BLP Manifesto Launch and IMF Buzz

In a sea of red, glitz and glamour to rival Cohoblopot at its peak popularity, Reggae on the Hill or any of the popular entertainment events,  the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) launched its 2018 Manifesto in the heart of the southern belt of the island. – see link to BLP Manifesto website. The manifesto launch followed a similarly styled event to introduce BLP candidates at Weymouth pasture on the outskirts of the city last weekend.

In the coming days the blogmaster and BU family will discuss the promises listed in the BLP manifesto, however, of interest to the blogmaster is the reference made to the IMF by Mia Mottley. In a guarded statement, she indicated that after assessing the state of the economy should the BLP win the government, going to the IMF may be an option. The other political parties as part of the cut and thrust of political debate and tactics will predictably respond to the position taken by the BLP. The blogmaster is of the view the perspective shared by the leader of the BLP regarding the IMF could be a defining moment in the campaign, not dissimilar to when Owen Arthur in a similar position dared to introduce the privatization issue during the 2013 general election.

It will be interesting to observe how the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in particular responds. On January 2018 the International Monetary Fund issued a press release which outlined the Executive Board’s Assessment based on its annual Article IV consultation. It is standard procedure for the government to approve the release of the full report for public viewing in the interest of being transparent. Four months later, the public is non the wiser about the details contained in the full report.  It is unlikely the report will be released two weeks from a general election gien the current state of the economy. Especially following the unflattering review of the performance of the economy in the first quarter by Governor of the Central Bank Cleviston Haynes. The DLP strategists have a decision to make. If they attack Mottley’s position which leaves the door open to go to the IMF, it forces the DLP to answer questions about withholding the full report from the public.

Minister of Sports and Culture Stephen Lashley explained on his Facebook page a couple weeks ago that it is not unusual for a government to delay approving the full report to accommodate final corrections and clarifications. Four months after the IMF released the Article IV summary statement, it is a reasonable conclusion to make that the contents of the full IMF report is as unflattering as Governor Haynes’ review of the first quarter performance of the economy. To use the economic jargon, clearly the government of Barbados needs to create some ‘space’ with significant foreign loan payments to meet in the next 12 months. To continue to borrow at high rates on the open market because of our  junk credit rating is unsustainable.  Equally, the selling of national assets to shore up the foreign reserves is also unsustainable, AND, idiotic.



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  1. Bush Tea nobody speaks for me .I hear you like all the Dems talking about this same sex marriage talk.Tell me where Ms Mottley spoke about legalizing same sex marriage?I know you give your mouth a lot of liberty to talk shite,but you must back it up or STFU.If a simpleton like David Thompson whose only objective from school days was to be PM could fool you with non sensical proposals,well Ms Mottley who is head and shoulders above Mr Thompson as a politician would not fall into the same trap.However rather than criticize her I want your party to come with their proposals not cussing Ms Mottley as the useless Mr Blackett and Dr Estwick did,time for proposals,going forward.

  2. “A wind of change is in the air. These are showers of blessings. Change is going to come when we say to pensioners that your minimum non-contributory pension goes form $155 a week to $225 a week. Change is going to come for public servants for teachers, nurses, security forces, customs officers and general people in the public service. We have committed to you that if you don’t get a salary increase within the first three months we are going to give you a cost of living allowance because we know you are catching it. He who feels it knows it.”

    “Change is going to come for those of you who the bank harasses. Change is also going to come for those of you who come out early on a morning having to leave home at 5:30 and 5:45 because you know the bus that use to come at 7 o clock in the morning might not come. Change is going to come for you people in Six Men’s garbage build up for two and half almost three weeks. Change is going to come for those of you who cannot go to the bank or credit union and get a loan to start a little small business,” she said to loud applause and cheers.

  3. You can go to You Tube and listen to ” A change is gonna come ” which should be the “theme” song of the BLP.

  4. @ Lorenzo
    Bush Tea nobody speaks for me…
    Got that…
    Bushie was just suggesting that you do yourself a favour and let Gabriel do it for you…
    But hey – if you want to continue to mimic Hastings main road – (spew forth shiite)
    … be Bushie’s guest.

  5. Someone said he was not sending home any one before an election and sent them home after. He had ruled it out that persons would not go home. I guess he woke up after elections and sent them home.

  6. Well tonight like thousands of Barbadians I hung my head in shame to learn from Owen Arthur that Mia Mottley – unknown to him and in his absence – gave millions of dollars 💵 in tax breaks to her father , Elliott Mottley !

    This all took place without Cabinet or Parliamentary approval – as the Laws of Barbados requires .

    But would Bajans expect anything else from a DESPOT ???

    Thank you George Payne for giving the Dems that explosive information !!

  7. David

    You were calling for SERIOUS debate about Mia Mottley !!

    Well last night – you only got the tip of the iceberg !

    Yuh JA !!

  8. FRACTURED. I was at Carlisle Park meeting Sunday Night and was appalled of various statements relating to the Leader of the opposition which I said could have been a collusion between Mr. Arthur and the incumbent Government. I was taken back when I saw a Political broadcast tonight on CBC TV followed with a full length press conference with Mr. Arthur and his usual Mia bashing.
    Why is CBC allowing a Political Party and former disgruntled leader to violate political broadcasting rights and denying opposition and other parties the rights to advertise, refusal to attend opposition’s press conferences and doctoring political meetings of all the other parties?
    Can you believe that one of the greatest PM can stoop so low and spew negatives for political mileage for a party that destroyed his leadership and blames him for all the financial woes in his 14 years of PM.

    • BOTH political parties have abused the government owned TV station. What is happening over there regarding programming is the norm. Is this an even the revamped journalists association should comment? It seems to the blogmaster the longer that reconstituted group turns the other cheek, it makes a mockery of the mandate the fourth estate has in a democracy.

  9. The electorate is confused after three major meetings of the Party, none of the speakers dealt with the Bus problems; Garbage problems; Sewage problems; Downgrade Problems; Debt re-profiling. Everything is Mia, Mia, Mia. A wonder if these speakers have nightmares and daymares due to thinking about the lady.

    • You can’t be this naive. The objective is to win an election by any means necessary. If decapitating Mia does the job, mission accomplished.

  10. Tell me why

    Why you don’t pick the cue from David ?

    Fuh years Bajans had to put up with Mia bashing Freundel !

    Fumble !!!!

    Do little !!

    The like !!

    So if Freundel and Owen can present irrefutable facts to show that Mia is a criminal ??

    What’s wrong with that?

    Mia Mottley has taken action on a serious without the approval of Cabinet or Parliament ??

    A matter that clearly a CONFLICT of INTEREST with respect to her father !!


    Is that Mia bashing ???

    If it’s all a lie ……Mia Mottley has the airwaves and the ears 👂 of thousands of Barbadians to come out and DENY it before next week Thursday !!

    What says you ???

    By George !!!

  11. Can Barbadians afford our government to fall in the hands of a Communist like Mia Mottley & David Commisiong ??

    TWO……..Known supporters of the late Hugo Chavez ???

    Who were prepared to DUPE Owen Arthur to journey to Venezuela 🇻🇪 to bring back ” BRIBE MONEY 💰 ” to hoodwink the Barbadian electorate ??

    The great Owen said – No Way……..get behind me Mia SATANIC Mottley !!!

    Barbados deserves better !!!

    Mia Satanic Mottley – you can get Leslie Haynes to write another letter ……..he will surely REVEAL something you don’t want Bajans to know !!!

    Go right ahead !!!

  12. Tell me why

    Sleep 😴 well and know

    There is no Statute Bar to a criminal act !

    You can be arrested at any time and charged !!

    There’s a lot of time before May 24 2018 !

    A day in politics is a very ……long time !

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