently that political parties need yardfowls. It will be the base that is required in the tough times.


  • An inquiry to be launched into the functioning of the Electoral and Boundaries Commission. Promises to take action hinting at concerns of the voting list, transportation and delays of getting ballot boxes to the counting centers
    categorically stating that “Barbados must be known for institutions that work”


  • An enquiry to be launched into overseas holdings of bank accounts, property, and other assets, and a requirement to show how these ill-gotten gains were funded.
    This may of course embarrass some in the new government, but what is needed is a swamp draining as Donald Trump has rightly pointed out elsewhere.. Let the Clinton-like thieves start sweating.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Even better, such inquiry should target the local thieves in the business community calling themselves magnates and millionaires who believe they are the unofficial government controlling everything on the island, the focus should be to investigate, arrest and freeze the assets of those who have stolen land and other properties over the decades …..who have money from the treasury and pension fund over the decades …. and return all of it to the people, taxpayers, pensioners etc.

    The lawyers who have been known to steal from anyone should also be targeted for investigation…or continue to have their identities broadcast to the world..

    ….but more importantly, the exministers who now pose as millionaires with multiple properties and million dollar offshore bank accounts…on a 17,000 dollar monthly salary for the last 10 years, which is highly unlikely without the corruption element involved and impossible to explain away as legal or legitimate……there are asset forfeiture laws on the statute books just for that purpose.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Those in the minority community……who have stolen money from the treasury and pension fund over the decades …. and return all of it to the people, taxpayers, pensioners etc.


  • Fractured BLP
    May 25, 2018 5:29 PM

    Unlike that of your ‘ex-leader’ who wanted to get rid of any controls and balances on demoncracy such as the CCJ, The Hon PM Mottley is a stateswoman, not a would be dictator.


  • See my word slip? ha, shows what I was thinking when I thought of the way we were going until Thursday.


  • It pains me to have to agree with Well Well, but even a stopped clock is right twice daily.
    It is a pity that she (as usual) had to inject race into the mix, as there are plenty of thieves of every hue to go after, and she should remember, the white ones could NOT thieve without the active connivance of the black ones in government.
    IMO the worst of all are the lawyers, from whose predation no-one is safe.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    45…there is hope for raising that IQ of yours yet, until the minority thieves are stopped, because they still believe they are entitled to steal from the majority black population….you will continue to hear from me what you do not like to hear.

    Remember…there would be no thieving and collusion from black governments with the white ones and others…were they not ALL thieves to begin with, the same can be said about their black government colluders,

    Ya can’t expect me to forever attack black corrupt politicians and lawyers and give the local and foreign white, india, syrian etc minorities a pass from their criminality and thefts against the majority population. …their gun running, drug trafficking and money laundering against the people and country.

    Where is the fairness or fun in that..


  • WW – “Ya can’t expect me to forever attack black corrupt politicians and lawyers and give the local and foreign white, india, syrian etc minorities a pass from their criminality and thefts against the majority population.”

    I don’t, they are ALL fair game, (no pun intended), but to allow the issued to be clouded by race is counter-productive., as is your vitriol directed towards HM the Queen. Be a sniper, not a demented scatter-gunner. Go after the root causes, and in Barbados, you have to neutralise the enablers first. Without their corruption in govt, Customs, Revenue, none of the other thieves would have a cesspool to swim in.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    That beast in buckingham palace is a terrorist who has terrorized the lives of black Caribbean people since the day it was allowed on this earth and became conscious….it will not get a pass from me either until it’s gone and takes its stain of hatred, racism white supremacy and human rights abuses with it, there is no law stating I have to bow and scrape to racists with false titles.

    There is no law stating that we should not expose minority criminals on the island be they white or blue, being white is not sacred…and should never be treated as such…particularly by the majority population….

    …..a crook is a crook, a thief is a thief….and you have no problem pointing out when they are black, particularly when you don’t like them…so let’s be fair.


  • You all have made your point, do not allow this blog to degenerate. Have consideration for others on the blog.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    45…I came on the blog and found the blogmaster and others going after the corrupt in both governments…it is still a work in progress 10 year later…..but ya cant go after the black corrupt ones..until when…they are caught?….and leave the white ones and others to continue filling their greedy guts at the expense of the majority and without consequences. ..when you and I both and they know there are always house negros available to sell out their own people and continue the thefts and disenfranchisement. .

    That is like saying….we are not going after the real criminals and heads of the crime syndicates funders of evil and all that is destructive…we will only go after their co-conspirators. ..

    Where is the logic in that…

    Nah…everyone will get taken down, after all, we gotta let the world know who the white local and foreign and other thieves are on the island and whom to avoid…for their own protection…, and so that the island can get some real investors….does that not make sense to you.


  • The blogmaster has told you shut up with your demented vitriol, so pay attention.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I did not realize ya still here, they got a scintillating discussion on the first thread, answer the above comment if ya dare.

    if you want to protect foreign investors, who already got burned, do you remember Simon Cowell et al and the Paradise scam, they lost a lot of money….well think blacklist in place,


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