BLP Manifesto Launch and IMF Buzz

In a sea of red, glitz and glamour to rival Cohoblopot at its peak popularity, Reggae on the Hill or any of the popular entertainment events,  the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) launched its 2018 Manifesto in the heart of the southern belt of the island. – see link to BLP Manifesto website. The manifesto launch followed a similarly styled event to introduce BLP candidates at Weymouth pasture on the outskirts of the city last weekend.

In the coming days the blogmaster and BU family will discuss the promises listed in the BLP manifesto, however, of interest to the blogmaster is the reference made to the IMF by Mia Mottley. In a guarded statement, she indicated that after assessing the state of the economy should the BLP win the government, going to the IMF may be an option. The other political parties as part of the cut and thrust of political debate and tactics will predictably respond to the position taken by the BLP. The blogmaster is of the view the perspective shared by the leader of the BLP regarding the IMF could be a defining moment in the campaign, not dissimilar to when Owen Arthur in a similar position dared to introduce the privatization issue during the 2013 general election.

It will be interesting to observe how the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in particular responds. On January 2018 the International Monetary Fund issued a press release which outlined the Executive Board’s Assessment based on its annual Article IV consultation. It is standard procedure for the government to approve the release of the full report for public viewing in the interest of being transparent. Four months later, the public is non the wiser about the details contained in the full report.  It is unlikely the report will be released two weeks from a general election gien the current state of the economy. Especially following the unflattering review of the performance of the economy in the first quarter by Governor of the Central Bank Cleviston Haynes. The DLP strategists have a decision to make. If they attack Mottley’s position which leaves the door open to go to the IMF, it forces the DLP to answer questions about withholding the full report from the public.

Minister of Sports and Culture Stephen Lashley explained on his Facebook page a couple weeks ago that it is not unusual for a government to delay approving the full report to accommodate final corrections and clarifications. Four months after the IMF released the Article IV summary statement, it is a reasonable conclusion to make that the contents of the full IMF report is as unflattering as Governor Haynes’ review of the first quarter performance of the economy. To use the economic jargon, clearly the government of Barbados needs to create some ‘space’ with significant foreign loan payments to meet in the next 12 months. To continue to borrow at high rates on the open market because of our  junk credit rating is unsustainable.  Equally, the selling of national assets to shore up the foreign reserves is also unsustainable, AND, idiotic.




  • There is no law or policy in a democracy that mandates govt must provide anything free for for its citiizens. forever.Govts has done so out of a moral duty for the most poor in society
    Over the years barbados has used a boasting theory of health and education to help propelled and positioned barbados in the global arena as a country that cared about its citizens
    However in doing so a reality of having to carry on in the mindset of free give aways has began to close its door and out of the reach for many.
    Present govt implemented a rationale and reasonable method of having students pay a small portion for their university education while govt take up bulk of the remaining cost
    Forward to 2018 and the opposition takes up a mantle of diversion to fool and hoodwinked parents and students that their are wholsale entitled to free education
    Now look at this where countries that have bigger wealth dare not go
    we have politicans that belive the word entitlement means forever


  • Shiite Enuff – you used to be so LOGICAL when your party was in the doldrums…

    Do you understand that because something is a ‘PRIORITY’ does NOT mean that you can AFFORD it.?????

    Wunna plan to go around structuring the national budget on ‘perceived priorities’ ….and then running around looking for money to cover the deficit? …. like Stinkliar did for the last 8 years?

    He said that the bills kept coming in from the statutory Corporations – so he HAD to pay them – and then find money to cover the deficit… His excuse was that he went to Garrison…
    Now you are almost into Government (and getting a ministry) you wid the same shiite… what is YOUR excuse?
    ha ha ha
    Oh Shiite!!!
    What a place…


  • Bushie
    It is Thompson that fooled you in 2008 with the giveaways that were not critical. 🤣🤣

    A prayer room would cost next to nothing. Well well go google prayer rooms do. 🖐🏾


  • The “covenant of hope’ is not a legally binding document, when you file it at the supreme court with signatures and stamped and signed by the registrar or legal clerk…post it to BU and then you can have an argument with me that is actually a debate of false promises from politicians.

    until then, your covenant of hope is just another political fantasy specifically created and designed for yardfowls…not for people. who can think for themselves.


  • Enuff…you will never find me googling prayer room, it’s beneath me, I have my reputation to think about….

    I was never a religious slave and don’t plan to become a slave to anything … at this stage of enlightenment.


  • Bushtea
    My point is that we can afford to because we have to–or you prefer an outbreak of cholera?


  • What I want to see Mia doing is upholding the Constitution for everything else as she is doing for religious rights..

    Such as:

    money laundering, corruption


    theft from the people as outlined in the auditor general’s report and

    minority crimes on the island that have never been addressed before….that is a NECESSITY.

    That is if she plans to uphold THE CONSTITUTION that ya here rambling on about..


  • Well well
    Yes but those are not the only concerns of a government. It seems as though, if you can’t google it, you can’t grasp an idea. You continue on your merry way, the fact that you can’t grasp the significance of a simple pray room at the airport tells me to exit stage left–a policy that would costs less than free bus fares for school children.🖐🏾


  • Enuff…stop counting ya chickens before they a re hatched…the electorate is totally fed up of both old dead political parties..

    there are 132 candidates and if the new candidates are smart and let bajans know door to door that they can vote candidate instead of party, that no one can stop them and it will definitely be in their best interest… magic you will have a coalition cabinet…

    bye, bye 2 useless dead parties.


  • They way you were talking sounded like those prayer rooms would cost nothing at all..from experience I know how easy and pleasant it is to spend other people’s money, the 7 million spent on independence celebrations instead of fixing the sewage system did not seem like a lot to Fruendel and Co either because it was not their money….until the shit started to flow…and stink and ended up on trip advisor. and travel advisory warnings from 3 or 4 embassies…and still flowing and stinking..

    yall have not been elected yet and making the same mistake already…did yall ask the majority population if they want prayer rooms, at least extend them that courtesy, since it is their tax money…

    bet ya that did not even enter Mia’s mind before she let fly the promise to muslims…stop speaking for everyone and ask the people if they want their tax dollars spent on pray rooms, when every other street already has a hypocrite church or mosque or whatever.


  • Listen Clearly to and Stop Pretending there is not a Valid Alternative haven’t we had our Fill of Raw Sewage?

    Solutions Barbados

    This is the first video describing how Solutions Barbados Finance & economic policies will rescue Barbados from total economic disaster. The video is presented by Christ Church East Central Candidate Scott Weatherhead – Party speaker on finance and economic policy.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Well, Well May 12, 2018 8:27 AM
    “Miller…Mia cannot afford any prayer rooms with shit flowing in the streets, she should be talking about a new sewage system…praying for shit and it’s smell to go away will not work, she should at least be realistic.”

    I agree with you that “prayer rooms” should not be considered a priority at this time.

    Public sanitation and transport are the pressing priorities to be managed by the incoming BLP administration. One is to protect the health of the nation and visitors to the island; the other is to encourage productivity to help pull the economy out of the quagmire it has been in for the past 8 years.

    All I am saying is that the argument against a prayer room at the GAIA must NOT be based on Islamaphobic or racist outbursts like those coming from shallow Hal Austin.

    If Tourism is now the only viable business in Barbados expected to earn its forex bread and butter then the expectations of visitors/travellers ought to be taken into account.

    The GAIA operations would not be considered for Category 1 status unless these kinds of internationally-expected facilities are put in place.


  • And nowhere is it mentioned that a prayer room is a priority.


  • Do you grasp where I am coming from now, stop coming up with yardfowl gathering ideas and fantasies …BEFORE…you run them past the majority population who has to pay for them….

    .you are long past the days when the people did not know that it is their money being wasted by government ministers while yall were trying to keep that secret for another 52 years…but now they know..

    ya feeling me yet?


  • Miller…ya know Ha, Ha…he is looking at it from his pet peeve point of view.


  • The bigger issue here is not the construction of a prayer room to accommodate a multifaith culture. This type of accommodation is standard fare in a modern time. A politician by definition is pragmatic and will build strategies to garner the support required to sustain popularity and attract financing. It is no secret that disproportionate percentage of the population control the economic wealth in Barbados. Stop braying and think.


  • You have been warned to use one or the other moniker. The decision is yours. You are currently set to post as ac.


  • Enuff May 12, 2018 5:00 AM

    It is called equality! What I find so hypocritical about your anti-Muslim rants is that you live in a country where religion is a protected right and multi-faith rooms (Muslims included) are provided in government and private offices and airports; BUT you haven’t packed up and left the UK. Why haven’t you If it is so wrong and a threat? 🖐🏾(Quote)

    Are you sure the motives behind this promise are so noble, or are they to secure the vote of the Muslim Godfathers in Kensington New Road for the BLP candidate.
    I say vote Natalee in the City. We have had enough of these Mr Bigs (in Tower Hamlets and Slough, for example) delivering block votes to their favourite parties.
    Vote Natalee in the City. Vote Natalee.


  • “So there is no need for Mia or anyone else to kiss muslim asses for 500 more votes, or promise to put praying places across the island for them.”
    “I did not miss your point, no damn prayer room is needed at the airport or anywhere else to grow voters…..or yardfowls…or bribers..”
    “But you do not NEED any damn pray rooms, particularly at airports if you want to pray, do so privately but not at the expense of taxpayers….yall frauds.”

    Based on those comments, I don’t think you and Miller on the same page per se. You are vehemently opposed to the idea, whilst Gabriel is saying it is somewhat a necessity in the longterm, even if not a priority now. Moreover, the report said a prayer room at the airport, not across the island. I maintain that a prayer room at the airport will cost very little to provide and it is good government policy. As for not mentioning it in the manifesto, that was not necessary as the idea falls within one of the pillars of the covenant of hope and reiterated in the manifesto–fairness and equality.


  • Enuff you know when you got Bush Tea trapped he responds with jokes but the truth of the matter is that he was one on here in 2008 promoting theking of lies and bullshitter Mr Thompson plans of duty free cars to civil servants etc.Now he on here criticizing Ms Mottley for priortorizing ,the purchase of Garbage Trucks,Buses and the South Coast problem which his Government clearly has not priortorize.All you hear from Minister Estwick is who built it and who advised against it..Therefore these Dems are so disappointed in the Dems,SSS and Bush Tea that they Know the writing on the wall,so they attacking Ms Mottley ,well that strategy fell flat and they were rightly condemned for it.Bush Tea admits he has not read the Manifesto yet he is criticizing for criticizing sake.Typical of a bullshitter,but where is the DLP Manifesto.On another note I see the plug has been pulled on the propaganda Talk ya Talk show ,Ms Holder must be livid that she cannot take pot shots at Ms motley before the Election with the Trin Dem who was handled very well by Lisa Gale on Brasstacks recently.Ms Gale challenged her and had her on the back foot.While on CBC,i was listening to the Hurricane this morning and was bored,i mean this lady spoke far too much and does not play music to suit 94 .7.I mean listening to the others like the Admiral,Arturo,Janeele ,yolandaand Derri all give you sweet memories of the 80,s and 90,s but Hurricane comes on and in my opinion kills the momentum,to the point of having to switch stations.Does she know of Whiyney Houston,or Mariah Carey or Michael Jackson,since she does not play these persons music.She needs to adjust to the station format or I would suggest exchanging her with Jaquilla .


  • “whilst Gabriel is saying it is somewhat a necessity in the longterm, even if not a priority now. ”

    you are years away from the long term..let me explain:

    you are right at default’s door

    you have a public health problem getting worse daily..

    and that is only 2..what is the cost of a prayer room and don’t forget the part where it has to be maintained.


  • Back Up and Recognise the Reality…Simple Simon is not Simple Minded by any means she quite astutely hits the Nail of de head in her comments below. However what everyone including Simple is Avoiding like the Plague is Acknowledging the Root cause of All our Ills is that the System of Governance of SOCIALISM is a Fraud and a Ponzi Scheme.

    It is a Lie Perpetuated on we the People of the world. It is the Counterfeit of Freedom and Liberty Masquerading as a Political Philosophy of being Benevolent and Charitable while it is the Exact Opposite!

    Socialism has no theory of wealth creation; it’s just a destructive, Envy-Driven Fantasy about Redistributing of Wealth after something else (and somebody else) creates it first. The slow poison of Government and Corporations, “Crony Capitalism” (Government in Bed with Big Business for Kickbacks) has infiltrated almost every level of Socialist Countries and is now being used as fodder to promote Socialism.

    They say One Thing but Act Contrary to Reality and want us to Believe the Lie that they are Caring and Benevolent.
    In reality they are Our New Masters not Civil Servants of the People.

    Tell me again, are we Free when they take more than Half of what we earn to prop up themselves and their friends?

    And in addition engage in the Corrupt Game of Pay To Play!!

    Simple Simon May 11, 2018 10:44 AM
    “But hal, you and I both know, just as all sensible people know that there is no free lunch, no free education. If my little Susie paid $38,000 in income tax last year, $800 in property tax, and 17 1/2% VAT on virtually everything we know that education is not now, has never been, and can never be free.
    I wish that politicians (all parties) would not use the term free. I wish they would just honestly use the term “tax funded”

    Simple Simon May 11, 2018 11:15 AM
    “We understand that the politicians don’t gi we nutten.
    We understand, especially those of us who have spent a lifetime working in the private sector that we support ourselves, and we understand that in addition we support the politicians as well.
    Because all politicians feed at the trough that is continually replenished by the blood, sweat, tears, labour and dollars of the taxpayers.
    They live offa WE. We don’t live offa DEM.”


  • FACT is, there is no money left for new buses, garbage trucks and repair of the sewage system. The next gov will figure out within one week that Barbados is already BANKRUPT. There were NEVER ANY foreign reserves during the last 20 years. All the forex was borrowed from Bear Stearns, Deutsche, CS et al. and needs to be paid back with high interest rates.

    There is no way out than firing at least 10,000 or better 20,000 civil servants. Also: Emigration must be promoted since Barbados is highly overpopulated in comparison to the surrounding islands and cannot nourish all inhabitants. The next gov must also consider to shut down large parts of UWI since nobody needs more crooked lawyers here.

    The foreign investors will wait with fresh forex transfer until a settlement with the IMF is reached and streamlining of the public sector is done.


  • Hal
    Now your mout shifting lmao. Vacillation is truly en vogue. Have the Kensington Muslim “mafia” not always voted for the BLP? What about buying the Christian “mafia” ie the Bairds, Dears and Durants? Stupse stick to your economic and physical development posts, which tend to be interesting.


  • @ Lorenzo
    Why don’t you leave the arguing to Gabriel nuh?
    Bushie is neither B NOR D.
    Bushie is 100% BBE-committed and, while IN this shiite world,… is not OF it…..
    So Bushie feels free to praise ANYONE who talks with sense, …and to cuss ANYONE who talks shiite….. (except that so many people talk shiite that Bushie was becoming a ‘cuss-bird’ – so that policy is being reviewed….

    You are right.
    David Thompson fooled Bushie….. (shame on Bushie), after Arthur had fooled the bushman before (shame on Owen).

    Woe betide Froon, Stinkliar, Mia, you, Enuff, Miller ….or whosoever else have designs on Bushie’s donkey…

    Just as Bushie suggested to MIA – a workable STRATEGY that could produce good results;
    …and just as Bushie suggested to Caswell a strategy that WOULD have avoided the iceberg…
    Bushie ALSO suggested to David Thompson an approach that WOULD have worked wonders in this place…
    Unfortunately, he had already sold out to the ‘evil one’ through Satan’s CLICO agency….

    If you and Mia want to continue with the failed mendicant approach – guided by brass bowlery -DAT IS WUNNA BIZNESS.
    Bushie is only here to warn wunna and to keep the FOCUS on the shiite that wunna doing.

    BBE ALWAYS warns brass bowls before they meet their fate….
    Somebody gotta be the postman….

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  • @ Bushie who wrote “Just as Bushie suggested to MIA – …and just as Bushie suggested to Caswell

    Bushie ALSO suggested to David Thompson ”

    Yuh mean yuh leff out Owen and Fruendel ? No suggestions fuh them ? lol

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    Wow 😳!!

    Mia Aman Mottley promising Barbadians the world 🌎!

    This is after she said :

    • The economy has collapsed !

    • She is SHAME to be a Barbadian !

    • Barbadians are hungry & dying !

    • Haitians are living better than Barbadians !

    Well Barbadians want answers Mia !!!

    See you at Carlisle Carpark – tomorrow night .


  • 800 in property tax ???? what kind of house is that


  • Enuff yardfowl…my daughter just reminded me that when Mia builds yours and her prayer room at the airport with taxpayer’s money, muslim men will not want to accept women praying in the same room unless they are at the back of the room, that is definitely not christian like, equal or accepting is it…treating women as second class citizens.

    So if as you say the room is for everyone to pray, yall better set some boundaries real early and get all that worked out with the muslim brothers or there will be hell to pay.

    Don’t be promising shit unless you have thought it all the way through.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Brother in Arms Bush Tea

    I like many here was once concerned about the duopoly of the DBLP quinennial vacillation rather oscillation that Barbados has become

    IN fact I was like Saul and chief among those actively campaigning for a third movement.

    My “conversion” came by way of 3 things

    1.I did an analysis of the third party candidates and found that they lacked what was needed.

    A sound plan for economic management through their agents rather candidates that were being presented

    And Yes, while it can be said that Granville Phillips had/has an impeccable character the fact is that his economic programme smacked of voodoo policies and a defecit in his operations matrix euphemism for his extended implementation team.

    IN plain English, it was not is not time to experiment with parties that simply were, and are, not ready


    I would have typed that second point first but I had already hit the send button to post this comment

    But seriously, that has been and continues to be central to my rationale and I do believe that it is probably the main consideration of any sane Bajan, excluding the AC crew

    My third reason lies in my evaluation of Prime Minister Mottley

    IN your earlier post you said “…All Mia has to do is:

    – CONCEDE that the DLP mashed up the place – A THING WE ALL ACCEPT

    – Explain that it will take ten years of HARD WORK to restore balance – A THING THAT ON CLOSER INSPECTION SHE HAS ALREADY TELECAST IN HER MINI MANIFESTO

    – That this will require much sacrifice, discipline and belt tightening – A THING THAT ANY SENSIBLE BAJAN MUST COMPREHEND IS REQUIRED GIVEN THE CURRENT LANDSCAPE

    – That she was prepared to lead by example and with openness and transparency – MY HOPE AS WELL AS MUST BE THAT OF ALL REASONABLE BAJANS

    – and that ALL Bajans are needed on board in the rescue mission…INHERENT TO AND ENSUING FROM THE COMMENTS YOU STATE ABOVE

    But of one thing we can be sure is that Prime Minister Mottley IS IN CHARGE of 1. Her candidates 2. Her future administration and 3. MOST ASSUREDLY HER IMMINENT LEGACY

    You are a wise discerning man.

    I want you to take a look at the format and content of the campaign meetings

    Look closely and you will see that, barring a few loose comments, there ALREADY is a specific message being delivered

    I don’t care which of the innumerable parasites, BOTH THOSE WITHIN THE BLP AND THOSE ON THE OUTSKIRTS, PHYSICAL AND VIRTUAL, Prime Minister Mottley has a plan that WILL BE IMPLEMENTED.

    I guess, like any person who is hopeful that there will be a much needed rescue FOR THE COUNTRY BARBADOS, one stands among those who are prepared to help with solutions but we shall see what GOD the Ultinate, disposes…

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  • “Have the Kensington Muslim “mafia” not always voted for the BLP”

    You should be doubly ashamed to say that, that is what Billie “the goat” Miller did, pandered to the muslim community for votes, made sure they got whatever they needed as she and others promised …..

    .. and what did the taxpayers get in return, storefronts of drugs and guns and money laundering and ruined communities with destroyed young lives, 2 generations worth of destruction..

    and yall still pandering to muslims for a few hundred votes, ya shameless and have no self respect.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @The Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance with a suspense item please


  • Well well

    You are beginning to wake up from your BLP slumber @ 1:33 p.m on May 12 , 2018 ! ( your post above )

    Though late , you are not too late !

    Get to Carlisle Carpark tomorrow night and register for the People’s Army !

    I will be the soldier driving the bus 🚌!


  • Fractured fowl…go take running leap, I dont want any part of yall either…Bajans will be much better off with a coalition cabinet to watch closely.


  • @ Hants
    Yuh mean yuh leff out Owen and Fruendel ? No suggestions fuh them ? lol
    Owen actually had talent …and leadership skills.
    He is also a bright fella – so Bushie only needed to try to pull him back from going over the brink….
    …like the CSME brink;
    …the politics of inclusion brink;
    …the appointment of shiite agencies (productivity council, Public Sector Reform; Financial Services Commission etc) – INSTEAD of dealing with the problems.
    So he was the kinda fella yuh had to use the belt on – (like Bushie was as a youngster…) LOL

    On the other hand…
    Froon was a hopeless moron from the very start…..
    Totally beyond redemption….
    One does not throw pearls into brass bowls…..


  • MIA “Give me de vote and watch muh!”


  • It would seem that Bajans should prepare themselves for referenda on
    *recreational marijuana use * same sex marriage * fixed election dates * republic status * term limits for Prime Minister.


  • “And Yes, while it can be said that Granville Phillips had/has an impeccable character the fact is that his economic programme smacked of voodoo policies and a defecit in his operations matrix euphemism for his extended implementation team.”

    Grenville is just suitable for one seat so that he can offer his engineering skills to the island and get paid as a minister…he is a giant turnoff otherwise with the Weatherhead baggage that he is carrying and refuses to shed, plus his fantasies are kinda disturbing, but he needs the experience that one seat in parliament will provide, all the other leaches he has who think they can ride that train to majority seats, must be crazy and desperate.


  • Miller…you see for yourself that it is Enuff Yardfowl opened that door, not another person on the blog opened the subject but him…

    .so we now know that they know exactly who they are dealing with in the muslim community, but they are doing it anyway. ..and they expect intelligent people to actually take them seriously.


  • Found this interesting


  • Well well

    Those of us who carefully followed your postings on BU are not surprised or perplexed that you would now turn your venom on Enuff !

    I warned you long ago that your – unabashed penchance for promoting everything – as pro BLP – would one day cause you to lose your ” POLITICAL SOUL ”

    So there is a good example of your plight @ 2:27 p.m on May 12 , 2018 !!!

    Poor fella !!!!


  • Fractured…talking about souls, hope your bus don’t claim another one, with you as the driver.


  • This will not be a prayer room this is to separation from the infidels in air conditioned comfort. Look rather than a prayer room how about a wishing well


  • Lawson..they are full of shit, a month after being elected, according to her, she will try to circumvent international standards to see that muslim women can take photos for immigration purposes, apparently with head dress, as they want to by passing a whole population of over 265,000 bajans who have to conform to international standards as it relates to taking passport photos..

    then there is this prayer room for “everyone”, which muslim men will of course see as an insult, with women praying at the sam level and in the same front row as they do, I wonder how big this praying room will be…

    all a bunch shit to capture votes, not caring about the fallout…

    …..well if the over 200,000 population whose votes she really needs to be elected, without which she will never be elected…….more than the couple hundred muslims votes she is pandering for no matter how the electorate as a whole feels, dont see this crap for what it is and break up both political parties into a coalition…they deserve what they get.

    All of this just goes to show how out of touch with reality, the people and needs of the whole population and outdated in thinking these two useless political parties really are…a total disgrace…because they have gotten away with so much wicked shit for over 5 decades.


  • Well well

    Wha Mia gee you to eat that causing you to have TABANCA ??

    Ah feel fuh you !


  • I will buy some tissues for you and keep them handy for election night, it’s the least I can do as a fellow blogger.




  • @Ping Pong May 12, 2018 2:15 PM

    recreational marijuana use. No. But medical use Yes.

    same sex marriage. I don’t care.

    fixed election dates. Yes.

    republic status. I don’t care

    term limits for Prime Minister. Yes.


  • @Well, Well May 12, 2018 5:42 PM “Lawson..they are full of…, a month after being elected, according to her, she will try to circumvent international standards to see that muslim women can take photos for immigration purposes, apparently with head dress.”

    Ms. Mottley does not plan to circumvent international regulations with regard to passport photos, since many countries already permit passport photos to be taken with religious head coverings, for example, Rastafarian tams and headties, christian nuns’ veils, muslim women’s hijabs, jewish men’s yarlmukes, sikh men’s turbans etc.

    Americans are permitted to wear head coverings when having their passport photos taken “You cannot wear hats, scarves, or other headwear that completely covers your hairline. The exception is if it is part of your religious attire like a turban or headscarf. Even then, your face must be visible from your hairline to your chin and from the front of one ear to the front of the other.”

    British people are permitted to wear head coverings according to “not have a head covering (unless it’s for religious or medical reasons)”

    Canadian passport regulations permit: “hats and head coverings worn daily for religious beliefs or medical reasons if:
    your full face is clearly visible the head covering doesn’t cast shadows on your face”

    Singapore permits “Headgear: Religious purposes only.”

    The general rule internationally is that you should show your face from hairline to chin, and the front of both ears, and you can have your passport photo taken with your religious headgear if that is your daily thing.

    Although I still wonder why in every religion God seems to have a thing against hair.


  • @lawson May 12, 2018 5:12 PM “This will not be a prayer room this is to separation from the infidels in air conditioned comfort. ”

    Look lawson, there has been a prayer room at your Pearson Airport, Toronto for nearly 40 years, since since 1979.

    Aviation Interfaith Ministry
    Serving the Toronto Pearson community since 1979, the Aviation Interfaith Ministry (AIM) offers pastoral care to guests, airport and airline employees and their families while at Toronto Pearson.

    Aviation Interfaith Ministry
    Interfaith centres in Terminals 1 & 3 provide a place for people to reflect, pray, and spend some quiet time amid the hustle and bustle of the airport. AIM also provides qualified and certified full-time chaplains to provide pastoral counselling, hospitality, and distribute free practical and devotional literature. There are currently two on-site chaplaincies:

    Toronto Airport Catholic Chaplaincy (TACC). An initiative of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, in concert with The Pontifical Institute for Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People.
    Fellowship Chaplaincy Services A ministry of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada (FEBCC). Currently serving in eight Canadian international airports.

    The following weekly services are offered:

    Roman Catholic Holy Mass
    Terminal 1 – Sat: 5:30 p.m., Sun: 10 a.m., Weekdays: 1 p.m.
    Terminal 3 – Sat: 4 p.m., Sun: 8 a.m., Weekdays: 4 p.m.

    Interdenominational Christian Worship Service
    Terminal 1 – Weekdays: 12 noon
    Terminal 3 – Weekdays: 11 a.m.


  • 47 million people went through pearson last year


  • Simple…that is the problem, muslim women on the island want to keep parts of their hairline and ears covered…you cannot have that, same old argument, it is not legal..and should not happen.

    ..Mia needs to stop with the pandering promises…because she has not thought it through or arrived at a place where she can tell the muslims, it is not going to happen,, she is just promising to get votes and appease a tiny minority of people..

    She can promise all the nonsense she wants, but it will still benefit the population more to have a coalition minority cabinet than a bunch of out of touch ministers, an out of touch leader in a majority cabinet who are still owned by the minorities they continue to pander to, to the detriment of the majority population, their land, tax dollars, pension fund and futures.,.
    ..she can still have a seat in a minority government, but this majority cabinet in parliament filled with a bunch of big ego, swollen head slave leaders owned by minorities must come to an end.

    the whole 60 year old shitshow of the two DBLP tag team political parties needs capsizing and dismantling permanently, they have both become too unhealthy for the majority population and … is that time.


  • Why not a minaret instead of an air traffic control tower and kill two birds with one stone


  • Georgie Porgie

    RE Although I still wonder why in every religion God seems to have a thing against hair.

    WHERE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT SAY THAT God seems to have a thing against hair?
    DO ANGLICANS THINK THAT God seems to have a thing against hair?


  • A minaret to lock up all the slave leaders in is a perfect suggestion, they have become a major embarrassment to their own people, across the region and the world.


  • Bush Tea nobody speaks for me .I hear you like all the Dems talking about this same sex marriage talk.Tell me where Ms Mottley spoke about legalizing same sex marriage?I know you give your mouth a lot of liberty to talk shite,but you must back it up or STFU.If a simpleton like David Thompson whose only objective from school days was to be PM could fool you with non sensical proposals,well Ms Mottley who is head and shoulders above Mr Thompson as a politician would not fall into the same trap.However rather than criticize her I want your party to come with their proposals not cussing Ms Mottley as the useless Mr Blackett and Dr Estwick did,time for proposals,going forward.


  • “A wind of change is in the air. These are showers of blessings. Change is going to come when we say to pensioners that your minimum non-contributory pension goes form $155 a week to $225 a week. Change is going to come for public servants for teachers, nurses, security forces, customs officers and general people in the public service. We have committed to you that if you don’t get a salary increase within the first three months we are going to give you a cost of living allowance because we know you are catching it. He who feels it knows it.”

    “Change is going to come for those of you who the bank harasses. Change is also going to come for those of you who come out early on a morning having to leave home at 5:30 and 5:45 because you know the bus that use to come at 7 o clock in the morning might not come. Change is going to come for you people in Six Men’s garbage build up for two and half almost three weeks. Change is going to come for those of you who cannot go to the bank or credit union and get a loan to start a little small business,” she said to loud applause and cheers.


  • You can go to You Tube and listen to ” A change is gonna come ” which should be the “theme” song of the BLP.


  • @ Lorenzo
    Bush Tea nobody speaks for me…
    Got that…
    Bushie was just suggesting that you do yourself a favour and let Gabriel do it for you…
    But hey – if you want to continue to mimic Hastings main road – (spew forth shiite)
    … be Bushie’s guest.


  • EBC loses at the CCJ, as expected.


  • The BLP never said that they are going to the IMF. They said they have not ruled it out.


  • Someone said he was not sending home any one before an election and sent them home after. He had ruled it out that persons would not go home. I guess he woke up after elections and sent them home.


  • Well tonight like thousands of Barbadians I hung my head in shame to learn from Owen Arthur that Mia Mottley – unknown to him and in his absence – gave millions of dollars 💵 in tax breaks to her father , Elliott Mottley !

    This all took place without Cabinet or Parliamentary approval – as the Laws of Barbados requires .

    But would Bajans expect anything else from a DESPOT ???

    Thank you George Payne for giving the Dems that explosive information !!


  • David

    You were calling for SERIOUS debate about Mia Mottley !!

    Well last night – you only got the tip of the iceberg !

    Yuh JA !!


  • FRACTURED. I was at Carlisle Park meeting Sunday Night and was appalled of various statements relating to the Leader of the opposition which I said could have been a collusion between Mr. Arthur and the incumbent Government. I was taken back when I saw a Political broadcast tonight on CBC TV followed with a full length press conference with Mr. Arthur and his usual Mia bashing.
    Why is CBC allowing a Political Party and former disgruntled leader to violate political broadcasting rights and denying opposition and other parties the rights to advertise, refusal to attend opposition’s press conferences and doctoring political meetings of all the other parties?
    Can you believe that one of the greatest PM can stoop so low and spew negatives for political mileage for a party that destroyed his leadership and blames him for all the financial woes in his 14 years of PM.


  • BOTH political parties have abused the government owned TV station. What is happening over there regarding programming is the norm. Is this an even the revamped journalists association should comment? It seems to the blogmaster the longer that reconstituted group turns the other cheek, it makes a mockery of the mandate the fourth estate has in a democracy.


  • The electorate is confused after three major meetings of the Party, none of the speakers dealt with the Bus problems; Garbage problems; Sewage problems; Downgrade Problems; Debt re-profiling. Everything is Mia, Mia, Mia. A wonder if these speakers have nightmares and daymares due to thinking about the lady.


  • You can’t be this naive. The objective is to win an election by any means necessary. If decapitating Mia does the job, mission accomplished.


  • Tell me why

    Why you don’t pick the cue from David ?

    Fuh years Bajans had to put up with Mia bashing Freundel !

    Fumble !!!!

    Do little !!

    The like !!

    So if Freundel and Owen can present irrefutable facts to show that Mia is a criminal ??

    What’s wrong with that?

    Mia Mottley has taken action on a serious without the approval of Cabinet or Parliament ??

    A matter that clearly a CONFLICT of INTEREST with respect to her father !!


    Is that Mia bashing ???

    If it’s all a lie ……Mia Mottley has the airwaves and the ears 👂 of thousands of Barbadians to come out and DENY it before next week Thursday !!

    What says you ???

    By George !!!


  • Can Barbadians afford our government to fall in the hands of a Communist like Mia Mottley & David Commisiong ??

    TWO……..Known supporters of the late Hugo Chavez ???

    Who were prepared to DUPE Owen Arthur to journey to Venezuela 🇻🇪 to bring back ” BRIBE MONEY 💰 ” to hoodwink the Barbadian electorate ??

    The great Owen said – No Way……..get behind me Mia SATANIC Mottley !!!

    Barbados deserves better !!!

    Mia Satanic Mottley – you can get Leslie Haynes to write another letter ……..he will surely REVEAL something you don’t want Bajans to know !!!

    Go right ahead !!!


  • Tell me why

    Sleep 😴 well and know

    There is no Statute Bar to a criminal act !

    You can be arrested at any time and charged !!

    There’s a lot of time before May 24 2018 !

    A day in politics is a very ……long time !


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